Maximize Your Health

Maximize Your Health
Saturday, February 3rd

On today's episode Dr. Dan talks about natural remedies for the flu and keys to proper liver function. 


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The following is a paid program abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of W Ohio case staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar show schemes just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You were listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SD. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan goalie should ASCII. This is maximized your health with your help coach doctor Dan and coalition a ski here to deliver the truth when it comes to building and restoring your health. Naturally. I'm here to take your health questions here during the hour by seven no 8830098. Or 18043700. No I mean even if we really think about it there's probably. Nothing more that's more important than your health. So if you're eating is what every feel like eating sweets. Artificial foods packaged foods if you're just sitting in its share most of the day at a computer your job in not taking time to toe release a block more and move more. Or MP you know you're exposed to lots of environmental toxins heavy metals. Mold. You know now with the electromagnetic radiation. You know so that that's causing harm to our help as well and then strip us. K emotional stress our thoughts. You know people who upset us you know for some us out there were burned we're not yet ready to forgive certain people or people who've done a strong and ill in some cases decades. In the past. But I'm here to tell you buy into letting go of those things by being aware of these things. And being proactive with your health you're going to give yourself the greatest opportunity to become the healthiest person that you can be to reach your potential. And that's what it's about where all works in progress there's no such thing as perfection we're we we reached this level of perfection which we believe for some of us we believe it's out there but it's not it's about always trying to better yourself and improve yourself and work towards something that's good for you so that you could be a blessing. To others and it. And upon the lightning guide to other people so again I'm here to answer your health questions maybe your someone out there and I've had people ask me before you know what's the best way to keep the immune system strong so during today's show we're gonna talk about the flu and ways that you can help to build a titanium immune systems so that it's more resilient against buffalo which can it minimize your symptoms. And may even prevent the flu sort of talked about some natural solutions towards. Flu prevention on today's show and a little bit later we're gonna talk about deliver health liver function on last week's program we cut discuss the kidneys. This week it's the liver. And a little bit later on there's a an article that I post in our FaceBook page I'm about egg whites how. Eating just the whites alone may not give you the whole. Vitamin mineral nutrient profile of the gang if you are an egg Glover out there so we're going to be talking about diamond you referenced in this study here a little bit later in the show. And again if you have health questions and okay answers you can also submit your questions to me through email app PWR Cairo. At PWR CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com there you'll find podcasts you'll find if I information about my clinic in wilkes-barre power chiropractic health center. Or been serving the public for the last almost ten years. I helping people build and restore their health naturally through nutritional counseling fitness counseling health pork chops and corrective chiropractic care for people of all ages. And this coming week the week of Monday February the fifth through Friday February 9 during our regular business hours we've opened up they select number of new patient appointments spots. Where he'll be getting a total of three visits to catch. I detailed exam history X rays if necessary for the second visit is your treatment in your cares that would include for some people if necessary an adjustment. With specific corrective rehab in the third visit is a review of your exam and X ray findings if necessary so it's three visits that's a 150 dollar value for only fifty dollars for this coming week Monday February the fifth through Friday February the ninth I've received dozens of emails from some of your listeners asked and when we would be doing an event like this again. That time is now the time to call on schedule your appointment is now. You can't do caller clinic 5708293580. To set up the time. Our time slots are filling up quickly there filling up right you know even today we scheduled to more people this morning. I went in for a good thirty minutes take care some practice members before I came on today's program and we are he had two people taken up spots that we're already available so they are filling up quickly and I expect most of these to be gone you know by Monday so don't wait to call until Monday you can call now someone from our office will follow up with you between now and Monday morning to confirm a time for you during the week. I'm again that's a fifty dollar special. OK I don't know when the next one's going to be okay. So if you email me or if you call our office one needs one's a doctor when you guys have and that's special that you mentioned on the radio program it's now I don't know we're doing another one okay so now is your time okay to take advantage of this exclusive offer call today 5708293580. Also own this there's a a FaceBook the link and there's something our interest rampages well. Where you couldn't. Read and learn more about this offer that we're offering for Monday's February 5 through Friday February 9. You can click book now and actually requested appointment time on the FaceBook or the insert grand link it's okay all you need to do is go visit our website triple W dot need a doctored and dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com there you'll see the FaceBook icon and the answer Graham icon if you click on either one of those you can follow our like our page and any surprise at the top. Okay it's bookmark to the top of the page you'll see you'll see the special offer you can comment on that you can get there's there's a called action button on each of those links on its agreement FaceBook you could respond through there without even having to calm look and some will be in touch with either get you a scheduled for. An appointment for the special offer always you never visited our clinic before this coming Monday February 5 through Friday February 9 our hours are right on our web site there on our FaceBook page or is Rampage you can for all the information you need everything is there. And and you can also submit your questions to me through email and I wanted to start out today show talking about ways to prevent the flow. It seems like this year more than any other year that I can remember that the flu is that an all time high it's you know people or dies more flu deaths this year there's more but yet there's more people getting vaccines than ever before so if these vaccines for so effective shouldn't this be the solution at this is ocean this probe. And people from getting the flu vaccines for so effective. OK if they're pushing these so hard so you really think about why is there such an alarming. Booster and flu deaths in and and rates of the flu. This season then compared to season's end and past so what is the flu with a virus of typically respiratory illness. Caused by a viral infection disk is typically spread through the air from person to person. We can lead to fevers coughs runny nose muscle aches headaches fatigue vomiting diarrhea. And conventional treatment again is typically anti viral drugs and vaccines. Don't say get your flu shot get your flu shot but not a lot of people who get the shot. And up actually contracting the virus because one of the ingredients in the shot is the flu virus along with the other heavy metals and things second potentially. And small doses of accumulating over time can become hazardous to your health. So the CDC. Back in 2007. Recommended some non pharmaceutical interventions so that's not any medication or vaccines. Which is available on the CDC dot gov website and to help protect you against the flu and actually permit help you. Prevent the spread of the flu since it is typically spread through the air. So this is if you do contract the symptoms it's not always a death sentence you can just take some time off from worker from school for your kids. Stay home and rest because when your body is resting and it's not active that you're not going going going. It's able to take care of it's actually been able to do its job a lot better OK just stay home take a day offered to. And if you've been exposed to a six Stanley number again stay home cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue. Wash your hands or use hand sanitize your cover your nose or mouth with a mask. Or clock if you're sick and have to be around others at a community gathering of people so these are some of the CDC the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Implementing these behaviors can help to stop the spread of the flu. So what are some natural remedies this twelve remedies here number one is vitamins seemed you can do up to 3000. Milligrams because it is a water soluble vitamin K so this fat soluble in the water soluble one of the two water soluble vitamins are vitamin C. So this will help support immune function and it'll help boost white blood cells. You can do 1000 milligrams of vitamin C three times per day. And because vitamin C is a bunny in our diet. Commonly through organic fruits and vegetables. That would be your best source I would I would suggest doing a food based vitamin C or actually getting your vitamin C from food rather than taking a supplement to. OK if you do it do vitamin C supplement you wanna look for a whole food vitamin not a synthetic vitamin not something with a score make accident that. A score make acid is synthetic in your body does not processed. And assimilate score big ass in the same way as it does natural vitamin C from food so that's going to be York. Berries. Raspberries blueberries strawberries. Cherries are very rich in vitamin C is well and you're dark green leafy vegetables like spinach kale Swiss chard Collard greens and a host of others. Next is vitamin. Find out that they're deficient so you wanna make sure that you're between fifty and seventeen and a grams per milliliter. For adults most adults need to be supplemented with vitamin. Lots of prescription vitamin these are products out there are vitamin. To vitamin. So I would not suggest already taking the supplement with the vitamin. It's much easier getting vitamin C three your diet but the but vitamin. 35000. I use it to one of these a day first thing in the morning sometimes especially if I'm you know around people who are sick and may even upped my dosage to 101000 I used which is totally safe for an adult. For children you can do anywhere between 2006000. I use per day. So again the supplement is your best bet in the summertime we typically getting a lot of vitamin. Your best source but again it's it's it's gonna be challenging to get that through your food alone so 50101000. IUs of vitamin. 2006000. IU of vitamin 340 child number three is echinacea. So this is where you actually are expressing symptoms of the flu virus and you know its senior diagnosed with a fluke. Supplementing with echinacea you could do a thousand milligrams two times a day. It's best to take this at the first sign of illness. So this cat comes in tablet forms or you can even do an echinacea tea tea and a house of nutrition carries some stock there are all stocked up on echinacea products now here during flu season. You can thinking cap they capsule form it's also great it's great is it works and anti inflammatory reduces symptoms of of inflame repeal bronchitis. Annan also against upper respiratory infections sinus infections as well as the flu and there's a lot of research out their double blinded randomized control trials tracing back to 2013. Researchers found that echinacea effectively treat your respiratory tract infections in both short and long term. And didn't cause the same resistance as a popular flu medication. On the market during the time number four is elder bearing. Okay elder Berry farm with the echinacea and decide this and we may have mentioned doing didn't he could do five to six cups a day of the echinacea tea or you can do. Echinacea root kings sure. If you do 900 milligrams one to two times a day of echinacea routine sure both and he should be available and how some nutrition. Elder Berry is the next product shared natural remedy to combat against the flu is herbal can help deactivate the flu virus and naturally boost your immune system. The flowers and the berries of elder Berry are set to boost the immune system treat flu and relieve sinus pain. And also helps to reduce inflammation in your bronchial tubes. There's a preliminary study found playing that it reduced severity and length of flu symptoms when given the first time next a powerful anti viral remedy oregano oil. Oregano oil. Is shown tech actually kill off the flu virus very Pau and along with taking raw garlic garlic and oregano oil this is one of the most popular natural remedies for the flew out there. Number six is think this is something you can get from that from foods I'm raw pumpkin seeds are going to be when your top food sources and then oysters raw oysters but I know a lot of times you know people with shellfish allergies. Seafood allergies out there where voices are not an option for you can do the raw pumpkin seeds but then again with supplements. The thing with Cink is he don't wanna consume too much zinc got a lot of your run nuts. And sees abundant raw pumpkin seeds will contain high levels of zinc so you wanna do no more than 75 milligrams per day of zinc. Some people if you're taking the whole food based multi vitamin your already going to be getting zinc from your your whole food multi vitamin but you don't wanna be taking him. Synthetic compounds using because again your body isn't utilizing the same way a lot of times it just gets filtered out and doesn't go to work in your favor to help support healthy immune function. So fifty to 75 milligrams a day great how bored off. Keeping your immune system strong preventing the flow number seven is brewers he's still brewers he's is high and B vitamins chromium and protein. Great for intestinal health craze for G I helps if you have upset stomach diarrhea. Those type symptoms associated with the flu takes supplementing with brewers he should be great in this product is also available housing nutrition you can also do essential oils like clove oil volume living we have this in our clinic thieves which is good combination of cinnamon and closed. This is great to protect your body from the flu ejection rub some of this on your chest. To breathe and oral if he inhaled. And then number nine here in the number mindset is chiropractic tournaments a wall has chiropractic health. There's a study here. Showing their spinal manipulative treatment. Can increase interleukin two which they base they they. Inflammatory marker that your immune system produced. In response to recognizing a virus. Antibody synthesis and despite interleukin two alone can be at least temporarily. Which was concluded from the study and odd minutes following spinal. Manipulation thus under certain physiological condition spinal manipulative treatment might influence interleukin two regulated biological responses. So what that means is by taking pressure off of your nervous system because your nervous system controls function of your immune system. When you minimize nerve interference against your immune system your body can process and function. More intelligently. So there's actual studies done. Tracing back to the year 1918. Where there was I think there was a flu outbreak. I flu patients that received chiropractic care survived much more readily in those who did not receive chiropractic care. And then again in 2011. Another study showed some promise for chiropractic care is potential to help boost the immune system so if you go on Google when you type in 2011. Chiropractic studied. Flu you'll finance any right there. The showing the chiropractic care can help so again if you're not receive a chiropractor for wellness purposes and he's going to be listening are already doing that that's something we can help you with the power chiropractic health cern today. Great opportunity but to me to come see this this coming week. To take advantage of that exclusive fifty dollar offer for three visits so you can call now for that. 5708293580. And and other tips are getting fresh air. As far as food code. Anti inflammatory foods like ginger he can do green you can Joost ginger you can do around a blender with suicide ginger Q did you hot water with lemon honey in sentiment there really is so much she can be doing folks a lot of us were not follow we're not going every measured to be proactive and prevent the flu. You know we're just sitting back could be you know with the rest of the crowd you you know and and hearing just just drug me up shoot me up with the flu Shimmy up with heavy metals. And I hope that that's going to be the solution but then. That can lead other complications down the road because you're not into the root cause or causes. So just by simply altering your lifestyle can make a huge difference on. Lifestyle factors when it comes to the flu is number one eat real food cut back on the process food cut back on the box and packaged foods. Fruits vegetables. Ron nuts seeds and beans and organic meats number to exercise more if you're just sitting in your not getting out in your staying inside typically the germs. Are circulating so it's good to get oxygen in your body to just you know push that out so wedding is another great mechanism I detoxify mechanisms again get toxins out your body when you worked out you can sit in an infrared Sauna for me L ten to fifteen minutes once today to sweat. Sways a very good powerful mechanism for your skin obsolete there's another game changer you should be getting killed at least a minimum of seven hours of quality sleep a night. Keep the room darkened the room thermostats at between sixty and 72 degrees Fahrenheit keeps sound off. Keep as much light out a year and a broom as possible and keep yourself Ohno he's five feet away from where you sleep. And enjoy life do things that you enjoy it go out get outdoors travel more volunteers serve other people. Okay don't just settle for status quo. And and taking a multi vitamin and in keeping your eye on your sugar intake so fifty grew fifty grams or less of sugar per day. Is a good starting point if you get that they 125 to thirty even better because sugar. Inflames your body it weakens your immune system if your vitamin. At top notch function and if you have health questions you can call him with those now 57 no 830098180437009. May now be back in just a minute to help you. Can maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching at. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. Based start up. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to end. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EP ADR and N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road wilkes-barre. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast it's across our network. We offer more complete reliability but I'm 58 hours of four G wireless network that. Keep your business. We offered 35 points. Features that businesses care about in solutions that grow with your business so you never miss a call. Verizon. Call 1805016000. To get Internet I'm a reliable DTV network. 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You need is treat the crisis address the crisis if and when that should occur. But what can you be doing now to prevent a crisis that is what this program is all about I'll our podcast channels available on my website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com also be sure alike can follow me on social media. Every link is there FaceBook Twitter instead Graham YouTube channel subscribe to YouTube. And for more information about our clinic up power chiropractic health center wilkes-barre you can visit the website as well triple W dot Nepa doctored in dot com. I have a welcome video on there that you can blood check out and then there's some practice number testimonials as well as a family there's an older woman it is an athlete there is a college student so we take care of people of all ages shapes and sizes. You have a spine and nurses and then you can benefit from. The health. Al comes from getting chiropractic care which keeps your body's functioning and functioning optimal length I wanted to mention again the special coming up our spots are filling up we actually got a couple of requests during our first announcement. For the new patient special. I'm OK coming up this Monday February 5 through Friday February the ninth at power chiropractic during our regular business hours. You're going to be receiving three visits which is a 150 dollar value for only fifty dollars are you getting your savings and a hundred dollars if you schedule if you've never been nor clinic before. And you wanna have your spine and her sister and checked. Adjusted if necessary and then. Our report of findings so three visits 150 dollar value only fifty dollars and this week only this will be the last one until further notice that we offer this day because they've got a lot of you know requests and what are you doing this again so now it's your opportunity folks to make an appointment to come in and get this look at our numbers 5708293580. 570829. 3580. And I wanted to think today's sponsors house is nutrition located fifteen mainstream Lucerne. Alternative grocery organic meat and bakery Kraft Foods drink cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies. Like elder Berry extract echinacea routine shares and a lot more. As well as fairly trading guest house and nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices be sure to light house is nutrition on FaceBook for special offers. And upcoming Promos and they are open until 6 PM today Saturday and 11 AM until 5 PM on Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday do located off of exit six blues or county in the Borough of concern. Okay and they've been there for a very very long time offering to top of the line nutritional supplements. Green cleaning supplies and a whole lot more currently there are offering CBP oil. There's researching beginning to emerge on the health benefits of CB deal oil Creighton. Reducing anxiety. Help with sleep helped her reduce inflammation and pain and a whole lot more. There is different types he can do it there's a liquid extract. There's an doubles and such as chocolate bars loosely tees and honey steaks and even available for your pets your dogs your cats to be sure to check out these products. And a lot of the natural remedies and I mentioned before the last break up regarding the flu. You can find these and a lot more at house of nutrition think NASA nutrition for sponsoring us here on maximize your health. So what does switch gears and talk about liver health and last week we discussed the kidney at length. Now we're gonna talk about liver with just your body's main detoxify organ and pack two and make sure our detox organs are working in tip top gear. So would deliver food okay that some of the essential functions of the liver. Include nutrient absorption. Blood composition to balance protein fat sugar. I'm getting rid of all red blood cells and then producing essential chemicals to help your blood clot. Properly so different clotting mechanisms. As well as metabolize alcohol medications. How producing essential proteins and cholesterol. So your cholesterol actually means and the size and your liver. And the removing toxins from the bloodstream including Billy Rubin ammonia and others and then storing of minerals iron and vitamin and a lot of us we think it'll literally think of the cirrhosis which is an Manson breakdown or malfunctioning and degenerative process. That takes place over time with the liver. But cirrhosis is a serious health condition. But contrary to popular thought alcoholism isn't the only cause there's a number of other factors that can lead to throws this. Such as eating undercooked shellfish. Certain medications like Tylenol or acetaminophen if you take too much acetaminophen is numerous studies. Documenting hazardous. Affects on liver function. I'll open one ending alchemy can be throws so deliver an in chronic malnutrition and an eating poisonous wild mushrooms exposure to chemicals. Cirrhosis occurs when scar tissue replaces a healthy cells in the liver as a scar tissue continues to grow delivers ability to function is diminished. And then liver failure is the last staff. And occurs on the scar tissue is created so much damage that the liver can no longer function optimal length. So and how do we cleanse our liver how do we maximize the health of our liver in order to work for us and not against us. There's so many environmental toxins in our in the air that we breathe it with our homes our workplaces and then from our food that we consume. It's essential for our general health and wellbeing to keep our liver functioning properly so. The low women and discuss now or some risk factors associated with impaired liver function number one is low potassium levels. This is according to the NC BI and Cano National Institutes of Health. Citing that if your potassium levels are low they can be due to deficiency from diet but they could be also an underlying complication when your body is on absorbing potassium properly number two obviously heavy alcohol too much alcohol. That's spear that's liquor that's wind alcohol and excess can cause your delivered if the malfunction. And perform less and optionally over time. Intravenous drug use blood Tran the shipwreck and blood transfusions excuse me prior to the year 1992. And then well if you're overweight or obese if you're consuming a diet that's high in saturated fat and processed foods. I even things like tattoos and body piercings there's still a lot of research has to occur but the different you know chemicals and things that are inject him Wilbur booming get a tattoo and things. That's and then I would research a lot more and challenging to do it. High triglycerides. Prescription medications including an end primarily focusing on Tylenol or cnnfn. Viral infections autoimmune diseases. So what are some signs warning signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing right now. Which might mean the delivers non functioning properly bloating and gas with acid reflux. Constipation. Inability to lose weight. Yellowish skin and eyes which is signed that you may be jaundiced. And high blood pressure dark urine chronic fatigue excessive sweating. He bruise easily or just eat your appetite all over the place so this is where you can start. Conservatively getting your liver functioning better doing what you can do to help improve. And not interfere with your liver towed through a liver clans food OK so number one as you wanna get the toxic foods out of your diet. So that's going to be hydrogenated oils refined sugar. Convenience foods lunch meats that are sprayed with live viruses and preservatives and all sorts of K hazardous chemicals and pesticides. He wanna get these out you want to minimize the toxic load on your liver. Number two you can sarge using vegetables drinking raw vegetable juices then page using vegetables. So it's easier especially if you have digest and impairment in juice vs blend. Because you're taking out the fiber is less work that you and I just assistant pastor processor vegetables. And I just writing your bloodstream to go to all the from Parse your body and specifically your liver. There's a great. For kids you can do an orange carry ginger just recipe out there. Up highly anti inflammatory and great to help support the liver and that she won a load up on potassium rich foods so sweet potatoes. Tomatoes. And beet greens and organics band and then finally avocados these are going to be your top potassium rich foods. Avocados beat green Spanish tomato sauce and sweet potatoes are consuming more east so if you're eating lots of white rice white potatoes. So are removing those because those contained in those you'll spike up your blood sugar levels and sub out a sweet potato instead. Maybe if you're eating on the some. Fruits out there that are more on the star she sighed. Maybe you're doing lots of citrus fruits and there was her car and it. I'm with here you'll BioPharma noisier vitamin C and things like that suggests a more avocados. And in your dark greens we can never get enough to our greens because he's really don't have any of these don't create any spike on her blood sugar levels. Rather they provide your body with a big. Boosting vitamins and minerals which are gonna help it function well. You can also do beans or white beans kidney beans Lima beans are all rich in potassium. And then if you're going to do some healthy dessert salon and call for black strap molasses. Just two teaspoons it's an audit obviously it's going to raise your sugar. Up also comes packed with iron calcium and manganese and copper. And then bananas we know but the problem with the man this is a once the bananas ripen Bakken skies are blood sugar to spike I would he do more than half a car because all the cars are really have an effect on blood sugar levels. And actually have more potassium. Calorie per calorie when compared to a banana. The next thing that you could do to help. Maximize your liver function especially if you've had a history of consuming too much alcohol environmental toxins is something called the coffee and a month. If you're constipated tired of those signs that your liver might be overloaded or not functioning up to par. So during a coffee animal you wanna use organic coffee. It's retained in the bow allowing the food and she delivered through the intestinal walk. And missile actually simulate delivered and won't help produce more bio which helps a breakdown facts. They'll help to jumpstart your gallbladder and your liver. And it will spark the production of glued style which is your body's number one most powerful. Anti oxidant. This is a cleansing compound that helps reduce the release of build up of toxins on your liver so what you can do is two tablespoons of organic ground coffee with three cups of filtered or distilled water in a pot bring you to a boil simmer gently for fifteen minutes and then allowed the colts strain the mixture through a cheese clock and using your animals can't try to retain the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes and then released this practice you can Google lists coffee animal. It'll give you good of a complete description ensures a lot of YouTube videos as well explaining the breakdown link just to come prepared your kids. For this copy animal but again if you're feared the digestion is off if your livers and function properly this could be huge difference maker for you. Next you could do milk assault dandelion and tumor supplement some milk officials considered the king of detoxify and food herbs. I it's ideal for liberal deliver clans of milk thistle helps to eliminate the build up of heavy metals. And also prescription medications environmental pollutants and alcohol on the liver so milk thistle is your number one herb this is available housing nutrition to record camera produces join plain Hyatt highly for an end. Anti inflammatory. I've also an effective natural anti depressant. Isn't digestion and helps restore healthy blood sugar balance supporting that the liver tissue and liver metabolism. Next is dandelion roots in dandelion. It's a natural diuretic allowing your liberty at. More quickly eliminate toxins then finally you can eat actual liver. Okay and then take liver tablets from healthy grass fed cattle not Al cattle are raised the same way you wanna make sure that your liver is coming from a grass fed cow. It's rich in vitamin C and B vitamins coal lean iron zinc chromium and co Q ten. We know co Q ten is manufactured by delivers a well Lou the liver from a good healthy cows on the most nutrient dense foods you can eat. So that is it guys for as far as he liver detox juice you can do one beaten beats are very powerful is helping to keep your liver healthy. Six organic celery stalks one cup of fresh organic soleil show which is a heavy metal star Safire. But half of the lemons and and one out of ginger and so again that is one B. Six organic salary stock one cup of organic fresh cilantro. Half a cup of the lemon and a one knob of ginger put all of these ingredients into a juice and juice. If you wanna do some other supplements the milk thistle and going into breakfast and again and watch what you're eating. And watch your alcohol consumption. Watch your exposure to nicotine and other elite is seen a minute and things like that but if you of course health questions regarding liver function healthy to submit your questions to me through email PWR Cairo and It's PWR CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com to pour in to go to another commercial break when we get back going to be talking about egg whites and how. Just by eating the egg whites alone you may not be getting all of the new trees your body is reliance upon how you need EPO oaks. And then if we have time we're gonna talk about five ways to boost stress resilience this is maximize your health with doctor Dan relish ASCII. Power chiropractic health San. Or is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to rebuilding and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializing corrected chiropractic care for all ages goalie else is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching. Attend one of our monthly health workshops were fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and non synthetic fulsome. They start them. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote wilkes-barre. Well the Dodd hear from propane. 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This is maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan most Heskey is always it's a privilege and an honor to be here sharing with you what I'm passionate about what I applied in my life to help me gain victory in my health and hopefully you'll inspire some of you look. To begin making better health decisions beginning today if you have questions can call me a few minutes remaining 57 no 830098180437009. AM be happy to hear from you and you know maybe you've you've apply some of the information you've learned here on maximize your health and it's been really making a huge difference in your life not only in how you feel alert but also just your whole outlook is change your mental outlook has changed. Your mood has changed. And it really it's more than just feeling good health is based upon how your money is functioning house healing from the inside out. There's a lot of factors at play into that in our jobs to do the best that we can do with what we've been given. Contact so we're all different stages we're all different walks of life it's about making progress about seeing the whole picture not just living for today and saying you know well whatever happened wherever I Matta let's ask to be away forever doesn't. Have to be hit it starts with the right mindset and the right thought process and we're gonna talk about the hair and a minute but I wanted to mention one more time. Your last opportunity to make an appointment if you've never visited power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre if you wanna get your spine checked we've never seen a chiropractor before. If you're not sure. If chiropractic is right for you. We may be able to help peel. It's a different approach to your health and traditional mainstream medicine because are not treating your symptoms are looking that you as a whole person per. And we're evaluating the health of yours your posture your spine. And your pelvis. And if the structure becomes so. In balance your missile wind over time it doesn't always cause pain. Or numbness or tingling or stiffness or tightness of the symptoms are so many people believe that chiropractic is only intended to treat. Chiropractic is about optimizing the function is about keeping things in balance structurally so let your body from within can function optimal leaked that means your immune system is stronger that means. Your heart your lungs your digestion your liver that we talked about before the break are all functioning better because there's nerve supply getting through a 100%. So this opportunity coming up this week Monday February the fifth through Friday February the ninth during our normal business hours. We're offering three visits 150 dollar value for only fifty dollars if you make an appointment during this week and if you never it never visited our practice before. Or 113 Wesson wrote in Wilkes-Barre in cases an exclusive offer very hard to come by. 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Through FaceBook or through instead Graham also there's a link right below there on our web sites this request and appointment time you can submit a request due to cement a message and say hi and listen to your radio program I mean cinematic special offer that you mentioned you can send your request to meet triple W dot neat but doctored and dot com. Any PA DR DEA and dot com. Connect you with us Aaron and you can also watch our our welcome video are patient testimonials if he wouldn't wanna get some more information without. They wanna think again today's sponsors housing nutrition located fifteen main street who's earned. They are currently offering seen BD oil is stocked up for better night's sleep pain reduction. And great for yourself great for your paths. Comes in liquid extracts soft gels topical cream and also animals such as chocolate bars loose leaf teas and honey sticks but be sure to visit them they're open until 6 PM today Saturday. 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday and 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday house and nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices also be sure lighthouse of nutrition on their FaceBook page for updated. Discounts and special items and stock. They're hidden gem here in northeastern Pennsylvania folks if you haven't visited. Be sure to check them out today so one of the talk now about a study that I came across this is something that I if understood and I've applied for myself personally for awhile but I one of the highlighted on today's program and ordering egg whites alone without the oaks it's a huge health mistake. Music only egg whites of consuming the whole egg it became trendy over the last decade as low fat diets grew in popularity. However the bulk of scientific research on contrition suggest that this kind of thinking was misguided and because eating the whole egg instead of just a white alone can be part of a healthy diet because it's more filling its high in antioxidants. To its high in healthy fats as well as protein. And also by just consuming the Weis alone without the old you're missing out on several key vitamins and minerals. But eight. I'm eggs are healthy overall again you wanna consider where the source you wanna consider where they're coming from. How are these hens are being raised are they raising cages. Are they eat free range or are they pasture are safe are they fed fertilizer and pellets or do they graze on grass along. I knew and make sure that they're out in fresh green pastures not you wanna make sure that they're not just he's free book pastor. When you're selecting the right type of bag and and if you just ordering egg whites again this become trendy over the last decade you're missing out unhealthy fat calling in other antioxidants and good cholesterol your body is reliant upon to function properly. All eggs are high in a handful of key vitamins and minerals that you cannot get from any foods. Might be twelve and cost terrorists that are rich in muscle feeling protein and see sheeting fat in meat which makes some feeling which helps you keep your appetite and where should be. Plus the cholesterol. Not eggs contain does not appear to lead to high cholesterol levels in healthy people. Just is eating fat does not translate into being fat recent research has shown eating cholesterol doesn't necessarily translate into having higher cholesterol if you've already been told. Do you have high cholesterol that's a good reason to be cautious about ordering something like a three egg omelet but one or two whole days at every so often will not hurt or causing any further harmed. So again if you're wasting the oaks if you're tossing the oaks. This creates unnecessary weighs roughly a third of the US food supply needs weeks and every year according to the Department of Agriculture. So I'm. You wanna make sure he even Weight Watchers is now acknowledging that whole eggs along with other filling in nutritious items like a wild salmon and beings. Actually fits within their point system and you may have heard me talk about Weight Watchers I'm not a 100% of the huge fan of Weight Watchers but this is one. Part where they get it right. Eggs have been extensively studied because they're relatively high in cholesterol but low in saturated fat and also an excellent source of protein. We know the protein. There there wasn't in the most bio available sources of protein almost approaching actually is found in the white but again with the yelled that's for most of the vitamins and minerals healthy fat and cholesterol are found to eat the whole eggs we wanna eat a ton of them especially if we are you run high with our cholesterol. We want to err on the side of caution so with a minute or two we have left. Five ways to boost stress resilience number one in gather information. What you. Do not know has power over you whereas knowledge brings you choices and control which is why one of the main reasons they do this program here to help give you the right health information that you can applied to build and restore health naturally fear of the unknown for many people can increase stress and anxiety by understanding and applying information that you gathered. You've become more knowledgeable if you apply that knowledge you become more empowered overtime timber to develop a sense of personal control and he's taking personal responsibility. Nobody else out there is responsible for your health but you yourself. Look for creative ways to solve problems because life is about trials is about going from one trial for the next solving one problem into the next problem not stressing out Nolan he's a certain situation or set of problems derail you but kind of taking a step back analyzing the whole situation. Consulting with someone a family member or counselor somebody who can help and then moving forward from there taking if you deep breaths can also help us all next keep your pleasure centers healthy. I'd open meaning is the neuro transmitter specifically to keep in mind. When your dough domain level strong low depression and low motivation consent and can be harder to find your sons and join with yourself out of a font. Police and Ashley do stoked mean engage in meaningful and pleasurable activities exercise more move more travel more to work that you love. Still lots of exercise. Spend time with your loved ones next to clear up past traumas and learn to forgive people learned to let things go folks because there's things in your head you're constantly dwelling on your constantly route. You know meditating on. This is going to destroy you see that's where cognitive behavioral effective behavioral therapy CBD if you see a local holistic health counselor. And I do the names of several here in the area you can email me for their information. Cobb getting connecting with someone there who can help you if you're suffering from PT SD is different natural site. Cognitive behavioral to have. Techniques are much better in the medication now they're much more effective medication others that might actually help you overcome. Pass dramas next build a community. And again a few questions you can submit your questions to me through email TP WR Cairo at for a cognitive. Ten behavioral specialist in our area. As well as any other health information your health questions he might have PWR Cairo and Brad folks I'll be back next Saturday from 11 AM to twelve.