Maximize Your Health

Maximize Your Health
Saturday, January 27th

Dr. Dan talks about foods and exercises that will help you lose weight, how chiropractic care helps fuel Patriots QB Tom Brady's success, and the negative effect of technology.


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just as a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. This is maximize your help we're pounds or should diseases dead and where you can be set free from your current health ailments by building and restoring your health naturally my name is doctor Dan polish ASCII local resident here in northeastern Pennsylvania the voice of maximize your health and also the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. You're delivered the truth when it comes to building and restoring health and actually on this program we talk function food fitness. Your future. And basically how to get your life align with Adam healthier life so this is a live call in show if you have health questions I have help answers you can call until freak. 570830098. Or 18043700988. Am always getting emails community feedback in most of that is positive I. That's PW RC. HI RO at Gmail. Dot com also maybe you have a question maybe you're struggling maybe you're looking to become healthier here in twenty teens or early on maybe some he has some goals and some resolutions that you've yet to fulfill. Calling and ask your question or you could also submit your questions to me through email. PWR Cairo at for more information about the program and podcasts. And how to get connected with me on social media with her you know drew different I outlets there we're on answer Graham power underscore chiropractic shrunk FaceBook a power chiropractic health senator and then were also on Twitter at. Any PA power Cairo's so all of those links are available on my website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com that's any PA DR DEA and dot com bookmark that page you can simply go there click on the icons for social media like us follow us stay connected because we're very active on our social media pages also or YouTube channels there there's some video testimonials of some of practice members at power chiropractic health center many of which started listening here this program maximize your health care and a BI OK when they started to hear some things we learned some things and begin to apply some things and these folks from when to take their help to the next level and -- chiropractic care is tool to help build and restore health nationally by optimizing their body's own innate ability to function can heal all by itself. It's all going to be talking a little bit later about a famous athlete damn sure we many of us and you'll recognize the name Tom Brady in the house. He utilizes chiropractic care. To stay well to stay healthy but also to optimize performance and function in recovery. You know being a professional NFL football player taking lots of hits and lots of and falls and slips and things like that so we're gonna be kind of sharing that a little bit later in the program today and we also have our recipe of the week coming up top for teen law Cahill slot. That's going to be coming up a little bit later and then we're going to be talking about digital obsession. Put the phones down this. Give yourself away from the inner an idea what's up away from social media because in the more success than the more than I can disturb our life that could kneecap and lead to pour relationships. A lot of different hazards and problems can be come from being obsessed with our phones and with our tablets with their computers so. We're gonna go through a couple of tips to out ways we can unwind and cut back our time there in every time a little bit later in the hour we're gonna talk about ways to prevent the flow naturally. I do I have a study here I'm going to be sharing is pretty powerful in terms of the your immune system and chiropractic care. But I wanted to gets started with today's show talking about the kidneys so we got a request from Melissa are. Jenny out drums Janine once you know how can I keep my kidneys healthy. So I wanna think Jenny for asking that question handout this is a topic again now remember sharing here in recent op programs we've been doing the program here now for some areas but it's a great great topic and there's a lot of great strategies natural solutions and strategies that you can begin to implement here to help your kid he's a first of all what are your kidneys your kidneys are organs at six. Right down in your flank area in your back right where you're thoracic and Lombard. And spying meat kind of right where your last rib is so there's two kidneys one funny side. A lot of times to get pain in that area with some sort kidneys are producing that pain that a lot of times it's musculoskeletal pain. But the kidneys are responsible for two important functions they're responsible for eliminating. Access to waste toxins in water. Secondly your kidneys are responsible for balancing electric lights. How can. So it's important to ensure better kidneys are functioning properly so the number one thing he wanted to do to ensure the your kidneys are functioning properly is to ensure that the nerves that are connected to your kidney back your brain are getting the messages and impulses through a 100%. Okay because if they're not that can cause a kidneys to malfunction. So we've had there was a case study in the 72 year old woman at our clinic in power chiropractic for starter receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. Or it was discovered that she had nerve neurological interference in the organ to her kidneys and she was already. Receiving dialysis treatments that doctors already diagnosed her with stage three kidney disease. And she went back to her doctor after three months of regular chiropractic care room where we were beginning to restore some better alignment and reduce some of that neurological interference. And her kidney function improved by 30%. All because we remove the interference and her body do the healing so that's just one example you wanna make sure that the nerves are getting the messages through a 100% but you know from there this other causes of interference second 'cause the mckinny's malfunction. And to perform less than optimal and so we're gonna start off talking about how do we get bikinis clans how to we get the working of the park first of all there's herbs that you can use natural herbs. So number one stinging nettles. Casing you know it's high in vitamin C. There is research out on a pub med dot gov. And CBI I don't L and I and I aged I Gaza. You can drink stinging metal as AT. And what you're where you can start is three glasses of singing LT day. Next is Barack through Barack route is also good teams and achieve. It's a diuretic which stimulates the kidneys and help somebody get rid of excess fluids mainly water and sodium or salt Barack route. And natural direction. You can use especially in can help your body eliminate the excess water and waste by increasing urine output. By elevating the rate of urination Murdoch crew can help to remove wastes from the blood and the body so Steen and Alberta crude number three is. A traditional Chinese medicine remedy called remind you on RE HMA and end I ain't. And there is also research backing up the the kidney can't find herbal benefits of a reminding him. With a long history of safe use of traditional folk medicines particularly track Chinese medicine for treatment. Of removing waste and stimulating the kiddies to function better it's also remind yes it's good to help cleanse the kidneys of kidney stones. So the foods now so the three Arabs are stinging metal bird are crude and reminding him now we switch over to foods help cleanse the kidneys. So with kidney stones if you have a history of kidney stones are going to be short to not only use these errors but to start changing your diet looking cheer for is because certain foods. Can cause your body to produce more stones. So anti oxidant foods are going to be number one part of the top three antioxidants who's number one cranberries cranberries are great option because they've been shown to prevent. And treat urinary tract infections. Which can really do a number on your kidneys. There's one study for women who drank almost two ounces of cranberry polite and very juice concentrate every day for six months. This lower their risk of getting you TI by 20%. Compared to women who didn't drink the strengths. There's another study with older adults who -- cranberry products. Where about half as likely to have bacteria and white blood cells in their year end which is also a sign of urinary tract infections and then finally there was a third study involving twenty women with recurrent itchy eyes and consumed one serving of Sweden and tried cranberries. Daily for two weeks over half of the patients do not experience ETI within six months of consuming sweetened dried cranberries. And the average cherry for six months decreased significantly some cranberries number one when it comes into toxins number two black cherries. And number three are blue berries blueberries. And black cherries contain or is there a trough which is they have very specific type and antioxidants great for dowdy arthritis and eliminating. High levels of Urich acid in the blood Reza fair trawl. This one of the most important compounds for kidney health. It's been around shown to delay poly cystic kidney disease progression. Reduce kidney mitochondria function following hemorrhagic shock and work is promising therapy for folks suffering with chronic kidney disease. So your and dioxins again cranberries. Black cherries blueberries the next would you wanna start consuming more of our beasts. Number one food you know for not only to help with Chinese but to increase circulation helps support adrenal health are beats. But these are high end and O two which is called nitrous oxide really really good. Turned actually cleansing the blood. Patrick oxygen that nice shirt oxide is vitally kidney function as well research published in the Indian journal of neutrality. Found a decrease production of an 02 teams can contribute to kidney damage. Number three seaweed and blue green algae is so particularly spear Lena. And Corel. These are typically found if you go to a health food store lighthouse of nutrition or if you go to wegmans you can find blue green algae is. Or seaweed products available there in green superffoods powders. You can add this to a smooth the in the morning it's a great idea. Both spear leaning Corel I have been shown to detox heavy metals from the body so if you have amalgam fillings Mercury fillings if you suspect if you've had for current flu shots and you've had heavy metal exposures are currently under it's good to get these detox through blue green algae Sealy products like securely in Ankara on. You can also make a seaweed salad if you go to a Japanese restaurant or you can buy kelp noodles available health food stores as well so begin getting more these as well as beating your diet nexus lemon juice so fresh squeezed lemon in some water not pre made from concentrate guys it's not the same thing is highly processed preserved and there's at a sugar and artificial ingredients typically these waters with women already embedded in squeeze your own lemon to the water. Make sure wires filtered in not tap water. High in vitamin C great for the kings. For digestion and detoxification. Lemon juice is recommended as a way to prevent kidney stones as well by Al legalizing the body to start drinking more lemon water. Not from concentrate but fresh squeezed organic or lemon water. Final food here Spanish there's one caveat here as is the key swing beats. Too much of a good thing could actually lead to stones. Still beats and spring is particularly have been documented. If you over consume these two food sis can lead to kidney stones. So when you're consuming beats and organic spinach in the right proportions he can help to detox the body help overall including the kidneys. You know for a kidney clans. You can do a three cleansed. Basically the only thing you consumed is a veggie juice or smoothie that's made a salary cranberries and blueberries. And you can add and a little bit of protein powder like garden voice raw fish or you can do doctor axes of bone broth powder both are too high quality protein power products. T wanna do this three times a day after that you can do a nutritional Kinney cleanse diet. And so for the diet for breakfast juice smoothie with the half of cup. Of cherries blueberries and cranberries along with either the bone broth protein powder or garden of lights -- fit protein powder and you can add an a little bit of coconut milk for a healthy fat for lunch -- another Jews are smooth these similar in the one that you had for breakfast and a little bit of organic spinach and celery to that and finally for dinner you can do big salad with organic free range chicken breast so that we are getting the protein you're getting all your greens if you like to introduce some organic strawberries. You can do some current system brazen so that you can use K all you can do Spanish for the salad. So again if you have questions about this and do you want to kidney cleanse diet if you wanna know what are the top and taps a rich foods I'd be happy to answer those questions for you because so many requests to be through email at PWR. Cairo. At PWR. CH IRL and Gmail not common for more information about podcasts here a maximize your health radio please visit our website at triple W Dutton Nepa doctored and dot com as any PH. DR PDA and dot com or gonna go to commercial break when I get back I have a recipe of the week for teen walked tale sloppy. And that we're going to be talking about how to get rid of that excess belly fat in those love handles are going to be laying out some dietary recommendations. Some fitness recommendations exercises you can do at home so stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor Dan polish ASCII power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go Leos is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and non synthetic cold from. Based start up. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx and co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with. With all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA DR EEN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road wilkes-barre take home. My strength wise or apparel. 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Welcome back to maximize your health I am your health coach doctor Dan goalless Chatzky here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally we all have that potential to improve from where we are you first have to believe and and that we can and we have to apply what we know is right for us. So that comes with having a big purpose and vision behind your life having goals for living your life with purpose with contention being intentional walk people more intentional or traditionally hit more light than likely had their goals and people who are not intentional or just hole mom I'm hoping for the best. You know I just wanna get by today so you have to live with intention to live is strive for excellence you know doesn't mean you always achieve excellence means that you work hard that means that you set goals and easy plane you prepare to stay organized and you do things with intent things that bring new value and that can bring the others value so if you have health questions or may be the story or a testimonial you'd like to come on the air and to share with some other the other listeners today Colin 5708830098180437. 009 and we'd love to hear from you here on maximize your health your questions mattered to me here on the show so when you call. I'll provide you with some simple and effective action steps if you're you're calling in to share a story or testimonial I will be here to congratulate you encourage you and so hopefully your story wall helped motivate and inspire other people listening to the show so again 57 no 830098. Or 180437. This. 0098. Wanted to think they sponsors house a nutrition located at fifty main street Lucerne who's earned Borough often exit six off of the three are trying to expressway. They currently have in stock CBD oil. Just beginning to scratch the surface up with researcher reports. People who use CBD oil report sleeping better reducing pain and inflammation. Reduction even with things thinks immediate reduction in seizure you know ease of general anxiety and CB extracts. There's a lot of great information the dosages range from one to fifty milligrams. You can a visit house and nutrition today to learn more you can call. Other numbers 5707140436. That's 5707140436. To gain more information about the CBD oil specially if you're struggling with sleep things I need pain this is something great that may delay helped you. Move forward and move to make strides in your health. It's comes in a lot of different enough for us is liquid extract soft gels topical cream. As well as an animal such as chocolate bars loose leaf teas and honey sticks. There's also CBD infused dog or cat treats available housing nutrition are open until 6 PM today 11 AM until 5 PM on Sunday. 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday house of living inspires healthier living with healthy choices and we think housing nutrition for sponsoring this. A maximize. Your health so in this fitness segment maximize your health and wanted to talk about how to get rid of that excess belly fat and lost panels. And this applies to not only men is men are more likely to carry excess fat and excess weight in their stomach in their abdominal region. But this also affects women as well also the most common questions. I get asked and I coach people want with their nutrition or fitness is how to get rid these a lot panels. And again if you're unsure what what I'm referring to here. And the love handles a nickname for the area above your hip bone where often times excess fat is stored. They can also referred to spare tire muffin topped. No matter what you caught nobody wants us. How we get rid of these is two main factors we need to focus on with obesity. Rates rising every single year. You know just sitting back and wishing they were no way we've already determined arc is not the solution here. So a lot of people to do so check their body mass index or their BMI. Unfortunately this method does not take into consideration that muscle is more dense and fat see you often times. I know when I recently did a body fat. BMI index tests for myself I was categorize is overweight so I currently way I'm 511 and a half anyway right around 19 need. But I worked out for five days a week and I lifts you know heavy heavy weighs in has put on a lot of muscles a lot that way they're not they're not. Breaking it down into what quality wait is that a 190 pounds what percentage of that is actually muscle compared to fat. So when you eat a healthy clean diet Iranian highly doubles sugar processed foods. Particularly sugar and other kinds of artificial foods. And your rising new ear makes your ear you're adding variety to your fitness routine this will actually could cause you don't pick how old more muscle. And then fat so BMI is not an accurate predictor I would not be served to categorize yourself you know if you if you come back obese or overweight based on your BMI that's not. Determining specifically is that it's a muscle weight or is that fat weight. Some. Centuries and hear that. Two of the best ways to guerrilla panels and excess belly fat are number once it's SARS in the kitchen guys stars with guys saying euros SARS when diet SARS is watching what you eat so you wanna eat vegetables fruits Iran nuts seeds and beans and lean protein like organic wild caught fish free range paltry paltry and grass. Fed beef OK that is it you don't want the grain fed farm raised fish. You don't want all you know it's eating foods that come in a package that are quick and stay on the shelf for long periods of time because those foods have lots of preservatives and additives and feelers. An artificial ingredients. That your body can't digest properly and assimilate properly and bring down properly therefore what happens is since it doesn't know what to do is leave it in your cells. And your cells over time becomes smothered this can eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome this can lead to more information and are joined Cisco needs autoimmune disease. This can cause to gain weight this can eventually for especially for consuming too much sugar. Leads a pre diabetes type two diabetes which can lead to metabolic syndrome which can elevator cholesterol and blood pressure. So we get the picture okay our diet is important that is number one. So you can even go and start doing some of these exercises and I'm going to recommend here in a moment but if you're unwilling to change your diet you're probably not gonna lose a lot handles your not gonna lose that muffin Topper spare tire because. Both diet and exercise go hand in hand it doesn't make any sense to do one without the other and vice Versa. Okay so mindful eating there's lots of great. There's lots of great remedies and rep web sites on the web doctor Josh acts go to doctor acts are calm for recipes. Q is he he is a wealth of a natural health knowledge also doctor Oz doctor and you wild doctor Julian Whitaker. Myself you know we're here for you were all operating doctor mark Hyman you know functional medicine doctors. So there's. A trend of of health care out there called functional medicine where they're more interest in getting to the root cause of your health ailments rather than just masking symptoms. So that's the type of doctor you wanna work with acid digest of resource you wanna get connected west to get information from and then apply that information your lifestyle so that you get the right results you get the right changes. So the exercise is to lose the love handles so once diet becomes a priority if you're cutting back on sugar you're cutting back a process food you're eating more real foods consistently. You may actually starts a notice you look yourself in the mirror at only after a few weeks you noticing like your waistline is beginning to shrink it. So that's a good thing so. Now let's take it to the next sublease or to incorporate. Exercise. Now the bad loses is if you're doing exercise where you just you have you been doing this routine and maybe you've plateaued and you still have that couple extra pounds that you're having trouble shaking. And if you're only doing Carty no moderate load Amare Carty oh this is not effective this action causes you to break down muscle and not to burn fat effectively. So your best bet would be to do what's called high intensity it. And I intensity interval training or hit training plus or local gyms and health clubs offered these classes. A lot of personal trainers can take you if you work with a personal trainer they can take you through a high intensity interval work out. But short bursts of exercise to slow recovery phases. This is the most effective way to burn fat and lose those love handles so you're at a high intensity at around 85200%. Of your maximum heart rate a compared to only fifty to 70% if you're just un traditional Carty out that means going on the by going on the treadmill. You're not going to get the same outcome but he can also do what's called Abbott to work out. If you go to doctor Axel can't type in cabinet that's TA BA TA. He rolled just to show you some videos of of how to perform those but basically in a nutshell 88 hit work out something you can do at home. And if you on access to a computer or Internet so you can do something like a squat. And jumping Jack. Push up and then just simply run in place. So you gonna perform each of these exercises for 45 seconds. Then you're going to arrest for fifteen seconds. And you're gonna move to the next exercise so there's a total of four exercises. 45 seconds on fifteen seconds rest rest one minute between that each round and you're going to do that a total of four rounds that should take you a maximum of twenty minutes to complete and you don't need any equipment you don't even gym membership you can do that at home. Squats jumping jacks pushups and running in place if you like me this and that she could shoot me an email right now at PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IR ONG no luck com. And I can give you that simple routine that. Hit routine high intensity interval training routine. And this will be the start now a couple of things to note here when it comes in the style of exercise you do not want to do this on consecutive days you want to allow at least one day of rest in between. You should not do in this routine more than three times per week in okay. Because it's going to stimulate your metabolism it's gonna stimulate your fat burning stores and when you do the squats the jumping jacks the push ups in the running in place you wanna do that as fast as you can do that. Okay. Push yourself. Strain yourself it's okay this is why it's so create a brief heavy it's OK to feel tired. It's OK okay to feel like she can't hold the converse in it you can't carry on a conversation. OK if that means good things are taking place your bodies burning fat. You're you're increasing your circulation you're doing great things for your muscles for your bones. So if you have questions shoot me your questions at PWR Cairo and genome lockup so now the exercises other particular exercises themselves to help you lose the love handles lose the muffin top I'm number one or something called bird dogged crunches. So you get on all fours. And then you're going to extend your right arm out front in the EU and extend your left leg back so opposite arm opposite leg and then repeat this OK. So you can do that for ten. Fifteen times and then you can do that two to three sets nexus aside plank with leg race so here you're going to stack your feet. You're going to get on your forearm on your side from your elbow to see your pinky. And you're going to travel list. You're let's say you're on your right so you're trying to lift your right hip is far away from the floor towards the ceiling as you can keeping tension. On the down side to side. You can do this on a matter on a softer surface trying to carpets surface in your in your house. And you're simply going to try to hold that for ten to fifteen seconds. Come down for ten to fifteen seconds repeat that two to three times. Begin to develop strength you're gonna repeat on the opposite side you can do that three of four rounds for a longer period of time. Do that three or four sat. Allow thirty seconds of rest between each one for the side playing with leg raised next is a Spider-Man crunch so this is where you get into a push up and down on your toes. If you struggle with pushups sit and you can get on your knees in your hands. Get into a push up position. And then you're going to bring your same facility your left elbow. Raise your left knee top tier left elbow you're crunching your size and you're going to go to the opposite side you can alternate for ten repetitions per side and do this for three to force that's next is a single leg toe touched so for this movement you'll lie on your back with your lace fully extended in your arms behind you over your head from there you lift your left leg straight into the air with your knees slightly bent. And try to maintain this position throughout the move all contracting your abdominal muscles take your right arm. Reach out to touch your left foot for a total of ten reps so it's opposite arm. Opposite foot switch sides for another ten arrests and try to complete a total of three to four sets for side finally. Cross body mountain climber many of us are familiar with mountain climbers or you just get on your ear and you get into a push up or played the position. And you just run in place in a prone push a position. For the cross body when you're going to do alternating sides this is going to cause a more it's gonna put more focus on your core and on your oblique muscles on your love handle muscles. So and you're going to raise your right knee towards your left elbow and then your. The left knee towards your right elbow when you're going to do this for thirty seconds three to four times. So again if you have an exercise of force always a good idea to get clearance from your position. And if you're not sure how to do some of the moves. We offer nutritional. And fitness consulting at power chiropractic health center this service is available to year you'll be okay. If you're looking to work with the health coached. Myself padded yellow man who's also an an integrated nutritional holistic health coach offers her services at power chiropractic health center as well you can contact our clinic today to schedule a thirty minute or a sixty minute consultation. For more information you can call since I 708293580. That's 570. 1893580. I look forward to working with you and helping you get started here. With nutrition and fitness changes before we go to break it wanted to share the recipe of the week. Again if you would like to subscribe and get on our email lists we send emails. Out every week two weeks. And we traditionally will send out upcoming health workshops and then some specials. This particular recipes for Kean why kale salad so. Here you tell your using she'd want chicken stock lemon juice extra virgin olive oil garlic onions parsley crewmen. And Enron pumpkin seeds so anyone would like a copy of the teen walked Cahill slop recipe you can send me an email com. Or if you like to subscribe please specify in the email subject line PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO. At For more information her or podcasts. Your maximize your health her and weight loss information attrition information YouTube videos and ways to get connected on social media check out our web site triple W dot need doctor Dan dot com that's an EPA. DE RN CAA and dot com cause we're gonna take another commercial break but if you have health questions I have help answer you can call and told 3570830098. Or 18043720098. Mommy get back will be talking about New England Patriots. Super Bowl cornerback he's currently striving to get his six. Super Bowl ring. And what she does for his health. In terms of chiropractic and we're gonna talk about ways to disconnect from our hand held computers Internet its phones. Because that's only going to make our lives healthier and better in the long run stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor Dan polish ASCII power chiropractic health center is. Northeaster Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes they corrected chiropractic care for all ages Scalia is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not some data pulled from. Base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium from my onyx can co Q ten this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to get. Invest and build healthy for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need doctor DN dot com and EPA DRD. And dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road wilkes-barre. Do you enjoy hunting and fishing. 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Natural supplements and remedies in early trading guest house and nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices currently in stock is seen BD oil. And it's great first sleep pain reduction. I anxiety relief would dosages ranging from one to fifty milligrams. CB oil available as a liquid extract soft gels topical cream as well as animals and chocolate bars loose leaf teas and honey six. They're all you media oils also infuse in dog or cat treats for your pets to assist with calming and joint pain so this and a lot more available be sure to stop over until 6 PM today on Saturday at 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday. Maine also please be sure to light them on FaceBook that's where they're active that's from the poster specials and great great little gem here in northeastern Pennsylvania guys haven't visited house and Tricia yen and wanna challenge you to get out there I'm beautiful Saturday and make this time must stop on your listen daily errands and things you need to do you won't be disappointed you know visiting housing nutrition. So let's talk about a pro athlete who a lot of people are beaten won't make the argument is the Michael Jordan in the NFL currently in that's Tom Brady to New England Patriots quarterback. Playing in his eighth Super Bowl coming up going for his sixth Super Bowl ring if they need to happen to beat the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday. But one of Tom Brady's tricks isn't he in this something nice start to watch on FaceBook watch is is this the C series I think the first video just came out this past Thursday. I was kind of you know wall wouldn't know how how is he so successful and what does he do behind the scenes you know his family and with this training in how they take care of himself. One thing that. Tom war really referenced an angle above me on Sunday about his his chiropractor doctor Mike Miller who's been with. The patriots he's been in practice with in the past 35 years. He works with anywhere between thirty and 48 of the players. One and then this Tom Brady and the coaches you know helping them not only. Get over certain injuries that to recover a lot quicker but to help maximize their performance in their health. I just stay well to recover into performed. The highest level so again in the most NFL teams out there all have at least one chiropractor on their staff along with a video teams and other sports. So. What doctor Miller says he was at a crossroads and Pino can in his story kind of resonates with my story is where I was eventually going to go for pretty mad are going to sports medicine or something along those lines but. I decided to go the path of chiropractic in in relief to do with. How do you. Analyze and how you under the as a citizen awareness and understanding of how the human body was design and how it operates and there's all there's aimed. Built in hard drive which is in Europe central nervous system. And our job as a chiropractor says assess the spine the skeletal frame to see if its missile whining which could be impeding upon the nervous system. We don't do the healing we we realize the body heals itself. When things are structurally improperly balanced and aligned so Tom Brady understands this and he's doing this for himself regularly. Great for elite athletes grief for kids anyone in my spine basically to get a chance to get an adjusted as needed down on everybody needs the same type of adjustment of the same type of corrective care. It's on a case by case customized basis. So again you know when you look at some point Tom Brady is something that she's sites and says as a walking quote as long as they see the chiropractor I feel like I'm one step ahead of the game. And down with his long to track record of success in Hobart. I mean if that's if if we wanna live intensely if you wanna live our best lives are healthy sign CNN Anderson maybe not everyone out there is Tom Brady fan and that's okay that's besides the point here. The point is lets us should aim to do our best because we never know what our true potential is unless we're exploring everything out there that can actually help us maximize. Our potential and maximize our health of chiropractic care for some view out there could be a game changer and a difference maker so I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment explore this further. I am a doctor of chiropractic and what we're going to be doing the week of February 5 is opening up appointment transferred to new patients. Four and detailed evaluation of the spinal nerve system. Including X rays is necessary adjustment if necessary corrective exercises and a review here examiner X ray findings so that's three visits which is typically a 150 dollar value for only fifty dollars if he's scheduled during the week of February 5 or February the ninth these appointments will fill up quickly we have not done one of these and while guys. I have we actually a few people on the last few weeks cause the say well when he having another one in your new patients discount weeks or impatient appreciation weeks. That week is between February the fifth through February the ninth between eighteen com how to book your time to. 5708293580. Is the number to call 570829. 35620. Is a number to call us up again it's starting to get you to get your spine check keep your posture check to get your central nervous system checked to see how your body's functioning on the inside. That's what we do have power chiropractic health center that's true we have successor for more information about our clinic may be your first time listener here to maximize your health you wanna learn more about chiropractic care and spinal correction and posture you can visit my website at triple W dot need book doctor nano com as any PA. DRD AN dot com is a welcome video on the home page with myself and there's also a video testimonials series that you can check out there as well triple W dot and EPA EDR. So recently now I think I had a conversation we both. Agreed you know what. She would ask me something some night and I would be there reply you an email or on social media or texting somebody or I would try to get a conversation going with her. And the same holds her. We're locking into new technology guys and it starts with me it starts with my hand he I recognize. The problems that I'm sure many of you have already taking strides and our prime well beyond from where I am here so maybe I'm not them the best messenger here but. I found an article here from doctor Daniel Amon who is the that the neurologist at mesa Southern California. Seeing how we should take a tech time out time away from our phones TVs tablets computers Internet. 'cause if you think about it most of our days if we're not sleeping. From the time now we're awake during the day were in our phones were responding to emails we're looking at a computer screen. We're watching the news Seoul where we're locked in its technology somehow someway and we need to establish a time I need to establish a time when all devices will be turned off for the remainder of the evening not only will this provide a break from calling texting browsing the web posting on social media it will also afford me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my wife. With friends with family. Also gives a great allows for greater opportunity to to read a book. Read something learned something feed your soul Fiji spirit. Compact so the number one take care and the doctor Daniel Allman recommends is schedule a weekly Internet fast so a lot of times you'll hear of the Daniel fasten your food fast. Take an Internet fast take a fast from your phone time away from your phone. Preserve one day of the week. Caddied. Especially the day we are not working. For me that would be either a Saturday afternoon or Sunday. So I can do one day a Sunday were anonymous phone at all. That's going to be challenging I will tell you but I'm up for a challenge. I feel like this is going to help me grow is gonna help me become a better overall person. It's gonna make me more. And it couldn't come about our conversational list it's gonna make me a better listener it's gonna help me just become appeal it provide more value to other people. Rather than just caring about what the news is what's on social meaning in things like bats. It in play today and go out and do a hike. My wife and I have a date night skill for this evening so. Engaging in physical activity had enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors you might be surprised how many things you can do how much fun you can have all taking a break from the Internet. Next creating technology three bedroom. Can get the TVs out the computers out other electronic devices out to get yourself an alarm clock an old. Gold school arm clock you don't need easy alarms on your phone. This whole craze for a more relaxing environment free from distractions. This can lead to better sleep packed it can't increase intimacy with your partner and reduce the amount of EMS electromagnetic frequencies. We know that EMF too much exposure to EMS radiation can damage healthy cells. And can increase your risk of cancer so keep your phones keep your tablets keep your computers and TVs. Out of the bedroom leave the bedroom for sleep only. Next if you're going to use technology. May get only one scream of the time. Common today for people he isn't no more than one form of technology at same time a person may browse the Internet or make online purchases on a desktop computer laptop or iPad while talking texting or tweeting on a Smartphone. Divert your attention from being divided by multiple devices followed the one screen an all time rolls next use your brain not your computer and leave Syria out of that leave Google out of it think. Rely on your brain remember back in the day when we actually mean in half Siri or no war you know we want the answer to something that we didn't know. Good to read this script and you know go on the books going to magazines learned some things do some trivia. Played some more games. Cash. And so we're not so far reliant on Syria and move up next never talk and text. Technology killing people from different parts of the world in seconds is a lot of values technology. It's can place a strain on our personal relationships with each other. It's called a buzz word Caltech no parents like interference but techno appearances now a word that means interference of technology couple relationships. This is something on my wife and I have recently identified. Izzy problem in our relationship that we need to do. Do something about not just say oh well there's techno parents what are we going to do to eliminate this techno parents. One study demonstrated that techno affairs can lead to lower relationship and life satisfaction overall. It's not worth the sacrifice of our relationship. What people we love and who we care about. Because of a stupid phone or a piece of technology. He should not replace the people in our lives to bring values our lives of the people that we've invested in and we've committed ourselves so. Let's recognize is slated identified this. As something that exists it's real it's a problem for many of us. So what are we going to do to change that so I'm going to begin with my wife and I have agreed to do the one day a week fast. We're going to keep all sources of technology out of the bedroom. And or going to begin using your brains are more and not always being on the phones so it's ours from back. Okay so wanna challenge some are using now is well if you have questions he's accused submit to your health. Questions and your help guide you in your health by helping you maximize your health over here on WAOK every see every Saturday from 11 AM until 12 PM will be back collide next Saturday at 11 AM to 12 PM. And I hope to hear from many of you send your questions to me through email at PWR Cairo. At PWR Cairo and And I'll be back next week we're gonna talk about ways nationally eliminate the flu. And we referenced in this study on chiropractic care with a lot of other great health information to help you fill them restore your health naturally be well these days I'll see you soon.