Maximize Your Health

Maximize Your Health
Saturday, January 20th

On today's episode Dr. Dan talks about ways to stay positive and healthy during the winter season.


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The following is a paid program abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar share schemes just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified healthcare professional if you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SD. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now they maximize your health was doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII. This is maximize your health and I'm your health coach doctor Dan polish ASCII is always it's a privilege and an honor to be here each and every Saturday to help you. Build and restore your health naturally. So maybe you're struggling with an illness or pain or maybe something like allergies and I just have trouble or maybe somebody else in your family may be that when your children struggling with ear infections. Maybe they have a cold or flu that this is really going away and where you're off he offer you simple and effective. Lifestyle solutions and strategies to begin to build and restore your health actually so we talk about your body's ability to function and heal on its own and we talk about the right foods to steal it fuel your body west. We talked about fitness sleep. Mindset. Toxicity. And basically how to how to make this a new way of living for you so if you have health questions you can call in during the next hour 57083009801804370098. And we had Michael from Dallas ask recently in what is what toxins shape to pay extra careful attention to how working to minimize in my. Lifestyle and Michael I appreciate your question I am I appreciate. You emailing us and you know we also accept your emails throughout the week on the and I would say the top two or three number one is going to be yourself on being aware and how close you keep your cell phone against your body whether it's in your pocket. On a clip on your belt. Or even in your shirt pocket close your heart so you wanna keep your phone at least a few feet away and when you're making calls is always better do you speakers better his texts and not hold that against your air. I'm also when you're sleeping at night I would say use a different type of alarm clock rather than the one on your phone if you don't have another alarm clock I would say keep your phone at least five feet away from where you sleep. And turn your volume up some way your alarm clock wakes you up on that next I would say. Roy you apply your deodorant under your arms. And if you're deodorant contain aluminum and other types of hazardous ingredients and chemicals. Those can adversely affect your lymphatic system which is like your body sewage system in effect it's backed up that can have a spillover effect on other processors right by leading to further health problems so I would say do an aluminum free deodorant do something like Jason's deodorant. And then finally here. What look at watch what you're eating and drinking. If you're drinking soda of any type Weathers diet or regular or maybe you're eating a lot of box and packaged snack foods and cereals and processed foods I was I would challenge you to switch. More to do it over to a whole food based natural diet one consisting of dark green feel that the dark green leafy vegetables fruits raw nuts and seeds organic meats. And lots of water treated to another beverage you can do hot tea may be one cup of organic dark roast and holding coffee a day should be okay as well but he went to minimize the process soft drinks and and processed boxed foods with a long list of ingredients so those are my top three recommendations for minimizing toxic exposure because that's going to create more easy for your body's ability to adapt to its environment to function is can often give your immune system and greater opportunity to fight against the flu virus this flu season so Michael thank you so much for your. Question in so many naturally through email maybe you have a question you're listening right now I'm in if you like me to answer your question on a future program here you can submit your questions to me through email. Happy W our Cairo at That's PW RC HI RO at Or even exciting lineup planned for today. We have our recipe of the week its trade and New Year's smoothie ball that's going to be coming up here shortly. And then later in the hour gonna talk all about superffoods what are the top super foods and how can you get these in your diet more so that you're providing the right fuel for your your cells and tissues your organs so that things work properly and you're living in more of a model of health prevention rather than disease management so that's kind of where all of this fall under either category -- proactive with their health or are we reactive or are we waiting for the doctors to diagnose a certified a positive reading of one of our tests and then maybe just then maybe won't be ready to change our lifestyle. Or do we live every single day because Newton with the understanding who. Any idea that our health is our greatest asset. And we wanna do our best to take care of our health maintain our health over time so that. Heaven forbid we never have to enter into a health crisis and that's all I wanna challenge you listening here to do is do your very best. Don't just give it a half hearted effort known to sit back and keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. You know do something about it take action you know the information that you hear on this program is best. At most effective when you actually follow it. When you apply it to your lifestyle so if your health questions you can call up 5708830098. Or 180437. 0098 so I wanted to start off the show today talking about some tips to keep your body well this winter to continue to build and maintain your health during the winter months words to the flu virus is you know how about Indian Indian epidemic levels. According to researchers and statisticians. So how will. How do we avoid getting the flu how do we avoid seasonal affective disorder which puts it dampened spirit arm mood and you can you know obviously affect how our body performs the functions during this time a year or so we're gonna focus on a couple different sides here. How we wanted to focus on what should we be eating. What should we be supplementing wins. And what lifestyle. Factors do we wanna consider. Doing daily during the winter months even maybe more so in the summer months for different reasons. So. This year we know this time of year can be tough for a lot of people because of the flu virus because of other of being known bacteria viruses because we're indoors were around people or breeding and research related there. And what steps can we begin to follow to keep our immune system strong to make it more defensive against the onslaught of viruses bacteria during this coming year. And again and breaks down into the race food choices the right supplements and lifestyle choice. So let's start with food so number one money to eat more green foods. So dark green leafy vegetables are loaded with our called Fido nutrients but this will feed the good bacteria on the probe ion I still keep your immune system strong it the so look for. Every opportunity that you can during each one of your daily meals to add more greens to your meals. So that can mean simply if you're doing a smoothie for breakfast at infectious Spanish. You did you toss chopped detail into like an omelet or at a scrambled egg dish for breakfast is well how lunch you can do a big side salad. Orange for dinner or lunch if you like to do like hot food her like this do you can seem greens here stews steers offices. I think of each mile an opportunity to feed the good bacteria in your digestive system. Number two you can drink your greens if you're not eating your greens obviously get yourself a good high quality blender. It's good to bring one with few and thermos. And keep a high supply of greens during the sunnier and always organic are going to be better because that means that there have been spraying contaminated with fewer pesticides. You could do a green drink instead of coffee this should give you more energy. You can also agreed to power into your morning protein shake like we said with a scrimmage. But we offer a product called perfect food which is available in power chiropractic health center that we are have available in stock for the moment so traditions and you can contact her clinic for more information. On the perfect food and if you are interest and you can check out our website triple W diet didn't need a doctorate in dot com. That's any PA DR DEN dot com for ordering information. Next be sure to add more garlic tear meals grocer or raw garlic it's loaded with anti viral anti bacterial anti fungal substances. Which can help strengthen the body's immune systems is against these bad pathogens during the winter months. We know raw garlic because it's not coach K contains a slightly more powerful nutritional punch roasting garlic though is arguably the more. Delectable way to enjoy the immunity enhancing compound so either way you should be okay next. Have a side of sauerkraut in my tool wife sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a fermented foods. As well as Kim chi which could provide your body with a healthy supply of good bacteria which are called pro by onyx. Because 70% of your immune system is Tony you know adjusted system it's important to ensure that you have the right ratio of good to bad bacteria. And for many people they don't have the proper ratio if so by. Adding in more of these fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi and that will ensure you that you're getting the right amount of good healthy bacteria to keep your immune system strong here during the winter months. Next you when it adds some saturated fat and that might be contrary to popular belief of what you read online you what you hear on the news and through the media that's saturated fat is bad that they can elevate your risk of high cholesterol. And heart disease. Not all saturated fat is created equal. Coconut oil specifically. Is a great way to get a daily dose of the immunity boosting caloric acid. So you can cook with coconut oil. I like ingested tablespoon of coconut oil before my work out so give me energy. You can also add to your morning breakfast if you like to do granola or yogurt bold. You can attitude your cup of organic tar Crusoe coffee. To kind of you know even an out in a bed if you don't like the bitter taste of coffee. And if it again if it's as though huh the level of fact concerns he shouldn't be concerned the body quickly converts the median change triglycerides. The saturated fats that are found in coconut oil. Into energy so very quickly gets converted to. Next you want to dump sugar you wanna be aware of how much sugar you're in taking during the winter months because if you're eating lots of refined carbohydrates and starchy foods like breads and cereals and potatoes and rice. That will elevate your blood sugar down all we can your immune systems OK next you wanna be aware of processed foods processed foods and sugar kind of go hand in hand. You wanna starts eliminating cut back on those replacing those with whole foods like vegetables. Fruits run that sees an organic meats now supplements what are the best supplements. Number one supplement to keep your immune system strong during the winner are probe by onyx. You wanna look for probably aren't that contains at least ten to twenty million viable organisms. And several different types of good bacteria including lack of the cellist and if for no bacteria and these are two of the most well researched. And common these types of healthy bacteria and number two is vitamin. This is another product as well as CNN that as well to antibiotics. And the green supplements we offer at power chiropractic health are these are available for purchase at our clinic. Because our number one supplier vitamin. 5000 I used per day for an adult anywhere from two to 3000 -- easy day for a child number 31 harness the power of -- can make sure getting herbs I had dinner at lunch in your -- seniors housing your smooth -- juices you can add herbs and pretty much everything some of the best serves out there are olive leaf extract. Grapefruit seed extract elder -- extract these are available for purchase actually at our sponsor house or house of nutrition and reserved you can pick these up a house nutrition also if you're battling the flu virus and good national anti viral is oil the oregano. We've had anti microbial intake farmlands and bacterial it's amazing for strengthening your immune system is shorting duration of the virus of the bacterial infection. I get another supplement product you do is Cole loyal silvery wanna make sure it's true colonial silver or not synthetic if this is also available for purchase at house of nutrition. The final one is your body's most abundant anti oxen for supplementation. That would be glued SI don't think you can loudest sound is an and I auction produced by the liver you wanna look for as. That's a Siegel loudest I've known to ensure proper bio availability. To reap the maximum benefits of getting enough clues files so if you're liver compromise. And if you're exposed to high level talks in your body may not be producing enough blue design known and if you're frequently experiencing viruses and infections. That could be a sign your decision in the mood is found so this is where you excluded SS Cecile would file supplementation. May benefit you know finally. Lifestyle factors number one sleep more to keep your immune system strong during the winter months. Make sure you're getting seven to eight hours a night of restful sleep. OK a strong immune system is one that's had enough time to restore and the repair itself while you sleep that. Number two is working out again being physically active that could be going to the gym that can be due working out at home can be going for a brisk walk through your neighborhood. Adequate exercise helps keep your immune system robust so keep moving throughout the winter. If you have a desk job you're not currently physically active and you're experiencing frequent infections sinus infections. GI infections. That could be a main reason why you're your body's so susceptible to getting sick. You're not physically active enough so make that a priority. So. Next chill out. Relax remembered and dialed down to. CA wellness chiropractor to remove stress from your nervousness on. And allow time each day I like to do from myself first thing in the morning to feed your soul and spirit. That's prayer time that's Bible time that's reflection time that's quiet time. Before the hustle and bustle that they get started so that might mean setting your alarm clock and allowing an additional ten to fifteen. For me it's at least 30 minutes in the morning that I need to kind of set the tone for my day. To chill out into pro and took to reflect and to prayed to read some scripture take to feed my soul and spirit it's one thing I knew it took to feed your physical body with healthy food but it's another thing to see your song spare your soul spirit don't dye your physical body will eventually die C wanna make sure that that side of your health is being addressed as well finally. You can't it's okay to get dirty and especially for our kids are reusing all these hands sanitized there is an anti bacterial soaps. A lot of research out there are proving that these can actually is caused bacteria is spread. And to multiply more rapidly. These are loaded with toxic is specially the Hansack sanitize this is a load with toxins. This can we took over dryness of your your scanning and caused cracks and breaks and it's. This can actually cause viruses to be more easily transmit and instead wash your hands with hot water and chemical free so. The brand I like to use is called Kirk's it's Coke and it's open. You can find this house and nutrition oral wegmans or we can use our essential oils we like to use at our clinic we had these available for sale the young living essential oils particularly lavender to help naturally. Sanitize your hands and finally number five lifestyle factors make sure your drinking enough water. Okay because we're indoors. Because were a lot of times we're in an overheated homer and office. This can dry out our sinuses are mouth or lips all of which need moisture to help protect against viruses. Are you one of fight back and making sure that you properly hydrated throughout the day. That's not soda that's our coffee because those both pulled rehydrate even more so if you're drinking soda and coffee wanna make sure you're drinking clean. Filtered water to keep your nasal passages sinuses your skin properly. I drew immediate question about. Keeping your immune system strong by keeping yourself healthy during the winter months you can call in right now 57 no 83200980180437009. In feel free to connect with meek to email me your questions at PW art Cairo and check this out on the web triple W dot need Bush Doctrine and a calm and get connected on social media. I've found on FaceBook Twitter is a Grammy YouTube all of the links to to directly connect with me to maximize your health and social medium. Are available on the web site at triple W dot and EPA. DR DA and dot com it's time for a quick commercial break but when I return I'm going to be addressing. Parents out there where your kids are chronically sick man he's taken them so the pediatricians seems like the visits have become more frequent and you're already running out of ideas and solutions to keep your kids from getting chronically sick and then we're going to be discussing a recipe of the week for a New Year's close smooth ball stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan goalless ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializing corrected chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching that's. 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You can't just put that old TV out with your garbage because I don't like that aren't allowed in landfills that's the law won easy option I like is using waste reduction and recycling on the sands who we highway and Hanover township they also have on site electronics removal. And data destruction solutions. Learn more at their website www. NE PE waste dot com. Just click on the. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call all your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your help with your health coach doctor Dan and go show ski here to deliver the truth when it comes to building in restoring your health naturally. And maybe there's a specific health topic that you like me to cover on a future program. You can submit your inquiries and requests to my email at PWR Cairo. At SP WR CH IR oh. At And look forward to hearing from Sony UN. And he shares a specific topics and maybe you listeners are struggling with that you let me lay out action plans for in my recommendations for. I love to hear some feedback from you so semi your request send me your inquiries at GWR Cairo. And PWR. CH IRO at and for more information about maximize your health and podcasts you can listen directly from my web site triple W dot need a doctor Dan dot com and EPA. GR DEA and dot com you'll find the tab for radio there we can find all of our previously recorded podcast. Our podcasts linked. And one of the sanctity sponsors house and nutrition for sponsoring this amount maximize your health they're located at fifty main street in the Borough of blues earned. That's exits six from the 309 expressway in Lucerne county they offer are all alternatives. Foods group organic vegan bakery and crappy foods spring cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies. And fairly trading gets house of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices. Be sure to like them on FaceBook at house of nutrition. Also believe there on in sir Graham now under house is nutrition as well. And they are open today until 6 PM with a lot of great items in stock to be sure to pain in the visit two games so what are the talk now to parents or maybe you have children who are sick and they're missing school their underperforming in school. Maybe they're just lethargic in down maybe even struggle with aches and pains to open. Did you know that. Chiropractic care. Might be the missing link for your child's. I mean seems like many parents out there are misinformed or just not informed at all about the benefits of chiropractic care to help it build and restore health for your child. Because we as adults expect to know when we have our our backs louder when we experience of an experience about a sciatica. Or if I spots are fibromyalgia flares up that's the only time chiropractic care is necessary but. Chiropractic care isn't intended to alone treat musculoskeletal pain. It's intended to help improve your body's innate ability to function heal on its own. So I MA a pediatric. Chiropractor or licensed from the international chiropractic practically pediatric association and we work with a lot of children. Not only keeping them well but of working with keyboard of the moms and dads in the parents who bring them and report that they neither immune systems allergies I mean systems are function properly you know infants or starting with college you symptoms they're fussy either irritable. We have even you know always had parents come in with their their children who are having a tough time you know latching during breastfeeding. You name it as well as you know. At all adolescents and teenagers and growing pains. Healthcare package shares in successful the only things not because we claim to treat any of these conditions but we simply look at the spine to determine where its missile wind ports of putting pressure on the nervous system and we remove that pressure so that the body can function and restore its normal ability to function and he wants sound so. There was this a nine year old girl who came in the CS power chiropractic she was struggling with sinus. Trouble constipation. And chronic sore throat. She was constantly sick in her mother brought her in the CS. After we did a detailed exam after we scan her spine you determine whether we're near neurological imbalances we determine that there were missile Winans. In multiple areas of this nine year old girl spine. After three months some of biweekly care. The Mon reported that there was a considerable improvement in not only the symptoms but overall health energy performance in school. And as she was eating slow even sleeping better at night and and not relying is much on the medication. So you might ask well how does is how how does that work how does that happen. As a chiropractor my job is to detect where despite in this line remove the pressure from the nervous system and when you remove the pressure the by C is now connected better it's it's the brain and the body organs cells the tissue is a glance the hormones. Immune factors are all functioning at a higher level and we're just helping to facilitate those natural process seizes on that though we're claiming to be healers here and we're just working and and and working with the body nationally without medication without surgery. So maybe you the son or daughter out there may be you know you're struggling in any you know you're going to pediatrician maybe they're putting them on round after round of antibiotics and maybe there is struggling with symptoms of asthma thereon you know respirators and net realized there isn't an all these different things should just treat. Maybe you're not getting any underlying cost maybe it's nerve interference may be is misalignment with in this climate have a minute address or are found yet and ask or we might be able to you on. How do you mean the difference maker for a year your son your daughter's health CQ caller clinic to data scheduled appointment for your son your daughter. 5708293580. 5708293580. We can get your son your daughter skilling at their spine in her system checked. So now we're gonna share our recipe of the week and that's. For a new year glow smooth ball. For the smooth he ball it requires three quarters of a cup of water one cup a frozen mango chunks. 13 of a cup of packed up macondo. Half inch piece of peeled and ginger in case one cup of packed fresh organic baby spinach. Once small. Peeled Clement time one very large pitted manual date. Three ice cubes and then half teaspoon of Monte green tea power which is not optimal you can dice at the mangoes. You can add in some supersede granola and some berries like organic raspberries blueberries strawberries even have parts. The Clementine you wanna segment chalk those up and then you can also then try to coconuts he wanna get yourself a good quality blender like. I need to blender or a vitamin splendor and an ad in the water is your base. And then you can in the rest of the ingredients and blend until it's nice and smooth and then you could pour it into a large ball and then you can add in toppings like that shredded coconut. You can do some flack seeds and Chia seeds as well. Can't even some fresh raspberries. On top and he's serving you enjoyed it frees that you could do this like an ice cream you can do as a smoothie it's better to do it just is movie it's pretty quick and easy to make. Only thing you need is a good quality Bonner that's going to blended down well but she like a copy of this recipe and happiness and the CU he could simply send me your email requests to. PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IR RO act in To for a take another break when I get back we're going to be talking about superffoods what are they and how do we get these into our diet and the running go through some healthy habits we just had our seminar this past Thursday on creating healthy habits are and I'm gonna discuss some of those for you are habits that will lead to a healthier happier life stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor dangle a Chesapeake. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializing corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic fulsome. They start them. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. 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And Amanda your mind sets then came the mindset that it takes and so it's a live like you're in the driver's seat like you are the pilot but you make the decisions and it's your responsibility to become informed and educated. And you know what's best for you for your families out there so if you have a question health related question you can call in now 570830098. Or 180437. 00 and I need for more information feel free to visit me on the web that trip. All W dot need good doctored and dot com at any PA DR DEA and dot com and they're you can also click on the FaceBook the Twitter it's a grand YouTube and subscribe and follow me on all of social media now that's out there we also with interest page with recipes. We have our radio podcast available there as well also bookmark our website get connected stay connected and there's a lot of great resources and information there's also some YouTube videos are so welcomed video with myself on there there's also some video testimonials from some of our practice members sharing their experiences with chiropractic care that you're looking to learn more gather more. Triple W dot need doctor and a commas where you wanna turn and I wanted to think once again our sponsors for today's program house of nutrition located at fifty main street in loser turned off and exits six and the 309 expressway. They're also on FaceBook and answer Graham house of nutrition journal likened to follow and there are open until 6 PM today they offer organic vegan baked goods daily -- foods green cleaning supplies. Natural supplements a remedies unfairly treating guests. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices and there's always a lot of great offers and known as a hot every station organic Kosher and coffees. And so on the highest quality holding copies and I've had personally I like to my mind directly house in nutrition also may have some top of the line supplements. To keep here. Immune system strong this winter season like the Colin also over the oil the oregano essential oils. Vitamin B pro by onyx so be sure to stop in there for all of your health. And wellness. Food and nutritional supplement needs at house of nutrition and we think customer attrition. For sponsoring this program of maximize your health club wanted to talk now about superffoods. So first of all what our next and how do we get these into our diet. These foods can help you achieve better health prevent chronic diseases. Improve the way you fields in and day out and at some artists are are actually have anti aging benefits and as well because we all wanna look younger one should we when Ophelia who wanna be complemented. Their desire lies and each and every one of us starting with may. These super foods are jam packed with nutrients and can help provide your body with them vitamins and minerals you need to thrive serve. Vibe and the feel great so what are things number one is a wheat grass. If you're like me I love a good wheat grass shots and there are specific users out there you can grow it in your home you can you can buy wheat grass kits where you can actually grow the wheat grass and and you sit. I would say do a few ounces a shot of wheat grass today that will keep the doctor away for shore because it. Women most concentrated nutrient packed. Beverages you can drink out there are so to fight off you know free radicals. And dump them you know you can't give you yourself a shot of high quality nutrition. We dresses from sprouted. Leaves of the common we planned I can supplied tons of vitamins and minerals including iron calcium. And magnesium. Wheat grass also gives you some at a core cell which is a clam pavement that's loaded with health benefits. Great to juice as you can actually I think there are some weak grasp how voters out there as well which I believe or not is. Easily absorbed as potent as using wheat grass itself but if you're looking to start I would say at least two in power form you can purchase over a house in nutrition. I would highly suggest you go online order a week press chasing adults if you were if I area with number two superffoods Simmons. It's a spice it's great adds to desserts. To smooth these. It's packed with antioxidants. And chromium which is great to help balance blood sugar levels which is great for diabetics out there greater help lower cholesterol as well. Relieve symptoms of of gastrointestinal upset nausea even PMS symptoms. And it can help lower inflammation overall I can add to your morning's. Colonel ball smoothie O Neil all. To add to begin to give it a little bit more of a nutritional boost for us and give cinnamon start adding in cinnamon pretty simple and cinnamon. You can buy an already ground out. Wegmans house of nutrition have a good equality organics and unavailable for you number three super food are blueberries. A blueberries. Fifth that the super for definition to the cheek. They're packed with fiber anti oxidant final chemicals as well as plenty of vitamin C vitamin K and manes. These are great and your morning smooth the you can you can in those kids love them I know my niece loves to snack on fresh organic blueberries is one of her favorite foods she's a one and a half years old now I always hear. So with a handful of blueberries. But that's one of the best things parents out there. I think that you can feed your kids because they're getting it's gonna help them with the developments can provide optimal fuel vitamin C vitamin K things to keep the immune system strong and things working properly with the digestive system next are on Chicago's. So and other kind I was actually a fruit if you're not familiar it's. Hi in. Healthy mono unsaturated fats folate fully. Vitamin C and vitamin K not only that but it manages to pack in more potassium than a banana fruit. There's limitless ways enjoy avocados. You can use as a spread over toast we hear all about avocados toast so you could take a piece of sprouted wheat easy to Brett. Or you can do rye or you can do Barley or you can do millimeter spelt bread and you can use and on the cars spread on a link is in place some butter. And that's called up comatose. Next you can do a guacamole site disk and then you can add in the garlic like we talked about earlier. You can and some fresh organic salons throw you can some lines do some organic pepper and onion. On any gas she spices in there like I and pepper in the insults the case is well for good high quality guacamole supplement some may try to get these up cousin because. One of the primary sources of fuel you buys for lineup so for many people out there who struggle with chronic fatigue low energy and you're not getting enough healthy fats in your diet so avocados what are your most abundant food source is a healthy fat is I'm going to cause you to gain weight or become fatter it will give your body the optimum nutrition and fuel may -- through good high quality unsaturated fats as well as potassium. Next super food is broccoli rob this is it common fish Indian and Italian culture is. Robin Roberts Christopher is green Bengie it's loaded with vitamin K in other antioxidants like vitamin a vitamin C folate calcium and manganese. Broccoli rob may be able to help reduce overall inflammation. Keep your skeletal structure strong. Protect against eye disease improve your heart health and even prevent against. The growth of different types of cancers. You have such hate group broccoli rob you can add it's you Krypton is pasta dishes. Soups there's challenges to give your meal a series C preferred upgrade next to salmon you specifically. Wild caught Alaskan salmon and even the American Heart Association recognizes. That adding wild caught organic salmon your diet at least twice a week can help lower overall inflammation reduce your risk of heart disease. Not only that but it's giving you healthy Omega three fats. Good for your brain. Good for your your hard good for your eye is so if you're going to do a meet and you don't do the wild caught fish. Maybe more so than poultry or red meat. The salmon specifically is going to give your your body a boost of them could call you make it three fax an anti toxins so keep your body inflammation fray next sweet potatoes so these are my favorites and I don't potatoes these are the orange potatoes or the dams. And the other great believer in great case and I'm high in vitamins and minerals specifically vitamin CE potassium and manganese also. A beta carotene which is found in vitamin K great for the eyes. You can try roasting these up in the oven cut into wedges. You can add a little bit curry powder or even charmer power there to give eat even more of an anti oxidant. I'm nutritional effects to your sweet potatoes. And also overall futures in the eases your gonna help strengthen your immune system the next one here are goes GB areas. Koji Mary's took it doesn't GOJ. There's twelve times he anti oxygen level. Then blueberries twelve times more antioxidants and blueberries or talking goes he bears goes you bears typically will come deride the work is a great snack you can take these in the office with even packed and even in your children's launched when they're going to school. Agreed to help boost vitality energy and longevity. You can find these you know dried superffoods there's a lot of powders as well you can add into the smoothie or even mixed in with your morning granola ball or are younger ball. I believe wegmans and health and nutrition offered coach he buries there since start adding he's and he's also a very great taste to them next are you or again. Think Ross sprouted all installments are one of the most nutrient rich and that's available. One of the best non Jerry sources of calcium. Providing more milligrams of calcium per serving than any other not out there and are also high in vitamin. As well as protein. You can enjoy these nuts you can rot as a tasty snack or you could mildly roasts them. I like to do almond butter raw on the voters well I would and a stud at table 12 tablespoons of that 2 man morning breakfast smooth eight. If you like a recipe you can send me an email I be happy to send them over to you. But the only caviar with Ron Nazis who won and you know monitor the portion size closely. Because all loans are high in calories. Nine calories per gram when it comes to healthy fat. You wanna monitor your intake so be sure to keep those in check the next superffoods despite the most common the most popular it's OK all you wanna make sure that you're doing organic KOI. Is one of the top superffoods for weight loss. Great shape and get into your salads you can do kale salad you did you kill smoothie. You can you scale back the vitamin a vitamin C vitamin K calcium and magnesium. He can also snack on kale chips these are available at house of nutrition. Or you can do kill raw you're sheiks yourself that you're smooth these. The next super food is one of the most abundant plant based sources of protein out there and it's a blue green algae called spear Lena. SPI RU LI NX. Gram for gram it's higher in protein than red meat. Contains all the essential fatty acid your body needs it also provides tons of anti oxidant vitamins and minerals. Health benefits is purely include potentially preventing plaque buildup in the arteries lowering blood pressure and protecting against cancer. Spear lean is often most found in power forms again how so nutrition. I you can add this in your morning smoothie your near lunchtime so movie sprinkle it over your through C increased. The nutritional quality next our side there is what has become popular lady are a side balls these are available a lot of our local cafes and restaurants. I'm inside bowl comes from the inside Berry packed with B vitamins. Fiber healthy fats magnesium potassium and phosphorus. These can help to balance blood sugar levels improved cognitive function enhance your lipid profiles. This is trying to sizable for breakfast is some of that bowl of cereal extra coconuts coconuts again Coca or or are high in medium change triglycerides. Which are a type of healthy fat that helps support the health of your gut. Due to its bacteria fighting anti oxidant properties. Again tried this before you exercise do a tablespoon or early and it's going to give you a boost of energy next or flax seeds a Chia seeds cheesy specifically your high in Omega three's as well as flax seeds can help lower overall inflammation and cancer brain function. And even protect against diabetes and cancer. Flax seeds are high in B vitamins magnesium phosphorus and manganese so if you like a listen these superffoods just a few ideas maybe some recipe ideas you can submit to me. An email I'm happy to get that out shields. Superffoods when you know these this is what we should we should. Build this should be the foundation of our diet. Not burger chain not subway. Not eating out all the time. Food that Paxson nutritional concept and provide optimal fuel for your body to help re generate healthy cells will help peer systems in your organs function properly. And as well as just maintain wellness and to maintain a healthy agent healthy body. So wanna talk now about some habits and a few minutes we have remaining on today's program so this past Thursday we held sonar power chiropractic. And we had a nice little turn out a nice little group of people there on Sunday or radio listeners that he or an attendance for that workshop. Creating healthy habits and it starts with the right mindset so how are we construct the right lifestyle what are some tips and some strategies. Number one. And I don't think we really brought this up. Get yourself a pat you know my wife and I we have two dogs we have a horse pets for you a lot of joy. There they they love unconditionally. They offer companionship and happiness of getting a dog or cat so I. You can take outside you can walk in the roof routinely I would encourage you may be investing getting yourself a pat who could become a friend especially if you're by yourself. Investing and consuming smaller portion sizes during your meal. It's a good habits and do because you went over stuff yourself research shows that when you go from a twelve inch played down to attend and play. You end up eating 23% less. Add more beings who came means are the number one longevity food out there. A couple of beans are standard among the world's longest living groups of people. I need to stock up on chick peas lentils black beans into any means. You can add these Intel harmless soups. Stews and salads. And the next one is discovering your sole purpose and we covered this in laying out our workshop Thursday. Finding the year out what your big why is why you were created while you were put here on planet earth and we are all here to add value to other people to give to serve to love other people. So that takes some reflecting some soul searching for any working with a counselor or health coach to help you discover your sole purpose so. If that's you views and questions you can send me an email on that. Make time for some stress relief rehab this for me it's getting my weekly chiropractic adjustment it's going to the gym three to four times a week Furl one hour each time. It's getting massage every four or five weeks for one hour. It's having a glass of wine for a B two to three nights a week. It's making sure I get a 78 hours of sleep per night because if a diamond go go go mode and it worked unwilling to burn out eventually so those you were listening now. Or you feel like you're in go go go mode and you're not investing in any time in yourself to. Maybe even take a vacation to take a few days off from the daily grind her to go out of town. I wanna challenge you make that a priority. Nexus of wine I like some good organic pinot noir. It's. A glass may be one or two nights a week of of the wind is packed with anti Al accidents can actually help to. And had some health benefits to read the next one is discovering in new hobby you're joining a group of learning something new a new activity. The next is meal making sit down time disconnecting from your Smartphone for your iPad to nurture and to fill healthy relationships with friends and family. Put the phone in another room it's a good place to keep it is so that your nurturing those relationships and again getting enough sleep. Getting outside eating more veggies eating less meat and dairy. And nurturing your religion your spirituality again I like to do prayer and Bible time read the scriptures. In our god our creator loves us he loves you. And our jobs a lot of other people and to reflect Christ so other people so green to read the scriptures take time out for yourself feed your soul and spirit because that's what's going to bring you more joy in more PC life because if you're anxious and you're constantly worried about everything that you have to do and deadlines you've to meet. That's no healthy way to live and the scriptures it says be anxious for nothing to pray about everything so I wanna leave US after today's program today and if if if that's not enough. And go surf people who are less fortunate and be become a volunteer. At a church of the group. It's something I like to do it like to do a few times a month just to volunteer to free health clinic in the area and you know whenever you feel like you're having a bad day. And you get to interact with people who maybe are less fortunate to have lesson you. Your bad day doesn't seem so bad. And it and it allows you to open up your heart to be grateful. To be more positive to be more encouraging to against a lot of support others and try to help them through difficult times and people appreciate that. So volunteer more invest in yourself more if you have questions or comments or feedback if you wanna submit to me your inquiries or request for future program. In the semi now PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO at coming back next Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM to help you. Maximize. Your health and be well be safe and I'll see you soon.