Maximize Your Health

Maximize Your Health
Saturday, January 6th

On today's episode Dr. Dan talks about ways to develop a positive attitude & provides a healthy recipe for buffalo chili. 


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The following is a paid program that abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of W Ohio case staff management or sponsors this is doctor Kalish Huskies just is a reminder of the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. Welcome to another program of maximize your health northeastern Pennsylvania I'm your health and wellness coach doctor Dan Google is asking her to coach you. Guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with an ailment or some disease process or maybe you've been suffering with arthritis or chronic pain for awhile or maybe something like allergies or asthma. Maybe it's someone else in your family that's struggling with their health right now well then you've come to the right place and here offer you simple and effective action steps that are going to help you build and restore your health nationally only if you put these in the practice. You can hear it it may sound good TU. But it it by aids is sounding good doesn't accomplish anything so we want action we wanna see you guys begin to make some changes and if you have questions you can call in 5708830098. Or 1804370098. May be given New Year's resolution are setting goals that you like to share amid you're already gotten started the started on some of them here early on and Tony eighteenth please call in today's share your goals that may be other people listening candy can follow suit and maybe. Or is something similar to what you're working out again our numbers 570883. 0098. Or 1804370098. Tall frame awesome lineup plant here today we're gonna let me tell sharing the recipe of the week. And it's for buffalo chili this is something and I made lastly for myself and also going to be making a little bit later today. On this chilly Saturday. The buffalo chili recipes is is always its men and women use these ingredients in the right proportions it comes out so well the textures amazing. And it's healthy for you also little later we're going to be talking about preventative medicine. Why did consider going this screwed if you haven't yet and how it can exponentially save you thousands of dollars in long haul. Then if we have some time winner on where you talk about superffoods what are the top fifteen superffoods. And how can you begin to incorporate some of these into your diet. Today but if this is your first time tuning in to maximize your help I wanna welcome you early here on our first Saturday of 2018. It's an honor and a privilege to be here to share what I'm passionate about and what brings me joy and purpose in life which is helping people could become healthy and while naturally. And maybe it's something that may be used to putting on the back burner which is your health for May be some time now maybe you believe that it's something that someone else. Has to take care for you or do you think that maybe it's a lack of a certain medication that you're taking maybe something hasn't been discovered yet that mil hopefully in your lifetime it will mean. All those things don't produce health health is something that comes from the inside out becomes your central nervous system which is this system which is supreme to all the other systems in your body didn't first and foremost if you wanna make sure your nervous system is is is is. But that at best connected with hear all of your other systems like your cardiovascular system your skeletal system. All of your internal organs like your heart your lungs your digestive system. Everything works because a nerve impulses getting thrown so now we make choices lifestyle choices on a daily basis. Such is the food so we decide to put into our bodies. And the amount of toxins that are exposed soon. Our mental and psychological outlook on life okay all of these things play an impact our bodies a functioning ability on the inside. So once he's begins to get all of these things in line and we begin to pay if you know proactive attention to each of these different elements of health that's who we start to build or restore health naturally it's not because you know. You you're not taking a certain medication or even a certain vitamin or natural supplement out there some of them can be beneficial and helpful at times in the right situations but those are intended to cure or treat anything OK we have that emergency medicine we have some of the best in the world here in the United States but it's there for emergency crisis. And no starting with me my goal is to prevent a crisis. If there's something I can be doing now in on a consistent basis over time to prevent. A health crisis. I'm going to do that it just makes sense to me. Hopefully. That all encourage you to do the same so if you have questions you can call and also you can submit to your questions from the email we had a great a few great job questions are sent through email the first question what's from the gene. She's from Kingston Jane asks. It's early on 3:18 am looking to get back in the jammed. What are the best methods and exercise for me I'm 54 years old. I have exercised before but I did put on a few extra pounds over the holidays looking need to get back into a routine what works best. Well Jay thanks for your question what I would recommend for you is to work with the personal trainer someone or some sort of fitness coach there's a lot of great gyms here in northeastern Pennsylvania and I know buys health and fitness and Kingston is personally where I work out and it's a great GM. They have top of the line facilities they have size they have all sorts of different classes so you can actually take a few classes may be feel like your work out to become stale recently I would encourage you to maybe sign up for a few fitness classes get around some other like minded people people who can encourage you can hold you accountable and you can they continue to make your gains in your ear here guessing your goals in that area so by health and fitness is grade and the Odyssey most restrain him browns Jim up in clarks summit planet fitness. If you're on a budget there's always planet fitness the planet fitness I know can really become overcrowded. And and you really don't get any personal attention there but I'm I would say can you what did you two days a week we're doing high intensity short duration exercise let's call high intensity interval training or birth straining you can do that in you can even do that at home. If you don't before. If not I know a lot of gyms like Bible offer classes there it's good to throw some flexibility training one day a week like yoga or Pilates something that's maybe a little less impact lower impacts of lower intensity over a longer you'll forty to sixty minute period. Which is gonna work on your strength and your flexibility and your core. And then you could use some waste CDs some freeways but I don't advice is going on the treadmill BB three or four days a week for thirty minutes to an hour because your body acclimate sat in adapts. And it doesn't. Develop muscle doesn't put your hormones it doesn't put it. You know that's your body will play helped so I would say you know do some free weights do upper body one day lower body other day in the course of three days a week of free weights in between those three days you can do they hit training full body and no wonder if flexibility training so fortified days a week. They hit sessions should take no longer than twenty minutes of the the weight training sessions thirty to 45 minutes and for the yoga you can go up to 45 minutes to an hour so that's where I was surging thanks so much for your question we're gonna give back some of your questions your little bit later in the. Our but if you do have questions you can submit those to me through email app PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO. At for more information about maximize your health our podcasts are available on my website triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com that's an EPA. GR DAN dot com there you'll find the podcasts and information about nutrition chiropractic fitness. You'll find some YouTube actually hit videos there available as well on our fitness channel so. I check all that Al disconnected also you can if they find this all the icons for social media there as well see just click on the FaceBook Twitter the answer Graham and then just like us follow us. Stay connected with those guys are always posting things to keep you engaged. Mentally with your help understanding what you can be doing an inspiring you know tell it to continue to strive towards better health. So I wanted to start off today's program talking about. Healthy habits. We do a special event coming up on January 18 just a few Thursdays from now. That will help it can empower you. To become better and and stick with these resolutions that so many people fail to hold onto just a few weeks into the new year. And there's no better time obviously were in this you know just the first week you're still have Tony eighteen. Most people who already set some New Year's resolutions have already fallen off. So how do we stick to how do we create healthy habits. But I wanna focus on May be kinda how a year may be some of you might be writing down your goals but may be something we don't write down your goals for you just talk to yourself. It's called self talk we talk yourself into inside your mind. And you say walk I'm not gonna and I'm I'm I don't wanna do this I don't do that this year I don't I I wanna continue to do this how to properly phrased yourself talk. Because by simply not freezing yourself talk properly. Many of you are are not sticking to your new habits or your New Year's resolutions because yourself talk isn't constructive properly sort of work on some of the how. We're helping you rephrase something yourself talk care so the research suggests a one of the biggest reasons that people can't stick to resolutions. People may be because of how your framing them there's a study done in journal psychological science which concluded that negative words like not to and stop. Throw off your brain so if you resolve to stop smoking and your brain simply register smoking or if you decide to do not eat sweets. You may crave them even more. So if you're one of millions of people out there were determined there may be lose weight. And start working out again and quit smoking the key to success here is to focus on positive steps. You can take to achieve those goals and this is how number one instead of telling yourself. That you won't eat sweets tell yourself instead. That you can enjoy your favorite fresh fruit for dessert there. Number two rather than thinking about all the foods that you can't eat. Make a menu planned for the weeks filled with meals you can look forward to do in fact look through cookbook how many give you a few web sites here with healthy foods. And enjoy envisioning the meals you'll make the hearing early on this year so food BA dot com. And doctor X dot com to highly reputable web sites. Well you could find healthy recipe ideas that he's amazingly great but are healthy for you that will help you reach your health and fitness goals your early in 2018. Check some of those out next when you're doing your grocery shopping don't think about all the foods that you shouldn't body. Instead challenge yourself to find three new healthy foods that you never try and enjoy dining adventure finally rather than telling yourself that even have to exercise and feeling like it's punishment. Reward yourself by trying a new class he can do yoga zoom water aerobics I mean there's a lot there's the bar classes. Like I mentioned a few minutes ago is a lot of great health clubs in the area and it's a great way great opportunity to develop a new social network to go out there and object connect with people like minded people who can challenge you could hold you accountable you can inspire you we don't want to isolate ourselves and we don't wanna you don't wanna shut ourselves out from from people because people being. You know developing new friendships or relationships can bring a lot of value to your life and I wanna challenge some music right now than if you haven't gone out yet we haven't taken the property may be years fears. Did you have limiting beliefs and easier. Had there telling you walk people or people or beyond me they talk behind your back you whatever whatever shots just let go of that stuff what's the worst thing that can happen maybe maybe you are right maybe there are certain people and not all people are respectful and positive out there. But you know move on here in control of your life you don't have to settle for for for the wrong friends find new friends some of your friends are pulling you down on the new year it's a fresh start let's change folks let's start to the 23 frame how we eat we form our New Year's resolutions because that will determine how we stick to them. So on January 18 just a few Thursdays from now 6 o'clock there's a free event coming up at my clinic in Wilkes-Barre called power chiropractic health unarmed and I'm going to be leading a workshop on how to create healthy habits sustainable habits here are between eighteen. And we're going to be talking about goaltending we're going to be talking about their various elements of health and make a hell what health is. And the things I can derail us early on. And how does stick to our our goals this year and how to create permanent change we're gonna discuss the tools necessary for a purposeful life. All of us were created for a purpose to help others to bring value to other people not just is simply be here for ourselves. And deliver our own little bubble but to make a difference for other people so this is going to be a soul searching. Hard searching workshop and it's a free event are seeding in space is limited by our seats are filling up I think we're about halfway full at this point but there's still has time to register and I you wanna call today 5708293580. 5708293580. This is going to be an awesome event I wanted to. Hopefully he's so many view will show up to this event. I haven't done one of these and why on X I'm expecting this to be a full house and do not wait until the last minute. Mark your schedule now TI your planner to get your phone market in your phone for Thursday January the eighteenth. At 6 PM okay it's going to be about one hour long you know leave empowered Italy ready to change. Readiness and listen to make some some healthy changes for you ask for a lot of you listening who maybe you always put yourself last. But you know what you are your greatest assets or if you're a caretaker for someone who can't take care of themselves if you're not Weller able to take care of them will. So really consider that I think that's hard. This needs to be the year where you put your health first. OK so. During this workshop we're going to be showing you is showing you ways strategies that you can do that okay the number to call to register now call today 570829. 35805708293580. Y one of the kind of continue our talk here on. Healthy habits and and and resolutions and refraining earth. And our thoughts to that the subject your happiness optimism. So. The United States currently ranks nineteenth among other countries in the world. When it comes to personal happiness and in the though the the criteria that our assassin to determine out war. Health finances activities of daily life companionship. And location. And they discover that the region of Scandinavia Denmark Iceland Switzerland was the world's happy as you might say well whenever it gets cold like this. I get happy and I see inside and it's a wall because vitamin. So. But yet they're happy choir they're happy there's other factors at play into it other than just the weather so damn Buhner author of the blue zones of happiness bliss pleasure pride and purpose as the secret sauce is of happiness. A lot of spiritual leaders say faith gratitude and doing things for others also brings joy and happiness. I believe enjoy enjoy is longer lasting in its deeper spiritual presence is happiness a lot of people search for happiness but happiness is often short lived and there's no lasting outcome to it it's it's a very short term and not long term. Whereas joy he enjoys something where it is a state that you live and it's it's an emotional scene that you live and because you believe you understand that you were created by a loving creator who loves you too. And there is you know life after death there's a supernatural elements of life not just here and now there's a lot more to and that's where this ooh that's for love joy peace patience kindness. Forgiveness long suffering all come into play all the things that we can't Angelique. Measure in a laboratory but yet these are as real as the skin that or touching on our hands right now. The real and we all feel different emotions and different things so enjoy is what I wanna try to you know challenge some reviewed any more towards something that's more permanent agency that and it requires seeing the big picture. You know you might look back you I think in see you know see how how you've gone through some tough times you've gone through some challenging times but maybe now you're a better place but maybe you're currently going through a tough time right now but look back on your life and look to when times were better so there it is light at the end of the tunnel you will get through this. And I just wanna encourage you know it's just keep pushing on pushing through. Wait to put yourself first but but also consider other people too don't put your health first. Okay and that a brick that that want and at the top of the list you know I know when diet and exercise are very key elements it's a good quality health. Making a healthy lifestyle but positive mental outlook is huge. Stressed the amount of emotional stress you're exposed to and a lot of it is brought on by no other than you know. Can you listening right now do you the personnel looks at yourself in the mirror so only you can. The change that or if you can't change that. Find somebody who can help you change that. Don't settle don't just say well this is how I am this is how I was raised this is how my parents treated me this is how I was treated when I went to school. I was bullied I was picked on I was made fun of you don't want you can you can overcome those things don't let people belittle you and keeping down OK you're better than a year over calmer year an achiever in you can get through this. So if you have questions you can email me your questions your comments your questions 570830098. Or 180437009. A we need to take a quick commercial back but we're gonna continue to subject of developing more of a deeper sense of joy and optimism on life. Right here after the commercial break on maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctored and I'll just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes they corrected chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops where fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not some data pulled from. Base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better healthy 29358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need us. Doctor BM dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks. Curious about the world around you. From politics and gardening to unlocking the secrets of longevity experienced mind matters. The free series created especially for baby boomers and young's mind matters is this series for older adults to relax. Learn about new things and then engagement they're T. Check your local senior center for more information. Looking your nearest and your visit eighteen got V8 stack up again next eighteen time. Engaged congratulations this is Tom Greco. 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Two bucks that's a win your rap ready to go in tasty and melting cheese you more wins. No traffic to win it looks good wind you I'm just going to feed. Do they do you wake up grabs images from Juba South America run. Station may very limited time offer possible tax. Stop by Dunkin' Donuts to get a freshly brewed coffees America runs on Duncan. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane ghoulish Heskey. Call all your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. This is to maximize your helper pounds or should diseases Dedham where you can game victory in your life by making a few simple changes your health today maybe some of the information they share already maybe. Colonel Abel for somebody listening today but it's about. Living notoriously nice is eking out an existence not just getting by not just whole Hong. You know let's get that spark lit in us again. Okay it's a new year it's a new start there's no better time to change and right now so if you have questions or may be of a New Year's resolution are going you like to share you call in toll free at 570. 830098. Or 180437009. Eating your questions matters to me here on the show so when you call and I'm an offer you some simple and effective action sets that only work. If you put him in action. And so wanna thank everybody for listening for more information you could get our podcasts and Arab welcome video and also the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. Resume welcome video on our website there's ways to connect with us through social media you cannot subscribe for our weekly emails and with our upcoming events like are creating healthy habits workshop on Thursday January 18 at 6 o'clock. Our recipes in the week we got the buffalo chili recipe coming up here in just a few minutes. So stay tuned for that. A little bit later we're gonna talk about preventative medicine superffoods so before we get into that we're gonna continue our talk here on non. Happiness joy in just getting getting our our spirits set. On the right foundation because there are so many things why thank her that can derail you and you know derail you're if you're so that he you know he can just leave you empty can leave you big. Bitter and bitterness is going to only oh just like rust so you know a little bit rusty. There's going to just lead to more rust over time. OK if you don't take care of the problem you got to get to the root of it some of that may require help senior counselor mental health coach someone who can work with you on the other different techniques and different practices. Or getting around you'll find some new friends is maybe the people you're surrounded with your neighbors your friends are people who are just that they're not they're not nice people to be around. You know they might be contaminating Yule and you're content it just has that whole spillover effect but before do that I wanted to thank today's sponsors of this program house of nutrition. Located fifteen main street who has earned you can also find them on FaceBook under house and nutrition. But they are open until I 6 PM today 11 AM the 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday. Currently with this cold weather they have a hot beverage station available offering whole being fair trade organic Kosher coffees and Swiss water processed decaf coffee is. By the freshly brewed cup. And if you're looking for an herbal alternative you can try dandy blend with extracts of Bruce and Barley rye ticker reroute dandelion root should beat Danny boy and is a gluten free caffeine free or low acid substitution sure to warm you up. So be sure to visit them today there's that and a whole lot more they have green cleaning supplies fairly trading gifts. Organic vegan bakery and I just picked up I was over there visiting them yesterday and I picked up. Any need in gluten free banana and peanut butter cake and it also picked up a dark chocolate peanut butter cheese cake so these are just a few of the many. Freshly made items that are daily service house in nutrition assured a pain in the visitor out of exits 67309. Expressway in Lucerne county in the Borough of Lucerne. I think you have to nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your help. So now back toward discussion on optimism and happiness and joy and and close your pride and purpose are the secret sauce is to develop a deep meaningful purpose driven life also faith gratitude joy peace forgiveness and going on your way to do so making a sacrifice for someone else. Also can go a long way and like good nutrition adequate sleep regular exercise the positive outlook is a cornerstone for optimal health. Although the scientists. Aren't exactly sure how the optimism for most could help we suspect has to do with the effects of your mental outlook on your immune system. An entire field Amanda so they're called lunar cycle and early in the knowledge so easy interaction between the brain and the nervous system and the immune systems. And research on the effects of thoughts and emotions on immunity or particularly compelling. From laughter the tears friendship too romantic love your emotions and your attitudes all have a bearing on your health. If you tend to focus on the negative side of things. Let me assure you that you're not due to carry cloud over your head for the rest your life you can change. Even the most committed pessimists who is. Always going to the worst case scenario. Can learn and develop the skills thinking more positively. Being more optimistic so there's three ways. Number one count your blessings Kate all of us I don't care how bad you think you have it. There is some good for you do you have a roof over your head. Then your blast do you have food can you afford to go to the grocery store and buy food is or food in your pantry in your refrigerator. Then your glass is there some money in your bank account so that you have the freedom to go out and make purchases for yourself. Then your blessed. Okay is their breath in your lungs are you alive today are you able to walk. In your blessed. So let's just start at the foundation and then you can continue that so. As you begin to focus on that your soul and your spirit your hearts are so open up and you start to develop a sense of grateful last. I'm thankful for us. And in that spirit. Is contagious that's what people gravitate to that's what they were who they wanna be around. So that might take some practice of some of you are always. Do you go. Glass half empty type of people out there and you're always jumping in the worst case scenario on the worst conclusions out there that may never even come true. This is going to take some work in practice but that's where you can start OK count your blessings at everything out there is relative okay. Let's see you know there are an example YouTube we all get stuck in traffic at one time or another need to remind yourself all Lisa and I'm sitting in the car you owned this car from a new leasing the car but you have a car in your name. If you burn your dinner are your dinner doesn't come out properly you can say I ruined it. Dinners I ruined dinner and you know and much whoever he may be its first Gatorade is for your family in need my family and Haiti foray. Rather than going that direction. Sit at least we have food because there's people so many different parcel worlds who don't even have. You know and it became get a glass of water. So they don't have that available so if there's a pass. Ask that you dreading the you have to do they do is going to war or maybe there's chores he has to do is some could project to your house even putting off for a while you're dreading it you know. You can always do what Lisa I don't have to do fill in the blank. You know there's always something worse that you could be doing that maybe you don't have to deal so count your blessings number one number two fake it till you make it. You probably know they are your feelings can affect your body language and people like to be around somebody who makes eye contact. And who is confident when they speak by making eye contact and not looking down and not looking away. You know people notice that. Okay they might just play up like oh it's no big deal but they they they do I know I noticed that my work or it's only from people. And some people's look away the look down there that you can tell they lack confidence maybe it's there is some hang upper hurting their life hasn't been addressed but. You know I would encourage interest trying to make eye contact you know when you make eye contact borders are you down and start a fight with huge quarrel with you they're gonna they're gonna embrace that they're gonna they're going to be were receptive to you when you make eye contact with them. OK if it's gonna lead to a better more meaningful deeper conversation. So this very show that if he eater you can actually change your mind and changing your body language smiling on the outside sends a message to your brain which makes an assume. You're happy walking tall on meeting people's glance all likewise tell your brain that you are confident upbeat. Positive feedback you get in response from others will reinforce your feelings optimism. Number three laughter laughter really is the best medicine. Content isn't numerous studies out there proving that people who laugh a lot have a positive attitude the ability to find humor in when things are going well and you know if you do burn your dinner if you do. You know mess up you can actually laugh at that laughing yourself find humor in yourself because you know what. You know when you when Europe when your pessimistic when you're negative we always going to worst case scenario that's that's leading the way you. In May not always lead to him a worse outcome the warrior act so these people have been we have strong social networks so. Like earlier in the hours encouraged Sony to join health or fitness club and take some classes and get around people you know people are good to be having a good strong social network and may be leads to more laughter and maybe some of us can afford to laugh more okay. The last thing is if it's it's it's it's food for the salt OK a hearty belly laugh but do studies has and almost the same physiological effects is exercise an additional working out your muscles especially those in your face your core laughter temporarily increases your pulse blood pressure respiratory rate and oxygen delivered throughout the body also simulates three police of nitrous oxide signaling molecule that relaxes blood vessels enhances blood flow and reduces inflammation and platelet clumping. Bigger sustained laughter even burns calories. So watch a funny movie you watch a comedy series I love the Big Bang through my wife and I know if that's all do watch a fur a good to have wants to program tonight EO. When we're winding down for the day after dinner at night and we just like some light hearted humor. And it's it's type humor that we find funny maybe you have your own show there are programs series that you like to watch the others Netflix there's YouTube you can pull things out there there's movies you can order on Fandango so just get yourself exposed to things that are that you find humor and not everybody shares the same sense of humor but. Laughs more. OK so that's where you can start to count your blessings. I think it's so you make it and laugh more or less often if you're curious. Trying to shift gears now folks are gonna share with you now the recipe of the week and this is against the buffalo chili recipe there's no better day to make this in today's folks one of the coldest days of the year. I made this last weekend and I will tell you it turned out amazing the texture. If you serve properly in season properly it it is is such a hard each. Healthy taste to it and you feel great. Okay so what the flip the NFL playoffs are in today is another sporting events college basketball. And I know that's what I'll be duet don't plan you know after again it worked out in half after today's program. A plane to park it inside for most of the day I'm going to be making this chilly for my wife and I and I think we may actually a few friends or to enjoy as well so buffalo chili recipe calls for. You're gonna take a skillet or you can also use a crock pot you can slow cooked this I. Personally like to slow cooking on a skillet with a land. But what I'll do is I'll do what the two tablespoons no coat the skillet with coconut oil. How do a half cup about a half cup of chopped onions are you can actually take a white onion or medallion onions. And choppy half chop up the yen in just chopping a very finally. And and then take two million garlic cloves and mince those one and a half cups of chopped or an accelerated. And you wanna do two packets of the organic bison that's available wagons. How do you do the ground bison and just basically take it and putting balls. And until Serena put into the skillet. And also season with two teaspoons of times he is why any. And I like to do a lot of chili powder. I don't really measure the chili powder that I used. I'll just stirring every so often every few minutes and then elm and cold season with with Elvis you know maybe go for maybe five to ten seconds of Chile power all throughout quickly. And then you can or cannot personally and what he's Coleman powder for this recipe but you can ease crewman powder which is it's the active ingredient in to break. And then you can also season with sea salts. And then what you're gonna do as you're gonna take one jar of the medium. If you don't like it'll spicy. You can do mild salsa I like the wegmans brand salsa it's in the organic and each is markets sectional wegmans. I do the medium the whole jar and then I'll also do the little small I think it's about six and a half percent announces of the organic wegmans brand tomato paste which is also in the majors markets section. I'll cut that open now I had the picture that's very sticky so if you try to spoon that Al. You wanna try to spread that on the skeletal basically first you're gonna take the skillet you're gonna put in the coconut oil. B onions. All of the green pepper. Bring add one cup of organic green pepper you're gonna chalk that up very finally is well suited to do the onions peppers celery and garlic. And basically do you have for about three to four minutes on about. You wanna do medium to high heat for this although the army has become Lucent. And then you're gonna basically with your hands and break up the ground bison. You're gonna add in the ground bison stir it around really well so that's spread evenly. And you can add in seasoned in time the chili powder the coup and if you wish and then also the sea salt and then you're gonna keep it on the same heat level. For about 56 minutes but after your done sir and put a cover on and on yours on your your crock pot your skill. And then what I like to do this turn heat down to almost a little bit more than a simmer and tail like number two when your stove if you have a new stove. I just serves about number two and then I'll stirred maybe every 35 minutes from may be a good. Half hour to 45 minutes. And then I'll take it off he I'll keep the lid still Lionel continue to stir it spices and a little bit as he needed tasted it. And this is something I mean you can have is if you if it's better when you cook it slower but I would say yeah. Do a duet on slow cook and it's should take you no longer than forty feminists and our how this slipped up and ready to serve so this this recipe will serve 68 people. It's a good amount and this is left overs you good putting Tupperware of course glass or ceramic Tupperware stainless steel not plastic. But if you have questions and you wanna copy this recipe you can send me email PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO at and also if you wish to get on our list. We sent out our weekly email blasts you can also send us email there as well Cooper to take a quick commercial break when we get back we're gonna have about five ways. Preventative medicine might be able to save you money in a radio talk about the top fifty superffoods. And how to get these in your diet you're listening to maximize your health with doctor gangel is just keep power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor dang I'll just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializing corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching at. And one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement. And needs we utilized top of the line and not sabbatical from. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better healthy 29358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR EEN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks. Be careful driving the weather here in silver slippery roads and for over thirty years jam on the money DuPont has helped local. From small fender benders to major collision repair. Your one stop auto body repair. 065560. To 71 big doings are on Capitol Hill now open commerce boulevard then Dixon said he felt the chills features a mouth watering menu that includes. Wings burgers entrees sandwiches soups salads desserts and more what's your favorite sporting events on one of their forty played televisions enjoyed their crave able food and that's one of the 38 draft Beers all served up by their famous children girls. Come find out why a cold beer never looked so good huh. So that killed is now open. It's in city yeah I'm an architect. I'm a doctor music producer I'm an account tension where does this. It's I don't know that I can download big files really being unveiled a huge files cab files exchanged cloud files audio files get. I was in seconds not minutes in seconds and that all employees slid all their devices would have more than enough manual as I said wow wow. So much I don't know that's a dream come true introducing gates being from Comcast business with download speeds up to twenty times faster than what most people have. Tons of bandwidth for everything your business does every day and an affordable price it's a small business owners dream now I'm dreaming gig. Really you really do. Comcast is building the largest can speed network in the country now more small businesses in more places can dream gig yeah Comcast business open Bloomberg business. Visit dream game dot com to learn more. Restrictions upon may not be available in all areas actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. I'm John Leslie and I lost 123 pounds and I've kept it off thanks to the John Morgan hypnosis seminar. Lou may you attended the session and he quit smoking forever and our smoke more or thought John Morgan editors will be here soon call 807356907. Hypnosis is safe fun and effective. You can lose weight and keep them off or stop smoking forever I'm not sure what you're sort of burn over your card. Before members join John Morgan have been just marked as next Friday January 26 on the woodlands again on highway 315 and was very. Smoking cessation is at 6 PM weight loss and 8 PM call 807356907. Or visit John Morgan seminars dot com sessions are affordable and 5995. After the third week of not smoking everywhere so. But I can afford new cars social comfort them but there was more to come especially well ball. Call 807356907. Or visit John Morgan seminars dot com that's John Morgan seminars dot com. This is double BYAO gave powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. This is to maximize your health with your health coach who doctored to Angola should ask you know when I do think everybody's today for listening to this is your first time tuning in I am here every Saturday from 11 AM till 12 PM on WI OK in his radio. As well as our podcast channel which is available at triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com. Any PA ING RDA and a Condo or you can find all of our previously. Recorded programs on our podcast channel also on the web site if you're interested in. Seeing me up bailed preventative type of health practice some who can work with you. Not only overcome pain but can help coach with nutrition and wellness and lifestyle changes. We can help you a power chiropractic health sir I am the owner and founder we've been there since 2008 in wilkes-barre. More on 113 Weston road so be sure to check out the website for more information triple W dot need a doctor Dan dot com you'll find a welcome video you'll hear what's on our practice members have to save through their our video testimonial series as well and there's also is a you can connect with me on social media. Always staying active there. And then again we have our workshop coming up our next health workshop free workshop will be held Thursday January the eighteenth at 6 PM. This topic is creating healthy habits and 2018 and beyond. Earlier here in the program we talked a lot about sticking to our New Year's resolution three framing our. Shots and our mental verve is and we also talked about optimism how do we you know instead of being glass half empty how to we be glass half full. People with more than positive mental outlook on life without letting you know little things get under our skin to remain on resolved rather may be seeking help and acknowledging first that we have a problem. And doing whatever needs to be done to take care of it because if you're not that's and that's a vital element of your health that is is not being addressed and it's only going to hurt you. Along you let it simmer and let it your way you. But creating healthy habits and there aren't a ton goal setting we're gonna talk about the tools necessary for a purposeful life it'll be about one hour long. Our seating is limited power chiropractic again Brett won thirteen Weston road in wilkes-barre. You do need to call to register in advance its so called today don't wait plug your phone looking your planner Thursday January the eighteenth 6 PM. Our numbers 57082935. Need zero. That's 570829. 3580. And I wanted to thank our sponsors of the house nutrition located at fifty main street whose current. They have a lot of great baked goods over their folks if you're looking to get some healthy dessert idea isn't that you know soups and side dishes. Green cleaning supplies fairly trading gives organic coffees. I just picked up some organic Cole being gyms coffee yesterday when I was over there. They have a lot of green items and stocking their open until 6 PM today Saturday and 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday and 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday house of nutrition inspires healthier living with healthy choice is also be sure like them. FaceBook. Offer now we're gonna talk about preventative medicine he only a few minutes ago here why should we begin to consider preventive medicine more than conventional medicine. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On their website says quote preventing disease is key to improving America's health and keeping rising health costs under control. When we invest in prevention and the benefits are broadly shared. Children grow up in communities homes and families and nurture their healthy development and adults are productive and healthy both inside and outside the workplace. I couldn't agree more with that. But isn't that statement which is on the CDC's website actually taking place across America I would say we're far far far away from that yet still. But. I remain hopeful that's why I'm here to try to you know induce. Encouraged people to begin to shift towards this model. Today we live in a world which we are constantly bombarding our bodies are dangerous toxins from the highly processed foods a fake foods or fast foods sodas. The pharmaceutical Lleyton tap water. Our bodies deal with the daily assault that are battling against the and many of the many information assets setting ourselves back even further. Or better yet are you doing anything to prevent the common and negative health effects of daily life. Okay and things like you know maybe you're already getting symptoms of headaches aches and pains he may be obesity you're certainly lose weight. They just a vicious cocaine which can actually be a leaky gut syndrome. If you ignore these now maybe they're not this is they're not severe enough for you at the moment you wait until they become more severe beating the disease process becomes more advanced. When they're minors when you wanna hit those in the body and do some things. Okay because obesity yearly he'd gotten now or maybe just borderline high blood pressure any signs of metabolic sell the senate high triglycerides. I can eventually did type two diabetes and a lot of type two day dvds can be prevented. So what are here's some find these strategies where preventative medicine can encouragement and help B you build and restore your health and actually also help you save money number one. Constructing healthy lifestyle one of the most important proactive ways to change your health both now and into tomorrow is by addressing your lifestyle. Getting help him also making some serious decisions when it comes to how you're living and so what that means is doing honest assessment. Your diet. Your exercise. Your spiritual I think you're volunteering through okay they all play a role in developing a healthy I Celso number one for diet. Do you eat healthy. Real foods or are you eating too many processed foods are you exercising at least three days a week do you have a. Deep relationship with your creator with god but Christ are you actively involved in the community by contributing your time and energy to those in need. If you do if you're lacking one of those four areas that's for you should start with developing healthier lifestyle. So you can do something like human diet viewing guide is healthy fats washing your sugar intake. And and but getting your protein levels amounts and terms and exercise we talked about this earlier we integrate question earlier from Jane can send. Did connector with a trainer he needs somebody helping you show you how to do the right exercises or there's plenty of he videos. Our fitness channel on YouTube. Go in chaos describe to us on YouTube checksum on the other channels out as well. I'm also having quiet time part time reading the holy scriptures can encourage you if you if you don't have a positive now cancel out healthy outlook and also lasting is volunteering. You can go to a shelter you go to a soup kitchen you can get involved more in your church or with the social group or maybe you would get in your child's sporting events to help out some children meal maybe they don't have. The best parents at home maybe you can make you know the huge difference buying you know. Being in the offering loving care and support for a child out there so that's where SARS and number 20 heredity understanding your genetic background. I don't my family. There is cancer there's heart diseases diabetes is kidney disease and has alzheimer's disease so I'm gonna be. Vigilant here and I'm gonna I'm not gonna pretend like I'm invincible on I'm not gonna get me now because it's just my lifestyle. I'm going to check for these different things I wanna know my blood pressure someone to have blood work done routinely it's could did you. Do that and that's for conventional medicine can add tremendous value to your life your health now I'm not gonna be won just treat my ailments and mask it with pills. I'm gonna do and Canada and looked every element in my life so this ranking improved. I know in the areas of emotional stress at times you know my job can becomes stressful certain people can intending you know you have to try to work out with the thing Newburgh out things with people but one thing that skill that I developed over time is letting things go easier. Scholarly things faster and and kind of the way don't dwell on negative circumstances and situations you know finding the solution to that this problem are putting out that fire. You know per say and then moving on from that. Okay because it's always going to be situations is always gonna there's going to be tough people you work with sometimes you just you re rise above that you try to. Be reasonable you try to make ends meet you try to teach try to you know put things at peace and at ease and you move on but. You know the stress levels with diet levels exercise things are vital to. Okay prayer life and volunteering are all critical number number threes chiropractic care when it comes to prevention chiropractic is it's one of the might of this amateur doctor of chiropractic. But chiropractic helps the nervous system function matter of I keeping the spine improper alignment keeping the hips improper alignment. Also I work on a lot of people's extremity joints and things like shoulders elbows hands wrists and knees ankles. Those can eventually miss a line as well and be out of place. And actually do things like pain your joints and elsewhere but when you're in pain that's gonna affect your your mood it's gonna affect your mental outlook is gonna affect your productivity. Your whole life gets affect what you can and can't do. One study of one reference here in terms of chiropractic from the journal a manipulative and physiological therapeutics. If you go to GM PT online dot org you can find this article. 60% fewer hospital emissions from people who regularly visited a chiropractor. 59% fewer days hospitalized 62% fewer outpatient surgeries 85% fewer pharmaceutical costs so. That's all from being under regular chiropractic care and I know for me that's something that's in my health plan right now. I want when I go visit my chiropractor each week for my adjustment. Nation and had my spine is properly aligned things are connected properly I always remind him like you are my health insurance. You know getting his weekly adjustment is a game changer in my health it's it's such a pivotal factor new to me being healthy and and functioning well overall. So. C a chiropractor it's no better time than here early on between eighteen did you that we can help you if your interest so you can call us up if you've questions. 5708293580. That's 5708293580. And finally there's other alternative treatments that were great out there. There is massage therapy there's acupuncture acupressure in this copying techniques. There is lymphatic treatments there is seen under the Waverly wellness house offers a lot of these you know collide next different things like that. He's for but had dollar bar here in the past and this is a lot of one on one health coaching as well. I thought maybe the question you Connie do you wanna get connected with the right health care provider that you feel is that is what you need right now. You can call on you could send me an email at PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRL and or you can caller clinic. 5708293580. It's 570829. 3580. And that's it for today's program folks I'll be back next Saturday same time same place to help you maximize your health. Stay warm out there he will be safe I'll see you soon.