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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, December 2nd

Saturday December 2, 2017


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Following is a paid program. Views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh -- just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health was doctor Dan goalie should ASCII. Welcome listeners to another live program I'm maximize your health radio. As always I am your host doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII featured a coach you guys you can inspire you. To be your full health potential. So whether you're struggling with the health ailment right now. Baby you're suffering with chronic pain headaches maybe something like allergies. They just have trouble. Or maybe you're just looking to beef you've come to learn more of how you could be more proactive with your health. Gaming and living in a model of wellness and prevention of disease rather than waiting for disease to comment arrived and then begin to treat it with drugs and surgery so we talk about how to naturally become healthy how to maximize your health not just eke out an existence and you can be the person that you were created to be and you can fulfill your god given purpose until we discussed here on maximize your health so we talk about. About function we talk about it could clean food we talked about the right nutritional supplements we talk essential oils we talk about sleep recovery. We talk about fitness and exercise and we talk about toxins because toxins again. Usually accumulate our bodies over time Tenet for not addressing those of four unaware of what toxins that we're exposed soup. Those can be silent killer and an end to interfere. With our health being at SP potential so I'm here to take your questions during the next hour you can call and live at 57083. Easy. 0098. Or 180437. 0098. I will say this it feels good to be back here in the studio after. Being off for a good a good month in the you know with the Tennessee's schedule on the conference there on the holidays Thanksgiving holiday you know there's a lot. You know just looking at the big picture and even looking back you know feel for how long. I've been fortunate to to be here to share when I'm passionate about what I'm knowledgeable and be you know what's in the areas of god come on every week into just you know hear from you hear your success stories and and receive your emails and your feedback about the show. It's a feel for me to keep going with this so god willing I'll be here you know for the duration for the foreseeable future. Tied to continue to provide you with the knowledge in the advice and information that's going to help you gain victory in your health and ultimately in your life it. So if you have questions again you can call and told furry. Or you can submit your questions through email. Emails PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO. Ads in And if your first timeless are tuning in we wanna well commute to today's program to be an amazing lineup set for today we're going to be talking here's a couple of minutes all about the flu shot this year. There's a recent study that came out from The New England Journal of Medicine. We wish her release the success rate for this year's flu shot. So be sharing that ignorant and not talk about other options than the flu shot that might help you beat the flu this flu season. Little bit later in the hour we're gonna talk about protecting your neck. The importance of having a good healthy neck curve. In that area of your spine sort of talk about that if at this that has on your body's ability to function. And he's CEO and we're talk a little bit later about. I sugar intake can and if we a timer on talk about our culture our society here in the united states of power so busy held. You know we may even be disconnected if you know emotionally. I disconnected from our family members and being that it is the holiday season here Christmas just a few weeks away in a new year right around the corner there's there's no better time there than to recommit to the cultivating those good healthy wholesome relationships and and you know kind of catching ourselves as a falling into the trap becoming too busy. And too disconnected from data from from things and situations events and people that really matter most so again if you have health questions I have to help answers you can call and right now 5708830098. Or 1804370098. For more information about myself doctor Dan and polish ASCII. And the program maximize your health. All of the programs are podcasts and through our web site at triple W dot need book doctor Dan dot com that's any PA GR GA and dot com you'll find a link there. Saying radio that will shoot you right to all of our podcasts. This week's podcast if you want to pass along to share with others should be up on our FaceBook page or Twitter feeds and as well as our ends are Graham and our profile. Around Tuesday or Wednesday this week we'll have that up for you to go back and listen to in case you missed something or in case you're tuning in a little bit late and you miss maybe the intro or the opening here today so be sure to stay connected here are now moving into 2018. Because there's no better time don't say tomorrow I'll all stop drinking soda or tomorrow I'll start exercising because you know what. None of us are promised tomorrow we only have today to change and to live out the best lives. That we were given from our creator to to live out then that's all. Okay would that be so let's pick up the show talking about flu shots. So new England journal of medicine recently came out saying this is the most current that the flu vaccine. Which was used in Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere so there winter months are different from our winter months is actually opposite so. May June July August Australia experience is winter. They went they study the effectiveness of the flu vaccine in Australia and they discovered. Is this it's the same money to save us. The Australian flu vaccine has the same composition as the flu vaccine here in the United States. In Australia this year this past flu season only 10%. Effective. And I was listening to ABC news just a few nights ago and I heard this. And I just shook my head and I just laughed to myself I knew my wife wasn't home when I heard this hour is like you've got to be kidding me. They're pushing something that only has a 10% success rate they're telling you and your kids and your loved ones. To go I'll get in line anywhere you can go there hasn't available to get a flu shot get injected with. You know primary assault with. And freeze with all these other. Toxic substances in order to build up your body's resilience against the flu this flu season. Okay so I'm hearing this sound like just shake my hand like in my living in the Twilight Zone is is is this is is really being shared with the general public right now on ABC news. And the reality is yes it is if you wanna go Google this this is in my opinion this is something that just came out this past week. 10% effective rate for this year's flu shot and The New England Journal of Medicine confirm that. And the researchers said quote however imperfect though current influenza vaccines remain a valuable public health soul. And it is always better to get vaccinated and not to get vaccinated according to the team of researchers here. But makes no sense whatsoever if something has only a 10% success rate. Why would you why would you promote that why would you continue to encourage people to get that. When it's only 10% effective. Where where where where what am I missing here where where are we going wrong here. So the perspective here on the value of the panel of researchers they called for more research to be done in a developing. A universal flu vaccine they set which could become more effective. To protect against all seasonal flu variant strains and would eliminate the need for people to get flu shots every year to. Yet the United States the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that an annual flu vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses. In addition the CDC recommends avoiding close contact with sick people. And these guidelines you're I do agree with limiting your contact with others when you feel sick covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing in order to prevent the spread of germs. Other recommendations. That from the CDC include washing your hands with soap and water avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth. And disinfecting surfaces and may have been contaminated with flu germs. All excellent recommendations from our centers for. Disease control and prevention. However there's still saying you need a flu shot which only is it 10% effective rate. So most of these flu vaccines are manufactured if you are beginner vegetarian the use chicken eggs. Misty experts are all our reckoning that the that the researchers and scientists explored different manufacturing strategies moving forward to increasing effectiveness of these vaccines. So what is my what are my two cents here and this is why women are Jackson kind of just. Surely if you are what I believe and what I do for myself but the which works for me because I have I've. Never I've I haven't had the flu this is along for as long as I could remember. I've never gotten a flu shot personally. I basically treat my body every single day. As understood that with the awareness that my body was has a built in immune defense system so if a new strain of virus is an and I'm with my job I'm touching I'm in contact. I'm breathing close to people my hands are on people's spines. So I'm content my body my immune system is constantly working. You know. In my favor because again I guess that I haven't had the flu for as long as I can remember so. Here are my natural recommendations of how you can beat the flu nationally is flu season number one you wanna make sure your vitamin. Fifteen to 25 nanograms per millimeter and if you're unsure call your doctor and specifically requests that they check your vitamin. 25 nanograms familiar. Most Americans remain deficient in vitamin. If you're deficient in vitamin. Apple factor here of why a year you might be more susceptible to contracting the flu. Virus this flu season there's a study here in the American journal clinical nutrition that discovered that vitamin. 800%. More effective at reducing the risk of flu infection and the vaccines. Reassures researchers from the American journal of clinical nutrition recommend. That 2000 IUs of vitamin. Take a good quality complete pro bionic these are live micro organisms. And they're found in your human got were Alter a 70%. Of your immune system is found. In your gut and because of all the antibiotics he's taken because of all the gluten and dairy and empty calorie foods. And GM lows and all the other garbage elite. Constantly bombard our bodies with him again for some review listening where you're changing that and you've improved in that and that area nutritionally. I'm not talking on talking to the other people listening who again don't consider what they eat don't consider quality babies just simply are counting points or calories and maybe you've had success a losing weight. But again just because you lost the weight isn't your body's functioning right it's healing effectively on the inside you can't see what's happening. But again. Warning signs of impaired digestion and a weaker immune system include constipation irritable bowel syndrome leaky guts in terms which means you can have low energy you're tired all the time. The failure to thrive. Allergies food sensitivities. Auto immune diseases. Headaches. There's a close connection between your brain in your gut 70% of your immune systems found there so it's taking a complete pro buyout is just one extra step in the right direction towards strengthening your immune system. So that it becomes more resilient against the flu is flu season tip number three is get adjusted by a chiropractor and can I say. Get my back in my neck and my aide I give my back pops and realign warm what does that have to do with me not getting the flu are killed. Decreasing my risk of the flu this flu season since the nervous system. Controls all functions in the body including your immune system chiropractic care can have a positive effect on immune function there's actual studies have been conducted showing. That's people who get regular maintenance chiropractic adjustments for your getting the spine had just aware. Where needs to be just it's removing the nerve interference. Establishes a better neurological connection between your brain and your immune system and people who do that for themselves regularly. Optimize their immune systems of defense. Mechanisms so now it's going to work better for you and your strong your healthier because your key you're taking your your spine by taking serious fine you removing stress and interference from your nervous system and by removing stress interferes your nervous system you're giving your immune system a better opportunity to function at a higher level tip number four or take an Omega three fish oil supplement this will help decrease overall inflammation in the body. And the boost your self defense is number five load up on good clean organic Prodi's that's vegetables and some fruits Soro colorful foods. Fruits vegetables and ensure that you're getting all the necessary nutrients. You're getting vitamin C you're getting calcium magnesium vitamin K. Taking up. Also if if you aren't getting enough good clean Prodi is taking a multi vitamin a whole food basic multi vitamin and not send trump. Not anything you're probably going to find at any of our pharmacies or Wal-Mart or Sam's Club is their night going to be offering the highest quality. You wanna look for something quality healing garden of life. Number six make sure you're properly hydrated may cheer and drinking lots of good clean filtered water not tap water folks because that's going to be a source of toxins. Toxins are going to create more inflammation. That is going to affect how your body eliminates waste. Back could also. Can cause more inflammation more pain more stressed during the holiday season here. And by more stressed that weakens your immune system and that puts you at a greater risk for contracting the flu virus. So you wanna aimed a drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day and number seven. Moderate exercise. For thirty to sixty minutes daily can give your immune system the extra kick that it needs to file a virus. I recommend doing what's called hit our high intensity interval training. For two times a week for ten to twenty minutes because that's gonna actually jump start that's gonna increase blood flow that's gonna increase oxygen to your brains here cells. And increased blood flow is going to be mean access goodness efficient transport for all those nutrients so eating right and exercise go hand in hand. Could clean blood flow feel good effective plus photo all of your immune organ so that. You know everything is functioning properly comes from good moderate exercise number eight this is this is it game changer. I know a lot of you listen right now are struggling with this you're not sleeping. And there's a lot of factors that may play into that again it might be due to. What you're eating when when you're eating if you're eating right before bedtime and if you're eating a lot of start she refined carbohydrates and desserts and and and grains. And white inflammatory foods before bedtime that will affect your sleep cycle. If you're drinking diet soda or regular soda that will affect your sleep cycle if you smoke. Smoking takes oxygen out yourself so that will affect your sleep cycle that will affect your support mounds and in the obvious point is to stress. And and what I wanna encourage some EU EU if you're not sleeping that's hurting you know. That is hurting you should be getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep. I'll even say is Sony already beginning for six hours sleep. If you get six hours of sleep consider that a good starting point. But it. Again that's should be a concern that should be something way where you go he's brush off he's alone and I just slid three hours and I can't sleep I'm up every hour my mind's racing I'm stressed some nervous all the time I'm anxious about everything. The Bible says be anxious for nothing but again you know come to god and prayer pray and in yes that is a factor by you don't also go the extra mile. And sit down and talk with somebody who can coach you through. And help you because is taking a pill for anxiety your depression isn't the answer. It is in some cases I'm not saying for you anyone listening to to stop doing that. But if you need additional help beyond just medication alone. Okay you just sit down with someone who can coach was Psycho therapist psychiatrist. Who can walk you through and offer you. Black and white solutions so when you feel those thoughts of anxiety coming on and you can't sleep at night your wheels start turning. What are the solutions what can you do instead of of a continued to do to make those mistakes because those are hurting you don't. And I'm concerned for you and I wanna see you get better and wanna see you improve and wanna see you make strides. And again don't give up searching for the right people who can help you with these things I might not have the answers for you but again let me be the voice of reason here that you know. No. Don't just sit back and say why can't sleep I can't sleep you know. I tried medication doesn't work I still can't sleep keep looking keep searching their sleep experts out there this sleep therapists out there this people can who can help you with this can offer you guidance solutions in that area so. The more you sleep the stronger your immune system resets every single day I know for me. Nothing gets in the way asleep. And he thankfully my wife and I we don't have any children yet and for those you with small children. I Anderson hand and Dana we have friends. Who in MI and even my my Brothers who have Smart kids. Kids keep you up kids are huge responsibility. And eat you know that hasn't affected it you know using your more bearable he more stress when you're getting sleep but that also has an effect on the immune system so consider those recommendations number nine skip the sweets or dramatically cut back on sweets. Because the more sugar that you consume. The weaker your immune system becomes an image your body more susceptible to getting a virus and number ten if I were you. If I were you I wouldn't get a flu shot based on the 10% effective rate loan from The New England Journal of Medicine. I would try the other tips there recommended and if you wanna complete list of this by the way. You can shoot me an email right now PWR Cairo and PWR CH IRO at So we got to go to break we got a three out of allow ourselves. Sponsors again get their words in here what will meet you back from the break I have a recipe hair. It's a 100% organic flu shot. So stay tuned and then we're going to talk about protecting your neck. KB horns are having good healthy spine in the area of your neck and then a little bit later we'll talk about sugar in ways that we can decrease being so busy paralyzed if you have health questions you can call and 570830098. Or 18043720098. Coming back in just a minute to help you. Maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrective chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. 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Welcome back to maximize your health with fewer health coach doctor Danny ghoulish asking if you have a question or maybe you'd like to share. Is success story. Where maybe you recently made some improvements in your health. They use started exercising again you've lost some way you kick an addiction like drinking soda or he gave up the potato chips or. Maybe year now sleeping better because he's made some good healthy changes. Please come on the air sharing your success stories that. That other listeners can beings eight inspired. The numbers 570830098. Or 1804370019. And just wanted to take a minute to thank our sponsors today house of nutrition located at fifteen main street. In Lucerne burrow in as our county they're alternative grocery store organic vegan bakery and proper foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies. And fairly trading guest house of nutrition inspires healthier living with healthy choices. And they have. 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For sponsoring this program of maximize your health so as promised before the break we talked about waste and actually beat the flu. I gave my two cents of what I think about flu shots and when I would do. And also cited and referenced in New England Journal study you know improving and this year's flu shot is only 10% effective at. So what I have for you when I would recommend for those are you concerned with and getting the flu or keeping your immune system strong as flu season I would say do this. Three times a week. If you're even more concern and not sure if three times a week's enough to do it daily but this is an up 100% organic flu shot recipe and this is he Zhu stressed to BC will need to eat it did you serve for this. So what it calls for as happened some wrought tumor grew. If you're having trouble I know a lot of the grocery stores here northeaster companies don't offer rotten recruits you can purchase the organic tumor powder which is available wegmans or house nutrition everything natural. I'm raw organic tumor power works so you wanna do. May be a the couple teaspoons of that. And in next your gonna do one it juice you take a whole Lemond to cut it open squeeze the juice out in did you serve. Next you'll take a half inch of rise ginger root and you do what appeal the edges of the ginger root and same for the rock tumor crude if successful are finding it you want appeal the judge's office. Connects to take one hole organic apples choice. I would suggest a granny Smith apple being especially if you have issues with blood sugar levels. A lot of the out of them the pink ladies and some of the other red apples have higher fructose content. So I was suggesting the granny Smith apples for those you with blood sugars concerns. Next one clove of raw garlic. And then once he's one of two teaspoons of organic cayenne pepper and finally one teaspoon of. Oil oregano so again brought to Emmerich organic tumor powder and squeeze the lemon. Broad ginger root a whole organic granny Smith apple one clove of garlic when two teaspoons of organic and pepper. And one teaspoon oil oregano or you wanna put everything except the Ky and any oil the oregano into did you serve and makes it well then you can add in the kind and any oil the oregano once the rest of the ingredients are juice. So if you wanna talk about. Given your immune system McKay can't. And in a boost this organic flu shot. Is what I would recommend folks if you like copy this recipe you can Ximian email right now it PWR Cairo and That's PWR. CH IRO at and I'll be happy to get this right over do you think he can begin incorporating this into your life. So you can maximize your health so now we're gonna shift gears we're to talk about protecting your knack for. Understanding your spines cervical lord doses so you may describing the first time that you're hearing of the term. Circle or dose is so what does that mean cervical or dose cervical means your neck. Okay the neck region of your spine and lord does this means that it's a backward C curve. Actually a forward seek earth intact correction back forward C curve. And the normal measurement of your cervical or doses or cervical curve should measure 45 degrees. Can. So protector that we've heard the phrase before your neck it's the bridge connecting your brain to your body. Good health depends upon the signals from your brain getting through to your organs. VA your neck and starts with ensuring that you have a healthy cervical curve or learn doses which is again the natural curve. In your neck vertebrae with your spinal column because cervical spine is meant for the first seven vertebrae. Eight spans from the base of your skull to write what your shoulders meet your neck which is where you're thoracic spine begins. LA healthy cervical spine shaped lanky wide looking C curve. What discourage facing toward the front and it's against the measure 45 degrees what's not normal and when you start running into problems and pain is a flattened neck that has lost its natural. Curve also called a military knack. The curve can straight now a condition called hypo or direct or kill or die make or even face in the opposite are wrong direction which is known as a reverse curve or any type folks this. So what can cause an awesome blossom this normal cervical lord dose us. They could be due to a combination of factors sometimes it's not one event in particular but a combination of accidents or injuries. And even repetitive prolonged actions such as constantly looking down at your phone or your computer or even sleeping in the wrong position. This repetitive posture puts strain on the body over timing can lead issues with. This cervical curve the risk is higher if there is a preexisting condition or damaged ligaments and just. Caused by a fall in car crash even birth trauma in infants. Or other instances. In case is why we checked children supply and we make sure that there's no restrictions in the spinal column especially in that circle area which is so critical for the child's development and further functioning ability to. Your cervical curry may be more per port and then you think it is again because everything starts at the top notch from the bottom. Changes in the spike in heavy domino effect on the rest your vice or even if you're struggling with hip pain. Leg pain knee pain lower back pain. He won I don't know if that cervical curve 45 degrees is present and so. The slight for our super healthy several spine is what helps stabilize and bear the weight of the head and peace of mind so anytime there's a loss of the curve. And the longer persists the condition can lead to pain. An increase to generation of the discs. And I know this is a condition that affects millions of Americans bulls or herniated discs and those disks once they become balls herniated Dade. We'll be you and they will move into more of an advanced phase of chronic degeneration. Where you can't reverse sound. So when there was disarray in their early stages and this is typically for younger people if they're following the right protocols. They can rehearse and they can correct to some extent. So people who have a loss of this curve are more vulnerable to injury and more likely to suffer permanent damage or disability if you get into a car accident. So for people who can who are taking proactively taking care of us find Sissy chiropractor regularly feel they're doing at. At home corrective exercises like traction to it to maintain the curve in there and act. Let's say an event happens you're in an accident so now maybe Neil if it depending on on the severity and the Dian. The severity of the accident. You don't have it's a bad of a response because now because you were taking care of your neck. You know your your your neck injury your view back injury isn't as severe so. Losing the good career that also makes you more likely again have a disk creation in your lower back especially if you're we have some video an inch or more forward had posture with the loss of historical curve so. What are some signs and symptoms. The tricky part here is this is where I want everybody to listen up. If you lose your serve a little curve initially it eked it in very rarely will present itself with pain stiffness ties this headaches or muscle spasms. That's a most of us are waiting for before we do anything about it. And I would discourage you moving forward to continue to live now way because this it could be a problem and the only way to check is getting Max right. Of your spine that area and then see your providers such as a chiropractor like myself. Who can offer you solutions. Provide adjustments are correct that. Okay not every person with a lot to curve and four had posture will have pain. Some patients have no pain at all. While pain may not be experienced some individuals could start nosing into eliminating some your physical activity soap one event is when you're driving in you're looking tear left in your blind spot. You turn your rotate your little off you might notice why can't turn my head as far as you soon. That's a sign that you may not have the normal curve. And not only to have an effect on you not being able to turn your head up because your. Spinal cord is so concentrated with neurons and it's so close your brain everything is trying this traveled down. And feed. How it's all of your cells your muscle muscles your tissues your organs she might have other health ailments going honor health problems or health concerns going on right now. And you may not be making that connection in your are your your conventional your primary care physician is not making that connection because that's out there scope of practice. It's other job for their jobs and diagnose and treat you with drugs and surgery. So this is something where you may be you can potentially of void drugs or surgery. By simply senior chiropractor. And I know our society our younger societies is be keen to make that shift in the transition towards more of a wellness lifestyle. And that's why I'm here this is something that I live. I breathe I did a weekly adjustment I don't have neck pain. I don't want neck pain or headaches. I wanna live into and out my god given purpose. I would live and abundant life I wanna be able to travel and eventually be able to build a house here in the next few years. Not myself but you know you work on the house you know be involved with it Mumbai it. If I'm not well I'm in pain. I'm gonna be depressed I'm going to be miserable miserable my wife's not going to be one of because now I'm in pain and I'm uncomfortable and I'm. You know it's all about me now. I hope your getting the picture here and be proactive with your life people act with your health. You'll hopefully take this information with a grain of salt and you take it to heart and some of you act on another thing you'll be you'll hear you'll forget about it. But I hope it makes sense for many of you listening today so for the next three people who call our office power chiropractic health center. I have a special deal just 30. Okay only for the next three collars he better act fast in cold now. So you're gonna be getting an exam. The first adjustment and a review of your exam findings so up 200 dollar value only fifty dollars if you call now. To send an appointment 5708293580. SI Seminole. 82935. Eight to zero and it is time again for another commercial break when I get Akron to be talking about managing your sugar intake. Copper and going to be reference the article here from cardiologist doctor Julian Whitaker. And we're gonna talk about they dis ease of being so busy. Reflection and adjusting your life south of data being with people you love and care about and it really again it's taking a step back and seeing the big picture if you ask health questions or if you have a successor that you like to come on the air share please call in now 5708830098. 018043720098. You are listening to and maximize your health with doctor Dan Olshansky. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. 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But if you're like I mean you have a sweet tooth again going on your genes that's beyond a lot of times we blame our genes. Blame blame blame everything on her jeans but this. Specifically you know and craving sugars on our genes because humans are family members are hard wired to low sugar. A craving for sweet foods is once a survival advantage sugar is a concentrated source of carbohydrates can be burned for energy or converted into fat. And source for future energy needs when food is unavailable. Now in today's or months of enticing sweet foods and drinks however makes this natural craving a disadvantage to our health. And a significant contributor to obesity and other health ailments it's unreasonable to advise you never eat sweets let me just say that first discuss retail. However I wanna emphasize the Dallas and eating too much sugar and offer a few tips for taming of operations. Sweet tooth so sugar will increase your appetite. And your weight because of the excessive calories come from sugar. This can lead to wake in the sugar has a special talent for packing on the pounds a taste of sugar stimulates the release of open mean. Which is a near a transit they're involved in the brain's pleasure reward motivation pathways which are also triggered by alcohol nicotine heroin and other OP Lloyds. Simply put sugar motivates us actively seek more. It's addictive which is why many recent solution here is potentially addictive. Pressure is suggesting glucose that is the bloodstream it signals the release of insulin which is a stress hormones are created by the pancreatic beta cells. And moves glucose and the cells where it is converted into energy to drinking a soda which contains about ten teaspoons of sugar is cool like the main lining glucose. And rapidly drives up blood glucose follow me a massive surge of insulin that may drive down and levels too low. Which can lead hype Bogle I seen him leaving you tired cranky and her arraignment a sleep hungry so you reach for your sweet snack or your sodas take up the edge. And in this cycle is reinforce. After your energy needs are met all that extra glucose stored in the liver and muscles in the form of like gin or converted into fatty acids and socked away and fat cells on your hips belly and elsewhere. So the other thing is not just glucose but fructose which is the primary sugar molecule found in fruit. And a condition called metabolic syndrome. Glucose is only half the story not only high fructose corn syrup which for hearing more about in the mainstream media. But also sue crows. And healthy honey raw sugar cane juice from sugar a god it's that are on our compose a marrying that roughly people ratios of glucose and fructose. The human body simply can not handle the enormous amount of fructose in space processed foods and drinks now fructose is broken down on the liver. Or is converted in the fatty acids glucose and a lack taped excessive intake of fructose raises levels of triglycerides. LBL which is the bad cholesterol and your acid. To what's your cast and can lead to dowdy arthritis. It causes weight gain between here particularly in the abdominal area. Which is them the most harmful place to accumulate fat she is a leading cause of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which goes hand in hand with. With obesity can progress to severe liver damage to later in life. Another serious compensate complication eating too much for toast. And all sugars and starches for this matter is insulin resistance or type two diabetes. Insulin resistance occurs on the cells become insensitive to insulin affects and take up less glucose. The pancreas responds by churning out more and more insulin resulting in high levels of both insolent. And blood glucose. Insulin resistance is associate with a closer conditions collectively called. Metabolic syndrome that include abdominal obesity high triglycerides. Hypertension. Low HDL which is the good cholesterol and elevated blood glucose metabolic syndrome which affects one in three adults. Obviously increases risk of diabetes and heart disease. As closely linked with neurological conditions such as dementia. Alzheimer's and cancer of the day justices and reproductive organs this alone should be enough to make you rethink your sugar tablets. And especially raise some more awareness for you how do we kick the habit again I don't expect any of you listening right now and you pricing goes and not just I said give up sugar completely. That is not what I'm saying what I am saying is. To cut out the usual culprits and save your indulgences for the good stuff so a couple of squares of 72%. Or greater dark chocolate. A slice of birthday cake once in awhile or an occasional special dessert for me I like a piece of cheesecake. I like the peace a kind of banana cream pies and a holiday I had a piece of an and a cream pie a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving so. I don't avoid sugar completely myself I don't expect you to do so either however what I'm suggesting TU. It's dramatically cut up cut back so soda drinking age don't shrink your sugar let's just start on that. Factor alone that could be killing sign me right now literally killing some in the right now. Causing you to gain weight. Drinking diet soda and there's a researcher on the last few months approve that drinking diet soda can actually cause weight gain and that's you know if you if you go back into the biochemistry in the science behind it it's a 100% fact scientific and the fact that diet soda cause of thinking because artificial. And converts to sugar too much sugar facade burn as energy its stores is fat plain and simple. So if you're in these are all empty calories so. Eat real food contact you real food stuff drinking sodas regular and diet are both horrible for you there's nothing good that you're gonna get from that health wise. Fruit juice is not good for you either especially the stuff that's already bottle and from concentrate. Orange juice. Apple juice that you give to your children it's all process sugar okay because they're still young and there's no underlying condition with your children. Once they become adults to become addicted to sugar the same bad habits repeat themselves over decades and years. So now they have insulin resistance when they are now you know when their teenage years you know there's more childhood on sedan bit mean he's now from duty insulin resistance because. You know the cells become desensitized insulin pump. Learned to drink plain old water. Green tea Ice-T. If you don't buy them they're not available you know I'm going to consume on the samples that and you're gonna save money. The financial sweeter he likes such as Stevie Ehlers and I'll talk a seminal Laver a little bit which I am very little time. Cup back on the bread chips and other starchy foods. Again we knew we talked earlier about stress in the effects that has on your immune system. So what can these natural sweeteners out faults great debate quiz it's a comfortable sugar alternative. That's all is not calorie free is in the tabloids must more slowly than regular sugar has an extremely low lacy Nikkei index. It's safe for people with diabetes the nexus steamy which is a native south American plants. That's been around for centuries the healthy sweetener great data and sheer organic coffee your team. It's calorie free Freeman does not affect your blood sugar levels. The next is month fruits and knew little newer to the market is no calorie healthy sweetener from Asia that Mitt. And a lot of people are raving about so let's call monks through MO NK next his arrest for tall which is a sugar alcohol similar to south hall which is great for making its calorie free. Finally is he Akon syrup or why ACL and serves another healthy sweetener. A low on the clay scenic index it does contain three by arson church similar fiber help with the ingestion. I'm getting clinical trials to just the might be a boon for insulin resistance. And wait as well so. I'll tell Stevie a month for recurrent through tall and you EA can syrup are pretty get rid of the splendid get rid in the NutraSweet get rid of the equal sweet love these are artificial. These are neuro toxic. These all effects and adverse if a glucose levels are just like insulin levels which hasn't direct connection to your whole. Health and function so folks were at a time. I'll be back here collide again next Saturday December the ninth so stay tuned tell friends and family about the program check out our website triple W. Got Nepa doctored in a calm for our podcast. And follow us on social media can have a great way can be well be safe and I'll see you soon.