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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, October 21st

Saturday October 21, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WIO case staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar show schemes just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only if it is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions they're delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You were listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan Galicia ski. Welcome to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan malicious Keith I'm here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally. This show's about taking action. But it's about aligning your priorities importing health work belongs which is at the top because of how your health if it is not much else that you can accomplish in life if you can't enjoy even the only two in the hobbies you enjoy doing spending time with friends and family. Traveling. You may may. Health needs to be at the top so this show is about putting health back into perspective. And it's about putting you in the driver's seat since it just understand that you have the ability to make a choice every single day of weather and I you're gonna going to make healthy choices or unhealthy choices. So on this program we discuss function and fitness food. Eliminating toxins and beating stress. And allowing yourself. The right amount of sleep or talk a lot about sleep today sleep is a favorite subject of mine that recently. You know begins begins studying more and you know working on but in my own personal life. And I will tell you eaten once you prioritize your sleep and didn't really understand the full benefits behind sleep and start to put that inaction. Your overall health and life and energy levels and mental clarity you know go through the roof so I'm here to take your health questions during the next hour 57083. 0098. Or 18043720098. Your questions marry me here on the show so when you call and I'm gonna give you some simple and effective action steps. But you could begin today. To begin maximizing your health so maybe you're out there and if you feel your energies down here and constant pain you're taking medication the medication doesn't seem to be working anymore. And you you're just kind of happy ending hero if that's she gimme a call right now I I have a plan just for you could maybe you're somebody else or maybe it's it's a loved one at a state or someone else in your family or maybe a son or daughter may be with allergies or upset you know digestion disorders. Maybe you're someone out there struggling with a chronic arthritis. Headaches. Maybe you're an autoimmune illness I'm here to give you hope offer you hope and plan. To begin to build and restore your health naturally to so called with your questions is 57 no 830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can send your questions or email at PWR. Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO at And I'll be happy to answer if you more of a lengthy question to give you some advice and some help. There through email and he like to learn more about our program here on WLK maximize your health for on every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM. But if this is one in the your first few times tuning in and you like to hear learned here and learn more about the program podcasts are available on my web site at triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com that's any EPA to DR GA and dot com there you'll find the radio link with all of the podcasts for maximize your health radio. Here on W I Alcan would welcome any first time listeners for tuning in to today's broadcast of maximize your help as always folks and an exciting lineup planned for today as I mentioned a few minutes ago we're going to be talking here about the science of sleep a sleeping better. We're gonna we're gonna break it down for you really you know hopefully they'll make sense to you but you know for some people say why can't sleep board tried taking sleeping aids and my schedule changes all the time you know always excuse is that people make up and we make for ourselves you know we're gonna try to break through some of those today and try to encourage some of view listening to too. Working in media proactively aiming a better sleep and then a little bit later we're gonna talk about the effects of traumatic and emotional stress past traumatic events. Hanging onto those stressful times. And three. Actions of C you can take to overcome that so your body can begin to build help because some more do you hold onto negative experiences. Or traumatic events for the past. More must hold out or take on your physical health so be breaking that down in the rotunda wellness care you know we're in a generation today where or so reactive with our health in our health as we say it's number one but. If you are really look at it closely it's more like number. 79 or ten on your list of priorities. Because we're reactive we're waiting for pain we're waiting for her of her first symptoms show up in the we're winning we just won a tree didn't get rid of the symptom. We're not looking at the whole picture we're not looking in our body Calista glee sort of talk about while Walt may be why wellness care for you may be more of a smarter way to look at your health and a more valuable way to approach your health and then if we have a little bit more time we're gonna go through some statistics that recently came out from the Washington Post on obesity. And it's alarming because. It's not not good not good for our country are so get a few of health questions and help answers you can call and 57083. 0098. Or 180437. 0098. Serena talk here about sleep and sleep like imagine it's it's it's a vital element to my life personally. And if you're someone out there where you work long hours. Regardless of what your your job is you need periods to give your body time to just. Shut off and go to work for you to your immune system your digestive system your hormones. Those three major systems are going to work to help rebuild or repair and regenerate your body during the hours that you sleep. So there's a certain window. There could be too little sleep or not the right type asleep or there could actually be too much sleep so what's the right type of sleep and how long should we be sleeping. So I know. Personally when I'm deprived of sleep or if if I'm kind of in and out of sleep during the night. I feel more than just over tired and overworked feel like my creativity. By mental clarity it are they it's compromised. It's a vicious cycle and the only person who can break that vicious cycle is do you for yourself could mean for myself. So there's no magic pill there's no magic solution out there it's a matter of just figuring out what can be interfering with my sleep. That's a really good question ask yourself. And what can they do to change that. OK so. Really go through eight ways to better sleep here in just a minute but if you if you stuck in that vicious cycle we're in an obviously purely getting 34 or five hours sleep a night. That's not enough. You're gonna end and you by going to degenerate much quicker it's going to become a more a breeding ground for sickness and disease. Pain. Okay. Usually your people say some minimalist seven hours a night of a deep Rem sleep. Restful sleep. It's not a myth or suggestion it's a fax seven to eight hours is what we all need. When I get 78 hours I feel better all around. And my performance is there my energy levels are my in my mental clarity and creativity are our Borough president and it's really not a myth. If so what are the eight ways to better seed number one you wanna get on a regular schedule this requires some degree of focus and discipline. If you're not disciplined if you're not focused it starts with finding your true purpose baby you have a job your manager you're managing employees may be your parent where you have you know wondered you were more children. You know you're gonna be a better parent for your children better leader better role model for your children can be imperiled boss or manager for your employees. If you're rested if you're an employee working for somebody in your part of the team. You're gonna be a better team member if you're arrested your performance will be better so now you're gonna be more likely. To maybe one day get a promotion. Our order move up in New York in the ranks of whatever company that you work for so the following it really it comes with you know. Mean just saying get on a regular schedule and then you know people with someone responds by saying one a disciplined I don't I'm not disciplined or I don't really I just go to work you know that's a sad scene to live your life and so I would challenge you really discover what your ultimate purposes and once you find that. You start to focus on that and then your level of discipline begins to improve and once you get into a good consistent routine and getting on a regular schedule becomes much easier. So once you get on a regular schedule you don't wanna have a television in your bedroom. Studies show that artificial bright light from the TV or even the sound can disrupt brain activity. And ultra sleep hormones like melatonin. Your bedroom should be a quiet peaceful haven so that even means keeping your cell phone. In another room so I know some may say well I need to set my alarm on my cell phone what I would do. Turn on silent turn on vibrate a wait at least five feet away from your. Your your bad where you sleep and as long as that alarm goes off. That now works OK if not I would so I was suggests purchasing and an actual alarm clock. Okay they still make alarm clocks even though everybody carries Smartphone or announcements or alarm on the Smartphone. It's as long as you're Smartphones turn on especially if you're Wi-Fi is turned on its commitment it is emitting electro management magnetic radiation. As interfering with brain activity. And with your sleep cycles. I know for me personally I like to see my phone in the other room out of my bedroom away from where I'm sleeping. I'd purchased you can go to Wal-Mart or target purse is a cheap you know alarm clock that plugs in electrically. And you could set your alarm on that is the power goes out to have a backup plan had to have had a battery operated one. That would be my advice so that number to get natural sunlight. Whether weekends like this weekend and then you know and we've been so fortunate here during the month of October. Get outside today go for a walk in the woods walk around your neighborhood. You know where a nice short sleeve shirt you wanna cover yourself up with a happened Pappas scarves and a jacket until today were going to be 7075 degrees you wanna Wear may be a tank tops go out and and just you know guys go out shirtless go for a jog get as much sunlight on your skin. As possible. Because that is actually going to. Help boost your immune system it's gonna help regulate balanced hormones. And it's going to help support good sleep. You aim for at least twenty minutes of sunshine every day. At night is well you wanna avoid computers Smartphones tablets in television won a two hours before bedtime. You can also try low blue spectrum light which can help your brain reset for sleep and increased that sleep hormone melatonin. Mexican uses acupressure Matt. This helps stimulate your Paris sympathetic. Nervous system which is responsible for arresting in digesting. And it can help induce deep relaxation. He went away on the acupressure map for about thirty or more minutes before bedtime. Next you wanna get ground that he's already touched on this but electromagnetic frequencies can impair sleep turn off your wife I keep all your electronic devices away from your bed you wanna create a common area charging station for your electronic devices and Smartphones in your home encourage all of your family members to check in their devices before bad putt via creative charging station away from the areas where we sleep because sleep is an important part of our health and there's always give Smartphone right next to a second disrupt normal sleep. Decks clear your mind so for these this is for the type a people the people who your mind is constantly raising. Your full of anxiety you're full of warrior for about email what if what if what if what if the world ends tomorrow what if I lose my job always always we always going to worst case scenario. Oftentimes the worst case scenario never presents itself. So my message to you is clear your mind doing OK we all have. Challenges we all have things that we have to work that. That were responsible for. What it was say is keep a journal in your Smartphone or if you like to write get a pen get a paper and an actual physical journal. Journal make it to do list for the next day. Before you think so that way your mind is racing it's written down so I would say may be three or four hours before your regular scheduled bedtime. Write everything down and put it in your phone put I don't know. Had its there it'll be there the next day when you get through it that's something that you know early on business when your have a million things going you have to build the business from the ground up your racing around I even go back to when I was in graduate school and undergrad and you haven't studied it's just looking back you know when my would be racing you but. You know still law if I didn't sleep. My mind wouldn't be clear for the exam or tempted to do my to do list for the next day when I was getting my business off the ground you know those first couple years you know in a practice. So he. Sleep is so vital for everything. Physical health creativity mental clarity as well as overall. Energy levels next you can perform light stretching or yoga before bedtime can be taking yoga class tonight. Okay beginners yoga you know what whatever whatever the case where at whatever stage of fitness your wrap this how to relax your mind and body of research shows daily yoga can improve sleep significantly and finally when he tries to herbal remedies as these may be necessary so if you do 300 to 600 milligrams of passion flower or 32480. Milligrams of the Larry and root extract. Other natural sleep supplements include melatonin or magnesium I personally like if you're. Just starting out I wouldn't say begin supplementing with melatonin are Valeri and route just yet. I'm that's something I would strike down the road if you're still struggling to get. To go to sleep at night I'd start with them that calm magnesium house of nutrition our sponsors as a supplement available. In and we're going to be mentioning their location in and FaceBook page you're in a moment but how some nutrition whose term has caught magnesium centered available you gonna do about 500 milligrams of that. It's an effervescent feel Zito had a drink that you just makes a scuba been watered as a calming effect on your muscles and on your nerves and on your brain. I'm very powerful supplement it's a natural but you know mineral that actually helps to support rather than treat any condition. So that might. Be necessary for some new listening right now so many of the question about sleeping you're going you know sleeping phone lines are open right now I can call in at 570830098. Or 180437009. May also need to send your questions via email at PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IR oh act Wanted to mention art it's it's a little bit early but it's not too soon to mark your calendars for our and our final upcoming event of 27 subpoena power chiropractic health America. In wilkes-barre we're going to be having a holiday open house. And a healthy dish party. Also. This is going to be the week of Thanksgiving so that's November 20 122 we're having our new patient appreciation week. If you need to go answers call and ask would be having that again. I'm money you know now say you can mark your calendar. November 20 222. And on Monday November 20 that'll be our holiday open house and healthy food. Our potluck day so that'll be during our regular hours. Practice members and guests are invited to bring healthy holiday dish it to be a snack dessert a side dish worn on trade and in the new patient appreciation week so that's a an exam an adjustment spinal exercises and report findings 200 dollar value for only fifty dollars on Monday through Wednesday that's the week of Thanksgiving. Monday November 20 through Wednesday November 22 during our regular hours so if you like to call calm now because our sponsor limited. And they will fill up quickly call today to register. And for more information about the healthy holiday open house on Monday November 20 257082935. Need Sarah that's 570829. 3580. And I wanted to mention too that. Patricia and elements she works with us a power chiropractic. She is a certified holistic health coach she's going to be and leading you through a two week. Fall back into balance clans so it's a two week clans if you're looking to lose on one pounds of boost your energy did sugar addiction. Have less inflammation and boost your immune system improved a gesture and she will be in your corner to guide you to better health through this two week clans for more information for questions you can call Patricia telemann certified holistic health coach directly 57090567. With six grade that's 5709056763. For two weeks of his two week clans great time to do a klan's right before the holidays folks. So be sure did a few questions you can call and he could send emails is a lot of ways to get connected as well we're on social media simply go to our website at triple W dot need a doctor can dot com fits any paid PA GR DEN dot com and all of our social media links are available there. On our web site time for quick commercial break when we get back we're going to be talking about traumatic stress affects emotional. Stress and left unattended unattended too. Cool place on your physical body and then we're talk about why wellness care why their maiden and make the most sense for you to begin managing your health moving forward you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor dean and a bullish ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is. Northeaster Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor dang I'll just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilize top of the line and not synthetic cold from. Base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coax you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest in ill health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is. Call 8293580. Or visit the need us. Doctor BM dot com and EPA and DR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks okay. According university has did come dating programs to allow you to achieve your goals. Sign up for their virtual open house October 25 to learn more about the flexibility affordability and quality of misery free education go to misrecorded dot edu slash eight. 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Roles change without us noticing that's why any army gives you the information to provide even better care for your loved one visit AARP dot org slash care can think what you might need our candy at council. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health and again I'm your health coach doctor Dan demolish a ski here to answer your health questions. Phone lines are open a 570883009841804372009. Eight maybe you have a success story maybe you lost some weight he got up on the aisle on into more hood and a healthier lifestyle. Come on the air share stories about other losers would be inspired from your story can make a difference is someone else is like today by calling Intel free right now at 570830098. Or 180437. 009. Eight so we're going to talking now about emotional stress the impact that may be a traumatic if past experience has left on you and as a result. Now your physical health is beginning to fail before I knew that I wanted to thank our sponsors for today's program from house of nutrition they're located just fifteen main street concerns her alternative medium group grocery organic vegan bakery and prepped foods. Green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets house of nutrition inspires health healthy living with healthy choices. Be sure to like them on FaceBook. And they are offering a few different specials are now so with the flu season up cut. They're and have immune boosters and flew boosters are unsweetened fire site or tonic. Which is refrigerator with a mean boosting a flu ravaging ingredients like apple cider vinegar lemon onion ginger horseradish garlic to Emmerich and have been Errol pepper there's a good abundance of fresh organic ingredients if you like to make the recipe your speed it themselves. It's a 12 month merit any process and a dark covered jar. Or you can already purchased fireside there it's pretty is taking teaspoon form this is one of the top immune boosters out there are now available housing nutrition. Also how situations taking pre orders for fresh. Thanksgiving Day Turkey's. From two local four farms that's forks farm and it was a violent force farmed turkeys are pasture raised an organic grain fed Swiss Villa Turkey options are antibiotic and hormone free mares are all natural soy and GMO free pasture raised. Certified organic farm raised turkeys from Lancaster County are also available turkeys can be ordered by calling or stopping in 2000 nutrition. And putting down a deposit to be sure to call to dare stop and visit them today for this you know wait two weeks before Thanksgiving because they will be sold out. So you heard it first here on maximize your health you're looking for a good healthy organic Turkey this Thanksgiving finally I. There's sales on just 25% off all Aubrey skin care including men stocks. And 30% off fairly traded aid through trade beaded jewelry made by an Italian women so this is all going on right. Now what house of nutrition fifty mainstream news earned its eggs in six. Often the 309 expressway in loser county we wanted to thank house in nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize. Your health radio so we're talking now about emotional stress. And traumatic stress that this can light up sensitive areas her body did Gary's and a degenerated that are performing and functioning to their full potential. And we're gonna highlight a few of those. Because stress has negative impacts across a whole body in the most common response stressing your body presents with is inflammation. And trauma and it's been altered a gut bacteria which are essential for immunity. The intestinal lining in this that it breaks down that can lead to symptoms of a leaky gut syndrome. That can lead to Darryl bowel syndrome. Launcher next to lead to colitis and Crohn's Disease. Or autoimmune related conditions and making our buy easy breeding ground for sickness and disease. They guide you to justice system is a gate way to optimal health but the damage got can wreak Havoc on your whole body from autoimmune disease heart disease and everything in between. How can we understand the effects of traumatic stress. On the body so let's break this down. When you experience any kind of stress one of the ways your body processor it is certain injury no glands which sit directly on top of each of your kidneys. And your adrenal glands will respond to stress. With a flood of hormones particularly court is all that can affect both your digestion and your immune system stress is an extreme. Version. It's traumatic stress that the especially if you lose a loved one. If you had a negative experience in your past. And went among the stress becomes chronic it doesn't show up your body is bathed in stress hormones and neuro transmitters. Which can damage your gut bacteria and your entire intestinal lining. This will affect your mood your sleeve pure energy and produces increased levels of inflammation. So from different folks and I have worked with and I've coached. Those who hold on to things from their past baggage from their past and aren't able to move on from that. You see a lot of physical health ailments present usually more than just one. It's dramatic events that are under an address in a comedian but didn't want to become chronic can influence your current health. And can be one of the root causes of the inflammation. So again we're not looking for magic bullet or magical but rather a comprehensive approach towards finding a solution finding something to replace that traumatic event. Because the longer you hold onto that does the worst outcome that's going to lead for you for your life basically and for your health. So how. Can you bring balance your life for better health in addition to eating healthier for changing your diet and adamant anti inflammatory diet a key component in balancing the guy is tending to the mind body connection. So physically that comes with realigning the spinal column Appel. This and the school that's for us seeing a wellness or corrective chiropractor can be can make a difference. In restoring better alignment less stress on your nervous system which controls all function healing in the body. That can be a difference maker but the other part of the mind body connection. Includes three parts sleep meditation and support. The mind is the part that you are that is always thinking planning and worrying like we talked about earlier in the program when you practice mindful myths and mind body exercises. Prayer meditation. Just just simply reflecting on life and being thankful grateful for every blessing that you have. Not always going to worst case scenario and how miserable your life is and how they beat you don't have enough money you don't have a nice enough car house or whatever. You're you're trying to compete with the but being thankful being grateful for what you do you have that's what I mean by meditation for positive times of reflection and quietness. It's good to think on those things that's not a mood that's not a new age thing that's that's a simple across the board. Something negative thing goes for any type of person and you know out there today. When you when you practice this you each take a break from the the negative memories of traumatic experiences that you hold onto from your past. I have created the chronic stress. And your your be your beer your centering yourself into the present moment to hand so. It's appropriate to practice and so it doesn't happen all want to but it takes doing it once doing a second time third time and then you start to develop a new pattern in a new set habits and then it becomes permanent to where now you're in control of your thoughts in your mind. It's not your experience controlling you know. So this will lead to again the big picture better overall health less inflammation less less. Lesser levels of stress hormones and are transmitters and overall better health for you. So here are just a few examples of some my body exercises so he introducing create a hobby in Gardena high needing. Eighteen. Writing drawing on bigger writing poetry she. Yeah you know just just a couple different ideas out there. And for a for creative hobbies next is getting yourself moving if you're not exercising starting the Ohio and working with the fitness trainer or someone like ourselves the power chiropractic are taking yoga class great great type of exercise and not only. Create more balance and strength physically but also mentally. Okay holding poses for time. You know being in in quietness. Is a good opportunity for you to kind of just let go of those negative memories and past experiences that are destroying your physical health. Connects you to do deep breathing exercises so inhaling through your nose. For ten seconds holding it for for army inhaling into your nose for five seconds holding it for ten seconds and slowly exhaling out through your mouth. For twenty seconds a nice like solution it's all my carbon dioxide out. And your oxygen in your cells are getting oxygen your brain. The more oxygenate your brain is so more can the better can function. And the better circulation plus plus present. So if you have questions again about stress and me maybe maybe you wanna sit down and he's someone I want coaching I guess I can break down some foods for you. That can work anti inflammatory diet that can help as well gee Ohio high amounts of processed foods. Artificial sweeteners. If you're drinking diet soda ice on the local news last night again this isn't news it's it's what we've been talking about now for for years. The diet soda doesn't cause you lose weight can actually cause you to gain weight it was just on local news last night. So I mean if you're drinking that sort of dinosaurs lane with artificially greens are officials leaders that are proven to be narrow toxic in addition because you're consuming all these artificial ingredients your body is and know how to properly digest a break them down they get sorting your fat cells instead of losing weight like and the diet soda companies claim. They're falsely advertising. You actually gain weight and now that you're gaining weight your body can't properly detox you know things get thrown out of balance you know every every systems connect him because things work in harmony together. That hasn't spillover effects and now other problems health problems begin to manifest. So the reality is is that if you look for help if you're looking for a coach you were in your corner we got your back so you call power chiropractic health care today for more information 5708293580. That's 570829358. Sara and this and again mark your calendars and all announcing in a you know a few weeks early hair but Monday November the twentieth through Wednesday November the 22 we're having our new patient appreciation week if you're a new person coming our practice of power chiropractic or offering 200 dollars for the services for only fifteen dollars during our regular appointment times we have morning afternoon and early evening available that week only the three days before Thanksgiving. And on Monday November 20 it will be a holiday open house and healthy. Potluck condition party for holiday recipes so practice members and guests are welcome to bring healthy holiday just. Snack dessert side is your entree and during our regular business hours on Monday November the twentieth. OK so mark your calendars now the week of November 20 to Wednesday November 22 and if you're new patient you wanna scheduled. And take advantage of this exclusive savings. Call today's schedule because spots we'll fill up quickly and they may not be available if you wait longer our numbers 5708293580. That's 57082935802. Or to take another quick commercial break going to backroom talk about why wellness care might be the better choice. When it comes to managing your health and then we're gonna talk about obesity. Have the numbers going down or gone up in recent years stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan goalless ASCII power chiropractic health center is. Northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctored me and I'll just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages Scalia assist rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized talk in the line nonsense that a cold food. They start on life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx can co Q ten this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor Dan dot com and EPA DRD. 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This is double BYOK eight powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online venture would Chevrolet dot com. Now back to maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. This is maximized your health with your health coach doctor Dan goalless just keep your coach you guide you in inspire you. To reach your full health potential. If you have health questions phone lines are open 570830098. Or 18043720098. In your health matters my health matters. We need to make it more of a priority folks who because there's a lot of lights as the mere point here for a reason reporting here for specific purpose. To make a difference and other people's lives. So let's begin to look at our health and place more importance proactively. Rather than react to lead toward our health. Also a few questions you can send your questions via email at PWR Cairo at PWR CH IR oh at Gmail dot common for more information about the program maximize your health on WI OK news radio talk all of our podcasts are available on my website at triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com that's any PA. DRD. AN dot com you can find them all of them the podcasts is very weak in listened. -- your convenience but we are here on the duality every Saturday from eleven and the 12 PM to help you gain victory in the your health and I wanted to once again thank today's sponsors house of nutrition located at fifty main street and lose earned as exit six off of the 309 expressway and in Lucerne county they have flu boosters immune boosters unsweetened fire setter tonic. Ingredients like apple cider vinegar lemon onion ginger horseradish garlic to break and have been Errol pepper. That's available also there taking orders for organic. GMO free turkeys from local farms just forks farms Swiss Villa Angel. Farms in Lancaster County is well if you want to order those now they're also a GMO free options pasture raised organic grain fed. And also there's a limited time sales. 25% off all Aubrey skin care including men stock and 30% off fairly traded. Ages through trade beaded jewelry made by an Polyone and these shirts alike house of nutrition on FaceBook. And we wanted to think and again for sponsoring this program of. Maximize or help someone to discuss now wellness care. A year isn't decades ago most care we get laughed after I conventional health care providers. And any you know society as a whole because it was looked at is uh oh it's not scientific. And it's not it's doesn't fit under our umbrella as Evan in space. And you hear certain people like fists and and you wonder why something's going to help somebody. And they're going to get better. From a result of receiving it why wouldn't why wouldn't. Anyone else be upset about that or pocket talking to in stat that that's. Then that is always left me bewildered and just kind of like confused. You know we should always be you know when we see someone else to do Weller become better something is help somebody help from something we should we should celebrate with those people for not talk and think oh that's nonsense source placebo effect and it's not science it. You know c'mon folks let's get let's let's get over ourselves and that's Carmen Cali girl always point the finger and saying we're better than you when you're not you're not really you're not whatever. Well let's just first of all start out by just. Respecting each other everybody you know who goes to you know obviously to college and goes to school and hasn't job brings value to the marketplace. And yes there's crooked people in every profession out there you know including you know wellness care and bad including health care conventional health care. Electricians. I mean you know gas station workers I mean and people are people were regardless but. Let's not be people who are just negative and always quick to point the finger I mean yes it's it's it's and it's one thing to be not naive. But it's another thing to always be a false finer you know and always you know trying to and just because it like boost your your confidence and self esteem by by saying that our knowledge there it's nonsense it's no that's not scientific instruments based. There's planes signs out there on and on wellness care professions like chiropractic like acupuncture. And and other other methods that can really truly. Make a difference and in people's health and in their overall their quality of lives so wellness care. UK specific they were talking about chiropractic care and I'm just gonna he's chiropractic is an example here because I am a chiropractor. It's what I want to eat it's what I receive my training in it's what I'm passionate about and it's what I feel and unskilled act to help people. Boost to build and restore their health naturally come by optimizing the nervous system's ability to function heal from within and why do as you evaluate the spinal column and I checked this find C words missile winder where it's weakened and we begin to restore better alignment to the spine and as a result of their alignment and easy take stress off of the soft tissues including the muscles. Ligaments in this second act in the spine. And also and most importantly frees up tension and interference on the nerves that are saying impulses to cells tissues. And vital organs throughout your whole body. So that's for chiropractic is an overall. Wellness approach can make a huge difference in your healthy your life if you haven't experienced the health benefits of it so usually in most chiropractic offices there again he's my our office is an example there's an initial corrective phase. And then there's a wellness or maintenance phase of care. So it makes sense that just is we brush our teeth every day we go to the dentist periodically for clean he's in check ups that the spying should be well aligned to ensure our best life possible but is there research out there to support desk. About researchers have sought to quantify just how early degenerative changes happen when joints are immobilized. And the same with the vertebrae above and below must work harder to compensate when a spinal misalignment is present when I need is a mobilize the other neat must work harder as well. This fact made it very easy for researchers to visualize degenerative changes happening only two weeks after animal among mobilization of a need. If we apply the same concept to the spine and makes a great deal of sense that getting checked in adjusted for spinal misalignment. Are crucial to preventing long term gender changes like arthritis. And degenerative discs and living the best lies we can't as long as we can. So we went to certain areas and our spies have been a week Aires to them once those areas begin to a mobilized to begin to break down a lot faster. So when you come nor clinic we'll do we'll do it I NASA engineers nurse stands. And there we may take X rays if necessary on your spine to actually see what's happening and usually buy time there's symptoms and there's numbness tingling pain spasms stiffness and tightness RD Sen and that whole mobilization to Jenner process has been sent in for some time and we give you a better idea how long it's been there and how much correction in your spine is achievable once you come in for an appointment you receive an evaluation. But this is where he yelled you're whole approach towards. You know. The living with pain pain is not a normal window live first of all folks. It's common a lot of people suffer from pain because say they're reacted with their health and not proactive with their health. But you can decide you need to change that mindset and begin to approach your health differently. And looking at your whole body as a very intelligent. You it. Your brain and spinal cord running everything in your heart beats because a nerve impulses sent your lungs breathe because a nerve impulses sent. Your food digest your immune system fights off harmful pathogens because nerve impulses are sent to those organs. And if the spine is not properly aligned and taking care of and if you're ignoring posture. Then your health is compromised your level off of in eight function healing is compromised. That's for CA wellness chiropractor can be a game changer for you want. So you caller clinic we have the can we have an awesome event coming up off from the week of Monday November 11 two wins in November the 22 that's the week of Thanksgiving. Or offering at the initial evaluation and X rays a necessary first adjustments final corrective exercises and report finds a three visits. For only fifty dollars as a 200 dollar value so our sponsor we'll fill up quickly also that week on Monday November the twentieth or having a holiday open house and healthy potluck event. Practice members and guests are invited to come and it's an open house bringing healthy holiday dish or fear not one who is able to cook food or make prep food coming in sampling at the recipes for some amazingly healthy dishes for a holiday help then that's the Monday the week of Thanksgiving money November the twentieth. If you wanna send an appointment now is the time mark your calendars numbered called us sent an appointment is 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 358. To zero and so I wanted to wrap up today's program talking about he most courage. Obesity. Statistics that came out here in the Washington Post actually they were heard they were done by the CDC. But this write up was done in the Washington Post on October 13. America's weight problem is not getting any better. According to CDC researcher about 40% of adults are obese and almost 20% of children. Those numbers are slight increase in the last report but the difference is so small that I could have occurred by chance. Worrisome experts is the rate of any of obesity in children and teenagers which had there was Hubbard originally around 17%. Now it's closer to 40%. Good to at a five year age group had the biggest rise. But in the years ahead will show if that's just statistical blip or marks the start of a real trend according to the study's lead author doctor Craig hails. From the CDC and the bad news that the numbers didn't go down according to experts. And this data was from 20152016. Data prior was from 23 22014. Until the early 1980s only about one in six adults were obese. The rate climbed dramatically to about one in three hadn't adults about a decade ago and they seem to level off for years. Now in other details from the study. Or that the 40% rate for adults is statistically about the same as a nearly 30% and that's when he thirteen fourteen survey and by age of the fattest adults are in their mid forties. And into their fifties. The obesity rate for that group is 41% for men and 45% for women. But erasing Jenner the problems so most common in black and Hispanic women more than half are obese and among children in the rate for the twelve to nineteen age group. Was seen at nearly 21%. For kids six to eleven it rose to 18%. From 17%. But first children ages two to find the rate jumped to 14%. From 9% and in just Nino two years prior. So what does this mean to us are these numbers or. Is this affecting you right now is affecting people in your your family or friends around you your circle of influence. And the reality is is that you know here in the west western by the west I mean in America America Canada. You know we have. All of these food companies and restaurant chains and an end a large. Billions upon billions of dollars and be a food manufacturers. Coca-Cola McDonald's out there I mean that it it's so out of control here in the west. But guess what we're not forced to eat McDonald's are forced to drink Coca-Cola. We decide whether or not what we does what what we put in our bodies and what we don't put into our bodies so it comes can't. Exercising common sense. You know if if it's something they you know you consume every couple days a week or if you drink soda every single day maybe just cutting back to two or three days a week. Cutting back on fast food to retreat is a week from five days a week. Justice is starting to make positive changes in the right direction. So. Let's be aware let's be conscious let's not ignore these statistics that's why share these on the show because. You know society as a whole is becoming sicker and are healthier because obesity levels are rising in their rising the most rapid in young children. That should concern us because that's going to cause health care costs arise. It's going to cost us as individuals more money out of our pockets because we know that with health insurance. Come on premiums are up deductibles higher you know there's less coverage across the board. OK so that means we're responsible for our health we need to be aware and prevention and wellness care is the way to do it folks. It's not it's completely scientific. OK keep eating right exercising. Could be watching what you eat. If you have a job where you're at a desk job and you're not moving enough to eat and you're eating snacking on chips in energy drinks and and donuts you're gonna become obese. That's what most American does it don't be like most of America you're better than that. Okay just recognize that that's destructive way to live your harming yourself. If you continue to do it. And every time you go to grab the donut at your office. You're you're destroying your destroying your causing inflammation. Interior altering hormones. You're causing inflammation. Your interior your increase your risk of cardiovascular disease so it's just a matter of being cautious. Having a purpose. And then developing the good healthy habits and good discipline so we are just about out of time here folks but I'll be back here next week we'll be here same time same place from 11 AM to 12 PM. To help you gain victory in your health. Pioneer help coach doctor Jan nausea skin until next time be well. Be safe and I'll see you soon.