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Saturday, September 23rd

Saturday September 23, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just as a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health was doctor Dan Galicia ski. This isn't maximize your health than I am your health coach doctor Dan malicious key here a coach you guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with an illness. Or with chronic pain. Or maybe your energy levels are down in your focus is off or maybe you've this from the things like allergies asthma digests of trouble achy joints. And it seems like you know the advice you're getting is not how. Helping you build and restore health and you have come to the right place I'm here to offer simple and effective action steps. I'm also here to take your calls during the next hour so called on a 570830098. 0180437200988. In your questions are important here on the show and tell when you call in many give you some simple and effective action steps so we on the show we talk how to get your body functioning better. Out of fuel with the right foods the right nutrient dense foods we talk about fitness and movement some may be of a question regarding. You know an exercise program you wanna know if that's going to be the most effective style and exercise help you may be lose some pounds. Billups and energy lean out and develop some lean muscle. And if that's your question you know he can call in you know I'd be happy day to guide you along you know whatever type of fitness or exercise program you're looking to get started west. Or maybe you're someone else out there you're on May be a bag full medication right now and you're just you don't northstar. In a few minutes I'm going to be talking about you know it's your biggest question is why it. What to eat what she did you eat to build and restore your health I'm going to be going to five things to focus on. So I hope a lot of do you have your pens your papers or any year you tablets or computers that way as you're listening. You're saying you're taking a strength stuff down I'm also you can send your questions or email PWR Cairo and That's PWR CH IRO. Act Gmail buckeye be happy to answer your questions via email. A we have arrest to be the week coming up today it's four major bowl butternut squash apple soup a perfect. Perfect fall recipe. Here on the second day of fall and and were later we're I am gonna be referencing CNN article that came out here in the last few weeks on how low. If it's as they the infant is exposed to floor right. I'm in the womb the back wall actually to increase. Their mental capacity an IQ in children. And then a little bit later we're gonna talk about a good natural substitute for antibiotics. Because we do know the more antibiotics we take the more and a bit about it antibiotic resistant bacteria that we create. Super bugs we create and I can actually have. Harmful effects on our health and particularly on our immune systems if we're completely in only reliant upon and I may onyx anytime we become ill or acquired infection can also be talking about if you're someone out there with chronic pain we know that can affect your mood decade increase your anxiety levels suppression. But how doesn't have to be that way what other alternatives are outed to help you begin to heal from the pain. So and your body can search functioning better so again if you have health questions I have helped answers you can call in at 570. 830098. Or 18043720098. Also. I am on the web on social media for health tips so you can actually go to the web site triple W dot Nepa. Doctored and dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com or visit the website on the you'll find all of our radio podcasts and maximize your health. You'll find FaceBook. Twitter handles answer Graham YouTube channels. You'll find out videos you'll find a testimonial video some of our practice members. I'm also the owner founder of power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre. So it in this and also a welcome video from myself see actually get to see need get a little bit here a little bit of my story in my background and what our practice focuses on in Wilkes-Barre and but I check out the site triple W dot knee but doctored and dot com. And EP ADR and DA and dots. So we're go to the phone lines we have Karen from Scranton calling and how you doing to make parents how can I help. I don't you know I put out this year and I'm doing pretty good at that I would and diagnosed with. I'm proud and they're out at any but I cannot can't type ET. On. I think maybe it underlying thing and strike. And maybe by. Some earlier in my life like Mike no it just little little picture objection and I within content to. Act actually and am a mom. After that I just never felt so I end and I I am. And now and then to a honored a special and eat. You don't get fate in which eight are you from my acts as parents Jim calm down but I. I'm even after the rally Chang match up front that they but you know they cannot I'm packed I'm at the oh. Oh rebels shout thank setting you're actually trying to break up its Allentown to right. And I mean I'm really an imminent imminent I think it's not really sure our Turkey and gene then. So glad you're back and I did not in good spirit thank. You can you share a little goofy and so. OK I can go to I actually for a campaign manager and Harry chart getting a little bit better right along I can bounce back. But I mean we know that my action Saturday I'm an immigrant children pulled up I think we're trying to peak. Different types that can't I just I what I can't go out and I would actually I'm. Well certain port or crap shoot and he does that's hitting you can now and kidding me tripe jet you know nerve seat change might stay married right you know about facts. And I I'm like no trauma so month old. Excruciating. So being that I'm there no end graphic that you can imagine what might not it was by write a student to block. Trying to like why not and that's just it just on the couch. Right right. All sounds like in the first place I would I would look to is is a chiropractor one who can take some X ray is your spine to see if there's any misalignment slipping your spine especially with a history being in a motor vehicle accident. Could certainly cause things to shift at a place in a lot of the specialists out there aren't trained tinted to properly diagnosed spinal misalignment. What are they offer you a plan to have begin correcting you stabilizing those. So those were never addressed back when in the accident they were potentially getting worse over time it as they were left out of alignment. So that's broke a chiropractor can help you the other thing is. Reducing general inflammation throughout your body that comes with Yahoo! following the right guy eating the right foods eliminating starchy foods dairy gluten. GM those artificial sweeteners getting all those out of your diet. And adding more organic vegetables fruits Ron nuts seeds. I didn't lose an organic meats so cleaner diet. And laying off soft drinks cutting back on caffeine in coffee. And because all that can actually exacerbate or worsen the symptoms that are there for a reason. Pray you pack. Right. So that would be my vice number one I would say I would seek out the services of Wallace chiropractor one all taken X ray and number two. I'm route nutrition you know look at your diet changing your diet around and as your body begins to feel it will take some time. Your body certainly has a healing capacity to it even though maybe lately it seems like the problems have been getting worse so the fibromyalgia in the neuropathy. They tried general morale is from this this dental incident that took place. What your body does have a capacity to heal itself. And you know myself I have a clinic that's their focus is on the vital sickly we work we do we we focus on overall wellness. So we'd be happy to work with you that you should you choose us but if not come in if you're curious or have more questions. Karen thanks so much for calling in but you can shoot me an email PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO. At And thanks so much care for calling you with your questions dated may be your someone out there and in a similar position where it. You know you went to a specialist he went to the doctor you were an accident but may be the problem was improperly managed improperly diagnosed early on. That happens is that in no way too often in society today. But we're here to help again I'm I'm I'm a doctor of chiropractic. You know I work with people on the nutrition and on there on the thirty developing healthier lifestyle. And that's where it comes to being more proactive rather than reactive because so many people with their health their reactive they wait and they wait until you get the pain is just mild and may be their pain threshold they'll hire pain threshold. And somebody else you know there are more likely to put their health on the back burner until the paying its worst of it by tiger are you paying your body's functions are you reduced to 70%. And anticipating its course the function as you would imagine reduces less and less and less from their so it's about you know developing the right mindset towards healthy. Okay do I be proactive today and aimed at preventing health problems to the best of my ability or do I wait in into a react to. Into a mask symptoms with drugs with surgery. There's a time and place for drugs and surgery can be Lifesavers in game changer for your health. But most of the time. Most of the time that a lot of times are not necessary and so many times people jump into that system too soon. Without weighing all the options. So I am not against medicine or surgery I don't wanna get the wrong message across here. But just keep in mind that you are responsible for your health specialists are specialists in a very particular area. I'm a specialist and wellness and chiropractic in in spine in the nerve system. I'm not a surgeon I'm not an MD I don't prescribe medicine I don't claim to know. Anything about that I didn't go to school for that so that's where I would refer to do you know if medication was necessary I always encourage you to talk to your position talk your prescribed in physician achieve any questions if you're noticing any changes in your body in your health. Ask those questions to your prescribing physician that is their area of expertise. We both we each bring value to the marketplace to make a difference in your health and in your life. All of health care whether it's you know. Any any health care specialty should be patient centered. It okay to offer the best recommendations. And the best treatments and the best services for that patient. That's what I'm about. That's what I'm foreign hopefully most doctors out there are as well. So few health questions call and 570830098180437009. Cable we have another exciting workshop coming up on Thursday October 5 at will be hosted by doctor David Slade he's in May drop half the doctor he's based satisfactory hill he's also. A an organic gardener he creates his own herbal. Teachers and remedies and he is going to be with us for more honored to have him back I wish I could've got him on the program today and he's a busy man he's working with clients speaking here in our communities today. He will be a power chiropractic health center which is that 113 Weston road down and wilkes-barre. How about Thursday October 5 6 o'clock our seats are are pretty full are ready but we can still get a few more if you signed up for this event it's a free event. And the topic is going to be on steps to longevity so nature's guide to sustainable health and wellness he's going to be talking about nutrition supplements. Pesticides CMOs. It's all going to be covered at this amazing events on Thursday October 5 superffoods. CMOs environmental toxins. We'll examine the modern day played an antibiotic resistant bacteria and super germs and how to make appropriate nutritionally based lifestyle changes to maximize your health. All hosted by doctor David Slade this'll be in my clinic though power chiropractic health center on Thursday October fest. To call to register you need to call there's no fee to attend but we do need to know if you plan on coming the number to cause 57029. 3580. That's 570829. 35 feet. There are so common question that I get emailed to me regularly. I meet with people one on one and you sure start out where do nutritional console consulting with people is you know what five what are the top five things to focus on when it comes to knowing what to eat what should you need to build health. To maintain your health to restore your health. So number one you won Phil 75%. Of your play. With colorful vegetables that's three quarters of your plate the other one corner can be a starch could be an organic meats but that's when it comes to dinner. Vegetables. So we have a lot and if you're someone where you may be you're not the person who sits down her son to prepare a meal all or your you maybe you're not physically able to repair a male. And there's plenty of healthy restaurant options here in northeastern Pennsylvania and and at our clinic we've actually compiled a list and we be happy to email you doubtless if you're interest and to know what to restaurants qualify as healthy restaurants and which ones do not so you can email me. PWR Cairo and That's PWR CH IR OA Email me for a copy I'll pass that that restaurant list to you that we haven't we recently had a place and will spray open called core life eatery. Very affordable. But high quality products no GM knows everything is organic gluten free dairy free. Bowls broth balls veggie balls. Grain vols could clean pro teen. I mean you're getting top of the line grabbing go food at core like theories right next or lost his car wash on Monday street looks very and it's it's it's an amazing place and so it's I have actually been there a bunch of times myself. And on it's it's a very convenient. If you're looking to eat healthy on the golf so 75%. A year played. Colorful vegetables thirty to 40% should be organic greens. Number two you wanna removed processed packaged. Anything boxed in that includes pro gives us. So I that's a prepackaged. Anything that's been artificially enhanced. Artificially upgraded preserved. May be genetically modified. Okay PC GM lows. Any any. And all oil soybean oil law. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils any products contain those in their listening Iranians. You want to avoid those because those will inflame your body so if you have fibromyalgia. If you have rheumatoid arthritis asthma allergies these are foods you want to avoid. Instead you wanna eat real food so. Raw almonds walnuts pistachios Nazis she is he's flax seeds. I'm car bonds of beans organic whenever possible because you want to minimize pesticide exposure they crops that are sprayed with pesticides. To prolong their life for the producer. It's so. Beans. Organic greens. Fruits you wanna do buries you gonna do on organic granny Smith apples bananas watermelon cantaloupe all that is good for you and except you what you don't wanna take that in a package or box. OK from the fresh fruit is always going to be superior to frozen fruit however you still wanna go organic with your fruit. So for berries if he gets frozen berries that's fine Alex do you fresh berries when they're in season. But in seconds and that would be that the frozen fruit. After that so that the next appear. What did you eat protein every three to four hours every meal you consume. So what's protein plant based protein will be superior to wait protein or to soy protein. Soy protein isolated it goes through more processing. And plant based proteins that can be pea protein that can be brown rice protein. That can be any type of beer lagoon with her high in protein as well so if you visit like the corps Lake Erie you can get beans you can get. A harness on on on the Mediterranean ball you can give bone broth which is amazing the obvious these kids it's animal source. But you wanna do like organic bone Brock it's available wegmans available housing nutrition. You can pick it up pre made I know if you wanna make your own by all means go ahead make your own now that will be superior to package and all broth. The next step. Make your meal a logo I seem to glow so like scenic load is an affected food why have on your blood sugar levels. That's where let's say you need a whole ball full of of the let's see you kind of a PGA peach that's gonna change pilot contain high levels of fructose which is sugar molecule. As soon as you consume that your body digests city gets absorbed in your blood string it's going to end it's gonna elevate your blood sugar levels. So as a result your pant crystals to create more insulin. To help. You is that sugar for energy. Or to take whatever excess sugar is there and getting into your cells. Okay because sugar cannot senior blogs that can lead to a lot of health consequences or problems we know that can lead to diabetes that has an effect on nerves as effect on vision that has effect on all your bodies of other vital systems. So. Number five avoid potential food sensitivities particularly dairy and gluten the easy one and Steve dramatically cut back on dairy is highly inflammatory and it's mucus producing so this can lead to you gastrointestinal. Disturbances. Irritable bowel syndrome leaky gut syndrome with the gluten gluten actually caused small micro Terry senior digest of whining. Causing leakage into the inner social issues so that's what this is becoming more popular diagnoses is call leaking that's an iron but we know leaky gut syndrome can have. Take a tall on the immune systems are now the immune systems hypersensitive. That the lead to food sensitivities. Allergies. Bloating constipation so now you're the justice system is backed up so everything is tied to get there is connected and but that goes back to the choices we make to the food that we put in norm now for the food that we put on her plate or wagering cash so. Five things failures of failure play with 75% vegetables. Removed processed packaged foods from your kitchen do real foods. Eat protein every three to four hours per term primarily plant based protein or bone bronze. Major meal a low lacy begins with it'll load so cut back on fruits sugars. Any type of rice potatoes starchy foods you wanna dramatically decrease the number five avoid potential food sensitivities. Like gluten and dairy may be the question on basic nutrition. Can you try to lose some way maybe struggle in the past and I mean call with your question 5708830098. Or 1804370. Z. 019. Ali back in just a minute we're gonna take a quick commercial break and be referenced in this CNN study on floor right and decreased IQ in children and then we also have our recipe of the week coming up from maple butternut squash apple Suk. You're listening to maximize your health and with doctor Dan polish ASCII power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops where fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplements means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold flu. Based startup life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten if you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit need. Doctor BM dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks to help clear anything. He's lions run at the south in. 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But I do know the propane fueled the independence of millions of Americans with clean reliable energy empowers modern appliances from candles water heaters tire efficiency. Furnaces and brought to you by the Pennsylvania propane gas association and your local propane service providers. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health fine your health coach doctor dean and ghoulish asking your to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally if your health questions and help answers call in right now 570830098. Or 180437. 00 and I mean with your questions and maybe you have a success story you like to share them on the air and even apply some in the advice have been sharing here and so our path shows. And you've had a breakthrough he lost some weight you started exercising more your pain is decrease. If you keep an addiction like so would or smoking or you know dairy year you know any that any any of those potential. Harmful foods your body and your experiencing breakthroughs may be your energies up you're feeling better. Come on and share your stories that other listeners can be inspired by a 708300981804. Through seven. Zero this. 098. And I wanted to say today's sponsors for sponsoring this program and maximize your health house of nutrition there an alternative grocery organic. Vegan bakery prep foods green cleaning supplies. Natural supplements and remedies unfairly treated yes. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices to be sure to follow them on FaceBook house of nutrition. Are located at fifty main streets in Lucerne. They're open today. I believe it's 10 AM until 5 PM I wanna say who are 11 AM until 6 PM their hour should be on the FaceBook page he liked to call them to get their hours 5707140436. When I think housing nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. So again our next blockbuster seminar Thursday October 5 with doctor David Slade at Heathrow passed that doctor. Be satisfactory though he's also an organic gardener. He makes organic herbal things jurors essential oils he's going to be discussing steps to longevity. Nature's guide to sustainable health. And during this class she's going to be talking about super foods he's going to be talking about supplements. Steps to longevity to offer a brief overview of how to avoid pesticides CMOs an environmental toxins. We'll talk about also antibiotic resistant bacteria and super germs how to make appropriate nutritionally based lifestyle changes to help maximize your health spots are filling up quickly this is a free seminar. You do need to call to register to let us know that you're coming in advance Thursday October 5 at 6 PM this'll be held a power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre at 113 west and eroded. The number to call to register 5708293580. And that's 570829. 3580. Powerful now it's time. Time for our recipe of the week if you will like to receive a copy of our recipes that week we typically email these out. So take to get on our subscription list send us an email the PWR Cairo. At That's PWR. CH IRO. At We we be happy you sign up for our recipes in the weeks of this recipe is for him maple butternut squash. Apple soup a perfect fall recipe and a healthy one of that. So fortified packed the pounds about two medium butternut squash is you won or remove the seats first. One large granny Smith apple preferably organic. He went appeal in choppy. One large yellow onion chopped one cup of chopped carrots to a three tablespoons of pure maple syrup or you can substitute raw. Unpasteurized honey. One teaspoon of ground cinnamon three cups of low sodium chicken broth plus more to sin if necessary. One cup of light coconut milk. And a half teaspoon of cease salt. He may and need to add more to chase and then pepper to taste. And the instructions TV happy is too much to get into as far as the instructions ago but this is a healthy fall recipes especially if you like in nice warm soup. So that's for maple butternut squash apple soup if you like to receive a copy of this recipe you can send me an email today. At PWR Cairo and That's PWR. CH IR and fifth at Well in practice member of mine here during the past week brought to my attention an article that he discovered on CNN. And that it has to do with chloride levels in children but I wanna talk overall about fluoride exposure and general and might might take on flora is a hole. So this article there's study that came out a journal environmental health perspectives of evaluated nearly 300 sets the mothers and children in Mexico and tested the children twice for cognitive development. Over the course of twelve years. Chloride is not added to public water supplies in Mexico but people are exposed through naturally occurring flora and water at Florida to assault and supplements. The study found a drop in scores on intelligence test for every half milligrams per liter increase in Florida exposure. Beyond point eight milligrams per liter found in the year end however although the researchers found a potential connection to a child's exposure to fluoride in Euro. They found no significant influence from Florida exposure on brain development once the child was born. Childhood exposure to fluoride is safer than prenatal and there is a pretty good science now to support the fact that the feel system tends to be more sensitive to environmental talks against. Then once the child is born according to the study's lead author of when it pertains to 4 I am. On average the researchers found that the mothers had point nine milligrams per liter of Florida in their urine currently there have been no such measurements for pregnant American women. There are similar measurements from a studying Poland a found healthy pregnant women to have chloride levels just less than what was found in the Mexican women. Most Americans though. This Florida water in public are public water systems so about 75% of Americans are exposed to floor right through public water the main route of exposure aside from toothpaste and mouth rinses. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called the water Florida ace and one of the ten greatest public health achievements of the past century. Since Torre was introduced in the community water over seven years ago the CDC says there has been a 25% reduction in cavities in children. And in adults. Florida is commonly as drinking water in the US in order to improve dental health but a number of communities including Portland organ and Tucson Arizona have rejected. Water for a nation. But the new research means for pregnant women in the US is up in the area. One of the lead researchers cautioned that this was just one study it used to be reproduced and other populations. And by other scientists according to the lead author here. I however despite limitations of the study it's one of the most rigorous studies a look at chloride and Nero development. It is the largest and long you say to evaluate florid exposure and its impact on the developing brain. I'm fluoride is a narrow toxin. Another so doctor agreed that some caution should be taken when a valuing the significance in the study but she also point out that a raise significant questions. Quote there have been similar findings related to exposure before I an an IQ. From children in China in a different setting this observation. Anderson and Mexican studies or association how. Has been reported before. So there's still people there are saying no no no this is just a little piece of a larger puzzle all other doctors. Saying you know we know we know this this is this is consistent with past studies. Previous studies have found chloride to BA potential neuro toxin that extremely high levels of many of these studies have been conducted in China. A Florida levels in water can be as high as thirty milligrams per liter. Dangerously high. And chronic excessive intake of flora can lean and discoloration teeth and Scott scuttle Soros says a condition that results in extreme joint in skeletal pain. The ABA the American Dental Association said the study's findings are not applicable in the US. Did he continues to endorse a coronation of public water is the most effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay and so my twist on this whole thing. So site comes out it says that. In Euro infants unborn and fancy you know the higher the moms level of flora a big greater CR have you low IQ. And stunts in Euro development impact. And that he was just recently in another study done you know. Mothers in the US who have much higher look exposure levels of chloride because water coronation is. Wiley taking place in the United States it's promoted in the United States by the CDC. It's not done in Mexico. So what does that mean for us for I mean we know it's added to toothpaste at a two and mouthwash is it's endorsed by the AD day. So you know what what what what should we do hair and again my job it's just empower you to to know all the facts. There's been. Numerous studies out there show yeah high levels authority Kenneth PA you know it if all right if consuming high levels can become a neuro toxin. It affects the nurses and that affects your skeletal system make in this color your teeth that can lead to skeletal Soros is achilles' you know increase pain. So should you be drinking tap water in the US is absolutely not get yourself a good quality filter whether a circle on your refrigerator. Well water you when you while water passes for fluoride levels for other heavy metals for other other hard hard materials in the water supply link led. You also wants to select what I personally use it because of my knowledge of chloride. I use it for a free toothpaste a brand called Jason this is available now house of nutritional removes earned. I also Wagner and so you can pick it up there and I've been using this toothpaste and my Dennis actually you know is OK with that. Some Dennis whoever you go to their flora flora flora ABA is for floor I had. You're gonna get that they're gonna pound that home they're gonna threaten you and organist fear of god in you in some cases to say that if you don't. He's a floor right toothpaste here and as such a higher risk of your teeth falling out or getting cavities or tooth decay and same with your kids and you know but it's the same time and uses his pace and I am one of the healthiest you know every six months where named as a Madonna's he assesses. They in the integrity health and my aim is peace and there are just fine there's other factors play into. And indeed in the rate at which tooth decay develops or cabbies develop. And it's not just because of floor right arm or lack of chloride in your toothpaste there's there's other factors and even be considered that's OK so just understand that. Educate yourself further on the subject but this article that it took was not my opinion this is reference from CNN. You know mainstream. Media. There hasn't mainstream media guests so you can find this article there for more information few questions about fluoride you can call and 570830098. Or 904370098. Also you can submit your questions to me through email PWR Cairo at It's PWR. CH I for more information about maximize your health radio we have our podcast available on line. I troubled W dot need dot doctor Dan dot com as any EPA DRD and dot com and also you can connect with me on social media by FaceBook Twitter and sir Graham handles YouTube channels are all available there. At any PA doctor Dan dot com that's triple W dot and EPA and DER and com it is time for in other commercial break when I get back I'm gonna be talking about a natural remedy for antibiotics. And we're in a talk about ways to reduce chronic pain so if you're someone who this is simply given up. You he gave up on all hope you think that pain is this a way of life I'm here offer you some hope if you've health questions you can call and 570830098. Or 18043720098. And I'll be back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Fenner is a northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. They start them. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. 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You're listening to maximize your health and minor health coach doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII peer to deliver the truth when it comes to building in restoring your health naturally. It's about aiming towards prevention. Okay trying to build your health maintain your health and health crisis happens that's for Madison succeeds greatly. So we wanna consider what we want optimize your body's internal level of function we wanna live and active and fit the lifestyle we wanna watch our stress levels. And we also warned to be getting enough press recovery and slowly petroleum minimum of seven hours a restful sleep every single night. So what are they thinking and once again our sponsors for today's program house of nutrition they're located at fifty main street in the Borough of blues aren't. As exit six up for the three and I'm expressway in Lucerne county. Colonel turner of grocery house and nutrition organic vegan they creep prep foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements or remedies are fairly trading gifts house of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices to be sure to like them on FaceBook for updated specials. And discounts and items on sale Allison nutrition thank you for sponsoring this program of maximize. Your health. And again this is the last call for the October 5. 6 PM seminar with doctor David Slade he's a knee true path and doctor you will be with us at power chiropractic health center. To discuss steps to longevity nature's guide to sustainable health. We'll talk nutrition supplements pesticides GM knows environmental toxins superffoods. Things to begin. Implementing it in two healthier lifestyles maybe your work in progress you've already got the ball rolling a little bit too common in this you know doctors lays a wealth of knowledge she's going to be there to be you know. To really help connect with you won't be you know and share his story and his health journey to his home personal story in testimony. A war he started out before he you know we got to where he is said. But you're being you know. A lot of us we have the capacity we have the capacity to get better from where we are and we don't wanna settle for you know for some of those who have the mentality you know it's it's I'm sorry you feel that way but. You know whatever you can do you know we we all have a a specific purpose and a deeper purpose behind. Our lives and why we recruited by we were created my report here on planet earth. And once you find your purpose in your meaning you know. Life gets easier Leo for you to make the right choices for a healthier life for a better life it really makes sense. Okay because if you have a purpose you're just eating mcdonalds and you're never be never exercising and sitting in the chair you know your head buried in your Smartphone all day. You know. It doesn't and doesn't make any sense so. What you wanna do is find your true purpose why you're pretty away reporting here and then start working in the plan. 100% of the time all the time it's absolutely not starting with me I'm far from perfect don't have many faults many blemishes on my record. And I'm just here to try to help make a difference. Because I know this this information has helped me. And okay how many more of you listening right now so if you have health questions you can call at 57 no 830098. Or 180437. 00. 98. So wanted to talk about a natural antibiotic and that is oregano oil. It's designed specifically for bacterial infections com. Viral and fungal infections. The problem with antibiotics is a few consumed too many antibiotics can create super bugs that can create resistance. Think it also destroyed the good bacteria in your digestive tract and can put in reduce vitamin. And mineral absorption as well leading to a leaky gut syndrome. So oregano oil can use to treat toenail fungus. It's great for yeast infections are Candela. Sinus and how science infections and allergies. Great for folks with crude or chronic bronchitis. It would be to take it or earlier internally makes him water or with coconut oil. Great for ring worm an athlete's foot and then also gingivitis just pushing it around your gums to help reduce. Swelling and information becomes a last August in the Wall Street Journal. There's a fantastic article published. Discussing. Overuse of antibiotics. And broad spectrum drugs when he aren't neither can cause a range of problems can make drugs less effective against the bacteria they are intended to treat. I fostering the growth of antibiotic resistant infections. You can also wiped out by his good bacteria which are the probe by onyx which can help they just threw produce vitamins and protect from infections. Among other functions. Another July study published in the journal antimicrobial chemotherapy researchers from the University of Utah and the CDC found that 60% of the time. Physicians prescribe antibiotics they choose a broad spectrum ones. A similar study children published in the journal pediatrics in 2011 found that when antibiotics for prescribed were broad spectrum 50% of the time mainly for respiratory conditions both of these studies found that about 25% of the time antibiotics for being prescribed for conditions in which. They have no use such as a viral infections. And this is just one study could these numbers can often be higher across the board. So. Oregano it's a member of the men family oil the oregano is not only you put on your pizza softness. If found in the Mediterranean it's a medicinal grade oregano is distilled to extract the essential oil and to preserve its healing compounds. Taking over a thousand pounds of wild oregano to produce just one pound of oregano oil. There's been precious commodity for over 2500 years and folk medicine X spanning the globe. The primary healing compound in oregano is called carbon crawl. It's the most important component and there's currently over 800 studies referenced in a car McCraw. And pub may wish is the world's number one database for scientific evidence based literature are great for bacterial fungal infections parasites viruses. General information to India allergies and tumors. Another study in the journal medicinal food. Evaluated the antibacterial activity of oregano oil against five different types of bad bacterium. After evaluating the anti bacterial characteristics of oil and oregano or show significant anti bacterial properties against all five species of harmful. Bacteria. Interestingly the high security was against E. Coli would suggest that oregano oil should be routinely used to promote gastrointestinal health. And to prevent deadly food poisoning. Oregano oil it's more than just an an amount I can see ultimate natural antibiotic. And it can help with allergies with yeast infections. Toenail is she's Fung answering warm athlete's foot and a host of other issues as well it's great to take an internally with deluded and water and mix it with a little bit of coconut now a coconut oil rather odd to drag her aura you know it's typically find for pregnant women but when using oil the oregano. Pregnant women should use caution and only use if instructed by your physician. Bob have you ever use a oil the oregano you can send you email sheer story more running out of time here bomb. So I wouldn't call win but I would send an email if you've had successor have additional questions regarding oregano oil. Antibiotics or anything of that you know all along those lines. PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO. At Feat in a few minutes I have remaining wanna talk about chronic pain in your someone out there you live with pain for a while to see no end in sight you have no hope. But that's affecting you more than just cause you fend physical pain limiting your quality of life physically and it's difficult pain there's no denying it. Some people they do deny others live with that in fact the vast majority of the general population experiences pain but does little to take care of it. Because they simply think it's going to go away and things you can get better on their own however. The reality is that pain especially chronic pain and cause other health concerns. Francis and our practice serves 58 year old man. Came to CS for neck and shoulder pain. After his initial intake and examination a three month course of chiropractic care was recommended. During his care his neck pain improved dramatically she felt very little pain but just as important. He reported feeling happy for the first time in ten years. And his depression has improved. In May ask how is this possible depression and increasing anxiety have long been associated with chronic pain. When spinal misalignment cousin nerve interference intentioned. This can cause pain and stress on the nervous system at this stress on the nervous system changes how the brain interprets signals from the body causing undue stress. And anxiety. Pain is your body's check engine light just like we shouldn't ignore when our vehicle has a problem. We shouldn't ignore aches and pains in the body of the best time to be assessed for spinal misalignment is before the pain ever presents. That way you can maintain your health proactively. For your health for years to come. So again it's 58 year old man neck and shoulder pain live with the pay for awhile the pain eventually got to a point where it became so bad they hadn't had to do something about it. But didn't take home message here is don't wait for the pain. To be so. So bad so crippling we're now you can't work if you can't care for your loved ones you can't. Two activities that you once were able to do because it's only gonna cause you be depressant and fallen to a function phone to a halt. He has to take care of the problem so seen a chiropractor can help massage therapy acupuncture acupressure can help copping can help. Changing your diet to an anti inflammatory diet in certain nutritional supplements can help as well also if you have questions about. At chronic pain or scheduling an appointment you can visit our web site at triple W dot knee but doctored and dot com that's an EPA. GR ga and dot com and their on the web site you'll find a link. To schedule an appointment with us or request a specific appointment time. That feature is now available at any production in dot com you can also watch. Testimonial video of some of our practice members. Could kinda hear their stories are what the stories inspire you a little bit you know and give you a little but I hope so if you go to our home page and scroll all the way down there's a YouTube videos there. You know it's about afford a five minute long video. And it's just give you enough to be a bit of the boosts an emotional boost to kind of say OK I'm ready I'm ready to take care myself I value my. My health I value my life enough to where I'm going to do something about it so there's that link there you can schedule an appointment some from our team what email you back within 24 hours to confirm whether that's specific. Request and appointment time is available. From our office hours are also available there as well but maybe before you may be not quite ready to schedule employment with us yet but you want to just ask you know I gather some more information we'd be happy to answer and address any questions that you might have sort email Guinness PWR Cairo. And PWR. CH IRO. Ask Well I'm at a time once again folks as always been a privilege and honor to be here to help you gain victory in your health. By helping you maximize your health stay tuned for next week's show 11 AM to 12 PM right here on WI OK but to hear our podcast channel go to triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com. Any PA DR DN dot com. I'll be back same time same place next week until then be well. Stay safe and I'll see you soon.