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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, August 26th

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh -- just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health was doctor Dan Galicia ski. This is maximize. Your health than I am your health coach doctor Dan malicious Keith your coach you guide you and inspire you to reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with high blood pressure arthritis. Digest of trouble allergies. No regardless of your symptom or complaint right now that shows about looking at the whole picture. From a comprehensive holistic standpoint it's about. Building and restoring your health nationally it's about forming in creating good habits and living that out every single day. As if you were diagnosed. With us stage four cancer. So a lot of us wait for a crisis and we're going to be talking about that here momentarily of of of them are mindset towards health. Of how why or why and how so many of its full watch and wait and keep our fingers crossed and pray for and that nothing seriously bad goes wrong with our health. It's just doesn't make any sense when there is better. And waste to manage your health. You know out there to being proactive not reactive so on this show we talk function we talk fitness food how to minimize toxins how to get the right amount arrestor recovery. So that your body can be at its peak health potential I'm here to answer your questions during the next hour to call in at 5708830098. Or 180437. Z. 001982. And maybe your looking may be here in the middle of changing your diet new and no baby you read or heard something about going gluten free your may be about GM those who or maybe Doug Perry you know you're not sure if dares okayed it consumed. In your question about where to get calcium from. If you were to give a dairy. Folks and asked similar questions here in the past. And maybe you the son or daughter out there in a minute they're certainly with ear infections and you think the only solution are antibiotics or tubes in the ears. I'm here to tell you that there's other alternatives and other options available to you and within few side effects no nothing invasive. To help simply get the body functioning in a higher level so Colin with your questions now by 7083. 0098. Or 180437009. Eating your questions are important here on the show so when you call and I'll give you some simple and effective action steps you can put into action today and to begin building in restoring your health naturally and if you're a first time closer to union wanted to welcome me today today's issue of maximize your health our podcasts are available on our web site at triple W dot neat but doctored and dot com. And EPA DR DA and dot com you'll find that under the radio tab. Also the left hand side and out for more information about myself I'm also the owner powder power chiropractic health center at 113 Wesson wrote in Wilkes-Barre and so we work and we provide chiropractic care corrective care posture a corrections Scully osu is three have we work with children. In advance of pregnant moms all to help the body's function at their optimal. Level by removing nerve interference and meet. Has she we have seen any art technology NASA engineered technology we use their graphics studies. We take X rays on site if necessary. Or not someone who's gonna come in and ask you where your pain is today and is your pain to simply. Mean we're concerned with your pain were concerned with your symptoms but we don't just stop there because that's just the tip of the iceberg. So under the you know from what we can actually see. And a lot of times it's a lot worse than what we actually feel so again. We're gonna talk here about the mindset towards healthier as we start out today's program. But if you just basing your health upon how you look in how you feel and you're just eating whatever you want in your in your EU exercises in physical activity or nonexistent and you have a nine to five desk job. And may be smoke on top of that and maybe yearly sleeping for five hours and most super 98. You're setting yourself up for health crisis it's not a matter of if it's a matter of wind so it. You can change that only you have the power to change I'm the voice here it is to kind of guy Julie leaves you and helping you along the through the journey of life to help you. Managed it held the best that you're able to do and again we can't always control everything so rather than. You know some people go to an extreme that I've worked with in the past and now say well you know what I feel I 888 cheated they had a deserter and a piece of chocolate or a had a BL a dead three sizes of peace instead of only one slice of pizza. Game over it's not over till it's over it's a journey it's it's a it's a marathon not a sprint and okay so no more every year out right now he'll have to change everything at once. But if you have a health question you know simply by calling into today's program and is asking that question there's other people listening and it could be the beginning of something great and you know for your health as you begin to maximize your health is a call earlier questions of 5708320098. Or 180437009. In also feel free to follow myself and our program on social media and you can go to our website www. Need to doctor Dan dot com any PA DR DAN dot com and there you'll find our FaceBook Twitter and insert grandma. Feeds right there we ever YouTube fitness videos on there as well. And also a lot of other great content on our web site. So to kick off today's show I wanna talk about how how. Our thoughts are aligned when it comes to our health and for most people like I started out saying. You know they want to save money can they wanna do things for as little money in as little time as possible okay because everybody these days we know where our schedules are packed. We have so many different things going on between family friends work. Community events and then there's there's typically for most people no time for themselves and then there's the other type of personality out there. Where you know mom comes first kids come first husband comes first. Wife comes first and they come last. And you're heading you're you're you're going sixty miles an hour straight for. A brick wall if that's what you're doing if you're just you know and and that's a very kind and generous thing to do though. I eventually who's gonna take care of you want to do is take care of them once you're not well enough to take care that that loved one. So that's why we have to put this in the perspective for you who for you whoever's listening today. It's not all about money. We came we came in the world when nothing we're gonna leave and nothing and that's something I continually am reminded of is they read the scripture and I inning you know we don't know blessed beyond measure. But what can we give the president what we courting what can we take. And you're gonna be better able to give if you're healthy and if you're well if you're not always in pain in your you know your your mind is always focused on your problems. Figure out solutions to your problems a lot of times you know we we have great great hospital system here in America we its top line research topical medication and surgical doctors out there. Who can help you when you. Have an if if and when heaven forbid you entry into a health crisis. But once you're stabilize a once you make it through that crisis. And what's going to keep you from another crisis what are you doing to proactively prevent another crisis from occurring a lot of that is reliant upon the decisions you make. Day in and day out so what you eat how much sleep are you getting how well as your body functioning on the inside that you cannot see us. And how do you know whether your body's functioning at an optimal level or are not functioning at an optimal level. Okay how do you know that sort of hope we answer some of those questions for you here today on this program. But one thing health care method you can actually begin to do is to see a chiropractor. For wellness purposes for preventive purposes. For maintenance purposes. Not simply for headaches back pain sciatica. Arthritis fibromyalgia alone. When most people come into our clinic those are the primary reasons why they came in in the first place. Then real principle behind chiropractic is that your body has an innate intelligence embedded within it within the central nervous as soon to be specific so that. Makes up your brain your spinal cord so from the brain spinal cord you have spinal nerves that are connected to all of your cells. All of your organs your muscles your tissues and your glanced to your hormones your immune system your digestive system your heart your lungs. Your muscles and or remove them. There has to be nerve impulses that are reaching all those respective cells tissues organs muscles and glanced at 100%. That is when you are healthy and so does that mean you're never gonna get sick or like have a sore throat or have Trippi sinuses there may we have an eye infection. Not necessarily. But. The principal there is you wanna make sure that everything is working as optimal peak capacity so the duration of the sickness of the pain is short the recovery time is a lot quicker and so I have a little story I'll share and a minute of how he's actually threw my back out of the gym just a few weeks ago. And what I did about it and the first place I didn't turn two was a medicine cabinet where. You know. Typically people take you know I be pro fend or motion for it or the oldest you know not work out for awhile and sit and rest and waiter put a Acer heat on it coming to share that here momentarily but chiropractic care can actually save you money in health care expenses in the long run. For those who still think health insurance is responsible. For cover all of your health expenses wake up. Wake up and ended and it know what you're insurance covers and what they will not cover and what you are responsible for out of pocket. Far too often when people come into our office they have no idea. They have no clue because there assuming that. They're there insurance is covering it all there insurance is not there to cover off first of all if you have an insurance through your employee you're paying a premium for so first of all figure out what you're paying for and what is actually on your insurance plan. Had we accept insurance we work with all assurances but what we're finding is as time goes on deductibles are going higher. Co pays are increasing. Insurance is paying less and less pork chiropractic care. And across the board for other healthcare providers as well for specialists as well as the primary care physicians. So if you're in the mindset of oh well you know it's no big deal or all my insurance doesn't cover it and therefore I don't need it and I don't say I must need it. They're not concerned about your health. Who gave their business. Okay they're out to save as much money as possible and pay out providers is little money as possible. And so to leave you more responsible. So you have to understand hopefully you know if you're gonna take one thing away from this program today in this is something you haven't paid any attention to work. Baby you or under the belief that well I have insurance your little magic card in your wallet her in your purse. Look into as little closer if you haven't done self. Let let that be your challenge right there so chiropractic care if you're doing it for wellness for permanent if informing its reasons can actually save you thousands of dollars a long term it can help you prevent us you don't even if let's say throwing your back out or having to potentially have surgery and countless numbers of practice numbers that I've seen over the years. Where. Chiropractic was the difference maker between surgery or no surgery. Other people migraine headaches caddie young couples start out there. The guy was getting migraine headaches every single day since you started your hasn't had a single migraine and as a result is not reliant on medication that has debilitating. Negative health side effects. So look at that potentially lead to if he's dependent on an over the counter medication for his headaches and he's not getting to the cause and headaches. So that I mean that the list of success stories in testimonials goes on and on but the reality is that they actually went to university of Ottawa and they just studied. Doctor Tron manga said that. Engaging chiropractic care do with safety and efficacy so again if maybe your son a year you're worried about you read things aligned about chiropractic causing strokes and things like that he is the the likelihood of that happening you have more of a chance to getting hit a lightning or dying in a plane crash or something like that than having an adverse event from a from a bad chiropractic adjustment it's a it's more than one in a million. And had so let me just put that out there's hope for those you have concerns about the safety in the efficacy of chiropractic care and again we're a clinic and and you know we pride ourselves and doing a thorough evaluation and assessment before we even do an adjustment on you if and adjustments what. It's actually recommended for you so it's that's the first thing we do is put you on a table and using when it about it and adverse event happens and chiropractic office. A thorough and detailed evaluation never really took place so consider that as well yeah so yeah. As we as we talk about the study here you know the medical management of pain chronic conditions require more time in more money. You're geared going to have prescriptions filled and refilled. I'll and then you referred other specialists. Physiotherapist diagnostic tests diagnostic imaging and sometimes you're hospitalized. That she ends up costing you more money by going through me being passed around from different. Specialists in different providers and hospital medical setting according to studies. Chiropractic measure however can take place under one roof. After chiropractic office so a lot of times and it is one of the most conservative that the best places to begin. Figuring out what is going on with your health what's causing your pain. And if they can't be figured out there than we can refer you out to the appropriate medical provider. Also again we're focused on the prevented an aspect like instead wellness prevention and maintenance. It's a lot cheaper to go see a chiropractor that is in the mansion has surrounded prescriptions refilled and there's very little side effects using the only side effect that we see you know encounter with. People in our practice is a little bit of soreness from the first few adjustments after the first few justice that usually wears off on its own. And the symptom that you came in west is usually a lot better and then people report other things like. You know I didn't know and especially parents to bring kids in for a long period for me to scare for like once a month or twice a month for an adjustment they haven't been getting sick they're doing better in school focusing better. In infancy no they're happy having regular how movements so there is a lot of signs and that's all tied back in the how your body is functioning through that innate intelligence they go through your brain spinal cord and nervous system. So wanted to share your story of one particular practice member who came in and started Carroll doesn't has been under your care now for three months. But before she came to CIS she was seeking relief for headaches. And she went through the traditional conventional medical room. And she brought in and I was I was floored by this she brought in her actual. Bill from the hospital she went to the ER initially. And had the lab work X ray is. 16 different prescription drugs. Four for this technical charges for X ray is just a simple console fees at at at the ER and then she went out to specialists are built total almost thirteen thousand dollars. So a lot of that was paid by her insurance you still haven't come up with 15100 to 2000 dollars out of her own pocket. For that. And she said it only slightly relieve headaches. She came in by her second adjustment she has not had a single headache in our office and we charge her nowhere near. Thirteen thousand dollars. OK so. Again a lot of times people with misconceptions. Or preconceived ideas or belief that may be there indeed they took on from some leaning her sob but never really experienced firsthand chiropractic care. Damn might keep you from extreme something that can be a total game changer for you and your health. For this particular a practice member it was a game changer and she's looking back in kind of kicking yourself that she had to shell out almost two grand her own hard earned money. Wishing she knew about chiropractor before hand but those delisting today. If you have a problem and you're shaking your head near nine is like the Enola now's the time now me I'm not gonna put this off any longer we will be happy to serve you bring you want as certain as a new practice amber at power chiropractic where 113 Weston road wilkes-barre. Our number to call set an appointment is 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 3580. Let me just one more thing on the subject of of how to save money in mindset towards healthy chiropractic. Let me just say my favorite sports coming up football season is you know I do fantasy leagues and I have fun with that whole thing and all thirties you NFL teams. Had a chiropractor on seven again not necessarily to help. Rehab the athletes through injuries. But to keep them well to keep them properly alliance that they prevent injuries and so that they perform better so my story real quick before we go to break in two weeks ago I went to the gym in real heavy squat so heavy is that never is quiet in my life and 36 years old now. Go and I do or sets at 315. I'm bam bam banging up the wraps failing grade and third set certain meal Sorin DUI now the adrenaline going like you know what. Stayed at the same way and in the fourth set I felt fell off a little bit sore by the next day I was like oh no my SI joints out. So I go and I get a chiropractic adjustment whether I have pain or don't have pain every two weeks because they have a job where I'm always bending forward and and I overdid the jam night did the most sway most threats most sets at. Awaited 315 pounds and ever Don an east 36. So now my knees start make me but I really feel you kind of radian along my left belt line from I don't know lower apartment back where the sacker really enjoy is right over my left hip I knew without a place. And I recently had X rays everything looks good but just overload and overstressed you know through and through this work out that they did. I went Tuesday called them up nice and I have to get in sooner he my chiropractor got me in put me on the table and just had me put me on my side and I can just feel the pressure is only release because some things. Your spinal bones have a tendency to shift especially if you are are a lot of heavy workout addicts processor. But the same thing happens to be sleeping and awkward position. Ortiz it'd desk all day long so when you get an adjustment you're not only relieving under real storing good alignment to the bones in the muscles but the nurses while so my eight. My recovery time was. That much quicker now I put it off for another two weeks I'd still probably be in pain. So again don't wait. Until the pain is that so if you have higher pain tolerance is he like I can get by with that I can deal with that I've been dealing with this on pain is there is a warning sign. I didn't want this in turn into a more of a chronic thing again. See the big picture I was seeing the big picture here if I didn't take care this now and I put it off it could turn into something more serious if it affected my performance or work. How long it be able to do my job and I need to be able to serve people I love what they do and and I wanna help conserve and provide amazing chiropractic care for his many people's possible. So we're gonna take a quick commercial break only get back I'm going to be sharing our recipe of the week for hum is a roll ups. It's back to school time for our kids so parents if you're listening this is a great snack to pack in your child's lunch box when they go to school for Hamas raw ups and then we're to talk about what to do if you have a parasite infection and a little bit later we're gonna talk about natural ways to prevent dementia and alzheimer's if you have health questions and help answers you can call and right now. 570830098. Or 18043720098. On the back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is a northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. Based start up lights. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q channel if you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. 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Talented crew is available to zero DTL sports careers at allied services dot org to learn about new details are licensed practical nursing inflame anti. Your career bundle including a 101000 dollars an unknown as. New starting rate. Plus John random winner every hour passes you look at Brian at the pavilion amonte not as. It's intentional current and future Medigap pharmacy customers we have officially moved here are using here are. Orange pharmacist committee can happen often to better serve you our customers we moved many can't next door to the former feel good motors building. The addition to a new drive through window for offering a wider variety of services to be sure to come by and visit our news story now located on the bird life hasn't often. This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health with your health coach doctored and who. Polish ST this is where champions are made to become a champion today by making your health the greater priority. By building and restoring your health naturally so I wanted to share our recipe of the week before I do that it wanted to thank today's sponsor. House of nutrition they're located at fifteen main street in Lucerne there an alternative grocery organic vegan bakery. Daily Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices find them on FaceBook house of nutrition. For there current specials and items on sale they're open today from 10 AM until 6 PM Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM. Monday through Friday 9 AM until 8 PM and we thank house of nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. So our recipe of the week are its four adds a great kid friendly snack it's common scrawled sign actually got this from food baby. Bonnie how are to go to our website it's www. Food babe dot com. And the Bahamas a role ops take ten minutes or Pratt. And the ingredients two tablespoons of on this so you can either make your own or you can buy a pre made. I would like to make it myself and easy it takes us to Keeney butter shake p.s. Borger our bonds of beans and squeeze lemon extra virgin olive oil some chop a clove of garlic if paprika. And crewman powder. Okay a little bit sea salt and any did you two slices of Bob O'Connor road to leaves of Romaine lettuce fortified sites is a cucumber cut lengthwise. And then you can get these sprouted grain easy Gil green wraps these are available Wagner is or how some nutrition. And you can also fewer gluten sensitive they do you couldn't contain gluten if you need to go gluten free to do a coconut wrapped. I believe they have those at house of nutrition as well so you're gonna spread the two tablespoons of Thomas once you prep your on this you can do that either in a food processor are aura by the next which is high powered blender. He'll spread the two tablespoons of Thomas down the center of the rap. Top that with the two slices Obama Kano the Romaine lettuce and cucumbers. And then you wanna roll tightly and then cut independent real slices so again if you want to stress to be it's available at food BA dot com. If you would like to subscribe we actually sent out different recipes. I just thought this was relevant because kids are going back to school. A lot of times we know how. I'm healthy this school lunches are for our kids and his parents were becoming more informed him more educated and we wanna make the best you know health choices for our kids so this is just to give you an idea. For a school healthy lunch snack. If you like to subscribe for our recipes that we could send them out every single week sent us an email today at PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO at and won't be subscribed for our weekly email blast as specifically are recipes of the week and what is talk now about parasites you know we talk a lot about a suggestion leaky gut syndrome and what's it do for constipation bloating gas. Do any kind of digest says you know irritable bowel syndrome but a lot of times some were not. A 100% certain what's causing that trouble they could be due to a poor diet could be a food sensitivity like glued or dairy. But it can also be due to a parasites. And as many powerful herbs and natural remedies and talk about here. To treat parasite infections. And again healthy lifestyle is always should be the foundation so healthy lifestyle again if you're just tuning in. A good clean diet of of nutrient dense food. Enough to rest to recover and could function a well functioning nervous system that means good posture means stressed physical stress off of the spinal nerves a spinal cord nerves system so the body can perform and work from the inside out. And again you know. Keeping inflammation and they were to talk a lot about inflammation here with when it comes to parasites. You don't wanna take again any herbs. Unless you've seen a doctor first or being off functional medicine doctor would be ideal. There's kind you have to travel out of the area to find a functional medicine doctor. If you suspect the parasite infection. If you've been living holistic lifestyle you've been making positive health changes now for awhile. That you wanna get in order it and then do your very best there. I'm one of the last steps once you have that in place once you've been clear by an MD. And or functional medicine doctor and once you were really taking your ear lifestyle your diet and and supplementation and function and and getting everything working properly in order. And he's still suspect you have an affection. You do and cleanse your detox irregularly. Or go through some curbs here so most people fail to recognize the symptoms. Force multiple signs due to parasite infections. It can lead to mood disorders can cut as a cause strong cravings are processed foods Anemia or iron just efficiency. Skin ailments like the rashes hives maximize it she Dermot Titus accede. Sores or lesions recurring yeast infections or candy deaths bleeding gums headaches restlessness anxiety nervousness. Teeth grinding your drilling during sleep food allergies to foods and society's loss of appetite. Sexual dysfunction chronic fatigue food cravings and that you know are bad for you. Persistent digestive problems like cramps bloating gas you're hungry all the time years joints sore stiff. You're having trouble breathing itching memory problems I mean that's nice and friendly less but if you have one or more and goes and if you've done other things and you've taken measures to improve your lifestyle your health but these conditions are getting better. Specially the constipation gas and bloating then I wouldn't even though I would check to see if you have a parasite infection. So what kind of earth can you do word of the best natural herbs and remedies should help treat Paris infection number one it's fresh garlic. Garlic is able it's able to slow until over sixty types of fungus when he has to bacteria as well as some viruses. As a history of killing parasites and helps detoxify well gently stimulating elimination. And has anti oxidant properties to protect against oxidation caused by parasites. These compounds can kill these I mean does including one cell varieties as well as I can worms and hope forms so garlic is the best you wanna do it rock you wanna make sure that you're doing chop the not capsule garlic because it's going to be more potent and effective at killing the parasites he can start up with one club and work your way up to as many as you can stomach. Number two cucumber seeds of cucumbers tees have been uses an all natural treatment there removed tape forms with in the digestion tract. The power of cucumbers these can be used to treat it forms but also consumed if you do not have a parasite. As a preventative measure and you wanna look for heirloom cucumbers sees grind them into a powder and add a teaspoon. To a when he your smooth these agreeing just as smoothly as your cleansing in healing from the parasites number three it's a fruit and it's Popeye and this show agreed. Its the only sugary tropical fruit that's recommend it in actually targeting and killing parasites. This fruit has a strong ability to destroy as many parasitic worms including most intestinal worms and K forms. The most powerful part of the fruit is actually the seeds. According to the University of Maryland medical center and then devise a mixture of raw unpasteurized honey and Popeye is seeds. Bush has been found a clear stools of parasites. If you're going to consume the fruit for its benefits as best remove the skin and fermented in the raw apple cider vinegar for one day. You'll want to eat eight ounces of the culture papaya injuring two ounces in the brine for four days. Ever for our close close contain powerful German style agents. And known as usual on also contains Kara Celine which is a powerful Mike for anti microbial agent. And diesel go through the bloodstream it'll kill these microscopic parasites and the larvae in the exit the parasites leave behind some clothes are tremendously powerful you can do and young living essential oil. On clove cinnamon. And I'm drawing a blank you're on the actual name of that please call feeds so it's club basically closing sentiment and thieves oil is actually good to do orally you can do publicly. The so. UV is aromatic as well so how close are very powerful killing off parasites next Iraq pumpkin season neither and a boy and consumable. They're abundant sources zinc which is an immune booster these can all a pumpkin c.s can help kill off parasite eggs. And they do a lot more as well Chinese scientists point to say pumpkin seeds. For tape worm infections. Many Paris informally at formulas contained pumpkin seeds but doesn't he must have been just a few capsules. I would eat rock pumpkin scenes themselves you can grind he's opening griner and add into this doubters who leaves a powder. They can work really well actually next is to recruit talked about that here's a body and blood pure fire. This is very safe curve too consumed regularly from maintaining health. As well as medicinal means I like to put it in daily with my green smoothly with Cahill cucumbers some water and protein lemon juice. Element cayenne pepper Fossum have protein is well and ginger which is next so ginger is anti inflammatory. Greats at ease off the gas in the bloating in the noxious like symptoms that are associated with parasite infections or ginger is ginger in tumor go hand in hand nexus cayenne pepper. The powerful anti fungal and then and finally the green holes of black walnut. There's the Teamsters black worn out there in the the you know you're allowed a warm wood and black walnut to help treat parasite infections but the dried and ground in green hole of the black wall only contains cannon. Which is organic iodine as well as juggling them. Black Warren has been used for centuries to expel various types of worms including parasites that cause skin irritations such as a ring warm. It oxygen is a blood which helps to kill these parasites. And finally. Don't forget about pro by onyx CarMax agrees I think it's a preventative measure it's something I personally use every single day. I do one capsule on an empty stomach with a full glass of water first thing when I wake up in the morning. It's to help. Laid the foundation for a healthy digestive track is so you wanna have the right ratio of good to bad bacteria in your gut for many people that is reversed for many reasons and one main one here is parasites. Paris and see you don't even know about. So again dear life sound orders see a doctor preferably a functional medicine doctor and then you can begin adding in these herbs and garlic ginger term Rick black along that. And pumpkin seeds cucumbers sees papaya sees close all of these full helped to target and show off any type of warms that you may have you know. Acquired from parasites. And a few questions about Paris and infections you can call on the show now five Simoneau 83. 00981800. 4370098. Or you can feel free to send me email at PWR Cairo and That's PWR. CH IRO at if your first time tuning in all of our programs here maximize your health our podcasts and on my website triple W dot any PA GR DAN dot com that's Nepa. Doctor Dan dot com and EPA DR DN dot com click on the radio link and that will take heed to all of our podcasts and programs here of maximize your health. I'm WI OK it's time for another commercial break when I get back we're going to be talking about the natural ways to prevent dementia and alzheimer's disease and we're gonna talk specifically. I'm gonna be referencing a study on Omega three fats. Why you need them and why in those are a game changer especially when it comes to preventing dementia and alzheimer's this is maximize your health. With doctor dangles just keep power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building in restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go Leo's just rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and non synthetic fulsome. The base garden of life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx and co Q ten if you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks. 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Your health with your health coach doctor Dan can go show skin it's always an honor and a privilege to be here to share what I'm passion about. And helping you'd gain victory in your health if you have health questions you can call and right now 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Again when you call them and give you some simple and effective action steps. You can begin a look at changed learn more about to begin your journey to better. Health so for more information about the program myself you can check out my website triple W diet need but doctors and dot com connect with us on social media FaceBook Twitter NC grand. YouTube were all there. And now we're here to make a difference in your life and in your health by being proactive and not react to what we talked about earlier on the program today. Today how that will actually save you money I know my cost you money now you're looking at. You know losing money in like nine Leone to do that right now gazelle have payment again we wanna get out of their minds so we wanna see the whole picture. You wanna invest and make. You know gains towards our health rather men. Waiting and then you know not giving her help any attention for decades in the end you know they once were in the crisis now we go into crisis mode. Or go to every measure to get healthy again. And I tell I'm telling you it's a lot easier to keep yourself healthy then negate yourself healthy. And pack so home. When you are when your body's functioning constantly when you're on a good clean guy you're minimizing toxins you're moving your physically active your stress levels are under control and you're getting enough rest and recovery. I think your body performs better you function better when your energy goes up but you're suggesting it's better when he gets sick less frequently. When you have less pain those are all good signs that things are beginning to your level of function is beginning to improve. So we're gonna talk about dementia and alzheimer's and we can do to prevent it and this is topic that hits home close to home with Mason's and a grandmother. Who basically is diagnosed in her late fifties and lived with this. Terrible disease of alzheimer's disease. As a vegetable basically in nursing home for almost twenty years until she passed. And dementia is an umbrella term for citizens and the symptoms are caused by just orders affecting the brain and there's ongoing research in this area and I remember as a child when my grandmother was still with this terrible disease. Going to see Arab iPhone owners talking about maybe one day they'll be a chore may be one they'll near research study but. This I think about and it's a degenerative disease and then of the brain knows the neurons. You know what can we do what does those neurons need to thrive and to function the awhile so as I'm listening to their conversation. It seem like hey you know just common sense is like they were all they weren't asking the request is what's being a wonder drug in the unifying your mirror kill where miracle cure that hasn't been discovered yet that's going to be the shore. This industry don't substitute the disease whether it's alzheimer's or cancer anything. Don't wait for a cure what can you do now to change and create healthier environment. For this your cells your organs in your systems tooth. Thrive. It didn't just. A well not soon be building disease and degenerating in a faster rate over time note those are the better questions asked. And that's right just felt like in my gut like hat and you know we should have been talking about. But again if you smoke if you're under a lot of stress. There there is just a genetic predisposition thank you for your greater respect according to researchers say instant. People who are greater risk for being diagnosed with dementia alzheimer's disease are due to environmental physiological and myself factors rather than genetics alone. So that's good news that should be good news for all of you listing that should put your fishing it'll allow a sigh of relief because there's something you can do about preventing this terrible disease. I wish my grandmother would anew about decades ago. There's both modify one non not a final risk factors for dementia and so what you do is cookie diet. Check vitamin deficiencies. Who medications or talk about specific umbrella of medications where there's like she brief surge proving that. Your chances of getting dementia and alzheimer's increase. Exponentially if you're taking these this classification medications if your thyroid Safi if you're at cardiovascular risks like high cholesterol high blood pressure diabetes if you smoke if you're not physically active enough if your blood flow is not where it should be. Alcohol use and obviously head injuries. So because these are things that we need to keep track of so number one is medication is specifically anti coal energy medication so these are anti call energies are medications that inhibit the pair sympathetic nervous isn't so. You had your sympathetic to your parents and that nervous system that make up your ought to not a nervous system so comparison that nervous system actually is responsible for. Resting and digesting. Okay. So it's slowing that down so that's for the GI tract okay. The urinary tract breathing. Other parts of the body that are going hey watch wire. So. Many prescriptions over the counter sleep based heart medication and a precedents are considered anti coal energy to. They inhibits the Paris sympathetic nervous system there was a recent large long term study that concluded that I dosing and ankle energy could medication. Is associated with higher risk of dementia. Efforts are being made help healthcare providers educating patients about which medications and is affect how much is dangerous how to reduce their use. Don't stop taking these medications right away have a discussion with your doctor. OK I am in no position to tell anyone listening to my boys right now if you're taking an anti call energetic. Did you stop doing that right now he needs talking to researching to educate yourself further and then have a discussion with your prescribing physician about the us. If you have concerns if there's a history of dementia or alzheimer's in your family or if you're experiencing early signs of dementia. Please I encourage you to have this discussion with your doctor number two is you wanna make sure that your vitamin. 5000 I used. A vitamin. As the days are getting shorter. As the temperatures are getting cooler typically were inside enough and direct sun most of the time so getting eldest son. Yeah again in May not be enough isn't taking a supplement again can be a huge game changer for you. And working towards preventing dementia and alzheimer's nexus fish oil and this is where Omega three fats. Come and play so there's two specific facts of fish oil there's DH day in EPA and lowered GHA levels are associated with increased cognitive impairment Orman score or scores on memory tests. An older adults studies show that supplementing with fish oils the most affected at the early stages of dementia or even before showing any signs. This is the third supplement that I personally think every day I think cues that 1000 to 2000 a day sometimes a and using its. Thousand milligrams per capsule but I use all of a line called garden of life whole food based nutritional supplements that's the pro way I had some vitamin. 2000 milligrams per day. Official next taking a beat complex vitamins. So. B vitamins or co factors that they're very helpful on lowering levels of a small molecule called almost sustained. I especially vitamin B twelve B 648. Eight C is known to damage the vascular system. And having a high level of home assisting contributes to a risk of heart disease stroke or other vascular problems leading to enjoy the continent's indeed client something as simple as taking a B complex and includes 500 micrograms of B twelve. Can effectively lower homocysteine levels and reduce damaging effects of the body that's you wanna be physically active so at least thirty minutes three days a week of moderate activity that includes walking biking swimming gardening yoga. Going to the generalists who wades are going on an elliptical. Are just simply going out the garden or hike. It's good to get the blood flowing. It's good due to lower your risk of age related dementia and alzheimer's. Next is you wanna challenge your brain so that's again crossword puzzles word finder's. Learning new language is a good thing to do as well just challenging your brain. A new workout plan okay. Also we wanna control alcohol intake and smoking can pay this whole increase your risk. Strong evidence that current daily smokers are 45% higher risk of developing alzheimer's disease compared to nonsmokers or former smokers. And also alcohol so. This is I want to yeah. Hey this is this is huge share so. Those who don't drink any alcohol have a slightly higher risk and moderate drinkers and those who drink excessively have the highest risk of alzheimer's disease. So this is due to be an ox and power of moderate alcohol intake mostly from red wine moderate drinking is considered generally considered no more than one drink per day. Okay I am not suggesting that you start drinking if you don't. In or her sister is but no it if you do you don't need to worry about increasing your risk if you keep it at a maximum of one drink per day of red wine. This next to protect yourself from head injuries obviously if you played contact sports burning car accident. He had a concussion this puts you at greater risk. And the next is staying connected socially and interacting with others regularly having ace good solid social network. That is reliable one of the best defenders against many health conditions specifically dementia and alzheimer's. Regularly interaction with other people can protect against the adverse effects of isolation and loneliness. You combine that with physical activity and you're really doing a lot of good for yourself there. I nexus tracking numbers keep denying your blood pressure cholesterol your fasting blood glucose. And your weight within recommended. Ranges and again is one and a reference to study here from the journal alzheimer's disease Omega threes. Omega three fats have shown anti amyloid anti talent anti inflammatory actions in the brains and animals. In new study in the journal of alzheimer's disease. Patients with high Omega three levels blood flow in specific areas of the brain is increase. So there it is folks that's worth taking nearly 6000 milligrams of a good quality Omega three fish oil and garden of lights ocean street contains TH AE PA. Can be a game changer for you to study here a positive relationship between Omega three EPA GHA status of brain profusion and cognition. And according to that researchers although we have considerable evidence and Omega three levels are associated with better cardiovascular health. The role of the fish oil fatty acids and mental health and brain physiology is just beginning to be explored. And this study opens the door of the possibility that relatively simple dietary changes. Could healthy fats. Decreasing sugar decreasing starchy carbohydrates. Eliminating GM rose. Eliminating artificial sweeteners like aspartame sucralose and food coloring is. Additives and preservatives getting those out your body is going to didn't and reduce your risk of developing age related dementia and alzheimer's disease and a few more questions for me you could send me an email. PWR Cairo at It's PWR CH IRO at Gmail that kind of happy to answer your questions your sister in any way they can't help you. Jane picturing your health fight maximizing your health. I'm at a time folks I'll be back next week. As always. Same time actually we're off next week the first Penn State football game. I'll be back in two weeks on September 9 right here 11 AM on WI OK to help you maximize your well health until then. Be well stay safe remembered very veteran and get a better to stay well and get well. And he needs help and I look forward to meeting you very soon.