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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, August 12th

Saturday August 12, 2017


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The following is a paid program that abuse or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only if it is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now they maximize your health was doctor Dan Galicia ski. Welcome to another program of maximize. Your health I am your health coach doctor Dan and polish ASCII here to coach you. Guide you can inspire you. To reach your full health potential so if you have health questions. I have health solutions call me up right now 570830098. Or 1804370098. Me your questions. Are important here on the show so when you call and I'm gonna provide you with some simple and effective action steps. That you could put into action today. To begin building a restoring your health naturally so we have an exciting program on the lineup for today and come with me I have special guest Steve securian and he is the founder. Of the wild for salmon in blooms person may be used you're listening and you've tried some wild salmon products before. He is with this and he's going to be talking about the company to their mission how to order and the overall cost. Quality of salmon that you receive when you purchase from the wild for salmon so he's on our program with this today and but I'm I have a recipe of the week coming up. And we have some great other topics as well but if you have health questions may be your ear design your health but it's someone close to you may be it's a friend or coworker you can call in on their behalf and asked the question for them provide the information for them as well and maybe your first time was there I wanna welcome you to today's program cover on WI OK here every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM to help you gain victory in your health. By building in restoring health and actually and that's about being proactive. Rather than reactive it's far too often we get caught up to be caught up in the daily grind. We wake up we go to work we eat dinner we take the kids we picked the kids up from school we take from the practice for go to church on the weekend. And often we put our health on the back burned and so the purpose of this program this is to kind of put things back into perspective the ship things back in perspective for you. It is about your health is more of an unimportant priority because for most people. You know it's not that I wish I would've worked more when they're on their deathbed nor I wish I would have done this or that swisher would have. You invested more time towards my health so it's about viewing your body with the right food it's about getting enough rest to recovery it's about moving your body effectively and optimizing your body's innate. Ability to function and he wants owned by not interfering OK so a few questions. We cover those different elements we lay out a a blueprint print in a plan for you so call me up now with your questions by Simoneau 830098. Or 180437. 0098. For more information about the program and if your first time with Sarah all of our shows are podcast sit on my web site. Triple W dot need a doctored and dot com. Any PA DR DAN dot com click on the radio link and there you'll find all of the previously recorded podcast. Our recipes of the week. Into various topics that we've covered here on the show. I'm going years back we're now on our seven season here maximize your help under the UIOK so if you're interest in learning more about the show or listening to your own convenience. You can find all of our shows podcasts it at any PA doctor Dan. Dot com can also be sure to follow me on social media follow our page. Power chiropractic health center and the owner for hundreds there is wells voice your maximize your help we're in business now for nine years. Serving all of northeastern Pennsylvania to corrective chiropractic care for people of all ages. We provide one on one health coaching nutritional coaching. Diet planning lifestyle modification that sort of thing as well or retailer for garner black hole food based nutritional supplements as well as young living essential oils. So be short two and check us out for more information about power chiropractic health hearings and visit our website any PA doctored and dot com on FaceBook Twitter and sir Graham or are YouTube channel there with her fitness links are set up as well on the website so let the web site and social media beer once upshot. I'd stay connected with the not only maximize your help a power chiropractic health center. As overwhelmed so one of the kick off today show talking about the importance of getting good sleep. I know for myself personally be with the with the the very busy schedule. I'm up at 6 AM every day. Stuckey who's with me here's probably a lot earlier than that he's going to be. I kind of sharing your you know what he does here with us today he'd buy downs baby you're out there junior like you have 6 AM that's a joke. But on for me that's an early start you know like I get to bed by 10:11 o'clock at night but what I wanna get across here is you know. For so many of us we're not getting restful sleep tonight we're not getting adequate recovery. In order to be at our peak health potential the next day and a peak performance. So sleep deprivation is hazardous to your health it's essential. To eight healthy brain. When you don't get enough sleep you have overall decrease blood flowed in the brain which disrupts your thinking your memory and your concentration so you you might see one for getting more. Crime and I and I have the right things down I don't feel like I'm getting enough and done my energies downed. Check how many hours a restful sleep your getting and then it starts to work it that you know getting to bed a little bit earlier or waking up a little bit later. And I'm gonna go to the various areas that you could begin to work out to ensure that you're getting enough quality sleep at night so this strategies for improving your sleep our number one maintain irregular sleep schedule and this is something that I worked out over the years. I try to get to bed by 10 PM up by six or 7 AM. I'm getting 78 hours every single night number two and you're better means to be comfortable so anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You don't want a too hot or too cold so that range is a good healthy range putt to save your thermostat you're number three create a soothing nighttime routines so maybe before you go to sleep. Something like a warm bath meditation prayer. Some scripture reading or massage and you know that can help you relax if you go for a massage and a couple hours before bedtime. That will help you that you enter in that restful sleep next is you you know try to minimize or avoid naps. It's one of the biggest mistakes you can. If you have trouble sleeping if you take a nap during the day in your trying to get an out in seven hours sleep a night taking that you know. Power nap whether it's half hour hour earned me two hours. That connection disrupt your sleep cycles and try to avoid napping and next you can do sound therapy sound therapy. Nature sounds so if you haven't an iPad or laptop computer personal desktop computer by soft music wind chimes. Jungle sounds you know I'm on I'll I'll low volume. And can actually induce this you know. Adequate hormones that can put you into as into sleet non. And next to an increase serotonin so we you can do. Like warm raw milk it. A teaspoon of the now a few drops of Stevie to sweeten is in this can increase your serotonin in your brain and more help induce sleep sleep. Next you wanna keep technology at your bedroom if possible so messed includes TV's video games laptop computers. Smartphones ipads true put it into another room. Because it's the electromagnetic radiation alone from that device can interfere with your sleep. Plus any type of lie you Q&A minimize light so what you wanna do is you don't hold your blinds shut. Turn them screw close all the way to try to you know keep out as much light as possible because. Like can interfere with sleep as well you wanna avoid a full stomach this is big lesson I went out for a late dinner at 8:39 PM. And I felt like I wasn't ready to go to Ben like my body was telling me sometimes ago I didn't feel tired yet in my normal times 10 PM so actually stayed up an extra hour last night. It's a little after 11 PM but even then I I didn't enter and that for restful sleep if you wanna allow at least two to three hours before going to bed. You know from your last meal also tried to maybe move your dinner or you're late night snack up a little bit earlier you wanna avoid late night snacking because whenever your digestive system is working to digest. That's going to disrupt your sleep. Regular exercise. So. It's beneficial for insomnia and however you don't wanna do within four hours at a time that you go to sleep is vigorous exercise late evening can energize you. And keep you up later and stimulants and again that he don't drink any caffeinated beverages avoid chocolate nicotine and alcohol. Late in the afternoon or evening how although alcohol can initially make you feel sleep leak it can actually disrupt your normal sleep cycle. The next is your clock your bedroom clock if you have an alarm clock or like even one that's a bright digital type of clock. You wanna move it to where it's not directly insight so if you wake up in the middle of the night you wanna refrain from looking at the clock if you have an alarm set an alarm let your alarms do its job. To wake you up at the appropriate time. But is checking the time can actually make you feel more anxious which is only gonna make it more difficult for you to answer into deep restful sleep productive sleep. He used the bed again for only sleep okay sleep only it's it's again we gonna minimize the Napster. And next try not to toss and turn if you're unable to fall asleep or to rigged you know return to sleep easily. Get up and go to another room to do something relaxing until you feel more tired so if you have questions about sleep again it's this is an essential. Healthy lifestyle practice again if you're going going going going if you're drinking pots of coffee if you're not eating if you're skipping meals if you're working out too late. Drinking you know tricky alcohol in Nye EEO these are destructive lifestyle practices that can actually. Cause your health deteriorate more rapidly over time so making a few adjustments are few of these lifestyle changes and can really be gain changer for you so. Again where we live typically in a reactive society where were reliant on medications and drugs and and chemical concoctions to help Alter symptoms and effects of our bodies producing for the right at the right time for the right reason. So listen hereby be more sensitive your body and again don't ignore sleep don't civil society only know I don't sleep enough for us is how I am it's not normal end and again that could that could long term for. You know end up biting you in the behind it you know if you don't get control of that today select this. Serve as a reminder is a wake up call for some review and she of questions about sleep. You can send your questions now through email at PWR Cairo and That's PWR CH IR oh at Or you'd sodium call into the program five Simoneau 830098. 1804370098. So now folks it's time for our recipe of the week so this week's recipe of the week is make your own detox salads if you like to receive a copy of this recipe. You can send me an email right now at PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH I. IRL and because we send these out every week if you're already subscribed. To is no need to send another email you should have already gotten this email if you're already on our list. But if you like to subscribe and include in our weekly email list you can send us an email today make your own detox salad so. Go organic with as much of these greens is possible because organic means that. The introduce has not been sprayed with pesticides. Insecticides. Fungicides herbicides. Okay see one I'll always go up further for the organic because you're not concede I ingesting those harmful. And pesticides and things I can actually interference your house triggered inflammatory response. A lot of these are carcinogenic by nature as well so you wanna minimized not interfere with your body's normal healing process is so. With the make your own detox there's a couple tears here's number one is to protect a base either two to three cups of what's been is Romania Cahill. Green leaf lettuce or room off the pick one end of those. Bases next to add fortified veggie toppings at half of carrots cucumbers celery a cup of either cauliflower broccoli quarter cup money inner bell pepper. And then you're gonna add in one healthy fat. Healthy fats are good for detoxification. Brain function and hormone balance so that's either half of an avocado third a couple of wallets quarter cup of hemp seeds are quarter cup of sunflower seeds. Next he'll add one to two herbs curves are the primary liver detox agent so that's either going to be a handful of fresh parsley. So launcher obeys a mint oregano dill or dandelion. Next you're gonna and superffoods so that's either a teaspoon of help flakes a quarter cup of sprouts quarter cup of goes he buries. Oracle have a couple Ross sauerkraut and you're gonna place all ingredients in a ball mix well add the dressing in a joint. And for the dressing here it's a juice of one lime orange lemon and a half a cup of raw. Brags organic apple cider vinegar or half a cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil two tablespoons of raw honey a teaspoon of Celtic sea salt. And humans cloves of garlic send folks again I don't expect you to write all this doesn't rattling the south and going through quickly if you want the recipe if you're already subscribed. You should have had this in your inbox in the last two weeks. If you like to subscribe you can send us an email now at PW car Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO at no we will get the trust to be out she within the next 48. Our so again that's for making your own detox Alan this is great to consume for lunch folks every single day because. Food should be looked at as our fuel as our primary source of medicine or we don't know a health crisis torrent an emergency situation that's where pharmaceuticals. Can really produce the highest value for our health by saving our lives is stabilizing us. But if we become dependent on pharmaceuticals alone and for ignoring you not looking into our food is our primary source of medicine for. Or eating a highly processed diet or consuming a lot of artificial sweeteners in GM knows in farm raised fish and you know all of that that's going to take away our help that's gonna actually create more of a breeding ground for sickness disease and illness to thrive within our bodies so make your own detox salad and send us an email if you like copy of this it's time for commercial time folks. And Meyer special guest today is Steve curious for a while for salmon he's going to be with me here shortly after the break if you have health questions I have help answers 570830098. Or 1804370098. Coming back in just a minute to help view. Maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctored in knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and non synthetic fulsome. They started. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks. Barlow is milieu we've done reasonable fees for extra is I wanna moss structure is a whole list. Extras and options are of course won the bus structure is keep your price down one of us structures Blake EPA rule. Bruce thanks for next bet we'll assembly of god church oh. Before heading out in your RV go through your propane systems safety checklist then. Clear any debris blocking the exterior events in general grange cylinders for wearing yeah inspect all propane appliance connections early for brazen damage. Make sure you army has NBC's fire extinguisher and propane detectors and and the vehicle inspected annually. Do you by the Pennsylvania propane gas association and your local programming service providers soon. The 2017. Anthony Sylvester genius memorial scholarship benefit is being held September 16 after Kingston armory there will be food at 5050 and baskets gift card raffles. Spend a day of fun for the entire family. Also this year you can win a brand new 2017. Can and a outlander 570 and a 100 dollar gift card provided by North American morning glories or cat. Only 500 tickets are being sold all proceeds raised will benefit beat Anthony continues the memorial scholarship fund. Which is the family's way of honoring Anthony last year the scholarship helps to students from west side CTC and this here this scholarship help. Students as they move forward in their education. Find out more about the benefit any ATV or cash strapped on its feet Anthony Sylvester genius memorial scholarship page on FaceBook. It's 2017. Anthony's Sylvester genius the memorial scholarship. Every sixteen at the canes. Did armory as a contractor you knew your business with your own two hands. And Harvey Milk products we build our business the exact same way. From a technical support to business tools and our commitment goes beyond quality American made windows doors another. The chance to win a brand new 27. Excitement is in the air announcing the 2017 northeastern Pennsylvania air show at eighty. Airshow in our region. With every penalties and presented by like one county convention and visitors bureau is concerned county tennis got from the sponsors. An air show dot com. We perceive supermarket. The air show at. 2017 northeast. August 12. Eight BP. Rising above the. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane ghoulish SKE. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health again I'm your health coach doctor Dan Galicia ski here to provide you the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health. Naturally in just a few minutes will be introducing today's special guest we are alive with Steve cure and he is the founder of wild for salmon and Bloomberg. They leave tries while percent price before but he's gonna be here sharing about. But this the company the mission and vision and all the different. High quality. Seafood so you can purchase from wild for salmon their local. And he is a fisherman he goes up to Alaska every single year. To bring back the highest quality seafood here for for us in northeastern Pennsylvania so he'll be talking a little bit more about the business. The trips what inspired the business end and how you can order your. A high quality seafood products and from wild for salmon today he'll be with this here in just a few minutes. But I wanted to mention a couple things first of all I wanted to sanctity sponsors house of nutrition for sponsoring this program. A maximize your health you can like them on FaceBook and house of nutrition. They're located at fifty main street in Lucerne. High quality nutritional supplements whole food based supplements alternative grocery store or getting me in May creep. Daily Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements remedies are fairly trading guess. They have a loosely he's fair trade organic coffees. While for salmon products which you're gonna learn more about your today are available house nutrition as well and I'm a few questions you can call the store directly at 5707140436. Or again be sure to like them and follow them on FaceBook. And on and so Graham house of nutrition is what they're under on FaceBook and on answer Graham. Refer verb deals for Riggio does this month's special sale items. And right here in northeastern Pennsylvania folks we always one to support local. OK if they contain some of the highest quality. Foods and nutritional supplements. And natural. And that the deodorant and toothpaste and Ani a personal hygiene products and cleaning products as well to be shorts is jobs they connect with house and nutrition and we wanna think again Hausa nutrition for sponsoring this program. Of maximize. Your health. And our next up. Power workshop is going to be held two weeks from today on Saturday August 26 is going to be led by certified holistic health coach patty Della man and the topic is called and go dairy free how to live without Gary and why it is important to do self. She will be covering the resource is to go dairy free and how to prepare alternative dairy free now looks cashew cheese and ice cream and also you'll be able to sample different recipes. And and products that are dairy free so maybe your sensitive to dairy may be dairy allergies. This pro workshop is for you this is a free event. We do ask that you call to register if you plan to attend again that's two weeks from day on Saturday August 26. At 10:30 AM. At power chiropractic health center were at 113 Weston road and wilkes-barre. You wanna call today to register for this workshop because seats are filling up fast 57082935. Needs zero. That's 5708293580. Again this is if you have allergies you're sensitive to dairy. But if you've autoimmune disease. Epstein Barr virus or diabetes or any Teva digestive disturbances you wanna learn more about going dairy free. Again this is on Saturday August 26 at 10:30. AM led by patty elements certified holistic health coach self. Before we get in introducing is guess I just wanted to cover one quick article here on why you know anyone of any different age can benefit from chiropractic care so my primary passion. And position is they need a doctor of chiropractic so if you're tuning in you're wondering you know what's my specialty and actually a chiropractor. I worked on this final work on the nurses who work on posture so when you think about chiropractic care. There's a common misconception that only for certain age groups or types of people. Injury rehab for adults often comes to mind yet tire party services and how many benefits for the young the older than anybody in between. So I wanted to highlight rows of chiropractic care that the difference is like number one is children. Many parents wonder if choosing a chiropractor is safe for young children the answer is yes. Pediatric chiropractic care is fully endorsed by the ACA the American chiropractic association. And chiropractors received pediatric training as part of their doctorate studies. Now more than ever spines chosen are subjected to many types of stresses that can cause spinal misalignment including wearing heavy backpacks. Increased use of computers and mobile devices as well sports injuries so. Chiropractic care can address these spinal misalignment I correcting them in maintaining them. It's also been successfully used to alleviate everything from college in infants chronic ear infections. Back and neck pain and headaches. Teenagers and we know teenagers can benefit from average or because poor posture is already beginning to develop and teenagers and this is the period of life where. The most rapid period of growth is taking place. So hefty backpacks and school can affect your teen spine so chiropractor help alleviate lower back pain caused by athletic activities and how minor injuries heal more rapidly. Since in the wind spying can help reduce pain stiffness it enables the body to become more flexible and stronger. Regular chiropractic adjustments for teenagers may help them perform better. In school and improve overall health. Next is that also the benefits for adults. And witnesses where you see again despite his neglected feeling childhood into adolescence and teenage years. Typically many ad also suffer from lower back pain say Attica hip pain headaches neck pain. And then there's accidents or sports injuries or unaddressed when they're younger. Or work injuries desk jobs and now for head posh is really starting to rapidly develop and end all be affects and that's hard to show up with when we become adults. So if you're if he when he when you're seeing a chiropractor to help crack in the slams to maintain healthier mind. You begin to feel less stress you begin to sleep better like we talked about earlier your blood pressure can go down. Feelings of depression anxiety begin to lessen. Pain lessens fewer headaches. And actually for women better pregnancies and easier pregnancy and delivery process. Final group is our our our seniors and ar adults. Simply put chiropractic firfer older people can help in an increase of balance and coordination reduced symptoms of arthritis slow or eliminate joint degeneration and distant generation. I'm an an action to help prevent some serious faults which can can really knock our seniors out of commission for good and simply put chiropractic adjustments have the potential to help seniors live more independently healthy lives. Far too many seniors today are dependent on someone else to take care of them. They're homer in their bedridden in many cases they're not active they're not live in that call realized that they they maybe had. Hacking at one point if they would have may be invested in their help a little bit sooner. I think it could have been in the game changer for them by simply going to visit a chiropractor and we have many great seniors and our practice to. You know where that both I had the fortunate ability of the you know adjusting is taking care of but you know. If you're older maybe if you feel like it's too late for you may not be too late for you to schedule an evaluation and our clinic today we are accepting new patients we except we see children we see adolescents and we see adults and seniors so for an appointment you can call power chiropractic health center or L 113 Weston road Hanover township. Our number is 5708293580. 5708293580. Also you can make an appointment with us on the web a troubled W dot NEP a DR DAN dot com we are scheduling appointments online. You can simply go click the link to schedule an appointment right on our home page. Www. Any PA GR GA and dot com right from your phone you can make an appointment and we should give back to you and confirm that a point works for you for or not but I look forward to seeing many new in the clinic soon to lump. Told to look to chiropractic not just for something to alleviate pain but something that they can act as a Wallace told in your ERP a tool belt of fitness and and good nutrition and good sleep and minimizing toxins. Chiropractic health optimizer function healing for people of all different changes and that's a week. Educate our patients on what we strive towards with each just that we make for our practice members so it's time to introduce our special guest today. Steve securian from wild force salmon in blooms are PA and while for Sammons is sustainable seafood store they do have a brick and mortar store it's all wild Alaskan seafood. Steve spends his Summers in Alaska commercial fishing. For the last fourteen years closet. And he and his wife Jen finished for eight years before starting a family and they hold down the Ford emblems for a while while Steve's away. Steve welcome to the program today I hope and finally you kind of share a little bit more about yourself and your story here a little bit. But you're a busy guy here and active guy. You live in the fast lane so welcome to show. Yet thanks stand glad I am honored to have you know I know I recently got to meet you here in my office in I've been actually you know purchasing your products through your Sam products you know health and nutrition carries on. And so why don't you give hope you listeners your little bit of a bit of background and bile about yourself. Sure doctor generally appreciate having us on the show here. We started commercial fishing in 2000 in June and I was spending the Summers in Alaska. In my father's custom butcher so are gonna have a background into food so fully known fish brought him home. And I took him to a local farmer's market different mind ran. And down to customers just knew bottom up and I at that point you know we always call her own fishy here in PA or I do Jersey Shore. But I really got to see what was available at the supermarkets. And in knowing the quality of the Bristol Bay soc guys along with all the other Alaskan seafood. It really caught my attention and it was a really dishing part of our our time our life my wife and I we're really just kind of getting into eating on natural foods. Ali you know we've done and our allies but just understanding that. So the wild salmon just drove that from there brave endeavor right. So you're here you're talking highest quality seafood in the world perfect climate for the fish. Yeah there's a bay on the whole Pacific northwest is you know. Really cleaned. You don't know pollution and and a fish there are just you know packed full the Omega threes which are extremely important the cold water the way they're dumb they're life cycle goes. It just really harbors and did the best protein you can get out of the bush. And so for the last fourteen years she would go from in summertime typically from June July June units or about June 5 got the middle of July it was right there and how many you're telling me before how many fish this year you you brought an end. All that you could share that just give those posters idea you have Bristol Bay had a runner operations 54 million fish for the season. And down the average and twenty year mean is like 32 million so as an epic Ron. Armed and we were able to harvest about 270000. Pounds incredibly juicy you know just a great harvest incredible any you have your brick and mortar story you lose her crap if five point one month or boulevard which is just two miles south of the boom spurred fairgrounds Kaka on route eleven right now and we're on the right hand side there. Yes be sure to check in now is so you end the mission here is you wanna provide a quality product. That is sustainable that is is it's packed with you on the Omega three is the good quality protein. And what other fish and other than salmon do you do you typically catch wire out Alaska and bring back the store. Yes of the five Alaskan salmon species is what we catch with our permanent Alaska now and then we grew on we work with other fisherman. That catchy black eyed link on rock fish all the white fish. As long haul but well worth it. Can grab and digest Graham so all the Alaskan species pretty much where small fisherman and then we'd source and bring Amanda awesome awesome all. Some stuff Steve so we're gonna get into more detail or to talk a little bit more about the quality. The difference between farm raised and wild comedy into more than health benefits and cooking crap and some of the other. Topics they cover today but maybe have a health question may be if you're curious as soon you know meat may be made a year you're sensitive to seafood may be in the you know certain seafood here you know we need to see you don't like. That's OK we're gonna get into more specifics of some of the different types of salmon that the ways that the press. And so forth here receives today the make you a question for Steve about his proxy you can order the products. Months even call in right now 57 no 830098. Or 180437. 009. ER ERO commercial break right we get Baghran hit the ground running here was Steve securian for a while first salmon. She buying his give the list there's an idea of how they can order had more than to learn more about your business and your products. Yeah you can go to. Debbie Debbie died and wild for salmon dot com. And I you can check out all our products and then we you can see how you can order you can from the blooms bird we can ship to -- Pennsylvania and even when you can cover all the angles right you ship off east of the Mississippi River so if you have friends or family who will learn more about the business and even support somebody here local right northeastern Pennsylvania. Pass this information along to them now are you want social media as well yesterday's vote in mr. Graham. While for salmon check in now follow the money is a brand like him on FaceBook time for commercial break we get back only with Steve. This is doctor girlish ASCII you're listening to maximize. Your house. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializing corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness class. Suzanne let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold flu. The base garden of life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit the need us. Doctor T and dot com and EP AD garden DAN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote wilkes-barre. 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This is maximized your help with your health coach doctor dangle assess kiwi are on WI OK. Every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM providing you with the most cutting edge information to help you build and restore your health. Naturally we talk function fitness. Food. Minimizing toxins in getting good quality sleep right here helping you become proactive brand new then reactor with your health that you can actually increase your level health from where you are right now at any stage. So it's a matter of understanding what healthy is how the body functions and not interfering with your body's. In in need and ability to function. So one of the think again today's sponsors house of nutrition and they're located at fifteen main street in Lucerne they're also on FaceBook under house of nutrition. Can sponsor a program now for a little low verb I must say close to two years. And other alternative grocery we're we're thankful for their sponsorships. 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The difference equality between farm raised since this show is entitled to maximize your health you want to highlight the health benefits of wild cinema quality seafood sockeye salmon you bring back it's in the other twice fishing you bring so why are you going to that a little bit Stephen. Explain showed blisters why why you choose to go all the way to Alaska vs this baby going knew the Atlantic your summer closer. Yeah I know the Alaska's pristine waters are just unbelievable and when you go there and you finished yet to witness that and see the fish get opened up process that beautiful flesh colored. It's really easy to see the difference. By dumb. We just we are is the fish when they're did premium quality there handle on the boat. We're putting a refrigerator sea water systems which takes to bring care to make sure they get to the process or their process. And down once or process or blast frozen. And down into ones are frozen then the next step is means for you if all mountain on your plate and that's really as close as you can get to having. Fresh seafood. On your plate. As this is precious thing gets so now with the farm raised salmon may be explained some analysts discuss a lot of our listeners may be you're on a budget. Went their food and typically they're gonna notice the price tag on farm raised purses while cod it's cheaper for farm raised so what is. Why isn't farmer is why would you rather spend the extra couple of dollars on wild cut purses are raised you try to be able to explain what the fish farms are like yourself like that just Yasser. The star with the fish farms I mean they're pretty much like come do you fruit but beef production where they're just a pen with a lot of fission and they are defending soybeans could learn all kinds of different products put together ten to supplement the fish that they would get in the ocean. And that's really where the wild fish I mean they're out there eating all those pristine. Highly eat nutritious. Small. Plants animals. Zero plank in fighter plane game and that is building their basis up from why they're so good. For us to consume and then that's that drives all the Omega threes out of that fish where a fish it's being fed a story. Based diet will have a lot more Omega sixes which is a big problem in our health here today so trying to get that back in balance. Omega threes is is really for your brain and heart health is super important so that would be either number one thing. And then you farm raised fish you know when you how a lot of fish living in camp and you have to Medicaid on you have to see to see lies down so they're they're typically sprayed with pesticides. To eradicate that. And then also underneath those fans of the density is too high a pretty much the species from right kills off sea floor. I'm so so there are literally swimming in their own feces and was doing exactly foreign help raise or bothering deceitful fluoride or borrow. Right right so this is this an unhealthy environment for the fish and again that pace may. Pay similar. By engineers to consider action what's what's happening in those fish farms and so for for me you know Arthur and hopefully for many of you listening right now you're listening in your wondering in your not shore. It is looking a price tag. Consider the value over the price what are you getting for the price of course is going to be a little bit cheaper because it was less expensive for the fish manufactured ray's official a fish farm vs going out and you know on your own. Going to Alaska so. You're getting much better quality likes he was sharing here with Omega threes for heart health for brain health for vision. First firfer inches overall general anti inflammatory effects and that's what's gonna help your body function or perform that much better. So other health benefits of eating salmon. Can anything elaborate on their Steve. Yeah I mean we've got two little kids one that side two years all those four and a half. And they just absolutely love seafood they're eating the skin off of all the fish they dig in their brains senses where the fats are great and enlightened. And cousins in the coloration. You know disdain in your products vs some of the farmer is products and other supermarket price he's in the what a wild Atlantic. Known not as clean waters for sea waters says as the Alaskan why our. Just make a correction there there is a wild lands a product left it's all any a landing Sam in his farm raised. We've pretty much just got a small bit of a wild Atlantic that is non commercially harvested. But I dumped the they did taste is totally different it's much more you know rich in nutritious taste. So let's meanwhile salmon is is where it is. Yes it costs more we have to go there are harvested on it just takes a lot more to get that product tier play but the other side that is. You don't have to eat. Eight ounces on it you know you can take a six ounce portion and we've got a lot of customers can handle split and I'm a nice healthy you know plate of greens. With some true screws or whatever and then just as three to four ounce pieces sockeye. And they are getting that nutrition and they're not overeating. Right it's something that I like to call attention to because. Indeed it makes it more feasible or you buy a whole filet for twenty dollars. And you have. Dinner out of their and then you take it for tomorrow for salad or you make a key issue in the morning. We differ breakfast and so you can stretch that product candidate we really adds value to getting there and seafood in your diet and Q3 times a week all right so what cooking tips do you have a different source preparation is now the most your price come frozen correctly that purchase from you. Everything comes frozen Swedish recommend that you put in the fridge cut the plastic on let us sit preferred. Six hours and it'll fall if you need can kind of fast food you can put it into cold water and then ten to twenty minutes installed. By death the biggest. Cooking tips I have are they don't want you put a lot of good of other Bjorn mask it with other. And Manny isn't that kind of stuff through like your very basic but it's the sushi arms Jeannie grade seafood so we can all eaten raw. So therefore you don't have to over cook it. Oh that's the biggest complaint that we see or beyond customers struggle with this they wanna see either fish cooked completely through. Where when I took salmon I wanted to be medium rare in the middle. And yes it's absolutely perfect and we do demos we'll be doing one years down next week and women event called fished a whole new. And down so you better Bloomberg location. Everybody is welcome we'll have food trucks doing. Champlain. We'll have on our chef doing demos you can ask any kind of question about seafood he had to try mostly made. But down where there from nine till three on Saturday the nineteenth of August. And Dow and you know we typically draw like 500 people it's agreed to. I am the guy is a great opportunity mark your calendars for next Saturday. And what's the location on the festival again it's at five point one month or boulevard that is just two miles all right your store. Okay let's write a while for stem the brick and mortar location in Bloomberg so. If you're in the Wyoming Valley Scranton wilkes-barre you're talking just a few quick 4045 minute drive from here. To get junior pretty much write off of interstate eighty then maybe couple turns off of both the interstate there was just to get. Miles just two miles we get a lot of people from Oregon up in this neck of the woods it come down whether work and the guy singer clay and down health clinics right. Or they're just making the trip they stock up before it's all froze NC raised do we have dry ice you can take your home right there. We also ship we can just ground ship to the northeast PA. We have a few buying clubs in this area DL he's just mentioned some of the buying clubs splitter and Cindy participating there. So are buying clubs are pre order on the systems that allow you pre order online we delivered a set date I think the next one coming up is it provide health and fitness. On August 24 from 430 to 5 PM so you can go and make it count on our our web site. And down he goes you're shopping cart full would you want in there and we'll meet you advise and it's been a great great relationship that they let us set up there and they're obviously really. Found focus on hell yes so while we really appreciate. Accession might Jim tell how am I should remember there and they are I think I can attest that that they are great people and they're on indoor we're all on the same whaling on the same mission here. So while before we run out of time here any you know last words you know. US share with the listeners some of Hawaii and maybe they should choose while for salmon over some of the other supermarket. Brands of salmon that are out there. The biggest thing is we can guarantee the equality were there catching it we oversee the process. On some Trace ability is is very clear. What's so once frozen product a lot of the stuff do you get the supermarket Wednesday at a discount price has been frozen a couple times are frozen and then followed. On it can be over a year old at times when he inventories are high and they handling techniques that we use are. You don't do we were focused on providing that the best tasting vision quality that you can get ahead. Sounds so we just that is our our main focus because we have so many dual command and they're they're like well I don't like seafood because up and down. These are the biggest complaint we hear is customers will say you ruined us. Right we've came here and now ray and shop other place right right right and no I'm in computer remain custom kernel oil cuss rule while percent of them I'm really is thankfully came on here today. So while is a while for salmon dot com yes. So Debbie Debbie W dot wild for salmon dot com W I LD FO RS AL MO and dot com and you're also he said FaceBook in sir Graham. You can order directly from the website and they shipped all across northeastern Pennsylvania the festival event in next Saturday. Address again is 102152. Morning line five so important to go and my door boulevard Pittsburgh Pennsylvania just two miles south hoodlums or fairgrounds and all that information should be right. It readily available. At the wild for wolf thank you Steve for coming on again today fail as a special guest here on maximize your help we're just about out of time folks but again if you're looking for more information of how you can build and restore health. I'm doing one on one health coaching with you kind nutrition on weight loss. Who we offer corrective chiropractic care weren't 113 Weston road Hanover township and we are always here under the allocate every Saturday to help you. Build and restore your health naturally I'll be back next Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM it'll be just myself will be live right here with a brand new lineup. Of health topics to help you gain victory your health thank you for listening today and be well be safe and we'll see you soon.