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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, July 15th

Saturday July 15, 2017


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The following is a paid program. Abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just as a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SD. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII. You are listening to another lion episode of maximize your health radio and I'm your health coach doctor dang relish asking it's always a privilege and honor to help you gain victory in your health. By building in restoring your health nationally so where ever you are along the course of life. Baby year that you've been sick for awhile and you had pain in May be it seems like there's no insight. That the problems are only gonna get worse with time. I'm here offer a message of hope I'm here to offer another path that you can take to begin healing to begin functioning better and living well. By living in a healthy lifestyle so. Under that window of a healthy life sour the number of healthy lifestyle. Is the food that you eat you know what type of free media you eat empty calorie food anti nutrients or are you eating a nutrient dense. Healing food planned are you active or are you sedentary are you in front of the TV series are you chair bound RU. It's not moving and also not only is your body in that situation oxygen deprived. But your skeletal muscles aren't moving in under the resists that they need to thrive to grow. For optimal circulation and function. As well and your bones Mino they can lead to osteoporosis. Can lead to. Active so that's under the umbrella unhealthy lifestyle and dancing is sleep are you giving your body a chance to rest and recover. So a lot of people out there and they're under the out there in the garage and big go to wake up they go to war to. There are sponsor a thing they had this airline that deadline this person is take care of that person you know to be accountable till. And it's never about them. You know and and and at the part that is OK that you put others ahead of you but you have to be aggressive because if you're not rest and you're gonna burn out that really doing is IE depression. Now you're on some of these toxic dangerous drugs that so many millions of Americans are taking right now that don't. Fix the problem narrowly managing the symptoms and can lead to other addictions and other side effects as well. The next thing that falls under healthy lifestyle is toxicity in that has a lot to do with our diets the food that we're eating the anti nutrients. And then also the artificial sweeteners in the piles of sugar that millions of Americans are consuming. But it's also environmental toxins the indoor. There are indoor air in our homes inside of our apartments is actually two to five times more toxic than the outdoor air. And that's from the environmental protection agency's so what toxins are you expose that can be triggering. Symptoms and autoimmune diseases Lyme Disease. Rheumatism you know reiki joints arthritis Siemens a C a degenerative joint disease in this disease. I have pain if there was a previous injury or trauma you hipper need easy no symptoms or exacerbate the more whenever your body is more toxic so. How are you continually on a daily regiment that. Eliminating. Toxins or detox is fine. So that aspect falls under the umbrella of a healthy less sells well on finally. Probably the most important thing your how well are things working on the inside so we have a car we have different machines and our house. And those machines. At times used tuna they need to be made in seeming to be service. So what about the inside your whom human body so the first question asked is what controls malfunctioned in the human body and that's your social services and that's your brain in your spinal cord and from your spinal cord. Branch at your final or branches in the spinal nerves just control all of you cells tissues organs and glands so that includes your heart. Your lungs your immune system your liver your kidneys. Your digestive organs your reproductive organs. Men your prostate glands so. Also when you have sensory nerves you mourners Yvonne and not nerves and of those three groups a nurse its your our economic nerves at. Are the greatest percentage. And those nerves don't sense paying the nerves that sense of pain actually make up the smallest amount of all the nerves your body so. Health is not going based upon you feeling good. The symptom is the body's response than normal response to the right time for the right reason. So how are you know we need your body functioning better again and one key components I get it taking a look at your posture. Taking a look at in a decent and a desk for eight hours every single day are you active. Are you doing any east following any specific programs exercises. What C correct tire for actor someone home who focuses and works on strengthening and improving cracking officer. It's postures the window to your health. And if you support posture then you're not functioning at your. So there's a time and place for conventional medicine saves lives and that's when you're a crisis we're in an emergency situation. And you need emergency medicine that's where our healthcare system. Succeeds. Or goes wrong is it doesn't focus on those those elements of health and function fitness food toxins sleep. And just stress. OK so that the solution there is here what can we treat what can we and diagnose. And when we were talking how do we maximize your health that's about. Building and restore your health fashion it's about being proactive not reactive our conventional medical system is more or less about being reactive so. The crisis happens you reacting go to the possibilities is doctor he diagnose your problem BC truck your wounds. It prescribe pain medicine if necessary and you're on your way to and from there you know hopefully they keep you alive but how do we do you arriving -- that's what this program's all about so what do welcome any first time with her for tuning in today and our program is actually podcasted. On my website my name is doctor Dan bullish escape. I am a northeastern Pennsylvania born and raised. And in doing the program here now for seven years of owned and operated power chiropractic help cern Wilkes-Barre for the last eight years. And we're located at 113 Weston road in wilkes-barre so if you wanted to find out more information about the podcasts or about myself and our practice. Our website is triple W dot need by doctor Dan dot com desk any PA DR DA and dot com and on the web site you can navigate through this a little bio about myself there's a welcome video to get to see me here my voice given get a glimpse at power chiropractic and how we can help you. Better improve your health and wellness. You get a look at the office soon so I think there's like a two minute three minute video welcome video on our website if you go there also the podcaster there as well also if you wanna go back to listen to other programs of maximize your help are all there for you or listening pleasure for you to continue to build destroy your health naturally into. Develop them the mindset and the knowledge based. Of the right information there's so much information out there. And the reason I come on here isn't to play one astray to leave somebody down the wrong path but to just help build you up. And we know here northeastern Pennsylvania were a little slower behind the times. We need to pick it up a bit and it starts with you and me now with somebody else or not the local government or not the the medical system it's about us. Being more aware of how it all ties together to check out the website triple W dot any PA DRD and now comments need a doctor Dan dot com. Also if you. Questions can call in 570830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can send your questions or email at PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO at also are testimonials section was just. Update our YouTube channel. You can go on the FaceBook you'll find the videos on our FaceBook page power chiropractic health center Wilkes-Barre PA. Or go on YouTube or under power chiropractic. Health center Wilkes-Barre PA just searches and there you'll find all of some of our amazing practice member testimonials. Many of them were actually listeners to this program before they made the decision to common in CS. And take their health to the next level. Some for a lot of people you might hear their story you know I was hesitant I was skeptical. I wasn't sure about all this this is something I was used to. I. Invade because he made that choice to come in and take control of their health until learn. And to follow through a program that's going to help them build and restore health to their lives and health are now better and they have no regrets that no longer skeptics they get it they understand it and they've actually. Have seen the benefits and there should have been willing to get in front of can't print share their stories so I wanna. Invite all of you know like you know subscribe to our YouTube channel power chiropractic Wilkes-Barre PA. Check them out on our FaceBook page like this on FaceBook it's a grand more power underscore chiropractic power. POW ER underscore chiropractic. Follow us on answer Graham follow us on Twitter as well we're on there up all our social media to stay connected and posting pictures. EO research references. And just things that'll keep you engaged and keep you thinking and she pew learning more about how you can build destroy your health and. Ultimately maximize your health plan a great program here today in a few minutes I have our recipe of the week and this is something my wife actually prepared this past week. Organic gluten free chocolate chip cookies those are coming up Honda they're amazing and actually had those. A few days ago and that we're going to be talking about how to choose the right protein power shall we a lot of athletes tuning in and a lot of you out there you'll do just a conventional way protein or he'll do some analysis I'm going to be good breaking down what to look for so when selecting a healthy protein powder but I wanted to start off today talking about these super food that I myself recently started consuming more of I've made in my goal to consume the super food at least once a week and for the longest time I did not have an acquired taste for this food. And you're so you BL UEU may be in the same boat that I was once in the please hear me out today because you may be missing out on a lot of powerful. Nutrients. And functions at this super food can offer to your body into your overall health and the food I'm talking about now are beats. ETS. Even just a small level of beet juice per day is all it takes to beef up your strength junior and Terrence. For people with cardiovascular disease. Com for athletes out there who are endurance athletes are you a little bit beaches before a five K ten K half marathon. I'm all worked out across that worked out the gym any type of rigorous work out. Where you're going to be utilizing you know with where you are going to be physically active a little bit of beaches can take you along way to cash improve your performance in strength and endurance. Tests showed the beet juice. Increased muscle strength by 13%. This then it comes from the nitrous oxide form and bacteria on the tongue converts tonight nitrous oxide so yesterday and I was working out of the jam. Actually did that core or Dow yesterday and I felt that. I breezed through three rounds sub prime normally after three rounds I'd be I'd be spent I'd be tired. I defy additional work outside don't rest I do I do affront playing side plank on the east side they'll do double leg scissor to excel duhalde's relating scissor kicks in it'll do one Nina chests alternating power keep that circuit. You know five to ten times and that's my Ab work out an album and meiji thirty seconds a minute in between. Four rounds but that's where you achieve the highest results so it's actually that whole high intensity interval work out. Video short bursts of a certain work out a very minimal rest in between so yesterday I attempted it with the beaches because I've been reading have been studying this a little bit more. Now the taste for bees for me personally they have a good. Like like it tastes like dirt basically because they do grow in the soil only do that have a higher you know soil and dirt concentration in the you know the microbes in the bacteria that are along with that but scientists have been discovering inserting beats over many decades. And and what they found was that this actually can help convert more Niger docs and within the body we know. You might even you know some of you who are athletes losing naive you've taken Niger oxide NO two supplements out there are and it does increase in strength and endurance during your orgasm by. They also violating or actually opening up but your blood vessels for. To help. More blood flow get into the muscles you're working out. So I'm a little bit of beaches of Washington school of medicine Saint Louis found that. All all of you music you know four to six ounces of beaches and a lot of people juice of but we understand now a lot of people don't have a Jews are out there. Juicy can be timely it takes a lot to clean your machine out after a so I'm going to be going through ways that you can start to eat beets in your diet so obviously. You wanna do organic beats. And you could eat them you can cut them up and actually just consume them as they are but choosing them is probably going to be one of them in the and most convenient ways to get the men there are some places locally we you know there's nucleus trust foods over and was earned. They have. A juice on their menu called dirt and the primary ingredient is beast so this this juice its goal of bright red. So. The beats again we're talking here about some of the other health benefits that beads contain. They can help lower blood pressure. Again because they have the high nitrous dioxide concentration that's gonna open up the blood vessels. Preventing any type of constriction. And the more the better blood flow that can help decrease Harding in the arteries. So that more oxygen nutrients are getting to the parcel by the need to get to. The meets again it's an easy to grow if you had your own garden home. And it's purple red you can cookie can peel it got a little butter OP organic butter salt. You can pickled piece on. You can great beats and add them to salads or you can Cubans to enhance vegetable soups. The other advantage is an intrinsic contained come to lower inflammation as they sent help to lower blood pressure and help with liver detoxification so that's the main reason why I personally wanted to start consuming more bees. I wanted to deliver strong. The liver in the immune system work. Together and a lot of times people are so concentrating you know we see a lot of things about pro my eyes and it's you know the gut it immune system combination and that is important. But I think what's being overlooked is deliver immune system connection is so super food and a lot of people aren't consuming our these beads and he's beaten to skin you know TV will provide you with all the nutrients that your liberty to properly detox. Specifically high levels of vitamin C. And also there's been so he's out there showing that consuming more beads contain anti cancer properties specifically pancreatic breast and prostate cancers. So that's not also beat greens also folate vitamin B nine. There's high levels fully meets is well. But the beet greens are so beyond the routes the beet root and let's bring you the purple reddish color in the beet greens offer a plethora of vitamins and minerals as well great source of fiber. 17% of your daily requirements and one cup of these greens also high levels of vitamin B six magnesium. Potassium copper minis and other in dioxins and there's also high levels of vitamin K in beet greens which helped to clock the blood. Fights aging. Great anti aging properties will support your DNA. Great for bone strength also works synergistic play with calcium. Beet greens also contain more iron and spinach. Any higher nutritional value in them that vegetables itself besides using your beet greens and salads or something with olive oil you can Jews speak greens but is another excellent way to obtain all these nutrients so organic or heirloom beats are the best choice that's for you wanna look for organic or heirloom. And if your interest to remind beats her and are starting did you speeds. And sugar beets are high eight are highly genetically engineered their genetically modified crops so GM most of these are dangerous for humans on number levels. GM GM owes me ultra DNA that could potentially lead to cancer and they might trigger other less severe problems like organ failure liver kidney damage. And the list goes on. You can buy your own heirloom beet seeds. The the these are easy to grow he can rub yourself and a garden. The many nutrients are real health menace they offer are more than worth it although b.s have the highest sugar contents of all vegetables. Most people. Can safely eat beet roots a few times a week and beet greens as well an unlimited quantities beet root juice should be consumed only in moderation because again when you're taking out fiber when your juice in the beads it does have a higher sugar concentrations I would say one dated who days a week maximum. If you're going to begin using beet root. Cats so. We want increased blood flow enhanced performance. Helped to detoxify deliver a lot of good beneficial bacteria are found in the beats is well. And that's gonna help increased nitrous oxide concentrations. As well so again if you're an athlete out there you can juice the B roots you can purchase the beet greens. For more information if you can shoot me an email at PWR Cairo and That's PWR. CH IR oh act. And if you have a health question regarding beats or another super food or maybe a supplement a little bit later in the program we're going to be talking about calcium supplements. Recently I had a a patient ask me about it. You know. Calcium supplementation. And she recently made some efforts to improve her diet and T get her calcium from food sources and was scolded by her physician that new need to take any. That's no good and actually her blood work improved and things like that so I do not going to be citing a specific case study here in just a few minutes. In regards to calcium supplementation but after the break we have the healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe. And we're going to be talking about ear infections specifically in children and what you can do and to help minimize. And help restore a stronger immune system for your children caught with your questions I Simoneau 830098. Or 18043780098. LB back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health. There is a northeaster Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and -- some data pulled from. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coax you tap this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build healthy for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit the need us. 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Hello I'm Michael Dell the inventor my goal and like all we all their I had problems sleeping pills would go flat I would flip flop all night long I would wake up with a sore neck maybe I can think of like a new and an app even though I slept eight hours when I and then in my pillow I wanted to -- you can move the patent infield to give you the exact support unionism individual regardless of sleep position might -- did you know that deeply faster annual stay there longer it's not about how much time we spend a bad is about how much of that quality sleeper yet I do all my own manufactured right here in the United States I have a ten year warranty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sixty day money back guarantee to you -- nothing to lose. We are extending last month special for W I'll pay listeners. You'll receive 50% off to my pillow premium pillows and to go anywhere below its plus free shipping go to my pillow dot com or call 805447893. Now and use the promo code W I'll OK this is a limited time offer so call 805447893. Are dynamite pillar dot com be sure use the promo code W I okay. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your help I'm your health coach doctor DN English ASCII so for more information about the program. And about myself and my practice in wilkes-barre can visit our website at triple W dot Nepa. Doctor Dan dot com that's any PA DR GA and dot com. On their you'll find ways to connect on social media FaceBook Twitter and see Graham. And also subscribe to our YouTube channel or just updated our practice member testimonial section. Power chiropractic Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania and and so there's more than one way to get connect with me you can email me if you questions. You don't have to make a phone call because everything's digital these days so just get on there so the appointment. Sending email you many questions on concerns it may be if you wanna just give you a bit of background to see very few if you're wondering if if if our our clinic can help you you can send me a question and find out before the right fit. PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IR oh at And also I want to thank our sponsors for today so we house or nutrition and thrive on the center in Kingston who have just become a recent sponsor for maximize your health. House and nutrition is located at fifty main street in Lucerne in your one stop shop for all of your natural health and supplement needs. They offer green cleaning supplies and need to make three prep foods natural supplements remedies and fairly trading gets loose leaf teas fair trade copies. And be sure to like them on FaceBook house of nutrition for special deals rates and offers. And they are open seven days a week 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday. 10 AM until 5 PM Saturday at their army 10 AM until 6 PM Saturday and 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday house of nutrition inspires healthier living. With healthy choices. They are located in the Borough blues cern had fifty main street to. Also thrive wellness center we are privileged and honored to have tribal wellness center on board they are located on Wyoming avenue in Kingston PA and the web sites thrive Wong was Kingston dot com at the open in 2011 and they have partnered. They're dedicated to educating the community about alternative approaches to help their staff includes holistic health care practitioners. Doctors massage therapists. Reflexology is nutritional consultants. And all who are licensed and certified in their field thrive well listener provides clients that they 100% friendly chemical free and healing centered environment their mission is to provide services and products that help people achieve optimum health with minimal side effects at thrive you can find affordable quality supplements and services. Based on your wellness goals and wanted to highlight. Their weekly nutrition and wellness support group meets every Wednesday night from 630 until 730. There'll be new topics discussed each week to help support you in living a healthier lifestyle. You need to register. By calling 5702830111. Or you can visit the website and register online at thrive wellness Kingston dot com also. EE MF pulse electromagnetic frequency testing and there's an open house action that's already pass her disregard that. And so for more information visit thrive moments Kingston dot com we want to thank you amber she's the owner and founder amber summer's. Over a thrive Wong is for sponsoring this episode of maximize. Your help. Or now folks it's time of for the recipe of the week and if any of you want to subscribe for our weekly emails. Paris to new weekly send these out every other Friday so to get subscribe send us an email will include your name on the list send a message to PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRL and So one of my favorite desserts are chocolate chip cookies but. Because my whole mindset is geared towards health. I want chocolate chip cookie that isn't going to destroy my health wants and that's connection support my health so just through surfing to differ website surfing the web. I came across food may even if those duties if it. You haven't heard of food babe visit her website its food they dot com her name is money. Karim. You may have seen her before beat us UDC's YouTube channels and all social media but I believe she's even appeared on the doctor Oz show. I highly passionate about educating people about toxins CMOs. Food ingredients food packaging food processing. The benefits of going organic she's a food activist and she's out there. You know grassroots effort she's really built up high. A pretty large following for herself. For her efforts of trying to educate the community on the benefits of eating clean so this press became from her website. For. Healthy chocolate chip cookies some degree it's called for one cup of or raw organic Allman butter. One organic passion and beaten half a cup of either either Dayton or coconut sugar. You teaspoons of unsolved for molasses and one teaspoon of Vanilla extract capped a teaspoon of baking soda quarter teaspoon of sea salt. And four ounces of grain sweetened chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips so you're gonna preheat the oven to 350. Why your large baking sheet with parchment paper mix in the sugar in the date sugar coconut sugar with the molasses the eggs Vanilla baking soda and salt and a large ball. Then add in the arm and butter inserted to combine well fold in the chocolate chips and then scoop one tablespoon size balls onto parchment lined baking sheet. You wanna cook for twelve to fifteen minutes at 350. Longer if you want them to come out a little crispy or tied to probably go to 720 minutes and then place cookies on a cooling rack and cool for five minutes so the prep time for this is ten minutes. Cook time is fifteen to twenty minutes. Total time 25 minutes so if you want a copy in this press to be and be happy to send the celebrity you just shoot me an email PWR Cairo and PWR Cairo and for the healthy. Chocolate chip cookie recipe from food babe so wanna talk now about ear infections so. There are some adults out there who are prone to ear infections but this is more of a common condition in children I know for me when I was a child. I was frequently get ear infections. But my pediatrician at the time never explained my parents the connection of of why that happens. All they said was in your child needs to go on antibiotics. UK and my parents followed the pediatricians orders. So it's a question that we I think that parents are often told that you know kids grow out of ear infections. And typically are recommended you know it's recommended the children take antibiotics or get tubes in their heirs thankfully I didn't need tubes in my ears but many children out there do continue their heirs for chronic recurring ear infections. Many parents have tried natural ointment drops is well which can help. Treat with minimal side effects seen. Faction however any treatment by definition only addresses the of facts. And not the cause. Ear infections are caused by a buildup of infectious bacteria and viruses in the air. So again if your pediatrician is just prescribing antibiotics and the infection is due to a virus. There has been numerous studies out there proving you can conclusively that. Viral on antibiotics have no effect against viral infections. So it's it's actually only it's harm fully affecting your child's health in the long term because antibiotics wipe out all the bacteria in the body good bacterium which you have more good bacteria than bad bacteria and that can throw the racial bacteria completely out of balance your child putting them on eight and lowering their immune system this thing develop and as they get older and go through life. So what happens is when kids are young these station tune. Which allows fluids to drain and white blood cells to circulate it becomes blocked. As long as there is proper drainage bacteria and viruses do not have a good opportunity to build up. So younger children have higher susceptibility to the blockage hence ear infections. Within these station too because of tubes are horizontal birth. And become more vertical with growth allowing gravity to assist drainage however people of any age can have blockage because of a muscle called the ten certain meal I Pallet teeny. So this little tiny muscle is responsible for opening he's stationed tomb is controlled by a branch of the tried general nerve which is the fifth cranial nerve. Which has traction extend all the way down in the brain stem and arches on the top. Bone of the neck C one which is called the app lets. So this Alice bone. Has a tendency to misalignment after dramatic events like childbirth. Slips and falls during went child's going to crawl to creep into walk. During development which can put pressure on the body of this nerve and caused dysfunction of that little tiny muscle at Tenser Eli Pallet T muscle. Correcting misalignment of the top own in the next see one or the Alison taking pressure off the nervous system through chiropractic care. Can often ameliorate. Ear infections by restoring proper functions the ears however every child benefits from having a nervous system free from interference. Because the same nurse control corny the function and every system in the body so by correcting these little miss someone so the top of the neck first of all checking this find out if the bone is missile line. So we do is we'll do computerized thermal scan it. Or at times we'll take an extra to take a picture and measure the alignment that bone first. Before we provide any adjustment or any care. Correcting knees if necessary. Can actually get more of the cause. Okay the nurse at our control the function that tends to be like Pallet teeny muscle which affects the drainage of these station too and they simply restoring a one and the bonus help optimize balance and remove interference from the nervous system which is a source of all functioning he'll into the body and it's a natural tire frontier is it's a natural lifestyle money minute treatment. By getting that ball checked frequently don't properly adjusted properly aligned so your child can thrive and they can heal. So they are just concealing taking antibiotics in America cinematic. You know oftentimes the doctors are determining boys and a bacterial infection is viral infection. So once these station to be able to properly drain in the viruses and. Bacteria in the fluid buildup isn't just just building up in there you know by getting Nancy one bone adjusted. Can make a world of difference for your child's health and could begin to minimize and there's a lot of my parents who you know we have this practice members who. You know once they understand this principle of how the body functions they bring their children and we check them out and we adjustments need it. A lot of times we get the question why how how many adjustments when my child need. Often times every thirty to sixty days is is a good window depending on how active your child is. How Ole miss align your child is that the at times maybe once a week or maybe every two weeks if that if it's more of a problem we and we determine that from the first of visible only check your child's mind we do thermal scans which don't listen any radiation or we take a small little picture of their net. To measure the the alignment of C one C two bones the top of the neck and we as we just don't children respond a lot quicker than adults who have been in this line for decades. Okay and need to go undergo go through a corrective chiropractic program. So we recommend. Moms and dads you're listening right now especially if your children have had issues with the with ear infections. If they've had tubes put in the years they've had were you know recurring ear infections as they've had a history of antibiotic usage. I wanna invite you to bring your child and to be checked you know and then maybe they don't need to be adjustable let's check them out. Let's let's maybe get another opinion you know and and it's it's it's him and yes it's not traditional still but. You know across the United States more and you can even check our website out in this article here wolf will tell you. We have posts are social media pages be sure like our page power chiropractic health senator Wilkes-Barre PA. Like it's on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and see them as well for conflict trying just towed to educate through studies. Out of of when how and why chiropractic is a safe and effective. Lifestyle to get under not only for yourself for people with pain and headaches and back pain but to help optimize the Bayh is a neat. Functioning healing potential so few questions about. Your health your child's health. And maybe it's your infections maybe it's just have trouble maybe it's college babies headaches or back problems. You can caller clinic today at 57082935. B 05708293580. Check is on the web. Triple W dot knee but doctored and doctor Dan dot com that's any PA DRD AN dot com and show me a question if you the question or concern about any thing I'd be happy to help and assist in any way. Possible so we're gonna go to another commercial break. When I get back we're going to be talking about things to look for when selecting a protein powder and or talk about. The dangers of calcium supplementation how shifting over Zamora they ate food days. Our lifestyle. So that now you're getting your calcium in for your foods and what other nutrients out there assist with the absorption of calcium. Just by taking calcium supplement off and other times people are deficient other teenagers as well so they're not maximizing the effects of calcium absorption and if you have health questions that help dancers call me up right now at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Can be back in just a minute. Help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic. Health center is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your cell phone and operated by myself Doctor King dollar just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes the corrective chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. And one of our monthly health workshops were fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need doctor BM dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks. Gary in contention all current and future Medigap pharmacy customers we have officially moved here confusing here are. Aren't pharmacist committee capped an alternate to better serve you our customers we move. Who make your next door to a former feel good motors building. In addition to a new drive through window for offering a wider prayer services. Be sure to come by and visit our news stories now located on the dirt bike has an office. Are you looking for a new career are you tired of going to the same old job. Then visit the online job very Entercom career very dot com. We have hundreds of jobs online right now but WLK news radio dot com click on the intercom career fair manner and click on the employers logo looks like it's that easy. Beyond my job fair is going on up through August 6 we will find out some great companies like eight. Heating BCM solutions and more. It's a better term career fair or not. I'm today this is narrow street there's so much in life we can't control them but here's something we can't colorectal cancer. This is the second leading cancer killer in the US but it is almost entirely preventable. Screening finds polyps so they can be removed before they turn into. If you're overfishing get screened for colorectal cancer screenings saves lives you can really save your mind. For more information call 1800 CDC info. A message from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Each month radio PA gives you a chance to send a question or comment to governor Tom Walsh during our past the governor program for your input can make a difference just like Thomas and center Kelly who was concerned about the state prison population counting toward the governor's proposed 25 dollar per capita feet first and police coverage prison populations. Included in these township formulas visceral way to offset that or is that just waits I don't know I think I think Thomas makes really good points let's average so I'll make sure the news release and in the proposals that I make. The modified food that we don't count prison population that's I think comes mission they're good point thank you for the good question. You can be a part of the next to ask the governor program are going to PA matters dot com and clicking the ask the governor linked to the top of the page. You can also email the program directly and asked and other NBA matters dot com. Assessment of GO VF DA matters dot com ask the governor is an exclusive presentation of radio Pennsylvania and PA matters dot com. This is double BYOK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. Welcome back to maximize your health with your help coach doctor Dan coalition skewer here on WI OK every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM to help you gain victory in your health for more information about myself podcasts from previously recorded programs visit my website at triple W dot need by doctored and dot com. Any EPA DRD eight and dot com I got an email during the breaks from rob and Wilkes-Barre in Ron's question was about. Naked in both house and juices he asks you know why are these not in house of nutrition why don't they sell these and I honestly don't know that answer side when you're during the break I looked up the actual nutrition facts on these juices. And it was pretty clear why I believe these juices are not available house nutrition and I know how some nutrition prides himself. In in its selling and an offering the highest quality products that are going to help you build and restore your health. So the key thing in both the ball house and the naked juice is a jump out of me was that the sugar contents so. Each bottle contains two servings. And Hurst surveying. So you wanna take either 28. To thirty grams of sugar per serving. Multiply that number ten Suze you're talking. Fifties. Between 55 and sixty grams of shoulder. In one model this. The second prom then I found was. They clever marketing so this is going to trickle Lotta people so it's gonna see no preservatives artificial colors no flavors nothing genetically modified and except when I look at a bowl house juice I find that. All of this fruit again when it's fruit to your taking there's there's. Only two grams of dietary fiber and lots of sugar so all the fiber in the key nutrients have been extracted. And it's from concentrate. So it's not real pineapple it's not real apples are real banana. I'm on the old house it's actually pure rain banana pure hate. So it's cleverly marketed now on the naked juice banana puree QE parade pineapple juice I'm twenty grams of sugar kinds too. As 56 grams of sugar. And it's been gently pasteurized. So what I would recommend if you really wanted to consume and a good quality products. You can find something better the brands you know arm and they're missing me but if you have more questions he went and oh what. What is similar rob since this if you're listening right now I would visit house nutrition ask one of the workers there or you can call up. 5707140436. Should the most private message on their FaceBook page house of nutrition. And they can blink you know what they have and why it's better in what would be similar. You either any did you serve bowl how's she's so dumb rob thanks so much for your question thank you for tuning in to maximize your health so again house nutrition if you're wondering who is house and attrition their located in the Borough Lucerne a fifty mainstream they're open today from 10 AM until 6 PM. They on the web site but if you want more information visit their FaceBook page and like them on FaceBook house of nutrition. And I want to thank once again our other sponsors who just joined us here on maximize your house thrive wellness center they're located on Wyoming avenue in tanks and visit their website bribe wellness Kingston dot com or for questions you can call the 5702830111. Holistic health practitioners doctors massage therapist reflexology is nutritional consultants. They have their nutrition and wellness support group while Wednesday nights from 630 until 730 there's new topics each week to register call 570283011. One or visit thrive wellness Kingston dot com wanna thank both houses of nutrition and thrive while in the center of Kingston for sponsoring this program of maximize. Your health so why did shift gears now I wanted to to actually talk about. Calcium supplements. There's actually dangers with calcium supplements because it's it's an organic it's not food based. And it's very popularly prescribed through a lot of health kick I'm not a conventional health care producers others say taking calcium supplements but there's actually been studies coming out. And these supplements are now being shown actually increase the risk of heart attacks. Is a new study from the university of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom and Dartmouth university here in the states where researchers found that people taking calcium supplements. Every twenty to 30%. Increase risk of heart attack and there's other ongoing reason so easily done though what how how is this affecting. Our houses leaning to arteriosclerosis. Which can lead to a heart attacked the cardiologists from the UK's hole your medical school John clearly states the evidence to support calcium supplements for bone health. Are unconvincing in a best. An editorial published with the same study. John failing goes on CNN calcium supplements alone do not protect against bone problems like osteoporosis and fractures might even slightly increase the risk if you're doing a supplement. So the way the body absorbs calcium from a supplement vs powder absorbs calcium from food. Are two different things surreal foods are still the best way to get your calcium. Okay. Also unique key other minerals and vitamins like magnesium vitamin. And again I wouldn't say drink more Malcolm that would be my number one food source that would recommend an either so. Calcium vitamin DK to magnesium and that's the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that you wanna be getting from food sources. If you did you opt for supplements along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The first area to take in consideration with any supplementation is the quality of the supplements so. In our practice a power chiropractic we offer garden of life whole food based supplements so they I have calcium vitamin. You need that combinations let's start with vitamin. If you don't get enough vitamin. Or if you're vitamin. But you had you might be vitamin deficient. So they have to do that task first and then if you get a vitamin. Combo with the whole food based calcium supplement that will be the better way to go out that would be more effective for your help is now you've utilized. Those vitamins and minerals more effectively. By McCain to. Vitamin K two is it's big primary vitamin to help aid with. Bone strength so if you have cost GOP near our osteoporosis and you and make sure your vitamin K levels. Are adequate. There were Japanese researchers who found a correlation between women who consumed a traditional Japanese food called nano which is highly in terms oral vitamin K two O. And a decrease the instance of hip fractures. Another study found in the American journal clinical nutrition found that women who consumed the least amount of vitamin K and 30% more chance of sustaining a hip fracture. The next thing here's a vitamin K two was found in dark green leafy vegetables that's organic Swiss chard Collard greens kale and spent edged. Or fermented vegetables like not know which is a Japanese vegetable. As well so next is magnesium and calcium so when it comes to the health of bones. Deem mineralization is one of them bomb most primary concerns. In a study from the American journal of clinical nutrition it was discovered that people consuming in Hyde diet in magnesium and potassium had a higher bone density among those not consuming the same amounts of these two. Nutrients. Any gimmick museums can be found in raw nuts. In seeds. Go lagoons and green leafy vegetables. Certain potatoes and whole grain foods. And if you again remember if you choose to supplement with calcium. It's gonna do combo so garden of life offers it's called raw calcium. With vitamin K two with vitamin. And the calcium isn't synthetic it isn't made no laboratory. Or it's very different very difficult for your body to absorb the calcium is actually all food basis extracted from whole fresh foods so. Carded a lifestyle upon check in now garden of life dot com for more information you can contact our clinic because we are a retailer of these garden of life supplements you can stop and visit us. Any time I caller clinic today 5708293580. As 570829. 35. 80 so in the few remaining minutes that we had here folks so what does a permanent just go through some recommendations for selecting the right protein powder. So protein is a concur it's a macro nutrient so protein carbohydrates and fat. So it's important make sure you're consuming the right type of protein and some guy important in. The healthy growth and polishing your cells tissues and organs throughout the whole body. Eating lean protein every day as a variety of benefits including. Suppressing hunger improving folk is stabilizing blood sugar. Boosting energy speeding up weight loss muscle real development of lean muscle and recovery after a work out and enhancing cognition. Most had no adult seen an average of 45 to 100 grams. Of dietary protein daily depending on their size activity levels and metabolic demands. Until ensure your receiving optimal health benefits from protein powders. And other sources of lean dietary protein like fish there's three things you wanna look for when comparing protein power is number one looks for a plant based protein. The two most frequently used proteins are made from way which is the milk protein in soy. But these come with significant health risks is so stop scientists are beginning to recognize what many human. Contestants have already made clear. That how is now in subsequent dairy products are unnecessary in the adult human diet. In fact many humans have trouble properly they Jesse dairy products and armed additionally broad finding growth hormones commonly given to dairy cows to increase their milk production. Are suspected to. Contributing to early puberty in children because of elevated IGF one which is insulin growth factor. And then soy proteins are not healthy choice either because soy proteins. High concentrations of elections elections are carbohydrate binding proteins are also founding gluten. Wishing contributes a leaky gut syndrome. And an effect it has a spill over effect in other parts of the body also soy proteins contain too much by gas and they contain Fido estrogens. Plant estrogens or contribute to the development of some hormonal based cancers. And too high levels of these fine LSU can contribute to premature puberty in girls and impotence in men. So secondly you wanna choosing protein powder with complete proteins. Your body requires 22 amino acids thirteen or may by the by so he won a slick on the complete protein. Fortunately most web based proteins do not contain complete proteins therefore need to be supplemented with other proteins. And all seen you want to choose a protein with adequate fiber and a fiber impacts our air in nearly every phase of digestion from up first. Bite. And so you wanna look for something like to have protein a pea protein. Or he could do grass fed whey protein that doesn't contain any recombinant bovine growth hormones any insulin growth factors. Any inflammatory. Ingredients that are going to you know affect adversely affect your health for more information if you've questions on. The subject of how to select the right protein or if you need some specific recommendations. He could send me an email today and PWR Cairo. And PWR CH OIRO at On out of time against hoax is does the hour flies survived but if you wanna get connect with me visit me on the web triple W dot need a doctor Dan dot com caller clinic 5708293. Fannie zero and I look forward to meeting many of these soon see it you were here every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM to help you. Maximize your health. He well be safe. And I'll see you soon.