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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, June 17th

Saturday June 17, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh -- just is a reminder of the advice heard on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only if it is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now the maximize your health with the doctor Dan Galicia ski. Welcome to another live episode of maximize your health northeastern Pennsylvania. I am your health coach doctor Dan polish ASCII here to delivered the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally and I am an exciting lineup plants today show we have special guests David Slade he is a local herbalist she is the owner and founder of beyond organics garden and factory though and he is going to be with the say we're going to be talking all about Lyme Disease toxins and autoimmune disease also this coming Thursday June 22 he will be at power chiropractic. How 113 Weston road in wilkes-barre leading a free life changing workshop. And how you can manage Lyme Disease toxins and autoimmune diseases and naturally he's going to be with us 6 PM Thursday June 22 for that. Blockbuster. Event but you have questions regarding Lyme Disease may be of an autoimmune illness. If your someone out there were you just feel it's something you're gonna have to live with you feel like your life and your health will never improve. It'll never be the same again this is an opportunity for you to call in and ask David your questions because after the first break we're gonna be introducing him and he's going to be sharing his story of where he started. And with his battle with Lyme Disease. So the number here's 5708830098. Or 18043730098. Maybe have another question regarding how to improve your health and actually they do you are you concerned because you have chronic pain fibromyalgia. Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. May be your digestive system seems off in year ear you're losing weight or you have it or you can't lose weight. Or maybe your energies down maybe you just feel constantly inflamed may be there's skin disorder like psoriasis or X amount so we're going to be talking all about the benefits of the micro my own a little bit later with David about pro by onyx about rebalance seeing. The ratio of good to bad bacteria entered into a justice system any importance and has. Purpose for those of you out there who are battling with Lyme Disease so if you have health questions I have dealt answers. I Simoneau 830098. Or 1804370098. In just kind of catch everyone up maximize your health is a show that is here to empower you to build or restore your health nationally so we talk about function fitness food. Ways to lower stress. And to build a healthier overall lifestyle how to develop the right relationships. How to remove interference and that's the key word is interference a lot of times were unknowingly interfering with our normal. The level of function and healing. A health is anybody's optimal functioning in healing. At or close to 100%. It's our bodies have a built in healing mechanism are nervous systems are immune systems all those systems have to work in harmony with each other can no no system's working independently in and of itself there's communication there's an intelligence of the body that resides in the central nervous system. And travels out all your organs including your heart your digestion system your immune system done for your lungs and and your labor all your detox organs so we wanna make sure everything's connected at a 100% and we're not interfering so physical stress tenable stressed. And emotional stress. Anyone or combination of the three can produce interference. Our job is to find out where we can improve. And we can't always secure ourselves we can't that the on this show is not about a cure it's not about training another cent done it's about becoming well becoming more balanced living a fulfilling lifestyle and moving closer near full health. Potential. So this workshop coming up on Thursday June 22 called understanding Lyme Disease toxins and autoimmune disorders has never been done before at our clinic. David Slade again the founder of beyond organics guard is going to be leading this free life changing event. TI also is a professor. Over at the Keystone College. And he doesn't classic. Understanding Lyme Disease and he is also beaten the director of Wyoming counties Lyme Disease support groups so again if you're just tuning in you wanna listen for the entire hour here today and if you have a Lyme Disease. Or you know somebody out there with Lyme Disease this program is for you today. You have an opportunity to call in lives and asked David your questions by Simoneau. 8300981804370098. If you like to sign up for this free life changing workshop. Thursday June 22 6 o'clock. Or a little more than halfway four please call power chiropractic health search and just let us know that your comment 5708293580. As 570. 829. 3580. Or one and open up the first segment. Talking about how to boost brain function so we're gonna talk about what the top foods which foods do we want eliminate what supplements are are good for brain function and also how chiropractic ties into all of that so we know the brain is the most important or your body it extends an enormous amount of energy requires ample fuel for energy. And especially if here. You know thinking if you're using you know your your thoughts or are you know you have exams maybe for students out there. You're studying your deadlines you know you you're you're multitasking you a lot going on your brain is especially working really hard during those busy times to a healthy human brain can process information as fast as 268. Miles per hour it can make trillions of connections other cells and can think it nearly 60000 dots per day that is truly incredible. How such a small. Org and can do that much wore these thoughts are being generated by the brains of 100 billion neurons. So we know our brain is hard working. Org and for us so. People out there who question whether foods could in fact help improve brain function. Island but there is certain research out there. Studies by neuroscience says distinguished fellow New York Times best selling author Daniel G on man who has worked with a 130 active and retired NFL football players. Doctor amen put professional athletes on a special diet that included increase lean proteins and vegetables. Regular exercise and adequate sleep as well as nutritional supplements such as. Fish oil and vitamins within six months the players showed significant increases in cognitive scores. Blood flow to the brain self reported their moods memory and motivation. Many athletes had 50% boost inattention information processing speed and accuracy on test. So it seems worth the try to start eating better foods. And again the most important food here only when it comes to food for fuel for the brain are Omega three fatty acids. Healthy brains are about 60% structural fact. With Omega three fatty acids and specifically. THA the most prevalent the other is EPA. Okay these two facts are important for serotonin synthesis release and the function in the brain also and combining vitamin. Okay this is another one that we wanna begin to take in as well so but in terms of Omega threes what foods are the highest in Omega threes and DH day. Wild salmon and not farm race stuff OK just wild salmon sardines mackerel. And fish oil supplements and some of the krill oil supplements out there so other brain friendly foods include lean protein. Protein builds new and repairs damaged tissue in our Brooke by some brains. Amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins ignites certain neural transmitters in the brain. So these foods are going to be your wild salmon pasture eggs organic free range Turkey and grass fed red meat I this'll help the body produce Nora and aspirin and heparin Ephron which are here. Fighter flight hormones. And this also helps support brain alertness and activity and other brain boosting proteins include avocados. Prearranged checked in organic beans raw nuts and seeds. Next an anti oxen so in a few minutes a recipe of the week isn't anti oxidant smoothly ball but antioxidants are foods like blueberries. Terrence dark organic leafy green vegetables. These are helps strengthen the blood vessel walls in the brain and there's approximately 100000. Miles of blood vessels in the brain again it's something that I know personally I can't wrap my head around how remarkable. Of an organ the brain wasn't our creator design maps also vitamin C found in citrus in green vegetables. And another powerful an accident and then show has shown to reduce oxen Dana stress. And help. Control spikes of court is always is our bodies most abundant stress hormone. And this will lead to more stable energy levels so if you're battling with adrenal overload urged real fatigue. You wanna begin consuming more antioxidants also to help. So healthy brain next B vitamins. Food like spinach avocado is organic beans and not some water many of us out their folks were dehydrated when imagery half of our body weight. And take your body weight in pounds divide that by two and that's how many ounces of watery when he came to drink a day. This'll keep blood viscous and moving bringing more oxygen and nutrients in the brain when your properly hydrated. OK okay and if you're drinking soda out there that doesn't count as liquid or hydration. That's actually going to 'cause you produced more dehydration same goes with coffee and and for would you wanna avoid to help support healthier brain. This is going to be out foods that are free radicals that's fried foods that's trans fats caffeine sugar. Okay white flour. And this again is gonna cause other problems health problems but it's also going to adversely affect the brain. And and hydrogenated oil sister how these have been shown a deep diminished cognitive function and finally we we don't. Skip breakfast folks. K breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you belong they plan if you work if you're a student out there and you go to class on an anti Saddam think you're gonna feel down you're going to be sleeping you're going to be tired your your your brain isn't going to work is effectively. That's capable of working at unless you're consuming a good breakfast so I have a great rest to be out there I'm which I'm gonna be sure you're in a minute that works great for breakfast and antioxidants smooth ball you're going to be getting those antioxidants from B vitamins even proteins. OK so we want to talk about that so finally here on the subject to brain is chiropractic in my soul chiropractic is not just for back pain or headaches. Not at all. OK if it goes way beyond treating symptoms about optimizing you're in need. Ability to function and he'll. Remember a few minutes ago I mentioned there's three types of interference physical chemical and emotional well chiropractic focus is on physical nerves stress. When the bones of your spinal column misalignment produces nurse stress which produces interference. Which lowers your body's functioning healing potential when you see a chiropractor and then they you know when they do demographic studies of scans of determining varying levels of runner interference. And those. Who take before and after X rays and those chiropractor or actually gaining inside to where the problems are and so where you need to be adjusted to what exercises and stretches you can do to help correct your spine your posture and then maintains from thereon out so that's a we'd do a power chiropractic health center so we optimize your brain body connection if you come in many of our our patients first come in. With the with the symptoms and then we begin educate them and show them that that's just the tip the iceberg when you NEC and iceberg using the iceberg is the largest structure below the water that you can't see. So we do a full scan thermal scanning your spine and we may mean I think X rays on you as well when he come in on the first visit we'll check you out we'll find out what you have going on and down that could be a game changer for some of you right now where you've never given chiropractic Trier maybe you've gone before once or twice but maybe it wasn't explained you properly may be really never understood why you were there in the first place but you just heard that can help relieve back pain or headaches. You know we go the extra mile and we pride ourselves in educating our practice members. So when you're educated. You're more likely to experience better results a lot quicker. So if you have questions about that. Maybe you have a symptom out there may be you have 81 adjust to regain some energy maybe one optimize blood flow of the brain chiropractic there's been studies out there proving all tech ever again. It's helped all of those conditions. By simply removing interference by reducing spinal misalignment and allowing your body to function much that are all by itself so if you like to set an appointment you can call power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre 5708293580. That's 5708293580. Finally supplementation. Held. Boost brain function and mood. The top two are Omega three fish oil. And vitamin. 2000 I use today I typically will do 5009 news today and enter the Omega threes you can do anywhere from two to 3000 milligrams a day you wanna make sure that it contains a good balance and EPA in ths. So the brands that we sell power covered health sir are the garden of life nutritional supplements which are whole food based. There's no feelers as a additives there's nothing synthetic applied to these. You can pick them up directly from our office and we do share as well so if you're looking for a quality fish oil or a then you wanna begin to work towards prevention because an ounce of prevention of causes worth a pound of your. I don't wage then and looked to a cure once you become sick. Amy never becoming sick in the first place do your part and leave the rest of the gods it's not up to us. So there's research out there showing that 70% of all adults and 67% of children between ages one and eleven do you not have adequate levels of vitamin. Some blood work from your physician. Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health previously suggested that having low levels of Omega three fat. Are a leading preventable cause of cardiovascular problems. And positive attention memory self control and harmed so again these are the top two from brain function Omega three fish oil vitamin. Ordering information of these you supplements you can contact our clinic today. F 5708293580. That's 5708293580. So I wanted to share here are recipe of the week before we go to commercial break and we introduce David Slade. The anti oxidant smooth ball. This calls for one frozen banana. Half cup of frozen organic cherries are frozen berries one tablespoon of hemp seeds have a cup the moment now half of fresh banana sliced. Press raspberries blackberries a teaspoon of Chia seeds tablespoon of pumpkin seeds tablespoon of coconut flakes. And a quarter cup of pomegranate seeds so you're gonna add the frozen bananas cherries hemp seeds are all now to a blender. Blend until smooth and pour into a ball pops smoothly with sliced bananas raspberries blackberries. She sees pumpkin seeds coconut flakes and pomegranate seeds. It takes all five to ten minutes to prepare folks so this makes for a great breakfast if you're currently out there listening in your skipping breakfast. I would not advise that you let another day go by and if you're looking to improve your health they simply just adding breakfast in eighteen and nursing breakfast no less. It's going to take your health to the next level so if you like a copy of this recipe you can Ximian email right now PWR Cairo at. At That's PWR CH IRL and Gmail. Dot com and if he'd like to subscribe for our weekly recipes. Are health tips our upcoming events. The radio podcasts you can visit our website triple W dot need by doctor Dan dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com or simply just send us an email saying you like to subscribe. For our. I email blasts and PWR Cairo at Well it's time for a quick commercial break when we get back we are I'm going to be introducing lyme specialist David Slade. We're going to be talking about this coming Thursday's workshop she's going to be sharing his story we're gonna cover the top two or three things. You could begin working on an improving your health right now if you have Lyme Disease. How you can begin in nationally overcome some of those symptoms so stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health doctor Dan Walsh ASCII power chiropractic. Health center is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializing corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Leo just rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching at. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. They start them. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx can co Q ten it. 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Welcome back to maximize your health again and your health coach doctor Dan and call us ASCII and the voice and maximize your health and also the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center. How 113 Weston road looks very. Or currently in our seventh season of the program here every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM I share this with friends and family especially if you know if they're struggling with their health right now. And you can have them you can call and with health questions to be happy to guide June. Wherever you're at. And whether it's a simple clash or something more complex. I'd be happy to help in any way that I can't help you gain victory in your health call up right now 570830098. Or 1804370098. In just another two minutes are going to be bringing on our special guest today David Slade David again is it's easy he teaches the class understanding Lyme Disease a biology course to Keystone College. Is a director of the Wyoming county line to see support groupies and nutritional health coach herbalist and professional organic gardener. He's the director of beyond organics garden. And you can check his website you'll be sharing that a little bit but he is going to be coming on here the bid to share how. Living on hardly anything how she was able to radically transform his health. And how he knew how he was able to overcome Lyme Disease and how he is I mean it's a radiant. Beam of light and m.'s is so honored and happy to have you with us here today to. But I wanted to first announced and thank our sponsors for The Today Show house of nutrition they are located at 15 eastern who's earned their alternative grocery organic vegan bakery prep foods green cleaning supplies. Natural supplements or remedies fairly trading gets custom nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices. They're open until 6 PM today at 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday June is ten months of house and attrition there a lot of great items on sale. From natural and hygiene products they have light sweet foods. They have I have this whole pamphlet here are still great amazing things error what house of nutrition. So be sure to visit them and check out some other there are items on sale for. There are fifty mainstream news or so that's exits six after the 309 expressway in Lucerne county. And be sure to check them out here today we wanna think house of nutrition for sponsoring this program. How maximize your health. Well without any further ado we're gonna bring on our special guest today David Slade David welcome to the program on Emmys grammys and it's it's it's really an honor him you know my honored to have you here and I may he recently in the you know just saddens us. Hearing your story and hearing your passion of where you started out and in where you made it to now is really just a breath of fresh therein and it's a sinker I remember how much encouraged me to write you know guys we all we all face challenges we all face struggles in life by it seems like your story. You know world we will hit home for a lot of the listeners should say because it was it was a battle with Lyme Disease yes obesity Lyme Disease yup so why you go ahead and just introduce yourself give a little background bio for our listeners wrote in maybe just share your story. Absolutely well you know my name is David Slade we I have found to be honored enix gardening you know I and they told me I have to deceive both football player you know this big tall guy can really see at the moment by you know I really wasn't always that way I did spend a good year and a half in a wheelchair I lost my ability to walk for a long time when I like to tell people. Is that you know in order to appreciate healthy after understand where you are as a result of poor lifestyle choices you know. And I am my lifestyle growing up lots of process to slots a microwave tunes lots of sugar lots of set on anything to drink order. A re trying to place of that you know win and it really took its whole as an eighteen year old having high blood pressure conceived the signed starting to build. Hypertension and you know obesity and inflammation came later hum. You know and then of course Lee ending in a wheelchair as my all time bottom losing my in my privileged walk. But you know what I like to tell people just to give a quick list here because not everyone knows who I am. I'll just do you guys a list of my symptoms irritable bowel syndrome being one of them leaky gut. Sleep apnea and there's a lot of people that it's suffer from that and you know without any real hope they have to C pap they're used to that. There's food allergies I have insomnia and I had reached the point where I was 365. Pounds. They'll be considered clinically obese for someone who's six foot two and half. I had the Caesars. Fibromyalgia rheumatoid arthritis and we get into the auto immune problems which as you know Dan on disease can I create. Lupus to prevention depression memory loss. And then there's the double vision and that's in the know Lyme Disease symptom the brain falls the sourced. The sent in and many individuals dizziness then come and vendors they know which is that a bizarre when it's extreme sensitivity to sunlight. You know where people haven't even difficult time going to grocery stores or you know to see them with shades on. On the there's a multiple chemical sensitivities sentinel last but not least. Is the aloe dying you know which is now central nervous system disorder your nerves start to miss fire. And it sends inappropriate signals of pain and even all all the overhead to tell. So these were some things that I had to get used to go for seven years living this way. And you know it's for many people that suffer I like to give them that hope the scene of there's a way out. In for me really was whole foods avoiding fraction heated process. Deep finalized foods foods that are rich in sugar. They have very little to no antioxidants and Trace minerals these are foods and I didn't know wellness and so. Now you were at a fork in the road yes you were. Is either the conventional medical yes. You know lifestyle which was are going to be antibiotics it was all these all these symptoms genres of and the double vision PO ID autoimmune the food sensitivity still all the bacteria. Right right so is that pathway which you know is very you know is helpful at times at the right on the right place but you really needed you needed to make over Joey did something. Dramatic funny comprehensive absolutely no and I had exhausted that soprano and I mean I was on a very very. Hi. Protocol as antibiotics closely even before my lime disease kicked in I was having recurring fungal infections can indeed infections and skin peeling. Just leave a lot of different. Diagnosis but I couldn't shaken antibiotics was my go to U. Years and years event. So I had to heal from and that's when I really started to look at whole foods we call them functional superffoods then foods that have. And of course you know doing the yogurt they can see the sauerkraut. Things that you can make at home. And it took dance where it really takes. Doing some research and then figuring out how to why heal from you know long term antibiotic usage. You know how much sugar do weighed on how to why avoid Sugar Ray white starches. You know not just that but there's the choices that we make I always like to tell people. In water filter because chlorine as soon to damage the microphone I don't. CU became hungry to learn he had what you can change what you can do in your problem. Turning your purpose yes so you are I mean they win when you meet Dave when he here Dave and his hearing him now Cheri if he is as passionate as anybody I've met. I on the subject of Lyme Disease and we know here in northeastern Pennsylvania many of you listening right now this is something you've been battling maybe it's just started may be something that's been ongoing for you in awhile. And may be the only thing you've tried experiencing you believe can help you are the chronic dosages of antibiotics right but just know this. There are there is documented research out there that. Proves that these can potentially produce a long term harm to your health it. If I wiping out the entire game. It micro bio. Absolutely it does a lot of different image to the micro by M and I even have a study here. It's the Spanish National Research Council Valencia Spain I was doing some research on the intestinal homey you stay says and acrobatics. And it was. Very interest into human quote. It says here that got micro buyout in transient bacteria are known to influence the development and regulation of the host defense of the immune. And not immune nature commence a bacteria regulate. The Houston gene expression by glob oil and modifying them any gets into some technicalities here it is. Some commence a bacterial also induce this accretion of anti microbial peptides. By intestinal cells and regulates the alteration of premier ability associated with infections. Stress. And inflammation conditions right so there is when you hurt Wanda in this is where the conversation in doctor's are becoming portrayed in the subject. You know Howell. Close isn't the mark or buyout up wished he needs dismantle people. If they see 80% of the immune system is. Right here and they got 80%. That's almost 100% of our entire means is it right around so that's something you wanna protect and you know it's not just prescription drugs in this do we get into organics. Pesticides chlorine chloride stress. As one of cortisol amount of inappropriate levels of cortisol in the bloodstream. These are all things that can really do a lot of damage to this very sensitive folks that goes back to like the physical chemical and you know. Shuttle yes Dresser interference itself. Food can be stressful to the body if you're eating a lot of processed food and white flour GM knows for sure gonna touch on after the break care if that is interference emotional stress if you're always negative if you're always a worry about what might happen to a dazzling hurting yourself if you're on forgiving towards somebody if you're holding a grudge against somebody that doesn't hurt the other person that hurts you guess so it's so true very powerful points in a day in and you have absolutely inventors serotonin and open mean as well rent that's also developed and got. So you have to look at that he knows you're depressed appear you know showing all your own anti psychotic anti depressants. Prescription drugs. Well your serotonin don't mean is manufactured. In your gut microbe found so. You know that's something you have to take into consideration in knowing this is why we've to a back right back the sauerkraut but permitted suits repopulates during restore that area sinister feeling better again and they and the other thing people might say they might get overwhelmed hearing all this they might be saying to themselves you mean have been doing this wrong all along so what advice you have for those listeners right now maybe their records on a budget financially strong. And I know you were just talking your during the last break about how do you were on Social Security absolutely. And what went tests or vice you have those people it's interesting because the biggest argument is a life can afford it I can't eat organics because it's too expensive Roy did it on a thousand dollars. A month you know what I tell people get a guard enjoined a CSA co op. That you can make homemade yogurt and home you can make two and she you can make fermented sour crowd you can do a lot water keeper Abuja. There's a lot of different tools that we have to repopulates shield digest of tissue scarring. Re populated the beneficial microorganisms that have been damaged from years and years of of a prescription drugs and antibiotics so. If there's a lot you can do look into this material. More follow up with the nutritional health could sleep and I myself Obama are managers now coach you need guidance with this and I like to empower people said he panicked right do your research get involved become equipped to you know. Is our hair we're here to make a difference we're not here waste anyone's time out so we know George steer ourselves on the radio or where here to help you. It's in victory your health and it works if you you know we can't do it for you we could simply tell you what to do choice and if you apply this to your life your health will begin to improve is in it may not be an overnight change just understand that some of these health problems didn't start overnight it's not gonna take. It's a drain overnight quick fixes right. And a lot of people because they can find that quick fists victory except magic bullet that pillar whatever it is out there they get discouraged and they don't even get off the bench in the game shift to get into the game I'm here David here. He's going to be to really be talking a little bit more about what's it you can expect to learn at the understanding Lyme Disease toxicity and autoimmune disease pork chop this coming Thursday June 22. We're going to be talking about. Two major factors that we can interfere with the immune system after our our commercial break but if you have Lyme Disease. I David is going to be talking a little bit about how to open our bodies detoxification pathways and some of the natural. Organic herbs and she's actually developed through his organic gardening business. So if you have a question you call in 570830098. Or 1804370098. I'll be back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is a northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializing corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness class. 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This is double BYAO game powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Now back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. Welcome back to maximize your help I'm your health coach doctor day and polish a skiing we have special guest David Slade herbalist professional organic gardener and now line expert is he's here with us today and if you have questions about if you have an autoimmune condition. If you're trying to kick sugar addiction and if you don't feel you had he billions change your diet. Or if you're struggling with Lyme Disease you can call in now and asked David your question tied seven no 830098. Or 18043720098. And what do think again today's sponsors house of nutrition located fifteen main street in Lucerne. Also be sure like them on FaceBook house of nutrition they have a lot of great items on sale now June is healthy helped him month. And house and nutrition exits except for the three and I expressway to be sure to stop in and visit and today there are alternative grocery store organic grooming in May create prep foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy. Choices and we think housing nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. All they know we're back again and again here we are talking a little milieu and I'm back and forth about sugar addiction yes we're gonna talk about two major factors that can weakening interfere with the immune system. Making it more challenging to overcome Lyme Disease or leaky gut syndrome or autoimmune illness. And if you continue to interfere with over consuming sugar same so why don't you share with some of the listeners kind of how we use that was something that you battle with at a time and Fred you were able to overcome that. Yes sugar was. A major issue I even go far I had my lime disease diagnosis are just eating a lot of sugar and sugars and it's ubiquitous it's everywhere it's been bred. It's an almost every known processed foods so how do you avoid debt. Before I answer that I'd like to talk about what sugar does biologically what it does to the cells inside of the cell sugar causes a lot of inflammation. A sugar also is a known excite don't toxin and excited toxins are chemicals that. Literally excites the nerve pathways in your brain may let up with the Christmas tree. In these excess toxins they treat nerve damage they treat cell death more importantly it activates in a pro in an inappropriate measures. Open means serotonin it's it's a big bowl last event so even after you're done eating it you your brain remembers that fix any him what's he going back for more. And that's kind of a problem then because we all know what most people know war. Not actually doctors but some warn nutritionist they know that sugar actually saw lose your immune response. For six hours and here's this here's a figure. Sugar also kills your white blood cells by 50%. And it causes homey static disruption. So it slows your immune response and it eliminates 50% of your white blood cells known your body does recover it takes a full six hours. For that only a static disruption to kind of clear. So by that time if you pensioner in the morning. You know now it's lunchtime so you have a little bit of sugar again and then again at dinnertime so you go a full 24 hour cycle with. As an impaired immune response making you more susceptible to bacterial fungal infections. Definitely Lyme Disease so so sugar is one of those things it's pulling the anti nutrient and all right Nordson metabolize it. You need a lot of magnesium iron. Vitamin C then on the you need a lot at it to cleats your mineral. Store this so if you're already known nor Ashton. Continuing you using supplements for iron nor vitamin. Well when you're consuming sugar it's just going read out the window you know you're living organic. System so when you take in raw chemicals the body has to use organic minerals to break it down metabolize it and excoriated out of your body. View your sweat or urine pathways so ring and that's again you know if for me it was thirty Caesars today. Mom and having sugar would. Would definitely triggered that are right that would trigger my depression. So I learned the hard way. Have you re in the tigers got you're able to overcome that absolutely so what advice you have for folks out there in that same boat that you were one cent. I'm you have to say to them I would see TU. Look at herbal teas that are non caffeinated. There's red tees are Roy boast he is very good. There is African honey bush T I used to tease for my minerals in a really really helped Swiss my sugar cravings. There and we even have on our web site it's called an interest fire both see it's a combination of ten non caffeinated tees. Better it's really really good at regulating blood sugar and giving you your mineral zero pioneer you know your vitamin C your magnesium. When you have your minerals and place you don't have cravings the body is satisfied right. So that it takes a process I can't say that it's 24 hour overnight. I like to tell people three cups a day of a good decaffeinated tea. And Egypt that practice going and then you'll start noticing real psychological changes for me I have bipolar. My twin sister had schizophrenia. I'm not ashamed of that because a lot. Of our population of having some more than 6% rate of some kind of chronic issue right I control that I don't use prescription drugs. I control that would die and with organics with a lot of verbal so I'm might tease. We even have teachers that I've I mean in developed because I had Lyme Disease in all these different autoimmune problems. I couldn't find them online so I want to meet keying in manufacturing. Superffoods. That have about an extraordinary degree of our raw plant based minerals that are. Of course fermented in pro by guy next got to heal the gut yeah they really gut bacteria. So it's these are these are functional foods I caught and they do more than one function of the body right at the same time. Yes so we deem it's going to be leading a powerful workshop a life changing workshop if you wanna come and learn more in depth on. Sugar foods you can replace a list. Toxins hadn't actually open up your body's intoxication pathways essential oils herbs all that is going to be covered this coming Thursday June 22 6 PM it's a power chiropractic health center at 113 Weston road in Wilkes-Barre where about halfway full it's a free workshop what you do you need Acosta let us know if you plan on attending our numbers 5708293580. That's 5708293580. And data before we get onto the next factor that weakens our immune system we have a caller calling in here we have Jack from Pittston. Jack a welcome to maximize your health how can I help. Hi. I'm. The strange died I don't know whether you know forks over knives and go do this kind of study. Seattle it's a very extreme just I had yes and there with the exclusion of all that's. In the area right and and it's up and so I'm having a difficult time. Number one accommodating whatever need that might have in terms of bats but the other part of course I would repeat itself. So I mean being. Enough. Early allegedly a plant based protein yeah OK I would say I have proteins a very good one person in hand. A guy can also do I mean. Like Brett does brown rice protein. Any advice on and David maybe three hour times he knows he's on forks over knives diet he's missing in his major vitamin B complex as well. I would recommend a spiraling you know Hawaiian spears an early in blue green house easier isn't very good blue green algae contact there's even something called. Brewers east brewer's yeast past which is an entire vitamin B complex and also fermented food. What about traditional name used. Interest at least. Not as good as drew disease I was looked for a non sugar brewers he said no I think sold our. And the big gun none of these right. Yeah yes they're going to be in CU yes I mean turned minerals. But no but then again the facts are the flags not even plastic feel Oreo flax seed it's fine yeah. As I get back could be a source of some Oreo. Right back. So I unlimited well rupiah call yeah I did not spell recently and it would say did you call liberal over flax oil. Yup yeah I'd be dietitians sent me you know could encourage or guidance and she said oh my god where and how you're fat. Right yeah you know well yeah hey LB about us oh my goodness how. Also important yeah yeah blue ice has a really good cod liver oil they have one of the best of Superman and cobra oil blue lights. Sound yeah oh yeah. Thank you very much Carol and Jacqui thanks for calling in with your question today. Yes so I mean there are folks out there was chains and has a great question and yeah. There could distribute and scaling back to aware of tough discussing. And on the show angered the second factor that we can do and interferes with the immune system is. Ours Jim most Diaz this is subject to really pass gas is now you have a book and everything else you so why you ask Hannah. And GM rose if you don't know what that means that stands what you meant genetically modified organisms organisms meaning that it's an actual passage and which grants corn complete immunity to around that they can spray it as much as they want. I'm more importantly GM knows they triage and treat that despite uses convince. The document set is behind you know inflammation in the gut. The email went take a look at the American academy of environmental medicine they have they're actually urging doctors to prescribe non GM on diets for all patients. Citing animal studies showing organ damage gastrointestinal. Immune system disorders accelerated aging infertility. I'm there's a lot of data that we have behind genetically modified organisms and wind Powell there a disaster to. That's just. Crop why is in terms about the two coasting to grow them but nutritionally speaking. All the damage in the gut that's been associated technology's been there aren't even a league team to GM goes under and for me personally again you know when you're averaging thirty sees as the day. In general your children in you have insomnia and lime disease and always problems. He all the autoimmune disorders. GM owes us something that I had to wean myself off of at lake in a week right I got really corny you can eat organically I think there's Jimoh verified. Look for GM or verified you know corn on. Organically I think it's illegal to write him. You have Jim Ellis and we have another caller we have Mary Jean from Bloomberg. Welcomed the program Mary Jean how can we help today. I interest and I'd like to thank you for having that program and everything wrong. And it's about linemen especially for I'm teaching that class standings just wonderful. Mission from line. I know you can add extra flew but for about a year and actually. And I mean remission my symptoms have gone but my Palestinians. I'm the line of thinking in their somewhere I want and what I should be doing now. Can turn and you know although this from break and in the light coming back actually and I mean and kept not to get. Yet again but what can I do not die life. Well there's there's a lot you know you're eating organically of course is. You know foundational avoiding sugar. And caffeine whenever possible I would user really high quality herb there's a few different hurdles that have been studied. Wholly Stevie being one of them there's a big study. I'm from doctor Eva sappy and your team show that wholly Stevie had a strands of toxic site clean. So support zone and that demise and that's just one ingredient there's about ten of them Japanese not lead which is incredibly kind Reza apparent throw. There is a cat's claw which is the unit Korea. I herbal others Fuller's diesel room there's a few different Jersey contains as a T. As well I would take a look at our web site I beyond organics guard in dot com. I'm actually cites all ten of the best herbs that you can use for Lyme Disease so we even have a product called the master teacher. That's something that you can use preventative lead my wife and I use a competitively I had Lyme Disease of me and my daughter. She was just exposed would take place two days ago season on the master teacher which is all ten herbs in one pro bionic formula. You can also drink these you can take an independently as well. Just as and good natural preventative. For health. But I would recommend a really high quality Japanese now we'd. But take a look at our website I kind of do the hard work for you it is a little labor intensive and doing the research. I try to make it easy on our website for people look at these ingredients and not look it's C what they look like first of all. And then you know have the option of whether one order or order them independently. It gave me a go ahead carried out any questions. How I wondered I don't take medicine for and other health conditions I love through and then get any kind of interaction between the Kurds and the traditional medicine I have to yes. I. I don't post. Short look what get a lot medications are you using right now I use bad medicine for diabetes because of and down for high blood pressure. OK so you know those are things that you can modify. With the right combination of superffoods with diet of course but if if you're on them. From what ought somehow I understand right now so I don't see there being a major interaction did too if you're just on those two. There's some other okay there's some other better blockers and some rather harsher the drugs that don't play well but then you know. What's your situations they're being a problem. Okay we'll take you very much. You're welcome thanks so much for calling in Mary Jane Howard just about a ten Dana now I know in the workshop so few seats open for Thursday June 22. Understanding Lyme Disease toxins and autoimmune disorders 6 PM Thursday June 22 at power chiropractic health center a 113 Wesson room wilkes-barre. And if you like to call and register for this free workshop the numbers 570829. 3580. Don't wait till the day before call now as a fill up quickly. 57082935. To do what again as we can wrap up for today while you just leave the listeners with dye your contact information out to be in touch with you in order some of your products. Absolutely Laura our office number 570851. 540 our website is beyond organics garden. Dot com I each and also take a look at tests on FaceBook. Or email Dioner gimmicks garden and to take a look at our website has so we have a lot of information on GM moves and autoimmune disorders and different groups as well awesome thanks so much for being here with this David we hope to see many of you at Thursday's workshop. I that in doctor Dan Ellis husky voice and maximize your health and we'll be back here next Saturday same time same place to help you. Jane victory in your health by maximizing your health could be well be safe and I'll see you soon.