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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, April 15th

Saturday April 15, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only if it is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Yeah or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. You are listening to maximize. Your health northeastern Pennsylvania and I'm your health coach doctor Danica malicious ski here to coach you guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with an illness. Maybe you have chronic pain sciatica headaches. May be and you're taking medication for heart disease or high blood pressure or you're just looking to overall improve your lifestyle maybe you're learning took the looking to learn more about good nutrition and may be years ready to begin a detox or Clinton's program or start to work out again that you have come in the right place because we're. Here to help you gain victory in your health and in your life. By helping you to maximize. Your health and on today's program we've invited back our special guest Don outlook bar she is with us just a few weeks ago. Certified integrated health coach from the institute of integrative nutrition. Talk also the author of simple natural healing bestselling book that is now available on Amazon Barnes & Noble Kindle no. You can pick that book out there she's back with us today and we're going to be talking about an event coming up this Thursday at 6 PM. On how you can improve your sleep and reduce stress this is eighth the first time we've held this event at my clinic power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. And we still have a few free open spots for that this is a free event. Where you're gonna learn. It didn't so much information on how you can better I can sleep better better at night without medication. Without any type of pill or are something that is going to interfere with the natural process season function of your body. And so we're gonna give you a little taste of what you can expect more on today's show she's going to be with us here a little bit later on the program today. Episode that seminar will be on this Thursday April 20 at 6 PM it's at 113 Weston road it's a power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. At 6 o'clock. He'll start at six however again we only have a few opening still remaining from this workshop because of the high demand because of the popularity of seal everybody out there was to know the solutions overcoming stress. A lot of people out there or are already taking sleep medication and they're still having trouble sleeping because you're not getting in the root causes of the problem. Okay and that's what the seminars and read up about it now about with Donald Labarca. She's gonna lay out a game plan that you're gonna leave from this workshop empowered and ready to improve your sleep and to lower stress and ultimately what's second only to. That's going to lead to better health. A higher quality of life you're gonna be more alert less tires more energetic and able to be with your kids in your grandkids and and not. Always be popped up on on pills that are just masking symptoms. So this seminar again April 20 6 PM. You can register for this and you wanna call power chiropractic health center today because he spots we'll fill up in the next day or tell. I guarantee so if you're planning to comment if you're intrigued by the topic if you're struggling with sleep if you're stressed out all the time. If you're taking Inzaghi medication depression medication if you're on any sort of sleep medication. And this event is just for yield. Call now to register for this free event 5708293580. That's 57082935. Eat zero we hope to see some abuse their fourth. The improving sleep and reducing stress workshop with Donald barber going to be introducing here again back on today's program here in just. A few moments and if you're tuning in to maximize your health for the first time we discussed function food fitness we talk about how you can minimize toxins on your body and how you can create the right mindset to stay with. A healthy lifestyle because my sets were all begins you don't have a big. Vision or a great purpose behind your life then it's very easy since it gets start with the program running give up and rather quickly. So that's what we help you and focus on here on maximize your health and for more information about myself doctor go show ski. And maximize your health you can visit my website at triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com. Has any EPA DRG AM dot com and you can find our podcast channel. On the web site also were on social media we're going to be going live when don't we introduce Donna. Lamar here's a few minutes or on FaceBook power chiropractic health center doctor dangle a show ASCII so tight end. Power chiropractic health serie you'll be able to find and like our page and you could follow us on FaceBook live. We will have about a five minute video put up from today's segment where you could see both myself and our special guest Donald bar its in the studio today. Sharing. Some tips of how you can improve sleep and lower stress on today's program on. Also Twitter answer Gramm. PWR Cairo. At That's PWR NC HIR oh at last thing this is an interactive Colin shelves so if you have a question. It could be as simple health question could be more of a complex question there's no such thing as a dumb question. You can call it without health related question right now 57 no 830098. Or 180437. 00988. And one last announcement here. Patricia element she's eighteen member of ours at power chiropractic she is launching a heart sprain clans is a fourteen day. Online spring clans group so if you're looking to lose some unwanted pounds he won a boost your energy sleep better at night improve your skin. Enhance your immunity digestion lower inflammation and just basically get ready for spring and summer seasonal pattern feel better. In this bring clients may be just for you don't mind these timely just for you soak Patricia del Vance is another again a certified holistic health coach. You if you like more information about the spring clans and what it takes to get started when that you can call power chiropractic health center for more information at 5708293580. That's 57082935. Agent zero. So I wanted to kick off today's program. It's sharing an article that I reviewed here over the past week can I like Q I'm in fuse a little bit of function overall function. It's to each program and maximize your help because if our bodies aren't functioning at their potential. And it really doesn't matter what you eat it doesn't matter how much you exercise. Nothing else you're you're not going to have. Gain the full benefit of the other elements of health unless your body's functioning at its peak potential. So one the natural health practice that helps to enhance your body's innate expression is chiropractic care. So most people may be some of you listening right now believe and only believe that chiropractor X they're relieve your pain when you have. A muscular skilled look skeletal disorder so that can be sort join that can be radiating pain down the back of your leg called sciatica. They could be stiffness in your lower back for your inaccurate or could just be out those Paul sitting headaches so what you do is if you feel good you don't need to chiropractor. If you feel pain you call your chiropractor up can you get me in a doc can you possibly can crack me to click the continued you know. You know Iraq be back in the place and he'll say she'll say OK he called up and then you go and so that's been re active with your health. And that's only getting to the surface that's talking to the root cause of so when it comes to function in chiropractic. That's where he's certainly a certain chiropractor wall says the health of your posture your spine they're not just gonna ask you how do you feel today. If your pain is a 789. Or ten at a tending call me up. But if you don't if you have a higher pain tolerance and you it's only three out of ten for attending you don't need me. That's the eerie that's the that's not the most effective method of chiropractic and it's on the spent most specific or scientific method of chiropractic either. So a study came out here and it's is actually put on WebMD no less guys sell. Those you may be easier doctors missing have we don't believe in chiropractors are off quacks you know never see chiropractor I hear I hear if you get your. Your neck cracked against causes stroke things like that WebMD is now. Getting on the side of chiropractic not all chiropractic but a certain element of chiropractic. That is focused on specifically assessing this by determining where there spinal misalignment and where there's nerve interference taking place. So chiropractic care according to WebMD is considered a safe effective treatment for acute low back pain neck pain headaches osteoarthritis. And fibromyalgia and they acknowledged that it's effective at reducing symptoms OK but it really goes way beyond that there was a large. Literature review from the UK back in 2010. Reported moderate to high quality evidence for manual therapy for these various muscular low skill and all this orders. And then another study came out in 2011. They divided the participants from the setting to three groups one group received no chiropractic. Another group received up acute chiropractic care notes you chiropractic care means you have a hot lower back Q bow be right you I'm too old disk herniated disk in that produces pain. This group was getting Kara three times a week in in the last group. It didn't really have any pain but rather they got a maintenance adjustments. OK two to three times a week. They did this over the course of ten months and only the group receiving any additional treatments every two weeks showed more improvement in pain and disability scores compare with the one month point. I'm this group receiving spinal adjustments. It was effective at helping prevent lower back pain is what they found. To obtain the long term benefits the study here. Which was also published on and CB it VI dot NIH National Institutes of Health dot gov. Maintenance. Chiropractic adjustments. After the acute phase are highly recommend it. They're saying that you should stick with chiropractic don't just make it about you know your pain don't be reactive with that don't just. Wait for your pain to be a 56789. Until whenever you're at it brings you to the point where you can't function. The whole point behind chiropractic is is that if you maintain healthy posturing if you maintain a healthy spine. You keep your discs healthy you'll keep your muscles and balance. It won't lead to spasm EE he'll have less pain you'll have better nerve flowed all your organ systems your hormones you too she's. Things will ultimately function better for you so that's what we encourage folks are practice members of power chiropractic to stay committed to if your health matters CU. And chiropractic care hasta fit into your lifestyle. It can't be something that's optional or something that one just gonna put off until I'm in pain. Because then it's an uphill climb from there if you begin now and you don't have pain but maybe you have a miss one it's fine. You could just be a ticking time bomb and it's just a matter won the pain will show up so we don't want to base your health pond. Pain alone because it's very nonspecific non scientific. We will assess your spine and we do that through NASA designed computerized Thurman graphic imaging to determine where there is nerve interference in your spine. We do visual apostle assessment and then we may take an X ray if necessary in our clinic is well so you're really getting a thorough evaluation right from the get go. It's not just OK lay on the table. You feel out of place on the right side your lower back your muscles feel tie it up in your left shoulder so that we wanna just massage an area who went puts in some electrodes on an area may be decent therapeutic ultrasound Anderson -- on there and then we'll do some manipulation and then we hope you feel better after that and then you can call me up when your pain again. That is a specific scientific chiropractic care so we do a power chiropractic health center or something called corrective care. Or use though the barrel Pentagon's techniques and we do some chiropractic bile physics. Techniques that help to restore better structure. To your palace and to your spine to remove pressure from the muscles ligaments in discs and ultimately those nursed. And we know the nerve system is a system that corny it's in controls every function your body. Again if you're just treating the symptoms you might get some temporary relief. But no permanent. Positive outcomes in terms of better functioning healing for your body so if you're interested if this something that. Maybe you haven't been exposed to corrective chiropractic care may be you've gotten chiropractic care before but you only got to temporary temporary relief. For your headaches for your static appear in for your sore joints your fibromyalgia. Damn might be worth it to look into some sort of correct term maintenance program and that's what exactly what we offer power chiropractic health center. If necessary for you so if you like to receive more information on this or to schedule an appointment you can call our clinic today. 5708293580. That's 570829. 35. Feet. Zero and again if you're just tuning in right now in just a few moments are going to be introducing back our special guest Donald bar she was here with us just a few weeks ago. We have a groundbreaking event coming up this Thursday April 20 on how a seminar. It'll be held at my clinic Madonna will be leaving this this workshops on how to improve sleep. And how to reduce stress and we only have a few seats open. And for this free and blockbuster workshop and that's going to be 6 PM Thursday April 20. You can call us right now to register call power chiropractic 5708293580. That's 570829. 3580. We're gonna go to a quick commercial break only get back I have a great health tip just in time for ticks seized on how you could simply. And effectively. Remove ticks if you're planning on spending time outdoors. This spring and summer is this a tick season. And down again our special guest column bar's going to be with us and just a couple of minutes. If you have health questions we have help answers you can call us up with your questions right now 570830098. Or 1804370098. Will be back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is a northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your help phone and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective car. Chiropractic care for all ages Scalia is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro my onyx and co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. Doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR EEN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote Wilkes-Barre and. He had a mattress brings he innovative design and superior style. If you experienced elegantly orchestrated sleep with beauty rest and then you well. It's not about finding the right setting or choosing number. You can join the precision and control with the results from individually pocketed coils flexing tear unique shape. And air cooled down memory foam adapting to keep you comfortable. All without you lifting a finger. Experience the beauty rest I can sleep system tonight. If you or someone you know was addicted to drugs or alcohol please stored this number or call right now 1804177740. That's 1804177740. By calling the addiction rehab specialist you're taking the first steps to recovery there advisors are ready to match you with a proven five star treatment center will help you and your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all don't waste any more time with drugs or alcohol your future is still a bright place let the addiction rehab specialist help you break your addiction to drugs and alcohol before it's too late this call is completely confidential and if you have private insurance they'll be little or no cost steel even if you've already been good treatment give us a call there's no need to lead drugs and alcohol ruin your life take the first step now called the addiction rehab specialist at 180417774. All that's 18041777401804177740. Attention all current and future many cap pharmacy customers we have both. Officially moved here are using here aren't pharmacist so many cabin alternate literature review our customers we move you make your next door to the former feel good motors building. The addition to a new drive through window for offering a wider variety of services and be sure to come by and visit our news doors now located on the bird life hasn't often. Hershey bears at. Line 70. I did against the Bridgeport sound tigers Saturday and sell. Saturday's win every. Ready to make the playoffs. Great again well. Playoff tickets. Go on sale Monday. Call 57020. Wait fan. No way tickets for Saturday's game are going fast and for a list of all upcoming games check out WBS penguins' dot com. Our files fans on FaceBook and Twitter. Reinventing. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane ghoulish SD. Call all your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your help with your health coach soccer game and go assessed key here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building in restoring your health naturally so wherever you are if you're taking. Many Alyssa five or more medications. May be you've been suffering from digests of trouble may be a thyroid problem or chronic pain or arthritis for some time. It's never too late and no one's ever too far non. To help begin to improve their health today and that's why I'm here here assure you message of health hope and healing. A message of how you could become more proactive rather than reactive at building in restoring your health than just a few minutes Donald Bart. Author of the simple natural feelings with us and she's going to be who the leading on this coming Thursday were inviting her out to power chiropractic. To lead a blockbuster workshop on how you can improve sleep and reduce. Stress of I'm before we introduce Don I wanted to I think today's sponsors of maximize your health how some nutrition they're located at fifty main street in loses earned. Exit six off in the 309 expressways their open all day today. All they tomorrow. And they're open 9 AM 8 PM Monday through Friday but they have a few Easter items available they have caribou peanut butter cups made with organic peanut butter. Organic jolly means foil wrapped minister begin chocolate eggs. They also have a fresh selections of organic produce homemade Perot he's all natural smoke fresh Turkey colosio's. And begin side dishes and desserts straight from the kitchen made by Carrie with love every single day. You can grabbing go get a wrapping can get a suit peeping NAS sandwich right from house to nutrition. Com also some of the us supplements or we might touch on a live in a little bit on. Helping to aid with sleep in lower stress you can also purchase and pick those up directly from house and attrition is also we thank you house and attrition. For sponsoring this program and maximize your health for more information you can like their FaceBook page house of nutrition. Or you can visit them again fifteen main street in loses earned PA house of nutrition inspires healthy living. With healthy choices. And and just a couple of minutes here we're going to be introducing dawn on with us a stay tuned you're alert fearing get a little bit of advice from sleep can scratch the surface on. This coming Thursday's workshop on April 20 at 6 o'clock on improving a sleeper reducing stress that we have just a couple of seats open fourth. So we're going to be introducing her just a few minutes but I wanted to share a tip. And this is something that just came. That I reviewed here in the last few weeks. And that's become really popular believe it or not but it's a simple and effective way to help remove Tex if you spend a lot of time outdoors or if you have pets. Your beat you a lot of hiking or trail running in the woods. We know here in northeastern Pennsylvania Lyme Disease is become epidemic and we know that we have a huge tick problem here especially the ticks that carry wind. So we know and a lot of times we we were unsuccessful. At you we find ticks on our legs on our clothing. Mainly finding you know once we're back in our homes you know we're out in the woods but indeed they're they're they're blue little testy. You know rodents animals. Insects and get into our skinny to really produce a lot of man and a lot of harm nor health. So here's a technique that David Wolf if you don't follow David Wolf I would check him out if you went to him WOLFE. What can you how can you simply and effectively remove ticks of she suggests that we use only controllers at EU's on your clothing to get the hair off to get the went off. All you need some. Isn't that roller in some essential oils. To make sure liberal or is the kind with the adhesive layers. You're simply going to take the roller with you when you're going on a hiker doing your yard work and roll it on your clothing are on your skin from time to time. After just a short time outside you might be shocked to see what you pick up the can catch and this isn't good just good for you for adults for humans it's also good for your pets is well. You can also add on some essential oils. This trick which can minimize the risk of takes hopping on TV as you work biker walked outside if you spray or apply top at least some essential oils on your clothing. You know on your skin this'll help deter the texts from coming near you this pact also works to deter mosquitoes and black flies. Three using essential oil so this three essential oils and David Wolf recommends number one is lavender. Lavender up produces a spin axis a sweet smelling tick deterrent. That hasn't greats Smeltz who they can also help deter mosquitoes flies and other and want to insects another oil called penny royal. Is a member of the mint family this oil is toxic to insects which makes it ineffective natural insect repellent. The number three is lemon grass to lemon grass oil comes from the tropical lemon grass and plant known as. Sim Bo Hogan's to train its full episodes and try to pronounce out on it has AM bright citrus scent and worked as he natural flea and tick repellent. You can again apply just a couple of drops topic glee rubbing in deep into the skin or if you get in a spray bottle you can sprayed directly under the skin to help wore off bugs. So again use the lint roller take it with you when your outdoors. Put it on your clothing put it on your legs if you Wear shorts you're seeing your arms the back of your neck. Eat the chicks like vascular areas with lower legs ankle area would always chat. Even you know your pets they're gonna easily be up in the head now the head neck area of your pets and your dogs your cats. So and then the essential oils again lavender penny royal and lemon grass he's you can do we have the we offer the young living brand of essential oils of power chiropractic health center. But if you have questions comments about. Maybe you've tried this may be wanna call and share your story with us you can call us up at 5708300981804372009. Gained just one more minute we're gonna go to the phone lines real quick we have Jack from Scranton. And Jack has a question about natural foods. Jack welcome to the program how can I help you today. I'd like to know what kind of natural foods could you used to work keep your sugar level under control our hope you're sure a little cinnamon is good is that really true. Absolutely true Jack gray gray questions the sentiment is a natural. Supplement that can help stabilize blood sugar level. Also what you wanna focus on to number two is you wanna beef should be done conscientious and cognizant of how much for the sugar are you actually taking in from your food daily soap foods separate down and sugar are any any any process boxed foods like cereal product oatmeal. Even fruit contains fructose which is considered a sugar molecule that we'll have an effect on blood sugar levels while. But as far as supplementation goes cinnamon is one of the best. Number two is chromium. Chromium can also help to balance disable is closer as well but rather than just taking a cinnamon supplement or chromium supplement I would first. Sit down and looking your diet if you figure out how much you're taking and how much sugar you're taking and and you wanna begin to make some adjustments and number one adjust pilot make Evans out a look at your your vegetable defer ratio. And I would say because vegetables typically there are a start your forms of vegetables but. Non starchy vegetables like Christopher's vegetables broccoli cauliflower and in your dark green leafy vegetables contain no sugar whatsoever. But they have a high nutrient profile behind and so I would make it an. I would make a strategic effort to. To begin to get more dark green leafy vegetables and Christopher's vegetables into your diet and then the next group of food that I would consider increasing. Are nuts and seeds and nuts contain healthy fats could clean protein. And a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. OK so nuts seeds and then more vegetables. For fruit you wanna you wanna be consuming fruit are all different times a day I would say you know berries are gonna be lower on the go I see Mick index. And then fruits like ripe bananas and watermelon and cantaloupe things like that those are gonna have hired lacy making next but if you're going to consumed fruit fruit so contains a high nutrient profile but you don't wanna be consuming and all throughout the day especially later in the day before you go to bed. I would say. Before twelve noon. Content so Bob thinks your question Jack thanks for listening to maximize your help for critics say on the phone lines and we have Tina from a Greenfield township. And her question is in regards to lemon grass. Tina welcome to the show what's your question today. And keeping them methyl my dog as far as you can kick and it actually really worked well after all of I'm. I'm in Manila envelope that weird like a poem to me there I'll say anything my pet do you think he'll be OK he's. The only absolutely these are all all natural all plant based. And it is just natural extracts from the from the lemon grass itself so I think you'd be great for any animal any outdoor farm animal. Poultry horses dogs cats. Pigs from itself Jeff feels pretty given a try thanks so much for calling in Tina what's your question so before and without any. Anything else really bring on the back our special guest say Donald bar a dollar bar again if you're just tuning in is the author of the book simple natural healing which you can pick up right now. On Amazon. And she and also has an available on Kindle and nook. You can pick it up the Barnes & Noble but she is a certified integrated health coach. She's right here based out of northeastern Pennsylvania. So Donna welcome back it's great to have it thank collapse for having me doctor Dan I'm excited to be here or excited to have and I know we had a great responsive to Barton when we had you you're just a few weeks ago but we have you back today to kind give the listeners an idea you're gonna be leading a workshop which you've had many people attend. You've had 7200. People like your last improving sleep and reducing stress workshop and these people left there empowered to better equipped to. As far as how how they've become more aware of how important sleep isn't and how important is that you regain control overstressed. So a lot of times wheel people learn they're like the brain like pull their hair out and they're just so stressed whether it's a job berg a relationship hurt or something money. And so. Opening it up you know we can meet its let's talk about stress you know people who are struggling with burnout they lost a loved one. And now it's our new affect your physical health. Hey why do what advice you have for someone you know who's battling stress right now. Well he knows stretch it's all on kind of tied together because a lot of times people. To have a lot of stress things going and in their life and really they can kind of just accepted at all. As just this is how my life is and there are their health it's like slowly on the decline in fleet. A lot of times it's tied to that he has done. And I made a way. They will also notice that they're not able tape to really get into a good deep sleep and stay there are so. A firm may I mean I really have phone. I take it very serious when people have stressed that night flake come to realize that it's time. A response that the stress response is something that we're supposed experience seldom. Seldom win that really you are asked to keep us safe right and so it's not for these prolonged bouts or as a way of life in the race and really that's what we're seeing with Americans if you raise the stress responses turn non and it's become this a way of life and even for children. A lot of anxiety and pain panic. An early age you know that's the challenge for children to succeed in school in sports and activities and again it's it's it's the way of American life it's what it's become and make you know very very strong points are. But for many men some of you who listen here to maximize your healthy Harris talked about minimizing toxins. Changing your diet starting a fitness program but often we dust sleep and stress under the rug. And so we're going to be you're going to be Donna highlighting some some tips on on a lifestyle tips. So we now sleep medication you know. Has been prescribed more than ever stressed medications depression anxiety. And this is going to be all natural lifestyle tips of how you can actually produce better function. And if your body functions better sleep. It you'll sleep for the the exact period of time that you might have been asleep for so. You laid out a few tips here as far as sleep goes so what are just a few. Without going too much in depth of what some of the in the workshop participants on Thursday can expect to learn what what is some advice you can Hammett and help. New improved sleep well I think you know back to wood to the topic of stress. You kind of have to prepare yourself. For sleep and part of preparing yourself for sleep. Is getting yourself out of stress response. So. I think it's it it's why this early in the armed evening when you get home. To kind of take some time even before dinner to. You know talk about your day possibly. Or. Take a quick clock before general lot of times people take a walk after dinner parent but boy it's easy to talk yourself out of it do you especially PO blood sugar issues. So a lot of times people eat and then they get a little tired phase afterwards so. And you know even though it's a nice thought the tape and he'll walk right on it sometimes is energy just take care wac when you go home because. You're you're getting out your breathing a little bit you're clearing your mind you're able to process what happens in the day in May be get work that through a little bit. And then you're really getting yourself ready for digestion. All right fell right. So soda all ties together yet all time is yet there's so yeah so I think common for people to. You know we kinda just slam ourselves into a bit like OK I have to go home I have to eat something people eat quickly they don't you. Or such or society you are true I'm guilty of that so at times but we that's where we have to. You know kind of just breathe come nor senses and read and see the big picture. If we're not making good choices for health and now what's going to lead choke if you're so Melissa are now in your just the type of person where you know give me the quick fix can mean the pill gimme the magic potion lotion whenever I can take what can I take. You're not you're not asking the right question so when you come to this workshop on how to improve sleep and reduce stress we're not just gonna is Donna's not just gonna simply throw a few things he could takes we're gonna we're gonna explain. Common sense CEO pay you know big picture of lifestyle. Okay it's not just a one size fits all approach. Well and I'm excited about it because we've really identified over thirty areas that we're going to be covering in now workshop. Of things that can improve your sleep and reduce your stress and how to. To get your relaxation response to turn on the men and to get fat on your really to do really look at your body closely place functions are. What are the telltale signs sorry what's going on like what organs are not functioning properly camp good. That's I'm so excited about this some workshop doctor Dan because. For one thing I do a lot Fuller shots in the northern tier and I have people saying what are you Nabil Lucerne county. And so this is actually my first workshop time I'm doing in Lucerne county you know I've been doing. Reagan years I don't appear anywhere in Lucerne county again we have a few seats open for this. But you know if you're someone struggling with chronic fatigue burn out. Maybe your stress from your job maybe year in a marriage maybe divorce and you know something maybe you haven't ill. Family member right now and it's really. You know you're in fighter flight constantly there's no time for anything else but the do they know whoever you're taking care of or your job or trying to you know get your head above water financially. You're healthy is your greatest wealth. Okay and if you're chronically stressed or maybe you're eating right maybe you're exercising but you're not putting enough thought or focus behind. Getting stress levels under control. Getting the fight or flight response under control and creating a healthy sleep pattern unhealthy sleep lifestyle. Then you're not maximizing your health. I guess there's no simpler way to pull. It that's very that's very thin so they're. So all theory is that you know with the mostly we think a bullet tonight putting and saved and myself to sleep better what can I put an as far as a tilt again Maine to. I'm quit having panic attacks and anxiety but I really. Our body is in need to miraculously. Continued de heal itself and correct these things all the time the songs they're given their right. Nutrition and kind of race surroundings. And you're able to mentally process this stuff so I think all of the lake all those areas need to kind of come together in a plan. All in all ties together guys so. 'cause in the same all I was when you eat better it's good advise sir I just I just I just work out I run marathons again you're burning yourself out there you're only sleeping four hours a night. Three hours a night your mind is racing OK and in years you're saying why take sleep medication I take even may be a natural supplement. You know but we're still things left unanswered so talked stones unturned. Questions left unanswered so this blockbuster workshop on how to improve sleep and reduce stress. There's a few seats open it's a free event to attend all of Barr who's with us today will be leading this workshop this coming Thursday April 20. At 113 Weston road in will spur so if you're in Lucerne county may be mountaintop looks very Kingston Dallas. Shaver town forty part it's any amount. Or you wanna travel from the northern tier lack wanna county or Schuylkill County. You don't want to miss this event it's going to be war think you're gonna leave their empowered to quit as you heard Donna mentioned just a few moments ago. There's over thirty strategies. Thirties okay. Or ninety scratching the surface on today's program so if you wanna come out and get all thirty of these tips. And leave empowered in knowing what you need to do to help improve your sleep and improve your lifestyle on the lower stress can sign up for this workshop today because our seats are filling up quickly 5708293580. That's 57082935. 80. We're gonna take a quick commercial break we're gonna come back we're gonna dig a little bit deeper and I'm a little bit deeper into some of the jobs. Some specifics on improving sleep for reducing stress here with Donald Bart but a few of the question may be at a medication you're taking your natural supplement that you heard may work for sleep or lower stress to please call in now with your questions at 570830098. Or 18043720098. And will be back in just a minute to help you. Maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold flu. The base garden of life. 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House and attrition aspires healthy living with healthy choices be sure to stop and visit them today and we think house and nutrition for sponsoring this program. Of maximizing. Your health. Donna welcome back if you have a question for Donna may be wanna learn more about ways to reduce it to help improve your sleep maybe sleep is something that you struggle with for awhile baby you're stressing you don't know where to turn what to do you can call in with your health question right now 57 no 830098. Or 180437. 009. Eighths so in far enemy here Donna is a list of over thirty. Strategies. Yet that that folks can begin to work on and improve upon to help. Enhance better sleep and help lower stress and we're just gonna maybe get out a couple of these right now all right without. And and if folks if you wanna get this whole list the only only weighed the you can get all thirty of these thirty class of these strategies. It is to attend this free workshop on Thursday a power chiropractic health center of 113 west erode if you wanna register for that you need to caller clinic now 5708293580. Again you need to be pre register for this because our space is limited. 5708293580. Is number cough so Donna what do what do you recommend for improving sleep. Well I'm I'm really excited that we have such an extensive list because. You know it doctor Dan we know people are bio individual cell. You know we can give someone advice to two on and do something to correct their health and it doesn't work for them as well as that I did the last. Personnel you worked with so. We do have some more. Didn't complicated. I guess in nature ways to correct sleep and reduce stress. And that's why we're having the workshop because we really do need. To have that face to face and work through some they complexities. But some of the more general. Things that come we have time for on the show. Something like having you good matches tonight and good pillow she and I think a view as a chiropractor. Keeping that knack supportive crowd absolutely having had said that apple. Ruling body well if you're callously bird just given up for. From the couch sleeping is destroying your spine your posture right now and that's gonna have negative consequences of your health but in terms asleep you're not going to get restful sleep either. So I think a double whammy. Yes that's a because I mean even though we kind of think of stress all as to mental information coming and that's it that's upsetting us. Really just being median of us opposition when you're sleeping that truly isn't comfortable. In the isn't supporting year. Body's ability to detox because he. You bodies are repairing his self indeed taxing during sleep news and if you're just stunned nine and then hit a good position. A four that. Your body not only isn't getting sleep but it's it's stressed very. Go so the next the next point here in this is jumping out of me because violates is. Take a nap every once in awhile is on some idea consistently but you say avoid taking afternoon naps what's your reasoning behind that well. I think one thing that happens is people can't mentally exhausted but they don't get physically X I stood. And so there's a couple things that could to make you want to engage in an afternoon nap. On some people just think they're delicious and they love to take combined. I think that one if you are getting too many cards are sugars in your diet. When you have plunged you have that crash in the afternoon. So that is not something that is normal so that afternoon apple Lotta times can be just because you don't I have balanced eating and you blood sugar. Com is unstable so that's one reason the other reason is you're getting that kind of afternoon rest. A home when it comes time to really go to sleep and and you need to have 66. And a half hours of solid. Good sleep uninterrupted. To have here. Healing mechanisms really work properly. So people that we really have alleviated they're tired despite taking a nap a lot of times are simply not tired enough tonight to stand and. I can't do I I I completely agree with that because I know I don't get that could restful night's sleep from getting six to six and a half hours a lease of good restful sleep so. Depending on my schedule things like that I'll take one but I try to make like a power nap like maybe 2030 minutes at most. Because Harry service which leads to the next point hair. May be why you're crashing is a few big ones but especially carbohydrate rich launchers thing also to avoid caffeine after 2 PM in the afternoon. Well and typically if people are crashing they'll run to their coffee machine for the five hour energy you're the red ball you. Yeah which are dangerous RL foam weighing in and ran for the soaked. You know we do we differ only want them to stay away from things like that that. You know on top of all the toxins that can really really just to adrenal failure so right so much of what were we work on this Irish health. So I gave IE say. Don't when you're having that slump in the afternoon. Go get a big drink of water because a lot of times you're dehydrated. And you blood sugar is a little off and by having a nice glass of water instead of of a caffeinated drink here. Able to really just to reboot and get your energy back and it's kind of amazing I. I don't know what my staff stated said you know don't go for coffee just go drink water and they're really amazed that they. Cano and batter he personally for myself there's a period where I would do that I would I would I'd go for you know and even it was organic dark rose said you know no sugar milk added to a coffee. But it would it would affect my sleep so instead what I would do is I would either do bone broth or I would do water more water to see properly hydrated. And I would energizing. Yes and maybe a little bit of greens you know neither greens freeze dried powder vegetable powder or just a green juice. Can provide you with vitamins and minerals nurse and your body's craving at that point so in the few seconds we have left here stressed. And what tips you have as far as reducing stress in healthy way. Well I think it when you realize that you're in a state of flux when you're just on. The natural thing that happens is we start breathing very shallow. And we tense up. So we're not getting oxygen in our blood is not flowing and so. This all kinds is even more stress on our on the body so it not only. Does it. This. Keep your body in that bad stay where you're united digesting properly you're immune system there of actually get shut down during this thing right. So you but you're also. Com did just physically not able to get past it if you don't do some quick measures and one would be taking a deep breath. Phil. You know hey they've always said green but it's really important for you to just stop and take a few deep breath and that kind of dream gauges your immune system and nothing gets everything. Moving it in a healthy direction. Fantastical that's sick guys are at a time if you want more information how you can improve sleep Dolores stressed. Sign up for this coming Thursday is free workshop the power chiropractic calm outer pre register 570. 8293580. 5708293580. Also check out my website triple W dot need blood doctor Dan dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com. Where you can hear back the podcast at today's show as well as other podcast of maximize your health I'll be back next Saturday same time same place to help you. In victory your health. By maximizing your health. Be well be safe have a happy Easter and I'll see you soon. You're.