Matt O'Brien, research director of Federation for American Immigration Reform, about immigration

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Monday, March 12th

Matt O'Brien, research director of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), talks to Frank Andrews about immigration, sanctuary cities, and the wall.


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Matt O'Brien is the research director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform we've talked to this group before and up Matt thank you very much for joining us how are now. To get thank you for having me aren't you're welcome men always talked to members of your group before and you know immigration kind of got pushed on the back burner Jeanette. I it did for quite awhile. It's there exploded again with a trumpet administration but they got sidelined by concerns like North Korea. But now it's back in the news. So now that your organization set up a news release and said that you know you have some thoughts about the president going to California both on inspecting the wall and on the Sanctuary City issue so what what can you tell us about that. Well Theresa the issue has just become Kris tee this is an example of I'll municipalities. Counties and even states declaring themselves. Exempt from federal immigration law that this problem with that piece supremacy clause of the constitution says states. Federal lunch period and force them to have been been ruled unconstitutional. Are the logical way and and there's nothing that allowed municipalities. Can just selective leaks declare certain types of behaviors that are illegal under. Federal not to be all of a sudden legal. Should accept an isn't the problem that like you know you have this defiant mayor of Oakland I mean is she not to get arrested or charged a minister politically sensitive right. Well previously probably wouldn't that was Donald Trump who noted he seems like he's now willing to put up with this kind of behavior. Solid so it. It remains to be seen I think she should be arrested and charged because she puts federal law enforcement officers. Going about their lawful functions in danger by tipping people out to the fact that they were coming to. In your organization's view is there any value to Sanctuary Cities. Whatsoever I mean the message is that they encourage cooperation between a local police officers and immigrant communities which have illegal aliens living in them but fact is that there is no evidence that actually word. And when I was an assistant chief counsel I basically spewing a lot with state and local prosecutors and police how to just. I never heard any of them saying that it actually work what word can't. Is government program like that at T view and followed pieces. And allow people to get a lawful status for cooperating with law enforcement. Now you guys done there in Washington you keep track of everything that's happening what I mean it it it is anything gonna happen would dock is anything gonna happen really with the Walsh like won't what do you see is really act happening down there. Well I think open ended commitment to the well effective he is going to black. Take California to look at the examples and to inspect the existing section the well I think it's kind of physical barrier. Make immigration enforcement proactive president in re active if you don't have a physical barrier. Do you Gisenyi Border Patrol agents once people have are you cross the border in trip to send six. And it's like looking for a needle in haystack. The world congress decided to funded as that remains to be seem so it's sort of comment that this is somehow some horrible thing because congress actually put in place. The secure fence act over a decade ago. And significant portion of the fans still back. Be tuning in San Diego and that proved extremely effective so. I think a lot of the reaction to well a stronger arrangement syndrome rather than any legitimate. Argument against why we should have a physical barrier on the southwest border. You know it wasn't too long ago that like it was almost like a doomsday clock deal with stock deal would talk a dual dock of the world's gonna explode like where's that. Well there was an artificial deadline that was imposed by the trust administration as a negotiation tactic. The effects of tobacco is an illegal program President Obama didn't have any clarity whatsoever to put it in place. I it was usurpation of congress' power on Congress's power to make a lot of under the constitution. And congress has repeatedly refused to put base the measure is the President Obama put into place three dot got. Into place via legislation. So the drug administration imposed the sort of take this line Democrats didn't wanna play ball. And now it remains to be seen what will happen fierce position is that these individuals are out illegal aliens. And so I think not compliant with the lie if congress isn't gonna take any action. But these people should be deported because they are lawbreakers. All right now Matt just before we say good bye give us information on how people get in touch with your decision. Sure well we have two web sites one is www. Very US that Ford. And the other one is our blog site which is triple W dot immigration reform dot com. I'm sorry Matt O'Brien thank you very much for joining us we appreciate the update. I feel I have a great day into night.