Mary Wood Kenya.

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Monday, July 9th
Mary Wood tells WILK's Nikki Stone about her recent trip to Kenya. For more information visit Parker Hill

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Content and Mary would the fresh back from a trip. Trying to make a difference outside the area and actually. Going and to lean something to help people when you're talking about. EU we heard a lot of people. Crying about people who are trying to come into the United States. And it is they're not me going in and making a difference that people in there you are now why Kenya. Like what is it is it about Kenya. And that boot that separates that well I mean people go to Haiti to. Haiti's had some issues going on ten and I understand. But is there specific reason is the water into the water has been the biggest issue merry. He I mean I think that. Well right now before it can pretend like that who we partner with an. Eight. I very. Selective in where they go and what villages and what they need and it's still currently. They began in Kenya and that was their first. Very that they targeted for how. We turn now goatee you've got to get greedy and Guatemala. So. But I'm not so Byzantine eighty. You know there's certainly agree need to. It's just personally my heart is in Kenya. And that people. Really loving and welcoming people. The higher income shooting PC people who have. I'm so let's all. Being so high sustainable and welcoming and open and sharing. You know what little they have with CO it is. Great we do. 18. We do I think it's called a day in the life and we just spend. The whole day with family. And can't really go through what they do in the day you know between it. Preparing food and crops and patent just I'll serve you know how they cook. It's really just you know a lot about building relationships. And just getting to know people it is so that. That they know. You know here. We come to this city down in a week calm there because they have value now. And then this thing who is Kenyan though isn't that I think a commercial hub that prefer it in Africa. Is and they are still very little money there. Certainly to have. I couldn't read you know developed. Do you think having the Roby you know hormone. And there's several entities that that they hire. Beat them about is it trading port and I'm where we go is more in in the villages in the outskirts of and it's still a developing country even though they're higher. As you put financial disarray accent and and trade routes. But. People that we visit really don't make it up into that category. OK don't lose schools over there and what's. Well the school system that it's a little bit different than skier. In the exit eight. Can Google from kindergarten. To break through twelfth grade high school and there's really you know it's it's. Government funded lead we really don't paid for our education. Until you get two. You know. Higher education to college or university. And this and this can go to. Primary school there I still see is that people need to play. And get the men and the government has these very Lao. Actually. Support for example textbook. Baby. Nation and and people to one textbook. And that comes to OK we're who's taking home tonight to do the homework. I go to school taxes currently. It is now now now they're not black and again you know they can't see is it's. I mean certainly by actually Anderson it would be it's very low. But it does get competitive education. Now secondary school found a ninth grade to twelfth the date. Have to find themselves. And and if they don't have it. You know they don't have the money they can't go. It and they also have the cat in the high school if they don't. I reach a certain score at least that's 300. Under standardized test there's also not allowed to go. To high school. I'll laugh yeah. I didn't just hear him I couldn't. Crime and who do you have fun go and we can't leave any child behind right. So right but it you know it's a little bit different they're still one of the things get we focus on its title sponsorship. And I've sponsored. Might think maybe five so far. For student. And went to secondary school in 2008 she graduated in 2012 he's now married and family. Have a good job and you've actually met these people. I absolutely didn't have to part. These chips is to win it you get less and you follow. Someone you know just to their letters a couple times of the year. And writing that before it and then when you actually meet them. It's just it's just amazing how that bond and is there. Like. How do you sponsor when what do you response your children throw. And now. The UK and projects have starting ended in primary school usually about the second or third grade. And then continue right captain through high school which island currently. We have. On the Reese students that we sponsor. Two and secondary school wanted him. Primary school. And it's amazing that. But those that different that this has made especially in the primary schools. Because it's 39 dollars a month like less than ten how has a week. And it provides for the trial. But also for the school don't know they can't buy those textbooks they can hire better teachers. And we come over yelled we help them with those projects but it's really more our. Relational and we work along side with people showed that the community and then empowered. And you know what we measured the kick that. For that not. What we do elect not by what we get a compilation by but by what the community guys. On its own. And I really like to invite people. Yeah I try to go every year that. Dwight that you can actually make the trip. Kenya. The long chat but it's it's routed to handle it it's as you know had. Fifteen hour flight and then. And if so rewarding. And can get more information on the trip that I go on. I'm thinking go to record held dot org slash go well. And there's a wealth of information on there and Jason how we work around with people and how people can get involved dished out sponsorship by neck. I'm particularly great web site record held dot org slash go. I special guest Mary would talking about reaching outside of the in this country isn't. A lot of people are are you will stand up and hold posters are Todd can stream compassion. How do you show your compassion boot.