Mark Powell Lack Co DA-elect

Newsmaker Interviews
Tuesday, November 7th

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Thank you everyone. Thank you everyone for your support throughout the year and thank you all for being here tonight. The voters of lack a lock out he had spoken. And I am I. Honored and humbled. You'd be our next district attorney. I promise to work as hard as I have. Private back practice. As I well for the citizens of lacked a lot of count me. And leave well. Apple itself VOA prices. We are well. Restore integrity to the district attorney's office. At least well and it lacked a lot of county paper. This journey for me began. Back in Easter morning fifteen to one half years ago. When I gathered my family and introduce the idea and I was considering running. For the district attorney's office. My wife Donna thought I was crazy. And I have to admit there were times early on in the campaign I thought she was right. But as I met individuals up and down that badly. And across. I knew it was the right decision in fact I know it was the best. Professional decision I ever made in my life. You really get to know who you are when you become a candidate and put your life. In front of the public. And you know. And define what you stand for. It's been an incredible journey. An opportunity. Or may exist to make a real difference in January when I take office.