Marci Hamilton, CEO of Child USA, about statute of limitations for child sex abuse, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, August 14th
Marci Hamilton, CEO of Child USA talks to Frank Andrews about the grand jury report on child sex abuse by priests in six Roman Catholic dioceses and the statute of limitations.

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Marci Hamilton is the founder and CEO. She is on the line with us right now and a tie up right now I'm gonna tell you folks on the air I will do everything I tend to support disorganization. And do everything and today issued a support as well Marcy thanks for joining us our thanks so much for having me today now now that your website says that you are the leading expert on child sex abuse statute of limitations. Your your organization is also mentioned several times in this Pennsylvania grand jury report I want what ruled that child USA play. I have and that that provider of data and information about statute of limitations for child sex abuse. Very long time here and fell away and the any stayed including a grand jury re Al jury or anyone else needs to know how a lot of work for these children. They come gossip so we were honored to be a part of it. Dobbs is your chance to read the report. Thirteen 150. Well I only have 900 you have more aimed at all. Tight end I really paid close attention into the responsive at the end there's 450. Pages of responses. And why should I detentions are those. EL I was involved with a team doesn't buy Granger report helping to draft did beyond. If we did a lot of what this report gut which is to lay out this could happen to him it's very graphically percent of public would understand that. He had no responses attended our report. Here we hang out but it is odd kind of mixture of bishops that they can actually apologizing. But also some of the named are perpetrators saying I never did at. So we'd say it makes for interesting reading I can say that much. Well you know what I rented and I shared with you on the phone I I also shared my experience as an eight year old altar boy being groomed by a pedophiles priest. So this became very very intense for me. But if but the report became just so sickening and disheartening. I think step toward those who aren't swimming in the water every single day. This will be a very hard pill to swallow it I it's 300 perpetrators. But people hadn't thought about chip Adams group and we used to be anonymous do you do you see the thousands of children that were sexually abused. It's tragic it's just tragic but the commonwealth has had to endure. Okay now Marcy I'm gonna ask you to hold until we got to get an update we have serious flooding and are there we got some road growth situation but I wanted to specifically talked about Pennsylvania's statute of limitations true you need to go to on your computer to child USA. And read all about it and supported because it is an awesome website Marci Hamilton is the founder and CEO. RC. Why why did you found this war was or some something that happened or some reason why you created child USA. Well I went to law professor for 26 years and was working on the statute of limitations and I finally realized I couldn't do it all while being a full time law professor Carol. Two years ago I left. I go to law school and I joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and I'm running child it would we're really here for the purpose of being the first thing tank. And child abuse and neglect for doing the studies and we're trying to come up with the answers for the problems. Well what do you see our even the areas that need change in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The biggest barrier right now is that it did waive the law works the predators have the upper hand. The victims have to race to court to get there in time. I win an Olympic image trauma tied by child sex should be used on an outrage they need to about age 52. So why Allen at the Pennsylvania at age thirty years civil claim Daiei. And it shouldn't eat your criminal. Ability to dice and so well. We just need to change a statute of limitations tax level playing field let the victims decide when they're ready to come forward. How do you change the statute of limitations. Really working on inter over a decade abide more and more lawmakers are listening yet they're understanding that victims need decades to come forward. It's really a matter of politics at this point. I saw a really cute guy the issue there are the victims and then on the other side unfortunately had a Catholic bishops. Now when you when you talk about in no time limits us national limitations up I well I just shared my story. In the 330 hour. I mean I'm 66. This happened when I was eight and I and I imagine that what happened a lot of people buried this stuff and as some point perhaps in their beer whatever it comes out and then based on special limitations is just too late right. Well I check because and by the time that someone had what they need to come forward. It's too late and a one layer after another half the stadium and sorry but. He should have come forward when you work when he should've comport weird birdie but for most they don't comport into their forties or fifties. The man in the report who at age 83. That's not unusual I get emails from people understand the need in their eighties all the time. Now you know on your website you also talk about abuse and neglect of athletes what what what is that not you know I'd listen as I read that I sit on Shia remember when my older kids were small one of their softball coaches was arrested for rape should. They can walk called at its own toe. Well you know you look sports situations where a child is going to be capable of being alone with an adult and unfortunately. Exports create a lot of opportunities. And so then after scandal this year with USA gymnastics. That's just the tip of the iceberg I'm sorry to say and one of the things that we're doing. If we put together a survey we're going to be Serbia is surveying the collegiate athletes around the United States and find out just how often abuse happened. How often are they not said how often are they denied what they need. And appear and our hypothesis is that athletes are more risk of abusing neglecting your average child. That's amazing now for all the people who were listening rent out what what do you need us to do to help in this cause. But when you really need is. But donations to be perfectly honest because that would help. Bind our eyes studied that we're studying both the male doctors scanned all. Athletes and abused and we worked tirelessly on statute to limitations reform. If you just go to child USA dot org if you can't get the donate button I'm sure about it and now we appreciate even the smallest donations. Well and I appreciate you and I mean necessarily. You know I saw I saw a child USA I I had not heard a view until I saw it it in the grand jury reports she and then when I went your website and read and I I am am absolutely grateful to god that you're there's thank you for all the work you do. Thank you and thank you for your bravery today thank you Marcy have a good day thank you Marci Hamilton CEO child USA.