Marc Shapiro, PhD, Weinberg Chair in Judaic Studies at the Univsersity of Scranton, about U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, with Frank Andrews

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Friday, December 1st

Marc Shapiro, PhD., Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Chair in Judaic Studies at the University of Scranton, talks to Frank Andrews about the United States possibly recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moving the embassy there.


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And on the line with us right now is doctor Mark Shapiro Weinberg chair of the June date studies at the US and I guess we're talking June California right doctor Shapiro. In that direction so your general reaction what do you think about the possibility that troubling in Jerusalem as its capital of Israel. I think that it's so very welcome ms. long overdue it's not enough. If campaign. He's always done numerous occasions that he would move the embassy cougars got shot and then the other nets power that pledged to love this series what goes as word. I'm the bad are we all will be. Right actually there is some speculation here that naming naming Jerusalem as the capital is a way to try and kind of fulfill his campaign promise of the embassy. Why do you look why don't you think he already move the embassy and what will be the effect of this. Well you know all well number presence has said they would then. When they get into office. They're told that the Arab street won't like it they'll be protests cern. You know there might be protests spread at the end of the day he America has to do it and America's interest that's still with the right thing to do. And the if people want to protest that's their problem it's a little bit outrageous. That's there's only one country in the world that the United States not recognized. Its capital the capital of the country says that is an asterisk on that time to put this behind us. This within this stated Israel was established in 1948. And established a Serb capital. In 1948. And it's kind of the United States to finally recognize you're not be concerned. With yeah. In of the so called Arabs. Well I mean if you're talking about 1948 I mean chipped it just seems to me that historically back to biblical times the Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Certainly am in Jerusalem has been recognized. The thousands of years. But that the capital of the modern State of Israel position is that 194810. That's not recognizing Jerusalem as the state if he's been to Iraq. Palestinian allowing that Jerusalem was a member of the capital. Actually even claim that never order temple. Where the Jews and Christians believe there was a temple. So it's surprising not to. Fulfilling his campaign promise. He's simply is I guess falling prey to blackmail. I have a Palestinian is that they claim that if he doesn't do that. They're gonna respond in their own ways then America has to be stronger than that most of what I've been much. What about one of our our listeners just texted to ask you this question I'm. Since since we've already said that you know he campaigned to move the embassy and didn't someone wants to know if if the if the relationship now between Israel and Saudi Arabia has kind of opened the door for less tensions in May be to make such a move. I think it could be could very well be heaven knows who probably knows no that's. Saudi Arabia and presume the other Arab countries have finally concluded that the real enemy is Iran that Israel is not a threat. Israel never been a threat has never I didn't resign resign not a Arab lands in the Arab nations. The other hand you want is a real threat so well and the Palestinians are really thrown a monkey wrench and all of this. Because Israel the saudis to one of the held hostage by yum. Also considerations like advocates Jerusalem as the capital. But now when it when the saudis warmup to Israel doesn't that alienate a lot of other Muslim and Arab nations said that they need to be. Related to. You know at the end of the day we all hope that there's going to be Peace Center is going to be. You know they Arab countries and has Turkoglu and tranquility. I mean when Israel made peace when Jordan eighteen they're the same thing. You know come without Torre could be an writes for the picture all credit history other like at a restaurant. Mean except in the State of Israel and living together with it and he's trying to create a better site if you're citizens up. Those people who want our continue with so warlike postures. Terry left behind in her trees so while. I think saudis are coming to realize is that. They were on the lower part of history I hope. They're coming to realize that's it's. Now I. I have not had the opportunity to move to visit troops Lamar I would like to at one point but what what is it that that the Arab Muslim nations of Palestinians claim they're what what is it that that makes them want to make this Universal City. Wanna make it universal could no army in the into a 1967. They controlled the jordans Jordanians controlled hair or blood Jerusalem and you dramatic and madness. Tender. And that in violation of all agreements that would meet in the T hire. They have no interest whatsoever in making an international city in an undersea controlling the two children from. The entire. That's territory of the land of Israel so. It's really just. Disarray. About Jerusalem because really those who dared to statin. The entire state you don't recognize and citizens so. She now it as as a professor of today studies or what what is your thoughts on the un not the way the United States has treated Israel votes under the Obama administration and currently. You can if you look at the perfect travel are things are very different day. There's so much more friendly relationship where under the Obama administration and I Billups from publicly rebuke of Israel and there was a feeling. Both in Israel. Also there are places that the United States had turned and is now they were from United Nations vote. I could imply this but I can also pay that the on the surface. On the ground. Her relationship even in the Obama administration was very strongly in net terms of intelligent sharing. In terms of our military. Coordination. So really there's been a constant support Kerr Israel releases the next administration. I personally presidential administration and then down. In the middle of you know photo op. Certainly there were difficulties in the Obama administration is under Israel's concern about substantive way. There has really been any change lewd and or shamed into east at about the congress on the other hand moving of the embassy. To Jerusalem would be a major stepped. In opposition to previous policy is that by the same token president of what the first sitting president then that. The western wall which the Palestinians regard it has occupied territory. That's certainly we believe was a part of this. Well doctor Shapiro thank you for taking time on your afternoon I appreciated you have a good weekend and I really appreciate your insight into this. Thank you thank you doctor Mark Shapiro. Chairman of Roger de studies University of Scranton.