Luzerne County Manager David Pedri, on the lawsuit against opioid manufacturers & distributors, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, November 9th

Luzerne County Manager David Pedri talks to Frank Andrews about the lawsuit against opioid manufacturers & distributors.


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Lucerne county lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies and those are county manager David Henry is on the line with us David and you just walked out of a meeting thank you for calling. Our everything you pearl think a phone call not I don't know if you heard this and maybe I'm making a leap here but I said this sounds an awful lot like it could become like a tobacco settlement I mean if other people via Windows Vista I mean did this this could wind up being a nationwide kind of thing could meant. Dad Al Franken mean that's great to my attention it around the Ohio attorney general. Filed a lawsuit in bout June. Mop up quite yet and seen I started reading NASCAR looking that Virginia made a move as well. And now when you are writing to Ethiopia weight losses when you go across the nation are picking up. Now you you filed this lawsuit against what 1415 companies. That was always in the concessions. People that we're looking at sort of plot through the first period. For the open or manufacturers. And I mean really for. Air failure. That we elect a two alarm. How can really look for people their ticket nature. And if you like it better for people that we've got a lot because Ethiopia or distributors and that's her book the illegal flight of the market. You know a cup contender a national study that was put together Lucerne county is in the top of the counties. In the nation. I'll wanna come so your prescription. For 300 people who burn calories and five prescriptions of hope we would not listen. Do you there's determined and that in the new story and and and is a pretty hard term racketeering conspiracy you really believe there's are racketeering conspiracy. I recruitment but put together by our attorneys and and now if that is beyond the magical language could bring in certain charges. That there are bringing against a pretty strong in the lawsuit I think we have heard a good changed since they left side when people but you look at the open noise a lot of things been Bloomberg sounding. It's millions of dollars in her budget every single year. Yeah you know I'm looking at the tobacco settlement I and that you know I was talking about that in a lot of the money is used for tobacco use prevention. Broad based health research but hospital uncompensated care payments and so you know some of that money is used to take care of all the costs of of Pennsylvania and you're saying that the blues aren't Connie spending a lot of money treating people to write. Are turning people would finally your trip between people I'm going to go to alcohol is our president it's our. The carpet just carried off that the public defender put following the criminal and hit our children do you almost. I got it off more than half apology to the children you. People bored and leave our costs in some way you performed by the open with a projects and to help but we talk all the number together at and it could be a marginal tax. Now the do you do you hear very familiar with legal procedures some of our people are taxing and saying it's a great idea we'll see results in forty years what's gonna happen what's the procedure what what do you what do you think's gonna happen now. I I I agree with you that is it going to come down to organic complaining you've been via the discovery process moving forward it may get swept up into eight a large class action the same way. The big tobacco lawsuit went. What's open and here but I'll declare an island and wanna make sure the blue bell there that. Lute can tell attackers are that are paying for none of oh there is no charge there been any way shape or form regarding our our attorney. If we recover on that we are successful but some people are we put our country when we're done what receive a fee but you know there are you're not going to be can go legal bills all the way through this entire process and it may take years. But you know what I want to put the time and aspirin can do a direct way. David I'd thank you for calling it's it's a really interesting loss and I'm grateful you walked out of the meaning picked up a phone call us thank you for the information curtain call we appreciate our OK you'll be sorry to say that because we will a couple of hundred.