Lucy Morgan, Luzerne County EMA Director, about conditions a week after the tornado

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Thursday, June 21st
Lucy Morgan, Luzerne County EMA Director, talks to Frank Andrews about the status of conditions a week after the tornado that hit Wilkes-Barre Townhip

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Talk to Lucy Morgan from those are kind AMA and she is on the line right now Lucy I'm sorry that we only talk to you in a crisis. I know I cannot. I don't yet on what I want us I wanna say this you do a really super good job there on top of everything and I just functional I'm grateful for the worst you don't. Thank you so much so what's going on over there. Well they mean Ramos Q hold a meeting come way to get into the package by an attorney out. Only started today. I'm contacted by other thing agencies letting us know what they think could be offered so we took the lead. Interest lining that had a meeting here this morning at my building. I mean you let them I need to get some coverage out there we tried to. And sharing the meaning noted earlier with all the media on social media and and all that stuff. Really don't have a very good turn now we had come quite if you didn't say anything and I did you agency had. That cannot turn a different kind of a kick stand. I along with the county manager offering any patent smooth and counting could come up so I first showed a very to capitol today. Now you know I'm mark mark Davis and I were talking about this and I guess I guess that 11 thing that we didn't really think about I'm sure you did but we did then that is that there are a lot of displaced workers on their. Absolutely and through they rapid response team and career linked to do have a priest fashion that I opted. For employees to go till I'm ended air Friday on June 22 and 10 AM. Monday June 25 at 1 PM. And now so Wednesday June 27 at 10 AM and they are all at its peak trailing town I'm 32 eastern in street in wilkes-barre. They can also register online. And they paid out so I'm just get more information by calling McCrary link. On the they have any question that they can't make one of the fashion. She's not is there anything that you need from the community from the public or any information that you need them to hear. I'm a police he the morning stared a lot of misconception out and that we do not get hit by tornadoes are protected by an amount and so please get this thing we have run last year in the pits encounter bear creek area until we we are unfortunately a disaster proof. Until clean if you hear any warnings to leave he'd better. And just please don't kick safety patient you plan to gain on a sunny day what they would do on a game and pressure and like last week. And to have your plan ready to console if gambling. The weather Norman now are you going to be doing a lot of our outdoor activities. Simply need to win your outdoor paid pay attention jailed. All of the whining you know with them the what is supposed to be don't have a leader received those warnings. Even for your children and their act camp or anything like that based on games what they did pretty empty the warnings because. We had only about fifteen or twenty minutes noted. Even allowed me they put attitude or thunderstorm watch it that you need to watch when and mourning went more like fifteen to twenty minutes is up so it's contained. Right now it is is there any traffic restrictions because I imagine you got lots of heavy equipment over there that's more than debris and concrete and half. I'm totally hell I'll only be didn't condemn her. Really destroyed now they made it more of a contraction dumbed I don't know of any red clothing. Good enough to Lucy thank you again for the work you're doing thanks for taking time to talk about sync is so much my pleasure that's Lucy Morgan Lucerne image.