Lieutenant Colonel Joe Albert (retired U.S. Army) in studio with Frank Andrews about the U.S.-North Korea summit

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Tuesday, June 12th
Lieutenant Colonel Joe Albert (retired U.S. Army) in studio with Frank Andrews about the U.S.-North Korea summit between President Donal Trump and Kim Jong Un

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Well I am honored once again to have our military guy in the studio with us lieutenant colonel Joseph Albert is here how are you colonel I'm fine frank how are you know I bought my first question is how did how the last time you were here did you know that even Singapore was in the mix. And can you give me than winning numbers for. Tonight could not playing myself and that's I think it's it's it's fascinating. What people have to realize. Is that this was the first step right period he really was who was just the first step. And to reassure your listeners and anyone else that care urged. We haven't changed our military situation in Korea the subs are still Blair. The satellites are still flying with half a Defcon has mean change from the troops. And it's a matter of you heard what was said publicly. But you haven't heard what was agreed to grant she shall we say privately he. And there's a lot more to come out now when you said you know Defcon and all that what you're so what you're saying is that people are making a big deal about the end of the joint exercises but that kind of really doesn't mean anything in my reading their rank you well you're reading that right in this respect. We can always turn the exercise is back on the bottom line that people should get. Out of this. Summit conference. The first time in seventy year urged. A president has spoken to a leader of North Korea number one. And number two. The president is the commander and chief he can call often exercise stroke or order an exercise. And what should I am. After last night because the ball was in Kim's score. Well on let me ask you this says as our our our military analysts here. What what do you think pushed into this points. Two were or where they met shook hands signed this agreement like what what really was salute was a straw that broke the camel's back here because I was saying you know we have a missile Lincoln in Hawaii we can wipe out California you know sending dust up over giant. No I think what did it was done three things the sanctions are really is heating up number one. Number two the Chinese. Twisted arms as best they can. And I think you know every time my speak with you would talk about the Russians right the Russians have played a role in this. And they've had their influence also. And it's basically. The fact that I think Kim was more worried about leaving. North Korea. That he was about talking with trump. She's real debate then they flew over his bulletproof limo and some kind of a bodyguard group that jogs alongside those the cars so you're right plus size say yesterday he flew over his own toilet. So that they wouldn't have soared divers trying to get stool samples I mean this is not us but I do so you can for those who believe in and want conspiracies. Let me throw this out what do what do what if I really wasn't Jim wonderful person double. Oh boy oh boy after a fourth. No no wonder wasn't trump for President Obama. Com China will have one what do they get I mean there's there's three bought website as his say China is a real winner like what what what's Kona with China where were they what do they do what you think deserve their involvement in this. China's concerned about themselves. They don't want true liberal on North Korea because they really don't wanna be encircled by unfriendly. I want to use how style. Elements. But they liked a buffer. As does the former Soviet Union played basketball for us and Europe and and China has a lot to gain of two ways one it takes a little bit of pressure off of their border. And second in economically if helps the model warm but. Down and I wanna I wanna pursue that in just a second we'll take a break here but I also want to ask you what. What has happened in the whole process of denuclearization. So you can think about that and so can you listening right now frank Andrew showed W while Kate eighteen minutes before four we will be right back because we have in the studio with us again. How long we've been calling our military analyst because I bottom every time anything like this happens and that is lieutenant colonel Troy Alberto has a resume as long as your arm but it was attached to the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1990 and 97 if we had a camera here you recognize them because I had him on the air with me almost every day during. Operation Desert Storm and shield on W any piece which is where he became you know my uncalled break class in college show military analysts when I mean I'm so colonel. That you you were talking about two things while we're in the break first of all you were talking about. How important was that they had this private meeting you know we we have the big dog and pony show buffer for trump and Kim to get together and just kind of talk primarily why do you think that was so important. I think it gave each won. A feeling for the other. What do you like it or not Kim is the leader of the country. A nuclear power are as a matter of fact. He has his own mind he has his own boss and he has something to say. And what deal like Donald Trump or not and we both know that the computer you're never gonna change their mind. The only ones that may he does have an objective view of the president are those that are not. Our core Republicans hard core Democrats but true independent state can think for themselves. I think trump really wanted to feel while Kim does if nothing else could he speak it could he say anything. And obviously translators had to do on both sides. But if Kim didn't answer any thing does trump had to say. I think perhaps the result may have been a little bit different and I don't know I wasn't there. I don't think people really grasp this but you said it and it's true. They didn't just walk into this room you don't sit down to have you know chicken salad sandwich and drop this agreement there was stuff that went on before they even matter right absolutely. From from the dale was bowed. Secretary state when he was CIA director went to North Korea. That's when this started planning and they've been working every single day up until 9 o'clock last night Singapore time. County do you do you think it I mean you you mentioned the sanctions. Is that the opportunity for economic development or is that China saying you know shut up and and and stop this because we'd like to see economic development what what's the real incentive for him to really be honest with this. My eight. Honest true do you mean blood to do you keep would c'mon if you don't go to under the guidance from North Korea Schwab what what you know everybody's saying well the president said yeah I trust him well how can you trust and you know he's a butcher but I mean it if there just isn't really gonna happen what's what's his term incentive a motive to really you know follow through. Perhaps it's because things are so desperate North Korea. I mean the country is starving their original economy. The sanctions are really taking a bite they're totally dependent upon China. Possibly Iran and also the Russians they don't have any friends in the world they don't have anything to export. They don't have anything to sell. Okay you mentioned troop two countries there. What do what do you think Iran is thinking and and and the fact that we have just kind of warmed up to North Korea does that. What does that do to our relationship to Russia. I that's a hard one for. I'm not sure what it does with. With Russia. But as I told you once before. Putin has pushed trump does Farsi and push them. Any realizes he can't be pushed around like his predecessor was. And Putin realizes if you wanna. Get a get get along. And he's doing it. And he's encouraging. Thought Kim to do the same path as for rain and there have been a hard look because. The bottom line is trump said I don't like to deal I'm calling you know you wanna have a new one point can talk. But I ran realizes. You're not gonna push crop around like he did his approach to count it I I I said before you can amend that he had to go. A trump had a classic quote on ABC this morning George Stephanopoulos asked him about the via the deal with North Korea and he said well Lisa I didn't pay a 150 billion dollars for schools. That was great but I tell you something else which. The people have to look at. As we've talked before the entire picture. ABC was breaking that the first interview that the president gave us with George Stephanopoulos. I think that was sending a message to it was sending a message to those in the multimedia. Core totally anti trump. When I say I'm going to do something I'd do it. And this is what news is not which should make it ought to be because. Last night watching ABC after the job summit sort of speak. Martha Raddatz in their so called expert were still denying that anything positive happen. They could not believe this this cannot be because this man does not intend to hold the officer president. There's people today I have lunch earlier today with thirty very ultra liberal. Good friend of mine unfortunately he's an attorney. But he's he's complaining about this about that trump didn't do this Indian giddy new human rights. My Santorum I should look that wasn't the issue at this time. That will come later morons it's not going to change overnight your talk and 71. Of a brutal dictatorship. Kim does not quote she's Peter kept. In fear lasts longer than love. Well there is a report today this said he actually didn't bring up the human rights issue and said that that will be one of the things that we have to discuss. Also won one editorial said this while they're criticizing the you know him not specifically talking about human rights. There's human rights when you're protecting people from clear what it. Absolutely. Absolutely. And like I said before the satellites haven't stopped. We still know that the purpose of this now with Kim saying PS I wanted to new polarized. We know how many weapons they have. For the most part I would say we're probably 90% sure of where they are and now if he's serious Kim. He's going to say to whoever we send over there and it won't be a high ranking individual. I have sixty. Bombs. And we're gonna say to him no you don't have sixty. You have 75. Forget I'm just choose yes I guess sample so he has to prove that he's serious and what he wants to do. And don't forget you've got people in North Korea. Who. They are career Ers and future Sharon jeopardy. Because of Kim loosens up. They lose some of their power. And we all know what powered us. Which brings up a whole another. The question and that is while he's make in this deal do you think that there are elements in North Korea they can undermine it. I'm sure there should probably some that would like to I don't know I honestly don't know but I would be willing to bet. Definitely wasn't a dictator he wouldn't have gotten away with what he got away with so far up Kenedy clue actually be in the country. Now that this is where your experience really comes in because you were involved in Iraq you were involved and Kuwait to involve less and you watched what had happened over there what are the steps now for denuclearization. I mean it it's not like you just pro Obama way around like what what has happened no and in fact they can't do they have to be moved out of the country. And we have to take possession. And I have to. Deactivate them to nuclear us to take the most part it so it's it's a long. Tedious process with no glamour and a lot of hard work. Out. All right we're gonna take a quick break here will be back in just a minute if you have a question for lieutenant colonel Joe Oliver you can text it and we'll we'll throw that out of my Astros to just say until fork just a couple minutes after yeah I don't know if all right 88300981804370098. We have to bring up the country that he always seems to reference and I don't know what's going on with that but we'll talk to about Yemen as well so say good sign WYOK we'll be right back. Hi everybody 9 minutes after 4 o'clock we are talking about the summit the summit between North Korean United States and in the studio with us since 330 is lieutenant colonel Joseph Albert let me just give you a little bit of a background for those of you there may be joining us for the first time. Lieutenant colonel Albert is retired obviously but he was part of a Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1990 in 1997. Some of his some of his background as he was involved in operation desert shield desert storm assigned to strategic plans and policy. Division of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dealing with the middle East Africa Persian gulf United Nations brands. He was involved in planning for policy and strategy for the United States forces involved in the gulf war. And on and on them on the mound. Special forces just about everything you can imagine and he is here given us insight colonel here here's a question that just cannon. Iran has been issued a statement telling North Korea not to trust us. Someone said is it possible that North Korea would hide their nukes in Iran and what we know if they started secretly moving stuff. They couldn't do it but we would I believe we would be able to know about it. Yeah I mean we've seen a satellite pictures where there was no no lights on any heart North Korea but in his in his house. I'm do you think there's some of the subsidy is taken really shows sincerity you know gut or or was it because his mountain blow up I mean what's really happening over there. I think he's sincere in wanting to change stinks because they just can't go on the way Damon always. North Korea it is. Is bad news from many countries in Africa. They're just more widely known but the economy there is not. Doug people are starving and dying every day from hunger yeah we saw statistic yesterday the at a gross national product of South Korea's one trillion to our north and a South Korea North Korea is fifteen million. Well it still look at some believe satellite photographs of deep peninsula. At night you'll see South Korea lit up. Like me up like your studio is straight now right at North Korea. If you're lucky to seize ten whites NFL that was that and the a state of the union said that he was. You don't go to someplace where they could eat dirge I mean there was just nothing to eat I mean and terrible brutal and they have to dent the people that are feeding on the supplying them are saying you don't. You got a tool bid for yourself now you're not gonna see McDonald's Aron two year right. But you will see one eventually come how many meetings I mean I think we're talking about years of meetings every six months every three months and what what what what's the real process here. Their meeting right now Italy's what's called back channel. And their quietly deciding what's the priorities. What are we going. Who we gonna meet with and each side is putting together teams different teams for different aspects of what we want to succeed. And what we wanna keep a closely watched John. And what they want what are they looking for from marsh they're looking for help they're looking for money they're looking for food. They're looking for what ever economic assistance we can get bumped because the shirt not getting get from the Russians the Russians have the world's problems. They're not gonna get her from China because China does someone this year except to protect its own self contrition. Also left someone to someone once sonoco as we were talking about it do you. Do you think it's possible that there would be some kind of a military uprising her cool for this in North Korea. To be very honest I don't know. I would hope not it depends on whose guys these controls. Younger officers coming through perhaps not all her officers who have much to lose possibly. But kept this no dummy I mean he's. I'm hesitating only XEQ did members of his own family. So he knows how the game is played out now. Every time you're here you talk about Yemen and in most feet. I just never think about Yemen do you bring it up and you even suggested that even with this process yemen's somehow is involved in the picture how. Well I don't Yemen is a surrogate war between Korean in this Saudi Arabia. It's a religious civil war in the country between north and south just like our squash. And a Rand is supporting one aspect Saudi Arabia supporting the other portion according Saudi Arabia. Russia is advising orient. So until that is resolved and it's not I don't see it being resolved because quite frankly the rest of the Middle East doesn't care about. It's an opportunity for Rand to test weapons. Test tactics test leadership. It's an opportunity for shoddy Arabia to test their weapons. To test American weapons. It's it's a very sad situation what's happening to the United Nations doesn't carry the they would have done so thank attacks came and it wanted to know I'm. He says since Japan was threatened does Japan benefit from this other than you know the lack of missiles slammed over. Well what you have to recognize is there's no love for Japan's can either shop Korea or North Korea. Or China they still remember Japan moral or true. So. Japan is limited with regard to their military. Third depending on us to protect them. Japan knows we're not gonna let them go down the tubes so I don't think Japan is particularly concerned. OK now we put there's probably ten Texas came in about this and and I have been waiting to. You know one of the things that it would be in between our interviews you're putting flags on the graves of veterans fresh 1510151000. Plus plus ten you know that you said university ROTC boys 'cause there was loss of people that we're helping you. Someone can mean many people as Texan said. What are your what is your reaction to the fact that as part of this deal the president wanted to make sure that remains of Korean war veterans were recovered. I think that is the main thing fit every. Active duty military person in the united states military. As well as every intelligent veterans quote consider. The most most worthwhile. Success of this summit if Korea comes through with that. Going to Korea how how does that happen do we send teams over or I mean looking for remain we say we can't give. We know where bull they have remained should they bury dump the we have teams stationed in Hawaii. Joint teams army navy or Porsche Marines they will go retrieve them bring them back to Hawaii identify them. And then. Bring them back to wherever the United States they came from. Okay now here here's here's a question. Every time you're here you seem to bring up something and you know like. Three months later I'm gonna ask kernel so that is there's some part of the world that we should be watching something that's going on now that that is not emit enough focus at duke. You keep thinking about. Africa. A night. Your Niger. We have the odd people there that. Her actively involved. In the situation you're supposed to be for training purposes. They went out and tried to capture. The terrorists chief. And they got an ambush they didn't have the proper authorization they didn't have the proper support they didn't have proper your cover. And you bush should it was a tragedy. But there's. Niger all over Africa slowly just turning in the mideast. Middle East is is. Still Leo powder kick much marshaled in Korea by the way. You Syria. This earnest the Russians find somebody to replace aside she's got. They haven't found anybody OK beef before you go out and Syria last time you're here we talked about that they seemed so lenient they've really got off the front page that they're just had gone after that after our task. Well don't forget and Syria. You male club a different factions. Involved they are you have. Turkey. Russia Korea and Israel the United States. And everybody is jockeying for position it's. I asked a Matt Clark great one on flash on my songs. I said what's the military authorization new show of force resolution. For boots on the ground and Syria and he looked at me said I don't know Joseph. I so what did you find out because that's my purse coal. Club. Craig Craig there. The Russians have the base. They've expanded. They've established themselves we feel we have to do the same. The problem is Turkey's the wildcat in the whole position. Because there are NATO member. But their being very can't tone NATO and their activities. They're starting to stir up trouble with Israel. Israel starting to say hey we gotta protect ourselves. Nobody's protecting house we can count on anybody but Herschel option. Lieutenant colonel Joseph Albert I'm precedent for more time to thank you so much for being here I hope we don't have any kind of conflict I got a call you again soon but you're a wealth of information and people really respect all the you do thank you for your servicer. Thank you Franken thank you station all right we'll.