Leadership Lackawanna

Newsmaker Interviews
Tuesday, April 18th

Kathleen Bird and Chris Szewczyk stopped by the WILK studio to chat with Sue Henry.  Artists For Art (AFA) Gallery: The Leadership Lackawanna class of 2017 is reintroducing AFA to Northeast PA. As we approach AFA Gallery’s 29th birthday, we plan to present a fresh new look, engage a whole new audience and celebrate “the visual arts” though an exciting community event. The rebranding/birthday party will take place Saturday, April 22nd from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM at AFA Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA 18503. Join us for lite hors d'oeuvr’s and dessert(s), wine/ beverages, entertainment and of course birthday cake as the Leadership Lackawanna debuts new marketing material, membership information and more. This event is open to the public and all ages are welcome. The event is free.


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Talk a little bit for a couple minutes about leadership. Lack a wanna with. The amazing. Kathleen Byrd who is just incredible person and has done everything under the sun. What's the weirdest thing neither returned I can't talk about that okay when you're at the MTV will be doing an eye candy and other young and there can you mentioned is one thing that we might be able to accept. Now hosing down Motley crew got split their houses that we can't we can't tell the rest that's very that's a good story out it was really it's just blondes and the story you're dressed so as a okay. It was RA it's nice they were dressed yes that's crazy they fell asleep. Got it. And that Chris sat check is herself check is here in case we get in trouble with the lies in the compass outlets are so both of your are here and I'm happy in your with Senate Leadership. Black Juana and add Chris since Kathleen talks all the time my. He talks about the organizational giver break shark will leadership wacko on his premier leadership program northeastern Pennsylvania. And what does takes people like Kathleen and I from different walks of life. Right exactly yeah just. Puts us get this class are we learn about the community that we living in the things that we never would have encountered before. And gives the community service project in this case we are part of the after gallery I'm lack of one avenue Scranton. And we heard talk about our events are scheduled for the Saturday from five to eight. Kathleen a kick over real value get a turn Judy just a. How you and I well I guess so we're having a free event this Saturday April 22 at the app gallery which is located that 514 lacked one avenue right down from the mall in Scranton. And we'll be having art display we're also doing a re branding amber they mash. So we came up let's in new marketing to tear down we've also developed some new program this. On the apple also has a lot of other activities happening down there be on just the art show so they have in prop classes and they have. On meditation classes and things like that. So and again if you become a member there you can also rent the space out for your own class or whatever thing you wanna do so. There are perks of membership simply want to have the suit Henry. Club there are whole evening how it and enjoy hair on top of I don't know Whitman mold everybody got a patients. Of the three of us are going to be there I'm just saying. But senior projects from keystone students will be hanging in the of them there keystone also be doing catering shall have find food and wine and of course cake is the birthday party. And again it's free to the public so if you haven't and she's the past the gallery please stop by eight if you have been there please stop I NCR news we branding marketing materials and learn more about. What ask has to offer. And it's just going to be a fund community event. This such a good idea. For people to come together and mix it up when new entry this program it's kind of pot luck we end up with very yes yes a 100%. So you didn't pay twenty dollars to end up with actress did you know but I I would pay twenty dollars you hang out with Chris because he's a clone guy. But no we have some amazing people in our class but especially on this project. There's people from theirs there's artist and then there's people working in non profits we have seen a defense attorney here and then we have some of the DA's office yeah yeah. Out so I'm covered a case against any true either are all your bases are covered him. This is good strapped. Planning and we allowed people from the different universities and so that's nice and it's just a fun time every month we have a project in class that we go to summer learning a lot of northeast Pennsylvania. And learning a lot about half which I didn't know as much. That it had to offer until I really got involved with them so great group of people did you know it's just for artist for art. I'm yes I do know that while did you know that before did you start we won nine reading an off the nap at. About that. I well train. I can read off the pamphlet that I think it's a good thing and it shows. Some of the things it in our community in the mine and no amount and it gives you chance to. Come together and have a good time and the blue chip aspect though what's what's that like when in this. Particular class would have you learned councilor. I come from an area where I'm an attorney T eight mile myself and I got a now I'm you know forced in a good way. Teamwork. Corporal you know rely on other people which I would never person school that like the group tried to I don't either my oh my god I hit the group project so this is something we're OK you're gonna handle that I trust you do that and Eric thank capping the singer who went on our team is responsible and we get the job done. I think it's great and I bet that the other teams are going to be very very jealous. The you're allowed to walk into a radio station wave at a talk show host and get on the air. It's the power that Kathleen has that our eye gazing. It's an amazing thing isn't gifts and we're very appreciated it is my pleasure everybody an all the support that they've been giving us because. You guys are amazing and we thank you. And we thank you for coming in today. Excellent fast it is a low fat it is to use your life in your there in your of the world with the the stuff that you used to do with the globetrotters and did she. MTV globetrotters. Cups and just ending come out the way it works and and it's fun and then. And then I go work in dentistry. Now which is which is a challenge unto itself little shop of course it's a wonderful thing. But that musical you know and I'm talking about what you're talking about ever sing those songs in your head. Now but there's the voices in my head I'm there that there voices in my have been on the gun out anyway to recap the recap. I'll tell you that it is the 29 birthday celebration. Of artists for our and that leadership whacko wanna I want you to come out on Saturday in stopping any time any time I hate. Fact you know I mean appointment now Greek food we picked up the menu. Tons of good yes. Okay is going to be a blast enough to Stockton today because I like to see people from outside the building when their wandering through. So it's my pleasure to host Hugh honest fabulous show and to talk about leadership lack wanna. How are in your class they're thirty class home coming groups are there three groups. Who's doing the best so far lost we are at the degree programs they're doing the an event with saint Joseph's. Centers there come and find out more about leadership also at our event shows there's a program with Saint Joseph center. For mothers and babies and going back into the community and then there's also a rights share program. That they're working. Carbon. So for kids who need appointments and different things like that medical appointments. Do you ride a medical plane and it's kind of like it in Hoover type idea but why well they they would provide transportation. I like when that the mohawks get together and they think it's a very Smart program on Monday geyser NN and I've I've seen the work of the loser in kind of program to foreign and I don't think we've ever had many in your from your son manage you. You are right before we go to the break in and thank you that Chris and Kathleen. For coming in today. And a speaking about the.