LCTA to offer free rides to NEPA Air Show on August 12th

Newsmaker Interviews
Wednesday, August 9th

Lorri Vandermark, LCTA manager of public relations and Justin Davis, operations manager talk with Rob Neyhard about the LCTA (Luzerne County Transportation Authority) offering free bus rides to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Air Show on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 9am to 5pm.


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Air shows coming up up a thief looks very Scranton international airport. And glory Vander mark from the LLC TA and the operations manager Justin Davis is joining us. Because they're gonna tell us about some bosses that may take it to the air show. Hey thanks for joining us today. Hey rob how are you today I'm doing well Laurie nice to hear from you you hit my friend you'd hit out. Yes on this weekend what else can she can't. Have decided to do is make people don't know but we have a regular route are route seventeen that actually going to the airport. On a daily basis I just started actually in Alaska few months. And actually started out route a few months ago and we're talking to mom I want mr. Cabot with speaking with mr. Beardsley about chaparral. They've started discussing the airshow and we started talking about how great it was you know I I believe it's been something like seventeen years is your show has been here. And we knew it was going to be a popular revamped and we also knew it was going to be crowded and we you know I don't PTA one of our goal to make sure people can go where they need to go. Without having to worry about he had not having transportation or. Being afraid maybe of crowds are driving her traffic. So we put our heads together and tried to come up with a plan to make it easier for people to go and we actually get into action items. The first thing we decided is that number seventeen row which is the normal route and rout usually go to for me intermodal center in Wilkes-Barre. And Mohegan Sun Casino to the kept the ball marks. The airport and then down to palm downtown Scranton and make the loop. We decided first and probably would make that well no charge all day for anyone that ranked at number seventy. And then we realized that there was probably going to be even more traffic and that the background only run the cute and on Saturday. So we came up with an air show expressed so we're actually adding a second but dedicated just to be air show. That will start at 9 AM on Saturday run through 5 PM and it's simply gonna do a continuing nonstop loop. It'll start at the intermodal center in walks Derrick going to the airport up to ATP dropped the full stop and continue to do that loop or they lost. Okay now thousands are two buses going and and we understand with traffic and everything. Abandoned that could be. You know could be a little busy up there. Any idea of how long there might be an interval between. Buses. Dropping people off and and returning. Well I'd you know what we do have some ideas on that but I'm gonna lead on the Justin addressed that question Keith without the Interpol for how long we think it may be and again probably wanna point out that's. On it's only Saturday that we're actually going to be doing that for the will be this Saturday for that and Justin. What kind of I'd be. Well right now around we're given a half hour from the walks very you know total to the Wall Street international airport. However what traffic. You know everything's approximate eight could be half hour could be 45 minutes. Were hoping that we use we do have a dedicated lanes are for the buses to get through possible we're being told. So hopefully the half hour up and a half hour back will be we believe very close. Other reason I ask that is because you know how people are even have been some of free Basra as sort of wears the busses and Al I'm way to verify our real people have to understand. The traffic safety situation. And the fact of the matter of the kind of service say you're providing to them absolutely. Absolutely. So this is gonna start 9 in the morning on Saturday and run until fives. Absolutely the first the first trip is gonna leave the intermodal at 9:25 AM. It sure Iran somewhere around. The airport around 955 refinement away over. Have been leaving the airport at ten and are arriving back at the year mobile about 1030 with a five minute layover. The first one leave nine point five and the last one believe before forty. Picking up at the airport around 515. And then once again this service is free absolutely free remote. That's outstanding. Yes sir and and and that's kind of service side that that you know thank our transportation departments should be providing for people so. So I think it's a good news it's a good idea for people who wanna go to the air show and and as Lori said don't wanna put up at the traffic and the driving in the parking and everything else. So take advantage of these buses I had the feeling they're going to be filled. We well you know we hopes they'll accept our call Robin that's we'd like to fees and we have actually on our web page and I don't you mind me mentioning it or not they can go to LBT eight spot. Dot com LT TB UF dot com. And right on the front page of our web page we have all the information they need we have an approximate schedule for the express. They can also find the number seventeen schedule on there. And that way you know any of the neat that they have for the air show on Saturday can be taken care than we're just really happy to be able to. Provide this service the best you know try to be good community leader in the community partner with the air show the true very happy to have this show here. I I agree with you listen I appreciate you joining us tell your boss nor myself a low. We would do that thank you very much to take the time to talk with the tribe have a great day I well anytime you need this just pick up full thank dropped all right by Laurie by Justin thanks for joining us.