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Saturday, June 2nd
Saturday June 2, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you only do. And now Gloria weigh in on double BY okay yeah good morning good morning how are you so I'm wonderful how we feel I'm no well. But why I'm bronchitis. You've got what he had yes he said that I was wondering you didn't sound sick the other day kind of tough to know. Because I'm here. And how you felt OK I am this lot of medication tyrant that's. Hopefully everything is fine and treatment program for it and he. Okay because this. Clinton now as I just think it's this allergy is gone bad you know it's just got to that point. In any Realogy is a crazy and all those and the like I three oak trees in my yard so all those little play. They're they're like a caramel colored thing and they have all the power and just yeah. It's I can't stand there in clumps all over him and that is he should see my windshield in the morning I get stressed me crazy my allergies have been wacky too but I am doing Arrington yes. So Bahrain and I don't think. Yeah and so what else is going on your world. I'm well I'm officially re licence from I really sting like and he. We had to do push you know we have to take. Fourteen whopping fourteen hours of continuing an every two years misty your world will be about it I as our guest expert at the end of the hell bent and so of course they did that and it's true days of sitting still which it doesn't so ninth LL. But Larry don't delve grotto is one of the best guys I think I said this before but by today. You had to go online and register. We renew your license. So of course I forgot to comprehend. So yesterday I went in. And tries to. Re up yes and it was telling me that Social Security number was wrong. And like what and I look can't make a great number to the point where I question and then that's stupid computer telling me that I was strong image and I went and looked out my card and it was the right number so then I called Sunni sell or as catcher calls the two of them combined Cindy Chanda. And said it won't. I can't get in and tomorrow's the last so she said don't Larry can be able to an end to it today so it can into the rescue she Collins and we other rounds on. This so no I don't initially. Well done for the next two years and I said since this is we talked about it it's big anniversary. It is very light years this year how old I remember I was living room Center City Philadelphia. Yeah it was 1988. And it was right around this time. And I had taken the courses before I got married but never took the test until I moved to Philly and start thinking I think I can do that here. And then I got licensed and while I was living in Philadelphia and that in and of itself was a treat to learn how to sell real estate with the wolves in Philadelphia yeah. 'cause you it was good training ground but I went to white shirt and they were great three weeks of training in king of Prussia. Three weeks in 95 every day had to commit to that. And then no pay just beat an incumbent and man it was great I mean if it was but goes for the the days and I remember my first I started with weicker and then in May I had to work on I had floor time wolves. Overt Memorial Day weekend. And while I was on floor time I got my first call it was just a guy calling said could you come and see my house and we talked about it he said my house isn't. Pristine. Condition. And I said I'll class can't and it absolutely was it was absolutely gorgeous fashion Intel known unknowingly I don't know. Don't worry when people say you can Christine can I am yeah out okay pal Ryder Cup can't let me. Got there and I walked in I was I own my god it was it was beautiful yeah it's beautiful sound like such a commercial. It was. Stands some. And it was in need like 1718100. Black sand some members understand that yeah yeah yeah it was I was trying to think of the acts exact location. What they called but it was really thin rain event proper I guess Center City proper was. Absolutely beautiful house and I got to know these guys that we did they were wonderful and then I was having I was pregnant with Connie. So then after he was born as I said the first couple months I taught him in one of those. Things those pout she danger where in front like kangaroos and I sentenced to commit. Andy came with me everywhere and nobody care and they just wanted to see the houses they sent but it was some it was quite the experience. So and then of course I have been with she RA since. Who's happy said Sydney at the other day we had dinner which we put whereas CBOs with tenacious inane that you and yours truly. And I'm I started in hurt are sentenced on July 7 2007. Wow. So we played a number yeah. Let him let him. So and you know it's also maybe this is good here. I'm when you get it from the commission real estate commission they give you a user ID. I gonna say what it is just a manner because they change it every year in the United Nations I don't know. I don't know either but anyway I don't care because it. Yes to the pastor but it it was my name the year I graduated and to my favorite number 797979. Breakthrough and I got. For me and my good numbers so yeah we'll see mania never Goodyear realist and I. Are they. Done it anyway so that's my story that's what I'd be doing of course the weekend was great. Went to Brendan to stoke he's done since my memorial night for a little could go a little dinner. And I'm and they were falcon McNulty embargo O'Malley when they're with us and she was a laughingly. We never stopped the last thing I'm just spending time with and me and Brandon together is book ended its funny and SF so it helps create we had a good time. Yeah so I always learn more days actually gone and four at any start with a link yeah. And I am just shocked that they actually pulled that went off footage didn't. So it was great it was just nice to be up there and see all the neighbors who came out for real you know I know first big weekend. And our focus in next weekend so I'm sure that will be. Something that Patrick will be delayed beyond words about and how many casually asked when we're coming up. To go on the boat every weekend yes no improvement. It begs get I don't know whether you know another be done an emphasis. Yeah. No and I'm with you have to give because that was now we thought about it. Why should because it was raining and a lot of people did not come up because the forecast was for rain CNN center there in those die hards may want hot Petrino is there so they didn't. There weren't that many boats on lake. Either and I'm so. I think this weekend or next week and usually everybody says when schools are out which is second weekend of June. That's when everybody comes up with two kids and the family so on the state air for the entire summer. So this is kind of anti climactic even though it's a read it's the original. Beginning. The that's the boating season once called there's about thirteen weeks and their budget. Com I I don't know it's just weren't that many people and I think it has to do with the weather. The only people just didn't feel like I can know and we went to cleanliness. Well I can now wait let me just say we went to Ku and listen we got there about 530 quarter six. Which is relatively early. And the line was good it was an hour and a half wait to get to the point and we just like Dan said are not. He's so ever night. When do they have and a handicapped area. Now there's none of them just so it because of the weather a lot of people are going inside to break. So we parked Tim insides but we just realize what's the point we can stand here forever it was drizzling. So we packed up we went the Newfoundland hotel I is you know that is yes great. And we had a fabulous fabulous dinner it was wonderful persist so glad we didn't how was that crowded. Not really OK now we go we want to trade in gun table for four. Well they used to be my old customers when I am. Work 24 lake area bank in Newfoundland camp you know when I talk about the green acres story going from Center City Philadelphia the Newfoundland Pennsylvania true green acres just she did do good finish yeah those shrill because that's and I was so good. I know what I love dance place that was really needles hotel yeah so that's been indicted don't go when they did a good show and they're really dead and enjoy it. And that wasn't much else to do it everybody was just trying to open up the cottages are locker room whenever they work. Because I don't know what had been enormous and so yeah I heard so there was a lot of work to do cleanup busy time yeah but it was fun. Did you see in the paper about the and she and I think my name may have told you. 2018. Governors are tourism we held at the Scranton cultural center this year hunt August. Eight. And they announced the other it's Tuesday. Mad 11 o'clock PM the press conference for Eddie recipients of this year's. I'm a wars which is really cool and that's gonna happen under the beautiful truth of this grand cultural center it is free to the public. Things will be coming out more and more we're all armed. Bunch of us around in the committee and working towards. It's chaired by geno mall ski from time to. Lucerne county and there's a lot. Lot of moving parts and it'll be nice nice. Day here in the electric city for this aren't they do it I think. If I if they bodies in a different county every year and how many counties do you know do you know how many calories are in his state of Pennsylvania now. Twice C seven. Y yes Morales so they do and I forget when they started I I income. Could be 86 or 96 I can't 1986. And 96 and they been doing this and so it's really. An interesting end I don't have an exact names in trying to be some re demanded as he gets closer to the recipients their local. Like statewide artists of all different levels but one of them are you familiar with Martin guitars death. So I always saw that yeah yeah I was a leading. I'm honored this year and it's it is I guess its fourth generation good carmakers since I'm the guy was he young dealing thinking these it was only thirty years old when he became. The president and CEO of the company after his from his grandfather can. Yes I don't know where the dad fit Napa and I'm find out more about it but it's it's a lot of fun interesting pop Pulitzer Prize winner. Textile artist so it's it's gonna be pretty neat and down. Looking forward to that and again is being held and hosted. Phrase in Google Scranton PA. So where. I'm happy about that end. Excited coming up and and well our next guest will be telling up talking a little bit about the arts so long we mentioned the arts it's always a good thing good that good perfect segue into what we'll be talking about next Raymond trillions trillion no we. So I think that's gaining quick break did anything else before yeah I just wanna say one quick thing out there. Trying to find the name here I am but I can't get out here. One say kudos to. The new president of the college. Crazy crazy adventure for a yes no Brendan and excuse me a cabinet presidents yes we're also is that once a day and congratulations to her and I think it's a great that's wonderful news and I guess since it's at the university. Is a keystone cut what is a college it will noble what's the difference between because they said Margaret Chamberlain was -- past. She's the first besides dad was since it's what I asked for years school is sometimes called. How was two years when and much better listen she's the first of the four your son graduate I was and she's up. She was promoted sales from within the profile strait yeah yeah I think it's neat we'll have to maybe she'll come and talk to us and maybe you will have nine sets for a little while graduation. And I think yeah that's great. OK so we will be right back king you're listening to Mario link show we'll stay tune I'll be right back. Hi my name is Lynn. I'm the managing director. Women socks and switches designed for the special financial needs a baby boomer women and I am also the host of the podcast called power of the purse. Which is available on iTunes stitcher and Google play and I Lari and the owner of Laurie can enterprises are just a fundraising PR and special events business. And we in the house have one of my own flesh and blood so we say. We have the lovely. Jessica cabinet Osborne who is Mike 'cause. Along with mr. Brad Moore again who is the executive director of clock towers CEO Dirk. And he's also the director up this class. Theater company wanted to clock tower theater company Brad executive director and he's also the director of cat and a hot tin roof which is going to be premiering. You want premiering but one night only right premiering its grants and rain is the first. I'm I'm June 16 at 730 at the theater at north which is a beautiful facility. And also here is they did we get when I suggest you had to bring your ear without costar in this so we have good day at the very handsome too I will you manner handsome Jessica scored just. I'm Jake went and who stars as brick and Jessica as Maggie and this is happening for one night you guys intelligence is just set this sucks to tell us where you've been doing it and how you were able to then bring it one night to Scranton but anyone can jump in a matter I don't think all of them capture since you can't. Oh we open tonight actually in any caddie are kind of political. The stage which is your company that I have or a deer facility that had been associated with for over 25 years I didn't. Performing indirect being involved up there with that company. For a long time not so you for two weekends or there and then brain for just only wants performance here in Scranton on the sixteenth. Johnson turned so. We're bringing thanks for tonight DA and. Now well I know just said she's viewed as have been traveling so house parties what's the right to ND time how tough fires and now I now we accept data rate of 81 north Fannie and I'm right now. OK so I'm. Can Anaheim ten growth just in case people don't know because I ate and I think I told you I royally screwed up here the other day what couple weeks ago week because now broadway's all over we and it should she said while Lin said we to me the brain implant in Spain stays ma'am we were taught I just had a bunch was on site you're gonna sing and I sin not why that's not the song she does ES it is right now. It is now. I know in my mind I knew that but I really wasn't look I was just. Thinking I don't know where I went with that and I forgot all about My Fair Lady but I just don't remember that it auction and right after I sent it I Philly did. You know what when I said I don't know 'cause I think I know a lot scuba. But yeah. And then I'm watching last week CBS Sunday morning and they had that woman who's in the movie who's got in the play on Broadway Diane and rig their rates have. And she and I'm like oh this is hunting me because I just sent I didn't know My Fair Lady and then I said to someone the other day and she started this is singing the whole song to me. I'm like I know that. I don't know why you blocked out so anyway just for and the bad I don't sweat just so it's Casey some another like me who forgets what Canon hot tin roof is all about the plight could somebody. Just give a brief description of it is there signed by the way it's gonna have to look we can take. Knowing how to protect us against Honda. Does this is the enemy and there are no musical people most likely remember the adaptation for from film. As with Taylor and although that's screenplay is quite different from the actual play itself has there really yeah. I never do that including a dozen pieces of another is that and made for TV movie with Jessica lane. And Tommy Lee Jones and anything is there. I'm loving that's more like playing for found. Some people and not Ellington. But this is a Tennessee Williams playing. How about some familial struggles some relationship struggles and them funny enough Florida's I think you and I are having a conversation. A very real and conversation like this when and now you the other day yet but it's about truth within a family. So you know we all have most of us anyway is this thing maybe there's like a big millions secret or in. You know an elephant in the room yet pertaining and referring to it as and that's sort of what's happening in the Stanley and in this relationship between my him drink. Who haven't taken nine play so it's again the struggles can enjoy these successes failures. I am that within a big family and the southern Italy. Well I think two would I use the term all the time the name of this plan because onset. Do you prisoner the service engineers crazy as a cat cat on her at ten move I say that all the time and done even thinking of it just thinking. You know. Because it makes sense I mean that's the thing I love the name of that I just love everything about it so I'm thinking and Tennessee Williams mean to your god. You can't get any better but I am it's. How do you feel like how do you go live to do which when you decided to go to trial how old or audition I guess I should say and Brad you're trying to figure out what which I. How do you pick plays Heidi you how does that process work freely within your company. We'll pay you don't play I mean this is a classic so as a director as an actor you don't impacting something written by Tennessee Williams is always enjoyed our. No pleasure just to delve into creatively but I had a very good friend of mine that Anwar who is the epitome of big daddy which is a father fear in the bank. And for years we are discussing it. Wanna ceiling Merrill really wanna see when that rule and winners when I decided about the season. I think I sent immediately we have to do this I have to play and unfortunately he became ill and has some some medical issues that he's dealing with and couldn't do it so. We fortunately someone else who's looking great to play the role in stepping in because you need to really strong actor in that part as well doesn't reckon Maggie. To make the show it's a worthwhile. So I mean it was really just happenstance and and them knowing. Someone who's you wanna play the and that's how we thank you for. I don't think there's really any actor I mean director out there that wouldn't love an opportunity to sink your teeth into you know. This interior screws up attending you have to really go common thing and I like Anthony Mason thank god this. Could dig into the bad guy though is that you saying it teams do you mean heat because I'm sure that happens to directors and actors I don't I don't know when you see someone the way they act normally and real life. They can remind you of character is that we you're saying about this guy or you know he is role he would play the perfect version of this guy what what was is there. Well part of having theater company is you have to pick plays that you know you can cash from your immediate come of actors right here. You know I'm not going to new York and auditioning. People right in getting people locally so. She if you know the movie the girl lives he was and that is how you drill I'm playing you know. And so when you know that. I have to battle there that many daddy can be you know I have done broadcasts enjoy themselves someone's out they're play that. And I'm still searching or looking her hoping they can find someone. But I think you bring up an interesting topic and I've taken and there really special class in New York. Think this guy his his last name sand harnessing shepherd did and I wish NRA. Things I'm. I'm so sorry Sam I forget his last name in this moment. But it was a class based on it was an about the craft of acting but it was about. Identifying. Your own essence sort of this. And thematic through line with any food that's archetype able almost something that we all. Understand through any universal language it's a thing that human beings can understand but it's it's to your facet of that within you. So we did find stuff playing good break apart you know the top three stars that you know and look at the films that they've done it and you say on my kind. And every. Found calories is experiencing some measure of extreme lock or unlock I. And you know it it in this as soon says being lucky in there realizing and there or Tom Hanks oh my god he's always I'm prepared. He's always finding himself in a situation where he's completely castaway. Course got a big freeze in a position that he can't what is he gonna do with these circumstances that he is now prepared formed. Seeking going into fine and I'll. I'm no matter room that time period the circumstances of the claimants rink and me myself as Jessica as Jake as the actor had something within them that is. And we are. It's our it's our thing it's our essence and true thing in the circumstances we can show that that's part of our message are very individual message as an artist. And so I do think that you know there are particular actors that are meant for certain because apparently estranged being told. Yeah I think it's the end game JK talk a little bit about your background we talked earlier. You say you from buffalo here. Yeah. I'm like buffalo and how wings and on a tennis. I mean I did I let imovie and I'll halo doesn't. I think I'll. Well and didn't. I learned I'm a more. Now living in the Binghamton and to carry out there sort of jumble of cities right there I know there. Yeah found but I went to school there and done and the degree in acting and I've also worked etc. others say real stage found that that venue for a number of years. Continue various roles. And was lucky enough to hook up with NORAD through some sound. Common mutual friends mutual friend there are no mutual friends. Can be a part of this. Think when you love about. Acting global. And I can town. I love. Of all of the characters I think I think every story. Before we can get into what's actually happening between people who or what's happening in terms of Tex coming off the page write the words. I think it starts at the character like there's a there's a breathing functioning person there that you can flesh out Brad. And if you can take that fleshed out person that bust our character and put them on stage is circumstance. With another actor and and sort of let them bounce off each other the play is sort of springs from there. Nine pounds and so then I get to try aren't so many different things depending on the play depending on circumstances. It's what I love. Months went by Jessica says Santa I'm finding an essence of who you are not good as you were saying as Tesco was thinking. About the roles some of these great actors and he's so about Tom Hanks always being in situations where. He has not always gonna get out event I just think when it was Sully you know managers. Wow that's a classic castaway gets all the same thing so what do you find that that it in the characters that you've played. What are those characters with the essence of what are you in those characters that you love. And so makes it gets you ready I'm sure I'm not. I hope is not your dramatic but I think I would say eight like. Deep internal conflict. Well I don't we I mean yeah but that's perfect in the play you're talking about right Chad Johnson Rocha the sort of balancing of. What is right vs what you do. At all times and which one's going to win any give. And second I'm my own kids can learn about you just what would just say same thing I learned well and I think his name's Sam Christians in there. He's a oh with him as human to. His work. But it back and that was probably means six years ago or so we found through these testing cool studies them lying was escape. You don't answer as many as you know I've friend and then put it to decide and and sure enough by fines and things that come to me there is an essence and it's one end of the spectrum the other. So either staying too long risky thing to see him. I. Obviously can hot tin roof it's definitely. Been stranger type situation staying for a song she can't even if he feels this deep instinct. To jump off you. For her own reasons. And co pilot at home and see how quickly this time just flew ranked accept. I had and they didn't Wear an Ed Emmett tell him how they can get tickets sinking into the website is that are just go to north Brad what do you say on that multiple. Always directly aligned clock tower theater does undertakes dot com. Clock tower theater has a FaceBook page that theater in north has FaceBook page with links for attendance. Or is the WWW Peter Norton dot com links for tickets. Or you can call box office 57070308. For six months kind crane. Always like to thank. Jake women whose playing Brecht Jessica can now as one who is Maggie. And Brad Morgan who's executive director of clock tower theater company and the Purdue and the director of cannot tin roof which will beach here premiering on June 16 at the theater at north starting at seven doors open at where the play starts at 730 soaks. Look I'll go Lilly you'll find it it'll be geared. Break a leg all of Leo and Jess just so we know just danced and fees grew ballet easier to Scranton she was she was a rock cats for many years. She does every yogi she's unbelievable I lover I have to give all the shots that's my cousins and I. I mean everybody yankees I might and it's absolutely your nails it's we haven't had a I don't I'm sorry we'll be right back you're listening to Mario and shop. Good morning. Good morning how are you today under so. My name is Linda Evans I am the age. Managing director of the new financial planning firm specifically for the needs of baby boomer women called women of substance. And I am also the host of a podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes stature and Google play. I'm Larry can the owners Larry can enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special event business and with us today. Follow that last act nation hum on the I don't need showed a rower who is the General Counsel for ERK one source realty needs she are ERA he has to say nation has ERA he has attended in ten counties seven offices and 101000 aged. It's like he was safe shots and a can now sit so. Seemingly brought do well there are six others is ten counties are we have to eleven know how are ranked twelve count on top. Names and numbers over a hundred agents childless and you know I inflate the agents act and we had eighty now ranging thanking our yeah. NIC let's see inflation pain and I have friends daily challenge to talk to mean. Your mom so so what's going on her Hannah there allows so we've had our. Some new though staff members joining us our lovely Leon can cope classes all time with us now she was just an age and I'm for the past. Four years he's really isn't something she joined full time which makes my life very much more fun at work because Brosseau friends sometimes to have. I'm so when young enhance in the office. They stay young oh had for a drug so I think I. We cleanup team so she's like she's young and have the only man yeah she's like Karen Maloney all I. Now that prayer day away. Okay. So we've been having a lot of fun actually doing finally am planning to do video contest with three. I'm he's in banking and I'm videos and leaned as we did during Tuesday's talks. So we kind of stir. All some inspiration for me to go and we have our own little. Real estate videos take some time on ten minute two minutes yeah. I'm Kelly you're thinking of maybe trying to start a podcast to anything. So I ask what are you know. Better late next year's front outside. So yes we've been doing math and I'm we've kind of we've had a lot of new agents join and she's really exciting in keeping us really daisy chaining them how many tools and our tech tools keeping evolving. Perhaps we just spent three days are Brett. A couple weeks now I'm getting refresher course iron. How technologically advanced ERA is as a franchise actually is or is he is so yeah. You know ERA stands for electronic realty associate. No I never renewed we Anatolia dad gum and there's and you see how he's been Simon's hand he's actually Orleans. She's not yet forty I think he's an Imus is a millennial so I'm here usually as. By heat he came from Silicon Valley links US I CEO of a bunch of different. Real estate tax start up companies Huard keep that's his background. So our company's. Focus and really gene which is the parent company of being forgotten people don't know that. All the real estate giants and under one random right in Madison is an amazing thing is yeah RA RE RA old school anyone venture between Lyon Sotheby's. I'm long impostor now Corcoran Group or criminal act. I'm not that I'm an artist from country. I'm all have the same parent company so the focus now is on tack. And because our CEO is so young he ends comes from such a big tech background. ERA is getting all the tech tools first can. And I named. Even before and after running doesn't mind he's number one ladies' man about myself and theology they don't know if you look in it needs him again. So Lehman doing dragging. Its. We've kind of barren. Are getting ready firm awards celebrates. Annual awards she's speaking dean to nineteen for everybody. Ten honor and I'm enjoying lunch and we are due knowing Danielle and I thought as the CEO Myron let's goods has viewed grand visions of Barbara. You're talking is now. I might get and we hired. And outside and campaign you like that where you drop publicity do you draw attention to your own solo I wanted to do a scary need. Like yard sale. Not to vote yes week yet where I've had a very I'm kinda mean you'll try out this virus you first the end it was not a dialects and right. Yeah from plea charity I tell from my breast cancer and other times. It's almost party planning on alien out of the big. So I'm and we have. New campaign going on with our advertising where honoring I. Are experienced in our agencies and I faster a lot of time South Korea I know is talking us through thirtieth year of being a real estate. But see little Melanie is an ability Aaron since 2007. So 1110 left in yeah. I'm so are honoring the three of our agents. Denise Taylor for being in this week's home SARS which was out on Wednesday. And it spread is at next week's harms our site next week's and in CN NBC yes no don't be out I. She's following the Wednesday after he apparently thinks that's. We have Bob Bryan Jones who was then but now he's such good yeah he's. And he's really funny actually yeah he's nice and I shot outside of the his wife Diana EC BP and C Tracy every day on into the banking but she's retired now. Bob not playing very tiring you know she owned by any comes from a corporate background so kids approach cereals it is very structured and term you know how gat. Senator claimants are called they are GO I he's gonna cost four iron. Fourteen years I think twelve or fourteen years and then we have. Our other agency speaks his glory Irish she's ambassador and investors fourteen years. Lawrie Sanchez for fourteen years I'm she's used to be acting Hamlet Australia so we had announced its UIs and human. And she's come down to clarks summit her she's a regular at two Christian. She's a sweetie and it's and then we have a special I think you up Patricia O'Connor. Who has been and that's not a song as the other two but she's peril series in since 2006 I believe. It's a nice little spread for the three of them very continue on with all dressed in our experience to agencies and I asked for so long. And a big thank you to everybody. A couple of one byline you'll be in the newspaper about sectarian we keep moving our way to the top. Sounds were really really proud of every line in our proud of our new agents are south but sometimes I think. We've focused on monitoring creating it and getting you in your hands the business that we forget about. You know annoyance and tried and true true yeah and everyone has something different to offer it. Sounds. Well it's gotten you know this business is a very difficult Tia and end because it's not. A steady paycheck unless you have to weeklies settlements right. It never becomes your weekly pay any minute so I mean he's you know my piano and by casting their winter or you can count on in some deal happen and it's delayed a couple days Serb. You know it's not an easy it's not an easy thing to deal I'm butt and get in just stick to it. You know I mean I've only for several a couple of years out of the thirty I've. I've done a full time but in most of the time it's something I do. Well I al-Qaeda behind you don't show. Can cost is all day on Saturday now. We know I don't and then they're done neck no interest any longer but you know what if somebody needed me to do it I would go until a player like that seen how bad it doesn't even Sam can happen with the Internet now do people really want energy they kinda get a feel. You know analysis so much easier because Hewson go you have to eat like you have to go to a but even before the MLS doesn't computerized you have to go through a book. And look at one little picture and what was in it you you have to pay you had no choice but to take people link 'cause otherwise they would know what a what. ECB. Once a week you got the bug could wait and if so this I'm getting away how long and actually. Are taught you how they. Alain Brett in seeing Israel skin. Isn't what was the winning is not. You got the book once a week it was black an idea what they say would be okay I'm very proud of blue cover Allie of the yellow pages that brilliant and payback. And it features a beady little black joint picture I am not the information out. And then each agent had their own fact sheet that they would do that. Last required to certain information room sizes all that stuff. I am. But I remember I hated the fact they were handwritten. So I instituting tiebreaker I brought typewriter to not test like twelve there'll be sure brought a brother typewriter brother tonight. Offense and started typing up everyone's back she's. And then really nice girl Tuesday I didn't like the Scotch tape marks I am glue stick an actual photograph on there and I am photocopied them. Foot because it really was. Really bizarre when you think about it after I remember hearing previous conference took their first house and senate to go he's going to send it to me it's the same thing as buying and buying new glasses and what we talked Friday after you walk in their museum all of this and they don't know overwhelm alleges that free as I understand it's in this interview. You're working the floor you have. I'm binder with everything really had a flip through again. It really weird cross reference them by alphabetical by street team and how nice numbers some and you can finance it and spike. The people I mean that's hard mean yearly thing and I'll hold on a second life what did isn't financially. It was indoors and away until now so yes oh session there are dollars up front you had to comes or not it's easier lord and I. He came to earn only song I ever fashion for short is chains like we didn't need all that office space that's why we brought in one of those offices because. I don't want free agents having enough and I want them no reason yet on our camps. Basically our tech tools allow you to be completely mobile you can minding your entire real estate business and Isabel and each agent is. I look out as the Indiana business right that we help them run that I'm from her cell phones yeah. You know it is Smartphones Jose cannot try anymore but I'm. Yes he RA was still a technology masters and we that this is electronic realty associates nineteenth avenue on the first realty company to have a fax machine. That's how it started last couple and John apple. I was just say you understand he originally RA man. You're the only way to figure out how to handle Leyland and I. Yeah he's on in my. He's an agent is also the county assessor and then a Burr her broker and you know every is there any praise god and Johnny is. The absolute I love poem he and she's my children's great uncle and he's he is he's the best she's a dorm hall and Imus he knows Bernie Mac he. I'm Jim Jackson I think who has the best founder of the ERA franchise I'm. And that's where John got his eerie forget. How long time ago he'll talk about a shout out to. Oh gee there. You like bath while yeah. Mean we are you with special award for him bella blown tire is better. Now we should have a big his face just opened the pin there's just ask I'm doing Alice they went on telling you you're and I. Did you surprise perhaps well now he is trying to you know. He is he really good guy and I mean if you just say that as I was going to. They Jhonny had that first French any act and me I'm just so like there's this big thing now with hearing our branch. I'm like we have all these retro. Logo T Sherry tan Arabic conference after I'm not matching converse sneakers. My late Shah Taylor yeah really he had an inning just really east near ninety lions are you torn down and my and with ERA and I was hello Don learned here. Yeah I call. So someone did a good charity I'm raising money for charity that originally area logo which really looks similar to pan am out now. So we guy he's great teacher it's only going to Las Vegas for the conference and we all wore them and Sheen now. Taylor's infineon LR. Oh yeah they like. Platform is now ladies government. And you also need to yeah as well. And that no we're taking. We're leaving because yeah we're time is up retail price front today. And he should thank you thank you Carl thanks for everything land yes to have a good weekend usually okay and yes. Break a leg baby. And see you next week thanks again for listening. Have a good weekend and being nice. A.