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Saturday May 26, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning. Good morning how are you. Wonderful you know I'm fine I'm just having some. How does it says time a year financed the deal with all the craziness of it allergies. Piano that. Annan for me damn EST so other than that I'm I'm doing fine. A real good. Want to see everything looming everything looks wonderful we're in the upper seventies today sun's shining a perfect fit. Or whether no humidity and this sunny no I it as Stefano deep PHO says yeah. I have a hard time finding a cloud in the sky today I didn't look to prove them wrong but. I just like the news GAAP. Darren Hayes. And of course the allergies aren't full force GM they are hungry you know I slept last night for the very first time with my window near my dad. Oh you know open and a couple inches. And should. I was fine actually is one of the best sleeps and nicely sent half asleep and I had. Since then well I know I did that and I was so hot I couldn't stand there and turn the fan on their own sons. I don't know what I was at 5 o'clock this morning I was shivering PSA test so well hopefully bring an end yeah. Yeah ice so that's. Covers all the way up men and it was nice hello can I learned at night when it's cool yes it's now eight. I'm Lynn so can we have full disclosure I'm my. My eight My Fair Lady that's starting to hunt for the hell out of me yeah. Go ahead sorry so I'm. You know what we talked last weekend you were singing it on the green in Spain stays mainly on there in the claim whatever it Helen as they keep saying Helen sorry. And the end. And so I said. Song so I I I. Guess I never really I think concerted said that I don't really know the play too well I don't and I the movie but ever but the point is Sunday morning. I'm watching CBS. Sunday morning and whose son but this woman Diane. Help me I can't. That opens this woman who's playing in My Fair Lady on Broadway Show I nearly 8 years old I am so dying is and a range yes rigs and again. Sheikh. Is mine and I'm and they started singing I'm like. Dear god it's hunting me really is time to I didn't nit wit when we've even talked about My Fair Lady I'm really hasn't been on brought down a bit lefty came back I have no idea because I don't pay attention to that today at one end and will be. Says yeah you know and yet but I guess there I know but the point is I don't. There was nothing I guess I guess I did remember that part didn't realize it was that plague yes. And so and I feel like it's hunting it's like coming after me My Fair Lady asked Jermaine did it. It is and so I was singing it after it was time been walking around my. House of functioning even you know mommy dissing you have to have their current. They're expensive and now. But and that woman is unbelievable it's playing. In the way she co starring should do her yeah. Branson may ask her what she's done is unbelievable and she's I think she's eighty years old is now all. Jim does quite impressive unbelievable. Again I'm glad the VF and I think they didn't say yeah Bergen Helen Mirren as that one points. And that none another and they in the interview there was something odd. Or maybe she just was also I. Recently on some. Interview show she was NC and she says how much says she loves doing what she's doing and she is. Eight years old as well. But you know you feel look at those women and is well I think Diana race more than and more than Helen Mirren. It appears he's someone who has not had any work done as they say oh yeah. But I think Helen Mirren may have. Only because I just look at her face so I don't see any wrinkles whatsoever. Nothing and it depends on who's doing. Camera work and thank you because you don't. But I don't play again and two of the lighting because it's sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't because even they had shaped Elon Musk mother I. Who is a model here and she seventy yourself yeah. But you know we don't know whether she's and in Newark if she said I think she saw was talking about that I'm not mistaken I don't think she has because it doesn't look at. Although she's thin you know so I'm beautiful beautiful yes. She really is BS I mean that's it's just amazing and I love to see women. That shall we say of a certain age doing these. Having these African communities. And these this stamina and nowhere when he saw the ability to get now and probably is sure I mean that's why he's. Excellent six days a week. That is very end men and whenever I don't know how many weeks they do it's unbelievable. Some believe was CN should remember and I used to be on Broadway and. Early in my dream season kick. You see. Ernesto anyway yeah that was so it's hunting me just say well. Now okay Harry and his hunting camp and the rain has been mainly in Scranton Pennsylvania lately did trigger a good thing is it true crazy. It has been this is not spending now but but it's good it's not it's good. By the way Lynn tonight okay networks yes sounds seesawed until you know DA DA. So I wanna talk a little bit too. It's to say I think this is really cool to improve. One of our dear friends miss Diane balding. Of course is CEO of hospice of the sacred heart and today. Celebrates the fifteen years that hospice has been hospice of the sacred heart has been in existence. I had Randy send me a press release Randy Williams sister director of communications. And Simon it's gonna be reading which I don't really like to do but I'm going to. So pastures of the sacred heart celebrating fifteen years of hospice care northeastern Pennsylvania. The organization Wal-Mart it's milestone today and we're taping today which I can't be your has been taping. I'm at the center for education I'm montage mountain road. I'm and house just of the sacred heart was founded in May 2003. Thanks to the inspiration which we do know and I think this is a cool story and motivation of doctor frank boob she junior MD. Doctor booed she reached out to Diane ball did you join him in this endeavor into get a they've opened hospice of the sacred heart she in 2003. And one year later in 2004 hospice of the sacred heart was certified by Medicare and Medicaid as a hospice program doctor bone she currently serves as chairman which we now of the board of directors. I'm it is a nonprofit organization originally located at 130 Wilshire boulevard and wells in wilkes-barre. I'm an unprecedented growth unprecedented. Unprecedented. It didn't say so unprecedented. Federal prison sentence and sticks out I guess. Kids say that he. Time and growth occurred shortly afterwards in the agency was I had to continue to press to the point where they were provider with more. In 16100. Patients land in 2017. The organization's main office is now is 600. Baltimore drive. And then they have the inpatient unit in Denmark and the center for education on. Montage mountain route. I'm hospice is a member of the national hospice hospital hospice and palliative care program. The national palliative nurses association Pennsylvania hospice network. American academy hospital hospice and palliative medicine as well as the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton chambers of commerce. Custody of the hospice of the sacred heart is also very proud to be credited with the community health accreditation program or CH AP. So it is an on traffic to. Since 2004. Which is interesting. And it has cared for over 16100 patients in obviously because these each year is going on in 2018. Employees over. Which is amazing 140. Employees to northeastern Pennsylvania and volunteer hours have provided 7153. To support patients and families in 2007. Yeah shot and I say that I did because it's remarkable. Data it is what it is today. I know you know yourself because you've. And engineering experience it with uncle Tom I. Group they people who I know who wanted to tell their stories of their loved ones and what. Their lives where and what hospice has done soon to aid in the end stages sometimes for years because hospices. We try to get out does not just me in the last three days of your life in an inpatient unit it's it's much bigger and more than that and when you think about it. And dead Danny and it. As you know doctor booed she plopped down and from she was doing hospice before that hospice work to run this organization and be a female. From. The CEO. RN. And know this business is to be fifteen years old with theme growth that is. Who you know instead it's been. Given through these years is just remarkable. And it's you know this show we tried it we always do is support is many women and and who. Get people to understand that it women are capable and should be respected and put in positions and to have that happen I think is I'm. Remarkable idea I think that Diane has done an extraordinary job. I don't know is she really intended to take on the managerial. Side hit when things aren't. Involved with hospice. She was more they are end break item it. So given that I just think it's extraordinary that she's done what she's done and checked that the business. Truly a business. Functioning and growing the end and has done some very. Smart things we have and so there is today it is amazing what it. Has turned out to be from our thoughts and the doctor Lucy had been there was a need for something like this. I don't think even he anticipated. Date amount of growth and that it has some experience. And the other thing is when you think about it too. It's too good to patent the idea to funded originally when she did. I'm before it was fun. They had made it 501 C three and two plus one person. Two started and to see that one person in that position to get. I don't know the cool stories is remarkable I think and it just proves that. He can be done and can be done and with the right people you pick the right people you GE get it done. So congratulations. To I adapter Gucci and Diana ball DR and as we say. On fifteen years I have some comfort and care. I'm in the hospice business to their families. Who have been cared for by hospice so. Congratulations Haley and AA. So I'm. Yeah so that's a good thing and just and I'm just so proud of and I think it's wonderful I just don't. I think it's great so there's a little shindig going nine even as we speak yes I'm not that because her mind your next year. Weird how that works its. Surely you know if I say to people don't plan anything on Thursday afternoon at 12 o'clock in Miami there because I can't be back right. So how many years of we've been famous and yes day now I'll call nine this is the mirror almost all of them didn't he end. He had this is our ninth year. Right in the middle of our ninth year. I can't believe it or not sell anyway on that note we are taking a very quick break we do you we will be right back here is listening to the Larry lynch. Here Gloria lane. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the managing director of this is called women of substance LLC. Places. Financial planning company devoted specifically to the needs of baby boomer women I'm also the host of the podcast. Called power of the purse which is available on iTunes stitcher angle will play. And my name's Larry can and the owners Laurie can enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special events business. And less than I need to know I had a date. Tardiness say with home I. Michael Gil Martin all might know margin was. And because. Not Katie dead piers and were they branded function I think in honoring Jane Oppenheim. At Scranton cultural center. I'm Meyer was asked. Two nannies with the caters Jimmy cater and his wonderful adorable father Irv cater. Who graduated from Penn State in 1939. And he was at the table with them because James Franklin the coach at Penn State was at Kennedy speaking to mobs of people I hear me. She can do is he's got it and he did admirer sent me a picture of them together. But he also gave her a shout out from above because he is thirty I mean he's a 101 years he's 101. Mr. Khader a Chinese amazing he's a wonder if the cutest guy taking just one is slow to when you see me so Q. And I'm he was they have church and and so Myers that he won a football ice it's signed by inviting this guy he's in now but I gave it to her anyway I was. I was so I'm. I'm TJ it was so Q it's a there's a picture he sent me the picture of earth next to. James Franklin and it was just good you know Meyer graduated from Penn State so there's a lot of fun. Good stuff and you know they're talking about. DA if you read the paper today there was a big you know story about. What he was talking about how we feels Penn State has come DL all these years and I'm so anyway they were very happy so that happened last night. And it was sun it was a good thing fast I was sure and so 'cause AES Hamas unattended so because everybody was somewhere. I'm. I said and Randy headed into the wind society dead dog leaves it was something else so. I send it to Michael after a meeting at Scranton tomorrow I said what do you tell me so I'm going home to do gardening SOK for getting here's why so well. I thought maybe we should go get some dinner. And he said it. All within I see what people might talk a you're a married man and he says I know what will brisket. And so we we he and I went down and then not let Annie Lee shepherd in Katy met us after a so we went to Alfredo assault. We set the same seed duke we said in last week and I took a picture of women told might might I sent it to Myers and I left due for another man. Ultimately. Yeah. In this tube show we thought we had five. Pounds yeah. Very real drum roll here are gonna do they know now is no. Send questions and all of this true or follow oh. Ready here. This is called and your family's financial exam. This is I already failed AA. He should magazine. You had enough experience with the concept we'll look at age question will they write about 61 number. Whined about 60% of married couples in the US make their household financial decisions as a team. True or false false. You're correct only about 37% of couples sheriff financial decision making in going. Voice speaks volumes and a half I think we can probably figure out. Which includes true is the one making nets so yeah. Yes all right so resume middle income parents averaged 37000. Dollars on child care and school cause. Her kids. Before. That child gets to college true or false trail. That is true and Andy appalling thing about it is fans adjusted for inflation. The same. Thing is that kids would do it in 1960. It would cost 4000. Tom DeLay in today's dollars right is right so from 4000 to 37000. Dollars per child. I'm number three. On average parents think kids should get there first allowance and at age seven. I'm average even. CNN to get in my own situation son in the safe false OK and when did you hold out when you gave them. Hello I never did and never did never. Never ever never. Well anyway here is false is it Saudia and it's that single parent my old Antilles. Ten yeah I would think that would problem that's what I was thinking ten at least. I just never did it that was never something we got growing up again you do what you're sure the exact opposite and I just. Date I didn't expect here's how I always look at my children. Grown and this was my way of thinking this is my house. And I am responsible for the things that have to be done in my house whether regardless of whether I have to pay someone to do it and do it myself she. I wanted them to do certain things but it was more important for me is that they were respectful and they they did what they needed to do. To get through this schooling they needed and to focus on what they should be focusing on his kids. Did I asked him to help me in did they help me absolutely but did they get paid for doing it. Now they day it was just expect to like one took the garbage out 12 garbage cans and if I needed them to help me with anything they would do way I am I never associated what they needed to do in the house with money because they also have a little Justin member Barbara with Mike. Kids went up especially Tommy he worked for bottle when he was like. A little kid and Barbara would pay them certain things so they always had little things like that's so I just never yeah. Expected I don't expect them to be paid to do stuff in my house right because what they did was simple keep clean up after yourself take the garbage out. And if I ask you to help me with something or run somewhere and run up the steps they would do it or not it's not their house to take care of that's how I was viewed it. Yeah I don't I I. I think it might go go back but in my childhood. We had sure is true yeah sure assigns you learned stores and usually they got done on Saturday mornings that was just the way it works. OK art or like you so there are times when the garbage had to go out the night before so when every night that was that was somebody's job right as well. But we also got this like a dollar in our something that. And and the values and that I think is that teaches children the value of money. So that when they need something instead of just assuming Nathan daughter mom or dad and say I need this they Janet they understand how to manage my. I understand that I just didn't think it was an important thing to do. I did because we weren't given money and I'm in this is the cutest thing but we have our own little church envelopes when we were lucky young and what my father would give us fifty cents and seriously every week and we would put it in our own slump. And I remember thinking that that and fifty cents Cisco you know and we would have to and so I always looked at it like should whenever we did I we gave it to the church and that means we would do things for many people got I just looked at that. As that was what we did I it was almost a but you know we we got is we we're who we just. We never it wasn't these you have to do this to get when I went to Spain in high school plus we get jobs I was a baby I. And worked as I told you that time I get corner from core of the coolest. Add a quarter and our cause my I got a dollar and our fifth and I think people that you need more than I don't let them. In fairness it was the exact amount but I'm we had to do those things so I always had it. Those things go when I went to Spain my mother said to make your dad and I will pay for you to go to Spain. But we'd like you to save some money while you're working. Simply casts an extra spending money. So I save some money and then they gave me some but that there were things we had to do like death but now not allowance and I never did this he did indeed that contract. That might be why my kids who have money issues and thank you the best that they they don't so let's keep. And that's fine. Yeah okay roughly 29%. Of women in dual income marriages. Make more money than their spouses. Or how much twenty point 99%. Of women in dual income marriages may fourth and their husbands. 29. I'm minute I think it's how I hear you but I will say trail. But you're right it's true but I had the same thought because I remember we talked to. Before and I cried and some articles EL EI it seems much higher than I want nothing more than in the third yeah. But at least that's the sad part of that is true I'm content. And they say it's it's up from approximately 16%. In 1981 joke that's a big difference. Okay and then parents think it's more important to talk about funding elders share. Then they're adults children do true or false. True. That's false and really yeah 74% of kids so that was important compared to 52% of parents while. I think it's it's just AM the parents in general. Baby boomers. Yeah that's generally what it is you know so that's the figure so I just think it's denial tone. Beyond that we're ever going to be fine. I say this so I'm number six cent average family. An average family. In the top 10%. Of wells in the United States. Receives an inherent sense of about. 367000. Dollars. Yearly now as solar intensity gap so the average snowfall also in the top 10%. Receive an average of 300 soft 7000. That's true Hawaii and so a lot of money to be in the average cop can't exactly that they say no this is how they play games with us right. Meanwhile families at the media in the level of in the fast reported average inheritance of around 161000. I don't go so I'm. Messages everywhere and I came from I think it's kind of tired yeah I was a stone but OK I'll sign it for so long you know. Number seven the average payout from. Visit from the two Sherry in 2017. Was four dollars and thirteen cents troop owns betrayal that's right it's true. And interestingly it's even higher in the west an average is six dollars why and maybe after. Gold teeth there's something out there and the west. Who knows with a look good. Okay. Number eight. A family in the middle of the US income ranges spends about 13. Of its budget on housing. PS trailed. It's true low income families spend about 41%. And high income families of the 30%. So middle range is about 313. 33 and 30%. I'm usually rounded up to 35 and that that's okay. Number 923%. Of grandparents. Help pay for their grandchildren's education. How much percentage 23%. ES show. Okay this is done when I was tricky question owes more it's about 53 else yeah. But you know after I said it I thought I bet it's more open I was thinking more action to take care of this child not pay for. They're education well that's what I was seeing as how it only says that 23%. Which is the number that was and the question. Contributes to their grandkids health and dental how has. Sorry that's more what I was thinking marriage are a number ten and a first born child would probably end up as the highest earnings sibling in the family feel. Well I'd like to say true because I am oh on this but I don't know so I'm gonna say yes trail it's true. It's true I can't help this children are also more likely to work in management when they grow up. I wonder now why did OK so I got it right on every front of me that's a low score baby. At least say good explanations for why can't the Marlins because in his request said Graham train we're gonna take a quick break. Where really you're listening to Larry and show will be right back. Your jewelry and Lynn. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Lari and when shell I'm Laurie can the owner of. Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and my name is Linda Evans I am the managing director. A company called women of substance LLC. Which is a financial planning firm devoted specifically to the needs of baby boomer women. And I am also. But a host of podcasts called power of the purse voices. Available on iTunes. Cool playing and stitcher. And you know wanna say two I should send up front forgot that we should just wanna say you and I about our dear friend so Henry she's she's always been in dialogue so I Noor when she met her when she was. Writing for news the newspaper and she. Is a great gal and she was always so cute with us lessons human whenever she would CS or yelling in or so why is someone who launched just remember the first time we've tried this now sat next to you how right right BJ. He tells dubious use I'm so afraid I would do this. I don't so she was really wish senator chemistry was great remember she did and I forgot about that and she was just. So we'll. I'll he's just such a wonderful person and get and we know I don't disagree on and on our politics. And I know she's a red Red Sox fan who who which is fine but. I like she hasn't she's a great lady she's and we used it every almost every week I'd be calling in and she would be waiting on her way out how. How many men in the her car excel. We wish her well and done. I'm sure we'll see here you still have herself on the cynicism that I make sure she's okay but I'm she'll do great ratio is sassy. Yeah I do wish her well wherever she ends up well mr. Obama may make you an answer I miss her hair she's just really bad. She's just does a wonderful sense of humor BS sarcastic mom. Wading sense of humor but I I just loved her she was very severe around the other. Go get him so. Yeah so what else do you have to try any amount. You know I never. I am an eerie employed no I would never have thought of these questions because they seem to be so remote and bizarre. But somebody wrote an article here right I can't see who the author is fun. Just goes from magazine I think I mentioned it last week it was it's called aspire. And so publication of Raymond James which is a very large. Broker dealer in our business that works with people who are independents and of course on the front page. After that cover was selling Krajicek. Ended in signed this there was an article called live longer lived better. And they say these three little questions can have big implications. I'm your quality of life and retirement. I wind again I'm just saying I would never ever have thought of these questions. But here they are. The first one polo changed my light bulbs. Is that why it. Cold we'll let you a question Coleman and I know the first part. This was three little questions that could have big implications on your quality of life your retirement. Okay yeah first one is who lives changed my life bones your answer would be Meyer a pig but now I do change my own. Yeah thank you although he has changed some very well. Right and the boy is this question gets in the heart of long term home maintenance. And the ability to live comfortably and safely at home. You couldn't make plans to help maintain your home when you can no longer do the work yourself. To get started as you can draft a goat to roster of trust to service providers who can take on the task. And then figure out the recurring costs now I think that would be something like coma advise her. Or what cereal and the other half everybody uses. And she's listened to now contract out. So those aren't. That's a really very helpful and the point is that doing that and then also doing this other piece which I never knew existed to. But there is such a thing. As an aging in place specialist. Who is certified. By the national association of homebuilders. So you go online to the national association of homebuilders. And put in the search sang a you're looking for an aging in place the specialists in your in your area. They're people who are certified and trained to be able to go and go home. And made significant changes so thank you can continues stay there for. Much longer period of time because usually people say it's not safe trees stay here because you've got this so the other thing. Like too many steps and now they've created something or you can put in an elevator in your house that is nothing like the traditional elevator. You can start expanding the doorways so he considered a wheelchair. You can put an end and grabbed Bart says so retrofit. Yeah that the so that you can stay in your home much longer. So this is something that a lot of people don't think about they think. Ari I have to get ourselves because there's so many steps us too much says. But there are ways around this issue early Wednesday and for a lot of people when they really get in their eighties and stuff like that. It is so much more comforting to them sustained and what they know after so so if you can't do that. That's something you're aren't concern around came out of that question. Who would say is my life involves. The second crazy question. How well I guess an ice cream. Part of living the good life is being able to easily participate in the little things that plays well in your face home. And I am may well be saga ice cream cone was sprinkles are my case chocolate chocolate chip cookies. But the good passing to have that Conan on demand. Requires a reliable and safe transportation. So the question is would you be able to drive. Can you walk to a place where you can get whatever this thing is you want can you take the bus. Can you afford to have a driver helped US navy and that might be an over driver. Who knows. But the thing is you wanna start thinking about these things in retirement. That you have to and I spent treasonous for years it's not just about. Majors lead the budget that says you have so much money is spent on those those those of us and doing so tie Eads that you can't even think about. I'm gonna go get Alaskan com. Isn't called in your life that right makes a difference right so the best tennis suffers a focus on that. What are those little things I love to do or love to have and how can I make arrangements for me to be able to get those things where French is a list. And the third question is cool well I have one swift. Once is more than a mile from social occasion as you and I both felt absolutely. Cool you have less Wear to dinner and dinner but because I was president yeah we have lunch with may be good indicator of your social network. We're talking friends you see an irregular basis. Schools support your healthy and active lifestyle. And home you can depend for a company or even help. Should the need arise. Well you rely on family for company your current friends. Neighbors. Would you have to widen your social circle as friends moved closer to family or into retirement communities. Social interaction is extremely important at any stage or life but it can be particularly significant. And life affirming. When you're used sixties and seventies and eighties. I just Condoleezza fund Jason hunt because there really makes you think a lot about the things that most of us just. I think whenever you know we never get their faces similar to that point. If I wanted to talk to two and meant to tell you that Tuesday at the Scranton cultural center and the electronic county commission for women which I am president around since IC official yes that's yeah. I did you have our seminar. Yeah. Harassment workplace 2018. It would ask the center on Tuesday and our panel is where attorney bad bus burned from off Bergen associates Mary Walsh Dempsey from Bergen associates. After eight or Rios Rivera who is a clinician with Tiffany Griffith I'm Kim island who is in managing partner at. Baker Tilly. The judge Trish Corbett. And any Gephardt who is with the state. And the it was I moderated and it was moderated it and it was wonderful. Have to say in and it we've been nice crowd and the information given was. Perfect 'cause it came from all everybody's in a different angle different opinions. Different ways of thinking from the from the legal end to the judicial and two and a employment to this from the escaped from Doug. The psychological and it was scary I'm. Nicely done I must say so a big thanks to everyone who participate everybody who came out and come. Was with whom you know listen it was. Just it's always you always. Anything I do ideally don't please please and it was. It was great I so I'm good thank you everybody that's who we were happy with with outlook fat and what else I forget one's gonna tell my employer anyway unless something else you're gonna sign you know. Since he knows Italian I can't remember. So yeah I know what I was thinking why you know I was driving 81. And these trucks and I know they move may you know they moved everything across the country but me and look at these big pond contracts like driving Indy passing lane. And they pulled right I mean I understand why they're summoning these accidents because they just poll right now within ten. Bring friends. And hate it that it's unbelievable or they just stay in the wrong lane and then there's nothing worse when their passing another tractor trailer. And nobody can move because they're both gone slow and it's uphill. Okay we're going nowhere. So I'm. The addition of all drug traffickers and look real baby I'll. I do we usually but because I know they you know it's not an easy job I mean think about it. When I where I really know. Oh this it was when we drove to Florida you know NEC I need 95 he needs she stopped but the dressed faster wherever you end up the truck and just I don't know how they I don't know how they do it. Now I have is saying kids remember allows commercials he's doing television tour. Trunks no it wasn't that it was a little boys whose dad was a trucker and he couldn't wait for stand to come home because his dad wouldn't. Get over are rock. From every talent that he when consumers say it and now I can't remember what does not only was so happy because you have all these new road since his death. I'm from all over all the different houses and he's he's been through but the most important thing was and is home to. You know that was it was very cute it was sweet. Yeah so how. I think I don't know FaceBook about this last week I think I did but I don't think I went into the death but I read something about. This woman whose name is Shannon Barnard. And she wrote a book that was called thanks and own the women's guide to financial security at every stage of life. And you and I were talking about that they're very and I don't think I think I got cut off time wise but the point was that. How does no woman has a very interesting perspective. And what she's saying does it makes a difference if you're married. For single or never married. And what she says is that she really thinks that if you've learned a little bit about money. Thank you have this sense of satisfaction. That you have control over your own destiny. And then she says that the feeling it that is that's what it means to thank single. And I both of them throw us into this effect is that's a great way to put it. Because it is statistically women end up surviving. Men their husbands. And we end up being in single. They don't anyway and follow our own that. That's choice so well that you would choose never married before you are divorced or you are widowed. The fact is that if you start sinking. As a single woman. It's a lot stronger position for you to be and at some point in time when act. And it's a totally different perspective on anything ever ever hurt you where that is excellent sense. So tomorrow women started thinking a single women between being a change. Here we go to other single women and yes. Anyway we are going to leave you. Thank you once again for listening had eight safe and I'm happy Memorial Day weekend enjoy. The sun in between possibly a few raindrops but it'll be overwhelmingly signing I know so enjoy so again be safe and please be nice. I.