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Saturday May 19, 2018 

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend right and now Gloria weigh in on double Eli okay. Good morning good morning how are you today there's so how are you know I'm just ducky how does he say how does he does say I'm donkey. We attended dot with a well I may say this is an appropriate and everything that we've been dealing west and continue. DOS hi I'm someday we might actually get spring but it appears that we're going from winter or summer. So. Please they have treason. Flowers yesterday at an end and then even though it's rainy. Everything looks so green which is I don't know how I lost you know when I look up my back yard out into my backyard it's so sunny and I'm black green and lush yes I love. They're not sheer lush land. I'm known lunch. The good. But ES so it's it's all good so you know what I was this morning which I haven't been in a long time to. I had a little breakfast meeting with miss dad Peter Sony and norm Peterson. And we went to could charities in pad poetry have been banned in a long time. Well so that we just we haven't banned and my niece had very young from does he works there and she's been there for a long time. And of course we have the can chatty girls Tara and Tammy and misses too chatty Jean Marie and it's just a curious little restaurant they do breakfast and lunch. I am Tuesday through Friday and then breakfast only on Saturday and as you know you've ban and it's just I haven't been there. They're baked goods are gray which Christian and I am anyway and therefore it's just too. It's did everything they do is delicious salad just funny give the big shout out to the too chatty girls. And my niece had there and just step up if you're neck and neck of the woods and stuff isn't good. Always good. So I am. And then I had a meeting. For this said hospice of the sacred heart. And them we have events coming up for them. The walkway to happen a wild can't healing hearts which is our second year is taking place in August. And then the last day there's a presentation and chaplain Holler at the cultural center which is great. And that is having a camp for healing hearts for children who have lost a loved one. And healing to the yards and then a presentation which is great. I'm they do culinary arts steam I am food photography. Adam cook I am. Dance writing poetry I painting. It's really 300 million lined up yet dance. Music yes coach we just met today so far I'm Brendan soaking in and and Mary Joseph preen are doing the coronary arts which they did last year. Julie Jordan will do photography iron again from last year Joanna are do we know. Is signed with dance I'm Catherine Coleman who is spirited art will do the yard and Jackman going again. Is doing the poetry and writing and then we have one more person hoax well juice I'm. Music and dance with JoAnne last year Arum employee was that was that person but the issue she's going to be away. With her parents so she can do is so worked feeling that. Artists with will be feeling that sound so that's happening. And the wonderful stuff it was agreed event last year. A great week and I'm the children were wonderful. And children who have lost a loved one in net year I'm or kill. Or who have gone to the dragonfly programmers programs that does not have to be hospice and I'm of the sacred heart specific. I'm but there you know they're there it's not like an open to the public kind of sanctions but the event the event is wonderful I'm. And it. And the walk we'll take place on September 29 that McDade parred the third annual which Wu is. Happening so. Follow her stuff is starting to speed up now for the summer and have those two things so you've that was a good thing. And do what else can I tell you. How Santander around and can parents do an hour right how was Mother's Day. Mother's Day it was lovely M my sister's on your big shout out thank you because of course Barbara's busier than you know why and in my mouth. Tuesday and then she came Harmon made a lobster dinner for six of us. And it was the lovely so we had a good time and good. Thanks very nice very good day and done. Talk to both of my boys who it's always a good thing Charles this thing they called. They better have they could never not if they would never not. OK so I and I and they were in the week before so I should handle as you know we have a little early Mother's Day. Dinner so it was good it was a good day. I'm stressed some. And took full advantage of everything I could you know what is some good bit. Under found that yes it was my dog could. That's great I don't know anything I'm nothing report that regard because you know. No you don't have a man anymore what you do but how do you also heard from viewers stepson I. It was a wonderful say that yes it was very nice of him to give us a call phenom on Sunday and he wished me happy mothers say when I was very nice and then has to. I'm wife. Tech simulator that day and said the same thing. I'm and they just returned the night before or from I was at ten days or something in Scotland. And down. He's going to come here for Father's Day. Weekend. And spend sometime with us there and we're really looking forward to that because I would love to see some of the pictures that they've taken and listen to some of the stories of their time in Scotland. So. Comment so that was good I mean otherwise it was pretty. Run of the mill ordinary. We each I mean I have nothing exciting to report. Hello I'm saying is just go home. Of course you know I had real estate continuing education classes Tuesdays this morning this week Monday and Tuesday. And it and I love it because I you do Larry don't grab a teaches the classes and he's fabulous in these funny and it just goes by so quickly. But nonetheless it's one of those you know when I have to be somewhere for a certain it's a feeling decayed track you know I mean. But it was very good so bad who worked out nicely. That's good where was Tunisia. When Laura she said that she's Texan us. As soon as she was under real estate class and I'll I don't know I don't know where I she was one I thought maybe you've ask for now she wasn't with me now. I was I try every year to take Larry's classes because I'd just like he's he's informative he's like I said he's funny he's entertaining. I am. He's very Smart in does when he's Dolan and I just love the classes and T is a little little place arm. We're right next to the old river I don't think it's still. Doesn't each member for street jazz. I'm. Cafe was there an hour and can maybe attack cafe and a river street jazz again and that so it's right there it's easy to get to right after this and thank. The good lord that that exit wasn't closed it was supposed to be closed but they postponed it so I am that was easy because it's so much easier just getting right up there may imagine you're there and two seconds after. The was it was a good it was MP I just sentenced someone else agreed. This week has been a long. Weak for some reason. Maybe it's because I had way too much to do this week and it just feels like it was never ending. Maybe because she started out on Monday and Tuesday rightly so and ended generally. Really and usually Mondays I take to get kind of caught up with night running around all week and I wasn't able to do that this week so that's thrown me off a little but it's just been like. Seems simple to beyond what I am September and may are always crazy months yeah I so can't. That's just what happens but good staffer told me and they're only going to go into the lake classmate tends to hell yes. The rains just. Fans posted the same thing this weekend are holding hands with the rain in Spain yeah so I am I'm really good look from singing the rest of the slot. Song of the nurses whose son does this sound is the rain is diet so it's a song no come on. All that would be right up your Alley no idea nice singing that song I know the rain it's. Mainstays mainly in the plain and I still don't know that is a song are in my surely you've got to do it pac ten has done and that's the song meant he teases her. I can help her. With her pronunciation of words how CNN I had no idea I don't even know that I know the shell but I don't know well enough to know that is in the terrible and may well now. But I really don't know that's an old washed over my. Don't remember My Fair Lady on Harrison I think I do and I'm now thinking yeah but I don't I still don't. Sorry. But speaking of shelves. Yes we have to do we talk about that we talked about it because we had already gone last week just like it was a very successful week right through Mother's Day I'll go for a Broadway theaters. I'm. Season it was the last show of the season and it was and it bash the show was beautiful and Michelle was beautiful. Yeah so as we talked about last week but. Everybody is raving about best shall go to have you heard anything then I have not enough men and only people that went off. That's the men and women alike that I just talked till. Or where delayed it. And totally entertained by that yeah show some people have said they've seen it on Broadway and this the touring show was every bit as good as the Broadway performance that I heard. So that's a good thing but yes it was a good way to end the year this was a very successful and very good year for Broadway theory the the unnatural. I'm shows for the year were really good. They weren't they weren't excellent Ross yeah I guess goes I really like them him I was sorry that we didn't get to see that one. Minuses. Kinky boots are you we did though you. I loved that and I miss Chicago which is a classic but I missed that so I was. I would love Chicago I love the music for sound anyway I say I love the music and I'm a chorus line tilt in the moment. We don't know yet what the that's underwear and yet now know how I'm sure they do but I don't know a 100% yet I've heard some rumors but I. Nothing's out really and confirm a 100% an insurance confirmed but it's not confirmed to Broadway yeah a 100% some. Both city and we'll we'll announce cassettes are always a good so it was a good thing but we love it to end you know Patrick should he really likes beautiful. And because he sat there and didn't even mildly. He really he does. This really enjoy. Music and I was very. And those songs where. But he is also she was raised. You know in Manhattan that Manhattan here's ray's broken and went in the Manhattan a lot. So he at a very early days was exposed to. The metropolitan offer. And he loves opera. Really loves it otherwise Hugo occasionally occasionally when I had I don't know I've never bet I'm not a fan idea. Once I have been about Matt yes Nana. It's not end. I love to you know it's funny about that because I watched a couple weeks ago I watched pretty woman again and when he took her to see the play opera and she said that was so funny I almost you know what my pants again wet my pants and and the woman listener what he said it did and Richard Gere says she said she like dead almost as pirates of pirates of penzance. Edge goes. Don't know that I'm getting here as a trigger that movie is the time I mean I want every ten at other than the clothes I watch that and it's. It's really it's good and is and that's on almost every month from. Other what does that channel. I can't have a partner Brad can now is definitely a TV is nothing like that me as TV is whenever I was. But I just love that well and I love with the other among the son that I watched to impress and before that was wedding crashes but I. I guess I could watch that over and meet the fathers and the meat. It. Follow that all of those I could well mrs. doubtfire any of those I can sit and just laugh as hard as they did the first time that I love. Early to become a machine Matilda the movie Matilda yes I do as a high. That's another one I left yes. Yeah I did Danny did you know. Do you know was so funny in that I love to me that's entertainment you make me laugh via is an. I know that new good book club that with all those B I'll see then that I wanna see that it's you know change fund is eighty years on the know what yes. Now plastic surgery every hour but come on she's gorgeous I mean every line from the book yellow she said that's not plastic surgery area that's nice guy and has plans that I Dodgers aren't necessarily so. But anyway we're gonna take a quick break you really seen this morning to Lari and when show and we will be right back it's Saturday morning a little Korean land now. Lori inland. Morning good morning how are you. Hi I am getting better every minute that we're RO and I remain paranoid somebody tell me the other day. That he was perfect. I said look I only got her parents you know you don't it's not alone but you use it how are you they sent our city is handling answer. This is OK am I. It's a good present ask. Okay so we saw you say any. He has someone to talk to them since they run entertainment stuff dancing with the stars and Adam upon whose. Kick major you know what I met shall ask for column glories in the finals now it's a very short it's all an athlete's feet and it's only four weeks of this with just the third week and now this coming Monday will be the fan that's finale and he is one of deep Tonya Harding. Cam. And one in a football a football player Josh somebody can't figure does name him and he is. Kelly his mom who I love Christina she would they did a specialist who was the most influential person in your life and of course he talked about his mom and so they showed pictures ever in the audience and so we need to see some lunch. I national television a losing your beer own backyard you know is meeting Kelly of course Adam grew up in clarks summit. I don't I never madam but I love Kelly and I am. It it's just he is still he is unbelievable he's doing a wonderful job so go Adam let's hope because all the way for. I'm. Northeastern Pennsylvania. I love it as well I think we have to introduce ourselves so people know we know what. How do I don't know they know they know and they know my name is Linda Evans I am being managing director. Financial planning firm for baby boomer women called women of substance LLC. And I am also the host of the podcast called power of the purse. Available on eight million places but. I'm Larry Kenney and a flurry can enterprise institute's fundraising PR and special meant business thanks so. It is going to talk a little bit about found. My favorite AARP. Things that you have not even know what with so. Melissa McCarthy I Jacqui remember I told you yeah. I'm brand India as if I you know years later I got mine a while I don't know I don't understand I have to new bulletin one in the mail. That's kind of what you have okay yes I got back. So what's interesting is that the magazine. Makes a reference in here to a woman. Cool. Met the little the little clip in here about some of her research. And then the bulletin has a whole page about her so. This woman is it is very interesting her name is Laura. Karr Stinson. Beach. And a mouthful and is a mouthful but one of the things as she talks about I think is really quite. Interestingly just abandon their car and just yes sir. Okay break. OK you know my mom I'm she is from Stanford university. And she has. A new term for people who are America's older citizens and she calls for those people. Perennials. Which I love because this is sameness of perennials in your garden as she said we're still here blossoming again and again. And I love it. She's talked about it the brain capacity. Perception. A lot of older people and what she said was that. That there's a recent study conducted at that age and team performance. It was a study done in an auto plants they study teams made up of all young workers. All older ones and some mixed groups. The researchers found that the mixed aids teams for the most productive. Because they've benefited from the knowledge and experience of the older workers as well as the skill and speed of the younger workers. That's a metaphor for what work will look like in the future we will have the most based diversified work force ever. She also said that she thinks that. But that a lot of this has to do with the social norms. Surrounding aging today we tend to be telling older people to go away quietly into the night and make way for younger people. Instead we need to be sending messages of a different life model where as you reach your fifties and beyond. You say. What can I do to improve the world X saying society grows great I and I love this saying. Society grows great when old men plant trees. Under whose shade they will never set. I have run that and lessons at me I love masses so I was great. When old men plant trees under whose shade they will never says this really neat I like. That. So anyway it is and at that she has a lot of interesting points to make. About the aging process and how inside of us. Kind of show warehousing people over the age sixty triumph of planning a summer till they die. What she's saying is that that knowledge base isn't very. Significant. Piece. Of our economy and should be tapped rather than just. Furloughed. Paths and a we all know that we've heard that before but then she talks about some of the reasons like that went about the fact that. Combining the mid mixed age groups together. Is the most productive. Combination. Of people in this economy so why we joined take half of that park it's summer. Doesn't make any sense. As she says when she was in graduate school thirty years ago old age was considered to be pathological. Does this we look at it it's. Analyze ago she and I happily went along with that but when I began studying elders I found. That they were doing really well emotionally even when they were doing well it's god bless his kids Larry. They were generous thoughtful and emotionally complex. And I thought. If those qualities are growing. Because the population is aging. Then we'd be idiots not to use that resource to improve society. It's fascinating to me that's amazing even. And did you also Salinas ads and the other stuff that are good enough good for an. And amp Alia as the fancy as they are pretty Interfax fads and whenever I want ended up I wanted to marina pocono I am yes I and a few other things here because this the diets I want to. He had talked to about because. You know one of the new fads now as any gluten free when he needed yeah exactly and we well. We now tell what it's fresh it's so I read that that is the fence for a gluten free yeah. Just because yes they called bush a tank and the they said that not for any of enough for everyone else is that meaning that people who really have gluten sensitivity or silly act. That's what you should be doing but not for everyone else a study published in 2017. Of more than 1101000. People found the going gluten free could raise the risk of heart disease. Cereals and grains have important health benefit. So this gas ran around just so I just wanted to do resent to you because I think. Yes I know I mean I always think to myself you know. I don't know how he would want to not eat gluten if you don't have to not eat it and well and that's how I feel kind it has played us. Oh good and I want or I had a couple players they hit I hit it it's really sad digs up. They'll lay down so people say all the time what do you miss most about. I'm handing silly and yes about. Not being able to eat go out anymore and it's I can think like there's some important but when you eat a piece of pizza piece to bite and there's nothing bad has. That kind of. By eighty inability soundness into naughty just there's just didn't you just can't piece of bread dough we middle of that it's just. I'm those are the things that are the most likely they are here around eight about it because it's coming it's not I'm so beyond it it's just that okay. In the end you know what all honesty you know my niece was just diagnosed and now this is done my axis family can't. She was just diagnosed and I and I said Torre he'll he'll be fine just you just gotta pay attention and to end and learn and get rid the Steffi can happen. We you know you just love it this wonderful there's other wonderful choices it's just go if anyone says what do you miss it's. It's that kind of stuff sounds but it's fine it's just he just like anything else pay if you have to have something that requires no medicine and just. Changing your diet. What I'd rather have that then have to take some kind of I put medicine so I'm not going to hear. Here's your brain. No I didn't knock on my hand and asked him a little bit of wood trim here you know it has a. These are some things I don't know if you've noticed there's a commercial on television all the time. And I don't remember the name of this thing I premise and I think it is or something like that as a sponsor increase your brain capacity. And it talks about all these studies they did and baba watch well. This is what under what they call a fails. Please is this brain stimulation stuff. Another brazenly said sorry that that is called the new O tropics are Smart drugs. The brain health supplement market is poised to top. Eleven point six billion dollars tried twice twice for. One of the hottest. Categories is no no oh tropics or Smart drugs. Aimed at older adults. I said premise and I'm sorry 300 fans and it's and it every chance right here okay an example is perfect Jan. And hit a dietary supplement derived from the protein in jellyfish often advertise on TV as a memory enhancer. The New York State attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission sued the manufacturers. And charged the company with fraud. Experts say. It the supplements like these can have adverse side effects and bad reactions with prescription medications. And the fixes for that situation for having a better brain. Is cocoa flavor now. In nature neuroscience found that taking high dose is 900 milligrams of cocoa flavor and l.'s. Daley. Helped create pizza chocolate. Oh I had a friend you're going to be there you go. For three months improved brain function sixty year olds than for foreign pattern recognition tests as well as people half their age. A mile and an otherwise Kurds demand which is what you find Dawson in that in curry. Yeah I was down I AM we have no insight into why older adults in India. Have a lower prevalence of alzheimer's disease the secrecy in the curry sought. Encourage women and anti inflammatory substances that gives curry it's virus you. She improves brain health researchers at University of California homers UCLA. Found memory and attention improvements and adults aged 51 that 84. Who consumed ninety milligrams of Serbs and curtsy men. Twice daily for eighteen months and pet scans showed healthier brains till. Now so you take supplements. I do I take it prob attic. That's it he'll yeah that's the combos on an ounce is a program. How do you see because you know you read on bets have been on that stuff doesn't work either that extra vitamins and all those things. But feel taken I'm yeah pocono. But I did for awhile because my vitamin. You have to it's a blood supply tests now. Do you think I take supplements don't know why it was bad because you don't take any minute to a one USA doom just from my thyroid but why would be really answer what we've done before. 'cause he has to swell pills put up all the time. And things knowing you know you're doing and scared of them onto your guy. And I know that I am. Okay so what else could take a quick break I want you guys act. You're listening to Lari land show. It Saturday morning I would Gloria lane now. Joseph Louis and more and good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the managing director. Of a company and I started a little while ago called women of substance LLC. It's financial planning firm devoted specifically to them financial needs of baby boomer women. And I am also the host of the podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes stitcher and Google play. And I learn Cagney and I'm sorry can't enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special events business what did you think the election by the way any where you. I'm sorry your friend Joseph Peterson sign you know I thought he would candidates are really did thank them. Since I was surprised I don't even know who the heck that chagrin as deep under. Yeah that's what I call out. No I don't I mean really he's an interloper you really from here here I don't know he must decide this might make some sense and is commercials when he was talking to decided to your C decided to space because he was driving and I guess there's a little. I don't know I'm sure but that's he shows he spend money and and it worked it worked for me it works it just it didn't work for him. And I find it. Because I know that there was a lot of drama about it before he even started campaigning. About the fact is he really isn't from here and Wall Street banker and you know I was surprised. I don't care about that I don't either I don't either but I'm just surprised and you know they get their current trend of bashing those so called 1%. Didn't include him in that is the Wall Street banker by. Apparently it didn't make much difference so. Whenever. I think you and you know. Whatever we'll see if it gets heated up in the. You know me I I I this this issue raising money to run is. You know. What I just think it's I don't know I just think people should be given money that's around period everyone should get oh I I agree with you and totally never cutting down on everything. Yes it would it make your fair share moon. You know there's no perfect example we just talked yeah he's now kind of money that's banana and I talk all the time about who's got the day or so called war child yeah. I know we'll have some more urgent why are we doing this and I know I am crazy. But that's what I. And I really look back. As we were just talking not because this is the party wanted to talk to you about and it's. An excuse me. This is the story of health fixes. From the AAR PO and and that's one of where is the fans fails and fixes this one is about. Diets. And it's called a slim fit physique the fads. Which I was surprised about is the Khalil I think diet. I thought that was. Made a lot of sense now UNAIDS said the Mediterranean may was well that's where we're going to have to fix. But the fact is until realistic diet and the cash is excluding dairy grains and beans means people may not get enough calcium. Vitamin. So the fail then to another one was classes and detox diets. Via we've heard of those hand and keep your genetic diets. These are similar plans to the popular Atkins Diet my. My keynote diets which is when you're going to keep toast oh this is courage which means they're burned up whatever the sugar. So they said that isn't necessarily good when and that most of the people. That could go on them invest in the way and way back. And and another it was weight loss supplements and teas. I do good things that's just dumb and thankfully that's all you do is lose water and fat. But the fixes the Mediterranean diet. And it's proven a permanent diet high in fruits and vegetables whole grains except for. Kenya. Fish and healthy fats with an occasional glass of red wine is the healthy way to lose weight and keep that off. Even better a new study found that older adults who follow this diet had higher mental function see degas. Excellent excellent. I'm fat so those are some interesting things there and I wanted to switch over to the magazine and know your east side. But I love the fact that all of these magazines and I hate I've seen their read whenever I get. They all talk about different things you need to do in different decades of your life right and then talk about the twenties the thirties and forties. And then I'll say fifty and beyond. It's up to every and they honored for it. Beyond what I don't know maybe it's just I think there's significant changes in your show in season six season. These are fully AA AARP. Magazine. On the cover. Your body it's seven days. I seventy nobody ever talks about. That's a 163. Life changing tips and tactics. Diet breakthroughs and warning signs you should never ever ignore here. That this was really interesting reading I know I'm not gonna say or read the whole thing I didn't but I just kind of you know scanned through the thing and found some fascinating stuff it's and one of the things I did not know about it and they talk about podcasts and here. Voice I loved and donors say why mine wasn't mentioned and here again and took. But she the other question good ones that the people are and eat them from doing is saying some things I'm podcasts that people should we listen to and their maybe twenty or thirty minutes long so it's not like they're. You know for our I have to listen. But it I'm thrilled that they're actually talking about it for people who are over the age of just because most people think. The people over the age of fifteen are technologically impaired. Well it's not true I don't know if you look if you look at this the the number of people there signing up for contest. Is really incredible. So how much you know who is sort of co. And Ken RNC's. Wife technologically. She doesn't mean she runs the she knows how to use a computer at I'm. Jimmie said when she's at the beer building yeah and she's running but she doesn't mean she doesn't have a Smartphone just have a computer. My grandmother used to call it the machine. Pop machine I love and my mother I said the other days in my mothers and why fry what is that. The we had explained. A again and music a wide set it yeah it's Sarah knows he has. It's a like to challenge that image yeah. Click here didn't know it was here but here here are. People who don't know pitch and I don't care I don't know that much about. The computer either I mean I do announced to do my stuff but I'm not I don't know understandable some of the lingo do you know what all done. I mean all that I'm probably. More well versed than me on my aides here again and maybe you'll be led definitely me I'm. I'd rather talk. And well I know but I'm just saying India I can navigate myself pretty well I get up but yes I can do is they only had an eye candy and Sharon and I can't figure out when things are screwed up I figure out how does resolve them. But I mean I wanna think about my husband compared to meet. It really is distaff flipping answers I say something channels so yeah we'll send me an email. And I so what's the point that you haven't been at a computer in here Zarqawi you know hunt. Anyway does the craziness. And they are all sound. This is something that was in the vote sooner than that magazine that I thought was very interesting. And I went student aspired success sound today as well as us. You'll look feel a little bit shy rally red and many did you know I don't worry spend wisely thought I thought the cut. I read that up as well Cynthia died broke Nadal and code known as you know a little bit different than that. What they're saying is that there was a study of course a duke university. And this guy Dan. Are are are really I think you say pronounces them. He's long study people's odd behavior around money a topic she explores in his recent book dollars and cents. And he is he talks the two AARP about some of the points as he raised in the book. And he they in the interview is said you say there's financial decision making is often irrational. What's an example of I think we can't come up with one another. But he said we spend very differently depending on the medium of payment. For instance when people pay their bills let's check. Let's say electric fell. And then they move into automatic deductions that end up spending an average 4% more. Why because well we righted Shaq we pay attention. We think about what we can save we terror is our family a little bit. And we turn off some lights and we haven't you heard that story out your other yeah you know. What do you think we have GPL stock shares yeah we she did better now is Elaine. Yeah uh huh okay but when the money goes automatically from my checking account we don't think about it as much so we end up spending more. So payment is not just about the money that leaves it's also about how much attention we pay into it. As we age. If we do more and more things with automatic deductions it means we'll pay less and less attention to what we're spending money on. And how does change as we get older I think the big difference comes when we retire. We moved from being a few with as are we move from being breadwinners suspenders. And we start sinking ourselves not as people are helping our family but people are depleting savings. That's a big shift. When people start eating into their principle it plays on them a lot. In the study we did quite a few years ago we found that retirees worry many times a week about whether they would outlast their money. Even people who could do it for very worried. And then the interviewer says so let's say I have enough to live Tanya I'm still worried what can I do you feel better. So this is really good this this makes a lot of sense and I think it's a place a lot of people need to look. It's call create a discretionary. Budget. You need to say highway and let's remember go back to the thing I said so many times that there are three types of expenses yes thanks very won't discretionary ads. And discretionary really is the money that's left over that really speaks to your lifestyle. And the other two you really can't do a whole lot about if you've already. You know he bought a house he got a mortgage they go electric bills you have clothing have food all right those things you can control and somewhat but. He said. Let's figure out how much we can spend a month under restaurants movies and so on. Life is about enjoying things initially have a budget. For costly and restaurants and beer that is 600 dollars a month don't try to spend 400. Try to spend 600. This is psychologically. Important to do that. Annie said I think the right approach is not to create a budget for coffee and a budget from movies and so forth. But to create one big budget for all the discretionary spending. Ideally put that amount in cash in a separate envelope. Or other prepaid card or something like that and make it a goal to spend it. I think love makes sense I love it. So another thing you said was people trying Nixon are people trying to exploit our irrationality. Just there's a lot of wealth in this age group the retirees. And there are a lot of folks he'll try to sell all kinds of financial advice and things that we don't necessarily need. As we age our outlook on life becomes more optimistic and here's where he referred to the woman I just mentioned. Laura Parsons and of the Stanford's a Stanford center on longevity has researched this. Her interpretation is that when we're young they wanna look at the negative and the positive because he can learn a lot from the negative but as they grow older. We've learned our lessons and we don't wanna learn that much more so are far our focus shifts to the positive. And I suspect this is why many older people get scammed. They lacked the same level of suspicion. And their more trusting. And for sing yeah yeah. So. That's all ahead fans are right from the moment they know we are going to. Liz Hewitt do you into its is just so thanks for listening everybody. We will see next week. Have a good weekend please be safe and please be nice. I.