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Saturday May 12, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh on WYOK. Well hello everybody you're listening to Larry and Lin show I miss Saturday before the day before Mother's Day I'm Laurie cannon and Lynn you're here with this I am so. What's happened and went to the. 00 I'm so we had so many things going on you know we saw we ran into so many people that we knew. And all over the place because we were all over the place. I'm like you know why. Yeah same say that. But anyway. We went to see and hoping that people are still going to go because it was wonderful we went to see. Give your phone and I do beautifully well and who where we don't posh posh resort at and we had a we had different meal there. We didn't use doing the usual full course Neal Knox Leon and smaller. By accident as for your boyfriend. I'm international mail and mountain Campanella beautiful mailman I know but what I don't understand as he sees anyone in the cramped cheeks I thought they were. Kaiser's now there's a meal and they where have de Lara. Men really really enjoy this I can tell you did he loves them to do. So that we had he had the crab cakes I had a salad with some tic and and you had your own deal. You have a new man on the menu to I guess it's heirloom they weren't heirloom but shouted tomato and I'm sure what kind of things I love tomatoes with mozzarella and on abetted or rubella and then I added I'm they have capped the coalition that I too bad often asked them to put a piece of salmon it was delicious. And it was huge. Jesse was huge. That is really unusual for up apportioned out. It was delicious I'm sure really necessary it and there's never been a time when we need and that's the it things are not up like arm. Always at the high level yet always. And then Meyer and it puts it with dad's favorite does San Jose yelled to salmon BLT I loved it and you had so we and we we were later which was a good thing. You know we always find them. And so we didn't end up going over to the inflame fallen idea and I explode except for pat. That's normally head that play was and of course. Posh packs Paxson meant Tuesday through Sunday because so listening to a show here you're listening on Saturday morning they're still. A Saturday Matt and a Sunday Saturday evening and a Sunday man and a Sunday evening say inform more shots. And done going to see is so do yourself a favor and if she can. Go to the cultural center or call. 3441111. And go wind and go to see it it's incredible it's really wonder it was a wonderful story which I didn't realize all those things about her I had neither I'm the music and how many songs they actually grow and and other people sang. I'm telling you was sent me it was wonderful it was good. I really. Really enjoyed it I liked and I thought she really sounded like Carole King yes. Cowboys great is very much like an ending two daughters very early be finishing college high school two years earlier when he's sixteen she graduated from high school. I'm brilliant brilliant lady and she was that the younger outside that she did a wonderful stuff I did so on the whole cast was great self. Go see it and beautiful it's a classic performance and Broadway theater for this season south. In. And it talked about we don't know what's coming up if not steer certain okay. Dave I'm sure they know summit but I don't. And we have a lot of people there yes it was actually have to say hi to. Well Lorie and frank sees her. And to we saw so overwhelmed we saw at the end of our night yes. Pray yes and then we found some way to say show us two attorney Mickey McConnell. He was there yes he wasn't and he was with the I'm haggard is matching Chrissie and the U. And and mrs. Hagerty and we saw action John Carney and Pat's book have bent tap Barnes. And we talked to damn we sign them into places and we didn't share were a lot of people you know and always is so is it Castro and he knows there. And dean shine winning Kelly yes from Kelly Shimon from the medical college. So yes time. I have this problem. Laura. What detest. He had two chances yeah I didn't have a parent and both of them were there and some. We just so much to people and so it was nice Jewish there. And then when girls and clean Lorena CEO said we could do our I'm. We can do is shut the show our show right there since they're both there and how about how about frank I'm outing Lurie about her picture on the mural in Pittston yeah. We're gonna have to see because I do not know that did you know I didn't mean he should still go see Laurie on the I in the murals. Towns Pittston yeah. And wasn't there somebody else who said they ran into that listens to the show. I can't remember I don't know but it's that it was good I told you that Andy said she ran into a couple ladies who said that Alyssa all the time. We told us she heard in on the show that Kennedy's son. Yeah roast was wonderful. Which is that we talked about last week I'm sorry it's my strong. I was I have gained follow in my hand that. Since then I'm from this pen and I don't know why I can't stand anyway. So I'm glued. Goodell. The fences. Nothing I'm trying to think of other things I know we dims and I don't know why you were away yet when I can't hear you just have this thing like an. Don't remember. None I was last week. I can't go wage and hope one night you go somewhere for a night. There is that this week and you're telling me about something next week. Yeah I could do it and I know we glanced. Places and and I remember seeing people saying that they were listening in this show and it shocked Maine because they didn't really sink then. Those people would be lip sync but does she knows so all of you out there are listeners so thank you so much we appreciate it. Yes we go and there's a couple things I want to talk about that night I think bird entrusting. When I was in the airport. And Charlotte. In Jenin killing some time. Around but before I got the flight to Houston. This one was very interesting because it was at the front cover of money magazine which I haven't seen her picked up and probably ten years. But. The cover was something called the millennial. Money whisper. And I hate you know the funny thing is who. In my world the millennial serve people that generally do not seek the services of financial advisor I mean that's just kind of the way it is. And that's because they have I'm there can act as a condition that's probably too strong word but their use so. Getting most of what they need online. So the use of what we call Romo advisors and people there automated that you call an 800 number you speak to them. You can get the support you might need to very inexpensively. And that's all they really want. So. The interesting thing that I thought about this cover article. Is this is a woman. Whose name is Vicki Robin just like the bird. And she had no idea should become a millennial Icahn. The 72 year old co author. Of the 1992. Best seller your money or your life. Was recuperating from hip replacement early last year when a young man she meant. As sustainability. Event months prior told her she was popular. On the red it's a RE DD IC. Forum. About financial independence. Now read it is one of those. I forget that they come on Mike and news crew for something. I'm sure our listeners can probably strings and a mess but at the time she was confined to the Polanco to have her. Oh Whidbey Island Washington living room and its view of the Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound. So she had plenty of time explored online community who Wear to her surprise. She discovered she was something of a celebrity. It was stunning. Robin says I'm an elder in the community I didn't even know existed. In my back from his fans belong to a impassioned mostly millennial movements known online. As the fire community. FIRE. Or simply fire. It's an acronym. That stands for financial independence. Retire early. As parents tracked down to the penny where their money goes. Mindful of how much e.'s purchase or really cost. With the idea of the dollar amounts should be equated to hours of life energy. Tim Robbins words so if you make 300 dollars a day and you want to buy a 100 dollar pair of shoes. You ask yourself what are those shoes really worth nearly a third of the day. I'm your precious time on earth. That's muses it's a little too much editorially MG I mean this is a market. Ari and as the first half hour to figure that France I don't know as the first part of your camera and suggests the golden movement. Is to gain financial independence. Meaning you're no longer relying unpaid employment to keep afloat. It's no coincidence that the ranks of the fire followers are spreading like well wildfire. Right now she. The stock market has been very good to investors in recent years especially to those who understand the magic of compound interest. Unemployment at the now let me just say. Again editorially. The magic of compound interest has nothing to do with returns on stocks. Themselves. That's more relative to. Bonds and fixed income but so be at the person obviously who wrote this is not. Financial planner so he. And it's doing yourself spirit of a generation that can learn anything on YouTube and you've got ripe conditions for a movement I. What's more we all know that a traditional retirement is a thing of the past. No one works for forty years at the same company anymore and retires to a front porch with a gold watch and a pension so far. All true. So instead of tweaking the traditional model around the edges. These young people are saying let's just blow up the whole concept of career and retirement and start from scratch. The financial independence some bread it has more than 350000. Subscribers around the world. A directory on the blog rock star finance. Counts nearly 1600. Personal finance blogs. Many dedicated to early retirement. Granted it's 70 AM I'm pressing French I don't know how he pronounces it twice as 32 years old. Was living with his parents in 2010 and eking out a major post college existence. When he came across from her book to your money or your life. They completely changed my life and trajectory he said is still my favorite book of all time. He says he's amassed a fortune. I'm more than one million dollars and five years primarily through lucrative web design side gigs founded millennial money. An online community dedicated to personal finance education and entrepreneurship. So I and I don't. Really understand what but there's a space here that doesn't quite say he was living with his parents in 2010. And then he read the book so if she amassed his fortune a million dollars T do it because it was still women in home with mom and dad. And I wasn't paying expand elsewhere you are right now so. Anyway I think it says that he got the money because he has this web design side gigs and found in millennial might need an online community. Blah blah blah Texas say Robin is an unlikely financial guru is an understatement. She didn't spend any time on Wall Street she sings more inclined to castle on her favorite come Boca recipe then the name of the favorite mutual fund. And this is someone else like she speaks not an eight empathetic bursts of Susie park. Of course you don't and yeah but in the melodic voice she used to sings soprano in a local choir girl look these days is golden girls Sheikh. And while she was seemed to pick by two a blast to live when she lives alone about two attendants who dread more than covers her housing expenses. She hasn't worked for traditional paycheck in fifty years. After stints as an actress and film production New York City she parlayed an inherent in Sunday's 23. Into a modest income that's sustained. Drew me. 1970s lives so and when she lived in an intentional community. Which is kind of like a commune but less marginalized and more centered around mutual values. She's tires so practical skills from auto repair and hunting. To making boos from Dan's alliance. A do it yourself strategy to become self reliant by acquiring know how that would enable her. To tread lightly and trampled cheaply through life. You know we'll be right back you're listing to Larry in the shop. Here are lowering inland. Welcome back everybody here listening to our human shell. And I'm Laurie can the owner of Laurie can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special event business and my name's Linda Evans I am. Managing director of the company called the women of substance LLC. That's a financial planning firm dedicated to this special needs of baby boomer women. And I'm also the host of the podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes stitcher and who will play. And so Mother's Day is approaching. It's tomorrow when you're listening to us. So I'm good. I was just on the phone before we came into tape. And who was I talking to but none other than miss not to go march and one of my dearest friends and your dearest friend is yes act I was about to say to her. Lynn just said we haven't been with the Joseph martens and a long time let's do something. And then we SI tracks while teller when I go back and change but we were talking I said I will be in each episode be nice to get a couple things for. Mother's Day so I said. I can really make a big and let's just talk nice about nine and company in that beautiful store and there's on the corner of Marion and house yeah. And they do a wonderful job they have so many don't pretty little things. All point prop up at price points that you can get for your mom. Staffing and if you haven't been over again it's always so important to shops small and local if you can. So if you think about it in your view there are open all day vision listening and think about Cologne and grab something nice if you're thinking of somewhere to go that's that's what I will be downlink Lynn just name. To get a few of the things as actually hug. She doesn't daisy. So I got both of them to dance to at night and there isn't a day that I don't that I Wear that it's somebody doesn't compliment media so I said tonight so I picked. They suggest some pins and she says she has some really neat let's not that she has those necessarily but she has done some good I love pandas. I know you do you love handsome and I thought I'm going to end thanks so she says yeah I'll post euphoria and but does everything I mean I scarves I get it. Whenever you want to sell. And I had my Christmas gifts still there. Why yes well they're different misses by Betty and Meyer. They bought mean lamps and it was you know how IC did I was afraid to Kerry's so they some believe the hero so I had to pick. Hello gang yeah and they're really cool they have on there like god. You know on regular. Like I'm would you called jog but I'm and it has. To pomegranate on each side by chunky and the bases like yellowish color. And then the year there's like green leaves and pomegranate thank you grew pretty cranberries and there's it's beautiful and so yeah so I guess there's a big shout out to our friends and I think company and we asked sandy Katie and to Michael so not just not a run by a three Dumars is ranked south. And you know might kill mine and I every Sunday take the quiz in the newspaper. If not I. Does he does every day two of us we take it every single week and then we reported in some good morning what are scores are actually. So the last several weeks have been getting. I didn't it's 1010 there's ten questions and I've been getting to nine of them I've only been get I couple you weeks in Iran was getting hundreds and then. And I black dog after only getting 90% I. I'm okay. Annoys the heck academy but it. So yeah we like to do thus. But probably the only two who do you think. That become competitive you know. Fun and you have to read the newspaper. Yes obviously. Well I mean you remind me ask something that. Patrick always says to me every night. When I get in the bed I usually prop up the pillows and I have Chris proposal book and I do those just to empty my brain you know so I can go to sleep. And every time sesame. Went into the New York Times crossword puzzle and I sent well I don't really feel like that China mental stress right now. To try to really it's it's a I like the easier ones I can just get it done and I said thank you. So he's so meanwhile you know my friend bill hate and I. Did the crossword puzzle every morning on the way into Manhattan I love it and he says and I did is inning. I said. Hello Campbell I assume and I. Yeah nice. So you. Do you ever do they know your time do I do but I I I can't get a message Wednesday. I can't imagine doing our current consoles because there and engage I just didn't mean. Well I shouted dynamite question of the day with Alexa that I ask every yeah. And he's and I love that because it really does she have to think about it and I love when I know the answer before she can gives me never did before. Hello I'm around my grandfather used to do it sounds like when your time now he needs to do crossword puzzles I don't remember. Where he got them from but he always had that and they had crossword puzzle dictionaries. There's been too because they eat what you would get the clue to put the yeah I Winamp Brazilian he has. So. I still have some of them was his name in the mean he wrote his name of them tennis is so funny because I realized that's where I started doing it. I never thought about. You know cross from post or just something we did and then every Sunday when we get the crossword puzzles and the Scranton times. At least to have this grand Tony and right and the times yeah Alia I pray so. Or whenever that was so there were two of them and that would be in a fight to see who got the cross her husband's. Well you know admired doesn't jumble all the time he adds can look at the words and figure them right out how. Are where I go what I do is I go to an answer I go to. Think the answer part by Q tell EU which he gives you the question you have to get the answer so I usually can figure out the answer. And go backwards to do the words where he does the words and then figures out the answer I can answer first and work backwards. That's the whenever this has. I'm good for your brain yes it is very good as a matter of fact. I was the other night I thought let me look at it and I thought to myself no I don't have done mental ability and I don't trust. Like you know because it really it's taxing trying to figure it no matter what of those word games yeah. Are puzzles you got to use your brain eye and hand them mode. Aided them my. Phone. Oh you do see an eight and oh yes I should and I just stood up because it's just. I notice is mindless similar to what it is and that is they just iron harder when you get through these things. I'm the easy ones in the beginning make you feel really good and then as you progress. They get more more difficult for her but. This fine you know I guess it's a challenge and I like doing it. And again I said because they. When I was just clear my mind who excel at crossword puzzles yeah. Like is there lexicon. As good is their ability to answer those questions. You know I mean because some people use beautiful words and yet you. You used improperly. I wonder if they speak in the words that they know the answers to announce puzzles 'cause a lot of those knows where it's a tricky. Now I would say now there are a lot of there are better spell there's been anything do well I think the hundreds speller searches after you do crossword puzzles so many years. There are certain words have always pop up that it I know with a clue is I know what the answer is I don't know what either of them means. Now I guess TA LO BS you just learned that when you see that that close you know what the answer is but I don't know what either of the main. So it's not anything that it you'd I don't city to incorporate most of that. Into Europe ordinary vocabulary. But there are words it's clearly you know he's a stretch in most things out. I love that when people use it when I read Maureen Dowd columns. I will underline a word I have no idea what it means and I will go I will Google the word should just so that I and I tried using in my own mind in a sentence so that she even if I'm not gonna use it I understand with the word means because. She uses some million dollar words yes we are trying to do I love there. Yes there's another guy does what's his name I'm Tom Friedman yeah he's good he's very good news great command language. But there's another guy. I frank Bruno. Now he's so and he's also on television as a commentator and he hasn't been an amazing command of Georgia will. He's gonna get a good time you go what I like you green something. As I can think it was last name. But I'm seeing them ran all the time she's just really good yes and I loved it and the other person I think has a really really good to. A way of writing it's not necessarily command of the language but the ability to put. Concepts together and you lose a lot of the language. Is I'm Chris Kelly's the Scranton times yeah yeah he really does a great. Now I love to read his column yes so theories couldn't. Clearly her. Sometimes any of those counts though sometimes you you know they'll cash in on your own their own take on something yes on a mass direction and by a one thing I don't like it's being done a lot with that is is he bashing. The pond. The lack of food a peace summit USG day. I don't think they yet again. Just in general you know some of the stuff lately with Bob lash and some of the stuff and then pointing that out like you never know why somebody had to leave school and downs we. Yeah and and a ged heard about sharing and speaking of that when he used to be act like I would never make fun of regardless of what they are. Or looked down and people because I know many people who have and have succeeded beautifully. In spite of that yet. Not having in getting it so I just don't like him. To go there. And a half but that's just me and my. I called little corner in my own little chair. She should just goes Cinderella join me to sing it if you think your it's only day. A yeah. It's none of my most favorite I it was like Leslie anymore yes yes and Allan cord remained. From general hospital as the prince yes that was one of my eight. Don't sit down and out quick and stepmother and the sisters were horrible and they war and then they were all trying to you know get in and after heard from on their goods. You know her good fortune good fortune they were in and it kinda. Come and speaking of that coming up the royal wedding next week connect Conan and I that next Saturday Saturday morning at 7 o'clock our time. If in 19 is 7 o'clock in the morning him. That's why couple places are holding frontiers. Celebrate Greece well it's an American marrying a prince scored. So it is it's like it's in we've done that before why is she Cohen princess grace and yes also she was and I love it and I. Finally Miree we're going to yes yes the east falls area as a man. So we're going to take a quick break you're listening this morning to the mine when shown we'll be right up next with the attorney Barbara JO hare. Here Gloria and win. Good morning how are you. Good how real good my name is Len Evans I am the fencing. Director of accompanied and I started a couple of years ago called women of substance LLC. It's designed to take care of the special needs baby boomer women in the world financial planning Hamas so. The host to the podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes stitcher angle go play. And I'm Laurie can the honor of Larry can enterprises which is a fund raising PR and special events business she. And with us is our guest expert. Attorney Barbara jail Harris who is a partner with Hughes Nickels and O'Hara can drinker street 1421. Is a fight during a street. He's drinkers straight. In done more Bard has been practicing family law at the end of this year will be 38 years so she knows a thing until. 'cause she's seen it singer tell us. Me no man that is we just once and that was for. Dude dude dude what I'm so far hi hello I am. Yeah wonderful how are you because good always nice to be here we love when your hair so our bench seat look at that list monk. I'm real people that's okay. You look and I didn't even look when I said it isn't going to just would have trouble maybe it's time its audience can fit any seats in here today I can't think yeah. I think so anyway got tired and I am sorry I know you're. You have so the topic of the day he is what's the perfect age to get married at. No I heard her and create research the research says. 26. Notes and their rationale is still. Statistically people get married in their teens are very likely to divorce from people who get married over thirty times. Your chances on divorce increased 5% every year after 35. Because he appeared to set your way round. I think there's a decent day that that's a very valid argument. And that confusion on Alan I do OK so that the. Let's face it you know how you wanna live and you can. Start living someone else and they they think everything you do stupid and. This is being criticized. Other little things and tough he yes absolutely yeah I think generic. A near your mid mid twenties here more receptive to that and and more receptive to you know you're raised that anybody Jesus Colgate toothpaste is stupid. And here you are marrying a guy who uses coal bogey isn't the case. And it now boo boo hoo why would you do that are now. Can I just chime in when I ever said married my if I am a husband by. Cheered laundry detergent to do the laundry which of course we only used all of my family home and my hope and wait. But I used Dick is it OK but I might hold. Body broke out with tiny little red I was allergic to it I'm sorry I have to go to what end it but it's it's that's simple I mean doesn't this. Staying here you still and now you're combining you're trying to figure out who's the right one I think she even married in your mid thirties or forties. You can always say hey I did find eggs are slimmer after an hour you have a more apparent even did you say if I can be autonomous and and I am really need this friend. It EE get into a bad place in new your more likely to leave right there and that's what the statistics say but for very young. Everyone's gonna know your escape what's the percentage of staying together at 26 getting married they have that now they basically said is that that was the perfect age McCoy and I just 25. Really and I based on six or yeah. Another money no Lynn told me 48. I'd say you define the islands. And oh yes that's a that's kind of story in my hello I'm not. The end but what do you think about that anecdotally we've seen with years even today there and it. Even today well yeah it's interesting how old's your daughter barb my daughter got married at 24. And she's now Tony. And I son's getting married 31. Up actually will be 32. By the timing is buried in September and see that's so yeah. I went daisy getting married September 22. Okay. I'm going to wedding on September 15 I'm birthday which I think is really cool but then I found something tiny. Said the same thing getting married when they're with their own you tell us I ain't going out there but it's it's interesting when people say September wedding. That weekend. Is always that the prime weekend because as the weekend after Labor Day and everybody's raises some bank in event. And it's still beautiful weather yes it is so he's isn't good time but this economy with anecdotally wouldn't answer a question when I look back at the people that. Are divorcing or are divorced at the half that that has occurred during the time that they are clients. I can't say that there is anything that follows that. Because most all of these people were married in their twenties them. And there are some that are very happily married and then celebrating 4050 years together. And others better on their third marriage. But Arianna merrier run the same time thanks. How to handle line is that marriage is like a diamond. In the beginning years close as you can be entered changes in kids and everything asterisk far apart and after they start they believe in things start you start coming back together do you find in your practice got most of did divorces happen with in net. Stretched out the biggest part of the widest part of the diamond a someone's life for now to be honest he'd find it in each category. So you have some people. That. That that truly happened and I think can well understand that you have all the demands of of taking care of young kid and finance total that is. And just a physical strain an underdog trying to work can try and do. And juggling kids in day care and and on the activities and everything and you know it's kind of amazing that you stay married right and then. You get through various years. And allow you do see a lot of people kind of big. Drift apart and actually now I'm seeing more and more of the gray divorce of kids are gun. I don't wanna stay with them anymore and that I have. Is it the next two decades in my life being happy for her so I see them in every category be honest with you. So cut. So I don't I don't now. So that leads me to the next question the age old question of what's more important to find the right person or learn. To beat him in person and in ten. When he may well and the question is what it did. I reminiscent high school and my kids my kids brought it up recently is it more important for you to find. Right person or two or even let you record I get a yeah. What that means they've put greater expectation on the other person if you're the one cool. Is looking for the right person I have thank. Now and then otherwise. It's less expectation on neo and more on the other. Are the opposite however and just said that but I don't DC a lot of people thinking I'm looking for mister right horror or. What ever and and you look back and say OK fine you've gone to I've. Succession of guys nobody is your right eat so is the problem with the rest the world. Or or do you look in your EU mostly common denominator the way I see a lot of people. Don't have a lot of introspection and now word don't have a lineup found. Ability to look at their life and their patterns of their life. I'm looking at this and saying OK fine I always go for this kind of guy number one is that kind of guy good for me. Do I marry same guy it seems every guy and that's it you know among divorce attorneys we see downtime remarry this same kind of guy. And I had one client at marry this. The same guy in the same kind of plaid shirt. And you look at just say not only does he look like he dresses alike and and here we are again here and you do find I can say that I think that two people. I come from resent that I am with a totally different people when you burn out car. I.s so idea but then again I always think it's what you do without my giving yourself a break between me. Being with someone is thank you know those people who can't now. Now Andy Williams and her way so they don't give themselves that space alone between a break up four and divorced yeah. And I think it's crucial that they didn't serial dangers serial and they can just keep the F engaging in her. Nelson a serial gators are married to put it. My own thoughts stroller they are really know what I'm Atlanta. But I remember some wise woman saying to me once when she was choosing between two men that she. Chosen one because the other almost too easy she didn't think it was. Hard enough. And that's what. Under eighteen with the one that was easy to edit it shouldn't be daddy's CEU. Needed to struggle a little. OK so why why presenting a challenge yourself. That's what I'm exactly what I'm saying how bizarre is that come. Doesn't have to always be hard and I don't know relationship is hard it it it's not a good relationship for you. But did you see people that. Keep challenging them celebrate and you say you're trying to fend a square peg your grammar only error rate and this doesn't always work. And yeah you look at that Padilla sales are written many many years since I remember this conversation in high school of we have been the right person her find the right person. And I went to Catholic high look a bit and tires save everything and it. You know it might sixteen year old mind vs nine much more mature mind you look at and say I think it's a little above. Because you see people that may mean they found the right person that they weren't mature enough. Or they think you know we've gone through a tough time themselves. Either have it. Drug buys speed you know addiction lines or. Busy word mature enough for whatever. And they met a wonderful person Clinton screwed up to the relationship because they do they weren't sure of themselves. Right and so you you look at all these things I think has become a nation into. Of being the right person but also finding finding somebody good field. What's the matter no I don't think you're thinking about. Now I'm not I'm just thinking it's red eye ear right you probably read about I I aide just EE it's so I am so now it's like night. Like when and when you think about everyone who wants to give Marion and Steve. Good luck and yet it's so it's a way of life. Imus. Like just like the team didn't. You know thought process on marriage that's on OK. But and I know until they are I don't regardless of what I say. I am. Client built that the Forman is gone now he's just not fun. He was married for a time. I've spoken to each and every time he would go through that divorce he was Sam never doing this again. And then I'd get Diana mind says that I yes there and then I get a phone calls six months later I met the most wonderful woman I so are you serious do I need to take you out if you look. Yeah. There's a romanticism. About about marriage yes how can any Harry's head Sondra and literally under the it's always got three fairly. Multiple generation gets this and decades yes yes yes and that's exactly Arnold airport every time this certain. That is up for you as a financial advisor com. No alien babies yes it's in college and we have three children and children guess I really do of this I don't know yeah. Frozen efficiency yes. Yes I did. The best answer I am happy and it's because it. Really and truly look at this insane there's only so much money. Yes and there's no links so much can be able to do is that high and you keep having children and in you know with multiple spouses. At. Didn't feel placing a lot of of pressure on yourself. Fans you know when you retire will he gives it back every now and then had babies went out in your fifties and sixties don't expect that. No and then you know everybody gets a piece of that retirement plan when they go through divorce yet so every time he gets some. Steam some momentum going in his investing in the 401K plan how we think that is the that the all right. Can't say now is where Sean and financial right everywhere else. Ever sorry your mind goes and I directions it's so let. Yeah but the point is that it just keeps going and and in every woman they marries is significantly younger son the one before and they all want to have kids. So this heat it's oh sure I'm angry hey wait a minute maybe I shouldn't be looking for a woman whose biological clock is ticking now aviation daily papers and I think it's more hit on that. It's more yeah. Oh okay well I'm I'm using a known only get. Their interest since I TO. My phone numbers I 703447171. I practiced family law in black wanna Lucerne Wayne Wyoming and Susquehanna. The gate and happy Mother's Day T wireless sales. And happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers who are mothers who act like mothers who stepmother still believe their mothers whoever you are happy Mother's Day to all of these folks. And so my mother and can RN I love you mother happy Mother's Day and and I mother Agnes O'Hara and his 94 years old hey analogies in the ninety's guerrilla necessary couch. Very proud to be in ninety slam and I sincerely ask is generally. Loving and nice happy enjoy have a good weekend and be safe and please in nights I have.