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Saturday, May 5th
Saturday May 5, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your week gay rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning how are you today it just wonder from this beautiful little. Three days in around well it's beautiful I guess I'm. Those hot and I let it. Yeah it's hot days and say you know northeastern Pennsylvania we talk on this goes right from winter to summer actually check. Check this spring but next week looks very promising for spring weather so I hope will be okay and it'll it'll start change in sound. I love the sun people around with it feels good in the morning I just love death. Whole thought of until starts getting hockey yucky hockey it was good but that's hot yuppies hockey. I think you're been the F Herm. So. How come other than Nat. Sound good so last deny aid. May concede that we take on Thursday you're listening to us on Saturday. I'm because they still have people say I try to cause there are no many answers about how I can get back. So may second was the the roast of lack wanna county. Recorder of deeds Evelyn Falco McNulty and it was hysterical I'm sure so she had her brother Ahmad gel McNulty. She had Tracy Doherty Tracy disk indoor use the deputy register wells. She had the current line it who is Dave an attorney with Bryan Kathleen associates and father seek out who is a senior judge. Add to others seek and father senior justice thought. Judge how much the presiding judge rules senior father's seat there that's the senior priest or as I called them the priest of the stars add ice he's OK okay. They roasted I emceed and they were every one of them were wonderful hysterically funny a little as Deb Peterson said slightly irreverent but that's OK I don't and that was good Kazan made for good. Laughter. Well that's a hate them yes fantastic he has a record price so it was fun to be a great time it was a great turnout should kiwanis. I'm sure the school on a club the Scranton did well and they roast some unfortunate SOB every year you know until I said six years ago Lynn six years ago. That was sixty yes April 12 2012. Wow I now I would never have says that yes I would say maybe for now 66 years ago yeah we're the rose. So we have a lot of fun and it was at the Radisson and course demand and staff follows is a great job Jack Marin and Eddie Connick he would doing that. A nice time win a lot of fun I think Andy was very and they got a bug good I mean they burned her. Just Ambrose did they burned her but she always at all I can't tell you as she well she was seen him make a face it's. He and you don't because they life in many ways you have bad but you know I said you know that old line that this didn't have facts are true the names have been changed protect the innocent what do reverse the it's a trip but chipped that up. I'm just someone record it now feel a whole skinny men. 01 this time it wasn't the but it was a lot of fun. So. Well let's go and I go something on FaceBook. I think it was earlier. This week. I'm from any reminding everyone. That this was coming. Hoping that a lot of people would come and support. Think a lot of us right cause publics doesn't end and that she was looking forward to it and anybody who had. Any previous. Grapes against her was gonna have. Offices is in its mouth was. Can anybody but. Via. Yeah it was fun it was she didn't she was good she herself as. Deb Doug I'm the Julie Jordan said to me if she won a politician she can be a standup comic 'cause she was simply inherently funny it was it really was great. I can't tell them all the time every time watcher especially when she does this stuff for the end. They women's society for they know anything she EMC's it'll just funniest guy I can't but I just can't stop laughing. This is Sarah girl. Talking about in this was I and so was funny just her and her. You know just different things that she did and I'm you're wearing. Cross situations and it's just funny ordered the F funny. We analyze less and was it. Along it was a long simmered for a roasters and everything else and video video bill Nellis god bless some who was mr. Kwan has passed away this week and so and they did a little tribute to him and he was a great guy he was a post master in Scranton. And good delightful guy and team first timing wasn't there so it's kind of sad the beginning part sad for them but. She was there in spirit. So. It was done. It was fun we a lot of fun. So congratulations to Evelyn were focal McNulty her mother was there action it was a mother's birthday. Was saying happy birthday to Nancy were Falco who is a dog I love marriage. And to all of the grocers. Great job. Then some good time. So what did you deal. In Houston Texas. Tell us what you just got back on black night or something went. Yeah video what do what did you have to know their foot I didn't have to Roy chose to go to see this conference that was done by the financial advisor magazine. I'm not sure why they picked Houston yamana. They did. And you like Texas. That was the first time I was actually you really there and not just in the airport on the something happened to you can't it can't it was canceled he ended up and up. Airport there in the end though that was it was that that was something else I don't matter that was tax purposely your printed those things now are. Can't read your mind up so no I. I went on Sunday. And I came. Back then Tuesday night. We flew in no focus at midnight. And how. Today do you do really well. He did really well. So it was a great great time I really enjoyed it I was in downtown Houston. And I went with some friends. I met a friend of mine who was actually in Galveston. Which is an hour south of Houston. So he drove in and met me and took me to dinner with two people he works with and we went to add a Turkish restaurant. In Houston. And I had never really had Turkish food before and I had this. I'm suspicion. And it was going to be all this spicy stuff and then I wouldn't be able the eat most of us. So I was not really that excited about going. But when I go out there and the other two guys joins us. The one guy is from Turkey so he knows everything that was there I told them what I liked and didn't like. And he just kept ordering things that was and it was a feast she pleases had a great time and every single thing. I can eat. I had to move the onions and garlic out of it but. I did everything and it was really really good and the thing that was most amazing was a dessert I never seen. In my life. That was one of those that. There was a description for it wasn't anywhere on the menu it was something does this stuff puts together. The guys also from Turkey. I don't even know what I can tell you it is but there was a lot of butter on it is it's telling the big round pancake that was browned on both sides. And it was. Not a pancake but it was kind of like. But he said it was whole wheat. Something I forget what it was condom have been great for today and wink wink yeah. But it was filled inside with a kind of cheese that was the consistency amounts are also visit winced trainees have done. But it was sweet. And that these are met with them. Car can be stash shows. Iams and that was it was absolutely wonderful it was so race though you grill I could even finish it. There was a small wedge. But the food was great and I'm Brian T at the end which I thought it was wonderful. And they brought them in these little crafts. And everybody got one on the silver. Platter a little ground sober desk and the deal was sent to tee was forward. Three quarters of the way out and the top part of that come glass is where you were supposed to put your hands around there was no cup. Holder so you had to pick up the glass and bring into your mouth so the top part of it. Somehow our other stayed cool even though there was cause teeth and it. But it was absolutely perfect I just I kind of had more team forever. And then we talked about the fact that Turkish coffee is one of the strongest in the world and wasn't I nobody you know you don't have. And it can't and I said that's good because at that point you know Britain it's an hour. Earlier different data than it is here so. They were all complaining then at 10 o'clock at night if they had the coffee they really nicely could should be 119 everybody plaque in my time. So anyway I'm learning any and they were all from Texas. The other easily you know any other guy who comes. Same was Jimmy Allen definitely guys from Texas. And the other one is a friend of mine who was from here who actually moved to Galveston for power into the Balkan Texas there I was an eight times its debt in different CS I'm Taylor in Texas they'll work with us. Thanks it's called Moody's and it's not owned by a family. Mr. moody and this is Malia I guess Arab multi millionaires and they've established trust companies and banks on kinds of things. So that's where he is and it was really I liked it I thought it was a nice town. The only thing that disturbed me about it was beaten a number of I homeless people that runs streets. And it was uncomfortable to walk its own course flat but you know walking from one place to the other I decided I wanted to go for a walk. Because I had some time to kill between some of these sessions so I just thought I'm gonna walk around just see Houston I've never been here so let me. Exe from ground level so I want to all around it long blocks. There's an incredible. Amount of construction that goes on there just phenomenal. And I kept running in these people are saying we changed ram things. And I was just floored by the fact. That's the city as wealthy as it is and it really is a very wealthy town. And not dealt with that issue. And what concerned me most was seeing this one guy that they kind of they all know each other they have their corners they have their territories. This one guy it was and they. Will share. Up and and one leg. And he. The course it was in the upper seventies. And he was wearing a hospital gown on top. And I thought how that happened and they just can't come out or did they just voluntarily leaves whatever it is this my good. But other than that. And I enjoyed it really didn't load a lot of parks. A look they've huge aquarium downtown. And of course the Houston Astros for playing the New York Yankees while I was there. And every Yankee fans and there are also Astros fans so I was so highly contested event but. It worked out well so. It was fun to come I like the airport and I was laid out really well. So no problems getting in and out went to Charlotte. Charlotte to a good. And I love Charlotte because I love all of them. Two big tall letter back. Rocking chairs there Alter I was that would piano just. And it's just very comforting then to do I don't think that have been in an airport it's really neat. So that was my experience it was fun. The topic go to invest in women was it was don't really wonderful to see of maybe. 25300. People that were there. They were mostly women who were advisors. Which is a very odd thing. Mostly it's men this man. Until less than 20% to Romania because I was a name understand some of the seminar I was more women. Well I think it was women because women who knew about. Out of work with women but I think a lot of men when they're kind of like any thought and I don't know how to work with women are right though that unless you are really into Smart ones. Little inside information invention good Italian land we'd let me come back come talk to about the tomb. Keynote speakers and listens OK we're pretty interesting I we're gonna take a quick break you're listening this morning so Larry lynch shell and we will be right back. Here Gloria Palin. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans Siam the clam my manager sums are full. My brain is fried. I am the managing director and in fairness of women of substance LLC which is. Financial planning firm specifically. Designed for the needs of baby boomer women and I am also. The hosts of the podcast called power of the purse. And that's available on iTunes stitcher and whom play in a bunch other places telling them Larry Kenney and I'm sorry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR specialist and business. And I have to tell you two before you talk about those two keynotes we also had evening of fine food don't mind lastly how do you feel I'm. I'm so I'm that's Sunday. A okay it was very very very very very well attended the very. Wonderful events as always. I'm they sold out. I'm great Yang since everybody was very happy so. Thanks everybody for that because it was it was a little cool today so it was kind of nice to be. I'm there because sometimes. It's hot and here. Some people think I can be outside so it's good that it was kind of the perfect day for what was alike and fun thing. It was like rainy and not rainy dreary in cold cold cold it was cold okay. I mean just nano and a nice spring day so I actually worked out perfectly I think it was like forty. 43 or something that's thanks Karen Nyberg pilot I was you know that when I think of going up into those rooms. And you where you went to the different stance against south from thinking it was really hot. Aren't in the offing and comfortable and in some. You know what they say are now on the fourth floor there's nowhere on the second floor where the other two rooms are but there's on the third and then. Our and then I'm. Second parent I in the fourth floor and then and the lower level. But it was so you Fred for that worked out great which is why they do it in in because it's their time in the year because it really isn't every two to warm but sometimes it can again it is warmer than usual and with all the people with the body heat it gets com. Hot but it was perfect has also was sold out after seeing her very happy to have good EA EA. And how is and can learn and can aren't as good I was just with their and the economy is and is in for this week. And China's Hong today you've for a couple days because they're great grandfather. I'm Chief Justice Mikey N is being under a carton courtroom. In the courthouse is being named after dedicated his son cash tomorrow. And did so they're both and for that. Ceremony just a passing offense so we were out Tuesday night. And save three mass. Gaza. The one that we never go to anymore so I told Al. Now the reason why an I told them shine and I had Celia I love your rice but as pasta and I love your Thomas but I can any comparison we church he said we can do so I got a big trip to salad which I love minus the crumbled to Brenda and top she and get some chick peas and columns and it was so the cheap. I'm pleased that we should be there. We have not been there now and Tommy wanted to go Casilla had banned you and that's where and can marry and Barbara should I Tammy Meyer Eddie. 96 of us when we had a great time. And ran into one of my children's. Teacher they're Latin teacher mrs. signed as she and her husband were having. Dinner and coincidentally we have arrived at the same time so it was very nice to see here and my kids are very close to her so was it was knee and sprained. That's nice yes so we had a good. I'm in west side. Yeah it's gonna sing my son in the so how about your speakers had two well two of them and the real reason we ask you before about why was I going my and they might then need to go I didn't need to go the only reason I wanted to go to that. Particular event. It was because there were two women there who were speaking. That I wanted to be on my podcast out drug that's right you and I can do that I might have a chance one on one. To be able to talk to them. And that's better than having to go through the channels you know the people say it's closely idea bunt. So the first one was. Sally. Jesse Rafael and now Sally ride. And it. The salad leaf can you know what happened or I don't know she's around she was unsure just on The Today Show awhile ago because they were like where are they now Ali yeah. I think she's eighty or something she's. Anyway wow. On some toes still have different glass at. Ever read that I can't. Selling Krajicek was a woman who's spoken and I envy her. Her speaking ability because she had no notes in front of her. And see actually stood up and just addressed everything. Through everybody's sitting there and they know no holes barge she talked about everything that's happened not. I remember having read something and Sally wrote. That was. Out there in the media about it and instances when this means two things came out something that. Happened to her that was is totally ridiculous. And she didn't mention that one in her presentation but she mentioned that another line and she keeps saying things like. I can't mention his name but you all know him because he's a very high profile person in the news media or something like that. And we're of course everybody is no thank you who would that be the idea of but for other reasons she couldn't say anything. But to none about. Come at it it's just the comments that are and made her all the time. By a man even though she is senior vice president and hasn't made a huge name for herself. And is very successful season. Designed it I think I mentioned two ones before that she created this group called 86 brought yet he had love it thanks so 86 prize then morphed into. Elevate. And elevate is the name of the I think it was Goldman Sachs. Decided that they needed to keep in touch with each other and let each other know Sarah opportunities for them to continue. Because they were all highly paid. And then the higher happy go on the ladder the harder it is to find something it at your level. So that's how it started and then a Branson of this thing haven't international. And out of that she created two things she created a mutual fund. That was designed to be the whole theme of this thing was socially. I'm responsible investing. So that. The Sosa goes into the funds. Are companies that have passed certain criteria. That they have I'm certain number of women on the board of directors. They have promoted women. Women are and is certain percentage of their senior level employees. That they don't invest in companies that invest and homesick I guess since his socially acceptable things like I would say. And I tobacco use. Alcohol. Things like that that they have all of that put together and they put throw all that in the some. Chunky thing and spent so. Companies that qualify. So those are the ones that they keep in the fund. And then from that. She also realized that she says something nice I found Sadiq. Extremely. Smacked me in the face can't patent that accent and always think you may be right in this but. She said you know and she realizes that. Women really don't want to know about money anymore than men wanted to know about money they want somebody to take care reform them. Because they just they need to find somebody you trust to do this. And she says to think they're gonna sit back and their and I actually. Take a course and learn about excuse me learn about money they're not or won't they just want you to do something about it. So she's started this thing called LO vest. Which is what I would define as a robo advisor meaning. That you make a phone call to a toll free number. And somebody answers the phone it walks you through what your goals what are your objectives and then they package something. That fits together for you from where you are. But there are no minimums so somebody. Like she says some of the other day. That's sent her an email and ask to see trends and best of and they just I don't think so. Really come. What do you actually do it the day that costs to do this is significantly less than most financial planning firms charge. But you don't get the financial planning firm or any of the advisory canned stuff with us. So she started that in has grown tremendously she's had a big backers so have come in behind it and I often I wanted to ask the question. You know what they polish that this funded you know. And of how much money did it cost to put this all together I'm sure it's millions millions and millions and millions. But she didn't and it's been growing very well so that's the stature of the woman. Then I'm talking about it and she still tells us about things where she goes and in these meetings and people ask her if she would take notes or. If she would get the coffee. Still for things like that bush did she ever take announce. No she won't spinning and she won't. And and says that that's the point is that that's who she is and people still honored to be cast in this. Role of what they think women are supposed to be. But the good point was right before she went on I'm I walked into the room and I say that there were my team her up. And I just I mania media and I just said Sally. My name is Linda Evans has so I've been trying to get to UI so long time ago when you start days six prides. You and I talked about what the advances would be for me to join and I did. As and sell it I would like you BMI pod casting call power of the purse it's all about women. And money. She's so we'll sounds very interesting to me she says here's what I want you do. Go to the website and go through the press room and send it to me as season then I'll get it as a fine. So I walked away and send. OK mission accomplished. And did you send it I didn't really get out of there I didn't get home until yes. I was so the other time was that a woman named chase Healy who is what's on the panel. But I didn't stay long enough for her because I would've missed a flight. So I load gets some other ways to get to change really think. Marketing manager for TD Ameritrade fast core. So. Then she is talking about how important it is to be with women and talk to women men and women involved in support of women businesses and Obama was so. That's a very. My test this girl. See how much you're gonna do. So I know a lot of people went to that wonderful car. According to a game I'd video Turkish delight yes. Never checked candy yes I do people and I never really leave guess. I never really understand any man that says Turkish restaurant and eat it and that's a kind of beyond that was kind of the stringing things that. This did answer for LA and it's like gummy and you it has powdered sugar on the outside about. Yes yeah you think in a half C I think Connie what that's kind of what it was. Was like no this I'll I don't none and I'm not terribly well I tell us about this house was kind of like half. Etc. are simply delay the Psycho and gone EU and the school we're bite into would like powdered sugar yeah he'll tell. Pneumonia. I am I wanna tell you to that mr. Shonn can Foley has six has decided on his law's going to go wait a minute there. Well and it says it isn't Yale RS being honest I don't bash now as we know he's been accepted to Yale Stanford Harvard. University of Chicago University of Michigan Penn and why you duke in Georgetown. And he has. Decided last week he had have been in by Tuesday Indy decided over the last weekend and it was going to be Yale because everybody who talks saw him told him said when you get into you you do not refuse and nails to yell at Yale is the number one law school. Two is Stanford's Prius hybrid so they dare I can shine pick him between Harvard Indiana and but he went with Leo 'cause. You don't turn it down so he echoed my New Haven as slim as she likes a town itself. He's very happy he's finally made his decision and I was yeah. I was with an evening of fine food while I was with more airy and Sandra Myers and I told Maurice. About the time that son's friends. Mother sends an invitation to his. To him how army vet said Lari Karen and mr. Maury Myers I said that was the best day had more and we were laughing about it and I said I just wanted to let you know this Yuri Yale Law School grad. Shonn is going to yell unease and go oh my god what an accomplishment lovable I wanna meet a young man. Height and talk to Bill Scranton who graduated from Yale undergrad just to get a feel these guys really this is wonderful self congratulations to my baby boy. He's going to jail I. So yea so anyway we're not to take a quick break you're listening to the Larry when show will be right back. Here Gloria inland and welcome back everyone you're listening to the Lari and Lynn shell I'm Lori caddie and I am the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR. Special event business. And I am Linda Evans and I am the managing director of women of substance LLC. Which is kind of financial planning firm specifically. For the needs of baby boomer women them also the host of podcasts called power of the purse it's available on iTunes stitcher Rangel will play in a few other. Places and joining us today is our guest expert mr. Neil's show a rural was was mysteriously quiet except when she laughed when I said Sally Jesse ran. Should. Instead is General Counsel for his General Counsel for ERA one source real teach ERA he has around a hundred or so agents in it. Ten counties and seven offices nation is housed in need main office I'm at 420. Northern bullets you say okay. Ford tiny do you think you have. It soared forty is a cultural center address Norris. Do you 3230. Northern Boulevard. And which looks beautiful by the way knees every time I get in there and check it out plans to keep things coming nine L now grades. I'm just not saying things so he went to some pretty cool hunt so I feel really fancy I go to work every day and Lyn Evans housed in their announced to maybe add and I'm so neat nick Flynn gets to see Denise and Sunnis do when she's around in a hundred other people by women and our great land you know when they're around you know well. I think if you see me your desk to mention nation you're not doing your job right that's somewhere and that's business. Sony from what we should Lindh sent you an email I saw last week early this week and she suggested. Hey I could open that just so you know I think and respond to back Tianjin and I don't know what happened but it would know Venetian a sounds like today DS and you guys wanna say for her. Or what a light hand drums are Lynn found the. An article on crowds are acorns start comment is piece like a money manager I say it's. How about I. I am I things not to do when you're purchasing home by a couple who did them all done assistant is known as a many animus. I. Basically. Selling season and is really paying jobs and homes and adding tens are flying as especially adding tens I've around there's like a big shortage of inventory. So these are some good tips to think about if you're in the market to buy a home because. You are going to be kind of under the gun to put an Austrian quickly just because of the speed. Out of the house is better pay strayed hands. Kind of though ones that are sort of ready to golly you know like wallpaper taken down around you repainted all those things. Especially in a house garner contract that seemed like stand. I am and hydrogen blasting Tony for hours. Miles around this tiny hours for an outline some people are obsessed with the house in other name handed they didn't believe me that I'm pending in two days today Ryan terrorists did. So. Yep pretty fast but. The number one mistake that this article references is not shopping her around for real estate agent. Compact I would say is probably a large mistake because he think that I think statistic I read this morning is that 60% of people choose. The first aging and that they interview. Iranians think about hey you're really putting a lot of trust in them Paris and and to be a fair it's not but you have to go through a lot of schooling to become a real turn. Most of learning is kind of option at all and it's basically certification that each individual wheels are chooses to take. So our company we do a lot of company training steaming shore and that. Then realtors huge shoes are educated and able to kind of guide if you their process in the past they posh months. But you show I'd you know like you wouldn't go to the first doctor. You saw online aren't. The first housekeeper you found R&R and I feel Cameron means reviews and enemies of Iran. But more than half of people just picked to finish filter they see online sub. And I had a good point that's the thing is that they mentioned in this article this couple tomato stakes they hired the first one they saw and it adds fourth in the newspaper. And it and her responses we should have lunch for one who lived and worked in the community for along time I had great recommendations. But I agree with him most people. If there are not savvy about how you go look for those things can't get reviews or whatever it is that's what they did I just think the first one and I think has some Scully. Thank I think part of being a good military's kind being engaged in mean to me TL EU summit dot com as well as a bit like a breath there's time in his career and you know being. A familiar with the local market solve. Because. I I use our company's main example like we do have a kind of a global outlook power locally Farnham Brad is so we. You kind of have it in on that you know you're you're getting crowded so maybe there's a house that's about listed yet but from an eye on salad. You know what figure means pass you clean. It's guides how many easy in his sort of is able to think outside the box and kind of get you what you're looking for and I just. Send you emails what they find on the Pamela this kid I can look up. Yes he said well I don't I find it really hard to believe. That there isn't some money. Who is listing looking to buy and Lester brand new in an area and they don't know anybody that doesn't know somebody who knows somebody who sells real estate. Well you know what I mean I just can't yeah. I think when he I think about it but what I tell our Asia institute is make sure you tell your sphere of implants. At least remind them every month or so you are real term because. It doesn't always pops it is topping everyone's had like. When you think about it if some endings that you glory they might not automatically remember that you also have your real estate license no yeah you right because you do so many other things right and with early years by the way do you ask. And if we have time I really feel license for an. A lot and I got my first year of lost blown. So I am out of 102000. Full learn so fourteen India in a no unknown now I'm with our have a real estate license to these guys. They think of your mom they don't think it means running on the court asking a lot cooler. Perhaps the times yeah yeah yeah you know at. As part of this. Yeah ask rounds I do your due diligence a little bad look into your own sphere of influence in your now or I can see you you know only imperial Tarek. And you can interview them if you like Sammy can use them if you don't like them maybe they can say. You know and keep you at least have a reference plaintiffs to start west. I'm so the second mistake if this couple remained quiet not waiting until they found the right how. And I think that it's kind of. What people should be cautious on right now just because of the speed and I things are moving. So if you're thinking of buying start looking she likes start looking now and get an ninety out of what you're looking for a guy your pre approvals dime. Get your budget in place really have a firm idea of what your financially keep love because. Spring comes to the day in Islamabad this house that might be ten other people on mumbled that house and you might have to put our friend anyway. And you kind of want to be mar. Sure about exactly what you're looking for like if you are dead set iron three bathrooms. And you find his house one and a half bath but they're seventeen other showings on the back Dana realtors has do you like it you like it to like even if they're not friends. Take a step back and say no I need three bathrooms. He has if you ultimately buy that house two months for a guy and I can have an actual parents certainly. Yep. I'm they herbs super eager and in this article arming and I'm buying a house I'm perm that was built on permafrost so obviously. I mean Mac com is not an issue here about. You know you do your due diligence without inspection. Well there is ignorant very and I didn't get home inspection and is he question. Before you climb because he mentioned something that I think is really important. You talked about beginning everything lined up before you bust are looking beyond how long does it take to get preapproved for mortgage toppling. Two or three days okay. So they believe another because I think a lot of people think songs and thank firm. Create some lenders. I am to give you an hour yeah. Now you can't get a quickly can the pre approval and then really I guarantee you more gas to market while Jesse amount maybe you. Don't make enough money so they just need very basic income for me like income verification Permian and maybe information. And you get the letter saying like you know you're and the interest they would be. Up from about Kansas based like pop up to but I would say. Not since scare there I'm there also be careful with your pre approvals because you really. Knowing your numbers because you might think I can probably be pretty impressed to laugh. House that after nine dollars but it does that mean I wanna be house fire and I have maintain a standard yet to carry so I don't think homicide in my. You know I combining and send thank you sought to ease now. Until there's some yeah no I think less and less people do that anymore yeah years ago. That knowingly about one. When I was there and we got our first house that's exactly where we work and don't forget about besides drink so glad to loan processor and a guide to I mean you know represented an. At any financial institution will include I'll message in you know that information that they taught you about. I have had situations or people sort of forgot that they had to pay taxes if they'll take. Others. So at their budget kind of all of sudden shifts and I think they might mean baked beans for a while. And I just don't understand people who don't do hum inspection and then she could. Yeah I don't infection is probably. One of the most important things in the home buying process just because it gives you that peace of mind to that. You know and there's nothing. Don't know what you're getting for the most part of the issues and it gives you the knowledge any gift this talent and on all so for a fair negotiation do your own inspector says has refused again and BL begun eniac. One EDS is sort of like caught in the twilight tours of the house is priced with that knowledge spend that's you know your right. I'm another thing along with fine to watch out for is. We offer through our until corporate through ER incorporated's American home shield home warranties. Mean compared Gisenyi clothes and house and also you can purchase one if your listing your house I'm just so you kind of don't have to worry about. And he added expenses they're pretty good they cover a client says. Water heaters I'm basic structural things not Bruce and they're also. Action programs from pools. I meant is it really good thing you never really reasonable about 400 dollars but when your purchasing a house in an added into everything. It's not that much extra yeah coming your shining so that's from the cellar of the buyer. You can Thailand by Aaron you and as a seller you can offer 12 year buyers it is a good marketing globe bilked Indian. Sentence again and if you're lifting your house it's also kind of I guess Mimi a little bit and it. Reassurance for her or the US is tailored to because. You don't have to you know you have lots of people in your house you're kind getting ready itself. The water here breaks down connection expands you're moving your buying another house you're moving expenses. You kind of just take care about you know she's at any surprise as. Which is another mistake that they. Talk about Donna lists. But their fourth predicted they talk about is not getting up for down payments I'm so there are a lot of 100% financing options. An elbow and led say it. That if you're financially secure and earn a position where you're going to be able to pull equity out of the house stuck at VA loan or seller since situation. He's not on helpful. But in this case they had been. A lump sum could be spent on trying to turn. And then I lent today dollars spend iron cash savings on an intern because. As they say an annex mistake he didn't have any money for repairs that came up. So no matter how good your home in fact change. Things are gonna happen in life happens you know. He had friends you've just biting your house and a tree Fallon a storm on their roof so I've seen that was something that any kind of predict dead. But now they have that expands every pairing. Am yes. So keep some I mean your bank account and try to get the situation where you are comfortable with your monthly and and a financing closing costs is a great idea because mortgage rates are so low. I'm Amy don't have to financed all of them. The only yet because we won 37. So him. I'm an accent Andre and there's tennis yeah I yeah. And I miss it you're in the past number ten pounds tank craze so many seats where can people get you. You can reach me to examine office by sending 05871999. And a great place that it needs that we M I'll be posting. Q any session with my paramilitaries. The other day so check thousand dollars every cheesy or any customer now is. Our website Jenny Jenny Jenny dot EI one dot com Lauren. Any doubt Obama man I'm writing thank you need show when things here. Have a great weekend everybody and we smooth seeing here next week thanks for listening and eat safe and please be nice I'm not saying.