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Saturday, April 28th
Saturday April 28, 2018

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Following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning. How are you today wonderful how Leo I'm just donkeys yes it's one of those days I think it's very nice out there. It's not as wonderful as it has banned up where we lined up for some really good stuff. Next weekend I know weather wise and yeah so why isn't runs before we go from winter right in the summer forget about spring and now and I like spring putting well this season. The reason why. 'cause it's the anticipation. Of this summer and once the summer you think OK next this fall NASA I like fob and you think and it's coming into winter so that's why I always like that renewal time of spring when you screw the little crow is and that's and that tulips are rearing their beautiful heads and I just love. With all the new growth in the green because it's just feels like such good. Good vibes gives me good and then Ellen I agree with you I. And I love it when and it's getting laid around more in the night I was like 5:30 in the morning when he decided it was like even thinking. I cannot give today's stays longer lighter day longer and lighter and I'm not blonde let it sit and watch. You know what I meant nothing but it. But I was in Philadelphia and Monday of this week and I was absolutely. Blown away by the fact that we barely have stuff coming out here. Imminent though than buttons here and I treaty is plumbing imagine that this is just starting yeah same concerns I got through the tunnel. Everything is yellow full Lola announced it was insane. But that particular day and Monday was such a gorgeous day itself. Where I met some of my friends from college. In king of Prussia and we went to a restaurant I think it's called true nation or something like that. All good food chili offset outside. This is sort of refreshing thing I am unable descent outside I love outside. In an eat I guess I love it it's perfect so I was dead so I'm happy where where we aren't. And we I think we can probably. Spanish across I think is saying no more smell. You know it's cute I would hope I disappointed. Ambien while they generally have. Knows the all the other thing that reminds me of spring is one of the most beautiful fundraisers at the Scranton cultural center has is there evening of fine food and wine and it's always at the end of April on Sunday and this year it's April 29. Which tomorrow when you're listening and I'm at it dad is always a good lunch and the reason is because so many people love to be out a little. It done the days it's days longer and lighter show it on the that the days are so long now you know and pillar in this starts at 530 people earning good mood because they wanna be out should get the whole day doing everything had Q1 and you going to do this great event so that's going to be the eighteenth and believing that eighteenth annual evening of fine food minus is the 29 tomorrow there might be a few tickets left but it is still they do one thing that the honorary chair people this year where Elaine Shepard and John and Elizabeth married. And I have to say they have kicked major rare and I'm getting people there. As of today there were. All and they're they're a little oversold out but that doesn't mean that some people might not sneak and I'm not seek any gotta pay to get him but you know and I mean come in and they always accommodate so I'm but it's a great event this great event and sponsored by. The main sponsor the gold sponsor I don't even think it's called that anymore is at PNC bank and Scranton branch Tahoe always has a wonderful job. Well with them. And Mohegan Sun so I'm not too good. Stuff to do a bride I was we were at PNC this morning mist Deb Peterson who's executive director. Of the cultural center she was with me for a meeting prior to taping so she says it all come with you for the ride so she's sitting down Peterson is in the house a dead given big yell. She did she's here but I am and where we have a busy schedule because we have miss Terry Hanson in for fidelity bank coming up next and then we have. Doctor plug plug nanny and sell we have a short period of our conversation what do you think Glenn I think it's good for. Others take a listen to end. Just last week it was also a we have all three segment I don't ask ourselves time now so whenever. They get everything in this it was good and then we. Have to get the big shot up to Mansour is because we were their last Saturday floor. I'm luncheon of course delicious and asked how long did we wait wait wait at least half an hour and it was packed the foods delicious it's well worth the wait. They've been on Saturdays I mean they're always like that but this was super busy. So and a good friend Caroline balding Catalan Allen might colonial we lobs and they do a wonderful. Work they help the community and the food is actually delicious so if you have not bend to man's source but she's on the corner of ash. And press got right across from. Crisis on one side. And asked the gas side and if it's wonderful the food is delicious go see them. They eat they have accommodations for people who have. But who you know have to dietary needs such as myself with a gluten free stuff and and they try to work with that the beautiful part of it is even all the pies and stuff disable make better gluten free that you don't think about so. I'm just different things they make and I'll have a candidate. Give them my shout out for the other songs and yeah that's for sure and their chocolates cookies so we love to house another. They are excellent there really are yes and Matt and we have to do also a shout out to. Fidelity bank and thanked them writer cook are bringing their kids to get enough. So which is the chocolates and cookies they are exempt anyone can go into the branch and fidelity branch and I get a free cookie I got a cup of coffee which always makes you feel good when you watch and but Lindh makes it a requirement Terry when she says. If you're coming. He denied he can not pass go without giving it some cookies so as Larry did what she was the first one as the chocolate chocolate chip cookies yes yeah Hollywood's triple BOK okay. But chocolate chocolate chip because like the best of the better now. TI don't want to know that I find excuses to have to go go into the bank Texas yes and you know so they'll look at me they all end so they carried the hero she's dobbs I think she's meeting me and she'll run in and she goes sorry I was latest after fidelity not to do any banking to get a cold lasting because she's. What does so that's of a beautiful thing about Beckett in talking about that earlier this smell of things. When you walk in if it reminds you of that good feeling he'd do you know food just makes you feel that way some. PMI but anyway any other people you I'm doing shadow Tim. The only man opened yesterday and spent little time with. Come card Lucci. Time is running for state wrap before in the in my section of town in the done my section he's the hills outside done more and I'm not unmasked a 100% sure where they brush state wraps yeah. It's Kevin Hagerty sees that he's not. Running force so I'm I'm met his uncle Lenny is a friend of mine and he asked me if I would meet him. As to say is a fine young guy. That would come Deb let me use could drum for a little meeting which is what I was doing yesterday and very impressed buried. Very Smart. Seems very capable. I'm good experience and I'm just too true gentleman Sowells testing this morning thanking me which is of course very proper 32. Younger okay. I know what I love that when young people get and how yes I think that's great to hunt and I said toes a commandment said Tammy did have some Irish Daniel. And he said I do my mother's half my mother's part Irish and then many same. We'll look over here hello I have I wish so his dad is also has Cyrus and so even though he is the dark Italian look about him he definitely has that. The Irish twinkle Elena hazy very nice young man south. I do a little shadow so last Friday night Pattinson Napoli and I went to a place was called John pierce. It's no offense I think Garrett met and we had a wonderful time really really enjoyed the food and then an ad that was fresh fruit out. As is okay they give points for that fight the other thing I think they'd we had a chat with CM at the owner and he said he wanted people now. That he does catering and he's been doing catering now for things like on site. Picnic send them on site weddings and doing all I can stuff and he says this is really growing by leaps and bounds. So you want people know John pairs and this charge pulled their own offense yeah. Is into the catering business so I'm go to second out he likes people in command and taste the things that he has on the menu and the food was really really good. I really enjoyed it. I don't know anything about never even heard about. It made me who are just so we know that till I know those lines Mansour is also caters which people don't always know. And they did my mom's party. And can RN. Yeah now last year when she was eighty and they did catering and it was fabulous so I like people do that may take stuff off site. We sit and they'll do it because seagate used to certain food and then you wanted them to do it somewhere else so yes. And so he's good and so what else well you know we've been talking the last couple weeks with people about these will be called gray divorce. And it occurred to me that you know it's not just the process of divorce that we can't talk about but so many people remarried. And there are special financial issues that people need to keep in mind when they begin and that's second marriage. And one of the big ones and that I was thinking about this this morning. Is the Social Security peace. Because many times. People in their sixties maybe seven days have been widow as opposed to divorced. And so they're looking at a second marriage and I know some couples are purposely did not. Married. Because they would lose the Social Security benefits for her hand from their former spouse. So it seems that there. Crude is saying but you know living in sin for a lot of peace sells makes a lot of sense yeah actually I wouldn't input DO oft tinge as anyone ever really look at the difference between what you would lose in your Social Security benefit because you've been collecting on your husband if they made more money. Vs what you're losing when the wind. And that's the that's why I'm saying that is part of the planning. That's a couple needs to do before they decide. Mary are not marry OK so they really need do you just crunch some numbers and see what it looks like because a lot of people will find it. That may be there and a better financial situation for the long run by getting married brandy that's just holding on that one thing that they think is sacred right and I. I would still known deacon a leap here. And gay people are looking at the end the immediacy of the cash and now I'm hoping or thinking obviously not helping an auction this this year. Significant other is gonna pass and he'll get his wealth or her well. Well yeah and then on the other hand of the thing that people have to look at too is that there's so much. Cost involved with medical issues today and as you may ease the probability of you using money losing money if I. My purpose is very high so it may be here today may now that you hear. Iron right now right so that's something of people have to look at but I I think it's interesting and we actually happening. This kind of a conversation. Because most people in and generations ago. You fifty plus years you just coasted regardless of what the situation was like to. Used just didn't think about the possibility again a divorce at that time in your life. He asked but given that you do would decide to remarry nexus couple things that you want them. Talk about and the first one is what this says sit down with your spouse or future spouse and talk about finances. I'm these this includes assets and liabilities. Financial goals and financial challenges. Number to make sure your state plan is up today. This is where I see so much pain and aggravation. Because people forget to change their wills. And their beneficiary designations and all of that stuff from their previous. Relationship or marriage. And then they didn't I know spouse and they have forgot to change them and they find that the children are getting the money that they intended for their spout down bubble bath. So that's really really important. And the third is to update the well. But just because for some reason people take it to a certain point and then they forget. They might have grandchildren they might have a child has passed away that my children that are divorced. They had that they include everybody in a big pocket. And I consider pre nup or what's called post now. That these are very hard to. I must say legislate there's another way in their but I can't think what is true. Fulfill less is bred that way because. Pre nuptial Olson and a lot of cases people feel. That they are being forced into something that they may not really want to do and after they get married they find out that. There are things they didn't know all things and that they could say that was under coercion I didn't understand this I didn't understand that. And they very often blown apart. Post ups are a little bit different because that has to do with the properties do now holds jointly. That was a little easier to manage and and to get to the point where you say I see this is very clear. This isn't Charlie helped operate this is this whatever it is but it's having a post office little easier than pre nup. And then the last thing is reveal all your documentation. You may need to update stay plans beneficiary designations annum most importantly emergency contacts. I still have Patrick listed as an emergency contract and a contact and a lot of things. We know that may not always be the smartest thing to do out but. You have to think about that and you heck it's an evolving thing that you can't just it's out once and done. So all these kinds of things really need to be looked at. And of course obviously getting remarried later in life full effect of Social Security. You have to look at what does that mean. To you how do you work that out and and how who comes out with a veteran of the day off from time. So pay attention to us so we're going to take a fast break you're listening to Larry and when show will be right back with the attorney Terry Hinton from fidelity bank. Here Gloria and win. Good morning good morning and how are you wonderful how Leo I'm fine my name's Lyn Evans I AMD. Managing director of the company called. Women of substance LLC which is. Financial planning firm designed specifically for the financial needs of baby boomer women. And I'm also the host of podcasts Ko power of the purse which is available on iTunes. Stitcher and global playing a bunch other places. And Larry can the owners are ten enterprise is just a fundraising PR and special event business. And we ended just this morning SP tennis expert. You just mentioned her name. Attorney teary Hinton who was a vice president and trust officer at fidelity bank. Welcome Terry and I AM. But I'd be here so what could we talk about this morning. What should trust officers do trust officers most people think you gotta have like millions of dollars and have a trust and that trust us so we know that's up. True that is not so tell us senate has not chance trust sorry aren't good way. Two to play and for the future to it did get it. Doesn't matter how much I have not received a larger and larger amounts of money you have it's probably a better idea from a tax perspective. Two to have a trust it and in place. That there aren't there are trust that you can set up during your lifetime. Which. Can help you manage your affairs attempt at big custom property how manager. Financial shares during your lifetime to anybody how involved are going to be so it's not just not just large amounts of money. And then what is it that you cannot first. As a trusted officer as opposed to an attorney doesn't trust officer. What are the services that the bank has to offer people who are living. Course I think DSL. We offer in our tests a parent and we have investment management surface this and you can just open ended an investment account. And blow up well investor funds for you however you want them. Just any upon your risk tolerance and your needs very liquidity needs but what type it in Caminiti. So we offer that. And also offered trustee services for. Was content in Irvine coast trust Borough of rent a couple living trust which is. Which is a document that kind of pulls together. A durable power of attorney and it will in one document to goes into effect during your lifetime you can kind of see how that works you pick somebody to manager affairs. Why are living. We offer built paints Texans so if you have snow birds for example. Kennedy headed south for their for the winter and she's non you can have all your bills sent to the bank will take care of for a. And you know that's funny because I was just thinking about that I have for getting mad part coming gay hating men in Florida and these people who are down there and I'm thinking should get my bills paid before because we are gone for almost two weeks and night that's long in this case but. I thought you know what these people I wonder how they do detonated the mail sent there to make so that's it that's a really good nice and it is it sometimes even when you try and have your mail Florida there's a lack exactly and you miss today's threats. I just changed the address. To the bank had an account at the bank will take care financing. Drink and you open and closed that stuff or do you do it. In a continuum and it continuing contract so it makes sense to do it so that's somebody's handling is part time every weekend our time. On time yes yes yes there's apps open it's. Together. So I know you and worth. We went on there about something that I think is really important. And that is something that a lot of people don't understand what it is that's a special needs trust is nice but tell our listeners whether the I think that's why I'm its trust dissent is a trust that's set up. Four and individuals the beneficiary. Who is receiving some sort of public benefit. Whether it's supplemental security and com or medical benefits some other type of public benefits that hear she's entitled to an end needs. When you have those types of public benefits you also can't have. Separate pile of money sitting over here saying oh this is time and have a sunny here but I'm gonna have a public benefits since. So you have a special needs trust which is set up and it's a vehicle to allow for. Funds to be used for supplemental needs things that are not covered by public benefits. Many have to have that separated or specific rules that apply to that what those funds can be used for what they cannot be used for. To give if its say and what's called a first party funded special needs trust where you dig deep proceeds in the trust are from. A big a lawsuit. That that gave rise to the injury. Maybe it's a child who was injured at first those phones can go into a special needs trust. And you have to eat just to give there's a payback provision for first party special needs trust. I'm they had to pay back upon termination of the trust but we can use those things but things are not covered by. Medicaid we can use them for additional services firm but you know we rehabilitation source is not everything is covered by insurance every day and it can be very expensive out of pocket expenses. Even before. Karen Karen getting and it. Parent has to go to where kids is tough so they can men and and stay with your child during the day special needs trust can be used to help pay for those types of services. What about for adults. Tim what angle what kind of what kind of expenses ten you paid for from. The special needs trust. Well especially his trust. Cannot be son of Sony's over the age of 65 so it has to be somebody that's younger than that provided that this trust has sped up the senate. Prior to that aid it can be used for the same types of things he cannot use him for. For food he cannot use it for shelter. She can't pay rent comment from our first party special needs trust. A third party fund its special needs trust has shown they were you may have. And a grandparent or parent with their own money set up a special needs trust first for some euphoric child or grandchild who's receiving public benefit the rules are little. I'm less stringent with those types of trust. But it's the same kind of this is the same rules pretty much apply. He need to to maintain to keep you can't use. It's the post he's a special needs us to pay for rent for example but Dennis Dennis it's it's a draw down on the sub supplemental security income so you kind of lose some of those benefits. But any domain to a that you have at least one dollar of supplemental security income in it will insure the east and dramatic benefits so we watched those very carefully. We we make sure did it Italian bank that we know the rules of the pipe special needs trust and and over approving expenditures. Based upon these due to regulations that apply to them. So he's a before something that a pay back at some point in time to excellent so you have an adult to. I understand says hypothetically thought I haven't adults who have a serious car accident and is now. Permanently disabled and they qualify for Social Security disability. And Medicaid and all the other things that go along with that. But let's say it the parent of that person decided to put a lump sum of money into a special needs trust it. So. That cut the so let's just say that that gets depleted over a period of time because. You're paying these other expenses like rehab. Care giving those kinds of things. If that's brought down in nothing. Then there is nothing that has to be paid back correct correct if that person the person who is the beneficiary Obama's. Dye is a while there is some money left in that trust then what happens. Well if it is a third party splendid special needs trust there's a payback fashion. OK if it is safe first party fund especially in and the distinction marriage is. Was the money that went into the trust the property of the beneficiary from the beginning. So if it was the proceeds of a lawsuit. And where that money would actually belong to the injured party. Then there will be a payback commission because a third party funded special needs trust we have a well intended. You know I've got me aunt and uncle parents who puts on in especially means to us there's no payback provision for that comes out the terms of the trust itself would dictate. Where the money goes. An incompletion. So can go to it you know Brothers sisters. Family friends and our youth charity but times have match up however it's set up correct. Whatever the terms of the trust to provide went when they sat down and Andy attorney and says in the client never thought the trust. We have a living trust. Why would someone says something like that while they're alive well it just it's also known as an error by distrust her irrevocable living trust those SATA for people who. Who kinda wanna see how that's gonna work or maybe it's maybe it's an individual who doesn't have family or friends to rely on when when they pass away so they wanna say hang it up. I need some help now I'm gonna set the southern and a half fidelity bank act as my as my trusty. And I'm gonna be used these funds however however I want to there's there really is no restriction on them. So who. We can act during periods of incapacity say some acres in the hospital or has an accent they have enough can't make decisions on her aunt Carol. Periods of the city you've been to Italy to make decisions. Bills we'll continue to be paid your fares will continue the continue to be managed. During those periods of time and when you're ready to step back and say hey I'm gonna start write my own bills again now take care of it. Booklets going with the dead also takes place and a well too so irrevocable living trusts are living trust you can. It works for you during your lifetime. And then just like a will send us your passing kicks and and your and your state has passed the way that you tell us do you wanna donned. Under the well and trying to address the executive as the Indy in an executive role bank I'll get access trustee in the dangle in that case it would just be a trustee there would be an erratic leadership but can't we might have been a lot of you. Do we even college trustee to trustee is as any younger trust us and ice but in the same type of role wasn't exactly earnings after the break. Absolutely yeah I'm kind Vilsack is executives you we have a lot of facts. But customers to your house family food. Has no desire to act as an exec Eric I don't have the skill or there scattered there and do. State. And you know those. Cursor right in the Willis here they'll have the bank act as a center as we will Marshal the assets we have you know where they're all the time it's continue as a professional money management services so you do not need to go to an attorney to do something like that coming to the beat your bank and helping Yale is to you're the you're available to do the same stuff we are available to do that you ought to have somebody write your well no no yeah no I know -- no -- administrator minister down and get sworn in just like an individual well. And is being put the paper just like normal land and Lou black is not capacity. Sell properties distribute asking us. Down it's good enough because there are so many people. Who don't know anybody and dumped it in as an executive role as a lawyer who didn't even know. That the individual and they end up in that position and when I can mention that I want so I'm. Jessica's saints are now under and we also for people like that that name us is exactly a lot of times. There also named as big as I agents on her part attorney. So I need her not to make. Health care decisions will make other financial decisions those types of decisions as well both Kerry and telling him how they can get in touch with him. Brandon fidelity bank I'm in the trust department big corner of trigger and north Blake street when ally north like these gentlemen second far. My tough on numbers 570504226. Era or call the office and they can be. They can buzz carry but again these are wonderful things and not everybody thinks about and their services that are provided by the banks and that's very important for people denounced as Terry thank you so your credit for being here today. And we will be next up was our second guest Dexter expert. Actor but from plot that we'll be right back I'm gonna sneak out a little early age so we'll see you next week and stay too and he was listening to Larry and show will be right back. Here Gloria and win. Hi we're back and meant cast me not with a couple moments she may join us in the few minutes but when hill and our. I can get back for today and doctor Barbara Paula nut who is the owner of advanced gynecology at some deer in Scranton. And welcome doctor plot that. Good morning how video. How real great thank you oh. What are we talk about today on. Hello I have a dude who project for everyone kind of knew practically something called the sheriff in gimmickry. Diet. Well I I we kind of a different diet picnic and lifestyle to talk to a different choices because you know I I tell you want to prevent thank you most of my day had I. You know I've gained weight I can't lose wade I have to earn when he or I'm I'm just simply overweight and get that recommended that I earthquake. I think we want you want to beat her most. Difficult. Topics to try to help people with we have an anchor on the Arabic. We're not all the fame so it's not one simple solution draw people everybody's got a little bit of a variation. On. And temelin trying to figure out or what the band. Way to help people manage. They're weak and their health condition than they put out. You know path now those pill because I am not one of those edition that handout medication. Our appetite suppressant and things of that sort. I just simply don't think that that's the avenue I wish to go down I'm sure there's a place sport start population it's just not for me to do. Until I'm there was a lot of information on this isn't a brand new Brit I think it's been coming into the forefront. Contacting. Gimmickry dieting and and so it's not. It is the aim and described it well. It mimic fasting but isn't completely back. And show the queen is that you know instead of completely cutting out food which people do with water fasting diet. This particular play and I'm restricting your calories. For a period of five gain out of a thirty day period. And so for those five days you know then how are much lower calorie. First Baylor they're hired black scored it a little bit flat. I think it would do this I gave. On creek three who are. I'm that would be how you do it to lose weight former what you would do they do five days. I want every couple of months. If you're simply trying to maintain health and longevity. Because the bag Al gets he would get grand. They actually think that this will help with increasing longevity so hence the anti aging nature of the diet. And so what they've primitive diet and I may not get into the content of what it. Well I think they with the diet is got to link your body's starting itself. Nobody goes into standby. And so those stem cells we talked about and felt before those starter stem cells can turn any bench players empaneled. That action and they certainly generating yourself that are starting to die not. I'm they'd start they've held open organ. And they they create new cell Britain who shiny spanking new health. And so what you're doing these you're killing off all the bad health interrogation. And then your stem cells regenerate you want that are you know much more functional. So the idea is that you are going to pet the benefits of doing that sent of course wait watch. I don't but it also helped with cardiovascular disease. And I don't talk about also inflammation diabetes high blood pressure most people will approach it initially as a weight loss prospect. I'm Bret if you're looking at health and wellness on you're gonna the only other benefit is well. Until there aren't there's now a and company are called L new truck. I'm at this I picked. Husband that you're the until studying this for quite some time. I'm vulture Longo I mean he works out of California and he now has the longevity institute at the University of Southern California can he published his data. That he actually be searched longevity. Though the area about every trick to it the blue bone so the area in which people seem to be able to live longer healthier and have a better and better quality of life. What I can call by the blue zone. They will make it in the world that are considered the blues don't. I'm BLU week. And then how to and it's not a academic to have you know I don't know what they unleash what they've decided is that big diet is actually. Plant based. Oh it lower in pro team which amount is not my usual speech. You know I thought about keeping a lot approaching a much cards. Some but this particular diet I'm in about lowering the pro T I'm an increasing the pac ten pounds and choke. You know for instance the the first day of the diet has 11100 calories. And 35% to carve. 10% protein to very low property. And 56% fat. The other cute five days have 800 calorie. With similar ratio it's 47% car 90% protein and 44%. And so it is that the high protein. Diet is actually bad for you bring your anger and and maybe it's okay for you when your older Chris Cooper had to be when we start eating protein can maintain knocked off. But they think that when you're younger. The protein I'm actually may be a curry in your aging process because it takes inflammatory. Chemical pathway in your body. And there there's a particular company that they'll really kind of made eye and being meal program. And it can fit that particular thing so it mostly plant based. Few and bar owners. And fluid that you drink and different he did that you'll drink. And the idea is that they don't want to be completely. Starving. Pipe it it will take it will be used your body I think it Munich. A acting state. And show you know this this company get its a five day pet and would you however with whatever frequency you felt that you carry. They've studied it they found that it actually will help you maintain grip levels of blood sugar your blood glucose. It reducing your total cholesterol in your bad cholesterol. It does reduce blood pressure. It helps reduce. Inflammation so we usually do a pact called a C reactive protein here repeat. And the other thing that it helps wind is insulin like growth factor. Which it helps to improve upon that. The other thing that's been shown to help with his cognitive health so your. Clean it helps you read generate the parenting your brain and it when they study could kick killer remark sure aging big community treat. I'm when there's a particular diet plan has been followed. Campbell. Well I'm not I I don't like he used the diet where I'm going to impact the idea behind have to recreate the weight from your Coke. Is of great benefit and again as I said. There's a lot of people out there that actually could use it for the weight loss strategy can be really they're really struggling prominent. I'm here they've they've tried everything I can't tell you how many people command and they they how could he liked Eric. They're right on the mark there they use the proper diet and technique and good food habits they're exercising they're doing the right thing. But Indiana they're not they're not losing power. So I initially and why they're frustrated. And it got and then I Arturo better suggestion. Because they really are following the guidelines. Well having had an indication of I don't know this is new to me hmmm I do I want them pitch recently where it. Aid prevented this information of men actually Chad Perry does a great case study the people that that we're there utilizing it until of course I dug in deeper report. I'm an I'm going to bring it into my practice. My now register with the company to be able to provide the kids because it really isn't scripted program it's not something that I can just tell you go out shopped for these particular things. I'm you don't really think that they stated because that knocked our significant part of this diet that he is not appropriate for people have not allergy. I'm unfortunate that there and that's not an option creole. I'm by. But it has it good science behind it I'm new promote. Client and point it got good anti inflammatory pathway IQ you know I know what you need aptly and I know what's happening with them. The upper hand it actually gluten and dairy free. Oh I'm actually going to try to eat in that category that market occult. I couldn't caloric restricted plane ME you have to understand that it initially in your ear and it may not be a strong it may be a little higher. I'm eBay they don't recommend exercising during the five days. They want to make sure that you know you're not operating heavy machine. Yeah guiding trip and the current. They don't like it committee hot partly due wanna make sure that you're drinking when he with Pakistan are intriguing. Think that normally would have been counseled to Iraq Buchanan got a low calorie diet Kremlin. Wound that I think you know this is probably am a great. Think attic. I I got to look at it from a longevity employee in I'd certainly want to have although benefits from nerve cell regeneration I wanna go on brain I want to have a good healthy heart. I don't want any inclination to my system. Maybe you'd like to look at whether the help with the decreasing inflammation will help patients with multiple sclerosis. So I'll a lot of benefit from eating healthier. And you know that's what we're all about is trying to figure out how to get so that we can stay healthy not eat a lot of medication. And a great quality of life. I don't of the questions. And the questions OK I want it raised my hand a pick it up there. You'd think I'd gain the month you quest five days a month aren't that important that the if five consecutive days I'm but it you can get any time so but it it I consecutive days. They've been a big diet and it altered you know two and five inventing the bachelor for the week. I'm this is not one of those that should have a scripted plant you've got to commit contrived a stick to the type date which is why they packaged program. Because if it tell you exactly what you could eat and land. And then what you do what other 25 days the week of the month. You try to be okay each IEB Italy so all those things that we always talk about you know. Maybe not too much protein baby you know we need to be a plant based in general and I I truly believe that. I think it's harder to be plant based I think it requires more work I find it difficult. I'm in meal prep time you know protein go easy on vegetable require working you know got everybody likes vegetable that we have to do something about what you can't put back on the way. In some cases. It does take more work but I think that you know going down a plant based pathway each have a lot of merit is well. And I think that there's you know that you need to look forward to you know cutting back caffeine cutting back alcohol cutting back sugar action. Cutting back though they would either he'll always preface to a you know my rule if you put the package and you can't pronounce the word that the package backed down. You know what it eat you can't they can't Mayweather chemicals on the back of bright they shouldn't be eating it either. Show up I think that you know trying to be reasonable. Understanding that we all have a weak moment that we all want a little chocolate that we all know whatever your car cradle we got chill factor okay yeah everyone kind of YL. I'm that we need to try to behave the rest of the time. Okay and then it you said that the sub type the national. Component of that is to weaken the current team but I heard about a lot of chat mountain mama and then Chad. Yeah so I the fact Peter that bank account and not continue to back sort yeah I'm so that's without coming here and I'm it a lot of thought based. Saying there's imminent starting clean block there's usher who tomatoes in vegetable soup. I'm had to go all the different things that are all. Vegetable related. And I am and get all of a lot of all of hack. On your impact where people might not be as you know readily wanting everything they've got a lot of bars that are not based. Creaky. On the back it's healthy Arafat that he wanted to act. And then I put them though just your run 11100 calorie. Mercer 800 calories. So correct that I write on them so what does that mean 11100 I calorie rich enough notified they can beat the first 811100 and then it goes down at the next. 48 to 800. Gonna are paid a little bit more caloric intake and then the last or her little brash. And so if you did the 12 months. Hard to play for I have lunch. How much what it took a people who. Can't. So they'd have a doubt on. Not expect any good it can. You know reasonable amount of weight she went on at programs she was trying to wait for a wedding which you know you can have an idea something you try to lose the court. And and her cycle she has launched eight pounds. You know in the first month eating reasonably. And he thought that my you know that they know quite a slowdown after that. He thought if she kept up her routine for the next two black sheep out of the totality pound. In general but it Italy recommended to do three months and then off curb a period of months. If you recruit good intermittently you would do it. Now Alan yeah they're four months from now when that's another big problem after back. So wait love I didn't like it might have a longevity pinpoint it in net new money. OK well where I and unfortunately we often aren't out yet tell everybody how they bring him. Well yeah. I read a little bit on the 0570. Big board or 9997. And currently confined become aware that doctor Barbara look at you got coming at PL UK. Any pain. OK and thank you very much back upon and into. Fidelity bank and lieutenant call of the day here though is largely thing. Be careful and each day and being nice. Thank. You know.