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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend right snow and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Yeah. Hello everybody good morning many good morning Laurie curry do when I'm still trying to. PM just hang in there how was your Easter egg did you go to NYC. Now yes oh you did OK okay. Yes we did I'm actually it was quite lovely. I've been to the apartment before this is my stepson and his wife and they the beautiful apartment where the terrorists have wind all the way around on my entire apartment. It's the only one in the building that has that. And they just scored big time when they go on that front. I'm as they said didn't in New York when you've got a washer and dryer in your party asked. And parents and I was dishwasher I have and it terrorists and there was sun as the third thing until I forget that was. The bathrooms separate from the bedroom or whatever was. They score big turn and the so that they. They absolutely love where they live. Because it's very close to everything Darren and the Wall Street area. So they have the seaport right down the street they have all this is a lot of fun it's a great place. And we were fortunate that we actually got a party's base on the street nominee and that was. I'd think oh wow. But in addition to that. My eight. Step daughter in law's family. Came over as well. And so her mother father sister and brother went there. And we really is there were eight of us for dinner. They put a big folding table in the center of their living room and we are racially gonna go outside of the terrorist booze is too cold to do that. So. We all sat there and had a wonderful time and the thing that was interesting about it is. Jesse's father is Jewish her mother was raised Roman Catholic. And she was telling us sent her mother what does that. She for years has done. Everything that she needs to do to celebrate both traditions so she would. Prepared to say your meal time and she would do all the other stuff and always so weird about it was this was the first half first time that. Long time. Before both passover and Easter were friends say the only time yeah. And so they didn't have a full passover dinner because the kids weren't there. But the funny part was her father kept saying everytime we pass something around and say. He take a piece off and say this is very light show put this over here through us and it is now do you wish Jesse raised Jewish your own cabinet and more Catholic I think I. Shooting and heard the mother don't convert and I so it was it's interesting note sued to watch that that two of them you know then. The Jewish and they go Roman Catholic traditions. Together and it's really very interesting so they cooked ham. And it was flying coach didn't Jesse Al and Jesse and Tyler my stepson. His. Her brother and sister for a number and now in this little kitchen then you know it's typical New York City harvest them. If you're if you're turnaround year. It you know you got enough changing your mind exactly yeah and good but somehow eroded they did it all and the food was really really good I was is very impressed. And then her mother brought something over from a big creative they love in Long Island where they live Long Island the longer I learned hi and it was. And what they called a deconstruct it can always. I know it did it in hosted he you know has that no Edmonds home the F I just a dirt cheap that a way yes me. Yes that is addictive. My sister had. And then add. At her house a couple weeks ago and I thought and it was then can only outside like it like look like to thank Picasso chips it would cash and then uncannily debt and then I am looking bleak chocolate chips. On the scene you know I don't know them and now this assassinated I get on a but that's neat. While I'm hunt and then they also prime cheese cake from the same day cream in Long Island and flow vast and then an apple crumb pie. And I was just so much food everybody left the table feeling like from an exploded. But we got there about 1 o'clock. And it was a nice day they'll bake it that's a data started off with snow showers sleet freezing rain all that junk on I. Morning and by the time we got to the Poconos it was gone. And started sun coming out in the day was nice good so we keep these oh did you ask for the day gas via drove back that evening. And them and it really was was wonderful we had a good time and I say that because we really didn't have much of an opportunity to get to know them. Until. The wedding which was the first time we ever grant them. And so. Even at that event you bet you can't really know how many. You're talking to some many eyes have one question to him was. PA Indiana's best behavior yes when I was when he was there. Okay when he was there at the apartment aren't driving in and out. Well yeah. Bulls bolt holes and all he does anybody you know when he Nadal it was by the way. I thought when you met when he was there ninety took off a couple times from the environmental not enough now. I loved and please say it was he does best behavior I was concerned and the filters yeah I guess what I of course that's the only thing I am and an all there was really but actually what we realize is they were dating him so to go I'm glad he added that's the Tyler does yes Tyler and chefs don't just does to our cut income she's gone as an amendment say it's still part of its own thing and say. And it. What's the answer than you would come out and everybody and a single money and the other corner is now though they kinda got the just stuff. Just how about his books. So they know OK thank god they do once they knew anyway I'm sure just told them but yeah I think Tyler has won her bed in the apartment. They're sick of the it's so cute show. And of course we had the pleasure on Thursday evening at Russell's yet whereas I was telling some of the other day I we wheat which you guys so we went to root cells they said well yeah I don't give a nice enough message Internet. Named. And so we did find it was a nice pack. Deepening up there for Russ and it was it wise and my boy was calm my Sean boy yeah. And down visiting a bunch of his college is the next couple Aaron Brown law schools to make his final decision. Good. And so he's he's visiting Yale he's visiting Harvard he's visiting Stanford and Chicago. The next couple. Weeks the housing he's also got a job doesn't yet he has vacation time so all of this time too didn't make on these Iran's and I think he'll be in a day in and done again like that kind of stuff yeah. So he has jokes he asked to decide by Emma. May one now. Following enough oh yeah. Guess he's got some tropea and then something get this he can handle it. All the schools at all but not all the courtesy she knows duke silly he didn't go there he doesn't have to go to Georgetown he doesn't have to go to Penn because he went Aaron. I'm he went to Michigan. And I am she's I think anybody can love the schools he says it's beautiful there but so cold but it's beautiful day Ann Arbor is a beautiful town. And I'm and so then the other ones he's doing now because if he got into nine so he's seeing. Five or six of them. So we'll see and they pay you to go to CN. Yeah they're paying him his slider whatever so and he'll stay with friends he's gone to see timing when he goes out to Stanford so we'll say. It would have been by the way I have to tell. Sean and we're saying now on the air. That. I could remember the name of the law firm and Philadelphia you've told them that. I did he told OK don't want since they began its drinker Biddle yeah he see you said that because remember he said that they did a fund raise that firms in big fundraisers for Katie McGinty when he worked yeah because one of the principles in the San Francisco Los this was your college roommate. Right so they did in silly they did and I'm a big fund raiser for her when she was running when Shawn was working for her okay. I didn't excited I don't Brett if I. You didn't know but and I think they tested it yeah. Ted Kennedy test attempt to find out there so that there what he's gonna work for now I used during an entire trip. Dishonor you can't yes and then she finishes law school next year and then. He's just as easy will be offered a position there I hope that's the beauty of internships now. So I had to things. It's a good thing I'm very excited for him so that was spent a break with tradition in my case because. We've always usually in family holidays. With my sister and I did she ain't fair and since it was interesting because she told me that. Serendipity is playing I guess. Maher and her. Bo. Kevin. Came in on Saturday. Of that weekend because he was purchasing new car from when the dealerships in Philadelphia that they've dealt with for ever. And so I guess it was a Dili couldn't pass up so they showed up on Saturday from CNN decided she was gonna cook it entire eastern meal. Because everybody was fair so she did and then on Sunday they went to church and then they went to a bright somewhere in Philadelphia I forget where she's at mount airy. So that's what they did chilled out so they didn't actually celebrate Easter meals on Easter but she did the whole thing. The night before. Well I have to tell you for the first time ever ever 'cause I. Mean you never have I gone before and fifties just newly minted 57 years old and I have never gone to the vigil. Mask the Easter vigil mass which is the Saturday night before. Easter the night before. Because they're long its two hour plus so yes. Thailand's service but I decided. That I was going to go because I just. Did not want to guides just. Didn't feel like running up getting out early and there's no masses and there's only morning masses and Easter. There in the evening mass which I tend to go until one Saturday or Sunday night at 4 o'clock and Saturday are five on Sunday. And neither of those were happening this weekend so I thought how I'm just going to give this a shot while I doubt I did go late because we weren't. Out to dinner first can I did go a little bit later. But as a result I still got 1 hour and I am. 45 minutes. Being late in the mask. It was at the cathedral of course is which is where I belong and I loved that church and the music. And the horns and Jack Marin is some plays his trumpet come and he's always there he and another guy. Round trapped in the that was trombone and just it's the music was so beautiful it was it was long. But it was there was something so peaceful about about it I'm an as an intrigue to it is tradition would have that they also had. Three young ladies source Woodward being baptized commute a first good co holy communion and confirmed. The during a mass so that took a little time to. And the bishop did that and it was. There was good there was some there is very peaceful and it's not until 8 o'clock. So it was really nice we got out there at 1030. While. Yeah we who are we doing we meaning the congregation how about it was I went by myself he did because shine. When the next morning with my mom he took my mother and they went to 1215 at the cathedral. And I Sean is now doing things so I went by myself and I loved it. It's just so one thing that I miss this. Easter that we were driving to new York and back and Easter Sunday paving gets him that I am getting into experiments yet because I absolutely. I love. Although lilies that are all over the place and it does is I don't know the same as yet there's really Protestant church but. The lilies are everywhere there are always in memory of people are you know it's just it's just nice to. To have an opportunity in the highest since another wonderful flowers I just. I just love it towards a sure sign of spring let's put it out like that always. It always works that I got to Lilly's let me tell me your game plan to Jessica. And went to her mom and her mom gave me some of the most beautiful. Or kids I sing love our kids incredible. Look I could be so did how are they doing they're doing China's I was I keep count went away from the ten. He's after Luke is there anything out. Anything that has dirt and then he looks and he digs as well that's gonna die if he doesn't let us stay away isn't them it's in the bag vendor management bolt the us. Thank you a lot of young boys in your high zillion I have a picture of him as a little kitten sitting in one of the big pot and daisies. I'm like can. Can't thank cal meant Harry well we're paid to taking a quick break this morning you're listening to Lari and when she'll be right back. Here Gloria inland. And welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry and then show I'm Larry cat in the. Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising appeal aren't special event business and I am Linda Evans I am the managing director I'm. Company called. Women of substance LLC. Which is designed. To help our baby boomer women with their special financial needs and also the host of podcasts called power of the purse. It's available on iTunes stitcher and Google play. And and one of my most recent guests. Who has not yet to her podcast hasn't been published I recorded this last week is a woman named Barbara Hannah. Gross fuhrman's. Who am. I was absolutely. Delighted to talk to us when she uses a bundle of energy. And I have been open. DA ARP magazine this month there's a whole article there about her. The settlement Melissa McCarthy and the answer is I don't know you know it's with them. I Roseanne and John chow hall candidate to show up kind. But this month when I'm talking about now. The the book is called her book is called love your age and I and I just I thought it was just such. That's the name of her book yeah her book did you talk about that on the and I asked and so what does it mean. It just means that she is someone who when she was in her mid fifties decided that instead of just agitating in and doing nothing. She started taking on a whole new approach to life and intentionally. Living her life for certain way. And one of the things that she did is that she's started a running and decided she was gonna get an American funds. And this is a woman who was this season healthier and fitter and sixty plus than she ever was. Which I think is great because most people do just beyond the already starting to go down the other son my own race and give up. And she just says really great advice it's not it's not all health related but here's some of the and the hints that she gave her this article and we talked about some of the same stuff as well I think. Her podcasts is scheduled to be out the end of may now is cannot her middle name or her maiden name I believe it's her middle name okay. But she said I'm so early years ago I stood on first avenue in Manhattan with my two daughters my husband. A few friends and neighbors and a lot of strangers. It was a glorious fall day we were watching. Packs of runners go by caught up in the excitement of the New York City Marathon. Yet despite the beauty of the day at all like to think about. Was how far I felt from the determined athletes passing just a few feet away. Facing fiscally and not exactly loving this new aids. I was feeling sluggish. Lower energy and anything that strong an ambitious I didn't like coming close the or how my hair and skin looked pending patent and a few new menopausal pounds. And donated to the fact that I wasn't doing anything about them. And then they're about to make some changes. I couldn't have imagined that at that time than adopting to have an. A running three times a week rain or shine all yearlong. Became the foundation a whole new life. My one new habit led to others. And these days today's 61 I feel fantastic. I'm living proof that the little steps we take each day. Don't standalone they all combined to determine how good will feel today tomorrow and five years. Well it's never too early or it relates to a healthy habits and your life you have to choose them over and over again every single day. That line alone as well it just connects me to her because they think about every morning I say. I'd love to go downstairs and put that tape again and starred. You know mental CD and start doing some exercises. And I have an intention. Every important thing and by the time I get myself organized. Put out the medications for Patrick get myself done feed the cats. I'm gone it's just no longer and I had no idea and I understand that when she said that it's it's it's a choice take every single day. Because it's so easy to get out of hand right. And the elegant consisted of so that's how small steps and up. So here's her thoughts instead of starting the day bleary I did. Give your face and ice bath. Phil is sink with water and I stunk your face and then do it twice more. Results radiant and glowing skin. Phone is someone generally experts claim an icy dunk helps build the immune systems so. Number true. Instead of carb loading and breakfast. Start the day was pro team recent studies have demonstrated that eating a sizable portion. 25 to 35 grams of protein in the morning. Makes us feel Fuller and decreases snacking for the rest of the day a benchmark. Four ounce chicken breast is 35 grams of protein that she's not suggest doing a chicken breasts every morning. What's so what you did. And some people do here but you know when you think about 25 to 35 grams of protein. But that's the the traditional that's a chunk yogurt that people have. Yeah money is tour guide H funny funny. Now they have sugar in them and they brother say yeah but even I by the plain yogurt and put fruit and other stuff and a so I'm not getting the same amount sugar but I'm getting twenty grams of protein brain. And it's animal protein linked to voice say well beyond this plant protein are I know because no Darius I you know we know but. She's right in the sense that when I eat something does that quite pro I'll Endesa I days no I don't there's no doubt about it that is so true yeah. Yeah so I tried to sleep at the value of eating the protein that just in the morning but during the day is what sustains us. So instead of squinting at the screen at work trying office classes. A computer screen is typically farther from you than a magazine or book is when you read it. So your usual reading glasses frequently don't work. Instead used cheaters with half their magnification. Is 2.0 works for you with books try one point oh for the screen. I never never noticed what I find myself doing is I leaning and to see what songs and carols and hammer because let's okay sheriff's yes making sure I thought that was set up a basically Eileen piano but then then I get pain in my back. Because it's not supported ears use it in a weird Presidio and I just don't why don't even look at the computer. Well I can't do I'm getting and I know I know I'm dying all the other days and then again the land not in front of the computer. That I do not have the pain in my dad's been there so it's just not occupational hazards AR. And she says and says skipping your work out to do work. Turn your coffee breaks in the fitness breaks. Every few hours I do exercises such as pushups squad some planks. If your work environment is a little more formal or public. Debt created by taking short walks in their insider outsider spends five to ten minutes to bury our standing up. While you work. Okay. This is so instead of denying yourself treats switch up your snacks dark chocolate to thank you. It's let's loosely Sony percent to KO. Helps lower your blood pressure now actually see I always knew that that's way you know yeah I don't know really know we know that. Yeah milk chocolate dozens BM if you look frozen here and try stirring a bit of honey and two teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder in this Greek yogurt. I never thought about that but that's a great idea it's great snag again twenty grams of protein. Instead he is enough supplies for bad breath rinse with water and nibble on mint for parsley. Most must I just have too much alcohol which can dry out your mouth and make him more susceptible to bacteria and bad breath. Another I don't know many that don't believe that on but go ahead on. Yeah I know there's alcohol and but I don't believe that because I think Listerine has proven the opposite but OK yeah I agree with us and it was strange room. Well that's okay. Instead of crying into an empty nest. Tangled hurry and turn your home back in you'll love. They sound hey I'm here I doubt if the kids have moved down your posts are romantic they don't learn seen. Give your hat it was spruce up your boot to bar. Great talent and Lovelace the school photos with images that remind you of your planes also. I don't know if you've. Ever seen this but. Cheryl I'm trending your lesson right. I'm sorry dimensions Benjamin. This ridiculous because she's a photographer and she's done this that I sued Terrell Kaiser's. And she has this thing she's calling the moxie sister. And one of the things that she does for women is to put them through a series of glamour photos. That makes some thick makeup artist stated they look fabulous and they have these somewhat seductive poses to them. That's a tennis so she's talking about. Output yes brilliant idea in other words just put pictures of yourself around yeah. I don't have Ramallah around my house is different are they sexy handsome doctor Ali yeah because I don't put a bad picture of ice while I don't know. Excuse man I every step you should. Have a little picture when I'm ten years old next to might. Maggie in my nightstand when I wake up because that's the age they say you started. Picking up all these in India you know worry about people saying can almost ends and it Kenya to remember that he had no thoughts like net net change so. He I have pictures of myself very or. Doing. Yeah it's good yes some. This is another what I think is important so quitting after two weeks given new activity ninety days I agree that's a good. We just like anybody working you have to give them ninety days defending your natural strain as. And the research shows the most slight changes take at least three months to become habit. That was true for me when I started running I placed a stickler for three months sure enough in that time I saw my health and life. Markedly improve. So. It's it's good stuff she's got a couple other ways it helps them but I just want again talk about the book. Which could is called love your age. And I guess AARP was seen. Company that I. Produce a bug in public so I think it's great it's great and her name again is Barbara Hannah growth for men. And look for her as my guest on the podcast power of the purse. Should be I think I mean that it usually we do something that's promotes an eye on Linkedin. Twitter and how FaceBook so if you follow me. You will see it when those are coming out when just came out yesterday. From the friends who I have I love this woman because. She is someone who worked in a corporate environments she came from I believe she says Scotland when she was. Very young she's only child and move into New York. And start working when she was ten. Developed a really great. Career and it in corporate America became a vice President Obama manufacturing company. And still lists but the same time she discovered a passion she had for photography. And now she what she does is photographs wildlife in Alaska. Food and some of her stuff is just magnificent. So I sent Torres is lovely combination. Of her being able to express herself. And in photography as well as being a very accomplished woman. And the corporate world where women didn't do this I mean you're talking seriously via their own women just undo it. So it's a great story I had a good time with her really enjoyed it and that came out. Wednesday and there's another one coming out two weeks so I think Barbara is probably at the end of may. So yes that's good stuff love it let me see in front of that trust I don't think I got that mentality thing I think I got mine. Okay because they think Melissa McCarthy's on the next one because she was just times when those shells and I saw she and her mom yeah they did add a step peace and I think she's on the I have got as far as February march sorry about Carly going in the end zone yeah. I thought this was blazes under apparently now and I'm a little high. That's very good RA and now. We need our nine tuned. Take a break can have the wonderful. Attorney Misha are rural poor as we will tell her. What is their name come around the nation nation Sinead and nation together anyway we'll be right up exactly right anathema to hate EPA day her right we will be right back you're listening to Murray mention. Here Gloria inland. Good morning trip back kind of my point is Linda Evans I am me. Managing director of women of substance LLC would just say. Financial planning firm specifically designed around the needs of baby boomer women I'm also the host of a podcast called power of the purse. It's available on iTunes stitcher and go play. And I am Laurie Hadley on her glory can't enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and we have our guest expert as we mentioned before I miss me show a row are always a General Counsel for ER a one source realty should ERA has seven offices in ten counties and has. About a hundred or so agents working strong for this great organization. And need detonation is here or as some pick Patrick cause your mother Sydney ten and unique shows what does he call you amnesia Tunisian look at the nomination and he cause he says this nation going to be and you show today and that's an example how about that. Candidates who come mouse so much have you two together and watch oh. Sony how high paying lower you to the guy that we we have a big welcome to allay any news hour and hour. Now residents. And a large cars coming off base is he has a nice little space there I do wonderful things that you know when I do have a nice is they're to somewhere around there. I had a little gas got there and I don't mean to a nation since so I need to said to me the other day to think he can staff and my really could come visit us. I don't know Angelina okay how I. As a unit to check your place unless flurries desk has a bedazzled staple at. Not at all and that's hits. And he does and says it's pink playing at an average MIC yeah I am really tempted sincere hello I hope if it's a bit. Yes they laugh. Ever and he is and there's a sign on my desk that says nobody gets to see the wizard that nobody nano how. He has a quote from the wizard of should do in our conference is seen as flat stolen stabler is installing says very I. I ruins too afraid to take chlorine loving stable idea because a lot. I don't think clearly not and a Smart and I know the smartest. Okay yeah. So how's everyone doing what I have to say just going by their all the time and you look in everything looks so pretty good. I know you've done a major. You've done major brand house and re decorating it's beautiful and they ask anyone's. Passing by command comes hike into had a mean Buchanan when our time URL we have certain but you didn't you. Is neat and I discovered two that there are a lot of fun celebrations. In that place. Oh yeah big I'm cakes and then things for people are there days and whatever so yes you're hungry should probably stop in oh. Always an on silly something charitable collecting chambers. For dogs there's children are out there are bad less fortunate kids always gone on matching command do occur from time to iron fence some. I'm seeing what they mean to know. Having dropped back scanned. How about we do I'm going to I Toys for Tots that's not how we haven't thank you miles south. Time now that's what I and brings them passionate telling always a good one and I say this because this is very important at this time of the year. The food pantries nation are all. Looking for food now magazine and asked how. I think right and all the holidays they're flashed and then my brother and lies we talked about before Ed and was made who's in who's one of with one of the ancient ancient order of hibernian she did a drive at the parade which they did really well don't take our shot. Clashes order or did did he food donations and that would be really good thing because. As he said pledge in one of my television shows with him as well he said nobody really thinks about it at this time of the year. Things are now depleted from the holiday and they really need every fellow south Alabama in and that's a good idea we do shout out to Sinead who does. Do I'm pretty solid ratings imprints can chance unique I wonder Rick Horrow I. I couldn't play I don't know Linda how could. Cola. A lot yet highest I turn on CNN to good things. I'm so I thought today and would talk a little bit about oats. I'm buyers looking for a bargain because inventories still sells. Well and bargains are really out there anymore so maybe some things to look out for I mean you're looking for how. How useful if you're thing you listing your house. Call us because. We have more buyers than we have passes to sell them and every week. We get emails from all. Other companies to use saying does anybody have anything that camp I am I can't buy that's not listed yet because. And it really is. Andrew Einstein to find it their dream house right now. But see that is important to known each week you just set the beauty of realists I'm working in this business is on though. You would love to sell your round properties rate in the within your organization and obviously when you do call broke her co bro you're you're you do work so closely with all these other agencies because you have to they may have the seller. They may have about what networks because there are people who work with people who are looking Ford and when you have a hundred plus age. I mean it's not it's EEE you know we're not talk and small potatoes here so in this community it's big but that is the beauty of a calling use and hate what do you have come do you have suddenly coming up I have someone who needs it and they may not have the inventory in the other brokers yap so it is important that read still. Amen and I gas IMO that's number one and on my list and don't try to go it alone. The umpire absolutely if you're thinking of selling our purchasing. I am really couldn't and not just because this is what I do. But I think it is in your best interest as. Yeah an individual may not be totally schools nom and announced things to get a real talent as well I don't. I don't mean to pay this extra time because I can do this in nineteen Telecom ion. But you know all you have to have a seller's disclosure there's certain things LR requires you do and the UN I know that you know just sitting there and cooling things because every state is different. And Pennsylvania is a pretty restrictive Steve when in comes CU on the disclosures you have to remain quite you're selling your home. I just happens that it's the company that the real tear works for that you also have backing. Yeah which is so important because it's not just the person they've got the company behind. And we've had all this week alone probably. Five or six. Of their relatives who called me sir how plants advice on how to do their negotiations. Rum punches you know the best part about. Listing with the areas that you get a lawyer behind every deal. I hadn't really had not what you see as a person Imus say this. I think it is ridiculous. For anybody and I could say other words but I want to not use your real estate agent in and when you are either selling or buying a property. There's the it is it's his arms not to deal I feel the same way I'm people you know they called. Vanguard or fidelity yeah. Themselves tan yeah I can but it's on the same number no I don't get the advice on though they'll end up in a situation where they if they had to. The right advice yes this would be an issue and the other thing is people don't realize when you're a buy here. Any show let's talk about that a little when you're up by air you're not paying anybody. The seller always is pays the closing costs and pays the commission. True the real estate age while not. Not always well Andy is generally act in general Kyra you can always be it can be different because there's many people polled in truth if you say look at. You're not paint but I can't tell you how many people I've talked to who said I didn't know I. A tired my own agent. Yes and I ending couldn't I think as a buyer you should lock your agent out. Known as your buyer's agent I'll so yeah come because you really want someone who is lurking in your passing and chest scans that it's two pieces of paper that you sign that says this is that he works for me now. And you've established you know a business relationship went back wheelchair that and I'm told them to a higher standard right and south. Yes it might be that you agreed to pay commission but what do you get what you get for free in this world right nothing can. DS anyone say there are no free lunch I'm. I tell can't you about it really gives them and their fair wages mean. A commission these carriers stellar career this is how people make money raise doubts like not getting earlier hair done not kept. They're grounded your head Selena hopefully not worry about I don't people yeah. Funny people laughed and blows my mind you know but you know lesson to kind of world that I. I like to think that we live nano and I would hope that people and the only way that you would pay commissions you're buyer's agent is as you are looking at. Some sometimes. I'm an agent shell and I tell our agency this just they're showing condemned properties well you know really low priced properties being gone properties when the commission is a flat thousand dollars or 15100 dollars bat split between a car broke in then he'd call broke agency. Doesn't cover the costs and gas in their time to go showing youth tennis fifteen of those properties. I'm sounds and those deals I think. It really isn't your passengers is a consumer anti Athens America's buyers interview because they're gonna do it happily bad. These are enemy you know they know they're making it be right an amount of money right you pay the difference. Today AJ and sayegh is 25 dollar buyer agency commission you pay the difference between I want they were getting from the seller side and then. I between 500 tell it in an ambulance when he 500 in May be fifteen under Anderson like that. And do we know why you there is no set to brave as her what eat you can charge in Pennsylvania. And that's the going is six firm contend for regular residential do we know why they don't do senate like why is that so tableau. Do you know that answer. I'm email a lot of areas actually charged seven now I'm in its statement. For residential yeah plus I'm to include he. I'd costs associated with putting on testing on them last AM and I outcomes are really spend time. There's advertising costs they got I love this and in times. I hope she did well OK okay. Connolly is there's MCI NA NC you know you do there's it's there's a lot of expense yeah. Yeah so I mean there's a lot of caring costs associated that a lot as I am company's high end on the West Coast charge 10% because that includes DJ and. And they're broker upper house is that they turn out when they have fancy broken our program brass is with them on line and into DNC ads are heartburn yeah. But we're talking about you know ten million dollar house is out there right we do bro gravitas is to leave mine and Sanchez no caveats. The CN dictated and a stroke or else come. Right airlines I. And I thank Jane and I can't it was a without a lot of funding it and you. So I'll buyers are phasing in challenging time because they're still looking for radio and sellers now because they know inventories fell are holding there own in mainframe asking price range moms that it's one of the biggest reasons to get a real tax. Another I. I'm misconception that people have been looking for deals is seen basing that he any deal on insurance out. And there are still a source tells happening in this area and not as many as there were army be three or four years ago. I'm because I was with a wonderful judge mile and he didn't do remediation program and sat saves a lot of people from foreclosures she. He and us. Another thing to watch out for it is. To not buy it sometimes you can get a better deal if you buy the house without doing inspections. Oh my gosh I would never do that I. Never know you don't ask don't I know wired shot I would never you and people who until always can kick themselves. Campaigning in many new inspections and can you take yourself you don't I don't know maybe you would not so if I sign it into our place and sorry that's yes I think I think it's well worth the investment absolutely and Specter cannot. Absolutely does there's some text from buyers day memory Carolina beat color real tech and Ali RA key yeah how. Yeah you RA NH is speaking of that perfect segue how does one get since I'm Canadian and ERS so you can visit our website which I'm on mass subsite for 2017. Debbie. ERA number one dot com. Connie can call the clinics are now faced 5705871999. And ask the receptionist there's attracted to realtor you can help viewing your neighbor I touched him we don't well thank you nation playing again I don't. Lynn who was CEO everybody thank you for listening and have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and please be nice.