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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on don't lie okay. And good morning how are you I'm wonderful how are you just don't happy yeah. Cynic can announce officially spring. And that sound you know it's a good thing so we have the ducks crashing around the rain. And that's hurting their allowed Diaz sir I'm all over the place does after bills and everything you're doing militant Palestinians I think I said last week so as EA boot. So are good. And I wind it's too well let everybody know that I was at its. Well also that I've officially moved my offices. I am now in these. Palatial estate I'm sure it's gonna tell you RE one real estate. In with some technically sound feminine townships and it's actually what we know is since Sheila allow. And I have a lovely. Suite of two offices at the end of the building when the primary entrance to 29. Northern Boulevard and I am just thrilled I'm thrilled it's great it's really wanted to. I got on my furniture and everything in there and scraped. In other and always helps when your landlord is you're Ab one if your guest experts and yet your friend isn't so great it LL makes it better. It's weird in and their daughter Andrea her as trek Patrick calls Misha and a city caused them Sony's show. He combines that Toyota defense. Get good god I can't think he had the same idea as. Always that the though. But I'm bring Angelina Flynn yeah granted he likes the idea of combining I guess that's making it one so I'm. The nation. He shouldn't. His wonderful limb Lauren I love her place it's fairly nice it's across the hall from me. And we re talking about doing some things together which is great when one does some. Educational things for women and am very small setting it kind of I'm. Living room type atmosphere. In my book I talk about something hard money circles which is well we'd like to do their so. Any her play him yes he's already rumor one many different conference rooms are there so we'll try to get a set up for that purpose sometime in the near future and we'll let everybody know so that women your interest isn't talking about money men have been afraid up to this point open their mouths this is a perfect opportunity. They're very. Intimate type living room setting. And LDC. Facilitator of all of us Bruce's I think a good thing mother. So it all turned out really well I'm getting all the paperwork done to make some transitions. With my business side of things. And and we get that done shortly and that's it's all good and I went last Friday. The snipe yesterday that a week ago I went to the Glenn a country club for the annual. Luncheon that was offered by. The Waverly community house. And though some other entities have supported I forget who. But it was in honor of women's history month and every year they dual luncheon and they invite a lot of people I think mostly on the Waverly community house. I'm mailing lists and others. And that guest speaker this time was so doctor Karen Murphy time lover. I YouTube I'm in I Karen is someone that I have known when she was seen. President or CEO our freeware tile was when she was a Moses Taylor hospital. And I was thinking about this the other night that. She is one of two women I know in our region. Cool started life they're cooked for. They're professional careers as nurses and ended up as presidents and CEOs of hospital systems. It's really very USA Caron I think she managed I don't know. Now almost constantly enhanced night alias I think we've talked to many if she isn't she's now honorary okay he's been good but try to read some people may not know her path. Ask and her career which I think is quite astounding. I'm Sheikh that she went from. President of Moses Taylor hospital. And she left there when the merger occurred with the Community Health Systems and that merger was was what we use now is mercy hospital. Now the regional hospital. So from there she went to a job where it's says Medicare system and she moves. With her husband to Baltimore Maryland and she said that she really really enjoyed the five years that she was there with Medicare. And they had a wonderful time of Baltimore launched it closer and then they where she was called back. Diet and a friend who suggested that she applied for when the secretary positions. With governor Walsh. Can you see kindness and with the yeah why would you think may well he did he did though she was the secretary of health from Pennsylvania for years. And there was offered a position. As executive vice president and chief innovation officer for guys singer. And fortunately. She also has offices. In the discretionary one of the two hospitals I forget which one I just mentioned. I calcium safe hospice in saint. But. She also goes back and forth Danville which is where the headquarters are but she says something that I thought was fascinating that really explains a lot. Of how she made all those transitions in her life and and then there are risks that she took making these moves. She says her mother told Earl Long time ago when ever she confront something that makes her afraid. Of something. You just do it. So whatever it is the mayor afraid she's just say yes and didn't and found that she was. Really quite capable of doing an arm got herself capable into the job coach and so that's what inspired her just to keep going and doing these things and no expectation that's you'd ever being secretary of health in Pennsylvania. Or involved as senior level position with Medicare sing MS program and and Baltimore. But she didn't took the risk and did it and really she also started by saying she was a teenage father. She and her husband got married when she was in her teens and had her first child. When she was I think she said 1918 or nineteen. She says she has no regrets whatsoever. She loves loyalty and love that is the difference they backhand and it was just then she got a chance to do all these other things and now you know and I. I don't worry she's young and still connect appreciate you and school. So it was very inspirational to listen sort of her Karin speak before in different situations. And I was buzz there about the fact that she's gonna be speaker again and I Islamic gonna hear anything different. She's an I hope so. I'm glad that she did indeed. To see doctor about that. Advice he got from her mother I just for some reason that really stuck with me that whatever you're afraid to do don't let the Anthony. I don't plan scraped and I also do a shadow until one night southern boy haven't seen in a long time that's Ilene Kristen. And I just wanna say hide her and she listens to us on Saturday mornings good. So hi Eileen if you're listening and it was really good food was great the company was great they're proud man I gets a 150 women there really pretty sure. That's good to be honoring women's history are 00 I'm done and that a little bit right are you what size are we for the and at the last one county commission for women we do. We do a bookmark contest for seventh grade. Children can be Scranton school district we send out the information and we ask you to pick. A woman who is either someone in history someone contemporary or whatever that you want to write about and celebrate women and what they deal. So this year from winners. Was a one young lady who did aid story. They have to do us this picture and a little essay on who they choose. And one of the first place winners was. The woman wrote I'm Elizabeth line at who was I'm wouldn't add. I she and her Brothers and and bills or their co publishers of the Scranton times. He many many many years ago. And she wrote about how the young woman's name is Victoria cola and she is a west Scranton intermediate ice and when it's west Scranton intermediate school seventh grader and her teacher is mrs. Michelle Boris went. The next woman. It was a she picked cleric pack a little who was the first woman admitted to the left on a bar association no way back way way way back in and she was born in 1876. And that it was submitted by north pocono middle school teacher was mr. bill Karachi who his dad is a west Saturday night he graduated with me is Brad is dad and that was put in about the winner that was Samantha lean McFadden. Second place winners who win it this year and second place winner went to Isabella and gig Li got eight. And she is a west Scranton intermediate school her teacher is mister. The second place this at that tied for second place because we did to lift for each first second and third. Went to a young lady at this sport to a class her name is Ella founder felker and she. I wrote the story and Sarah healthiest call who is a reporter at Scranton times Sarah went over to speak. To their class. Too but I'm bunch of students and this woman was this young lady thought this was is does Sarah was someone they should write about and it was a great story so we picked her. Third placed one of the winners for third place was. A young man by the name of the Zachary ideally and he is a way to screen intermediate school east school as students and his teacher again Doug I'm. And he wrote I insist. Or Adrian Barrett. And if you look at it. The looks like you're looking right hander doesn't it yes so that was a good one and then third went to a young lady by the name of Emma bucking ham and another west Scranton intermediate student. Teacher mister. 00 yeah many photos than the six winners Philip this year for every year we do it in honor of women's history month and allow these miners as they're alive delay known well yet the ones I tried it didn't tell all of them hope to show up as they can if they're. Living or someone from their family and am so I'm the president and this don't question this is dissecting here. And I am it's really neat because tonight at the commissioners a boy and rumble when you've we will be honoring the kids they get a gift card a metal plaque they get their photo with the commissioners Scranton times is doing a story. I'm just a lot of it's a wonderful nice to see these kids to come and honor women so where's the real thing and that's a congratulations on those young ladies. And I have to get a big shout out land. To a gentleman by the name of Larry O'Hair after Larry is I am an old friend of mine haven't talked to heat instant message me on Saturday I was heading to get until today to tell me that he and his daughter listened to last on some Saturday mornings. And he said maybe I would love it if you can give this issue and he didn't say shut up but I'm paraphrasing he said about the little girl he used to give and the little blond girl he gave lollipops to let's go to the bank when I was at their national bank but I'm he is it his little his daughters so he now of course on how old she is god only knows but -- she said we've listened to see all the time he loves to show. So given big shout out to Mary O'Hare and his daughter and I'm he dared in new Larry was a dis the brother Benny O'Hara who was a good buddy of mine. He's no longer with this but he was a great guy so I. I am anyway just wanna say hi and thank you for listening to west and also my friend Kathy Lang and lessons all the time something shut up yeah. Cash okay as we do we try to tell everybody but Mary thanks for reaching out to anybody and hope all goes well. And what else Lynn I'm that was all I had. Please tell you one more thing I. I didn't show you know my TV shows I do for an electronic county medical society it's a did you show with I'm trauma surgeon. Doctor Brian frank and guy singer Cianci and it what he was. So smooth so good I loved and he he of course I go there there's no script I off the top of my head I asked questions he went right along with me he answered everything. It was he really he's just did a great guy and it was a good sometimes just get very impressed with these actors and he he was to the point I pulled the west side an apple insider -- -- I said so frank tell me his name his last name is frank man his first name and I said listen I'm a west side and we caught everybody by their last name that's how it got us. But anyway so shout out to doctor Brian frank promises wanted to trauma surgeons that guy singer CMC. And this. But guess we'll take a quick break and ask him well next up with our guest expert Doctor Who called the nova. From the veterinary refer around and emergency center will be right back. It's Saturday morning I would Gloria lane now. Oh great inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening some are human shell I'm Marty canning on him. Amare can enterprises which is a fun. Raising PR and special event business. And I am Lyn Evans signed the managing director of women of substance LLC which is a financial planning firm specifically for the needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host of the podcasts. Called the power of the purse. And that's on iTunes stitcher and Google play in our other our second guest thanks for our first guess that's for and against. Which order were putting everybody and is the doctrine called a no bones who is C owner and surgeon adds a V. Again they're wrong doing time veterinary referral and emergency center yeah. And I bet it DR EC I don't get screwed up. Anyway I'm welcome Nicole. Thank you thank grabbing me it's always easier. And Yahoo! Cisco moved into the cold again so we just forgive her for that yeah but I'm. What are we on talk about today with hopefully I'll feel ladies. I was just seen her serve current topics and I was thinking about we've talked a little bit in the past in regard to human medications and that interactions with animals. You know I was listening to radio and some of their assignment that cost of the appeal it and adapt epidemic. And I just think about you know did the differences and similarities between human medicine and veterinary medicine. The fact that we use basically all the same medications and animals as we the issue men's. Unfortunately. In this day and age. Unlike say the eighty's and ninety's we don't have issues so much anymore with people trying to steal drugs from las thank goodness how. I'm sure they used to do that oh yes so there are drug on the market called can mean that people used to steal from veterinarians and and they would. I think freeze dry up and do things into. That was a feedback and an error when there were illicit drugs that. People were you know making end. And now it's become more about prescription. Medication. Kind of market for abuse here I'd. You know we're all 'cause salute in veterinary medicine anesthesia and are cautiously we're aware we've had a lot of service dogs the present to us. That has toxicity is because they get into their owners aren't there well it's not but it's also the drugs that are out there being abused you know our earth so incredibly dangerous so for example we. You hear this drug called dark can yes I am so that's something that we use as well it's it's on a drug that reverses or blocks receptors for appearance fees and you're sectors. And so we use them frequently on our patients as well also if there's a dog has an overdose or exposure to something. Well the drugs that are on the market now are they illicit drugs that are being used and abused are now becoming so powerful. That it takes two to three to four doses of this car can be the basically blocking agents. And we actually had some please dogs presents to us who have become exposed while on duty. And you know we had said be alert. Alert our. But you know doctors and nurses and our hospital as well as the officers. They human officers working with her canine companions to say hey just be on the watch out. It's just one of those things that you know it's not just a cost to us as humans it's now kind of spreading even to a costs of the animals that we work where it's that we live US fish and become. You know exposed to these types of drugs. And the message that I always pass others. If you come in and you you know say look there's something wrong with my dog he's acting funny. You'll find yourself at some point in a private exam room with the doctor and the doctors can I ask you. Do you have any idea what he's become exposed to you and we worked there we're not. Today narcotics agents were not her agenda we're trying to assimilate write a dog or cat show banner. So just be honest I just tell us spend 99.9 percent of the time there was no parents Nokia. Plano. People sanction if you know somehow. I Don getting into pop might be funny it's not my house that I don't taste so many videos of what it does or doesn't do the same thing to dogs as it does to us humans. Let's just remind those who don't again as the costs and our pants. How you can't do they get into that stuff is much there's a more dogs and it is our dogs and cats do sometimes. The caps police are not yet kept thinking acquisitive they might play around with the plastic bags filled with pills. My leg after around the they tend not to be the ones that you thought things kind of dogs do be in any I think it's crazy. I mean the things that they get into the. Send. You know there's always fur fur everywhere let's listen there's always poison control. And I can look up the phone numbers for everybody even if you just you know do a quick research. And quizzing controls gonna charge you a certain amount of money to. Sort of goes through adolescence even even if you are thinking about coming into a facility like ours we we always recommend if you don't call them before you get here we're gonna call them regardless. Even if we really know we're doing we always open in case. Log with. Control because this is you know staffed by toxicologist to know the the nuances of these drugs in a way that we might not. And they're there to help so something we do everything you know in nursing industry actually fours or something new and different about. This stronger had they changed the formulations. Don't know it. And that's what then therefore shown. Do you think that now people's tell you more than. These drugs. That they think it to the dog may have taken because they are legal because they're prescription more than something that's illegal. Else man also chewed this is sort of it's not a I'm not coming up with her opinion or judgment but I do believe. That we seem more. Pharmaceuticals like. You know anti anxiety drugs and ties sank. Hot like drugs there are some. You know antidepressant drugs there are some new and different drugs on the market that's. We are dealing with now on a completely different way and I can say we might have fifteen or twenty years ago. Can't you you have those types of drugs that are available for animals to break. Can't yes I mean so if you're trying out things like she got dogs and anti anxiety drug so we do you have some of the same drugs for example. I'll prize a language is also known as xanax we use that you know. The time that's a great anti anxiety drug but then there's also some anti anxiety drugs. That are different for animals as compared to humans. And another. This is a really controlled substance and another example is non turtle anti inflammatory we have very specific. Anti inflammatory for animals. Because of their metabolism as say compared to humans. So they're they're people out there who they wanna do racing for their dogs and I think guy he's limping on given Ibuprofen. The next glue isn't aren't toxic exquisitely toxic for dogs my comments you're doing I think you're trying to help out my. I just and then you find out unfortunately. You didn't kill your dog very quickly so. And that's unfortunate and other example in May not be controlled but you know we just had a party present yesterday who got into a giant bottle Ibuprofen. Cowboys are insist you know. A puppy began. A little like a big decision I read your can. And what happens. Dizzying finally got. But you know that's then there's plenty of bases loaded guns. It's one of those things if you ever you think you're gonna end game is something you've never given me for united church he should colleges that. It's okay. Seeing its front page of the Scranton times today by any tight end as we're taping it's Thursday. Right on the taps it has a picture of I guess some kind of Bulldog our friend she is something and it asks you what's your favorite which of course I know because I think most people who. Love them I mean they're there and of course my sister included Labrador SK I and number one loved. Dogs but the extent it's probably the largest population I know it's if they are only available to donate a lot of the bonds of friendship a friend Sarah. Traffic to and they're making a major time they're done. I think it was very preliminary storm yeah they are actually I had you know what I wanna ask tuna caught I was flipping through FaceBook yesterday and I want your opinion unless. Do you think it's. It helps or hurts your opinion when you see these abusive people posting. And that's it they're posting at the people post pictures of people abusing an animal. I don't watch it so it turns me off I get rid of it immediately. There was a woman and doing something to a husky who is and I don't I don't think it does. Good and so does it really. Well look it's my personal opinion is an alum Doug you are kind of personal experience. When I aimed watched television. There's pretty I think everybody who's less cruel blow this commercial there's a commercial from I think it's the humane society. And it is so. Dramatics in his scenes and the way that they kind of pulling her strings that they've actually overdone meant that I turned the channel anytime the commercial comes on I intend so in my opinion whoever is in this noted since his turn like a business aspects of advertising aspect of whoever's directing them. Is not doing very good job. Because the idea is not to have somebody turned the channel off when your advertisement is. This is missing yeah and trying to end I don't think she. You know I guess there's some really thick skinned people I do what I do for a living and some people say to me you know many people say to me how. How the heck do you do what you do for a living. Well. With that said I do it because I know I'm helping image doctor this is mindful you know why I'm passionate about. If you ask me don't just come with you on a Saturday to a humane society to walk through a look at some cats and dogs you lead me in the car because I can't do it either I. You know I'm funny is strong would be absolutely yes it is CNN I can't say overall 2:0 AM Janssen. And so she I am I being a bit of an ostrich well on a personal level yeah I am I mean I'm in the industry NIC yeah I mean I have three little dogs at home. They're all rescued from the high. Time to remove cancer Honda. So you know and my hope is that everybody has something been named you know saved or rescued her. And so it is really difficult and so those advertisements I think. I don't know who puts I've seen until a special on FaceBook yeah I just get past it as quickly as I had some very disturbing. But somebody said a good thing they said what about the person who was filming a moment they tell how well does he know like why would you still may not do something I would from the camera and down after the woman with that was done a bag so I don't get better. Don't forget I mean there's a lot of distrust is regardless of this team and there was removed. Four years ago when you watch something okay you don't know if it's true it's yeah yeah now why are you putting that I think that what your actual motives. And yes it trends may I just Suzanne Simon okay definitely not easy to see this sad. So anything I mean we have one minute so anything else that's going on there you minus two now. And yet we got lots of things in the personality I'm gonna though is that everything as everybody knows I'm one of those people I don't wanna announce that has been so you're out there put in the basket until now there are some. I'm tired of Adelaide south. But you know everything in the hospital is getting in some ways we're kind of happy it's been. A little more quiet while the weather's been sort of icky and I'd just as the weather starts to turn to put going to be going outdoors just be careful and where their trees dwindled to bus. So nice postings on FaceBook some rehab cases and Arab cases that we've done it I think they're laying nests and follow up I'm. Mom's side so nice who is cute every time I go by Alex thank. EE. But the cause the let the limits of that are all their life I loved I loved them. Simple thing it's suspicious feeling here it is it's right here we have. Well. We're going to. Take leave the view. So we will see you again thank you for everything Daschle and we will be right back with our next guest expert. Doctor. I attorney can then we make them everything attorney Barbara jail Harold we'll be right back you're listening to Larry in shock. It's Saturday morning a little hurriedly and look great inland. Well look that everybody listening to Larry and when shell I'm Lori had the honor of my can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event. Business and my name is Linda Evans and I and managing director of women of substance LLC. Which is a financial planning firm specifically for the needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host of H podcast called power of the purse. Which is available on iTunes stitcher global play and about 27 other places. Funny though Anna was thirty Manuel goes a strange Kyra. Here we go. And so we're here what we're here with the lovely eight as we said earlier attorney Barbara. Loss for thorn 67 finish 37 years I is thank financially dinner right now how. I'm proud. She's here by now she is being part is she's a partner in use Nickels and O'Hara which is located on east drinker street. In Denmark and Barbie is here and we mass weekly monthly talked about some stuff we're gonna continue from what I understand right bark yes. The last time I was here was seven predicting factors for whether or not you're headed for divorce. So we can started talking about them we stopped in the middle as we normally do on. Because we we end up chatting ES show and then the next factor in this and we mid with midstream was showing contempt for your partner. And it may physically I think that's a common sense kind of thing where if you talk badly about your spouse and unfortunately. From a cultural standpoint I think fit that some people do. A from the start are you talking bad about their you know it because I guess it's not. Socially acceptable to say something. Nice about your spouse even though certainly would help the longevity of your marriage should say something nice about your house but you do hear people. You know just kind of bad mail says this spouse you know oh my Balanchine. Cooley in the world who wanna be referred to is that yeah did just that whole mentality. City it would. What do you think two yeah I just I think it's easier I just think as a society it's easier for us to complain about things. Implement and to compliment and you've talked about that's so many times where. Maybe a Monday says I have a saying oh wonderful my spouse's yeah yeah I'm sure I don't really know what's funny to. Just yesterday I would admire and I were sitting in the my kitchen table having a delicious meal getting he had not so with peanut butter on that could not. Right and I had peanut butters your Delhi Saturday at coda and I can't Boehner and Diane rice case that was her and her. Okay well you're right and I buy anyways so. That's not a one of the doctors. Me. Because it was. You know. And it did you did just looks so good now of course thank skinny but I'm so we were sitting there and he was talking I was just kind of steering and I know my ears handsome. Yeah like what. I said you're can't them. And he knows what he's saying that I could just because I didn't thought it might not did you and you look good tonight and I just might even now. And I of course you never tell me though I'm gonna occur if he goes I organization downloadable. Well I'm kidding but the point is that I believe all the time not that that worked to my first marriage I'm not saying it and that concerns me eat everybody has that boom boom rock them sock them robot kind away. Not everyone but a lot of people but I think when you stink something nice. He's saying and I think people they just wanna feel that they wanted to feel appreciated the minus feel valuable and those kind of things and guys we do we tend to forget to say that to them I thank you. Mostly women forget to say it's meant more than the opposite effect. I do I don't know I hear in my practice Ocalan really pretty bad stuff to love that stuff of course coming out of both people but I'm just saying I think men and women many need to hear it more than almost I think women don't because they they. I think they feel that there and we are doing something like if your co. All the don't appreciate it. Then the next time you see the person you're not gonna think at the end of forget that no yeah might have been drunk but if your common bad names and I'm sorry you're not could be. The affectionate person and he's looking for. The next non. Yeah. Yeah I know kids start so it didn't chip away and Harold I know I think it's it has to be continual how I don't have people come come in and say. You know he called me this or went out there he met and that kind of what I find in my practice is is deteriorating who do hurt yeah you know I don't eat you can apologize but he can't race. While Castro Castro I just I mean I've said some nasty things sucked. About the only all USA have bit the next actor is being overly affectionate as news events. And I see in December in times of people that. We're like all over each other and and for Doris. And then the army says the couch rate it would it was so odd because they were wildly. Affection a lot of PDA is all the time and then all of a sudden boom I want nothing to do you. So. I think wow have I seen and a number of times and also gotten a family reaction. Boy it seemed very on that they were overly affectionate as newlyweds and continuing a place. All over each other and then boom don't want anything to do with. So how do you think that's just think it's sickening kind of weather pattern here you think I am now al-Qaeda. Adjusting to the next factor is withdrawing drink conflicts and issues see an awful lot. Clubs and you know anyone who BC morning thank. In your practice hours sequels that actually hit probably equal outcomes in LOV I don't want to try eight. Probably more men that would draw it during conflicts I guess you know where the I don't wanna play and therefore I'm gonna say nothing. Well you don't get through he's there but he'll stay in each day it is state in the conflict. Unless you both decide okay we just can't forget about it. But don't think men think fight I don't wanna fight is different than what the woman is actually doing absolutely they're not as binding necessarily it's passion it's clean it's whenever they're trying to get across and make repeated and repeated because they don't feel they're being heard and many viewed that as arguing or fighting and it's not I don't think in all cases it is an and I think the women look at dad as. But the talk this through and live in my experience. The mail perception is only guess who has to continue to fight and eight and that's not fighting from a female perspective. It's the OK finally have a conflict we need to resolve this. Well what does the average guy who once to a draw say oh my gosh she goes talking about again. And we just can't pass that and you know go back to business as usual which. You know it's I think it's a very much of a gender difference definitely from Mars women are from Venus yeah. But I really is a very high growth in Minnesota on that what we think we're doing in the end from the perspective of resolving some thing. To man is just like taken as the gap. Like you know they just said they're done and things are fine as I'm Sharon talking about right yeah okay we have a difference of opinion. And why do we need to talk. Yes. And I do understand that perspective to the me as a female I wanna talk things out yes so I can feel like we've resolved that. I'm 35 years of marriage. Necessarily my spouse isn't Anthony and her at Canada's laid out that marriage is one of the most difficult things always. A lot of it is I really really I think people attribute to people who get through an op because. It's unbelievable I think right now people expect so much from marriage he asked bat to be. You know best friends and lovers and and and the best parents and we'll both work full time and then we'll do this and everything would be wonderful. I mean usually go and act in our parents. Generation or grandparents her generation they've really didn't expect. That kind of come they didn't get they expected it women but didn't expect the other party to fulfill every roll burn. Would stay right now right I think I think drew in my opinion in my experience. You do see that oh you know they're not living up to the person I thought they would be. And until also thanks to Barbara UC NASA in next generation especially. Once and that could be religious overtones too as well once people may commitment and in front of the world's. It took their bows and had a wedding and the whole thing. Sometimes they will stay in marriages. That are not good in the sense that we value them differently now than we did send you a good marriages where you have. Friendships you have all the southern Scioscia she's my best friend when I'm. Are there are a lot of people I know of has fiftieth wedding anniversary parties. That where is far apart as you can imagine break but they Irsay has been there yes more or at some admin and you know negative thereof. And I don't know as soon as we don't expect these anything friendly at first you think that's the healthier way to be then absolutely none now I'll go I don't IRA because I think what the biggest problem I see was that is that it it creates. A sample of or an example I think is probably to our knowledge there face looks like and then it's Brit. Becomes replicated back generations out and up up here than you try his hand at Donna nonevent and you have played generational divorces yes see that's somebody in the volatile gas and unfortunately I know practicing that long that I had. Henry handling when he is 37 years I have done their parents' divorce is yet on doing their horses. And to practice and a K doing your rent your grammar can't. And you should fill yourself for the multi generation. Six time without a doubt but I thought I. And he has not handled the last factor in this in this let me quit. When ticket just griping. Relationship in a negative way. And I am I listened to this podcast they talked about these studies and they've done and they ask people to describe their relationship. And and what they eat. As significant boys how did you meet whenever. And they did studies on. When you describe it in a very negative way of you know went to a dance and so he wouldn't dancing you would do this with me whenever. And assuring us they followed this same people and the people who described their relationship. And even just how they met in a negative way it ended up in divorce. I don't know interesting study to see. Did track these people through years of all what really happened. Emailing the people say how long you've been married and they go to a lot. Yes I mean this kind of thing and may mean it navigating around like you know enter your email Eileen media you know you too long and it is interesting when you talk to people as soon. They're relationship of like how long they've been together and how they got married you know who wouldn't describe what was your first day bike and you're reading lights. And a lot of times they'll have this same little stories and until everyone is really banking story. End and then these researchers say and it really came out to show with this person really thought about. There marriage and two in scientists how good its. They are no dead their stories or not I don't AM you know. Oh he did this wrong on her first gave or you know we went down it was awful and did knowing your friend again but I did. Do you think in well it doesn't sound very positive thing. Now when I play him through that yeah I don't I think I I believe that just like anything else. I'm beaten the more it's a power suggestions so the more you keep. This did being negative and it's this it's gonna you're gonna believe that. Turned to I really do believe it. Adams who makes sense. And my father always said thank when somebody asked how you aren't telling you re exactly and he said you'll you'll hear yourself and sooner or later you believe thanks. You name it and name. Think that you are I say and how miserable you aren't you Goldstein are okay you know Alan Zach and I. She stood at and Alain conservation. And annexed the whole idea of how would you describe your relationship if your relationship this is always described in negative terms but I'll just tell happy partner aria. Embargo comes with the good information believe and how we finished yeah. Well hello everybody how they can get in touch with you if you need if they need your help ask what to deal. Please I can be reached at 5703447171. My office is located in done more. At 1421 east drinker street. And I practice in lack wanna Lucerne Susquehanna Wayne Wyoming okay. Happy eastern every. That's great and end we are going to Levy those cells thank you for listening and again as fired just said happy Easter happy passover and heavy pass average not yet. And we will. We will see you next time zone in the meantime please be nice are now please be safe and please be nice. Guy.