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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend right snow and now Gloria weigh on WYOK. Yeah. Good morning everybody how are you I. A live how you doing how I'm doing just fine I was giving it to me and in order before you Randy Williams says that I'm a demanding personnel. And demanding. Knoll. Think to me and I just think I know what I want. The difference between then it's just the opinion dated or been full of opinions. I didn't know and why does. So I think I'm full of opinions not opinion native and I don't think Imus demanding but I know what I want that's a very well. Other we have that straight out of this it gets has pretty figured demanding and I tell him for a little Fella I couldn't and he's right for you. No he's a winner but anyway. So I and a birthday wish for somebody who has sent some miss Diane ball day I hope you have and to see Diane this Sunday the 25. It's her birthday. So if you see here this is saying how old are not allowed to ask. And we don't centrist who don't have big birthday is only one I imagine a big birthday OK if the. And she's if she's some I was just with Eric I oh she just we just want to give her a big shout out big happy birthday Diane Von CEO. Of hospice of the sacred heart she works very hard and she's very good very good boss and I love Bert and so big Kathy perfect for. Happy birthday to ideas we sing happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy you think you'd die in happy birthday to you. Because they're telling her accent is so I have to tell you this so ma'am. So my sister in law. JoAnne hadn't JoAnne tactic can who's married to my brother Timmy. They live in Jupiter then. I'm actually tell what Florida Kiet Jupiter Florida actually two quest but and Jupiter address because it's like done more I have done my address this grams and comes Sosa and they may have Jupiter's Epoch. So I'm. Joseph Mann has some of the last year and I'm battling breast cancer. And I'm not revealing anything because she's very free about saying it and she's been doing a wonderful job surgeries and all the stuff. And hand feeling like a complete trooper. I mean unbelievable. The stuff she's doing. As all women IC who are battling this horrible disease. And I'll be stay right to JoAnne are between now. About the komen foundation and why we do this stuff we do every year. Is because you don't you do it because women get breast cancer and you just have to. Do whatever you can't help them and then when you see people in your own family dealing with and how strong they are. It's amazing so she's she really she looks wonderful she's doing a great job shouldn't skip a beat. And I am she has on the back of her car she's driving around Jupiter. And all little ancillary towns. Today. Is my last team now that day that she had her last chemo she patted on the back of her window Everest UV. She parks in Trader Joe's. Parking lot. To go with that whether she is going air wherever but it was a Trader Joe's and she went in and came back out now she's getting in her car there is a young man. Putting a note on her car. Young meaning a millennial like in his twenties. And had been no red bless you are so I'll have a wonderful day. I wish you good health a fellow neighbor with a little smiley face on about a very nice. And I cried because they think my kids are bad AC think when you do that you know and just enjoy what he JoAnne Som putting it there and he gave her a big hug. And I see did did he have somebody whose experience she said now he just saw the sign in one in need to know he was thinking about me that's true. And she happened to walk out in the same time. Can give her a hug and I think somebody broad and Joann this FaceBook when she posted because she posted this note along with. Paris car and someone said this restores my faith and humanity can. And you know really when you think about it to me it just it's kiddies to twenty some year old boy boy. I love the the phrase that I see every once in wild performer random act of kindness and that's without lineup out there however was and that exactly how much sense. That's nannies get everybody yeah and that's why I said to JoAnne JoAnne I broke back nice and I love this. I'm gonna talk about an hour radio show so last night you can sent what's. Witty how can we listen and I dad told him what to Jones and she's an okay. And it's just it was just didn't make me feel so good to say that these are things that are so. So you don't think it's gonna make a difference and one little thing just trickles down to is to vent that's the good feelings that and. And when you're hearing it and they show it's just it's just dubbed. A wonderful thanks so we waste we do say god bless to Joey and Chris she is doing a wonderful job and it's always you know the whole family who too when has. Ford beautiful daughters. And I love the mall and my brother Timmy and Iran just going strong south. Here's to JoAnne and here's to that fine young man. Who decided to. Just give a little. Random act of kindness take the time out it was good I guess who's gonna put it on the windshield or something and she saw. That's under so. PA has always good and then we'll be down there in a few weeks yeah this gas business for this sounds that's my story for today. And then we have a little something impact your nephew. He and my little Jackie blame. Jeff Katz minute and I can talk about because his mom had announced FaceBook because she was thanking god guy singer and Dan about my little guy Jack who's my brother Jimmy's baby boy ain't there's five of them in a family. And both he Jack and my nephew Timmy had Sealy act along with yours truly and my sunshine so four of us. I can't cited a Stanley so we're kind of Linkedin and monkey sort of way and he also was so he just also got diagnosed on Tuesday. With type one diabetes as we said and it was ski it's scary and it's sad in so many ways can you think a little nine year old kid who has to shoot you know. And shoot up insulin three times a day or whatever however he has to do an end the learning process and I'm. Does he have to use injections yes yes. And he's nine little nine year old kid you know so you know I just love them and heat he has his favorite little toy Denny's so it's a little boy and it's disintegrated basically but there's a piece may be four by four under Dutch material under this little cat or whatever was and he still animal. I stuffed animal but now all that's left is dead. Piece of material from this stuff animal after nine years of sleeping with it. And I said to Jimmy does he have Bobo with the because he still has that piece that he holds in his hand. And Jimmy symbol look what happened that day that he went to school because they didn't know anything he had shoved in his could be in the in the pocket of his quality. So when they got to the doctors that day and all the stuff he actually he had to take out because. TE you know just that little bit of security Kaczynski he's scared you know and I talked to a couple times and he says he's okay but you know he tonight he's a baby can't and I. I don't care if you think he is and he is nine years old is a baby case alone kind you know that is a guy 3M glad and he loves his mother and he's going to be an easy now so. Anyway he's going to be just fine in our little boy and decide Diana had it on today FaceBook thanking everybody and guy singer. And stand on how wonderful they work him and the experience although you don't wanna have to go through that. The experience has been wonderful she said south. There you got. So I little boy Jack cat he'll be fine he'll be fine but it's just. Yeah 'cause I'm out and won and order food restrictions farm you know I mean again. So but anyway it's all good. He's so into Harare and went down last night to Sam yes yeah passes you right she's too and I should not happy whenever. You know she's so it's sad form but I'm. He'll be okay. Yeah Q how many inches if you are an Olympic that this is one or anything else yeah I mean my father was diabetic has already I. About it but not type money was tight talents and. Here via excel as a different it was still the same thing you have to learn to adjust to it and learn how to eat certain things and he's taking medication are you take. And that's our buddy mr. Arnie slam also is a diabetic. So he's very used to having that injection thing that he takes both them and before he sees a day ahead and do it again it's. Tell us how does not learn a little bit how long his I don't know I don't I don't know. Muslims claim does okay as we come on yeah. His nickname. They tell you know I'm Colin I don't know. I I have ninth raised that crest and we're gonna have to tell us we just announced it. Are you we have 2 guests I am a this two guests experts and we can't ask for their shelves some news you're gonna talk about a little something before we asked a yes down Ashenberg. First yes we're gonna do it for you this is a though. Go it alone oh yeah. Sorry if this was a quiz that was in the pay for the other day and I thought maybe my is seen as they could she didn't know IBM I didn't earlier. Hurry so. Is is called tax time quiz time. And this was that it was a a national theme came from going back go banking race dot com. And it was published in the Scranton times. So the first question was about hobby expenses and everybody has fund pursues that they undertake in their spare time. Some of which can wind up cost new pretty panicked and I am thinking you're. Your oil paintings stuff. Can dim ones like yeah OK so let's Hamid has some response from. I so the question would be enough relics of god acrylic but go OK I. When you're retired you can turn your hobby into a pain gauge true or false true. Yes it's true you can do that you and can deduct hobby expenses through a period of time. I'm against any income. If there is any you just don't wanna do what I is snow for effect in Orlando past three years and have no income because a Marist canned things honey you know any out yeah. As the number two child support payments. There are lots of wealth not to cut staff and that does make any sense. But into ensuring a single parents are still able to provide material support to their children is a priority. So the IRS allows parents to deduct the cost of their child support from their income taxes true or false. If you want paying it. Well yes obviously I I don't know the answer to that's and you say no only because that's right and songs are its child support payments aren't tax deductible but. Alimony yes okay so the person who pays that Al Gore the thing is with the new tax law apparently it isn't anymore but. After this year. Because we have compared deductions everybody's I'm doing and that's OK number three wig costs. Weeks are cheap and they can serve any number of purposes if you purchased awake for business a medical need. Hang on the very seat because you'll be able to ducked its cost on next year's tax returns. Tourist farm I was a true that's true. Knowing him especially if you or someone with cancer I bet that that's considered medical exam of course you have to reach a certain point. However again should this year going forward now it's not going to be doctoral anymore. OK for expenses related to your pets. Owning a dog or cat can be expensive with food and vet bills adding up. Fortunately it depends serves specific business purpose you can write those expenses off on your taxes tour false. I would say false but I don't know the answer yet and what actually is true I mean it's it's true in the sense if you have dogs that are protecting property. A business property. And in their car slid because our people and even the net cost to keep while Jeff and I if that a guard dogs. That's what they call them as so technically yes. And then if you have a service dog you know those costs are medical staff I. OK next commuting expenses. I traveling from your home to their office puts the majority of the miles on your vehicle and any given year which is why they IRS allows you to claim them mileage. Tour phones true false. Lots. How we own our own home to edit OK I think my only thinking I can't deny that I'm now paying attention to yeah I get ahead to a lot of clients says if you make a stop on the way. From your house. Tours the odd thing is for something related to claim and you can tell OK see that's what I was best damn good hour but again I don't think that's valid anymore and this is this was for. Last year direct taxes overdoing now. Okay so we're gonna take a break. And we will be right back with me is still Valencia fidelity thank you we'll be right back. Here Gloria inland. Welcome back everybody. I'm Larry can dig. This is the Lari and when show I am the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And I am Lyn Evans and I am the managing director. And a new financial planning company called women of substance LLC. Serving the specific needs of baby boomer women I am also the host of the podcast called power of the purse. Available on over thirty different sites but once you might recognize iTunes Google play and stitcher. By the way you did it interview Mary Lou Quinlan who we were with the other night and we can you talk to her and we laughter so I just so we know you did a great job she'd and I love her. So go ahead here in our our beautiful guest in the in house today. It's a star TV I'm sorry too nice car I thought I had eighty. And just say it banks with fidelity and thanks son yeah they're Leo so still Valenti and so what's your you're tired of so I am the assistant vice president retail branch manager of our packs filled rants don't commonalities despite what you very photogenic into a wonderful job and a TV commercial I just. Oh very much and I miss my Jill and degree rich branch well I'm sorry that things happen you know what what's his name is Saddam and yeah I love him and the rest of the gals are wonderful they're tunes are outstanding and I. Some penicillin we've talked about today. Well I thought since we're on the theme of tax times that we would talk a little bit. About financial checkups. Since everybody is looking into there you know doing their taxes reviewing everything as far as investments are retirement. I'll move one and most special things. That's I love about my job does that we kind of have a financial checklist where I can walk through with a client from start to finish just depending on life phase. You know let's check up interior rat and it's surprising how many people don't really know. Where they stand financially or what could even do. Originality and I would not yet. You know numbers aren't under fancy but we you know Darren poor and so we try to make it. Bring into the light especially this time of year and see what kind of awareness and what areas we can partner with to help south. I thought I was very topical. A big consideration while even with me now is that hopefully it's spring ever springs yeah we. Yeah I do so they're starting to. Hi all hey you know I drag my walkway in my front in my house. He's got a note from one. So as we're waiting for the Baja I'm looking out my yard and I'm thinking while they're some projects and I'm sure that's top of mind for everybody so it's. Com equities are hot topic right now if you're a homeowner is wild. Is there a sales there is for sale that we have a loan sale going on. We have our home equity lines of credits which kind of act like a credit cards with your home as collateral. And then we have our home equity term loans which are typically like an installment loan more like a car alone in first fixed purpose. So I always recommends my clients even if they're not utilizing. Aligning creditor don't have an immediate need and I like to have that as a security god forbid the water heater goes sorry I need an exciting through these. Freezes on that you know you don't have to scramble for money may use that pretty nice having your home and that it's cheaper interest rates and a you have to put it on a credit card or something yeah. Yeah like that so brother currently uses CNN an increase in the sense. This is the Spanish teams. I'm so please don't think so what are you re. And that and I should say to. It is important understand. That's a home equity line of credit. As a variable rate correct yes so how could explain how that works and what what's the current rates. So typically depending on you know credit score you can your typically looking between three point 755. Minutes. Half percent typically. I mean that can range. What is important as you mentioned land is a lot of our home equity line of credit clients that have an extended balance on it. Are now panicked because crime is on the rise and you are very dull interest rates. So what you would wanna do is talk with your financial institution your banker and ask them. Can you turn the south into a fixed rate. But doesn't dynamic we have until after so many years Jill if it doesn't just five years or something rash so can usually Kermit yeah the balance typically aligning credits are not five year drop period meaning you can draw on and pay down within that at that variable rate an issue a home equity line of credit at a fixed rate and what how long are those who went to determine out that. Fifteen years teen years yes. So. But a lot of clients now that do you have that. Where they weren't able to say it was a bigger expense on the line of credit. It's a Smart move your saving money so pay it down. And Herman how early I add drop period or a term that balance out and then keep the line open as a just in case yeah now that's. Always available that in just say she EU EU do haven't paid out you can just so they can just be there as something you have like an open bounce on a credit card correct so that's exactly it. Now do you still give your car and speed eat with your home equity so you can use it as a credit. I don't you have like a debit card every absolutely you can for your line of credit you can have. Dad is a credit card right aligning credit to have access to that's so if you went to Lowe's and not something you can directly accessed that she you can get checks issued if you're more comfortable without where when the check payment comes and it would just come right off the mind. Or you can do online transfers you know on with our on line changing your regular you can just advance running right into your checking account and it works that way to pay it down too would online you can just make a principal payment down on that sound. Well there's a lot of different ways to access that but I think if you're a homeowner it's. Really important you know I've heard a lot of nightmare stories of only got all the sudden my roof is down nor Alex. I had that Israel is now what until nine mistress I apologize should did you say that this is going on now do you Jeter is like a I sails so to speak on. I tell when correct typically it'll be eaten throughout the spring term so it's going on until the end of April hiring so that we have going on. And let's assume you know kind of failing is that like a discount and rape or you know we even have a promotion where there may be a cash and son and if you draw on the line like I bonus and that is that while. I think three point 75 that's pretty good crack. This crowd are you get what you consider good crack. Joseph what's considered good credit. Well I think that depends on who you ask. And I just I just you know first protest is do you. Have these and lending authority as a branch manager and as a vice president or does that go to less revealer committee or how do you do that now from your level cell from my level in the branches that we are kind of Zagat. Arab information right and then we build the case and presented to our underwriting teams so the underwriters right now within their parameters when decision alone now. Now we do have had the authority to reach out task you know is there an exception is there a special circumstance and kind of help the client work out that way up but typically falls within the guidelines of the underwriting team for that OK so could credit is considered watts and then go and I don't mean greater outstanding but good is that by the seven to finally that's exactly what I was gonna say Harris exactly gonna say between you know you want. In the seven hundreds are right at somewhere if you want a solid what does it actually go up to do we talk about that yeah it was over 800 nine again. Because I do such a great job of managing the finances and our house Patrick cages Napoli has over 800. That can't. And if you I don't see him I know you don't but he does is all the death and your name right Gerri else. That's bakeries and food and there's a lot of factors that go in sales credit scores you know your cell stinks and is it did talk about this and I said this before. You hear your consumer you're using it and your pain on timing you're doing and then you're penalized. Because she used right utilization high. I think. Yeah I don't know there's just these specific period your may be up and Oliver then you pay it like it's ridiculous. How it is take any ads in the flowers but it's true. You know what though. I'd chill coming from someone who went through a divorce and things that I had to you know what I'm doing things on my own and making all this happened it's just it it was a struggle deal making sure I was able to do while those things and then when you get to a point where things are different. You just TE UE and you can feel there's abuse there really is a sense of relief that you know you're doing at my age but yet you're still penalized for stupid things that really should not. Be an issue I believe that because looking at the history of some. And Nolan is can challenge your history and he's saying I know that they're paying me the you know while they are it's it's really a pain I just got us. Something the other yesterday's man or fact from. I'm one of the banks I have a credit card with. That started out with god knows what bank. But they keep buying an out and buying an out and the sun Diana with Barclays bank largely cards for American Airlines. They used to be US area miyazato is aimed at the same okay. So things are not some of them while they are you really are the and I always thank you fidelity banks try and Rudy Giuliani thank all the way out. Hey exactly what I saw I got this notice says but it was a change in my credit score so I look at the numbers. And it's still on the so hundreds but it says he does two things utilization right. Well right now I'm in a situation where I'm borrowing money from fidelity bank. For the current season RD business well I know all the money's coming to take care all that but this is like you said. It's this cycle engine right now yes and it's gonna go away but I is still a Ding on my current legal. Gore first silly and it didn't dons a repugnant thing done. Mean really hate you know I can't steam on my plea Thomas had and that's what fidelity bakers and underwriting take into consideration as an. I know they're aiming. Here I am regulation better go and I'm so that everything in my. You know when I hear this but I why are easy credit union these credit unions these credits god hero heroes I'm violations took up. They should be guys that I don't they have my Andre. I guarantee you I bet you anything did people who shook hands years ago like my father did not know whether I'd bank back. Actually they never missed a payment and they probably had better credit than anyone with all these restrictions today yeah yeah England because I am. Really. I understand it trust me I don't need this community bank this was a section of the community. They know everybody I know every one US side bank can't ask. It's good for the no sugar and it is true I mean it EDD day these are the things that are in place huh. But never mind. But it is good if you know people in Uga in years. It's scary and it's it's it's so much better it and see if you're dealing with this well and I'm very proud of their relationship. The building that we are enabled and empowered to do US employees of the banks that you know you're not just a number you act. Actually a face with the story and we're taking the time to die then. We really want a partner with community and and tried in the community because where apart and then so we want to make sense it's good business is as. Yeah it really isn't there any nowhere else looks beautiful ones TV thing my friend juries are gonna run right. Are you good girls yeah she does she's just I love her and then you have McCann drilling you have mister Bowles and how these people coming up and see. And do and leave it down in its. I know my dad cool I am thank McCain campaign I think it's great I thought it was great I am and I was approached with that you know and it's important and we're very fortunate to have Dan that he does put employees I know you know as always we'll take care and a clients and that's and that's how we learn from my you know you take care of the people that work for you and they take care of your customer can go one more thing we aren't we praise due last year when you won the year award from the year at Adam -- later what was your name is that anchor of the year round if so who guided this past year so our wonderful Logan Hanson and she's our retail service manager says she handles our policies our procedures for everything for the front line. I'm she's an outstanding individual on us so very very. Adding to sit BO was singing your praises though as were weak us when we found out you won last year so hard and it's a good thanks so tell everyone how they can get in touch with you. Scientifically if you would wanna contact me online order any of us online as far as anything you can reach us at our website which is bank at fidelity dot com. And it's eighteen now the apps and I'll be. And if not you can reach us at our customer care center which would be 800. 3884380. And just asked to speak to until at the pac bell branch and knocking on our great troops well thank you very much kill you for having only see in next months and we will be right back with doctor Barbara talk think you're listening to this morning until Larry when shelf. Here Gloria and Lynn. Good morning my name Oakland Evan I am the managing director of women have got them LOC. Which is a financial planning firm the tragically devoted to the need curb. Baby boomer women and welcome the host of the podcast. Power of the purse and it's available among other plate and I tune. Stretcher and global play. Mom I kept me on the barn cat meant to graduate with 200 DP aren't special event this. And I can't convey my heart can't thank Clinton doctor Barbara truck that Ku is the owner of a band gynecology and Sophia and grant them. Good morning good morning doctor. Good morning how are you good morning. But it can't talk about well. And I got a before but I thought I hear much about this and people if it kind of got in mind we don't really know enough about it I thought we would talk about three by chaotic. Yeah we heard about having cousins early buyout. Quite content and they go hand in hand and there's more and more thought behind the whole pre by chaotic thing these days maybe you know about the romantic than most people. You know do well with their program like we have ideas about how many colony the probably Ike and went to take estimate how much good they do for us and keeping our gut moving and reducing inflammation and things of that sort. But he'll dealing with what they needing to find out now what we're fighting out now is that. Our pro chaotic. Are the food that could be the pro by attic. Okay antibiotic eat table what that we'd like I did. He had filled up attic is thought to be a non died adjustable tiger. So it in court it look at behaved like a high fiber food. Except it doesn't become it doesn't get digested and that he DP no he beaten too much Ira you won't know what happened to you know it after the raid on true. And we can much fiber. We will get loose stools. And they won't they and our gut but the idea is that this non digest the bull by a group like substance. Come actually get. So that it's food for the bacteria that healthy bacteria. And that it they've found to have been a lot of Tahoe benefits that come in and of itself. So the if you think about Nande just double food. Some of the things that they talk about our garlic and onions. But there again. I come up which is you know it's a joking on that on the radio show what hit them off. Had them at LJ IC AMA and hit command that crunchy vegetable. Like food that you can peel and eat as like you would care that. You know you can crunch it up and eat it that way candle light greens are are really great they're they're quite. Bidder. I like to put them in juices and booty because they do you have a lot of benefits for you. The idea is to try to find these food that we don't necessarily get digested and then they get into the gut of this small bowel where they helped feed the healthy gut bacteria. And though. You know we talk about the values of these pretty chaotic that they don't get broken down by year. After hitting your stomach more than it if you're taking digested and then the thing that sort boot and they just get all the way into the towel it in and that one entity. So obviously if you're taking something that fiber like. It's going to improve your gut health and your digestion because it's going to allow things Q. Pass through more reasonably and it and the more often weak clean out our guide to the healthier this week and while we improve the health of our gut. That we improve the health of our entire body including our immune system. I only talking about improved gut health. You know they're a lot of work being done on people that have I BS. Irritable bowel and ultra kid colitis another inflammatory bowel disease and so they're finding that there will be targeting people antibiotic. Derek their idea their ultra escalated. Their leaky gut and we've talked about that before. All of these things start to improve because you have more bulk going through and now I think healthier environment. The interest aren't you funny. Clip and then they. You're talking about a man they is. By Alex food at the pro troop complement the food. Didn't say. Had any kind of a negative effect on things like if someone who has been in power and sue gluten or if someone who has. Any any ways that they immediately conferred. They got food in the sugar. If they don't get any though include car or anything like that the ones you you just mentioned. No they're not gonna Alter your blood sugar purse say. That they don't actually get broken down like a traditional car Boyd. Come true intent to help I we talked about. Banana bread green banana now ripe banana green banana is considerably by chaotic because it doesn't digest the same way other bright banana what. Dean can be brought on of that antibiotic. Seventeen and needed things that kind of big debate path to a little bit more quickly and they actually have lesser of the fact that. On your body because you're not breaking it down like he would a traditional starts into the sugars. He should be a delegate that duty thing. So it and that in a practical way. Are you saying bad. In order for these antibiotics they have any value to someone. They actually have to be eaten at a different time in advance of a regular mail or on a regular mail. Can't eat meg you know with the meal as part NN that the act depending on the food that it is. A lot of that manufacturers are actually putting pre Vatican with acrobatic as a single supplement. They can be taken together those particular cases. Though you know that I think wouldn't wouldn't be necessarily an issue another black the different food that I mentioned to Erik onion garlic. Leak fall under that same idea. But the bananas. Apple in some cases. And I don't recommend it leak but that is part of it artichoke spinach. So these are foods that are foreign to what they're not and then not difficult to tolerate from a perspective either. To what they're not accounted that you know eight and two main party by chaotic. Have been helpful in and getting rid of cancer promoting and dimes. They reduce the amount of cancer promoting and I'm in your gut it. Which then of course. You know it is that in a wonderful thing trying to reduce different types of cancers. There's also thought that diabetics can help with prevention of your tract infection he infections. Colds and flu because it's enhancing your immunity your ability to fight off the different bug. The show there's been study that showed a reduction in the number of tumors and cancer cell and people that it you know and in the specific food that. Became like antibiotics. So those things are all good. If we talk about and we have many times you know how all inflammation in the system starts in the gut and now we're improving god help. They've tied got inflammation Q heart disease because of course we think now that if you have inflamed. Heart and blood vessels they're either more likely to be a you know part of part and parcel of the disease process. Until we can reduce our information. We can reduce. The inflammatory tied the prop the thing that may contribute to heart disease. And and they also may be helpful with controlling blood pressure along that same line if we think about the blood vessels. There have been studies that have shown that adding antibiotics helped width of against protect protection against obesity and we talk about that got being part of that is well. Staged noted that people that he probably attic for reprieve attic foods have better energy they get old after. I'm and therefore they can lower their body weight gain and that's been helpful add pre buy extra people on weight loss program. But now I look like a silly question but when you eat things you. Do they are they all are hook up or what did that. Not all those who get cooked food. It's just that they edit the content you give it a different than the green banana wouldn't be cooked and I'll know that like they garlic or onion or how. Howard belted supplemental and how would you take that. He would though and to eat and you normally would. You're incurred in your league here on union garlic you could cook those he'll apples you could. Coker not cooked beans like they will be cooked cannot contain them rock but the food behaved like a fiber source in the the help. OK so that they get past drill. And because they're passing through to good at a good pace he got less we did you hold. It stool in bell products in in there. Which sit around and then get inflamed and and things of that sort so. That's where they're saying that you WikiLeaks I bring you get full faster. Coke and part of that the trick to convince yourself that you're kind of lose weight. You meet high fiber foods they bulk up they give you can help Fuller than they should beat Andy eat let. I know people who have idea. And some of the other. The speaker of the Coleman. Unkind eating thing what you're talking about them have a higher fibre contact him. And aggravates that and conduct additional problem because of them that bloating don't anybody who measure. What how much in doing that though Victoria cheek start gradually increase. Let it let it bad enough. It should be enough to start slowly like that then gradually increase that I get a what I want to let me. Slowly like play slowly he would add in a petite printed what I usually start a food I might start a particular food you eat it I might add are gonna garlic and onions might food today skip tomorrow do it again the next day. Or you could alternate I'm higher fiber food every other day or every day just a small amount. I have a pirated startup antibiotic romantic supplement I would do the same tank Abbott started every other day make sure I was tolerating it for a two week and then I would start to increase might might number that I was taking. Make sure that I didn't have a lot of us got distracted and it will tell you the people that take acrobatic had far left got the stress and anyway. So you're already reducing your bloating. Because you're making how healthy they call them short chain fatty acid. They're making the things in your in your gut that helped regulate all of that anyway. It helps regulate your sodium magnesium calcium your water it helped put the digestion and bowel movement and things of that sort. So it it's kind of I don't wanna save vicious cycle because that's not vicious it's helpful cycle when you start adding these things and then gradually. Your gut actually wants to work better. Not worse. Can take you shouldn't be bothered by a lot of bloating and extension and think the actual work. Whoever. Something like yogurt. I mean guy not sexually. But it doesn't. That yeah word right after them. Felt picked yogurt doesn't fit into my world. We got that Gary. Yeah like yogurt so we hit the started off the wind activity activity at first came out it really did and got a good message you know I can be said you know we have things that helped we have probably attic we have active bacterial cultures that help your god function better. And at a low level that's the truth statement. They have active cultures and and somebody who wasn't ever taking anything I do you think something like activity you would have noticed an improvement in your bowel movement but what we know and that's probably. Too low of a colony count. I keep us going over time. And that you know one billion or less of colonies in that yogurt. If it probably not enough of a volume and really see the beneficial effect on the gut. And then add on top of that you know the thought that they eat dairy products being cow milk most of the time. Are inflammatory and they're nature's well so. I at B I don't do Gary I don't recommend Geary. And I don't recommend getting your car by Alex from a Gary source I would rather see you. Find another source for your pro by Alex. Like what. Blake. You could do a Democrat. Well you can do fermented foods. You know we hear people talking about kimchi and things of that sort so anything that fermented food buy it unless fermented vegetables. Our crowd an easy thing to find any of those types of food are gonna put it naturally present you with a probe by chaotic. Cup amount that you couldn't even eat at. I never knew that about. The German the truth of the controlled by out of sauerkraut yeah. Yes yeah I think. People in a lot lover don't look there's sauerkraut but. You know the Democrats if they need food they keep you got to have a hot dog ate it with you can just kept our crowd our you know one. Okay. Well you're married thing out until you for a week shy not shared. I don't think it's interesting to find. Food. That we can eat that we'll improve our health than most people like most of those food. Yeah you know then they're not difficult for the domain of the green bananas can. The extreme banana cut. Most most of those who do we can add very easily you know I've just buried into the great that you know god vegetable that any of your meal. And then try to see if you can improve and and and keep adding to your diet. Compared to make that got a little bit healthier. And Barbara where can people find you if they want to talk more about the peak until we located across the street from regional hospital in Scranton. We are on Jefferson avenue our phone number 5703449997. And you know we couldn't find it on the web at doctor Barbara talk that dot com did he tell you ate cake and eat eat eat. Hollywood Bob can help out with any of these concerned that you had we have about folks and our office that are very well versed in antibiotic Cipro way attic and just looking at your diet overall and trying to help you. A that's how to get a little bit healthier. Okay mother always good news all week good inhalation Barbara and you don't really well clutch. Should look at me so crazy and you are leaders smiling right through it I love that you can hear my and your Blake and played it it. Can't say yes I did not ignore it the night or you're not there you go. Right I see you later killed and a well that we thank you everybody horrible wonderful weekend. See you next week Green Day and creeping thank. I mean I I I.