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Saturday, March 17th

On today's episode Laurie & Lynn talk about St. Patrick's Day and reminisce about the first jobs they had. 


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you only gay rights and now Gloria weigh on WYOK. Yeah. Good morning good morning how are you I am fine how are you see I'm very well thank you good. And here we are still. Dealing with snow. Sent to write a word to say very well that's not an instant is what I'm learning very well. And I. And I just I'm sick and tired. I'm afraid slips but it Galloway yes he's now I know it's just I think it's beautiful today yeah. Yes but I'm. Now I'll sun to shine and we also want to say it's going to be spring next Tuesday it actually JE hip hip guess by announcing the world's gonna cooperate with them because is supposed to have another storm next Tuesday into Wednesday co set fast time. Teenage as well I'm just other people I'm not. Tension any night chromosome but it may mess us may not but still yeah in this ridiculous. This is. Tumor or answers that are supposed to come our way. I know do I just love to see them. Television net. How are things with you Chanel Louis the Saint Patrick's Day parade last week he had an income needed tonight. I have to cancel the last this is my third. You hear that hasn't gone to two years ago it rained or something weird and I decided I wasn't going to. And last year I had something this I forget what I nine and I didn't go and I just didn't doesn't share. Why so and humor. Rise. This is Suzanne I think I forget another week's kind of a blur but I I had to go again. Some spinal injections from. Four. Some degenerating. What is dishes yes and so they don't allow you to drive because they wanna make sure that when they release you when you're able to. Get home and safe and no driving so I said all right well that was one of the snowstorm days. So I figured well I try to find some people around me that would be available but nobody was there. So I called Hoover and the guy that I drove was two of those facility. Was telling me he had been at the parade. And he said that. It was really good this year that the usual. Crazy stuff Gotti soul. Marin there he says I I was surprised I don't know how they dinner what they did. But it really was nice to be there with kids it was great. So I thought maybe and maybe doing something and a now what does turning around at you can actually go there enjoy those are the reasons I don't wanna go because I can't. Plus some I was there which was a long time ago that's all I saw where people. Under a the the curbs. And they were either drunk drinking. Vomiting or urinating somewhere nice so who needs as well I would say why don't I won and come out in the cold weather. To watch this I don't I don't need this. So I just backed away from and I says no more but I'd I'd certainly like Marty and T think yes then I say I've been in this parade at Belle I spent since I'm a little little girl twirling she. Throw from west Scranton high school. If an end of who. Recent with this site walking in with the society of Irish women right now I used to prior to mid day in between and take my children two with every year. Whether we lived in Philly herb we lived here and I ain't never. To this day. Sought any type of craziness I mean she could there be some rowdy people yes but I never saw that and even walking the parade route I never saw that kind of stuff now saying we were upfront it's always in the beginning of the parade and so maybe dad had a lot to do with it and that I'm in the more recent and more recent years. But I don't remember and I know it happens I just never had seen that I've always. Love. To being part of it I was even in. Unbelievable and had a blast doing that I'm from this but I don't root and I so I don't I'm a big fan of it I love the parade it's only ten a let while two years but three times if you count each of the days. I am I just I'm. Just didn't do it again the Montana was the brain and it was like you I don't. But I just love it I love that day and if there's so much celebration. But there are always in anything like that where you have. Well let's just say so I can't stand premeditated drunkenness so that's steady now let's go let's get drugs it's okay if that's what you have to do do it I just. There's the you know. Is it gets crazy and I I saw that the EU was sledding there. Will be making spring break so they're out of town trip bad but that's number it's in the paper which I guess that one block of clay avenue right just a mulberry street is crazy how book is twenty year old idiot punching a horse in the face I couldn does that stuff. And my understanding is that's a felony yeah it is I mean you see it's it but putted why is star and it is so. At and now Ike it's that's been suspended his kids are kids against if you look back and we can sit here and say because broadcasted. But even still I never participated in craziness like that well I don't either. But I think that it's that the DC overriding factor here is that your also end. Downtown in the city. And a lot of the what you're talking about. Well from my experience happens and I'm campuses. Of colleges that we're not necessarily in the downtown. So there were isolated they didn't have I made an error and dozens but it was true and it happens every year looks like now. Live here and that's tranche is gasoline that's via I shouldn't let me just that the prayed in now one block the FD add add ons clay avenue right up some laundry it's horrible the way that place looks good and the partying that goes on there as crazy and I want to know the past two days now living great they're great live in Atlanta and then fly. Yes did you heartache in the crazy in my all know he's so he was watching on TV and he was devastated. That he saw that oh yeah. No I mean when he was young I know he he actually you know what when everybody does the you think you're having fun it's participating and think let's have a good time but there's a difference between having fun Meehan a little crazy being be a little wild but stopped short of the stupid stuff and I know alcohol can do that and Malia and peer pressure and everything else out. Just be Smart about doing that time the Mets are. But I still like it it's still. Fun and so lets you know when there's a lot of preparation there's a lot of time and there's a lot of work that goes in not that goes into that praise south. I am and people interest in being there which isn't always a good thing. And then we have this weekend coming up my ears listening this in the morning Gilles didn't did tonight will be. These society by Irish women dinner and be. It's friendly sons of saint Patrick's dinner yep. South and host a speaker for the ladies. The woman's name is Mary Lou Quinlan she oil and she's gotten a best selling you know. OK I don't know or and I am also I I had the cup of coffee with her new York and that. She also was aghast summit podcasts who they go and she was straight commencement speaker for my niece. When she graduated from. What does that tell us how college saw was the same day that I was. They commencement speaker for. Cedar Crest College that same day. She was also the speaker for the graduation manes. So resilient as saying yeah I never know I hear is as clean and I wish her book the god back switches and inspect it inspired a one woman show which she does and the spin off Broadway all around the country and in Ireland. Tara and oh yeah she's incredible so I'm Kathy Wexler who's the president is very proud of having Mary loan of course Joyce is still is getting an award show which they honor imposes a female. Leader and I'm Joyce Zola guarantees owner of Garrity supermarkets will be honored to talk to her the other night we had a nice long conversation and she is delight in all of her family and and it's funny because alleys. Say you know when I was a little girl I was at tenth grade. And turned sixteen my father called Joseph Garrity and he said okay my daughter sixteen can she get a pension power trio cell and Neal who was not. I think it's attending were just becoming partners Joyce is in great neo facility oasis husbands. And I started when I was sixteen and worked in tenth eleventh and twelfth grade and charities which find. I'm the only one they had which is on the corner of Washington and north to wash excuse me Washington north main avenue south main avenue and I'll wash Verne street. I thought was right on the corner and so the wind chill cash registers enjoys we were talking about the sister Joyce think about desk think about it. You went from a true cash register little store with one of the best meat departments going. You know nine or ten whatever the heck it is major grocery stores is just it's unbelievable to see again. She's to get to registers and it was the old pressed the button while you know CNA. And grows and I would blab away and we heard Terry sister Monroe's the zone and I would work a lot together and we had so much fun so much fun. And it goes through the days and I met so many people. Who came in there and I you know. I loved it I loved every and my mother tells the story about the time I I knew she was taking me down to work for the first time and I was scared you know I was scared to answer and she said listen if you want if you wanna if you get there and you don't like get. You don't have to do it but give it a chance yeah. And she said I went and you know. And came back and I loved it sell in and I never looked back it's just fear the unknown you know you just don't know or sixteen years old and the oldest child I wanna do it a good job and your ship. And but I also was able I was happy that I could show all my fear a little venue why wouldn't be like so stoic that I wouldn't say I was afraid. But anyway. So we have a lot of fun there. Lots of fun so that was your first sound. That was it well other than babysitting yes what I used to babysit for bill and Marie care and they lived across the street from us on north main downstream Romeo. And they had a little girl and they used to walk the lake early in the morning so I used to get up and go over. Early. And watch TV before I went to school in the morning. And and I'm on weekends and then sometimes they haven't watched a dog be handy when they want a way Kennedy's dogs that. I thought but it was it was Q so that was a bad job and then everybody else my sister my two Brothers for paper and girl boys and of course that was not my bag so I did the babysitting in the Gary's route. Well I used to work with my uncle who had that I'm a business in mosaic. And that's the key content Christmas tree. Shopper something like that's. And we I'll never forget that we had been twenty Teresa. Artificial trees. That we had to decorate all day I would love that so we during our family but the weird thing as the river behind the counter and and I on the weekends it was insane not because I sold. Ali that Christmas tree ornaments the lights all the doo Hickey is that go along with fish and people would combine with bags of things didn't win now. Oh zone scanner Johnson Somalia annually. But the best part was we had a custom. We all all of us who were lucky I get now skies. Mr. they had not we have the head a red dress. That was a mini tours yeah. And Hy lake and the Y es yeah wait what looked votes but I know I disagree does in nineteen. And is currently that's a little sexist is that yes but no I didn't you don't lawyer it's an ornament powerline you know I don't know what's it mean I was I was that was the sale of fabulous but it is what did the guy closer go bankrupt. Yeah only do we get ready did they would switch in the summer to a full companies. I have to stop the out of my job. So there were you or she spends the first job and how all 30. Adds 1516. Years old yes. Eight and extent I would like seasonal you know I was seize now but then my first real job of their work dissenters and they love. Housing art well of course she did that was the beginning and I yank. Are what we're gonna continue this discussion we'll be right back you're listening this morning to Mario mentioned. Here Gloria and win. Good morning good morning welcome back pew listening to Mari human shell I'm Laurie can the owner of Murray can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and my name is Linda Evans and the managing director of the financial planning company specifically for baby boomer women. Called women of substance LLC and I am the managing director of that company. We also looked. Posts about podcast called power of the purse. And that's available on thirty different sites including iTunes. Google ethical play and stitcher. And we were talking before the break about her first jobs. So do you think. What you did as a little girl. I liked the thought process of what he. How did dad kind of money that you got did was that he yours did you have to pay any thing just didn't do what what did you have to do with your money that you weren't as a kid how as a kid to announce. If I was babysitting money or something like that we word. I am told that we had to take half a bad completed in the bank. So my mom. Or my dad would take is of the bank of course the west side back. I don't and we would go in there with her little savings books and that we give them the money and they stamp but we just want to chrome. And that Yankee you're getting 6% interest back at. Savings account that is true spirit OK so he does that. And I would use this for things like for Christmas presents and stuff like that where I really wanted to buy something special for. Mom or dad or grandparents or something like that so. That was the idea behind that it was money that went in but it also came out. And then when I go there and real job orient paycheck. The next case but again some part of that went went to the house is my mother would say. So then I gave them some I don't remember what it was but something towards. Lead you know living expenses of the house. Food night ancestor with some arbitrary amount and then there was some event I would say to some of that I was free to spend whenever I wanted. So that's how it went. And then eyes when I went to college. I also had part of my eight funding of college was that I would be given a job. So I was seeing. Forget what's stupid term they use but I was the person who worked on a shift basis at nights and on weekends. And I would sit at the front desk for three hours. And watched people who came end to the dormitory. And sign and if there was. Person of the male persuasion think I had all she's a woman that he was. They're to visit. And let her know that she had a visitor in the lobby. As she was allowed to come down and visit with him in the lobby but she couldn't take them upstairs. And so how. When I took the route. Ole shift on the Saturday night it was it was essentially just that they're doing nothing so Bernama work down and gets wound my homework done. And it was nice because I was getting paid to do it. So that was what what you might call mad money that was. Stuffed a nice things you buy gas for car in those kinds of things that. Not much else. I was paid minimum wage and. But that was at the I take a guess what I do with my paycheck can't you spend. Yeah every other thing you don't believe it yeah. And I have a great consumer and Len hang on ice the backup tape really AMP Clinton. You know we have to do a mean of course like my money up. I'm at it this is this is the true. Why can't I get a dollar an hour to babysit okay. Yeah and one time. People I babysit Foxit baby sat for a couple to couple different people so I won't say hope. But one time I had to run over there did that they and it goes somewhere and I had it since I was their fifteen minutes may actually gave me a cornea. While thinking even back and I think and I think people might need got more than maintain good or. Series because it was a quarter a dot fifteen. Well I know order now are right well okay what a book is but anyway sure I'm learning so you learn but I eat I eat. She wouldn't you think back I aid that was the memo and I started now I each the only thing I did have to do my mother I wanted to go this. Saying when I was a senior in high scoffed I can't between my junior and senior here here and it was expensive to deal back then it was like unlike. It was two week trip yes and to my mother said. Your father and I will pay for your trip but you need to save. The money. So that you can have some more spending money to bring so when so then I started to save some money put some money away. To save towards my trip to go to Spain and then when he came to the time to go to Spain. Might they also didn't give me some spending money but I did have my own money than to buy things. That I wanted to get an in my mother my enemy to get a couple things so she gave me extra money to get the things they wanted but I'm. It was you know you have to do with this went but then I mean I never car anything in the end soybean have to worry about that and I used my mother's car I had till. Like first time I got my driver's license and by Montana among countries squire wagon with oh yeah the paneling on the side and I remember picking up on my girlfriends. School I aerospace and read it. And right. And do is we had so much fun but I and that kind of stuff I did but it was. It yet and could it do you say we talk on the that they show a lot about how you learn about money when you're young. And I am and yeah I did never it never did I have to pay towards the house either we just never. Had tell. I would guy little things it but I we just never had a that was and that was in our fifth less of what we were required to do but we had to do what we had to do in the house insurers in different bands and as long as we did that we Wear. We were okay but I'm you think about that I mean. And all I can think about when I was that young as humanly can find now that's how I can maybe get this much money and what am I guess. Which clothes can I buy which is sweet jewelry that's all I thought about show Kennedy and I I think that's. Thought pattern is still still there yet still I'm I'm. But it was it was fun so anywhere in that hold them segue got an end but didn't show. That's a that's all happening with the society Irish women and this friendly sons so and hopefully. It's a nice turnout but I'm really interested in meeting this I'm Mary low yes she's a neatly. Now how old is she about man conscious ownership Stacy she thinks he's also just you live in New York nursing Ireland now she lives in Manhattan. Hands OK but she also is someone who decided to. I'm take on. Ballroom dancing. And one of the people from the show what is the shows on TV dance with the stars won a lot of eyes is is one of her partners. Who that the taught her how to do this and she does dance with him ever. Alaska so she's a patients say the stuff she puts on FaceBook the glitzy costumes says she has made that I really. This looks fascia did you read her book the last don't got back I did not read it no I haven't been I didn't read a passion but I read I listen to snippets of it. That she actually has on her website. And it's really fascinating stories about her mom and how sue and how that came about how to book came about that her mommy's little sayings in this box. And and just wrapped them all up and she found it Monday and found all these things and and then her mother thought were important and developed a book out of it and apply I love that. See I know what it meant and also I was. Yeah and she's telling her she's gonna have her book available goods an autograph thing and for fifteen dollars a person of a block from. And done she's making. A contribution to the us hospice of the sacred heart and I'm I think that's wonderful guys print screen so she I'm looking forward to meeting her I'm she. And insist she's an Eli has to buy her books till I'm gonna read it say but I would so she's still doing the show. I think it's still on Broadway I don't know Aussie rod went off Friday and may god knows if it's still in production. I know the scene took it on tour. Around the country. Man I don't know if that's done. But because she's so incidents so ballroom dancing animal. Well I love to compete Fatah Broadway stuff. Yeah she competes up to find that out to ask your yes. Pretty cool you know and I took ballroom dance lessons from the course and botnet that's when I tore my. Meniscus his. 'cause when you're in when my need turned MI ankle stayed straight that was I was not in the tournament. It thinks I am getting. And did you know I still have the scars to prove it I'll do well you know. But I I think it's I loved ballroom dancing I can't raise its very. It's great exercise through a wonderful exercise you should see where she talks about she's exhausted just. She has so shoes you know Ryan Parent and I else I love it I know she's totally into it totally into it. And the diet of this common does speak to the madness that. Josh Shapiro a central was freed the DA now he's on he's coming he's actually shift key and them. He's gonna stop that fi society all the guys always god love them. Most of them I should say the Smart ones Molly's staff insists CS NR PM reception. And then they go to the friendly sons and in some wonderful guys don't go there and on stay with us yeah like dub dub and governor wolf is staying true or not the whole day but he's staying ins and I'm gonna be with us before. He leaves town. But yes it's that's always a good thing I mean Chris Matthews when he spoke staffed day and we Jack to me and he's great he's so tall. Oh my god and I really Joseph Biden when he spoke with we he came in to see us merged and eaten of course Debbie were felt a McNulty was right around walking around with amend. Introducing amended that was it that was fun but that it's it's always need because there's so. Much happening and that cocktail hour prior to on the dinner starting enzyme. And it's it's good no matter who the speakers it's fun night it's a great get together and it's twenty years. A golf that's his dinner was started by ten brave women. Twenty years down yen 400 some people came to the first one. And it was I'm started at a party. And cheery in Marion Ian is daughter cap these wedding at the time. Nichols village. And Eddie Falco McNulty and Joseph Miller we're talking attorney Joseph Miller and they said why don't we do this and they pulled eight other women. Mean being one of them and got together and started this whole sandwich that is now. Twenty years off and how many women come to this but and then running just depends I mean every year me last year because Hillary is there was gigantic. It just depends we had to have second ballrooms with. You know ancillary. AG LA and it yes I am. But it just depends I am and I'm whereas Obama came under chairman 2000 an eight. And where oh where is Jesse Yeltsin this year compared. How many there last year till you can put a lot of people that they. Think pony and a nominee they have this year I don't know what the final number was I think it was like seven something last year. Oh well that's to some room to re asked but we can't allow we've had I mean there's hundreds and hundreds of you know. I and I and a lot of guys coming only time I went there about 450. You know I don't do crowds so I was freaking out. That we know what I don't like crowds should all know and not have to sell I don't I sat and let there and oh my that he has that I do go out he got to mingle slowly some some holes. Butterfly than I am I. In the US and yes so we're gonna think we'll have fun for twenty years so that's a milestone that is and congratulate. They ninja team stepped out and says enough of that nonsense. I'm Obama who is it's a girl got to step it up this trend and not an and you know you move none. You know a lot of us have moved done and we do we're not as hands and I know I'm not many others are not that you through the years she kind of stepped back and other people take their brains and that's what you're supposed to jump. I'm and it works and they've done a wonderful job all these gals who have helped through the years and kept it going I'm so. Thanks to them. And thanks everybody for starting it because it took every time we are seeing pictures in the paper OV the board of directors of this event. As 1215 women learn well there's what they have past presidents and they had this you know they had the picture with all of the gals from the and it from the society itself again which is it's big in and they have the speaker in the the president and their family and it's very nice it's it's exactly what they give the friendly sons they give these society in publicity it's in a nice so I'm. It's it's good sound happy Saint Patrick's Day to I'll have a lot of fun out there again. But dumb we are gonna take a quick break once again and we will be right back you're listening to Marion Lynn shock. Here Gloria inland. Good morning good morning. How are you today. Wonderful thing happening Saint Patrick's Day see you in your kin thank you very much math. Yeah as Jim can I would say there's only two kind of people are. Aren't sort out of a well good to hear this again PI lands and those who wish that you are we. There you go. I don't I don't. And signs following either you you should keep track where you know it's yeah. I know grew up with the very proud Irish there yeah I was talking to me very proud Irish. Uncle last night yeah Jean tea caddy who's. The sole survivor of seven can kids. And my father's family and he is then we were talking much John and his accomplishments. And he's saying disease Fannie closer to where he's gonna go ice it now he's going to visit all the schools and he is it my I was listening to harmonize is that he's so proud he in my uncle Jack who had no children ma'am my uncle Joseph did any there. I have seven children six boys and a girl. True with three boys. Two boys never married and won my uncle married with no children uncle gene but uncle Jack and uncle gene because uncle Joseph died earth as a young man. We're very very proud of all of their twenty nieces and nephew while. Now in England with four. Four siblings having twenty kids you know between them have been 1 change I am. And he'd do it every time I talk to me just beams. And beams and beams. With praise and love and admiration. For his nieces and nephews and dad and I said to my area and they said what airline knowing you get a firm I sit tight because this week grown up what this speech this you know you don't take a backseat you know you're just you know we you know battered but no one's better than you will end can can can can and that's how we grew up I mean that was what it was instilled. And and and and do the right thing and be nice to be kind in grateful and all those things and yeah. He's just do when you talk tell Mike I just was like and a big smile on my face 'cause I think he's he it's it's easy to see how much he loves us you know and he's the only one. So. It it's a good thing. But I'm and then to I have to tell you that I didn't have heat for three days last and last week. Well I get home Thursday night yeah I did sitting in and cut why do I feel like she it's cold and hair and and and then I think something's wrong so the next morning and I froze. The nine net night. And in an out of people in and different stuff we thought it was fixed it wasn't so from Thursday night till Sunday at 3 PM. There was no he wasn't there was something in the water two things Veronica but one of them was a holes that was clogs they had to meet some. Half flushed out. And it's a force had air system so it was that was and allowing it some day Aaron months and it kicked off it couldn't start back up so it was crazy but I want to tell you and everywhere so why did you stay help my mother said you. Only here to barbarism. And don't stay in and of course I did and because you don't I don't. And you you kind of think there's something wrong which which there is but I wanna leave my house you know so I just. Cut 101000 covers and got under the blanket when am I your gas fireplace to tell because if that's sort out it might could've stayed downstairs and I'd be afraid to keep that in all night till now. I'll radio now. And then what happens is if you do have them on in the downstairs it shuts the heat off because it thinks the hot house is. Warm enough cash and so shuts it off in the heat doesn't and go upstairs to just stays in the living room kind of and so on and I'm not doing Manny next so I had a little heater. Most plugged end. A little box heater now one of those like great radiators things you just. And I'm I had dad around when I was in the family were Eminem and I went and turned it off and it night I had like 121000 covers aren't. That's a lot 121000 I counted them out how. Just can't imagine how I can even sign twelfth. But I woke up every morning and my nose was like freezing. But I never I don't know I bet you never got up at night to go to the best I. You know that's the what is with that. I could shoot three. In debt it was so cool and you I'm not Kinney was freezing and I did not answer and that's where it works. But why because your body temperature goes down so low that your run automatic power so Franciscans serves whatever you know you cannot. Oh well no one. And dusty I pounds and can have that one out 'cause it I did not and that I had that it does sometimes I don't but I really thought kinda song. I think so anyway I say go until I was really happy for her because they are proven more reason. There you go again so the boy it was the right Lamar mode. And oh is that she's back. I'm stood and my brother Timmy. Went to see a Yankee Marlins game pre we call that spring training yeah Marlins stadium when they left it was Marlins and they were up until. I'm judge his first home run. I'm and that Timmy said I had to to admire and Timmy said it was great that they had a great time and it was neat and to be there and be part of it in other Meyer called Patrick when and I heard I heard. And Patrick this kind of like a why is he calling me where is a shame on you couldn't process so fast and I told humanize silently as where he said I thought you weren't coming home until tomorrow. I said I have been asked I've never been well you know I can hear the whole time path. He's adolescent health every morning learning iron back in. Behind us yet they're charismatic. Or bumped it if it's yes. Yes sir that's how that worked out move DS so that he can Melissa. But it still wasn't. My power and was. I know I would hope most people who BR Lexus LS cup I know he's horrible. Via my haven't been handsomely to see what's going yeah. But I know my head up and there's no though the heat's on because they haven't set up with saying. An app. I was so I can see if it's working or not working and tell the temperatures. So let's find inside the house and I'm just concerned about. The mountain. Of snow. Because they gas hit eight to twelve is not every single stray round. So whenever. Both say maybe you don't iron eight years what is it 88. Home Melissa called DO HA LA LA slash. HO NTI we're all I'm homeowners association so yeah. Dad doesn't automatically show up they don't shovel snow Vail ensemble they wild okay but they don't shovel on sometimes. The crazies that do plowing plow it I into the snap exactly stupid. Yes but you know and it's always banned from Alaska since I always special last couple years we have not gone up there in wintertime much. And we use a golf oftentimes there's no snow there was that one winter and expand to mono where snow snow snow snow deliver good. But now to suspend. I'm just very worried about Patrick should be going up and downs Sampson he has fallen. On the steps and so it is so no we're Manning and go there. So I expect to go up and like to go out does this coming weekend if we can because Sunday's supposed to be a nice day. He had this weekend to you general so that's it because I think we'll go up and check out soon it's going on and if it's to snow you just won't get out you just dia unemployment goes to the test and the price is film. I don't know how the thirst for families still live there year round. But they don't have steps down to their property right in on their friends are. I leveled right to where they parked. So I I just happens I. I just move I can't imagine it's very dreary up there is this is scary Clinton and into people's ice fishing on the can make no yelling they do a very much so and I escape. I'm as they have a snowboarding. Things that they do on their whenever and yes there's a lot of activity. In the wintertime annoying each muscle and yet to come up. And I know when the weather. Isn't isn't win no win no will when there's no snow in little yeah and it's still cool enough that she keep your fireplace Alyeska has to give us. Well that's assuming we have a spring yeah sometimes we do this and then they go right to so I know I said it's it's yeah it's. Finish. So. Couple things I wanted to talk about today just. I think since I've. Talked about this before urban given. What I know goes on in the world these days I think maybe it's worth repeating and that is some financial tips. I'm to make care giving easier because so many of us are caregivers. Myself included. And there's some of the things just forget. So these are different points in the lives of those do you beach you're giving four. But first of all there's always that the phone conversation went to have to put in capital letters. And I'm talking about care giving now before it's too late. I'm really needs to get to know your parents and if that's who it is or spouse. Hopefully you are person who's able to. Understand the finances. But you have to know what went to they have where is that what his source of their income. To they have many investments are insurance policies. And today won a live in an assisted living facility or would they prefer to live at home. And who's their financial advisor attorney and accountant. And I had big plans for elder care like to they have some insurance for long term care planning. And this day. If they can. If they don't can they afford to pay for themselves so you need to know all these things before you can get involved and help them. Secondly review their stay planning documents. Because sometimes people write wills and they don't look at them for thirty years and the people they name as beneficiaries. If there are not a not around anymore or that's not something they want. Including their health care. Representatives these may be people that have passed away. Third thing is key financial documents organized and accessible. Four I know what's important to your loved one isn't important to them not to be a burden on their children. Are they okay was living in assisted living or nursing home when they rather live at home. Five to seek professional advice there are plenty of people just all different organizations they can help you assess. Six look in the public benefits. Sometimes there are programs. Especially for veterans where you can get some income if you if you need that to help with your chair giving. Supervise finances even when the loved ones still can't. It's wonderful to see what they're doing and see how they're doing it because they may have some quirky little things they do. That you would never know about unless you saw what they did or how they did it. An eight keep them safe from scams and online hackers. I can't tell you how many times with Patrick. I had intervened in phone calls. Where people were calling about what ever organization that was would you help a so today he says. Oh sure and I don't have icons on on the hedge yes and especially if they say veterans how wild animals. In and one out. He's he's there. And number nine consider how early caregivers like silence sciences will be impact that's. Because Damian and I understand if they have to get that kind of help that's their income may be reduced. And number ten this is the one that I think all of us torture givers seem to forget. And that does take care of yourself. I guess supports. And it's not so much that you need to be first. So if I hero hairs but what but I find that that I need to do more of it is just to take a couple minutes. Or couple hours every week and even if I just go for a ride through in my car. And listen some music produce something where each and not be on call. It's a wonderful thing yes and to go through with some friends for dinner or into something that's simply doesn't have to mean extravagant vacation. It can just be some time away from though there's a column beloved ones and just takes some time for yourself to regroup. It's very very important and they don't forget. And it's important and you do wonderful jabs just an. It up thank you carried out all right we're going to leave you for today so again happy Saint Patrick's Day. And we will see you next week thanks for listening please be safe and please be nice I I.