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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for a flurry and live. Distort your week gay rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Yeah. Good morning good morning how are you today I'm fine how are you just wonderful. Yes I'm so happy we didn't get the snow in response to successor post and get tight end and cause an orange hip hip her day I think the EA get that truth no interest he had no interest and I Lynn we have to keep looking towards. In our case twelve days from the time muluzi UB ten days. It's to get through this and get to be actual first days of spring. Yeah it's calming. Can get used to mean I love this spring until and it's how are rising about the spring she is you lose a lot of that because it. Eat it starts getting too hot to quit uniting mean in any I just love those when the flowers start to pop pinch these days are longer and it's a little warm but you still need a little I don't know if I just love it was my mother's favorite time of the year I'm so I loans loan sprain. And I didn't really as a kid I didn't care about it I just one summer so I convened. Nine school year and fun things. But the more I grown up the more I realize how much are really like spring hits and insists that it's the real hole exactly. And low and that's a reason why I'm just. The other season I love love this summer love as but I don't like to be hot hot so. You know it's against the now in the humidity I don't mind the heat I don't that you it's so humid here in this neck of the woods shot. Whenever we shall not complain because it's all good things are happening and full speed ahead on the spring thanked him. Yeah eight so how has your week so my witness really. Pretty interesting. Items a stock in so many ways. And yet there's a major progress that happened this week and I am just tickled to death about. Wish you know spend and trying to sell my uncle's home he has sent and hours and so. At this point and Tuesday morning. Attorney Bridget Carey and I went before a judge shall rule alone. And we had a petition. Turn to allow. All of the outstanding taxes to be paid from the sale of the house and no more. And so it was granted. Yeah that's great exe. So now we can go to closing down and you can and do that and that's because for the house so good. Yes renewal you know how else yeah I'm really happy that this can happen so. There they are. Good that's good news. And then that I want to move but couldn't get that put together. I'm trying to figure out what I have to do about putting down a rogue. Because it's old tile. And they might locale yes. So I have to get that straightened out and my one but you've got a good spot. I've got a good it's where your rat. To me where I'm going yeah green and yeah yeah yeah I agree fabulous fabulous I can't wait. Can't wait to get there and that's part of the problem is that I've been working on in my house because. I have the printer in the house so I can't take the computer places them sit there and do any thing so and I Landon mild disturbances on the up up up nicely city. He had called the husband. I have Kia panel hey did Napoli intensely tangle things you're not really working when you're working again. Craig who am I now and I tried the other day to. Make a phone call when I was sitting. With him and he says continued to talk tough huh can cough and I think that's just. No you can't. I end up going upstairs isn't including myself and ends and it went down at her rooms as they isn't your math and you hear the echo yes OK guys. Making progress that you brought us so that's good. And the hopefully by the time we get in the next week or can make another great announcement. Of a relationship that I've been working on for years. Business relationship that. I think we'll be I. After a tight ends could go so good that will be extremely helpful to. So there we are so things are going well good good. And power of the purse I'd chances. Israeli. Cranked up and run into last Friday will release another one with the new companies and then working my. So I can't wait to see what kind of results we get how many downloads and all the good stuff. I web sites are in the process of being revamped completely felony exciting to see that. So there's a lot going on and I'm very excited who's doing your website flash it's. A company. That's in Canada. And I ain't. I don't remember the name of them because it's a subcontract from the people I'm working with now cal cuts they work with them allies and they've done all this stuff says. We know we need to do for financial planning sites because there are a lot of restrictions. On what things we can say we can't say I'm a web site. So them more familiar they are with the things you can't say. The better and it is in in trying to get through the text in the pictures and audio stuff to make a work. So I can't wait to see that because that's that's exciting though probably be next week continent well thanks. Apple though I will be left with women of substance. Dot com and Flynn pass Evans dot com. It's great. And everything on the and one of or the other. Always still also will have the glorious land shall I. Iron Lindsay Lohan yelled it's a little jingle. Please do it again do we asked to see again we have to say that we are advertising on FaceBook farce our shelves so if you see it. Like it if you would. Because they're adorable we did what we do fifty of them slim. Well wins they did and several posed to us we did them originally been I don't think with pain he has also ST I was ready to rock and roll I don't know if they're all out but no he wouldn't put them all up but still. I'm you trophy could. Heatley pig pig. But they weren't there adorable and there's just questions that he threw at us we had to answer them as we are in our own personalities but they're a little caricatures on bus avatar add that that's the word avatars and us and they're cute. Really Q and I like my jaw line on an amount. I'll bet there are much more chiseled Shelly said I wasn't very nice yeah emerging now that I did. It is good you're here and your glasses and identical yeah Bill Cosby kid that I also got a new photo done to Somalia usually until wasn't touched up and well this is tough stuff. And remember an out of touch stop you didn't have to remember EG you couldn't afford a little link can't yet. Is a link so is now there on FaceBook. From parents also on Linkedin and I believe it's also on my web sites now. So it is something I have to get some kudos out to bilk an awful. Was with K heart photographers as he did a fabulous job with Phil can Nestle the the Nathan Lane. Yeah this is exam he looks exactly like that even let him keep such a nice guy I loved. So that was fun so I and welcome anyone's comments so I'd like to know we think about it I I have to tell you that I just talked to my personal photon the other day on Israeli Jordanian indices college is to jewels Suzanne I need you know head chat five years or so after a city yet to cushion on six right now so I invade TS. So we gotta get a new one found him although you know public any different centers around yeah zinc yeah. And maybe it could be a better than me oh I don't know. I don't know what I. To see you got good news anyway speech you know Julie's Jordanian yes and other. We have. Framed the picture that she talked. Of Patrick and I standing on the porch of the trip house when. We had the you've had the party they're for Sean shines graduation from trap I Rangel right. And he'd look at that picture and he said I just love that I love that he says who took this face until he's sure d.s and she did a fabulous alone is incredible I was telling she's the phone to the photons in the stars she's stuff I was just with their on Sunday because we had that party had told him unless he gets posh from komen. And although listening huge turnout we had eighty people are so much is nice but it was the first time and it was fun and we had a lot it's a lot of fun with that we really dead. And damn good food and JoAnne just throw up a photo that we put weakest Frankie region was their doing this photo both. So that the chairs the five of us a while including dally busy I executive director but Dolly would each JoAnne Julie Josh mass tonight jumped in the photo Booth the DNA galaxy get four different houses again and sit and Joseph went through the one on FaceBook it really was adorable so we just had so much fun and and it was another photo Julie was actually in the Fatah in you know and which always I always enjoy. He's on the other side yeah. She never gets it front of the camera she's adopting that we had a great time and then we had a wonderful time. As well. At Toyota afterwards when we had missed mrs. caution Davis performed for us to promote an upcoming Broadway Show kinky boots. Which will happen on March 16 seventeenth and eighteenth at the cultural center. As another Broadway performance and Broadway theater Scranton. And I am. And just to remind everybody once again and Broadway theater of Scranton is a separate 501 C three and the Scranton cultural center being its own 501. Broadway rents. These theater from the cultural center but Broadway an NAC bring the shows in two Scranton and their performed at the cultural center so many people and I will for ever say this I think the cultural center is Broadway or Brian Lisa they're not two distinct. 501 C three organizations. One being Brian wade and brings it shows in with NAC true. The Brad threw into the cultural center and they are the renter and the Broadway sovereignty. So just to clarify that again how ever. I'm. That's coming up so we had this wonderful is it an advantage Toyota in the show from Eden and there were probably seventy people or so which was perfect. And it was so good and cop show or otherwise known as and how opal graduated from Riverside and lives in Rochester. This is the first time when he performs in drag and it was the first time that his dad had actually seen him perform and he was making a joke of he said my. Otherwise sent me Andy I will come to visit and see your performance. Only because I'm not Toyota's so much only if you ever do it in. Toyota dealership which was a job but it was just funny how it all came together so anyway his dad was there any sang this song about his mom who's no longer with them because he was saying that is Miami sister and her phone call by saying and each remember I love you to the moon and back. And he sang that song and then he went over and shook his dad's hand I could not stop crying I was like bawling because I was sitting behind them and it was so. Touching and beautiful and he kept saying listen. Please you guys everybody remember. I'm a man. And I just dressed in women's clothes to entertain you I'm a man but it which is important did you kind of blew exactly Anthony's like I'm a full figured woman one of your butt. He is. He's one she was wonderful but he is a person and is a delightful guy and he is very talent and what kind of flashy he's saying and then whoever. And kindness on scene isn't he was himself and then at the and they always do impersonation is yeah so he did one changing he came out is Tina Turner. And then he did a couple of Tina songs and man on man. The entertainment value his energy is so I've been you know how she move Tina can't he's he was hurt he was wonderful cheeks I was a sequined. One piece number shaken every seat when he was it was unbelievable. How did you play in the show room from the respect fabulous because the NR YO. Only had I lights okay endeavor did their work and they had opt lights and they turned to show reminds often. And and they had a file a light Aaron. How are the whole time so I'm it was a really got to say I had so much fun it and it made you think of was kinky boots is going to be about because. That's exactly what it is it's about loving yourself and accepting who you wire and shift key really set the stage for that because it's not easy Nike says it's not always easy it is to see your your son is and at and you know he is in drag performing so we have to look it's it's an art it's a skill and he does a great south but it doesn't. Wonderful. That was very pure. Poignant moments but there Rouse it was so much fun he's hysterical. And Annie was as he was performing you think oh I see shifts from there I better stop and pick of the park had to like just. Quite a little. And it makes you feel good because he doesn't live here any longer but he loves coming back and let all his high school friends in the audience from her that I knew they were screaming form it was. It was great so thank you did Toyota who is to see they are the season sponsors and for Broadway theater league this year and thank you many great times we're gonna take a really quick break you're listening to Larry lynch out. Here Gloria inland. Good morning good morning my name is Linda Evans I am managing director of a financial planning firm called women of substance. It's a financial planning firm designed specifically for the needs of baby boomer women. And I am also the host of a podcast called. Power of the purse which is available. On over thirty different sites but some of the marsh iTunes. Google play and stitcher. And and Larry can the only Mari ten enterprise is it just a fundraising PR. And special and business I have to say dissident drinking from. Whether it should during the Oscars. Yeah what's that the don't this yet I think it was they were all these commercials for bubbly. And on the flavors and it's no calorie no sweeteners known you know crazy financials with sweet flavors. And I thought on why these two trends as I was always hoped and the crew and which I still life yes some of them some of the flavors like I don't but the derby it's good so you know I. Just love these things so I. And Meyer went and on Monday and he bought a couple cases. Up paces dead too well. They're packed. We have actually suing for home since Sony not good at the twelve pack of all close hacked it out yeah. Parrot well what else would you say package I don't know. I just think in that case of Beers like you know when you know I don't know what the case since the siren went out there so anyway. Why why is that this one destroy our Bay Area as a family strawberry it's delicious its head is the only one I've tasted but I love the bubbly thing I love because of course use I said TO if I can drink champagne all day long I starting breakfast and would fit bubbly so I'm drinking bubbly all day long and then say Sherron and it's it is so -- eggs ELY I'm not sure I have to look at it. Putt I just love it and they come in all different flavors in the other only that was great for empathy if she area and linemen or engine. I so far this one and I love scenes if that the little tab at the tap Mac matches that. Can't let me. Just carry singers and of course I have my Duncan strossen look at everything mansion oh how I and that's important when you're drinking things that they can't drink out of the champagne glasses. Well you know. We do have our store so we like oh good good I do I just it's really good so I just I must say I'm happy I could could. Some believe my talk today can't forget about says that today's international women's day and even though you listen to this on Saturday we're recording this on Thursday which is the real day. Of international women's day. And I actually. Found an article that day pulled out from god knows where. A year ago when it was. International women's day in 2007 team. And this is a very interesting take on it and I'm I'm assuming the numbers are probably going to be changing over the course of it. 7365. Days but. The essence of just on the same. And the article is by a woman whose name I am maybe it's a man. I can't pronounce his aunt and something that is something Krishna. Pants MRI. NA LI and I. So I don't know what that is Krishna but it's a day without a woman the economic car. I Smith. They international women's day well also say women protesting to seek social socio economic justice. Organizers of the women's march to Washington DC now this again was a year ago have called for a day without a woman and her urging women to take a day off from work. Refrain from shopping. And to Wear red day in solidarity. We decided to take a look at the impact of the day in which all women stop participating in the economy. Women account for seven point six trillion dollars of that it gross domestic product. Of the United States according to Center for American Progress. And it's all paid women workers in the country. Took just one day off C economy. Would hit it. Would take a hit close to 21 billion dollars. However it's playing out that this figure may not be an ideal metric for gauging. The impact since it doesn't take into account for the unpaid work women do. However it also doesn't account for the fact that women also dominates some lower paid profess. Such as teachers social workers. But here's a look at the role women play in the economy as a whole. As employees. 47 point 4% are so many six point one million of the year's labor force comprised of women sixteen years or older. Census data shows over 69 million women were employed that you're making. 46. Point 8% of the total employed workers in the country that was in 2015. I'm sure those numbers are dramatically higher now. Education and health services employ most number of women as a category. With 36% of all employed women working in that industry. Retail what comes next employing 13% of women workers followed by professional and business services. And we need to get that up to. I editorial content BS because we need more women in professional and business services. The incumbent poverty data collected by the Census Bureau shows than in 2015. Women was full time employment had median earnings of 40742. Dollars. For every dollar than a man earned on average. A woman made 81 cents now that's an improvement because he used to be 79 cents. So I guess from moving forward. Women who work more than 35 hours a week all year round got median weekly pay of 726. Dollars. That's crazy. Those working part time may have a quarter of all salaries female workers. With median earnings of 251. Dollars a week. On the flip side mothers are increasingly the primary breadwinners. Last year an analysis by the Center for American Progress. Pointed out that in 201542%. Of mothers in the country where the sole or primary breadwinners for their families. And in addition 22% were culled breadwinners. Stream bank anywhere between a quarter to a half of the family's income. On expenditures. Women out number men the population according to the latest census numbers. But women's roles role as consumers. Stretches beyond their numbers into their decision making role for the expenses for the household you and I talked about this a lot of times and he kept saying. How important it is that we that advertisers. Have to focus their attention. On women because we're the ones who do the buying them. Yeah household ready not only for his food but also the closing. The cars are just about everything that we consume women have a very active Roland rat. And so. I remember one time pet saying something to me about why is it that whenever I look at any commercials on television. The husband or that guy in the family is always made to look like a dummy actually. What oh I don't know. Yeah. Didn't go there. But the point the point is that that. You know the more that this appeals to women the better it is in in terms of the results for sales results. So this is funny that he observed that it and then thanks. They want out and unlike what did I did okay. I love it I love it sure is so funny. That's I. So in 2012. Of Fleischman Hillard increase surged as a man that women would have control. Over 75%. Of consumer wealth in the following decade. So many 0%. The very next year. I Neilson report suggests that women have purchasing power between 5000000000000. And fifteen trillion. Annually. That's old hunt money. And then as under for no worse. There's of a place called women of all and that early estimates that there were over eleven point three million. Women owned businesses. In the United States that would be 45%. Jump from our from desert women owned businesses in 2007. That's huge yeah. So the research goes on to suggest so 1072. And that's. New women owned businesses were started each day. Geeks days since 2007. And the study further predicts that companies owned by women generate one point six trillion. And revenues when an average and a 143000. Per firm employed nearly nine inch million people mouth. So we're making progress here don't go girl and we are doing things. So Maria and everybody we know. This is another funny thing I have to say I was listening to a series radios sixties on six when I was driving down here via the DJ there. I think it was Amos. But they either really Smart guy seems to know everything about everything he's a really so Smart dude. So some guy called and then send this finding now is that it's international women's day. And he said. Oh he said yes it is at now and we're celebrating in everywhere around the world and he said yes and he says night. This guy said yeah I just want to make sure that everybody acknowledges the women of the world and and what they do when he's and I want to also thank. My special lady name and surname and Janice or something like cash and he's and I really appreciate all of the women in my in my world and all the wonderful things they do so the DJ Saddam. Well he said let me ask his question if you could go to any country in the world because you really love the way the women were in that. In that country what we should pick. Any cause for a minute she's sept twenty. Send Wyoming. Why eight. I make a lot of birdies started the last is not a country yeah but but why would pay just pulled out of well maybe he thought he said the united the country you know I mean not out of any country now I think this guy purposely send this to us down right to be funny okay because spoke. There was I was sitting out was driving in the car laughing let's listen this guy Wyoming now is really I think it. So anyway there we are international women's saying but also what did you think of speaking of international women's and what did you think of the Oscars did you watch that. I want some of that I wasn't really all that. And it is census. That the next day air remember listening to the stats about how many people were watching and now he says and I had the same impression I hadn't seen any of those movies I didn't have anything invested in any one of those. Well I'm very seldom do. Because I haven't been at the movies I bet I do keep thinking I'm going to do it more and more yeah but I would I have to tell you I love Frances McDormand ideology is and what I love about her and I may have said this the last time for the Golden Globe when she wants she goes up and shakes hands first. With linked in the young people that they have on the stage who help you navigate the staging an. She then goes right up and thanks and I think that's speaks volumes to the type of woman she is kind of really fit no hosting can adapt and they're not people just ignore them they don't listen to them they're caught it at the moment they don't pay attention on the whale that should have to staged gone in the wrong direction yes she's doing great write up an and shook their hands move. And I had a I think land air. I don't think she has grown and and how she made every woman every other woman standing gave them much spotlight that I think that was very very admirable even incredible the essence you know I was so something till I'm Merrill Streep come on Merrill stand up get you and everybody else let's do it out but yeah she wanna think for farmed out so didn't she I mean I'm in the key is an I don't think so yeah I'm mistaken. By the way I am bubbly is a distributed by as Pepsi cup. That's what I can see how PepsiCo did your parents your car pet sit canals and wells would have the money to do all the advertising web then today and the other thing is that other one that I told you the look Croix says Guillen is at. Is an American. Soda company but it's distributed by Sunday yes. They sent whatever that may have done a thing. Kia and I think that's kind of neat so I'm. The F Sabrina take a quick break Penn and we will be right back you're listening to Larry lynch off. Here Gloria and win. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry Ling shell I'm Lori candy I'm Laurie can enterprises which is a fundraising PI and special events business. And I am Linda Evans I am managing direct. Dirk for new company called women of substance. And I am I it is a financial planning firm designed specifically for the financial planning needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host of a podcast come power of the purse. It's available on over thirty different sites but the ones you might know the best would be iTunes go play and stitcher. That very young fish and we are and we do not have a guest expert today because we have to. I'm four and a five Saturdays in the month of march so we had this desire of our gas aren't aren't I'm guessing at a certain. Free week out of the week with the Larry immense shadow so you're listening to. Walk and Lynn. Ford three. Segments today. I you guys look to him about it kid. Well I don't. There's something I think is very much. Right up my Alley have a mind to plot my mind my Alley we yeah. Photographers before. And this is you know the old story and I say about retirement than just gets to be so angry when Iowa tell these things on television the ads about you know do you have enough money and how Long Will last. And I have people engineers we have on the blacks and and and it's always been that you know the it's always deprivation and it's always a sense of you know retirement is is wonderful. And working is bad and so. If you can't retire than Manny better just keep working because they have no choice. Well this guy who wrote this article. Thomas cool libelous. What I love about it is is his take on it and the connection. Between living longer. And working past traditional retirement age. So. Either one year beyond 65 makes a big difference in your longevity. So I want people who know networking is not bad. That you know you can continue to work in restructure everything in order to make it work for your life. Nobody said it has to be an all or nothing scenario. Mikey used to being yes like success your eye in any year you know on how many people do you remember. Instead had another job after they retired from their jab if they did and it was something like I remember this. Those with the school crossing guards. You know the early and I say after the yeah yeah the it was a get up in the morning and my kids and our school bus driver knows I need something that you're building a career that you're now you're not just doing it because you wanna keep busy and it's something you think you can go and and get your Summers off anatomy you have some. Pocket money or something right now home now and announces this is saying. He can and minimize that Joba Syrian port and he's dead you're not looking to move up in the horn do year round. Things aren't that kind of stuff I it's how I mean that and that and that title of this article is it's time to say it's retirement is dead. This is what will take its place. And so what she's saying is that they eat pizza at the end. But there's I was saying that he he started looking at and I ice first time my side when I read this I thought. Wow that is so true. And it's when we get old to. When the weight of our memories and regrets. Starts to exceed that and our dreams. That's very true so it's a state of mind that you get old when you started. Just thinking about what was and and you have nothing to look forward to OK and that's traditionally what retirement is fan. So in 1935. When the socialists. And social security act was passed. The age of retirement with senate 65. And that's because. The average life expectancy at that point was 61. So everybody thought F four years later you're gone. It may be in my last til seventy by it's obviously nice today the average life expectancy is just under eighty. Under eighty and I actually I think it's more than that because statistically has seen people. Many of them well into their eighties. Three memo and passed for Susie he's six turn her mother was 92. My her father my grandfather was 88. That and that was thirty years ago I know so it is that we are we just live longer. So he says that that one fact about. The design those Social Security speaks volumes to how outdated. Our views and mechanisms for retirement are. So the percentage who work force representing workers over sixty fives has doubled since 1992. And that's expected to continue. If you plot to increase and life expectancy. Along the increase in World Cup life expectancy. That's the average age of these people stop working the two actually merge. In the year 2100. I often joked that if the workplace trend line continues on this trajectory. After. 2100. We'll be working after we're dead. The example. That's funny it's. OK so. Yet we're heading for an economic disaster by ignoring the implications of increased life and work life expectancy the numbers are startling. 34% of workers have no savings whatsoever. Another 35%. Have less than a thousand. Of the remaining 31%. Less than half. Have more than 101000 dollars and among older workers between fifty and 55. The median savings is 8000. Dollars. And that includes retirement accounts. Contrast that with the fact an expert so when you were just referring to don't say you should have eight times your pre retirement income. Saved in order to retire by 65 and continue a reasonable quality of life. So. He SARS and with what he calls the retirement miss. The truth is that we are doing an enormous disservice to society by setting retirement. As an end goal to a long career. Advances in longevity you're making supporting retirement for another twenty to thirty years. Impossible. For 90% of all US workers whose only source of income is Social Security was only pays. An average of just thirteen hundred dollars a month. While paid media ads. That talk about retirement planning seemed to be everywhere as Lisa said. The Fed their reality is that very few people are actually benefiting from retirement savings are planning. Although boomers have an outstanding. Fifty plus trillion dollars in wealth they will be transferring to millennium holds. This is the part that really does bizarre to me 80%. Of that wealth. Is concentrated. Among less than 20%. Of the wow that's scary. Now it's so even if you're lucky enough to be among the 20% to eleven million plus. There is some evidence that the classic notion of retirement may actually be harmful. To your health. The recent guardian article on our researcher and aging your retirement casts an interest in light on the topic according that the article. They found that healthy retirees who worked a year longer over the age 65. And an 11%. Lower mortality risk. Even the unhealthy drew reduced their likelihood of dying by 9%. An analysis of the study was published in the Harvard Business Review well it's hard to draw broad based conclusions. About the link of retirement health from this or other reserves are certainly growing evidence that working longer. Especially at something you love to do. Contributes to a sense of wellbeing and purpose that may increase longevity and certainly the quality of your life. And so he talks about something called the third act which I think I also referred to in my book. Power of the purse. Available on thank you. That and this is really something that we have to start doing because for most of us. But we're not done when we're 65 we have another twenty years or more with our lives so what will you do with that time. And that's why we called third act. But it's. It's amazing how we just ignore it and all kinds of retirement planning that's the they've done and still is being done. Fails to address that issue. Always look at in an in your retirement projections is how much money will you have and how Long Will ask. Okay we've got to do something about that because that's insane there's much more to it. And then he finishes by saying. If you love it might believe that. And they asked I'm. Respondents if they agree with the statement I love what I'm doing so much I can't imagine doing anything else. 15% absolutely agreed 50% strongly agreed and more than 75%. At least somewhat agreed. So if you're lucky enough to be in the majority why not keep doing it. Bottom line is that the old rules were built on an economy and a society. In which retirement was seen as a release from bondage. The liberating act from a lifetime of work. They were built for a time when most work with Emanuel and labor intensive. When brains were less valuable than brawn. The new rules for a world are for a world in which knowledge is the universal currency. For creating value of so why in. Create an L a lifetime that would give viewed the greatest experiences of your life is thank you mr. Co lawful us yes he said exactly what I've been trying to say and have said for years I just get so tired of seeing people. Feel so depressed and so upset that they can't retire when in fact we tired doesn't mean the absolute cessation. Of income from. I know I don't yeah I think fell less and less people think about our I think there's less people that. Don't you think when they're talking their Nat and I can do it I don't. I don't even look at this. OK and that's one of the questions that I ask people what I do the initial. Intake to see if there's a fit and I talked some about you know the retirement and his I'm not gonna retire. More people say and AME then. People with young son. It's a great sign and I think it's wonderful hasn't done bad things no and I asked if he'll likely do religious sentiment gentleman just said it's always good to keep going and if you're good at it we pack. Why not keep it up baby. Yeah well I I'll I don't want to say till. Dear friend of mine passed away because the other day on March into this march 5. Beechy Jermaine Michelle pennant Taj you know Michelle. Shells mom and Pierre is mom and salmon nets mom and Greg's mom I'm beechy. It was one of the most beautiful from regal. Little spit fires I think at Everett in my life Matt I loved her with her Italian accent. I just absolutely adored her for many years and years and years and years when I would see your I would just think oh my god what a wonderful beautiful woman and her children are incredible people and she and frank knew frank Jermaine her husband their dad just passed away in November. And now. I'm beechy a few months later and I said when I heard she passed and an even know that she was sick but I heard I said to myself. They what that is true love story that they could not be apart because few months later she's gone and she's now in heaven with frank and everybody frank was much beloved franc Jermaine and nature. Social services world and down. BJ an incredible lady choose from Bologna in now and then therefore made progress best Bonnie sauce cook. So I'm by an incredible lady and other Cilic your children are their children are wonderful. People in our entire area Simoneau was out of town but the Greg and Michelle and and done. Appeared Jermaine aren't and wonderful wonderful people so I just want them to another. In our thoughts and prayers and won a mum she's my love the beach she she was the best fan so I'm dead funerals. Camp. I mean a couple of days so. I'm Michelle is the director of nursing for a hospice of the sacred heart myself. I ice it I love Michelle Albers has denied it to work with their little mourning mother. So anyway that's my story anything else used to say before we close so I don't think so I think for good. Well. Enjoy your week everybody in general we always thank you for listening yeah. And Alan my friend at church ice on the other day my body is and so forth but masks. And he tapped me on the shoulder it's great show today that would last the last Saturday as to continue to ice you know they say gave you shout us on shouting out against. Anyway I am we'll see you soon stay safe and please be nice from my nanny I.