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The following is a paid program abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you only gay rights and now Gloria weigh on WYOK. Yeah. Good morning good morning everybody. How are you I'm wonderful how are you I'm just fine and so happy he misses coming out of very nice day when you're losing. To us by. Her so basking in the loneliness of the first four days of the week. How wonderful friends. And put away the big heavy coats and boots but we know we won't we will need those by the time. You're listening to good good good good thing is when it comes to march NA from. Doesn't stick around now on C it's like okay big deal done and I do recall. Eight majors are summarized in nineteen wizardry. He had no less she doesn't in 1993 was worse. I got stuck in Philadelphia health food ran low. I am but yeah I heard OK so anyway come amid the math I'm I'm thinking things are great. I don't have too much a report. As far as what's going on well no but we did have a nice night last Friday we. A chorus line at Broadway which we mentioned we were going to do and we had a little damn thin at posh prior to know which was packed yeah. People there Westpac. And a nice turnout at the show and we have fun I like did I it was the second time I've seen Matt Schaub. If you get mixed reviews but I thought. I'm I thoroughly enjoyed it didn't it was no intermission which I love two hours straight and and done in your. Bureau yeah Baylor I don't have never seen it and I never and I tell you dragged in on did you know I really did outside I enjoyed it. And oh yes we had a good time just so are you singing. I'm in your seat. Some of them yes I still repeating some of them you know Amy do you mean to accuse popping up. They call those ear worms yet well I have been saying look. Telling frank was a used to executive director. Whenever you call they have the songs of the show on when your on holes following every time I call it was always one and singular sensation and I said that's my theme song or say. I was too busy being family that is to our own sounds good is this. All right shot. But yes it was lots of fun classic tell you about a couple things coming up this weekend yes. Number one in the paper yesterday was the story for many years JoAnne our do we know and I chaired a fashion show for comment and then. For many years and then Tracy Dorian best Hopkins cheered for a year now and we went back and this is back and forth with the fashion show and then the last two years we did this big wigs it was every viewer mail I was a female review shall. And so we did that for two years and then we were trying to and we didn't know what we're going to if we gonna do anything this year we decided to go with each Josh master Paul. Black legend posh to do little pre Oscar party from four to 530. On March 4 which is tomorrow when you're listening. It's a fifty dollar charge there is food. Drinks and entertainment. And I'm. It's going to be a lot of fun so little red you know pink carpet EC TVs their Frankie re you doing is I'm in this photo Booth Jack Marin and be spending some tone so it's going to be. Lots of fine and that's and it far out. All to benefit the common foundation and so we have twelve bartenders and last week if you remember I talked about this ash and I forgot the twelve I said I had eleven and I could not think of who the twelve months flat so. On Saturday morning I get a text from. JoAnne Cummings who's who owns Sanderson State Street salon where Lynn gets her hair cut and her nails and I give my nails and my hair cut from JoAnne. And she said Mary Joseph Pino was listening to your show and you were talking about the eleventh bar tender kiss of the 121 what you that you forgot. Eat so I said oh dear god I should never forget. The woman who takes the scissors to my head so. I am what I said I will announce you first so JoAnne Cummings. Owner of Sanderson State Street salon hair cutter to the stars. Will be one of bad gas bartenders along with the many others. I'm radiologists. And so adapter Christine Pollak care and after John Ferrell. We have and when Velez of your ranking now I'm going to get mad man no written yet everybody. As it. Round picture perfect. The from lavish mangan and Greg at Google are a Toyota of Scranton and day are presenting sponsors. I'm Nancy came in our own Nancy from W I LK. New parents I know he's eighty K Gil Martin from nodding company Tony barred towed she. From I'm Bob posture interactive. Frankie Ager Massey who is a DJ and I am at one lasts. That it. Twelve maybe they aren't coming yet but yeah I think is at the thanks so there are all broken up into. How Kathy record. I hate it again and camera. Some truly scrumptious will be and it went by so to all of them are and now is thank you just send that you had a text message. From JoAnne. Yes because she was listening to Michelle Collins I was married show who works there and and Sandra and I know me every joke Reno's right into the mouth is fundamental there and Joey and I forgot your name some of our landing on me. To Cameroon and Harry and your friends in my mind just goes right to insist. Anyway so it's going to eagle and glasses on there and then ask your words because we. Do this Toyota talks against Toyota Scranton is the last season sponsor for Broadway theater and so we're doing in conjunction with our shelves were doing Toyota toss which is just to spread the word a little bit more of what Toyota does in and wants the public to enjoy different things that they. Can afford being a sponsor for us not only everything else they get the to make the tip so we did first Friday's for the last two shows and tradition Al. I'm from this show coming up. For the next one which is kinky boots I'm. We're doing a caution Davis who was who worked with us for the last two komen events and nobility it's not they're not connected at all except that she did where trust for the last two and a common functions last two years she's going to be performing at her show. Act Toyota of Scranton front F 53630. Is refreshments and 630 show it's about three it's about I'm. 35 to 45 minutes it's free and open to the public to be cash bar and orator outflanked for refreshments but they've they're a big cash bar and it'll be at Toyota. I at 33400. North. Main avenue in. Scranton aren't bordering Dickson city there so I want discussion doom. When she's yeah it's a me it's a female review she's she portrays and sings songs she's has her real name is and hopeful and he's from he lives in New York City and lives in he's from Taylor and he JoAnne Angelina was a good friend of his if she got him to command with the show last two years called big wigs he in his tagging Dylan were in their do and they were hit a wonderful. And so caution does his own show and he'll be. Presenting that day at Toyota and he has. He went and she's so I wanna say because she he he becomes passion Davis and it is he's incredible so it's gonna be nice little. And well I guess that is Sunday night the fourth from 530. To 630 refreshments and cash bar and then 630 to about 715 will be to shout free to the public. So pure out about and you're asked the komen and and first because that's from fortified thirty you can go right up to Toyota Scranton. And see this great little performance and I'm Tanya it is he's. Atmos she went in her performance is wonderful. So that's what we're doing and that's all that goes along with it to promote the Broadway Show to. Sinking boats. Which will come here and I'm I'm in March and he has SA sixteen or seventeen DNA test the market check. OK so those are two things I wanted to talk and make sure if anybody south anyone to do something on Sunday these are two fun events to deal. So let me just get this straight because the trees. Oscar thing. Is at posh correct and then the show you're talking about is that Toyota right to separate different they're two separate events and two separate organizations they just happen to be the same night and they fall in line one ends and the next one begins and you play any time. To get there because it doesn't start for an hour design their freshman an open bar for the hour before I Toyota and surely until it. The Oscars started. Eighth and raised here. Crime why you know while it's painful to meet her sometimes it is what I I always watch I have to say it's time. He's his guy I mean even see the movies I have many list. I say every year next year I'm new to make sure I see Cambodians are going to moving more and you think I don't know I know you don't beat and I want to. I really do I love to go and see movies on the big screen time. I love it it's I think it's that's fine you can really really. Get lost and it you know it just it's a little different than when their wives and sixty years seven against Tina when you go by yourself to a movie. Sometimes I have to. I do I like to go by myself yeah there are times I've gone link in the middle they afternoons OK and I find out PS go stand isn't like when their afternoon time. No one no fair which is great I and you can goes it's sneaky and be by yourself and your own little corner in your own little cherry Camilo every wanna be there and you just hang out. Pew environment for the. There. Should go to break into song I don't know now and I am and my first I. And they know this is irrelevant you know and talking about it. Yeah and do things. I don't think it's true. Which I don't Keener and did some they had strings femur apparently inside. Yeah I know and cleaning their command oh no oh that's disaster itself. Right so what else is going on how then can aren't. Yeah she's good that's good she told me to make sure we mention her name again I'm Don work okay we don't she's disarming us know Harry. And I'm Sean. It can Foley another update son has 'cause you know what there's no if you can nothing like. I love to listen to people talk about their kids in their successes and so I'm no different. Shiny caddy thoroughly I think has applied to eleven loss schools and helmet on as he panics and won it being Georgetown and as of today he has been accepted to all nine to nine schools to the affirmative. Including number one EAL number. You heard number three car for. Laugh out loud and then they trickle I the only one he is not hurt to he has not heard from our Colombia an app and I knew VA both of them he is still waiting otherwise he has heard from. Georgetown pen and my EU duke. University of Chicago University of Michigan. And he's well I'm waiting for those two others plus minus a year from now just heard from BL a last Sunday in I have to tell you this story he was in church and in DC it's 6 o'clock mask. And he was in the phone rang and it was me and he's just. He couldn't talk to Susan church some two seconds later the phone rang again. And he thought it was neat that he got scared so weak he picked up the phone any she looked and it said New Haven, Connecticut who have so he still that's what a lot this so he stuck to himself. And in church. This is Yale calling to I leave church or do I let it go to voice now. And he said to himself I. I'm standing in church. They stayed interns don't let it go to voice nine got out ran out. Man listens to the voice on the guy said this is owned so calling for a meal lunch please give this call so Sean did. And right outside insurance guy say you're accepting a so I had ice is shiny made the right choice neither mania because mamet thinking should I answer should I go so I'm anyway any goes. And you know this is the hardest plus schools to get into. Ice is trying to cut in its number one in the country I said I know a lot of that and did you have any doubt because yeah I really did not. Think he he just didn't give himself that he just thought he wasn't gonna happen. And it didn't. South. So we're particularly down and figure now he's gone to visit all of the receivers and I and some my son's Tunney said to me mom why isn't clientele these schools like he does he knows three months ago I said time and he applied to one school for college early decision and that inch so he had none of this. Wait and see who's gonna you know none of that's a reason my fellow school let him go and he's working it's working out well I success happened Tommy designer among but it would sit I sit timing. You rather eleven got. So anyway. That's the update today on my boy but we are going to take a quick break we're listening you're saying that we are a joke this morning to Larry in the show we'll be right back. The chlorine inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry and when shell I'm Lori can be. Owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Linda Evans I am the mansion director of mine company called the women of substance it's a new business I informed. For the special needs of baby boomer women financial needs sessions I am also. The hosts of H. Podcast called power of the purse. Which you can hear on iTunes stitcher and Google play. EA. So what do you have already have. Any goodies that you're going to a hard amount for a second half I wanted to this talk about this particularly because I mantras of the end. Just some feedback from our guest expert today. Who is from. Real estate company you know we'll talk about that in a minute but. I I was fascinated by this these statistics because I never thought that would be the case. But the more I thought about the Karzai yeah. Baby boomers retiring today are just. Blowing apart all the old stories we thought about what retirement is so there should be no different. I'm buying into an urban environments. More boomers are packing up heading downtown for a major change of pace. This is an article that was in AARP. Britain by a woman named Rhonda Jason. And she's tells a story that Julie Hatfield and ham and Tim Leland. Moved to downtown Boston. Surely metal Lannan an interior designer tells her clients that they want to shake up their lives they need in new window to look out. In September she took her older advise her own advice and swap the three story home. In Bloomfield hills Michigan where she lived for 33 years. For a three bedroom apartment in new luxury tower in downtown Detroit. Felt like it deluxe apartment and scanned and. Do you think he's so so that's why you are done now. Yeah thank you it's my mind tells me you're just penned the song today firmly. And this woman and Matalin says I just needed something different. Now in the morning I go out to the great room and pull up the shades and have this magnificent sunrise. Everything's just sparkles. In the suburbs her neighborhood had no sidewalks and streets were empty. But in downtown Detroit everybody's so friendly I get calls on a late Sunday morning saying how about lunch. From her apartment which overlooks capitol park Mandalay Madeleine McCann walk to the opera. Take the Q lined street car to the symphony Crissy rock concerts at little Caesars Serena. I wouldn't have seen Paul McCartney if I still live nerves she said. Madeleine is among a growing number of boomers who are trading their suburban homes for smaller apartments and city centers across the country. Gone are the days on the golden years man's playing bridge in Bogor Khan. Instead these boomers are moving in the neighborhoods that have been revitalized with a different demographic in mind. Millennia holes and new urban ism was conceived for millennia old but is affordable to boomers. Saddled with student loan debt are marathon job search many millennial cannot afford the upscale developments and have been built. Since the end of the Great Recession but their parents can. Whether they choose to buy one of those open concept apartments with floor to ceiling windows around one. Many boomers trends show seemed to be embracing the latter approach is a kind of trial run of their new style. Data from tenant cloud a property management software service shows a nearly 13 of all urban applications. Our firm ranchers over the age of sixty. That is amazing I love I couldn't believe that number. They say we're seeing a big movement of retirees an anti investors moving back to the city because they no longer have an obligation of their kids. Another city experiencing in downtown building booms Portland Oregon. The speaks and those over fifty these more season buyers like being super close of the hospitals and doctors' offices to the restaurants. And it's a little bit more upscale than those funky port when India neighborhoods where star younger crowd. Consider Christopher grants are 55. A dentist and JoAnne bodies 55 who works in marketing. When they decided to give up their 3500. Square foot home in the Portland suburb of I think your pronouncement triggered our tire yard. They considered buying a smaller house and other residential area that they were drawn to the new buildings downtown. Downtown site more exciting more action. Maury do Krenz are sad so in 2012 they sold the house when they embrace their son and by a two bedroom apartment on the eighth floor of a new Condo. In Portland's pearl district. That everyone is keen on the idea grants are embodies struggled to convince old friends. Parking is just so hard they say Krenz has a little pay as little patience for the naysayers come on have fun do something you said it's like. Nolan just in our house and wants teenage. Packing up and all life for a new one in smaller quarters is not easy. It took Julie Hatfield two years to empty the five bedroom house she had to own for 43 years and Doug spurring Massachusetts's. So that when she and her husband Tim. Eighty. Could move to an apartment in downtown. So that she and her husband. Age could move to an apartment in downtown Boston boy I used to Craig. List a lot she donated some iTunes charity. But many things ended up in the town dump. The couple struggled to agree went to keep eventually enlisting an interior decorator and then Tim one of those blue couches and I wanted to get rid of them she said. The decorator had a good eye she said while the blues sofas did not make the cut we were both happy with what he decided. That's about it but I don't think it's. Yeah and kind of been a big plus that I was gonna say my mother did that. Whitman my father died yeah she was living in a ranch house yet in Scranton. Trailer and a full basement. And she wanted to get out she wanted to she felt really uncomfortable being by yourself in the house in this neighborhood. Because apparently nothing nothing is wrong than ever she just didn't like being by herself yeah so that's when she packed up everything. All I don't know how many years or tears up and move teams and move next door to my sister. And then a sub over southern suburb technically still apart a Philadelphia. Still hold life. Left everything behind based on her friends her own relatives everything and moved down there. I wish I did not only didn't she I can tell my son she can do an eighty I can do it whenever we'll anybody can ask wonderful. So this isn't saying no more more people are doing this and I also had. Some clients come to me and say that they gave me a brochure of assisted living facility that was really more of an apartment. But it was something that. I was in downtown Philadelphia. And they had built this whole building for this purpose. Because it was close at everything that you want to do in downtown Philadelphia they had chefs living there that would make meals to order. You've had your own living space your own kitchen and everything else feels like having an up and your own apartment. And they were very excited about it because it meant they would live to. North of here I mean well north of here and in very. The world area. She wanted to stay 'cause she thought it was nice to have all that land and he's saying what you wanna do with all the land. You're 75 years old what do you wanna do with it. So eventually. They decided to sell everything. Cleaned up the house and they moved to this place is Philadelphia and love it. And it makes it makes them puts much more inventory into the system when they have these houses a nail in the morning because I we're gonna talk Tunisia and Wendy wind and the next segment and that might be something to to get their opinion about. I'm because people are I know there's a lot of people who are doing that adds fuel John Marshall. We'll looks beautiful and I wrote songs and they're moving into those places are gorgeous they're not stay there for their rent from. They don't my own name brand I mean if there's and then they're beautiful. So I think that that. Dan appeal I think people in make should make it even maybe it makes you feel younger or something I don't know like you're starting all over again in some way could you really are when your children are gun in your ass maybe semi retired her when everything is coming Dahlan. Move into that site that's neat I also think Jim besides that I'm in a disappointment that they made that in a kids are gonna kids are grown that we've done our job. And now it's our turn ten LA and it there's a whole vibe difference of living in a downtown area. Oh definitely know that says it's very energized. I guess you know. And the only activity you walk on your door yes the only thing that I would never I could never do and I could move into an entire Condo and apartment gifts there was some out. Walking out of the other words having. Marie and now or something where you could walk owl or arch it. This is something because. I what I hate about an apartment living was not having an outdoor to walk out have a cup of coffee in the air and now I ask you had to go down an outside to get outside anyway so it's kind of that he could get anywhere from a bit just they had some outdoor space yeah. You know for PC if you do like 'cause I'm sure that would be hard for a gardener action someone who spent a lot of time gardening most they didn't have any space to do it now you could start community garden you can do other things but if you want your own space I think that would be important step they had that little. Space are suggesting he's. So that because that was my my mother's biggest concerns. That she wanted to make sure that wherever she moved she would have placed the secret garden yeah. And that was a perfect situation for her because she had the whole backyard yeah. And her rose bushes and on the other stuff we actually transplanted. Yeah runs and can't find the offense can stuff that you look for and I know that a lot of these apartments that are being renovated. Do have balconies and brand is kind of thing where you can have potted. Hunted thing yes I at least it's something kids play and like he did tomato plants in the pot stuff like that where it makes you feel like you're doing something. Yes it's cool house have to mention two things till I want to I'm. Give a shout out I'm Myers my dear friend it was and remember we were talking about Jerry did his buddy and his brother I'm. Hilly and Manuel died so I Eddie was a wonderful kind gentle man about two weeks ago and so I just one time to give a shout out Tammy used to listen to us any love yes and so he's no longer with us and god blessed me this kind just wonderful most wonderful man's ability manual work. Here and I thought spiny and all so I'm. My brother Eli and angles bait does a food drive for the armed. Asked if local food pantries and so they ask for non perishable there's a trap my brother Jimmy gives a one of the tropics trucks and there in the parade route collecting nonperishable and financial cash donations to give so that they can buy stuff because after Christmas and Thanksgiving when people are thinking I think it's depleted then and it's a good time to restock so if you see the ancient order of hibernian. Which is the father. Yeah. This he'll eat division. Please. If you're dare think about it brings something or make a donation to them and still be on the trade in the parade on the crowd and it's therefore easier than they're doing and then I had a cam and cabbage. For trying bucks. After words at the green it would pose company I'm Bernie avenue that you can go over 3424. Bernie avenues should go lynch and get them so with the money that they get from Nat. Go to different things to feed people so they're doing a wonderful job trying to get that. I'm doing this and after that when he means like dinnertime after the trade yes for starts at 4 o'clock. So and then of course the Scranton cultural center has their parade day event from 11 in the morning until four. I'm where you can go Winfrey to the public damned there's. I am an Atom Entertainment by and Celtic band and I piper stop because that's the end of the prayed they command. And they do their thing and then of course there's food and I'm wonderful drinks available but it's a very family orient today and there's about 4000 people who come through. The doors that day and ERA one sewers real T is one of the sponsors for Matt. So we. It's just it's a big big day for them so if you're in the parade around in our and the root enroute to go in and stabbed and and enjoy and listen and have some fun so they've been doing this long long time since. So we are going to take a quick break here listening this morning to our human show we'll be right back. Here Gloria inland. Good morning. Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the managing director. Yes. How happy I. I am and I everything. I'm managing director of the company called. Women of substance it's a financial planning firm specifically. For a baby boomer women and their special needs I am also. Other host of a podcasts come power of the purse available on I stitcher now that's iTunes still there and go go play a hundred. It's peace it's to keep our caffeine now I mean come. Harry and I'm Lori cabin owners Larry can enterprises are just a fundraising PR and special event business and as Lynn. And I have said before our guest expert today is Misha Arora. Who is seen General Counsel for ER 81 source realty ERA has about 100 agents in seven offices in ten counties. Amnesia is here and she has a new agent with arrows. Joining us by the name of Wendy Davis in the very attractive young Wendy Davis. And again as I no seat and see where both had any problems windy Dennis and she said it. I am very attractive young lady she has got my license about a year ago about. Ams and visit me she says we can trip we only tell your pretty eager also. Yeah yeah. Into your diet. And it ain't ours and yeah I am as my. Meantime you know how. Easy guitarist anyway. Somewhere here so welcome ladies. Q how are you guys warehouse and there can't wait to hear would you have. Have to tell us cousins I know I have a little advance notice that sounds like a lot of fun yeah we have been having a lot of fun routes we need. Did our Asian day January train ninth that was great we had a little feature article in the newspaper. And it's sat CEO Gary corporate keynote speech on our agents. And I brought Wendy today because my knees and emerging YouTube. I'm FaceBook Starr with new video that she's impose sank so when your dad everybody I nearly every day I think they. When you exam are packed up and and she came easy international business conference in Las Vegas Strip us last week. I'm so we'd probably tell I'm Carolyn a bit about what we learned there. Sunny streets leaving my space. I was finding it Monta is founded. I'm yes it was really fun he's had intervention group yeah and our men my family took us what my dad and my Mino like to play cards. Yeah we went to Las Vegas unveiling of occasions. Children to tally inappropriate in my town my dad but that's okay. Melanie did you have fun in Las Vegas oh my gosh it was so much fun and knows I'm did you learn months a lot of realize it was probably the best conference have never been to really flattening unreal to come into the ninety. Kelly is doing it's it is such Atlantic City that was any parents out comprehend yet wasn't yes that triple play okay. I'm so by way of background Wendy got a license and he really since April. From share last year OK we torture Caroline a band center until it gets really scary part of Dunning. First I arms in Paris yeah her first day now but I was I mean that's just our sense of humor. I think she got used to us through GMAC and when he has closed. Sixteen you choose their chins while B 1515. And I don't mean any time. You did yeah I'm quiet ten months. As well lately I close fourteen an eat yeah so and then you like a little earlier anything yet know why EMI not mean completed adorned yeah we have all. Continental. So hey. I'll rely on the surprise yeah I'm so when he's Smart and are really successful meaning James and basically all she does most anti tank I was young I. As I can you attribute your. Early success 'cause that's that's wonderful. In your first year proud if my my coworkers everybody any areas fantastic and they helped me with everything that I needed to learn and Indonesia she gives me tons of ideas and I just govern with them you know. Are you from the area yes all of impact felt OK so that helps to have to deeds for people and only you are right yeah that's great race so I'm. Now we were saying before Wendy I am an agent went CR AI I really do mostly referring but I. This year and this move last month it was my thirtieth anniversary that again because. Three years old when I got my I'm. No but thirty years and I was 27 years old when I got that everybody do the math quickly how. Yeah hello I'm happy to be there. There's the alternative try. I am so happy happy and you don't look at who cares. By the week if I can sometimes I can't believe it then it's that Monica I was in Philadelphia the next. When I know my license. So yeah I mean it. This year I really flown by faster speed and so many conventional means time science fun stuff I feel like I'm there was really great to have a parent come to Las Vegas Sarah twelve agents are well you know. I'm glad it finally had some big family dinners we had a couple I it's I. Let your failures wherein you that usually are fairly I'm Hank. Fine failing that sometimes a little dysfunctional it isn't by any chance snow ending and I don't. But yeah cinnamon we learned at a time and how brilliant things that we learned about why it is important that video and marketing yourself as a realtor in your realty brand comes and you're able to market. You are clients listings and also from with arguing buyers video marketing is little different but I'm. When he decided last week to do a video as I'm Cory he's carton house is a carton house cardiac pattern it has. You know he's garden has gone on ever seen up your house in spring clean tank so she posted on her face a business pays. She got 3000 and wanted to use after this morning kind of Australia so I. It's awesome. So how long ago did you put did you posts and reselling. Today there are two days yes it is about. That's amazing do you and yes FaceBook is so tell us what we masters as I'm sure we can't go look it up now and I'm here. We'll be doing them buy them by the time mill is not as they have a 101000 and it's all it's it's also on court TC's buck go. Yeah I. So what was the what was the point of saying wanted to kind of get out there and Misha kind of directing mes who it says it soloist she's saying now well key US is winning it I says so what kind of flowers were good we're good to plant in that. Summer in the spring and which ones last under light condition and then. And stuff like that Inge she's. Good he's really get as it was Trevor he was denied any man Clark himself but yeah those are people they know you'll. And remember yeah he's young guys who is yeah I see how can I of the body and god how sad how. Again and pretty and Hanson dam. Just plain just where I ERA in your media. I and our defense. How many requests for anybody calling you just say you know IIAE you know I have any effort that's video by other videos that I've done and she's okay actually got a couple listings from it and no kidding yeah. Yeah networks like our ads around now so yeah you see is them they are Arnold I do yes they're all over Randy sake the other day Tommy SaaS so. Larijani went show I'd come yeah. But it's true I mean it those things that stuff works we're doing now most people afraid to do and video and you see our net afraid but should they don't wanna come across like they're insincere so they mean and Damian and how does she talk to the camera so it's hard to do what I think. I'm only work on and we I just kind of cell type when he's my Guinea pig. She goes on these adventures has all the stuff I'm staff and meet. I'm gonna really you know really works like you wanna know who your real terrorists before they come to your house. Out sorry you do video and she's herself and she's giggling bubbly. Think fun personality that comes across in video and then when she goes you know when you caller to oyster house who tell you were going to jokes anyway here's our number not a match. You already have an idea of who's coming appealing to talk to about thanks again that's and he everyone asking is telling us is business it's not. Always find Saudi mind is I have signed here no makes a process as easy as possible. And just when you really got so much because you know waiting what made you decide to get your license. Well I was selling my house at the time and answer Rhoda. Plan barely get out and she came in as she said he you know you could create real litter and try it and see me should I. I had let connect twelve minutes so I never thought of that. I'm tan yeah. So I didn't and here AMP downgrade is company in the World Series. It's a good thing about it is it's wonderful and continue note he has somebody else see daddy and you would GM would. Yeah and then did you just say hey I never thought let's do and then had a successful first year that's common pretty good yeah yeah. By and has a tendency to calm like it is just beyond like yeah. LA that's like. And Tony and I and any and that he ended I remember in this isn't know with and ash she and I are good friends full disclosure but she nice to get together for lunch and he's going to be stoking stick around we would meet. And I she would talk to me talk we talk to me about. Real estate and she's and I think an until maximum co you know get your license sewage and that was all this pep talk can do and she ended up doing it and now she is a broker's license yeah and so. I mean she really when she's doing a good job get out. And you know when you both are got a backpack off message I'm so mean street across the street from nationality being Kim Blake actually break anything. Yeah I had planet fitness and yeah Randy Ayers is this. Is and you can find Randi hang out from violence Friday yeah. Out front of the fireplace I have. Laptop checking emails and pretty office holiday or is really nice is is an situated yes it's it's yeah. Ask. And stand so while we've been running up I feel like we might really been looking out for the past couple lines. And we have to say Tunisia everybody's license test to be renewed this year so you have to make sure you get your continuing education and I may. Hey I may so and including myself golf schedule some things I have to call Larry he had what his schedule was and get down to do that because that's maybe healers for almost jealous so good the I love him was Larry I don't crowd he's excellent that got us you'd even call if you're interested and he blew it does take Andres Panama City. I'm sorry agent in have you should call mean because any kind of work expressed earlier Iowans harsh realty. But then you go for your continuing Ed Wood chips take every two years before you can read get your license. He teaches a class he's a new. Place down across from the old reverse reverse street jazz cafe across the street from where now Verizon. I think John lives in now actually how. Son how son. The main the main street in there somewhere shrinking reverse Jason's exactly what can I get. He's good so he's like the guy the go to my monastery isn't Brady knows he's talking about and I have been to several of them through the years obviously for is on. And doing this and heat heat to me is the best I love them TJ your classes with him Monday known Bob Barker okay. Yeah there's several ways to get classes either in person you counts or take them on my name. I'm Jane had no man's tank I back in Seattle. I was classes if you want Amare you know traditional classrooms on ain't afraid I don't mind and wrinkles village over three weekends. Present law school. He had the time that's happened in Utah I don't remember who taught us yet will leave as well. That's what you couldn't do any other way do traditional grass anywhere mile and you and I went to Penn State it was still here. I was here when I took my classes and I got married and took the test in 1988. So I'm. But you can take courses and then systems test later which is what I did so well and now do you think he realty market is completely different and I did you first I left. Remember I started with what worked for white curtain went through. Three weeks in king of Prussia even drives to threats nine to five. Three straight weeks before you were able to start in the business after your licence we're now being paid but that was part but it was a wonderful trainer. And then I mean I worked at second and kind that was where my office was an I'll never forget I got my license. And I kind of was waiting to where I was gonna go and started interviewing and then ended up getting a first Collie took I had Floyd's hand over Memorial Day weekend. And I got a call from a guy who's just taken up the call I happen to be on call I'm floored tiny answered and he's had this beautiful house and I said she can think you know I said well how about the condition your house says it's easy as he sits the pristine get wise it was great and it was the first house just by one call and I must. They were gonna go league needs to quit tell him how they can get you. I'm so you can reach me and declared senate office by seven now finding ten in 1999 in 1990 narrowing your cellphone numbers when they want to call you to list or how I think it's 570687847. TO. There we go that was Wendy Dennis from the pet Phil opposite ERA one source realty and knee shot from our general counts or aids council ERA months or. Because housed and clarks summit itself. Thank you for coming early as you think to me in May eventually Oberlin was see you next week everybody thanks for listening. Please have a good weekend. Stay safe and please be nice. I have.