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Saturday, February 10th

On today's show Laurie & Lynn talk to Dr. Nicole Danova of Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center about pet insurance and Attorney Barbara J. O'Hara about 7 signs to lead to divorce.


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors an. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Yeah. Good morning good morning how are you and your phone how were you I'm just sign here how was your birthday weekend. Well it was very nice. Busy busy as you know. I went to Philly it was Friday night when I was a bunch of lovely sits in the tallies for dinner. And Saturday we went to to Philadelphia with my mom and my sister. My brother came with this but he was there just drag my mother's car back. And then we want had met my sunshine and his girlfriend Emma Connolly and we had dinner at. Giorgio I'm kind which was wonderful. Lot of gluten freeze. Bash also and I'm this city was lit up in greens it was kind of a cool night to be either you ask supermodel. Can't and it was packed downtown people were out and buildings were lit up and even little like mom and pops were rich and green it was it was really cool. So. Anyway that we had a good day and then of course Saturday when Tim Sunday went to brunch Sunday may actual birthday the forest. Went to brunch at Mansour is just Meyer and I and then. We spent the day home watching. The Super Bowl and this is ice and then I watched Fallon so I can see the cast of this is us around afterwards so I went to bed late it was a good day it was Eileen but a good day best. Tell our listeners the last Samuels we were here you are coming up for the annual events. Yes and we are reminded of Baghdad and we Jiang did the F for a lot of reasons but mostly the weather yeah which I'm glad we did yes because I noticed that share. And I typically. I really think isn't I had an inland now. So I know but then the weather right. I hear all these sick to create this places like I love York. Townhouse at the putt at the lake but. When you're in there and we're seeing the fire is going in the group comfy leather recliner is and we're sitting there where it's just such a good feeling a bit. So warm and 'cause he's here it'll be today. My birthday will be the next day comes and her February comment next year to Boston thinks something. Maybe he doesn't begin again and we can do fly eagle. Slash. The yeah well I was in Philadelphia this week this past week and of course it was after the Super Bowl so. I went to king of Prussia. Went to a restaurant and I was absolutely blown away by how at every single one of the the stores that were in that particular area Kamal was called the founding. Farmers as they have a big tree on the first floor of the restaurants on the second floor so when we came down steps. And saw the bakery I realized there was a wonderful. I forget what they call those. Raised platter or something you put K comment in those kind of thing. And it was filled with donuts. And they had the doughnuts are had green icing on the tough Phyllis fans a delight polices of the football. I'll cook and they were selling those special donuts and I thought this is really cool because every single stores trying to participate I think it's wonder if in some way in in getting something out of their relationship. With the Eagles and have a Tom wolf for any does had a when he yes yes yes every. Everybody the other day which is cool yeah I think that's neat so. As we are speaking. Do you mean your hearing NN Saturday but we're recording announced Thursday. At the time of the pray yes in Philadelphia so. We're just hoping that everything works out okay nobody gets stupid. But I am sure am hoping that it Tamara called a few people knucklehead CS I love it that's perfect ten did this come back in LA to destroy Indies do now just have fun I can't agree I never understood that kind of behavior well. Meaning there. I caught a glimpse cement before I left the house to come down here and there which is police everywhere yet well and that's good time that was good friend National Guard was. Yeah that's a look like they did urine or somewhere I'm ready to go yeah you so yeah those CA for the Eagles. I think it's wonderful shot and then of course you admire and and Patrick and I had a nice little. Get together on Tuesday at Alfredo is one of my neighbor joins we have been banned marriage Harangody and we run into but. And can marry and ray and cat an hour and an hour and a nanny yes. Barbara you have was fairly environment cabinet ends so it was also home week and we have TV shout out to Brian Williams yes he's there to tell you run. Was talking to him but I am yes so it was just the yes it's a weird week so. Because it's been quite in sync with this no delays every day for school schools are I mean it's a yesterday it was so quiet. I did like that we got less known then. Weeds you know what I guess they said anywhere from four to eight but thank god we got the lower end and now the ice is unbelievable yeah. There's a peak this from my late pass in front of like a stone that I have just on work confront a might. Bush is in front of my house to get over to my driveway. There beef from that point to the driveway there had to be a big. Lake area advice like an ice skating rink and you literally the snow in the ice had to be four inches deep and some believe from the water runoff from. The guys smell yet unbelievable. What can you feel it's only a truly felt as they're listening today and it's been nice warm day. Everything was on the go this weekend you know we have to give a shout up birthdays too quick oh. Seen in in the caddies family eight there were birthdays every February for three years and around ice February 4 61 my three years so there are yes my sister Barbara February 11 1962. So my brother Jimmy February 12 19638. And ten even next year but now until December so my sister Barbara. Birthday jab at the eleventh of February happy birthday Harrison needs a -- are no one of our cash guest experts is her birthday so happy birthday to say need to and then on the twelfth by brother Jimmy's birthday happy birthday Jim cannon junior and my brother in law and angles speed birthday is the twelfth. So happy birthday to end as well your favorite paper boy's birthday. Was sick this race PSA was Ronald Reagan now has there was so William PLO his name and that he says he is the same birthday as Ronald right now. That yeah he's a sex. Okay six foot myth also happens to be. Mine college roommates birthday this and day yes and that's Lynn's sister who is living in. Atlanta Georgia right now we've got a lot of people who in February. Again. Lots of home and my other friend good fencer Raymond candor her birthday is the thirteenth so happy birthday to stretch. Well I yeah and then of course Valentine's Day movie yeah. My favorite day I love it. It's her affair today just I just love it I don't care if it's hokey goofy I don't care. I love hearts and love the love part of it Wendy have a love just be just feel love I don't care you don't have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or any munch just it's it's day of love that's what I like about it. Okay he's always been. My mother used to we grew up she would leave it's something cute on higher bid for an hour it's. Please sending for breakfast she'd pick us up a little trinket and was always a special day so kind of grow up and think it's the same thing. I remember my mom is to make big monstrous. Hearts butter cookies. And then she would put the she had it and I don't think she had one of those. Sexy you know where you you the icing isn't it you address. I think she had one of those deals where it. It was in a canister in liquid cream yeah and she would just all around me and yeah yeah but that and then she would write her name off. Senator I think so we all have that big cooking and I mean it was big it was a monster country should be left to right OC absolutely love that it was great. And we season don't make some when you shouldn't you know I don't cookies on down Valentine I don't have time to Patrick CE them. Oh of course he with people and I think. She's. Again if you need anything but now I just don't have time. The skill set no I know how to make the cookies because its the same ones who would make for Christmas how can you know my cooking all yeah. But I just don't think about two minutes to tell her I might have to do that this weekend make if you cut outs with. And because I truly cool hard cookie cutters say it'd be neat. Now let me go if you have an idea I think she doesn't do this by making the drawing. A half a folded piece of paper. And then she would just make the heart half of the hard cut it out and then open it up and use that as her stance also. How she was gonna make the cookie I was think initially lead today cannot know why. Now mama sent those fun things I really you know this channel in all the way like yeah right to the end for it. No just on your kids know I think it was probably won't maybe in my twenties that she stopped on okay. And I think that's because how you would no longer interest yeah. Yes even though you probably a lot of Sanofi after. My cancer were so good especially that they are the same as the Christmas cookies I made that and UK okay wait a minute that was two months ago. I think we should have some good could it. That's always good I think I'm always good yeah. So I I miss that. By U we've gone to some really wild and crazy places Patrick and I first belly kind of Valentine's Day in New York there was a place. Com the cooling does. And he thought that was cool we'll just cooling does it it was a very small cars as they are all narrow restaurant. And they had cages all around with two. The doves any city I. And they would do schooling I'm not let alone. I have bases out early shoot and when you see those mourning doves you use it there's always two of them my grandmother I always think of my grandma when I see the mine Nanette. I am relieved because she would always. Tell me do you see those dubs if you see one you'll see another da Ali CNN I loved the sound they make and I love their wings the end when they fly a way to make a real end of cool noises she loved it then we went so. So aground lea which is a wonderful French restaurant in New York we've been a couple places we did Henley says an underclass and now I don't. Stuff thank god. Now but they're they've been wonderful meals and wonderful opportunities and I really miss that we don't have there you go in this now I'm amazed at. As usual house and they were realigned no. That's a little too late at this point to. Patience. I don't like to do that satellite go down on that and I mean I don't like to go to a place where it's limited and if you're gonna tell you what you can sort out my guess. And I never go to places that we like some eighty will have to look and at. Place so we'll go what do you think OK the cares where is even if it's hard shaped pizza that's fine. I could you know that El Prado is does have a heart shaped penalizing I'll Valentine's yes that's cute and we show you what I have a picture Meyer and I stabbed or one year. I didn't I don't know which year it'll tell me on my camera and can we fast enough so we had him. Now of course now they don't know if they don't do the G apps along so well but still it gave him enough lead time nice sucks they have that shells but. That's OK it's states was still fun to do what look at a place. Can get cookies. Well yeah. Did you donate ordered from when I was getting some things for after Christmas. Four and mash on girlfriend who is a loves chocolate so I went over to our friend Adam. Maggie had nibbles and bets and they had the orders of chocolate covered strawberries so of course I. Got. Chocolate covered certainly gaze into hers is fast knows him no no I got them for me I gave a regular chocolate possible I guess I heard this hard. Governor rod nick is in big. Senior do you watt who won all. Oh yes they always are good to have I don't know them they saw and there's pretty there's sprinkled with those little non corralled things and the potential scene they don't Drupal. And they don't bite out of the CNET and like I don't deny Ontario is just pop them in your Mel I don't mean net debt now that I just mean little beads that are on the Italian. Well I didn't sound good when Tyler was in this past weekend my stepson. Always decided to go over to the east in town mall in the afternoon on Saturday. Because I was hoping that. The aquariums. Where he's already running but they weren't there there are still building them put them altogether but anyway we went upstairs and we went to the so it goes and we had. A slice of pizza and all these different kinds I have one that was buffalo. Now with the buffalo wings I was one. But this was second with mustard and she's or something and it was really really good young and then as they're relieving and looked outside NASA. Food. They're just curse you include bad I think we have to get something. So I went in there but some tough Clinton Ontario is from moss. And I said what kind of Ontario says. I'm Jessica Mike Pence. Tyler's wife and she's so she likes the dark and the milk chocolate ice so okay done CA nine got a bag for her in no shock and a bag from Maine beyond me out. It was wonderful. There we now order a hate quick break. Meter listening to Larry dimensional will be right back with our guest expert trauma and beat art EC will be right back. Your glory and Lynn. Hi everybody welcome back you're listening to large human shell I'm Larry Kenney on Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. In my name is Linda Evans I am the managing director of women of substance LLC. Which is safe financial planning firm specifically. For the needs of baby boomer women I'm also. The hosts of the podcast called power of the purse available on iTunes. Stitcher and Google play and our first guest expert today is doctor a cold and no matter who is C. Had she's she calls herself. Of the veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. Welcome doctor. Cole thank you thanks for having me as always so what are we in talk about today. Content well there's a lot of things that we can serve turnabout but as always thinking about. Animals as our family members and the financial sort of aspects about the veterinary medicine and the changes. That have been happening as years go on. It just we've talked about this before and I don't wanna bring up an old topic but it's just come up for us to the hospital in the lasted so a month or so the concept about. Having pet insurance. Him I'd go through this so often. But you know people sort of ask all you guys must really hate it when people have pet insurance we love. Love love love that he. And companies that are available. Have changed so much over the last couple decades. It's not the same insurance policies that you one spot in the insurance companies kind of ran like it was your car you know for your dog but it's very different now. I just recently had a client that came men. Whose dog is extremely large like a 200 some odd pound dogs so they expense for an hour. This is extreme and and for the first time actually in my career. We were able to have a discussion. And when I kind of delivered the news to her. Without missing a beat she said I've got insurance 90% coverage it's not a problem. And I it was like a first time in my career started to realize if this continues. It's just taking the fatigue and so is off centenarians because. You know we don't wanna hash to tell you that your daughter has something wrong and we certainly don't have to tell you that they need some kind of advanced care and the expense that's involved. And so insurance is great. According to US a rough estimate how much accompanying you think people don't get it for fear it's too much money maybe what I was. They just don't think about it and I think a lot of it is they just don't think about it I wish. Primary care veterinarians would do a better job of talking to people right up front and not get insurance or pass media late absolutely it usually young. Look at the average person. He doesn't even know that apostle cars exists. Let alone if they've made a trip to us and they have to sort of say oh okay now I know we're talking about here what can I do. So I think it's it to be part of like the general puppy conversation hunters who vaccines and by the way you might want to applaud this insurance policy because he got a Labrador and chances are you're gonna have a Christian Terrance you turn you know I kind of different company is different policies that you can purchase but here's some policies served twenty bucks a month yeah I summer assisting me. But if you think about. Fifty bucks a month. It would take Q. Ten years. To equal what it might cost you if you have a single GDP them or. You know some trichet terrors or something like Scott's home. Yeah I think it like shelters and everybody should do there job of flu. He handled that now. Or even even some mini when you're thinking what do I advice somebody for Christmas what do I am doing right idea why are in nineteen. Why not say let's try it. To health insurance I pet insurance free someone with that with an animal because she takes the burden off to them if it's a bounce is just say it's fifty. 600000. A year right I mean that's a wonderful gift to give somebody. You know I think about that maybe. The M. The other thing that had come up this past month for us ominous is a serve like guy or they're little PSA is almost. We had aids patient who came men. Who was found on the side of the road. And brought into us and this was on it believe it or not this is less common than it should be but they actually did have a micro chipped. The second thing is it was actually registered current playoff and that's the second thing that. More often than not we'll find a chance but then it's not registered or somebody's moved enough times and they don't keep up on it and then. They're sort of lost. So not only did we find the chip we found the owner were able to contact them immediately have been announced the hospital so it all worked out Britney and it's all of those are minors and if you do. Spend that money I think that depending again on the company might be. You know eight dollars a month five dollars a month or something just keep up the registration and keep your address up today you moved change your phone number. Not just don't forget to update that information. And how hard do you call T have any statistics or any any numbers of or uses of need masks for the animals that you did that can be done that was a wonderful story all of that how many months ago October no match I myself sooner. There was earlier than now this is where we had purchased some kids for the fire come right isn't houses in the region. So we don't I don't have in my locker acknowledged. Numbers but I can tell you that. Every single month since that events we still are being contacted and still signing up kids. And every single month unfortunately we get some feedback about one place or another having to use the masks. But good you know we don't want them to be used over the they don't read today in Seattle Atlanta let's say let's say are amassing these are oxygen masks that are provided to you first responders. And the big issue is that most. You know fire companies are you and teased don't have appropriate amassed since the faces the muscles of a cat or dog. And they tried she often adopt human products but it doesn't work quite so well and also it's an opportunity for us to educate EMS students. Either just coming on the program or that are already. On the field but we can have them come in or we can go there and we educate them about how to supply oxygen. Say it you know house fires on him running for Sosa's first response and taking care and how. How many did you. Disseminate. In that first event it was around a hundred kids. How come I can't say how many exactly we've done since then but I know it's a regular just felt great coverage that you got on the. Until well afford to it was a great coverage been enforcing the very next morning was the story yet. I think in Taylor. And that there's oddity was that when they went to interview AT&T she said hey before we walk out the door don't forget those kids who is picked up yesterday and he said it was sort of Micah. Just off the cuff comment may just happened to grab it because they would have left it behind. And sure enough they got Aaron some where is Howard has added that the dog to. Yeah yeah yeah I ask again it was a good independent. Of the setup of the story before and now we. I was so retirement exactly matched and they were able to sit up. I have paid my Q you we we just hearing so many things I hate when I read you know once you think. People got out and when you read it won't take the dog was rescued in essence and even that guy I am dead dog did you redoubt where that Sampson was adapted by somebody he now. This is his owner was too would die in a house fire and he was rescued he was what it. As being therapy daughter's friend that he days somebody who was in the Caribbean and into the big they were able to get a menu home. Are so good because you have older. German shepherd and I wish everybody would adopt older guy now they arch today I. I'm The Today Show they had one of the local shelters I had some dodgy there and they were saying that this thing about older dogs. We had this 1 guy who was am a mix and his name because like different colored spots on his name the spectacles. He just he was adorable and they with a woman said was pop these. But which everybody loves and he's so cute you think you need them you don't know what the personality is right and older dog should you worry you can aren't they can tell you should here's what he or she is light and will they adapt to your family because here's the personality of this got so. I guess it's so I too please get all day Johnson needs to have to be loved dislikes is again. A lot of people are worried that they're gonna lose them I know that's an Iowa man my own personal I had adopted a eight year old Border Collie. And she's until she was seventeen. So. You go oh yeah. You know that's not a reason not to adopt mountain home Tuesday duo and they cannot raise a and to some go to a shelter and often does an older and it's. So are excited. I know but I do unlawful order I just do you just might feel well and for Christmas I buy you an insurance policy I well I can't. Now I promise I will ever and well done and get my ears jog in the call is Akaka pool and is named Baxter and he is. This is going to be seventeen years old and met him. Damn my brother had schnauzer that lived I think he was like trying to urge I I can't get some belief bumps don't don't take as the norm no it's not it's totally know. There's so I'm. I'm them. How to do within the advent lessons or less trying to yeah always so we have agreed amounted to. First this was the second year it came about because we had there's somebody that. Is associated with the family owns a restaurant and also somebody that works they're not that knows us son. Had reached out to us last year and so do I do this we did it again. When gusher and Shannon Smith is gonna clock safer when I get back to the hospital but I think fee. And then the benefits or something like three or 4000 dollars for help I'm 2009 Sergio my wonderful. I'm and it was a huge turnout this year so as wonderful thus would be back next year we may change the dates slightly. Just to kind of accommodate just for I think animal people it's a little bit hard this week. That's couldn contrarian. Integrated and we love it and done. Because if you take the call that the Dayton accord they had that outdoor place she might even get more people if you did I'll I don't yeah I didn't know about our partners that's yeah utilized but I know that they do it year round and insists. Oh wonderful schools that make it more Angel yeah so it's been fun spot to stuff got that's good money got sent down to (%expletive) yeah. It is we head gear is it and went in to block and say I knew I love. I am she's great dogs and she gave all of us the last month on the information about Panama is gone now with that she's some. She's got a good energy guy great people and a hospital for Shrum Tom yeah. And today I saw a couple of your commercials this morning I met with some good things down in the NNA damn doctor do you own ISI just answer was on today I'm looking. Her face and saying she looks and a she has a special place in my heart because she helped me even ultra nice donkeys and when I look at that girls say she looks like a baby food doesn't she she is just such a baby is a shooter Sosa did something on FaceBook a week ago and it looks like she's twelve and yet they just days and I and I know how old you are and I picture but there was backed Bush's invesco we don't tease her about it. Plus she does go to China come and gone. Oh sweet but kind of soaked devouring it's all of those things that you got the denies it's great because I can tell you her knowledge base is not out of a child stars don't know. Later years but it's couldn't have been great I'm a brain and then still look like a baby yeah. They're burning to the sound Foleo higher rates. How rusty how about anything you can love antiques fine dude yeah so numb our phone number is 5705877777. And you can go to our website alleges VE RE CPA. That's actually getting rebounds and hopefully we'll have a new sort of website come out sometime soon. Beyond that we also have a FaceBook page ends are Graham accounts. Sure. She is that there's accountants got Jerry CPU and so you look us up snapshot I think now as well some where I'm from. An Iowa attorney in every time my husband sees those commercials on television. The last frame Murray had a picture of the dog and the cat. And listen named yeah. Every time he says I just love that picture I think that is so you wonderful. I opened their revamping what you're doing to keep them because that's really great I don't take it honored by OK I'm. And credits staff for your tube Calvin and highly. Of course this is. All right well Nicole thank you very much you. And we will be back with our next guest X two experts. Attorney Barbara. Here Gloria and Lynn. I had I'm Linda Evans I. And they eat and then she director of women of substance LLC which is. They financial planning firm devoted to the financial needs end. Literacy a baby boomer women and I am also the co host a podcast called power of the purse podcasts. That's sound available. Because he's the fan there was. It's it's on iTunes. Stitcher and Google play. And I learned he had me on a. Laurie can enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special events business and our next guest expert today. Is it Barbara attorney Barbara. 36 CD. Does and barbs with disk if you remember last month we talk and we continuing match for a time now we're doing and I know multi that I originally and there are clearly I have numbers for plug in the end we yeah. We still numbers and yes I guess good you know we haven't I have found Indonesia's. About five years that it that it if I do numbers league enjoys that so so a week we do know. And today we're doing some seven things that science say predicts divorce so again. I. Is so. Number one getting married in your teens earth after age 32. So they looked at this statistically in said the people who get married very very young. You know that invents a hi predictor for divorced and people who get married. The way later you get married in your forties you fifties or whenever. And it was a philosophy that hey you know you can do it on your own and when did things get challenging in the relationship. You could call call it quits how so what do you think. I wait while I ain't kind of fun I don't I agree with that early one because I think the whole mouse. Because you're just so young. Attend people define that goes I'd still banana I kind of agree I don't necessarily is much agree with the later won but I get it because. What I would think is if you're. So much the hidden and that the 32 is older but you walk us like think why do I in need to do this Allen diet that's the kind of I'm set in my ways and so are you probably. There is a certain amount of sending your ways and yeah it's been a never married and is trying to travel with him and it's really challenging. Because they have one way of doing something in Nancy only way. You look at and say. There's no different take and I'm now. No ordinary you know it can't say I'm married 35 years this year and years past be a lot of give and take can imagine absolutely and if you don't have that resiliency it's. Check patients and everything else which I can now I am married 48. I'm just Krispy yes that was the first time I was married did you 48 days later he would ever be married. I did not think I would be married did you wanna get married when I Wear my and I did and I didn't. That and it's interesting because I remember talking to my mom about it and you know on her generation that's a women dead yet. It has really early lunch priority is to find a good husband. And because I'll look the other way and anything that went on these in light that's just how was so. I insist that based on that. I dissent I don't want your marriage I have no interest in doing this you have it's. I think I can have the FDA. Found the right time. I found it. Yes I found somebody. That I I think it when I was dating most of the men that I dated more intimidated by loyalists. They just they're like that's OK that's great you know but then that I can ever was looking for something else or what I OK goodbye see you later. And there was signs like you said you know you realize and you can join your size you don't need I don't need on the entry economics. So I think it was just says what Patrick assured me at that time was an opportunity to live in a different world that I had. Never really been known how to navigate which was Manhattan. And I just thought that was really pretty cool when I would go and visit him all the time we would have a blast. And I completely relied on him to help me get through this city. Because he was born and raised in Brooklyn and lived in Manhattan and into an in New Jersey this was assault homeway tram. I was challenged by Matt my eyes the bigger picture by the the calling of something bigger than what I was used to. And do you think you could learn what. I myself yes yes OK and they say. That when attraction to other people off. Are the qualities that you have that you don't. OK with the nanny or you know. And you can see she had the skill and the ability to do but she didn't own that she wasn't moaning that is something she could do so she found it intriguing. In the league in Patrick and it's exciting. But really what that was doing was stimulating her own excitement because she's thinking I I can't do but really she could she didn't owns her own action but then when she got to the death of forty he afforded her that opportunity that you became quickly that you would quickly realize you can do it right yeah. Yeah a bit and became a starter and is he doesn't. On your says comfortable with the way says that the people he associated with. You know there were times I just saw gone up to this level I you know I am totally out candidate. Mutation fiasco you know that's centrist I thought that was interesting that it worked in 48 but not for the reasons. That one would normally be married 28 short. If I don't have a completely different world yeah so. That was it and it was interesting that we both lived in our own homes. For a long time because I had business here she was working and employed in New York City. So we kind of had a good deal we've seen so paranoid Kenya and married now at that point OK because I think if that makes it worth ten if you don't live together with your how. How has been your mate it's ideal. Since marriage I still what are they saying how slick and that was when Eli. And us is the they why is gonna tell contact and it couldn't hang out yeah I descend like owns I don't know about this car go back it up. Love actually I guess I did you press IC in my practice when people have too much togetherness they that I NATO they come in and say well I can't think how. I was today yeah and now and I'm retired. Or he retired whenever that's a real challenge now. Relationship because now it's trying for seven more alert they start working together. And and where is sent all day long. And I had a woman say to me. You know we worked together we let do we need together easily together some and got a gift and I centro when she can't get a different job yes and she looked at me like I was a person she talked about and she said. Well yeah I can do. I don't like typical looks to be together like Matthau and I think yeah. You know it then takes the right kind of person well you know those are at stake cards that are out there now I got a two of them one and that inside just says that's all they're black they're white with black lettering the very I don't know who makes some gas. Well my gaming when that's said I love you Jay I love you very much even now you aggravate me in any insight says that's always an excuse me I can't give this TO. Don't even say that like you don't but it's which bit is that were invading. We each other right I don't know that no number two it says that the so when a husband doesn't work full time. And I'm. In as an awful lot of not just did he mean. Guy who works part time name sporadically. Old and order she makes so much more. I think that's becoming a bigger and bigger issue as you see 40% of the women. Nationally not necessarily in this area but nationally to make more than their spouse. And if you look at that and there's. There's a conflict that maybe nobody talks about or where people do. And those couples where that becomes a big issue and he feels threatened and she feels like or why she get a job buddy. Set order what did you get a good paying job and you have all of that going on because years ago when he was I'd I'd paid got. Page. My partner and it Indy relationship and she was certain it was making a lot less. Society didn't judge that and say that's wrong hundreds and millions and now an inning opposite gender. There if there's a judging by society there's judging by spouses in some cases. Because I've seen women that are very well compensated. Married to a guy who is not and there's that little white as you please wait. Or why am I taking care of the house the kids. And then make more room more than he does. And what do I need to import OK but I would say that this I'm gonna land here I would say that women think more about that. Then men think when they are the bread winner that women should pull their only ask because this time as men don't get into that weigh in don't really say until the divorce comes and then they don't want to let go or they don't think that they're words to say that the while they're there and raising their children and doing things. Men I don't think rarely complain about them being the making all the money NYC that I don't know in my view I heard that that's what I see in my prayers I mean you're happy. I totally not my at a job and she never did or she got this minimal job and she keeps all of her money. And all my money goes sewers a family. But her hers hers is me at my death comes at a here's the nightmare yes but I think for the most part they don't unless something comes up but that's societal I have right because it's the exploitation you're out of it. You know I don't think they're necessarily better I thought I don't. I guess there are a little bit better and adjusting then we are we complain more about it they don't. That's how I mean it they come we as women complain more about her husband might beat someone in the deadbeat and we're Macon the money and don't we can't more than a man would complain about a woman who might be perceived as a deadbeat but. Do not mean I think it's it's it's more complaining and I think when there's. There's less mail complaining because there's an expectation yes I don't expectation and yes he's gonna provide for family right whereas. There's not that strong societal expectation. On women. But I can't get a message it. Very interesting to see what happens. In the next that's in tune generations from now. And see how that sets up because as he just sent 40% as the number of women who out earn their husbands. So a lot of the attendant. The societal structures. Will really be challenged by that especially when against the 50% or even more. So that and that's I gonna happen in the next ten years but I know anything. And as we move towards more of that a lot of these societal expectations are gonna have to change arm marriage will not continue the and that's a custom. Okay well. You know what I thought I agree with you. But it's not as surely marriage because people are living together and having children. And that expectation of we're going to have the Stanley and he's really going to be the keeper of the of the that's the list to lose regardless of whether in his marriage and I was out Amy irregardless of whether it. It is marriage I think there's more pressure on this the person you. Is the one that makes a Stanley Jones keeps his schedule you know Johnny has and I. A doctor's appointment and this kid has soccer practice and who's going to. Make sure you stop working to run him get right at them. And even if you assign that task. You know I use the one that everything everything is deal and you wake up in the morning say it's Tuesday we have scouts tonight we have soccer tonight we have this. And dean you know the other partners says not I. Put what do you think like well somebody's got to yeah. The third is showing contempt for your partner. And actually Lynne and I talked about this before because sometimes you can keep that up from from talking to a couple yeah. And if there's stack contempt over anything whether it's financial or you know how they treat them whenever. When you showed contempt for your partner boy Len Russ stay. And it has some people stay in bed relationships for a variety of reasons but but the showing contempt stadium it's game. I could see just in the financial piece of that we have married couples talk about special windy and into expenses. Then you really can't you know get you can't get past that because some bitterness is still there and it comes up every piece of. Okay we're gonna wrap it up five C a mailing Antonio Lee Evans ended nine months. Hey I'm telling you I'm thinking get in touch with the I know I practice in in summer Pennsylvania. My offices at 1421 straight street. It's done more I. Can be reached at 5703547171. Practicing for 37 years here. And I'm practicing like a 10 Lucerne. 37 is now I yeah. Isn't new year that I myself every gal hey everybody thanks for listening have a wonder Beltran weekend everybody. Be safe and please be nice.