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Saturday, January 20th

On today's episode Laura & Lynn talk to Dr. Barbara Plucknett about New Years resolutions and ways to accomplish them. 


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weight gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning. Good morning how are you today I'm doing really well today thank you and this. Oh well hopefully you're listening on Saturdays and hopefully it's nice but yeah warm yet warmer. But this morning as we taping on Thursday it was. I could even open my door and my car and Tony after 8 this morning it was. Stock. And frozen shot. Yeah I didn't like the idea of having to and then driving the G-20 I saw that. Outside. So. Three times are adolescent days four times I had a clear the car. And the team this is too high I can't do reached the Baja idea spoke. I do my best to just hope I get no love and then it's on the ice that's been around home my guess I'm not that has been. Horrible enough cash but others and that we are fine girl lives and we're good so. Yeah I just think immobile for people who have been. Devastated by his natural. Disasters. Now mudslides. And fires in California. Those floods ever and where NASCAR and how we had nothing until now we don't. It is nice CNN you know whatever but here we are yeah oh yeah eight. So I'm coming up this weekend and the 21. Not only will there be to play off games. And right up front I'm rooting for. The patriots and the Eagles sorry but I am she goes yes patriots know yet no but I don't like those other teams can't. And no interest in the vikings a and I had no interest in who's the other team can't there's there's something what are their names and I know now. Did you yet is is Jackson fan and I know interest is I called them newfangled. Teams 'cause the expansion teams I called the new fang of no interest you know you football now interest. So I am gimme the old tried and true you know and and saint. Again I was mad because beat Pittsburgh Steelers losses and Landis saints lost mean which. That I knew was horrible it's a game. The unending now again you guys something everybody with their mouths were just hanging out I was I not no one could believe the F. Horrible. And it was. And I keep thinking like you can't just didn't happen and there's no more sensational much time on an island in the name hard yes so spectacular immediately it was a great is they did a great job and now I if that ticked him off. It's so good game those employment. And anyway I'm Ned very day the 21. On 15 January will be mighty. Second born son's 24 birthday. So we say happy. Birthday mr. Shonn can Foley honest funny forests. Birthday. So that will be wasn't funny first of January as well and went down Sunday Sunday how OK and then Tuesday. The 23. There's my step son's 37. Birthday. And then the 27. The toss they next week but what the heck. Is my oldest son our first thought born son's 29 birthday very nice I'm answering. If twins I know why I'm gonna go aquarius rather three of the search queries and I love that this is the Don we. Oh no here and so anyway we. Yes so and so I am. We will. Go visit to shun to trap us some goodies on Sunday or Saturday night to see him. And he's going into Philadelphia didn't. So we are going to. Meet him in many young and deliver a couple goodies that he has request that's very nice compound. And that's the head. Then be the weekend and then watched both games on Sunday. For sure com and how Arizona and can RN and can parents do an hour right that's Angela rank this in back to work. Now and I yet but she's gone back to Barbara Steele where she lives within the next couple of days good and she's done right. She wants to dry even all that stuff and it's her left leg so she should have no problem but yeah. This is gaining an out of the car it's going to be an issue and it's it's bad weather I think in some kind of hold off fun and a little bit but. Yes funny how the children become apparent dissonant and it's so weird I know besides. And end my Shonn heard yesterday how good nucleus from. The University of Pennsylvania in his on the monitor yes that he was accepted today are lost gone as well very nice. So he's cracking him up and so he's very happy so is movement and grow and I had to make a decision. Well he's cleaning fee applied to eleven's colts yes he's so he's heard from five yes so he's just waiting to see and once he knows where he's accepted then he'll make his final decision. But doesn't he have time lines with each is is I else I don't think so I don't think there's any not that he set I think she's. You know he had just be I mean after awhile you'll have. You'll have to be able to our right now it's still on the process of decision time. The company thanks so yes he's very happy Henne should be because he's racked up a few good ones RNA has ice yet he's a good kid. So I am. An NSA told you earlier this week was I'm. Staying I was I was home a lot. I think my offices in my house because it's. It's so much better that way especially in bad weather it's truth is nice. There are lots of cancellations. In Sweden a collapse of meetings board meeting. And then Benson insists. It you know and you know rightfully so are you familiar with let them guy who played the lead and I forget which. Character he was in Hamilton. Leslie Odom added he's that the he's at his arrival here he was an unknown Wednesday night and I'm really wanted to go with that was really bad that's. I was only had some serious snow can claim birth. Yeah I think he may have I don't remember but the point was that says show did go on and he was there. And because they say to show almost gone and I got them a message from some a friend of mine who had been there and said. Really it was spectacular I can't imagine he's a phenomenal one entertainer yes yeah Andy and Patrick loves it tip OP is always. He's a do that nationwide commercial. Gain the SOS undecided or they're single. And she said that first time pants on that he said that I have some money voice. I said yes he does. And so we downloaded some of the there's a Christmas album he did. That's on and I'm iTunes so I downloaded that we listened to that a couple times and he just. Loved it. Absolutely love that. So I'm sorry we couldn't go and I really would have flights as CNET spent. Given the weather situation. There's no way that I could've been comfortable with Patrick walking around on the ice and snow trying to get there. When that happened. Yeah I saw he EU was coming that's for. Well that's good. So it was good to have a god I have eight do you want to see him ten have you seen it you didn't know I would love to do I would tell ago. We need to make a date now as I was at my feet 2020 mouth. There's always look maybe and in this Lynne is Lynne money well whatever Clinton is I think and is now he was when he's gone again I was Donny has taken the show on the road from winning the grand. Literally so I don't know if he's still there and maybe some of our listeners can tell us that come but he. Yeah I can write a letter healing how can I am I could compound. Thank you forgetting about yeah go go go and finish. It okay. So I am I don't have anything to report for my week. You can't have mice who owns a casino. I don't think you were working no not I don't know I only took a listen I'm whether I'm home or not it wouldn't matter where I am I feel like I'm always doing something working. But yeah I am I just was an. How about south. Defense. Well I was neither actually I pretty much stayed around and was packing up my things in my office. And I am planning a move out to somewhere else don't know yet where I. That because of any sale of the business to mine former employee I'm Christopher Harrison. So. You know I need to get out and I and I am happy with that very happy with and I thought about this today and I thought. In 2006. We moved in that building before Christmas even. A part of our news and financial. And the date that we moved in it was 125. Sixth somewhere in there in January and then that particular day. It was extremely cold and windy sites that there was a wind chill of 25 below zero. And that was the day that we moved again. He sure wasn't the twenty announced a cash. He sure it was that low because it today because I absolutely remember because Sean was born on January 21. Hints in 1994. And that to date was and is was the lowest ever recorded a that was temperature not a windshield that right temperature right okay so yeah maybe the wind chill could amend the wind show how awful and every time that opened the doors and just. Here that he was just competing with it would come on as a blast and then the door and. Open and back and forth and back and forth but it took a good day. Two hours to get everything moved and end up I just felt like I could giant ice cube idea I could not get warm but. And that's the way it was so we've been there now for. 1011120. Here listen. She dance school so that's OK it's time now. Move on to the next phase which is the women of substance. Thing and and then I was very happy to have signed on with a group of people called top advisor. Other fronts around Canada. Who specialize. In working with. Financial advisors with their podcasts. So. We've Marty and I mean but this way different sites that they post. The podcast before and a month three. Right there are some big difference so I'm really excited got a lot of people lined up I can't I have three or four of them. Already done that need to be published and we will get those up and and running shortly. A new web sites combined web site it's going to be really cooled noticeably a great year really looking forward to it. So 2018. The new beginning and a since I was a good thing is net indebtedness. Where you started and where you're at. And what you've become I I was thinking about none of those things the other day accent had some time to think yeah look at and you just eat and you wonder. Where like ditch the chew or you don't broad you Coke and the chances you talk and that's. Decision humane. And you do you think back of all should I have should I end menu when you look at like in anything in life but obviously the older you get in your career no longer on you you're very you just think think guy and I. If it's a good thing you're made the right decision to tell that to make that. You know that'll mine for Yogi Berra when you see a fork in the road take it. If we when you get to a fork in the road. And scurry like the wizard Abbas. I was thinking about. That's true. Just that that is showing me think of when you get into your ear and your fifth decade I'm in my sixth decade. You go back and you look at the things that in Dan can you remember all the angst and Osgood drama around. Decision a verse is decision be and then when something happened how devastating it was CO. But yet his surprise Clinton tonight you did everything it's like think fact. Of like eat your high school years and the things you weren't afraid to do or that you were were an owner or the love interest in your life and the things to like and you think now Mike kitchen it's like nothing and yet. And yet they were such big things static and even your careers Steffi and guess yeah it was but really. Big decision. And and I and that's why there is bet that you know that the older you get PE EJ you know then all my new youth is wasted on the young because you really are. Such. And it's such did. Dear Hillary inland. Hi good morning my name is Linda Evans Siam named. Most of the old things that I. Abbott. And managing director of women of substance LLC which is a financial planning a firm for the B. Needs of baby boomer women very specific I'm also V. Host of a podcast called power of the purse which is now available on Tony different sites and I can't even recite all of them know I always go and and I review. I'm Laurie cant neon of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and you're listening to dump Lari Inman show. And and we begin big shout out to Johnny Lucas why. Just because he's in the looking like he's not paying attention to was asked of those and as I said Johnny Luke is he a big smile and turned in and did you waved to me Johnny. They really are Daniel and here's Johnny M. So you. So I mean he still smile and the things we do to him if you are we didn't she do for you know in the anyway. So we were talking about before the break a little bit about when you look back on things and it's funny Lynn I don't remember. Like say ten years a go looking back on my life and thinking how those decisions you know all those places Nobel like it but now all of a sudden I just sort of seem to do that I mean just think it's when she hit fifty year what's that is that. I think it is a thank you you really start looking and I hate to say this but your own mortality. And the sense of you know pay and I can any younger and the need someone else breaks but I mean I think the thing is you just did things that kind of I'm shooting from the hip when you're younger because you never had this sense of your life ending at some point in time it was oasis where he can recover from that I can do their second to match I think the only again I think the more you realize. That there are things you really want and doing your life. And it's important how you get there. It's not necessarily something that is has a financial component to it. But it may be something that has. I'm an emotional context to it maybe it's something that you always said you wanted to do. Even with deceased parent and you say. I need to do this because I said I was gonna do it I wanna get this done so whatever it is I mean it's it's just. At this is an infant that's a perfect segue into something that I wanted to share with keep with you and what their listeners because it's it's a really good to. Thought provoking. I'm checkup. And and it was in the the January edition. December January of the AARP magazine SI. And so is code give yourself a financial check up. And financial split the tagline is financial planners asked their clients these questions to determine if they're in control of their money. So just how fiscally fit are you. First one has you have fifteen seconds can you list everyone your financial accounts. Yes. Okay. All right there's only a one nonstick. I'm kidding go to bed. And the next ED yet and they can't you. I don't think I could I guess has so little bit crazy. Coli has so many of them related to business account no I don't and you know. Pension accounts. Could not do that fifteen seconds yes. So anyway but the what they're saying is by the time you're seventy planners recommend consolidating accounts. To make it easier to organize finances. That's especially important when it comes to 401 k.s are traditional IRAs. Overlook an account and you could face a big penalty for failing to take required withdrawals after so many in half. I have and just. Happen that this week I have run into that with some clients. This is kind of you know putting along where there was 401K plan and sign out of borrowing K a sep IRA. And a traditional IRA in her counts. And she said committee on it do I really need to have to channel I combine them. And I said you know that's a really good question because in some cases a while ago. The IRS would not allow you to combing so come to commingled funds as certain kinds of each other asset was a self employed and ones watched from a prior employers even existed and a traditional IRA. I so that's what I was thinking so and went back into the research on in this particular case with a sep IRA. And a traditional IRA you can combine them there's absolutely no reason to really have a sep IRA. Because it's your money to do remember one month ago when I just combine it that's one instance is going back and taking a look at things like that you might see if there's ways. To consolidate which is really what do you Suez because once you get to retirement. You know 125. Different council or the place that the fewer you have the easier it is to manage the outflow. And I say yeah I am I handling this and that's the last line is really critically important because a lot of people forget. That they have these smaller 401K plans balances that they left with a previous employer and once it hits Sunday. If you don't take the money out according to the terms of the required minimum withdrawal. You can get taxed at 50%. Out what you didn't take out plus the income taxes. So you know to dry and that. And secondly who will really inherit your IRA. After you die no matter what it says in your will you have one right. I'm kind of retirement accounts and insurance proceeds go to whomever you listed in your account paperwork. So if you forgot to change your IRAs beneficiary after a divorce. Your ex might end up with all the dells like it or not. It's so it's really really important and I am running into this a couple times I'm not sure. If the attorneys who complete the divorce paperwork. Saying this to their clients. Now you have to go and do this you have to change and you insurance sometimes insurance. Policies become part of the settlement. And that's fine because then that has to be done. But other things like your smaller IRAs and stuff like that people just forget and they have their X listed. As the EM. Beneficiary and if that's what I meant anything to do with your well that's right it's in these things pass outside of the well right. So they would like life insurance and all that's just BSE anything you name beneficiary. You need do is passes outside of I'll see you go look at that. And here's another question how long until you pay off your mortgage so most people don't know what do you mean the al-Qaeda and I was looking and LSI and inside. Yeah I actually really figure out land. I'll be 120 but you know figured out on but the thing is that sometimes that makes sense when you reached the point at the end of a mortgage. When there's no interest on that and you're almost is paying principal. Pay principle we don't think it's less you have to take out your pocket and normally we're thinking this is in retirement. So it's one less bill you have to pay so if you take the money pay off the mortgage we got maybe five years or less on it. It's that I did doers he have extra money can always put it a principle and I payment on the mortgage. Yes a lot of people don't think about doing either yes and it's strictly goes to the prince I ran into the principle which you can make. And I can shorten that from a thirty year mortgage yeah I learned and is when he won. If you did you get rid of the principle which cards which is human rights the interest rate. So huge huge gambling what else if you could manage their finances who would Stefan. That's a good question no that you should know that right yeah. It's something you need think about yeah 'cause. If she reached that point in life and you know. You just assume that it would be your children you assume it would be a spouse but what happens if those people are not capable of doing. Whatever reason so you need to. Do with constitute terrible financial power of attorney. That time is something where you name that are presented if so there's no question is no in fighting and no BS didn't worry about it. Would you put down is what you put down and when you it needs to be activated. Bingo you're done. And somebody will. Take over for you. Tennis is a really interesting question and this is something and I've I've found myself doing. And I really didn't think about it but. Assuming your now retired. When you eat out to order a lobster or chicken. After decades is saving is hard to flip the switch suspending. No wonder advisors say many people with the means to splurge you end up denying themselves a good life. We're trained to accumulate. About Nunn. The thing that's interesting is that well first on that word to accumulate never came out until. He started financial world just saying that's the opposite of accumulating huge fan I never heard to accumulate but. But ever anyway I'm. At the answers and this is take advantage of your good health and mobility to treat yourself whether that means ordering an expensive on trade. Are offering the whole family a once in a lifetime crews there. And people there just don't think about that because there's so afraid of a living their money. He you just don't take the time. To enjoy in the money while you have the health and you have the opportunity to do it. And and I and one that always said that I the other day I was maybe with some clients send. One of the two of them have a small IRA. Relative to the size of their retirement portfolio and I just said what are you just take the money out. Go have a good time. He's always saying possibility we'll never thought about that but done elect and his son I said it's not gonna make a big difference here in your life. It's not gonna generate enough income that you really need to worry about your standard of living. So. Why do you just think about cashing NN. If they were both past the age for there would be a penalty. So I said lets you know when mark says so over time. And take some of that money and go on cruise and then they started talking about the places and love to go on things they wanted to do. An image so one that you and I both talked about which was. They about the Sunday orient express but it's the one whatever they call yeah goes through this since Canada first something yes whenever that. And I said yes and I you're talking. Don't be a lovely cruise now taken another candidate goes from New York tint on San Fran but there's another one of the SARS in Toronto. Now both Aaron Meyer might do another one's status and Chicago when it. I think to Grand Canyon so I don't know gas pumped it sounds wonderful I really would love to do that's so. This is essentially saying a little quick checkup and I'm more. Of your state of mind and it really is the numbers and then at some. Yeah he just since today is very thought Provo. Joking when I say and I I really want as always said to people is so important that you spend the money. And they know most of us come from a generation of parents who. Their parents went through the depression. So they've learned. There are savings habits from their parents and they're they're thing was they wanted to make sure the same gave something to the kids. That there was something their for their children and I it's so hard to work against that. Because this and your kids are fine if your kids the kids are all educated they have fabulous jobs they have their own for a one K plans. You need to do something with us for you. You know so gradually. Kenny ease in the event. Thanks so it's time let's let's get real. You don't know I think more than any anything 9/11. Taught us we don't know from day today if we're going to be here. Yeah so go go spend the money and have a good time. I'm messing with everything don't hear that. Now to say is don't Susie. So. You expect. So lower Harry Hughes the current name. President giving. As I went there and that's my in my Father's Day hasn't and a little bit of fun without money CA and I downing speak to a few people I know many ways yes I'm well. Okay Harry well we are talking today. Age. Another break and and another break and we'll be right back and we will be. Listening and talking to one in my favorites around here doctor Barbara taught and who is our guest expert for this week so stay tuned we'll be right back. You'll chlorine and Lynn. I was about my name and whenever I AM they managing director of women and let them LO creep. Affirm that I just started. Sure helping baby boomer women with their finances and also the host of show a podcast called power of the purse. Available on iTunes that you earn a whole bunch on replaced it. And we're back today with our guest expert doctor Barbara Tuchman who is the owner of the band gynecology. At Olympia. I got your going to be in Scranton and Lari. May join us and a few minutes or not she's pretty tight up at the moment but those are. George I'm so welcome doctor thought that. Good morning how are you O. Fine how are you doing great Ankiel. Obama talked about tonight. We ended our a year and a note of gratitude. And of course then they always have followed us in January is what to do with our New Year's resolution. I yeah and though you know some people make them not everybody makes them but it is at a time when people at least think about changing. It changing their habits trying to do the right thing trying to be healthy and lose weight and and you know what every is that your your goal is you know we we tend to think of those things in January. So I thought that at least today we would start our year by coming up with some strategy. To kick to it. Because most of us but will start a New Year's resolution. Will not follow through on that New Year's resolution and we fall off the wagon very shortly. So something with that you know I thought would be a good help for trying to. You know stick with a resolution that we've made. They'll and it is actually the statistics that they over 90% of people really don't feel like they can pick actually get through there resolution. And so one of the things that we wanna do it kind of arm ourselves with some tools and tricks of the trade. Could be able to get through those things. I do an awful lot of counseling and healthy choices of healthy diet. I mean I I I do a lot of evaluation of people glad that I try to make them the guests and some of the things that the lifestyle changes that they can make up. You better help them sell them correct their health. Without medications and things of that sort. So I thought that this could be helpful from my perspective as well and I also have not a 100% effective with all of my goals for myself so I liked some of the things that I read about you know and preparing for this. Little chat this morning. Well I'm glad you. Here that you have acknowledged that you are not someone who are so perfect that no god forbid follow every. Absolutely I do well and Altman told I thank you I'm very well intended but I you know can't always say that I I predict what I'm supposed KO. I wouldn't think that we wanted gill is you don't. We talk a lot about breathing. We have simply greed and I I think struggled with this whole. Be aware of your grass type of thing you know he really have to focus back. On just your breath it's hard to keep focused on your breath QB your mind wants to find focused on so many other things. But one of the things that they they responded about with sub. A person Johnson who does a lot of mindful that says that people who are stressed. Or distracted. Are more likely to get into their temptation. And they allow their impulses to direct their choices which I was an interesting statement. That you can't focus on the goal that you have. Maybe you are more likely to say you know I'll I'll just do what I that you don't need to do today or you're not paying enough attention and he'll cues that eat the food that you shouldn't have that chocolate that. That donut that cake that whatever is that you had made your mind that the weren't going to have this year. So I think. Really it is something that you should learn to focus on its a good distraction from some. Act that going on in your life. Trent and you know before you want to open your mouth and think something you shouldn't say you know breathing at the good thing I always say to people just step back and take a deep breath and I think about what you wanna say before you do it. And we may have before you do it and so breeding is one of those things that comes in handy. You know some people can meditate other people can't. Again it goes along the whole line that he helped you calm your brain down enough to be able to focus. In that way. But what they've recommended. That. Trying to bring clarity to your day. With medication that the best time to do that at the minute you wake up in the morning. So before you actually get out of bed or when you're part of your feet first hit the floor. You wanna try to focus yourself on the goals of the day how how do you see yourself getting through your day what can you do to. Aybar accomplishing your goal for that day. And so you know you can get closure right again think about your breathing and try to accept the gold for your day in a positive tone so that you don't allow it to have a pie issue. Italian name. I think something like if he went to bed with something unresolved in your life each. And you wake up in the morning and the first to have content so that they come up again at the negative saying it's its energy draining. So how do you put that someplace where you can bend. They are right here on the positive thing that I want to have happen during the course today including best thing. Right maybe that's the way I can connect and make it be a positive thing pumping I can learn from that. Is that about make them. Yet that's exactly one of the things that recommended this kid can really. Come at this with a very positive tone you know we always we built ourself we've done something printed. My my my biggest implication that chocolate cake right I love chocolate cake he meant LB crew. You know when it there I'm going to eat it and I won't you know eat other things but I'm not supposed to have but I don't know what it is about chocolate cake until you know I don't wanna. Feel so badly about eating the chocolate cake I don't wanna tell my summer and bad person for eating the chocolate cake. I'm an idiot and I'm gonna tell myself I need to be better about other things. But I'm certainly not gonna be negative about myself I'm gonna remain positive that the rest of the things I do for myself are in the right going in the right direction. Okay I'm coach Bennett that he's still find. The good in yourself. Even though that's one thing might be a bad thing. You still need to be able to acknowledge yourself for all the good things that you deal. And so that's the kind of the mindful that. The medication piece that helps you continue to work towards your goal if you fell off the wagon yesterday that doesn't mean today you're not gonna try to get back on. I think a lot of people tell themselves oh that's for the guilt comes in after the negativity come then and then they never get back on their plan and they let these things go by the wayside. Though it you know the the art of how the committee is really a good way to do it. One of the things that they recommended to imagine what yours except might look like so if you're the only kid trapped by count ten pound. Imagine yourself bookings. The five county can come later a Maggie yourself maybe feeling a little less belly a bloke. Or feeling a little less tired a little sluggish sub whatever your goal was then promote people what a way to lock I have to say that. Gumbo man I cold blooded. Try imagine what you might look like have it if any and they that you can achieve that goal and that's another way of motivating yourself. Don't go pray that the that the company are playing around with the other night that at that followed right into what you're saying. There than at the cold air brush. And you can only the picture of your gut and you can show on your little airbrushed saying how you can make your hate. Look thinner I you can make. You know any bit but the other thing like you're kept wet weather do you want to do. Wouldn't be great lab but pictured faith. And say what you look at that the chocolate cake they all think of that take a look at irked the it's like being impediment up for you didn't say OK forget about the chocolate cake. Bright red and I think the really visualize absolutely and that way if grapes that that's right. So add I really I like that idea. So what are the other thing. Yeah I think that was it could be your own best friend don't beer don't be a bully towards yourself you have to you have to actually you know show signs of self love and self respect. You know don't start that you first people. Might not you may not feel everybody respects you're but he loves you but you have to find those qualities that you love about yourself and and the thing that you respect most about yourself and keep those issued on the top of the list. And then you know find Patrick gold underneath that they'll you know I I I wanna eat more vegetables today. Meal that's something that you may need to write down I haven't penchant for today my goal is cute you know eat a chocolate cake. My goal is to drink less coffee. My goal is to golf for a walk today. Yeah so you know I'm not a necessarily feeling like you're bad about other things that need to make your list of things every day but things that you value about yourself. And then things that you like yourself could accomplish that day. Luke. Okay thing that I think is important is you know don't pick your goal to hike you know when you wanna go out for a walk don't go thinking you're gonna walk three miles. You're gonna walk one mile. And if you wanna learn how to run it apparently enjoying groups that help you do these things I think that's one of the reasons barrier breakers did so well with that they they helped you start with a little golden and they broke through those barriers to educate the larger goals but you know I have never run before. People sign up for the half marathon in April and a I don't you really I have. You'll little bit of a program and an may be you employ a friend you get somebody to come along with you look in the buddy system works really well but don't don't set a goal. That you'll never accomplished realistically and then be defeated by the fact that you can't accomplish. That coal. Yeah OK I don't promote people go out. For the first time they they do not follow what they were supposed to do they figure all. But they hacked with a different and I build just realize I can't do that and then they go back to their bad habit right I think what you said it's so important is. Once it all the way that doesn't mean that you're terrible person that you can't do is start the match say why we need to get a and that's where I think people fail where something like 90% of people. Guy who's going up for gym membership okay Larry aren't they are by February. Correct. I don't have any. I know I putted well that may warrant or the don't that was what can you said that one of the gold that they one of the practices that they used lead. They would do a challenge for seven days instead of heading you know a month to month to three months they would just set a goal for what they could accomplish in seven days. And then a negativity they would set another goal because that was something that they felt was the wood was within reach for them. And they only didn't help one thing that they wanted to change. They couldn't I have here. That they that they did that turn your powering through a guy OK Jennifer and they've likened to look for another what ever. But that was all seven days I I could be candidate for seven days it can be seven David no chocolate cake they could be seven days of one less coffee a day it could be seventy but not going to Starbucks whatever was that some little thing that you thought might at. At issue but heading your bigger goal. You know little chunks work easier than big chunk. No. Show element than via I think that you know it it. It's okay to try to take those that the pact practices and work towards yourself. Yeah the thing that I think that you know I was reading about what that. They suggested that printed which I don't have fallen off the wagon and not being able to go to a thank you of people taking gym membership and they don't complete them they have a 1000001 reason why they're not gonna go that day. I'm but the activation is Cuba maybe could still go but you left hook you thought you were gonna plan after a clash gears so tired you don't wanna do it. Maybe go and get to fifteen minutes on the treadmill. An earlier you have a partial completion of your goal but the full thing. And you can't you don't wanna feel defeated for not being able to complete the full thing let me you know maybe Hewitt stepped in baby steps instead of a larger one. And again don't feel negatively about yourself because you didn't have a good day I knew we weren't able to handle what you thought you wanted to kill. Yeah I like that and make them smaller. Goal but the connection. Right. So it I think that the most important part is. Trying to find something that you feel is worthy for you to make a change about. Whenever that is. It could be you know your your goal for this year could be wait rough which it interest Domonique it can be helped and eating it could be getting out more it could be socializing more it could be learning a new activity like. Yoga or Pilates it the whatever it is. I need a find something and the goal for yourself. And then try to do little trick to move forward with that goal for your year that's part of you know whatever it is that makes you feel good. What do a body could hunker artwork. It doesn't a lot of cases. You know as long and with a buddy you know they don't post it definitely didn't have a buddy in Trenton shiver going to a class. Find somebody in that class that had similar goals with you worst animal level of activity had similar skill set that you might buddy up with. Because when you have a buddy system you have a sense of responsibility and that person you don't wanna I wanna quote let them down. And that you can show up. Are you tend to do more with that person because. They you don't mind you I had the feeling that there truly your body. They're good at and accountability thing I think it's clearly it's the right billion. OK so. We're almost out of time here would tell everybody where they can reach that they need to help our offense up is located across regional hospital we are Jefferson avenue in Scranton. We our expanding our opposite event. Finally we've been asking to a M fer awhile to improve upon our faith though you'll have to come and see how we're doing over the next six months yourself. Yeah you could reach up my phone at 5703449997. And accords were online at doctor Barbara pluck net dot com. We would not gonna let me name sure he LEU eat cake and eat eat eat. We will be glad that the Dem again maybe structures and go for you as we look at your healthy side of the blog at don't be so cold that the OK though thank you everyone for listening and a boy would they be safe and be nice. I eat and I.