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Saturday, January 13th

On today's episode Laurie & Lynn speak to Angela Powell from Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center about Cask for a Cause which will be held on January 26th.

Also Attorney Barbara O'Hara talks about factors that lead to divorce.


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weight gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on don't lie okay. Good morning everybody. You're listening to Larry and shallow. And hello lit. Hi mark how are you I'm fine how are you doing great could. What's going on your world the well I. And I didn't con man and you know my house I love Christmas I know decorating for Christmas and it's a lot of work and I told Joseph I think I have a total of seventeen Christmas trees in my house. 1717. So now I have two real ones that are not big dough like four feet Eric Darren. Unlike ones on the table and once in a camp in a pedestal kind of thumb. Cooler kind of food and beverage cooler and mats like I'm a copper cash and but the rest of them are look I didn't need. Collectible trees and I've gotten through the years. One have to speak about twenty some years old and it's just but like. Pretty little kids from different ones all over the place myself. There and that kind of one in my front porch was agreed pine tree that's about five feet and and another five foot in upstairs and I am your man looks it's artificial but it looks real with pine cones and really it's beautiful. I'm the rest of them are decorative kind of trees but their all of from my house yeah ceramic one don't I don't know Hillenbrand who now. I'm gonna but I have so many and I love them and trees are my favorite thing at Christmas I just love that trichet and that can sell on it's hook. From I say 11 AM Asian until 415. To get everything. Where needed to go. That's pretty good. Same I'm time that's five hours I'm attitude how did took few more than five hours of but the more often than William because they did it I took my sum up ended Sunday it was more piecemeal. But this one I wanted to be done and now I am this was so well and done effort here and it's done. By any time there's a sadness to it every time I put the way I think it's sad and then. I look at happier than my house is for the moment 'cause I have all my other stuff that usually output a way he's can get into. So tell us a little bare but we're okay so Wendy's start doing this what Chris what do away it's time right after outside aid goes sign. In media I get outside done which is very simple but I guess that's done right over is so link usually. Black Friday or next Saturday Christmas always at Thanksgiving food and an inside I like within that week I like to start. Do in the okay so it's a long because it takes a long time to do seem eyes he'll get his long should we took it down a little bit late this year it's usually. Dallas owner but it does he was so cold last week guess act I'm. I didn't like it and I want to be in the cellar India announced baseman our Boehner I think Marlon then I thought until I don't wanna go down and get them. That's a big monster that I really plastic bag or else I can guess who took put all that stuff from Randy money going to brush was is too cold. So if that will be this weekend while we're getting. Deluged Wellemeyer and Jerry helped me all day so that was a good thing it's good to have. So my house there with you so what are the boys are back Caliendo Larry god there are a lot of so shun has won one law school one is not she got into NYU yesterday OK then. So he's waiting for heart really is waiting to see here just tear at the rest of the ones at that he's a clientele so we'll sorry we'll see as we doubt. That's great look imagination to my boy he's worked very hard land and god love them so he's doing he's still a right good. So we. Well I became a great. I launched. I was on Monday. How my niece. Emma who is someone that lives in Florida Ollie as gave birth to a boy named Chandler I know she was having a baby. ISO and white that's a cool name so he was. And I Hammett them like 1:53. In the morning I. An hour's time and she kept telling me all hung hunch he's just really too happy being in here he's just not don't think I didn't and I. Tons of ideas her water broke and Sunday and so Monday morning she'd actually delivered I'm. And that and supposedly he has coming up with her for a visit. In the spring to northeast from pounding good and we're thrilled she's. Has it look like god mice. The answer I surely even now I can't even while he's now so she's the oldest daughter or they younger oldest yeah she could he could end up looking like well we could. He should be there that happens a lot with the daughter the first daughter has a son and the series like my son looks Tommy looks like my spot so that could happen. That happened yep she think she looks like Billy you got your niece yes somehow got past seasons I'm kind she definitely does. Congratulation. On getting excited I am so thrilled I'm content everything into AT Wendell Reynolds I know when I might say the catchers comes as the door you have to show me how big was thinking. Phone nine pounds and now nice guy he's I love that it's it's the famed windows 820. I heard the same time now I am round two last weekend and another fine. And he didn't just play that's great so and begin another baby I saw your face poke poke post where Calvin was in New York. Yours or catch I don't know who shows they were in wish they lands and box and how. Because he will. Hull's glove box offices even though there were shoes doesn't make any difference he has to get in there and get himself situated. So that actual it was done. On its side the box is on its side. He popped it open so that the top came down flush with the floor and when that happened. One of the issues found out. So he got himself between the shoot this fellow that she was it was still in the barn after the but as he's just got to go where isn't the it's it's am doing Rosie any other candidate O'Neill and care now he's not that curious about boxes. Calvin loves boxes. He was so cute I sign every now he's about he's really funny look like kids in almost don't know about some of their big shoes so home thirty and ten and had DNA classrooms hands. But got some big shoes to fill yeah. I heard he does and how that boy doing. No links on Patrick. So from both thank you cash. That I left. Now it's how many we'd all and by the way Olson and Tyler and Yasser coming in first and foremost yes Thailand needs to understand one very crucial thing. That's his hair that was just wrapped up well he's out I mean and just so he now. I'm sorry you may have good humor and that kind of in our girls guys play with so little I understand okay but you know. And they bloods thicker than water. Yet he may not Condit if he will never come to me smoke haze in the. Come on Friday night by the way so they're going to be there for the weekend shifts so anyway yeah we are now doing the countdown. How Long Will be before everybody else and he'll say I mean how long is is free to really gonna tell me three weeks until I. Okay well Laurie Meyer come in yes. Just is common to have. Silas comes India. And and it cats yeah yes I'm so he's so we'll that would be just so wonderful I'm so happy now. He's around it's cute it's innovative science fair that's a story. Talents but we go left here twelve. I think we should do quiz. I know it's okay don't have. Only ten is only ten questions and whether or not O finance time okay awareness is the first step in gaining financial freedom. Test your knowledge. Do you know where you stand in terms of money smarts the following questions are based on Oppenheimer Funds research. It only takes a minute to see how much you know about dealing with my number one. 60%. Of all women that end up managing their own finances at some point in their lives true or false truth. False just to speak out because it only gun I know not because it that's not correct and concept this is one of those. You know up there they are tired. Knows is higher percentages. So then I 80% and 90% of women. Will be mentioned their own finances at some point in time. Does live in honor of concern ranked 90%. Number two most women invest their portfolios. In investments that are too conservative tour finals you're right there's too conservative. And that's why when you we've done these before and I have I've read this information on the show. Given a man and a woman same age same amount of money. Contributed over time period in the their 401K plans. Then come out almost two times more than women simply because they unless Sandia and it's not so much. That it's really aggressive but it's just it's a do well in the women's. Okay and women just go for the guaranteed stuff right and right they lose. Number three most at most stock market investors get wiped out at least once in their lifetime. Sure if I was say true lineup now. Historically not true there are curious declined an over the last fifty years the market has shown overall long term growth I can. Okay you 2000 dollars is the minimum amount needed to invest in mutual fund true or false I have no idea. False. I was in against the how I'm sorry he's a scenario I mean I'm done now he had you can open a mutual fund automatic. Account builder program for as little as 25 dollars a month. So in the story if I don't have any money it started is ES. Especially when you're talking about. In your 401K plan he just started immediately with the first dollars you plan. Okay. Number five you need about 75%. Of your pre retirement income to live comfortably during retirement true or false false. True. Corn and I need a 100% no no you don't need to guess he's no. Well I might think I might think that that's true but it's clear he did his theory emails so. 80% of your pre retirement income that means if you earn 45000 when your retire may 31360. Kind. I disagree but so I'm gonna give me yes I'm now. I'm so much for Oppenheimer. Roots OK number seven. Oppenheimer's no I'm sorry six in 45 year old woman plans to retire at sixty. She can expect to live a 21 years in retirement tour follow true. That's true they asked if anyone says about the average for women but we are making strides forgetting even longer than that. Number seven between stocks. Bonds and CD's over the last thirty years. Bonds have appreciated the most I was and the investment overall true or false. Formally known as a CD is so I have eliminates them. That I don't know bonds maybe more about stack I don't know because when the bond markets up to stock markets down and then vice Versa so I. I don't know about guys that may men nine and I. It is. Stocks. Your right. I'm so that is false it's not fun Senator Obama created. But so really appreciate knows I was really I was just gonna say but isn't it true about bonds usually the opposite happened yes OK but. It is true in theory but it's disproportionate. Okay. So when stocks go up they go up much more then I'll go to now OK okay. I here's the number eight if a woman can afford to invest only fifty dollars a month she shouldn't bother true or false. False corsets phones. Because according to Anderson over the last thirty years I'm sorry wrong when a monthly investments fifty dollars growing at 8% a year be worth. 9147. Dollars and ten years and 29000. In twenty years which. Okay that's wonderful this is done by Oppenheimer 'cause they want it and that's right grant money would be worth virtually nothing ten years from now and twenty years now. I can be a trip around you know I'm cruisers and I'm. Now worth so much. Okay. Sought to discourage you from investing news to accept failing OK number. Ten a woman's intuitive ability to manage her emotions around money is one of the most important aspects of creating wealth in the long term. Her ability to do sign up to me yes she should answer yes it's true. Okay please do number nine but we ran nine times so whenever okay Harrington well. Yank the land down well but we'll be right back you're listening disappoints a liar inland Shelton. It's Saturday morning I would Lori DeLeon and oh really. Good morning good morning how are you today under false. We have ours is our first. Just expert with us this morning from veterinary referral and emergency center. Her name is Angela Powell as she is the public liaison only here. With them. The police say hospital and the outside world I guess cash and that would be good to be Lear's own with the end grown from Raj. Good for appropriate. So. I know you have an event coming up please it went to tell us about the financial. I knew a little first phones PT back catalog. Happy new year. We have an event coming. I'll hop on the 26 leases steam last Friday of the month. And it's something really did last year into me again this year and teaming up ways to perceive a house in Scranton. On George Washington avenue and basically there are doing their cast for cause again and into when he eats little. And do what the program is. Is local nonprofit is sore. I charitable organizations. Team up with Coopers and the you don't need me. Small little may need to Hague. Ernst super rare beer that's called a fair game. And this during the event. Someone gets an island and they didn't actually tap the cake. And all the beer that sold during the month the events. From listening to take this church and goes stranger directly to a funds or and charitable organization. And who's this month in January we're going to be doing her Angel sons which is Yang mother yes I didn't and disease than we have at the hospital. Pet owner comes in and an animal needs care. And they are just financially strapped me cannot get this surgery your procedure done. We pull money from this donations funds to you. Cover the costs and damages in the medicine earlier in the doctors donate all of their try aim. And all of their techniques and skills and we get the animals they care that they need. So hey hey hey it's great I love that. How much you anticipate you can make at this fund raiser and ha well all last year I know. It would is a very positive turn out that I was not with the company's apple right so. I'm hoping it's going to be in the thousands. Of dollars. On top of the sales from the the beer we're doing. Raffle and a 5050 drying so. The past couple weeks have been going on in the community finding really awesome businesses that have been. Willing to donate gift cards products. Themed baskets. And we've got a feeling create lists so far. Means restaurants. Kids they don't lose it is going to be framed art. Barber's. Patrick Lang is candy coffee. Meal prep companies to be had for national sponsors donate some things as well. So there's gonna be tickets are still you came by as many doors fuse you aren't you don't have to be present to win you can stop in. Grab a beer after work puts tickets and the next morning you may be a winner tells set the price for the tickets the raffle. I think cool they're probably going to be around a dollar peas and there's going to be discounts if you buy a and Anemia and and it popped yeah. Good so we're really excited fans. We're gonna find out the brutal what it is soon it's going to be Susquehanna neighboring company beer. Which is agreed to this local food that's also great because it never had about one Canada yeah. That's good yeah. We're really excited about it and we're really excited though a lot of the businesses. That we've reached out to you when not aware of this program that we have at the hospital Neil Simon. So actually some of the staff has come up to me after I made my pitch and asked became a business card I don't I don't mean yeah. Can we hang this flyer up so has been really a really good feedback from the community. And I would taste it daddy you would welcome if anybody wants to call you who's listening who might want to contribute. To this event I heard absolutely they can cause you and donate you would probably love back correct of course of will be our. Opened CU and you local business who once held animals in need and is willing to contribute whether against Carter get back skid. Even if they wanna just Collins say I want to you guys to create a basket for me. Please just branded as my company I don't know what to do well yeah we'll make ask if Oreo. And you're reminded us saying nanny and casino won a lot of times people will give you the money they don't have the time more she's our own and we no one's going to let what do you need and will pay for exactly yeah it's great that's a great idea I mean I love making baskets and dying young -- impose so I am so pumped about the leak in the event is a good all I'm going to Wear underwear for all of these baskets in these baskets will be at Coopers or will they be and dares say they will be act Cooper's OK then so you can put which one new line I would write them exactly try to win. So it's going to be there. I think tiger is going to be in I believe the bar area. And we're going to have kind of the entry in the holes line with the baskets depending on how many we get. And and then you'll be able to free roam if you want to have dinner in. Get a beer and come back or just coming in look at offerings and moves. Atlanta's fire when does that take you can't popped. It. I believe they're get rolling and try and other events and their ideas speech involves happily have yeah. Ended pins I'm going to be giving the speech yeah then maybe miss Els in 19100 no love and can't. It might be anyone of us but I believe it's going to be between five and six uncanny. So that's this is from five to eight the rights battles. So last year and now I deny we should try to go yeah I would I would like to kind of put him I can't give me curry Bryant and I think that's and classics. How audio learn just change starts its finances. Escorts. And so we're really excited means a lot latest that a lot of people have beginning as positive feedback and this this far and restarted. Way back from the opens in 2010. And Iowa is I'm prompted a couple own hair her couple clients came in and said. You know I just wanna put some money to pay it forward. Think she's anyone else needs medical care and they can afford it. And I guess it kind of colleague wildfire and much more and more people started donating. They got to the point where we have a separate fund for it but we don't pulled. Any money out of it for administrative fees for general maintenance it's all. Strictly donations is all strictly for. They used to pay for her. Right that you would have to pay for if you works charging them and the data just donate their time so you don't take adapters time I and that money is no stuff you'd have to actually should now be don't pay for the doctors but supplies and drugs and on that break out. Ray yeah. So since this fund has been started back in 2010. We see it's well we've cared for over a 130. Animal wild. And that's strictly donations. So when we Y and Z ham bone a warrant. For nationwide. Pet insurance that money went into find as well playing. So that's even in big dose and ten cents a drain on our. So I was it was a big deal and yeah. We're just glad we have it and we had such great Sweeney out regions supported me voted for us so we're hoping that. A bunch of people come out and just just even to check it out just five minutes of their tie game it'll. Registered their brains. And it's even if one person and learn something in shares of their friends. That's our really looking forward yeah I think it's wonderful Angela soon Cynthia. Angel fund. Programming include. There were some runs a 25 K run or something like that and the task as I remember seeing inserts. Remember there yet a couple years ago I believe there was five K burns thank Cheney and alongside with the pat. It's something that is in the works yeah I can't give any hard indeed quite yet okay. But it's something that we definitely want to. Reach out to its median and started doing again we've heard a lot of people. Warning to do it again it's just a matter of sitting down in Plano an hour. And it's Cecily another thing that we've done for the angels sirens. We have and just on land link you can go online and via PayPal. So it's security can donate any amount at any time. And also if you stop in the hospital we have mugs and T shirts for sale. And all the sales go towards the fund as well so you're kind of getting T share your mug for your donation. So it was so intense that a big push for the holidays people coming in by mugs and that's. So I guess we can also tune due to then is if you know you have a pet lover friend instead of buying them against you can make a donation in their name miles and given little to give a little Carter reference real mail out and I see you and I got to get atheist that's just another way. Her people say hey don't give me a birthday gift this year donated to the angels on time. For the for the hard turns the shop for person and a person who has everything was PN's severe pet lovers they would be happy with that brain. Severe pet lovers since this wasn't on clay because they're thinking 000. Extreme padlocks dream match. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. GM wow that's great. So what else is happening over there uncle I. I mean we've been doing some great stuff was our continuing education. Throw her veterinarians to earn. Credit dollars and and keep some up to date on new things. And where do you hold hands and when you do now so we have. You don't have many room we have been at the Radisson Hudson's goes ahead. Can Scranton so. If there's any net tax or veterinarians throughout there listening and and you're looking for continuing education credits you can feel free to contact us in the months and months used to credit hours. Our last one was just cut this past Tuesday. And manure discussing. Rehabilitation. And pats. And one of the cases we have and it's going to be on FaceBook soon. In the next couple days or so a dog came and had lost mobility and all four of its slams. And we just an MRI media Gasquet and there was some kind of chronic cued neck and disk key issue. And doctor you know Owen in. Did the surgery the dog is like a starting take its first steps are only day though it's a huge really huge video we're just. Tell you rehab is just amazing it's. I am as in down logic was invaders and Amy Pekingese term but he he just cutting get up and it was easy younger dog it was just he had this neck disputed. If there was bolster or something happens to it and now he's laid with the assistance he's upbeat he's actually walking again minutes. Couldn't we have Megan was here Mozilla's. We've talked about that the rehab that they do with the hospital and how. What how much of a difference that makes in the animals because they take the time to do what they do yemen's you know actress Maria and Al Leiter whenever. And go through rehab same thing as what they do with the dogs and and to do with cancer and I don't know really happy that at that point it was just it was just dogs yeah lesbian makes a huge difference in their lives. It's amazing how. The training to know. A just the heads Sony didn't agree user adjust fully to so many inches is gonna build a range of motion. The first is just walking your dog outside in you know it was she was on who did the presentation on Tuesday night. I was really fascinating to see your videos in the progression though. Week one week two weeks three you know the dog was able to walk her jumper whenever. The issue was. Where it cleaned it up before had so it's it's just fantastic and so excited. And did you tell anybody how they can get in touch with you Schiller. We have our FaceBook which is FaceBook dot com slash BR EC PN eight. How are you can give us a call or their 24/7. 360 is 570. 5877777. How could perfect should thank you very much we may well you've seen next month and on the other good stuff and it definitely we'll have a report from. Your time it's January 26. And at Coopers from five to aid benefiting the Angel funded TR EC. So we're up next with his attorney Barbara jail Harrell will be right back you're listening to Larry when Shah. It's Saturday morning with the Koreans live now. Don't relay and. Good morning everybody. When good morning good morning how are you two under shall thank you couldn't my name is Linda Evans cyan beneath. My MI. Remember I've got a new title. And in managing director. Women of substance LLC which is say financial planning firm for baby boomer women and I am also. The host of a podcast called power of the purse on iTunes stitcher and Google play. And I and our academy on the margin enterprise isn't just a fundraising. PR and special event business and you're listening as you know to those glory in my in Shelley and our next guest expert is attorney Barbara. This is going to be 37 issued a written thirty years they said family law she is a partner with Hughes Nickels and O'Hare in Denmark and she is here. With some important these kind of things the last as the full year. I do in various different topics and minus one of them was scientific ways to predict divorce. It was not as juicy as the other ones I Hines was. In fact the facts about infidelity has switched it and trip the trigger of of one of their these is the stars and a group. How so and was amazed at. I was saying hello to me phone it in what it it's unfortunately into Billy's out there into what I'm finding the. My practices. Because people you don't need to go out to a bar demean someone anymore. You need them right on your eighth grade on your phone your computer whenever. And people are cheating in their marriage relationship without the other party knowing it as much because there's not the overt signs of I'm going out I'm going out to turn. So. I'm I found this interesting. And I thought it would be an interesting discussion list. Was to you lovely ladies of course this irate so soundly in light of everything going on in light of everything going on and it. And the need to meet two young men. That there is an early as I was glad. I'm mad and points and do less people will become involved in extramarital relationships in the workforce. In the workplace because of things like that the I know there is Russian and I don't know him but. I have seen people again a little bit more careful. About some of the some of the expressions they use and some months he. What last year they might have said. Oh I didn't even think about it right now my wife is telling me don't say this great don't call people honey. Go to put your hand on and find a female co worker whenever. And what they thought was endearing the floor. Is perhaps inappropriate now. Herm and maybe it was always inappropriate I think it was always inappropriate because let's face it it's there's there's a strong mind. I think in co workers that you don't cross me and you know that. You can do think this is as your lawyer because I it'll tell you that I'm the complete opposite of that I feel. Mary. I like. That kind of stuff like I Kyle everybody happy so that's number one I like to be put your hand on some an input I was never offended you with John here. Yes great and you hear this stuff I say to Jhonny Lucas but I know I don't. Had any problem with in light of that turned the tables what if you remain in saying those things would someone find an inappropriate. No no no it's I'm saying dissing me and says anything like that to me I never was offended by stuff okay. But I guarantee it'll unlike you might get I just like Clinton because nothing ever it never was an issue so it never was naming issue and I never thought that deeply about what email they sent him or complaining about is not formed from Matt Diaz the Honda or the nine Yahoo! it's still that's in there and that's in the mix caffeine is but I mean it put. Does things are much more egregious I got a winner when everything is not ever an issue with. Hollywood you know is more of our smaller. It's terrible when you hear the stuff on our grabbed the capsule and you and what do you say to John which is happy enough now I. Well this is on tape because I insisted that it admissible is it's how getting. Stuck Howard done. OK so let it is so moving forward again and again first fact. That they may have in this is that a a study for out of Rutgers. And they have they have pre surge shot Ali's menu actually admit that they had affairs and in the first factor was 56% of the man who have appears claim that there. Happily married and you look at and you say well how does that work but. I think. For the elderly themselves alive. Also I. And skin. I don't agree with you I think that men who are happily married. Can't also have affairs. Now and this article so I agree yeah so I think has got nothing to do with their partner. It's about then and only about ten photos ever do that it's about them the truth is studies yeah. Yes it's that meant they only lane they're still in love with their life right days still feel that they're being wheeled Taylor's bounced. They are and they're actually know who they think their relief evident that the extra marital affair will improve their marriage now. And yeah in essence then they'll look why don't you think. I never done antenna reception yeah what I need yeah. Hey listen you know when you're guilty. You try to make up for an ally in the and they stand stayed dead you know if you if you're looking deceive your spouse cheats. They get frisky air. You know day maybe they don't why you think there's a problem ready yet and start getting old flowers isn't thing. Is that right and that's what they said when women she'd it's much more dangerous because with women you get the emotional. Yes overlay in most cases not now not every case obviously wild cousins they also have the emotional affair. Which is nothing to do with physical brand working women tend to involve themselves and true and they don't feel guilty about it because I'm not crossing the line that they are they don't think I had no idea is is considered. Oh well yeah I know there Bill Clinton. Definition now or not but now. Yeah but my point is that when men do this a lot of them still have very good strong marriages. But I think that it goes back into hard wiring thing bush about the men. Not having that sense of being at home and being responsible for our family unit. It's more about. What they do is they don't like they're. Well you we see an animal kingdom. I mean in most other mammals they would just you know go out there and have sex with whatever comes along and feel like that's okay. Because it's part of how. The hard wiring has to go out and agreed. Analysts saw this thing and that's out there now about the penguins. And the guy go ahead it's hysterical. It goes on every and every ever gonna Bruno ever gonna break. I don't know and a nanny and then I'll have an anger out and I hope they lose yeah. I can't go I got to him and thank god how I got to breathe easy your receipt now Mississippi it's funny but the point is that in the animal kingdom that is what happens in OK and on the other point to that's. The animals are only in heat a certain times during the year whereas and the human animal. Twelve times a year. We can we can actually. Become pregnant. So there's that whole story of having to go out there and breed. Isn't really kind of like an old fashioned thing that's not relevant anymore because the human animal. Does not need to do that mean the deer have a similar trying not to bring. Actually exactly. So I don't know I think men in some way justify it by saying that that we were hard wired and we're supposed to god has sex without kinds of different women because. That's what we're supposed to do and women's us yeah right well then yeah why aren't even about you are only human so can anybody. The monogamists. That that's true that's another question right that's that's society. Putting that on his dad or is it just. I don't think it is what it I think is societal then my name is societal I do not think monogamy is a normal human condition. Normal right I don't Maginnis. I think it takes something that really requires you to make a commitment to do it. Yeah and death and it commands it well we know there's constant threats to that during the course of bars on all marriages. There's a constant threat of that and it could be like you just mentioned learn about the emotional distance that occur until unemployment. And so I don't I don't what did they say an appetizer. What they said is that. Men believe that they're cheating to save their marriage just because their problems in their marriage today can't fix we don't know how to fix or don't want to fix or. Refused to research how to fix it. And instead they go out to have sex with someone else as so that's gonna kick something in her. If anything compounds the problem in my mind because. A lot of women know that their husbands are cheating I don't know how you're not that. And a national and they don't you know they don't look the other way because they're like most of this because of fear of lifestyle changes brand. And aid just to deal with it instead of throwing some and I CNET in my practice have women who have dealt with the infidelity for years. But the end. Something else happens. Until what's usual something else what I've seen is if let's say they become abusive with the child. You know where they're physically abusive to the child or I've seen. The women who say it was okay when he was hitting me when he was young age but when he when he went after went out after the child yeah that was dead and the introducing dad and other women and sometimes I see it when you know he gets more blatant about. In that it used to be a quiet clandestine idea now as a hair off and now can he win now. That we you know we showed up this party with his girlfriend. And everybody in your town is talking about cash and I kind of stuck in because that brings shame on. On the wife despite the fact she's done nothing and despite the end that is in her doing it I hit him gets as the wife is the one to blame right. If I instead I'd gets the look of pity and whatever else off the whole range of the most yes exactly because what this articles saying is. It's not really anything new wife's doing. There may be problems in the relationship dad. That when one spouse goes off and instead of fixing the problems in the relationship I'll go and I'll have a good time for I don't feel good friend and everything you'll be better. And that's always the problem is that in any of our behavior the only person we can control is ourselves trick so when we make the decision to do something outside of our marriage it is and because you're taught her husband's horrible your wife is not doing what he why it's none of those it's about the person doing it always allow the person doing it. And then and it's sold it's sad show dads the wife takes a response takes on the responsibility likes looks at yourself in the mirror and says oh my guy I knew he was so much weight Daschle's that I don't get I don't exercise and injure this I didn't get into that. It's not good how bad it's not about curry without the guy or if the white is donated all the whites not about husband. Sure sure it did it's I eat it to all yes it takes to direct guerrilla or make a marriage but it isn't that snapped the reason people. So it's about damage. And women so often take steps plan on unnecessarily and it's very sad deal must see that I see all the time. And see her maybe when she first find out. And then the next appointment she's dropped. 23 at pounds whenever that's just an out of anxiety and a month and that her help my whole life has been turned upside down. I'm saying she you this happens to it to both genders but. Everything in your life and it is now changing now and you know it becomes that. Horrible thing and the person who actually is a victim here and looks at this is as what'd I do to Kostis. And more often than nine it's not something they they did. A lot of times they think if I was pretty near. And then the other would announce thank you well not prettier and now yeah. And it's my own little game I play is an ad agency you can see it and blood as I said we are out of time already. Oh here. Kelly I know it is really good topic in guidelines. If you want to talk to you about any of these. Statements regarding. And family law how they get in touch of humor I can be reached at five cents zero resource forest 7171. And my offices located in done more. At 1421 of these drinker street. Done my best. As a result and happenings this I have been mostly yeah. And my family's first really good data about India and we're gonna talk. Okay we'll thank you very much you are always a pleasure and happy new year against Henman you'll see you soon thanks everybody for listening have a great weekend. Be safe and please be nice I.