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Saturday December 30, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. This door you'll be gay rights and now Gloria weigh on don't lie okay. Good morning team. Good morning how are you I'm wonderful how are you dealing. I am feeling great and I even though it's freezing out there and not even freeze in well below freezing up I'm is some. As someone who. And I know it's cold and I know everybody's been complaining. Front. It was eerie how we could be eerie things on the blizzard. That's okay. I guess yeah I was I Patrick says to me and the other day. She said well we're past Christmas I said yeah. He said that you know my buddy Leo is is to tell me that's really good because. We're past Christmas it's only every couple months now before we get the ball in the water ice and excuse me what what water you're talking about its frozen. Yep that's true that's how you have to look at that us. Man yeah I'm doing it was saying oh I love spring it's curry. So that's how he positions us so we got to at least two good solid months I. Winter I know but that's okay though is any. If it works for him CI MFI in this is terrible but lose I would some terrible I'd rather than cold in the hot. Well I'm not I don't mean I love warm weather and I love when his beautiful but when it's really so perhaps I'd rather be called NATO is easier to get warm and it is everywhere now. Yes warmed up but I can't get cold very Dobson cellular world is we're not complaining it's good here it's Benny Goodman you're right and a very good here. So I'm I feel like singing a song on that line back alone. Now I'm. And somehow a shirt to holiday you spend a little bit of it in film I felt like Ed and Philadelphia and yes sometimes we went down and Christmas Eve. Day how is traffic it was not as bad as I thought it would be crap I expected backups. I'm as you get closer to the end of the northeast extension from hump to where he hits. All I went out and Honda and then all that. Events and usually. It's craziness because. People are running to the malls which means it's even worse. But I got Austria I went through the the told bulletin came onto the the exit ramp. And I said the panda said what's wrong here he surmised that isn't a single card this claiming that he age. And then I realize they were way back in the light and you know I just it was easy really really easy to love that. Not a great time. We really had no way you weed too much food. My sister when that's firm but. It was all. Did you help. Prepared to do help her cook everything I had most of it done it was always got up and says pot that is yards after. But yeah did you have. Well we had two. Pieces of filet mignon roast. On Christmas Eve we decided to go and generally and see if yeah. And she made some gravy. With some much fresh mushrooms. And she also made some Bernie saw a sign and she had twice baked potatoes when she made by herself. And we had crescent rolls and we had. Roasted beets and grosses asparagus. I'm trying to think what else are at least two or three other things. On the table that's nice it was an ambulance and then and for dessert. So we had something that's a tradition for them from friendlies it's called a jubilee role and it's an ice cream. Cake that's made it all the colors of Christmas. And I guess since they were little kids loved it they do every night that's cute so that if you add and then we had trays full of cookies I mean when I made. And when she made. And so that was premature. I was cameo. That's it but that was Christmas Day I received either. And then in the morning. We had on tens of fake goods and stuff that bail abroad and she kind of some fresh fruit. And that everybody ate all that stuff and then I thought we would just trying to kill it until dinner but. And she had more stuff for lunch. And for dinner we head oak a vegetable lasagna. She had pro Jesus she bought loves special place in Philly. I can't even pronounce the name and slugs reservists or something like that. And as support Richmond has good air. Are genetically should try to go to once before you talked about and you couldn't for some reason you're good she couldn't get there right a three hour and a straight up country out I don't know this place but it sounds well Fossum had today makes him including entry. Getting bigger and Java web site that I could spell it for you because this is polish and it's. Got blood disease and seasons sometimes consonants yeah Obama. And so I'm. We aid goes then with vegetable lasagna for dinner. And then she brought out for lunch. A spiral cut him. And we hand I am I don't know and I'm saying home my. When it all depends what we finished with Christmas Day dinner she brings count this thing from QVC. She's a fanatic MI know what you have the same. It was a lemon cello c.'s Kate O. And then she Ford and Shia boards on top and fine except that I end my whole can't can't fault but the its. I was maybe catch a gated Ollie did TomTom did make I was so happy actually to come home games. Later. And so well you know what Lynne here's I if dilapidated tis the season everybody over a little bit over indulges on something or another. But this is the the discomfort I'm. Our allies say why I'm answer just kept coming you know I'm home my gun when he's stopped stuck. So but it was all good it was all wonderful and then tried to get me takes some stuff home annual gala it would take all I took were pro bass no piano geeks can. Love them there all I tell cheese and ham. I'm just camp that's why did you fried an open and Canon and our environment. He had a saying that's the line Lou Pearlman though I just took it because okay. Makes the Stanley says there's something in so that's it. We can make Patrick steak and eggs aren't here a minute yes and I look and I am this weekend I really enjoy it and I love it. There you go so we'll have some of that. And so that was the end of that pipe it was nice to see everyone there my nephew. Is now as. We as we record this easy and Las Vegas for them to Penn State game. They say yes or Fiesta Bowl yep guess so he's there was a lot of his buds and they plan on spending some time gambling he is. I gambling not above that she really understands how to bat he understands the game I love it so. He's going to be there to do that and then they're going to. The drive from Vegas tube. Arizona they're going through. I think it's too. Flags at half life Phoenix that's race is going bananas and a couple days of thanks and then head home. Very nice. And we cheer he's right he's in his second semester of the second year right pieces I lost both she will start the second summer writer yes when I get. Clown that caused by a fan yes that's what he says to with Gary shocked me and have said that. But he's. Position as and Tinker Bell. Then Phillies. When I'm graduating he had did he do an intern ship and this summer he know he was in a different firm I forget worry less that's really the crucial. Yeah they say should do the internal and he's doing internship this summer I forget voices I don't remember. But in any event he's so excited I'm on this great because he can really connected. With all the people who were there they went out for dinner where. Hi I can't confirm an idea how nice. Is that in Philly yes OK and I know that EA your son your son your gun. Nephew Tim is good buddies with friend of Terry Manning casinos and the same may eighth grade and gear and shunned one son's best friend and Jerry know Terry Annie ensues son. And he is one of my favorites of my son's fit friends. Yes and I know he's friendly with kidney right he is that they I asked him about that when we Rivera said it has seen an ace and oh yeah so we hang and I mean he's just I cite three of shuns bunnies Wear it at the house the other night I'm Fran. And scoring lawmen and Ryan Braun and Ryan got accepted to. Query works for. Microsoft she graduated from Penn with some type of computer engineering degree and he worked from Microsoft for two years in turned and our two Summers and that aim while exit Penn and then they hired him so he's out Seattle. And Ryan just got accepted to tease. Guy singer who I am. And medical what does it TC GC FC whenever the heck it is anyway so I'm here thrill me staying local and he's congratulations to him and that's wonder if and so a bunch of good boys and Franzen sacking your temple. Insulin shot morneau went where the heck he's going to zone us but he says yeah. So that's nice yeah but I'm so we had my boat is my boys were end. My timing is already come back. To know well he went to New York to spend a couple days with an all it's a friend from college and and he's flying back to San Francisco 'cause he's hosting a New Year's Eve party at. Place I'm not Sunday night. It was wonderful to have them and I'll tell you that kid can cook like nobody's business aspects uneasiness and I say god Jai and will say the food. Tunney cooked 90% of it on Christmas Day and it was. And he's unbelievable he literally if feed became knows how to do everything from the folate it was. He's any never complained he loved it she just loves to cook heat when we went to Jimmy's been on Saturday last Saturday. And had a big pizza party that Tommy and on the pizza in did you make the dollar anything but you know prepared and got ready for everybody. Religious and of course we were together on Friday night at Russell's we have fun. And I am so it just. Was another that same kind of dampened some nice to have. Both of my voice for a couple days anyway and son is still amounted to he leaves when you're listening you'll be leading text south. It's my Lisa. Just to Hershey out of France is safe she was there with her her boyfriend. I'm Canon. And does they brought with them their new little addition. There was so little cat that they picked up the kitten. They DEV. No I may be is something to do with Pokemon. I don't know what many. Sometimes the two of them are nuts about it so that's true of the newest ones they have another when these are both rescue cats and the first one. Names. They call Gary again Gary is short for some other Pokemon name. Pronounced. But anyway they brought them the little ones and just the most adorable little kid and she's bound. I think maybe eight to ten weeks old and just but normally it will squeaks though I. The it's Amare is going to be in her second semester of her master's degree. And see. And they stood last semester. It's got to thank a four point oh Scott sharp. So. Just happy for all of them there and I saw your picture on FaceBook yes mice that at that stuff my sister bought. What's so often she went to colds and she once again I know that teachers they had heard as they were cute and that she did get for all the men. And then she had she said they didn't have many for women so she went to boscov's I think she said. And she got the three for us Michael Jackson and then you so we all have we had a group picture taken through. Mara did that with a timer on her iPhone. I have I saw it but I haven't seen your post and anyway and I wouldn't see anything good and that's really good. So it's nice that we got some pictures this year because we rarely do. And that's good we'd it has to do because we went to man soars for a Christmas Eve. I saw that picture yes so I had thumb up somebody I forget who took a picture Abbas to me and my two. You know her factions. This. Can't the greatest thing an ever done done scraped. And anyway they where they were there and the so it was good it was a nice pictures via we posted it. It's good because a lot of people haven't seen. The kids so it's nice see you get good really nice response is something how is and can't handle an Aaron did great she great job we have a lot of people around I am. But we're gonna take a quick break and we'll continue our post Christmas pre. New Year's conversations they'll be right back you're listening this morning to Larry lynch out. You're chlorine and win. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Miami and show I'm large can the owner of lard can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR a special event business. And whenever. And so I am the managing director of a new financial planning firm called women of substance LLC. Is designed. For the financial needs his baby boomer women and also the host of a podcast called power of the purse named after my book. And that's available on iTunes stitcher and Google play them games. So let's finish our conversation here about what we did for Christmas. Ended. I also wanted to acknowledge that. I forget when it was last week's some night last week. They did the best of the Saturday Night Live Christmas show is okay. And both we talked about this class size so I was on NPR. And so with a loud about the two women and ray is Iran and I'll Australia India are you forgot about that yes delicious dish that's a concept they love it. I which one was it without abolish what as sweating while also not says I'm coming and send him to Wear it cracks me up about it is so many people tell us a Myers especially via love served her eyes as they. What some delicious dish salacious dot com yes and he thinks that we are those two although I don't think we are bent. Somewhere I really could be we just hold back a lot of times there's a lot of things I could say bad. And the favorite one that they've ever done was with Danny white oh yes you I have seen that when we get our name was dusty mocked then. I'm. That's really one of the that's just my age you ready and dusty muffins are great a lot of great iconic. Scenario yeah. I was so we have to say to that. And we'd like to thank everybody before we get off on other stuff. From listening once again this year all of you wonderful listeners we so appreciate it. And we are ending our eighth year and beginning January our ninth year. The Lari inland Schaub and we are so pleased that we have all of our sponsors bash joining us we aren't Kathy rapper too. Ku will appear for one more time is retiring in May so she is not see us signing up for. The new year because she'll be leaving in a few weeks in a few months however I am in hospice of the sacred heart is in it. So now this year we will have once again doctor Barbara talk net dot com attorney Barbara. The veterinary referral and emergency center fidelity bank. You could see ERA one source realty and new this year will be hospice of the sacred hearts we have very happiness and sponsors. Thrilled and we wanted to thank them so much from believing in us for sticking by us for supporting us. And being part of this show now for the past eight years and the ninth one coming up and we are very very happy and fortunate. That we have these people. Who believed in us and so for that we thank you and thank you again for everybody listening to west it means a lot we have a lot of fun and hopefully there's some good information and I know because so many people he can you know do listen to last. And you hear all the time. Oh I did this I heard that in under the bus so thank you for that because we appreciate it. Everyone's so I'll I'll I'll meet someone or Brendan is somebody that I forget that they listened to this show. And they'll say something to me like oh yeah I was listen and as I won't. What did you hear just to see if you know him. And they say at and don't tell me how you know we say I don't consider. I now it's nice idea nice to actually see somebody a young side of the studio that we know really listens ha ha nice I love it IC this guy in church July is a wonderful nice friendly guy and I I truly I don't know his name. He always tells me that he loves to listen to the Schaub he's he always makes a point of saying that and I was in church with New Year's Christmas Eve which is beautiful efficacy just. I'm ambition to embarrass. Instead mass and it was it's so beautifully decorated in lights and green trees in the Manger it's gorgeous and beautiful night. Afternoon mass for a conference thanks and new Christmas Eve. And so we my son and I were in the back pew and we were leaving in this guy came up to mean it was. Talking about television EC TV programs so I just love to watch your show he simply tell me why can't I ever hear you okay. And I simply mean he can I hear I heard this foisted it's not easy TV it's it's Comcast she got a check with that and see what's going on with that because so many people tell me. I'll call markets and mark I'm getting complaints that the volume we can't. And he said that's not on our hands on Comcast because it's that cable network so. But it was so Q could shines look at me like. Okay because the guy was and I love listen I learned so much for some of those shows and and and that is the beauty of any of this that we don't hopefully. Yeah from this and when our sponsors trying to need to get you you glean something. From these conversations that can help you or someone you know. With situations. Or just give you knowledge of things you can do that you may not have known you can do whether it's banking or. I'm gynecological stuff for Arab and really stayed or. From a hospice standpoint now from may use its cakes and how to properly do that for weddings or anything else to add attorney information. And for your pets it's so important to to know how to you know to pick these things up and and BM think. That's something out of it sounds. I hope that's what happened and Chris on the lease and it is the brilliant work than ice because of course you know really hello credit Florida. You are I'm just I'm just as time only I know I know yes sponsor and site Janet of course laying face in the you have some I do and I wanted to talk about Fiske is that this lady impressed me so much. And her name is Mary Helen Conroy and she's from. I think it's Madison. Wisconsin. Somewhere out in the midwest where it's really pretty called. And Kelly comes from big Irish famine because only with the name of Mary Allen yeah that's what I'm Gloria is but you know. She does live in Madison Wisconsin man. She has. Dunham book which I laid back and talk tour about it and let let me say first emotion was a guest on my podcasts. As she started talking about this book says she wrote an iPhone senate really cute and then they method as your amazing itty bitty. Retirement black and the whole thing is Diddy did it give the whole thing's about dance thirty pages long manhunt. And you know big double spaced they've done it's but it's it's part of a series like to fill London. You know we know there's something for dummies. Series although I love them that well this is the same thing and anybody can write and itty bitty book. So whatever your topic is you just go to these people you're amazing itty bitty dog commerce something an M Lillian is anything. And and you couldn't do it I don't even know how much it costs but if you can say I gotta look. And she's only seven on Amazon yeah exactly and Amazon. While. So. Think it's an interesting thing but there but did you know I would I'm gonna look at this and see if this is something I can. Throw out here you know myself and just say okay got a book scalia's feeding me busy book us. But here's how do we want to think if you can Biggio strainer. Influx. I don't mind. This is some other ones that they did the itty bitty book says you're amazing any busy and to investors survival hammer. And here's an like you're amazing itty bitty sexuality for seniors for so nice and your amazing ADB's staying young at any age but it says or any other of their ADB books available online. So hers up which I I don't get your 30 yeah and after I talk tourists does this is is brilliant because. He has a holes and and very interesting story it's how somebody growing up in Madison Wisconsin. And you would think that it would be relatively. So included an insulated and not carry much exposure to things but she's had quite an interesting life. She went from being a librarian. We see new ocean minded do what she was ten she absolutely. Loves the library and loved books. So she did exactly that and then she changed since I'm in is some other things and she got into all kinds of technology stuff from became a consultant and I just thought. Well Heidi how do you do that but then she started this thing. With I'm a partner and I forget what that woman famous right now. But she Adam and and Mary Helen dead. A podcast which is how I got to know a verb called retirement rebels. And it's this is fascinating when you listen to them because her whole point was that she says I'm not done yet. Great empire that's her mind trip I. I've heard yet so she said. That she did this I think some of these tips are worth listening to because they're pretty funny and they're pretty valuable tour should also say that tip number one. Let's retire the word retire it yeah really you think tennis is something I want to ask you. Do you know anyone. That she would consider to be. Successfully retired. Successfully but meaning they're retired and they don't work in the successful pat are they don't have a career again and they're successful at being retired or someone who's. Picked new career in the successful after retirement is either one yeah I mean it's just a man it's us against Idaho and I know people who I would say candidate they've retired and boy they have a great life yes I do now. And and the funny thing is I used to think my friend Mary Jean hunt Dixon sheet and I worked together third national bank that I got an arm back in 1980 she is one of my best friends. She retired out of Wells Fargo was on the she was their first I almost forty years. She retired and sports eight years she was retired young she was not even if she's lucky she was. Well before sixty. And she took the buyout and decided to retire. When she and I would get together should say why can't do this because I'm here I'm going here I'm done here and I tried and I used to pinch myself. Why how are you doing that you're now working and you you you can't and I used to that other attempting what how. She absolutely positively loved loved loved every minute I'm not having to work now I have to be anywhere doing what she wanted to do vacationing and going with her husband for 5 weeks to I am. And to North Carolina. Every how I did that for Thanksgiving and it's before Christmas came back going to be sure with her girlfriends that she went to every year that was important to her traveling if she wanted to show. Just doing nothing. Specifics so to speak and loved every minute because she started in banking at like eighteen so she worked camp and then I eight went I was. That one year when I was the executive director Broadway theater. I asked her because she used to tease me and say if you're ever looking for anyone to help you when my business. I would come back part time and do something for you so when this thing happened and I subject we went to lunch. And I said would you consider it she said absolutely. And then the next thing I know. I caller and I we will go to lunch and I said. Would you really consider it she said Trace my call to the next day so would you wanna do this okay when it went can I she said but when I go tomorrow. He literally showed up the next day camp and she is Bennett Broadway theater now for the last three years about and she works. She is that any given week she can work full days. But for the most part she comes in. She's off one day a week an absolutely love set. But she was loved that and now she's doing this apps and loves him and he's always addict so just turned 64. How great she did great and now she loves being back I think it's you know I'm Shelly says I work just to pin I jewelry belt now so. Talking now about a bit she isn't Smart and lovable and so kind to people. And learned very quickly and I just lover she's always been like the very fast learner and a very kind person. As strength lies he loves section that she's terrific so anyway so we are going to take a quick break we'll be right back eliciting this morning to Lar dementia. The chlorine inland. Good morning good morning how are you today wonderful. Do you do. How well are we to we haven't another three hours apple my name is Laurie captain and I am the owner. Larry can enterprises are just a fundraising PR and special event business and I'm Linda Evans say and the managing director of women of substance LLC which is a no financial planning firm I started that is designed. To help baby boomer women understand. Help with their financial needs and also the host of podcasts. Called power of the purse. Points is available on iTunes stitcher and global funny. So we were talking before the break about successful retirees asked a retired ease. And the and it's starting from a book that was written by a woman that I interviewed on the podcast Mary Helen Conroy. Colin your amazing itty bitty retirement book. Can't tip number one. It's a retired the word retire. So we started talking about people we know who've been successfully retired in her point was. What eat at when what can you say when asked what do you do. And to fight the stereotype of the word by saying. I'm retired from and fill in the blanks and looking for new opportunities. Or I am retired and that dead and you. Three I'm planning a retiring someday but right now I'm exploring all my options. Number four. I'm the CEO of my life now. When I hear about it it's hit or numbers guy if retirement is a journey not a destination. Here's where I am off to today. And then she said include cited as the tips for deep bunting the retirement Mets don't retire. And bank quotes. Rewire reinvent green tune we discover redefine reexamine. From now on the years ahead are not senior years their bonus years. You've earned them so resolve to live them I don't know if I'm comfortable with I thought about that when I read it. Bonus years it sounds like something you've got. At that. You didn't expect. You know bonus is something that comes along because it does something right and at any moment the bones can be canceled as well but it. I am just not comfortable with the term but I understand what she's tries saying. And then she's a break down stereotypes. Jog listened to podcasts like retiree rebels died come. Our I would say power of the purse by jazz. Dot com start your own business enjoying hobbies forget how old you are you know that your only 22 when your head to think. I plan to maximize tell you spend your life and retirement not just your money. And when she and I were talking about that is and you're talking to the choir you're you're preaching to acquire your because. That's always been my Montrae I just get so tired of retirement planning. Being synonymous. With income planning your retirement there's so much more than that but nobody pays attention. Life is a daring adventure and you're not done yet enjoyed these years. Don't pine for the good old days that they never really work you are survivor. Don't retire instead be selfish sleep employed. In doing it only what you want to do whatever that is. All dogs and old people can learn new tricks and drown Moses are campaigning at age 78. Your life is what you make it. And the tip number two no more alarm clocks. Retirements paradox is that there's so much time and yet so little time. The best news about your choice is is they're not forever you can always change your mind number one what's the focus of your retirement. Service recreation. Employment family or travel. She mentions are you living here I am I know I love him. I just clinched its say on the way down I saw a car pulling one of those little light tear drop yeah but it. I just got this in my mind I just wanna do that yes just wanna do I like it did I start thinking like we're basically porn they'd go to the bathroom pretty yeah shower but what Clinton monsters lifelike and makes me think that I really wanna. Do something like that I know you do I think you're really Jun. And then the second. He has. That you know what you want to do have you made a bucket list DC your ideal day. What world problems would you like to work towards resolving. Have you created a vision of our life board. To capture your ideas. And then resources to find your new life plan volunteer check out volunteer match dot com. I've done that with some clients and I have to say is that is really a wonderful opportunity. You fill out this little form tell them the kinds of things you like to do the things that are important to you when they come up with some masses. There are two sermons of fat. Visit serve dot gov and search the word the key word veterans. Three visit your local senior senator check out its programs and services you'll be amazed at the extent and variety. Join others in a new sports activities like cooking or taking new classes. Visit your local library in the world is within its doors from film festivals to friends of the library groups to reading to children. Become an encore entrepreneur or visit the small business association or score in your area. Both of those are at the University of Scranton and I think it's. I think kings I think he wants very. Create a bucket list first watch the movie the bucket list thing create your own and paper or online. At bucket list dot org. Travel and learn through Rhodes scholar dot org or adventure travel with the elder tracks. That's EL DE RTA or eat cake asp dot com. I know a lot of people who've done that Rhodes scholars thing. I absolutely. Loved it really yes that says I don't know anybody it's it's really fun because you go with a group of people your own age. You can choose what it is that you want to do where you wanna go and what kind of accommodations you want. And east is that they say this is it is they've learned so much by doing it and then met a lot of really great people. So what else we have. His gun on what's wrong what's your adrenaline drug. I'm about what curious. I don't know I many I think it cost me. None OS on a literally out. Miller Nash and I think in the midst of that makes a lot of women don't want what he needs no humor you Alicia and like so I don't what gets in your mind is what is your heart well I would feeding hungry and excited I won something I wouldn't get that from that I would think she means like what is your broom trumped up. John easy but is this she says carry each of us has different triggers for what gives us energy. I know what gives me energy get to know yourself why talking talking to people like being around people and zaps my energy and it gives me energy. Unlike the more time with people yeah. The more energy I get from other people are just missed being part in being un and that kind of stuff I love that. Then sometimes at the end of long weeks are long days and then I am completely. Zapped a ball and and just have to sort of retreat into my family around and do nothing for awhile but I mean like I know hours so that's good you know yourself. I mean because I know final feel that good and I think the meaning not feel I think if I feel little like sluggish and whatever. The minute I know I'm out the movie I totally turns everything about the adrenaline starts to pump on site. Do that. I think. That one of the things that I find to be very true is that being an introvert. It's. It's not easy for me to be out and just hang out with people for the sake hang out with people. But what I do find is that when I get so into my head. About whatever the issues are that I'm trying to resolve in my life. It just so happy and so overwhelming. That one of those therapies. Is for me just go out being with people I talk about anything else spoke other than. Henry on it just relieves a lot of attention it relieves a lot of pressure I feel to resolve things and that when I'm out with people on top. I'm into them. It's just seemed kind of feel the same way yeah I mean I just I like to get out of my head as I have so I am so I think the people are therapy in never gonna happen. However. Dry evening. Is a whole other story can continue mean driving with people about it because you've now patients and I'm telling him but I do want to go for rights and get out that's another thing that I liked him and that's happened has sent adrenaline booed that's kind of relaxing morning on the opposite side effects. Yes I don't mean yeah I thought I'd I'd just I do think they'll d'isere I am the better I am. Why not good it downtime to well I need some of the eye problem anymore that the new do I think more down yeah. Was he appears is different you're eerie yours is a lot of mental stuff and mine is a lot of social. A lot of that's being I like the fun part is a very. You know aside it is seriously when we do this what I do TV what I do anything I do with my job I have to be on whether I eat. 12 or not and fight itself I have to pull myself up and just but the Mitt but I will say I never say get it it just happens naturally confronting an instrument to Sam Jones the TV or even coming here and I'm not I just feel like EE just it just has to come out and then once I started it's a better. It's a better way. Yeah I think that's good and I think that's important when she was saying here is to recognize. But that's the case and I tell you last time I made mention this and I heard that one of her. I think that I want to really absent was a bucket list but one of the things that she decided to do. Was too. Have a fifty cups of coffee to retire and oh yeah he was so I guess they don't back to yeah. Finally the talk a hero thing I don't think we do what she said was and we did talk about a barb plot that was someone of her segments we spoke about yes. Yes with in the segment as a member she was talking about yeah. Things that make you happy and stuff failure instead of gratitude in gratitude. And that is true that that's one of the things that she likes to do and she actually. Did do fifty cups of coffee last year. And so she met all kinds of wonderful people including. The woman that is her partner fun but I CN estimates and so I love that she just sits there with a little thing on her desk. And actually won an Oscar win I'm talk c'mon over. And people come over start talking and they say some of the most incredible things and she said she's met some wonderful friends out of that. And. I don't says it's an interest in LA is a general idea. I was telling shunned recently because night Sean does not like he doesn't drink coffee yet so I am all over and I'm enshrined you have to learn to drink coffee. Ice and why I said it's C universal peace sign. Indeed right now it was just a matter coffee does you any yeah I'm high as his son just try it if there's something so comforting about saying let's get coffee it's different and let's get a cup take it there's a difference and I'm. Of dough like let's get cough or something soothing and peace and our about it so that's what I say cause he's universal peace sign man's death. Yeah I think about that about how many places. People go to meet somebody had a lot of money on surround some type of classy yeah and it's it's even business why you know it's business deal let's go get a couple hundred and glam for lunch table and a glossy. And they sit there and it's also some make a difference what the coffee is it's nothing said that this conversation already it's what they beat if you thought process yes. I'm signifies a dinosaur tear to volunteer to sooners may be western adapters so it is every market can't even. C you know me I'm iced tea drinker not a high eighteen I love coffee and yeah but I don't like. Iced coffee it's your window. Anyway and we are going to look. Take IAE. What's her what's the word take I take our leave how do you say that every ticker and I against and we. You wouldn't be back next year so again thank you have a wonderful peaceful and safe. Holiday happy new year to everybody again thanks for listening to us and we will see you soon. He saves please be nice. Sign.