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Following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weight gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning everybody you're listening to the Lorena show this morning hope you're having a nice Saturday morning. I'm Liane hi hi how weird week. Miley it was great it was really quite. Foale's. And I know that you and I were speaking it Wheldon and we're recording this on their say so. You and I were speaking yesterday and I was. I had the phone down and I had an on speaker because I was getting myself out of the house. And I drove to Philadelphia at 1230 and I was back coma. I didn't know you didn't hear neglected to mention that aren't censored it but there it was a subsidy and really great day we'll worry it would just I went to. Of the first one was a meeting with two other people I was being introduced to a person who is says certified financial planner and I'm a woman who owns. Her name is Stephanie McCulloch and see is a woman who owns a business call Scioscia financial. Kind of forgot to ask over Sophia came from but I. And must now. Anyway a friend of ours mutual friend. Introduced us and we had a meeting and luck Cologne. Places a wonderful. I'm coffee shop early nineteenth nine write a different house square OK so Lennox and I said they prefer it really was about two hours and we had a a fabulous conversation. Excited ridden house says the I don't know the north yourself. I've no idea how can I don't know where I could no mister west now nineteenth runs the other way so it has to be north or south kind I would say it would be south. Because and I gotta out man zeros across for Nash I think it's called an American cat and that it's called something cafe it's right on the corner did you see it was it so it's right across the street yeah aren't so. So it got up after I left there I walked. I went to the right in the first light was a section ever and how square. So when I go across the street and I walked around him and up to the written house secret house hotel yes my favorite in the world and we had. I was invited to attend a meeting of a group of women called W. CX oh and I'm not sure what all that stands far. But it was a private women's networking organization. And I was invited to be there for that social event that evening nice and so was up on the fourth floor of the race. London hotel is beautiful I'm telling you I've been to a lot of hotels on the bench that since Al yeah. Quite frankly know what. Else did I know until out of down but I. But as you say it out. Oh well I'll tell you cannot nor did they get into it but I think. The yeah. Okay TM ninety. I'm that I was that the grand Wailea in Maui which was is incredible they have an open air lobby which is unbelievable but probably bright underneath that. To me. As a red I love the written house because it's a cool city. Yeah it's a beautiful downtown CD and it's easy to get to the home the rooms are beautiful the bathrooms or showers it's it's fabulous and I love and I love. Ridden house square anyway so yeah I think it's great that I think my second favorite one or maybe it would have been my first is the four seasons we inept now and that's no more. But he had done and I and JFK yeah yeah but that's no more so. The reason why I understand though all this was going on it's a written house because the woman who runs this organization here. Used to do everything and where season and I went that close there how she decided to rent a house of being the next play you know my favorite line do you look for a season. No I was just Simmons into something about can't be answered my idea of camping is the four seasons I yeah. Knighted the forces could that's camping enough you have to bring stuff with Diaw should dad get enough out cash and works. So I met some really interest in women's. There's just some. Very. Outgoing helpful interests of women who really wanted to help me with the things that I was doing and whereas I got cards and promises to send this and that let's get going and still does so I really the day was fabulous it was very productive and very inspiring. So by the time I left there and got out everything was signed I got home straight shots in soft ones. But it was interesting that. Beat UC. How when you get out onto JFK boulevard there's so much traffic and it was 730 at night and I would think by now live and should be no. But it was just. Backed up traffic as I get out and sue the 76. Lot of backed up traffic always and as I kept going farther I guess it's west and then north. It just kept diminishing each time I went to one of those stops exits. And by the time I got to the Poconos I was the only person on the road now there's somebody behind you know and farming. And that was good in the sense that it was a straight shot home but it was just kind of weird but I told pat on the way down I saw something I hadn't seen before. Unknown. About a mile or so before the Lehigh Valley exit. There was a car that was often the side of the road and some other cars that had been around it and everything traffic is slow down to a dead stopped and I looked over to my right and that car was in flames were now just a black smoke rising up from it move. And I just kept saying well I hope there's somebody and it. And I hope is you're passing by it doesn't blow or Nancy exactly I don't have had a son house I should stop here where I should she'd gone because any second that gas tank and bright and happy well. First of all my car caught on fire once again as parking lot but also. I won by a car that was on fire and that's all I was and I don't even remember when this was. I'm not too long ago and I think your guy we're gonna go by and it's gonna blow up and it does Ali thought out but my car that was the parks. And you were in the dentist's office my kids they were younger and neck and some guy came in and said there is yellow smoke. Like you know whitish yellow smoke coming up your hood of your car. And I of this car and they came and it was mine and I ran out and grabbed everything out of it which I probably should have done but I did because I think there were things in there. Yeah and it could complete the whole front and just totally burned right up the dubbed them mom. What is the engine fell onto the McCadam it was it was bad it was the dad did they say what happened no I didn't it was I was T bones in that car home years the Franco years so before it and and what I talked to at the time Greg Santo who owned. Volvo that I had released the car from heat he said to me this is the third time he's heard where a car had bench T boned repaired and back on the road that it. Kind spontaneously. It's caught on fire right so it's scary to see that she really yeah. But anyway but actually to gas tank I think there in the back aren't they. Both depend on our Vietnam volvos are docked here. They usually aren't in the back so I don't sign and he had eight years I just yet it but I could see how far. It was engulfed you know I mean shall we I was coming scary and I just thought rule I don't know whether they don't like each get by I yes exactly so I celery and quite a lot that was my. Did you notice that they did put it in go forward slash I announced that Sonny is laughing at me from my car noises. SA US and in my car and I this you know I say the you know I think he's big shout out to my culinary. We know Mike is Mike is the owner of the mulberry bush on mulberry street. And so we were there yesterday getting our tree. My how I get like a smaller one I put in a pedestal stand. And he said he listens to us so. I wanna give from the big shout out he works very very hard he and his wife Coleen. They do a great job with everything they do there and I'm just I don't know how many people who work as hard as. Mike does for years and years I know I'm Fredricka he did all the work for a third national bank all those years ago that I work their. And wonderful guy and beautiful trees and so big shout out to Mike and Helene culinary. Well I also wanna say it's who's and that is this week I went to a place I never been to before in our area of northeastern Pennsylvania. Which is called Dundee garden sometimes I even there and I and I had never. Never been their did not place existed but I was therefore I'm a social event and I was just. I was off I'd just throw up nice and they have there. How much of it is do you know I know is room after room I know your room I just felt like. This was a dozen other friends you know but Jeffries and there was just so much it was overwhelming so I have to say. And most of the women I was there with walked out with bags we are very happy about. So that worked out well and it was just nice to be there and I drove with a few other women. From here from. Scranton and I'm we drove down and they're really messy night Tuesday and AM rain fog. Both it was horrible I was just happy to actually be in a situation. Where I sat in a passenger seat area around. How high he saying I it was so nice just not to think about it but we encourage conversation. I was there with. Some other women that. I don't they wanted to mention her name so I won't but anyway I'm friends who are all different ages and we were talking about some of the things that we do. For Christmas traditions of the families. And it was fascinating amazed to hear we were first talking about Thanksgiving. And at and Howell. What people make for Thanksgiving because part of its besides the Turkey. The rest of it as a a lot of it would be things that have to do with family traditions. And that one I'm always talking about making ravioli he's. That. Word definitely part of the of the whole scene so she actually made them. Which is a very labor intensive you know to make. So she just made lots of those in me talking about no keys you that they get into that some make with potatoes Summers were not right I'm praying pumped in some of I says how can you eat all that those things like belly bombers. You know you hit a nine depends on what do you use some of them are very very lighten peel away well lit up there's never let them right. Known unless there's gluten free cut flowers EU and from now mountain but I do have in my freezer pay for gluten free Leo can they do make them. So NIC apps I have an atom ravioli but I'm not I'd never been a fan of ravioli anyway so I. But what I love their people don't mostly Italian families should they do that all the Turkey in all this besides but he may additionally have won it. Red sauce. Side yes that they do and most people from what I eat you know here it's ravioli. Yeah now Christmas that's another story but Thanksgiving. It's usually one. Either and I love that I think it's great to keep that kind of tradition I've never had anything like that I mean are playing we have not Italian final but I'm sane I was gonna say that. If for a lot of things my grandparents on my mom's side had a lot of polish Lithuanian. That whole ethnic group had things that they did I know I never went there because the thought of I would gag me. But a but so freely but and Christmas Eve and my grandparents' house my mom's parents. They all had the seven finishes and they would have the things that were. I don't know if they are there's just. Yard touchdown but there in as heavy cream in and there's some kind of dried fish and an all that stuff and and she would. But you know she's subdued as a kid yeah irony is parents and there'd be enough there I'm seven fission and Christmas even. That's very traditional and people do and I think it's great and I just there's only a couple of those fish that I would. Wanna play well wait a sock ally and yeah I'll smell smell funny to say at this. Yeah amount Smeltz yeah I like to ensure Ike at the shelter and says that's why now I can't handle those ugly is somehow like god. Morphed into what we did at our house which was. But would have lobster tails and friends I like I mean and I am I so that was our Christmas. Do you do anything on Christmas see you know we're doing something a little different this year I'm going to my sister's Nelson thought we might want to have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve who could. And then go someplace else on Christmas Day. And I said oh well Arianna says. I don't if you don't mind cook anymore but I eleven mare and I may do so when do you look to something so many different. Well we'll talk more about our time. Events coming up in an anti few weeks so we are going to take a very quick break and we have our representatives from. ER EC up with us next so we will be right back you're listening to Larry in shock. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. Delivery inland. Hi everybody welcome back you're listening to our inland so I'm Lori can be on a large cabinet to crank which the hungry to NPR and special event there's. And I might have been that I am the managing director of the new instant Copeland and a truck and yellow creek. It's designed to help erase illiteracy among financial. Market among baby boomer women. I'm also the author and host of a podcast. Called Howard hurt podcast dot com available on iTunes stature and Google play and our guest expert our guest expert this week. Is doctor the code than Obama cool as she says that they had she. Had me veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit welcome doctor. And Obama. Hi how are you can have been alma. So what would you like to talk about today. I was thinking you know I think third product street and we often talk about. Financial issues then. Everybody's pet because really pat could become their children but I was thinking this because of the timing. It might be a little bit smarter to talk about some of the things that are happening in all of our world. Right now because got to hit the amber and her coming up to holidays. And there are a number of things that can get our pets and the troubled. And so I kind of like its market can introduce my ideas about safety here on the household in the holiday is. Because although everybody made it legally can call my cat and a Christmas tree. There's actually so much more going on. You know wrapping paper and ribbons for cats and dogs they love to eat things cab you know I think potentially fascinating the coated dogs. The family will bring. Treats over not just for us but maybe for your pet from their potential toxicity in the streets there's lots of different things. To kind of consider. Well let's jump in and started the work and I know I I can't the issue with the cat. Cab and the current military held signs that what we're concerned when we should know about. Well so let's. Let's just talk about the first place the tree so. I have unfortunate the surgeon removed some of the most bizarre things from animals him accident happened. And show you might not hit it may be counterintuitive but I have actually removed. Sort of glass globe and all of the tree ornament loose. Whether it is the hooks or the metal cops or the actual. Ornament it felt dogs will often just. That you may think why would you eat a global collapse what are you doing but who knows what it is that attracts them to it. It's now all the hype the pace. But just be very careful because depending on the cast or the dog or whatever pet in the household. Those picket or amend if left kind of unattended or low enough in the tree that they can get a hold of them. And they can be ingested and then obviously not only that he structure of that object. But what is that painted with companion bits painted with metallic those can be toxic. Noticed sparkle of the materials. And the actual late themselves you know cats and dogs can play with something they can actually get electrocuted they get these terrible oral burned because they're chilling entry electric players. You know and then of course the worst thing is they knocked something over start a fight here I mean it's all of this kind of contact. Console hanging on trees that. A famous one dog thing capped both. Will eat console and because it is they long. In the object and I don't know if you ever. Done that that he sort of grab a piece potential and trying to pull it apart it's very difficult to break. And when an object like that is injected. An Andrew impact and that long campaign kind of get stuck. Andean pact and are trying to push it forward and it can't say that the impact and kind of accordion up on to that longs kind of consult. And over a very short amount of time can actually cut through impact and they become very very segment. So you know the dangers are there. And you might even make it think it's innocent enough but if it's crazy what these kids can get in kink. The other real common ones are aired you know sometimes we bringing holiday plans that can be incredibly so like holiday. I think that is banned content from Lilly have been picked up those are very toxic especially picky cap. It doesn't take much of an injection. And that can and card. What we call acute renal failure for the kiddies to shut down. And then you know treat the food that we have. So we're we're just having family over and you know wanting to spoil everybody with lots of yummy things. But there are wavering and processing them sweeteners. Encore of the famous more recent on this something called dial at all. So we know that income and the dogs can compare these pieces of gum but also now they're starting to you that in. Search. You can't put peanut butter. These. And so. If you know if somebody give you actually got to throwing your dog or even for you to be very cautious that you know they can't get access to it unless you know the exact ingredients. Your grandma says Peter homemade and you know that there's no chemicals in the air to preserve it can not. Help. I mean we're glad that we who we are and where we are but we certainly don't want you especially around the holidays because of color accent like. Can't tell the you have to be true because you heard the bark in the background so that we haven't but I can't try. And that's right yeah no print. Up. Again you know you don't think about it that I thought that that point candid saying because you cleared it up but I company. And you hear it and then government that it would a lot like a galaxy so it cannot be found true again lord black I can't. Get there. Yeah Nicole what importantly other holiday plants like the things like paper white and Amaral and then. I have though both go on that list. You know that's a good question off the top of my head I don't have an answer to say yes. But I wouldn't want to let you know but what I would just suggest is that you know even that lets say you just ask that question and I thought oh latest all of those in my household and that any action no later than that it did do a quick search. And he what information about that there are so many different plans and different parts of different plant can be cock that. And quite honestly there's no way even the veterinarian can remember all of the different toxicity from the natural plant that we bring into our households. And they do you call it toxicity can turn. You know like the AFDC had a wonderful. You know 1800. Toxic pet. Number that you can access. They Q will economic hit that the common woman probably know that but a lot to look it up as well so. She. And what about blanket on me about that tree. So. Other than the fact that we know that dog food chocolate I'm not a good back. Abu a lot. One fund the other thing that I think and here's our Belmont that's another lifetime people think they're doing the right thing. I give her dog literally a bone. Cam has he done it and yes that is not a good idea right. You're right. So weep I don't know if everybody is aware there was recently a very large recall a company had some. I think they were sort of stop bone that your approach is actually in pet stores and it turned out that not only were those bones. Shattering and spending and it pieces that could cause problems in the GI tract of a complete preparations and things of that nature but there was some chemical process about them though we still understand what it was but. Many many dot something like fifty some odd dollars have died across the nation from beating me and what more horrific thing that you buy something at a pet store you bring it home and your dog get sick and died because of it. And don't even generally gets recommend. You know everybody thinks that you. Ticketed out of bounds but unfortunately hum God's will. I still managed to shatter splinters. About bone and that they and check I mean honestly think about it it's good that the spirit of hard material that can cause I kinda trouble. Oh playing like I want that. What people can do that wiley and and thank you very well I think you know it look I get had a conversation with a client. Who. And that is a different issue that you were feeding her dog rod diet my cable like do you feel that you need to do that she should because when the dog without a wild I think said put your dog not in the wild. And your domesticated dog has not been in the wild for you know hundreds of years. So they don't really needed in fact they need things to be cooked and they need certain additives. You know everybody thing if you talk to him. Your grandfather or great grandfather it'll tell you guys to just you know we'd cook a chicken and dropped it about you did find new doubly lucky you know little bones yet so there's word we. I think we're just pulling back from. Howell utilitarian we want or authoritarian we want to Wear with animals. And now we have the ability we know what they need diet radically in nutrition lion the minerals and elements. So I think people just do it because you think a dog should be eating bones because they once upon a time had the hunt for their food. But that would be like you know what's going out there with spears and you know the night any kind of a man like what I Newport. Until you know it's important collecting the call because so many people at Christmas Thanksgiving a pet care nor dog is a good thing. And don't you think that that is something that really should be looked into before you bring them on a family who may not be ready to have ever. Possibility. Absolutely. Yeah I mean it it people you know it's one of those things again at that impulse. Adoption impulse buying opted it the body. Cat so one thing because didn't come clean you know I don't have kept the kept indoors and you provide that the appropriate nutrition and then litter box to them that they couldn't be amazingly loving pat. But with dog because of the many and that I'm a look at it in the many different breed. He really need to do your homework about what you're getting into. You know this can be in some cases the eighteen year commitment. This is no joke. And so small large what are their health issues can you afford those health issues that they should crop up. You know it's like anything else that it's essentially adopting a child so you have to pick up all those responsibilities. And I know it that loving feeling you wanna get it you know the surprise. Oh my gosh daddy out of the puppy. But when that putt because then to a young adolescent destructive dog or starts you know having them all health issues. He's just have to be prepared for those. And I have to agree with you there's something kind of making it the current part which I think it always the good thing it. You get it deep do do it and that little puppy or kitty cat get insurance immediately right into that accurately what. Promoted all the time every day we have now pamphlet. Q multiple claimed everything old man absolutely. That I had been playing the mine gonna cover so much. Which one you recommended a lot of young they're so many out there and they're all really good so I would say you know I don't have a horse generate pun intended but you do your research figure out what that's for you week. I will say that I've had my experience working with pat plan their quite. Quick Ed. That ten minute another one. National has been insurance. The from the fact find. To the AF PTA had them. I've the only word of caution in that there are vet hospitals. So these corporate net hospitals across the country that have. What they sort of promote added insurance. It's not acting insurance that the plan only through their hospital. So it kind of like you're almost they have a prepaid system and you can only use it. So I appreciate repurchased that you could only did the EPA. To just be very cautious the people are aware of the differences between insurance. And the sort of health plan at that particular specific corporate type of veterinary hospital. She's okay and the cold everybody how they can reach you. Heard the hospital is 5705877777. We have a web site which is DR EDT PA dot com and I FaceBook into the ground Twitter accounts. Some are all under the same which is the RE CPA and I just wish everybody a happy and safe holiday. Thank thank you very much and you kill again thank you next month time and we will be right back with our next guest expert. Got doctor Campbell that I am picking another kettle attorney by the attorney by the tail here we'll be right back it was into this morning to Greenland shot. It's Saturday morning I would Gloria lay and now. Hillary and let him. Hi everybody welcome back you're listening to Larry lynch shell and Larry cabinet and the honor of Larry Katz enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Lyn Evans I am the managing director of women of substance LLC. Which as I've discovered in the last couple days my. The describing of that is that it's an intention to erase the I don't bring his dad's pocket could. To a race to the financial illiteracy of women because they went. So anyway I also have a podcast called power of the purse and available on iTunes. Stitcher and Google play. Okay well with us today is the lovely and talented. Miss attorney. Barbara. 36. Years yeah so there's nothing every now right now and family right now yeah. I am here we go out and saw always nice to be here and the last few months we went over somehow. And ten different nest. But we only got to six our land we see how can we tell Lynn and I have been talking about this week Pete taught telling a lot of our guess if you bring each test this kind of thing we Cendant and with Barbara Harris to sell information on that we she's been on two or three times and we're only at seven. As we only as good as you know I didn't allow conversation right right right so that's a good. Don't know the other six you have to listen to our listen I'm being in love. So our iTunes does that's yeah yes yeah Lorena earth they're very nice thumb so. We are now optimized number seven this number seven is because they are more cautious sit entering marital relationship. And also have a strong determination to avoid the possibility is to worse. Children who grew up in home broken by divorce tend to have as much success and it's in their own Mary's. That marriages as from intact homes and actually does not true. The children are divorced unfortunately and a higher rate of divorce from their own marriage. Then do their friends who come from intact families why and they say it's basically because they see their parents as role models. And ash unfortunately there they learn by observing their parents. I read other statistics where they said the children alone. Divorced families are more likely to either not married yet at all or have a marriage ended and up and divorced which is a real sad thing. This after I'm hoping my kids air on the set they the other end of this team and got married and I don't know. Because obviously statistics will be one it does and the other guys so I'm hoping interaction because I think a lot of that has to do with and I can only speak because I from both the deal you're not divorced Lynn you don't have children I can say from a divorced mother and my children are aching for some time he's now married get China's still. 23 each so I don't know what will happen but I pray that. But they sought. On it and they spent more time with me I'm being you know being mayor is that I hope they will take as much as they can. A whit of what they see would that Dino dead. What's the word I'm looking for strength and to persevering to do toaster and it doesn't necessarily have to mean it's it's over and I think in addition to that if you have a positive role model who's the opposite sex in your life which my children have been fortunate enough to have like within a year after. Their dad won't and I were not together not divorce because of course when you do and you know this garbage divorce lawyer takes forever to me set took seven years I'm like I had positive role model how the lots of positive though it also REI I mean there's an illegals and Meyer being in my life fit when he we don't live together but they saw that kind of the relationship where it was helpful and I'm just hoping they can. Dame they can glean that kind of that it doesn't have to be. The app other way and the what I read in looking and and surveys in an articles is that a child learns learns by Romano. Tulsa OK when they. They talk about you know are you better off breaking up when you have kids or staying together and you do want to be really careful about the role models and your children are afraid if they observed at mom's getting beaten up or their dad treats mom with little respect. Unfortunately that's gonna carried on of the next generation learns how does a boy oh boy treat a woman. How does this country woman how dad treated mom. So if dad's is data showing on very little respect unfortunately. Scars the teenage boys may read. A great deal in disrespect to their mother and also that a then. A daughter may look at this and say there that I possess what I deserve uh huh what does he appropriate weight to be treated. Yeah except sub par treat. We're in an end cycle therapy will stay we'll tell Leo that children do the exact. Same thing as a parent or the exact opposite. So I see Matt in situations. Which I won't name but I know the father and mother and they and their children and you can see the difference between how one father. One son fathers their children vs what the other son does. And they are one does the exact and other does he exit so funny the exact opposite. So yeah it is interesting to secede Jack stud just tell your years and yeah I TSA what went what caused that dip. Why did one choose to go the right way and the other when she had to the wrong way. But we're really seeing trends in that because that. You know he had to see so much more because divorces so what is the average divorce rate between it now it's at nowadays are set stayed out higher and you have staying together Greg. If you add 52%. Of the population getting divorced. You should be able to do these studies and say okay went and what's happening was society. And what's happening to their children and things like that and you're starting to see more and more studies coming out like that carbon do you see and mrs. Something I think it's it's kind of neat to look. Ash when you look at divorce so. And yeah you beat Emanuel and I know an intra normal circumstances no substance abuse abuse in any way. But just normal and they danced more normal that right but what I'm saying is say here's the norm that I once someone months described to me and I think I talked about this on the show before that marriage is like indictment that in the mill in the beginning here is closer she could possibly be. And as slight changes and kids in all the stuff you become as far as you can you part is can beat but if you sticking out and come together in the kids start Ghana collagen moving she you can bring back that sense if you stick that Mitt it's the middle of the round kinda I think and I think they're the hardest years there. Hard but you find people who come TU for divorced couple are in that middle stage orb just be need to do most of Boris do you say does most of voice divorce our car because there is infidelity or abuse in some way I went there it's all over the hollow very podcasts so. If you see during category CC bit the the abusive relationship. Is he be on the drug abuse or alcohol abuse relationship. Is CD infidelity and then you see grown apart and growing apart really can. It can be anywhere along the line I mean some UC did have waited until kids got after college and are now high schooler whenever. But realistically ain't. My own personal opinion is those years at the sheltering years as I call them. You're aware you're running in different direction right around all the kids and the kids needs are so much greater than an error number DL it's very easy to let your relationship go. And is so I think. I think that's why I did I did is we did date nights decision. You know I even come close ally island big expensive and went way that's particularly and made it is yes yes I guess because in my practice and I said. I'm gonna make an effort and you know you say you planned to do something as a couple. And you know I think it's a healthy thing to be a wave from the constitution yes constant. You know it's a one night of the week and no matter and that's and I play every every two weeks so. John thanks and you need a little tired or not do it because it's important to do it well what I found is that if I got a baby sitter then you're committed to doing yeah. So if you line O line things up and originally my husband said well that's not spontaneous. Well once you have a baby sitter needed in the next. Yeah. You yeah. And that's so it out alive day Tom that sense I am personal experience. Myth number eight following divorce the children bugs are better off and step families then in single parent families. What does. This articles saying is the facts are that step parents. Families are no better than single parent families even though the income level may be significantly higher. And there's a father figure in the home. Step parent families had their own unique set of problems in Conn yes what they're saying is it. I've read statistics when that 60%. Of a second marriage is filed partners and it's usually problem Swiss. Think children learn from each marriage because. You know every MR whenever I have favoritism or lack of a material and you know kind of blanked on my child's not being treated as well. Or and I don't like how he disciplines to kids. Or is that kids just don't blend together not everybody's a Brady Bunch in LA so. Is this you're a New Orleans family is very unique and how you are raising your children. Maybe very different and how you're next husband or wife is raising their kids. And there's an awful lot of conflict there. I see a lot of people in in therapy that they wanna keep their second marriage alive and there's a lot of problems with the kids from the first from both of them. I think personally it is just it's got to be and I don't know from experience but I can't imagine. But it must be like the blending a family and trying to make them work. When you had your opponent you just raising your own children you know what those issues are and then you're putting in and it's that's got to be I think he's a very. Harry is anxious to do after you do something else which is exactly probably what you said there's so much second failure in that regard I think it's easier when you can get tested this. I'm just grateful that Meyer has I mean I really am in no child should have because there's not. Dad but I everybody is really not only everybody had and he is affected you and everybody has an opinion yes so you know right when you usually plays some Lilly and other on both sides that's because my mom remarried and I developed I had not had three new siblings that Andre had the mare ever. So that was very interesting to see how that all integrated yeah and you know Ollie tells. Yes I yes but we are all adults were all pretty much out of how are married or whatever so wasn't as much of an issue. But there's still was you know what do you do Christmas right difference as my holidays were still a pull back and forth. And then there were claims the favoritism as somebody was exercising more power and oh my god can. Amazed but I can also assessor fact that I'm a step parent. So when I married my husband he had one son who at the time was about. I think she was about sixteen or seventeen years old he had a very very very difficult teenaged child hood type thing. And the day it really honestly I'm gonna say to my own credit I was probably the most stabilizing yeah. And his life. And I just. He that's just my mom there she is part of me and you know that's just and parent. That being very stabilizing has yet you don't have that emotional time right as the other ones with that there are allowed to conflict yeah but then you see the child saying well you're not allowed ten discipline me you're not right neither Hannity on the part of the UN. You can get a chance I need certainly concede to step parents sign a gift you know hey I'm doing absolutely everything I can't hear. So amazing. Once again. Another highlight of the city park this is. That's why I like what you're what you're what you're doing and Lynn you agree we talk about this it's the it's the plus that goes along with it like from personal experience people. One here that not just letting you know so it always does it works out it works so beautifully so how many gap now to more than brag aren't. We might make it because I. Doug had a good number nine being very and. Happy at certain points near marriage is a good sign that the marriage will eventually end in divorce and they said not true. All marriages have highs and lows and just because you're going through a tough spot doesn't mean that you're gonna end in divorce. And at that's true I mean with every relationship particularly how to bounce back where a lot out of their marriage you know you want to be best friends you have to be lovers. You wanna be good parents you wanna. And insurance. Some people can't fulfill absolutely everything it 200 for home. So what I mean it is particularly challenging and didn't what they say is he can't necessarily predict divorce. Some people are gonna get divorced a lot of help and things are. And it has to be some kind of nuclear event before they'll they'll do something right. And LAS just to get to see I'm. I had Hank is usually the man who initiates the divorce proceedings. And this says statistically. Two thirds of all divorces are initiated by women aren't you. I agree with that but. At least equal amount they have an ICL a lot of women than initiating say he's never gonna file he's an alcoholic and or not he's not gonna file but we've been unhappy for years so. Family Dollar numbers I numbers can really win and Kerry and Barbara tell everybody how they can EG gets TO they need any help okay I'm located in. I'm more my offices at 1421 east entering your street my name against Barbara Harris. Tell me long for 36 years at practice and lack wanna concerns Susquehanna Wyoming and we. Every since I 7034. Or worse than someone's head and fired when they when they need to do they mean with you. Yeah say yes just really nice partners thank you know Kennedy family I'm so yeah really I guess he's on a ton that doesn't work so there you don't. IRA will thank you Barbara thank you end up and Mary Christmas every idea I'm saying some. Anyway thanks anti virus and we will be back next week and I thank you for listening and you in the new year in New Year's yeah. And we must seize so so thanks again have a great weekend.