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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on don't lie okay. Good morning. How are you. I'm wonderful how are you doing I'm just trying. In case people don't know you're listening to Larry and show our Abkhazia since Saturday mornings from nine to ten on W I LK. Newton was an inflection sort of like Johnny Lucas Johnny how do you say. Patty you say WI LK. W. Double back here says a double down nearly you. I know cash app can't ask any man here we go Johnny Sanjaya was with us here urged Johnny was with this for Thanksgiving last week yes yes he is PM I think he said the food was delicious was it done John and my met his give me that the two thumbs up and I made my mashed potatoes which I have never in my life made mashed potatoes none. And believe it or not. We just not real good nap I mean my mother and father in my house we grew up with them but I'm not a big fan has gotten to like them a little more as I've gotten older. And I was in charge and it was my son Tommy's you know recipe which I told you was in the Yukon gold or yellow detain thousands. Butter cream cheese butter butter butter more butter and salt bath her. So good they were god I'm not sat well recently it's. Thing like that so I had my. My stepson and step daughter alive yes it is. And Abby Tyler and sassy and shows. I gave her the job of making the potatoes. So we had a recipe. And very similar. Paris if you like from the Baldwin sisters on an unknown Little House on the Prairie now I don't think census was now inactive moonshine know to make. Access the call that the recipe you know was moonshine like a little club no ladies just to make it a Little House on the Prairie and I'm this was done out there are. On the prairie can the Walton some pounds and I don't have. So I had half a brink of cream cheese. Yes I'm half and half yeah I danced to I had a little I'm heavy cream in many allies saying same things right. And then does the as a thousand pounds of butter half sending it tastes good but I'm hi does fast. I hung. Really really good that was one left over I didn't mind eating again I can't I inhabit because I'd left that many sisters but our mandate in Kenya. So everything was very good yeah and can narron was not able to come with us Lauren. The jam it through Thanksgiving festivities so. She was an ally but she got very good nose yesterday she each. She can put full wave to as much she can tolerate that you can do full weight on her left leg from this so today she co. Albany and since Larry. I just walked and walked with my walker right but she says dates I didn't put a hundred you know all my weight on the left side but I did as much as I could and I want. She's so proud of herself well that's creeps because it was a nasty break fast so I'm she's been doing you know she's been at an ally and in. Performing miracles Daly is what they work because that's what's going on she was so happy today when she called. So again and like to thank everybody allied services because as I say and to anyone who will listen we are very very fortunate to have that facility in our own backyard so there are. It's good thank him. And so she didn't come everybody else was there and we had a nice little I'm. Halladay. That's good meat and wonderful food I guess I am really. Have to say everything remained. Everything came out perfect and you say well you may have Brad chicken breasts Turkey breasts I made two of them. Until now to Turkey breasts from my immense need to win it tomorrow. Funny Frank Luntz I don't know if they were not I don't they I thank you Aaron packed yeah CN and they work as I get the same one so. I go to a nose and eyes. And sent them to one of the local stores and again a package of something I never seen before which was mixed herbs. Usually by one of them at a time I think clump of say retaliate and you put they were probably trying to altogether and this was great via and so I don't find them kind and I took certain pieces up because I think sometimes they easily is content and that basal I'm Bailey's. Can get overwhelming. So I I just pick them apart put them underneath the Turkey breast skin. And the butter and then I do love my mom used to do was have put a stick of butter. In the end his campaign. I'm now in the pan on the other hand and the drip things Thomas you're making the grade via generating great it was and it was absolutely wonderful. And that's a good idea off the screen will. I bought one of those is this a little three pounder made him a little but should just sit 'cause I like to always have some Turkey in my own house so that we don't have to bring from my sister so I just keep but they're for the kids so of course Tommy wasn't their beach on. So I made it I'm staying at that day Thanksgiving morning I put unemployment roasting I put. Who made Antony. I do you true. Lemon and orange and cut them in quarters on the lemons are from my lemon tree that grows outside been in the winter comes inside him right now I have. Twelve lemon is on my tree and then just the coolest thing just to go over and pick lemon in the general value especially I Idaho a bloody years ago but I am but shelves yeah and we've been grooming and it grew one lemon one year and one man in an and it didn't throw any and this year there were flowers and bugs everywhere. And so there's twelve. Full bright yellow and there are five or six green ones that are growing to turn into an additional you'll now. So. Go into I don't it's a nice change and I picked the Avant but I cut the limited corners and the orange and put them on the bottom. Along with Rosemary. And I place the breast on top and there's a wire and Michael wire random and the breast and I put the butter underneath the skin. And then nine drizzle it with. I'll play on salt and pepper and stuck in an and it I didn't have any of the 'cause I cut it for Sean to take home with him and to see an end didn't really for three patents it have a lot and that there was enough and he said it was delicious so and it was I could tell it was tender when I was cutting him. But am I love to help others and my stuff there CNN's. Yes hello virus that I'm thanks so Thanksgiving. Weekend was good there was there was early and then trying to meet till we had a green a good time and having my boy home is. Super calloused fragile XBO a dose just south I love it yeah and and so I have to say that I was at Russell's last night for dinner with no amounts eleven other people from Broadway theater and leading. It confront these gals flew on the committee for the gala from Broadway theater Leach treated Mary Jean Dixon who's the I'm ticket. Direct manager at Broadway and I to a and me 2 AM. Dinner. Add Russell's Ford you know everything that when Alec Gallup was they did it last week did you begin and we had so much fun the food was great salmon on a salad Merry Christmas she and it's just that he's laughter we laughed in the minus for over George senior and junior well padding George and their children. And their grandchildren their for birthday shaping Sheila. Applying it and her dad's birthday is a few days apart so they were all there that they were leaving they were saying we they were there a bunch of kids to secure a lot of them are accuser kidding back and forth you know sit your kids are wonderful they weren't allowed so we should we just had it was so funny because everybody was laughing at one time Paulette. Mart commercial just she's hysterical and we should talk about be in the fourth missed invader and she said I think the three before me are dead so that means and Tony Bertolucci said so that means you're the oldest this invade. As she got up and she stood near post like this again it does so anyway it was fun we had a great degree night and Brussels was again wonderful. Good. Yep and so I have to tell you till I spoke at Keystone College this year this week. I know the odds. I got a call from Brenda lady. To see she teaches a business in business I didn't answer for your business. Degree program and Brenda teaches fundraising in. For as one of her. Classes and she asked if I would come out and talked to the kids about fundraising event planning and on that kind of stuff so many people are going to business downtown hospitality field looked to do. Special events and so. And ram and up on Tuesday morning and spoke to a a classic yet another big class and it may be their 20151617. Kids was very nice and we had a minus fund. And that was kind of need to do possess first time I've ever. Done Canada. College levels so was this cool. We had a good time so much in the kids are doing a great job and brand is this weekend you know Brandon and Kelli you just Saddam himself and she said but you came highly recommended by miss. I'm Brenda bestow geek myself myself I know can be. Somewhere in there about it yes so we had fun that's good so that was my week so far this week very nice. And you're missing our minds and our right to spend. Crazy how come. Just busy PMI. Oh yeah. Should he knows everything done marquise. Well fence I'm saying it's business related to suspend the the easy part was selling the business down there the hard part is. All of the things you have to. You know it's like a divorce. And feels like everything that you have I mean it that they create an assignment now you've got to separate things. So that there are ours is a says fifteen clients coming with me. So it's how we do all that and the common systems that we shared you know being record management systems and the phone systems and copiers and and why shy in all I can stuff that was the that we have to separate legal aid because I'm not supposed to have any. Opportunity to access any of the accounts I'm so. I mean I have we have to undo all of that and then I have to replace it with things. So that's where the difficulty has come from men at the same time I am also trying to. And generate the sponsors that I wanted for at the podcasts. And that's been. Harrowing to say release. Men been doing a lot of driving shown up at places and then you know just that was just a lot going on so and still well gone through the end of this month. So I'll be making trips to New Jersey trips through. Philadelphia. All over the place. So is that there's this a lot to get done now that you know I have that behind me now. For the future I have to put all this stuff together myself Manila choices. A lot of things I could do. That would make a big difference in a lot of ways. But it requires me giving up some autonomy. And that's not something I'm ends and I win here and it on June. Then that your own business I announce a long time baby that is. So I'm that's been Miley can spend them. Difficult as both satellite. But anyway I have quit his way to have enough time Jennings though and now we can come back consumption aren't yet I this is from Kipling here. Magazine. And it's twelve questions. And here's the first so what's it about its cars personal finance quiz OK sorry. If you don't owe taxes. You won't be penalized for filing your federal income tax return after April 15 it's true or false. If you don't go. Don't owe taxes yeah I would say trail as current. The game have changed since early penalized if you file afterwards and don't pay. If you brown yes your own money hunt. Our second one. Okay our contributions to a traditional far 01 K plan. Deducted from your salary. Before or after taxes before. Correct. Then on two for two terms are right next question. Investing in a load fund. Alone means it has commissions. Right I'm investing in a load fund is more expensive but performance is better than no load funds over the long term. True or false. True faults I don't know I have. Okay. No clue we're gonna take good break instead is a comeback is down and we'll be right back you're listening to Larry and shampoo. Your jewelry and win. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry lynch on Larry caddie in the armed Laurie can enterprises which is a fundraising PR. Special events business and I'm Linda Evans I am the managing director. The women of substance LLC which is a financial planning firm for baby boomer women. And also the host of a podcast called power of the purse podcasts. And it's all about things that women I don't know about money. Any okay continuing a quiz and we started that I am bound and how the weather three yes ain't bad. Thank Dan and consent to love this skiing been gonna put cinemanow or else hello how that I must your Psycho. Credit score V for you qualify for the best interest rates. As a choice here Poconos I'm kind 600. It's 650. 700. 750. Or 800. The best interest rate for you get the best and announced it send an it's either set its highest I'm sure. Or 750 I was 70750. Somewhere I'd pick so 7700. Parent. And that is. Cincinnati Friday 750 listen. Credit score. In the mid seventy don't have as usual I across time so that's our parents the next question. What is the high history you can have is a crisis over 800 is it I have. Believe it or not Patrick aides in Napoli has one of those again. Because when I'm at sea island says yes mine is up there a sound just so you have. I'm OK. You can invest in only 1529. College savings plan per child yes or no. At Dan I would have absolutely no idea so I'm gonna guess and say. It wouldn't yes false. Correct there's no law limiting the number 520 plan for a 29 plans you can invest in to save for college education. Our next question. Overseas stocks are hot too. You change your allocation. From 10%. To 80%. Of your portfolio. A Smart move beat what was I thinking. How much percentage he went from ten to AD. Favre's most I think. Yes the ever that it Ariel yeah don't you know done really sure if you okay next question. This will be number seven. You and your spouse. Sign houses he had won for a 100000 dollars in 2000. And sold their first 500000. This year. It was your primary residence hmmm how much will you oh and capital gains taxes. A 100060000. Or nine. Well how old are the people. Doesn't that matters in debt that exclude that it's Tony gets that lake. If you. Instead capital gains forgiveness because of those selling your primary residence after selling you say none. Your right now copyright and that is a good point. It doesn't SS as long as you've owned the house and lived there for at least two of the past five years wow you know age systemic issues to be fifty fun and didn't ask you this in the sixties I think what else are women in the that's so as long as you've lived there for at least two of the past five years ten there and got married couples can exclude up to 500000. In home sales profits from Texas what if you're not married and you sell your primary residence science that's good question I'm. That's discrimination if it is named Dennis so let's focus and fans but I think the answer is an as the saying now OK I think so. A health savings account is eight the same as a flexible spending account be. An insurance plan. C a way to save for health costs if you have a high deductible insurance plan. RB RDE a plan under Medicare I would say day. And that is wrong what is it what is it seek out a way to save for help call us if you have high deductible insurance plan. A lot of employers do that for people and I see but I thought it was something I thought it was what I thought it was so I guess yeah look I am. Again. All right. If an investor aged 25. Deposits a hundred dollars a month in a mutual fund. With an annualized return of 10% a year. You'll have about 640000. Dollars at age 65. Or she might end. If he or she waits until age forty to start saving. How much schools he or she have to deposit these months to have the same amount 65. Your choices are. 150 dollars a month vs the 25 year old who put in hundreds. Or 225. Dollars a month. 475. Dollars a month or 800 dollars a month. I announced fifteen years. And a hundred bucks cities losing. Would you would give him the 12112. Times fifteen has whenever I don't now. Do you know. OK so 3000 right. Last that would then what he invested a great so I'm I don't know that may be. Curb I had CNBC. 400 every five dollars yes apps actually correct okay yeah. Oh that's the difference 475. Dollars vs a hundred. Between 25 and forty and then we'll get to the same amount of money however I'm gonna also say. That that amount of money at 65. Is not gonna have the same the same buying value so it sounds like a lot. But it really isn't that much content than the mountains just after discourage people no concerns and saving that's nice to have. OK question ten. I'm Wendy need to start taking required minimum distributions. From Roth. IRAs. When you retired and they 65. At age seventy by April 1 of the year after the year you turn seventy in half or never. From a Roth IRA cracked. Each I have no clue because I don't really know what are brought this armed gunmen against DS. That's by April 1 of the year after you turn sometime in you know I mean never energy and ninety and how he I can't that some lines and you are correct yeah. Yeah because Roth IRAs you pay it you put money into them with after tax money I'll ask don't it doesn't you don't have any of the restriction right. I get aspect. I was altered and I was gonna know DNC does that say hello are you ready honey please do you do you. OK question eleven which of these expenses can you write off on your federal tax return if you don't. Itemize. So I can take the standard deduction kind. And you can't get some of these. They would be charitable contributions. Medical expenses. Mortgage payments are moving expenses. He had picked. Wait a minute to go first to spot the only speaks the other none of them he knew promoting its gonna accept it in the movie expense is the only one that doesn't make any sense so that's why would automatically think that's what is what you're let me think about right why beach the other ones you know you can do I would never think I could be bright just moving it. Well as for new jobs right so now we'll show kind of thing more than fifty miles farther away from your old house. Then your old job was. Then you can deduct the costs and getting yourself your family your positions how CNN or even against a noon. At least I never did that then you never ask about our background and good and there's some good so that's what your son. Can he can do we will ask you this now brain was Nash here but somewhere around here okay. OK question twelve of twelve. All income from mutual funds is subject to state income tax. True or false. True. I know went into meant to say false no I didn't cause and I really wasn't panicked I don't tell my only answer is false some money because so income paid by mutual funds gets a tax income tax state tax income break. It can't get some or all of them some of them certainly it does depend on the one you had been if you tax more yes they would. But the thing is that you will have. Less state income tax if you invest in. Those to have government securities and the because they're federal security and tell a different kind of discounts for that I Guinness so. Not bad but you did does Anna on twelve and what's 12 now I am blessed me a while now could now I had at least. Three or four rock artists I know he's an. I'm sorry about an hour. I don't like to lose either but you know they would tougher because I total although as well as the weight vest was kiplinger's trying to tell people and I have tiny island because you learn and it's a good way to learn about Fiorina mark and then you're able to expound on what that means. But I have to say kept telling her I think I'm coming but I think I came up with some of my own good questions as you they did and lack thereof the information yes because some of the nation write a letter to them you showed some of the questions were improperly for now. Kindness and so that's good I'm white and so does not used to more quizzes not to I have to know that there are three in the series so our. Our week fiction and I'm Donna you know no you can't pop quiz and don't you dare go their way inside the mall and dancer ever do that. I really did that once a Bruce harbor as well. This is more or may now finally did I might can get into it check test mag I know you don't now I am lagging they're happy with. With that it hit yet to be a fun. So I have to tell you that so far mr. Sean can Foley yes. He is applied twelve as a law schools and he's he's in the midst of waiting and he has been accepted to duke. And it to Georgetown so far wonderful emergency wanna go he. We he is a couple in my so we'll see what happens bank that's where he has something. Those are his true that he discussed it one last we don't want this week. Well yeah I think you sense something less get a you know I was you know very effective science czar ever met an answer but this area and I sure is sitting on this or anti U. I wasn't scared to death okay. Parents do we know how it's just proud of himself and some I. Yeah I think he's a good boy and what's the status on Tommy movement there is no status so tell me if I even ask him again. Because he put in fairness he said give me. Good six months is tomorrow okay and so he's only there let alone for a month so I weighed a little hot tub tomorrow when he comes home for Christmas she had already been emailing main sons are even planning iron. You know what timing has to make for Christmas cause Tunney is the best baker and she asked Sammy he's just there's nothing I can can not don't. You know I X amount of time really does it's great so he's like mom Khatami do this could comic he adds honey you're in charge it is OK okay and then he said I'm. It Denny just they text meantime they have there. Christmas things that there ordering him. Because that's what I do I should say order what you want and then I'll pay for it that's my guess it's just easier cern they get what they want the. So how are you finished with your Christmas shopping no no no. I just actually I did some serious damage so I have did you say until that list of ten I. I'm going again until and I never had this many so far but does well I didn't Friday. Online miles. Those deals and I also did some good stuff on Cyber Monday. How good so I guess some really good things done. Then Phoenix okay and so you know a good thing is that just gets very boring now when it went from my nieces and nephews. Only do us a skin cancer stricken doesn't know why I don't. Okay can you tell traditionally all learning yeah it is when you want you know it's a good thing is is that it it is about. They know what they want and spend I would rather somebody give me something. Like net and I could gone by myself to something that I think knows time is now. And engine and the idea really want it. And this is something else then you feel bad to give every gift. I think once or twice in my life again yes. And it wasn't because I didn't like what I got is just say let's someone else would like him more so it is actually I I did because I knew they had send some things are and not about that's. But about something like sat in the passes so I love whatever candles and things like yeah. So yes I have reduces it but. You know the Johnny re gifted the scarf she gave them here for Christmas so old Johnny did Jill. We give the scars now conceding even give them a scar. They don't. Play. You're darn right well we are going to take a quick break and we will be right back you're listening to Larry in my shop. Here is lowering inland. Welcome back everybody live. Think Delorean in Chela Lori Kaplan the owner Clark Kent and Jakarta which could Andre PR special event that that. And I am whenever I am. The managing director of women of substance LLC. Which is the financial planning firm specifically catering to the need. A baby boomer women. And I am all show. A host of the podcast called power of the parish podcast. On iTunes. Stretcher. And global Google Troy. Okay well Lynn gently. Every month until they get they get camp creek segment with that we couldn't thank them. It. No guest experts we have. I eight Saturday once again I each had 345. Saturday month this year though well growing much I have to. What. We're only owned to have you I know but we had more than still look back under the all right there choked down Italian next time and Larry I'm. So we. Have everything scheduled for Iraq and the month so here we go. What else we do and yer gonna take another quick. Contract. Come on mile eight. I don't Longley nobody answered. Well I if I can coach you uncertain thing yeah I am a member of the replica. The money we just did was plunge from kiplinger's that was without. To general personal finance information. That's one Perry the centric. Which has your knowledge of every day actions that affect your credit score. So yeah. I think you asked the question earlier about. Whether the highest score you get. And in looking at this one the answer is eight change they. If you go anywhere north of 800 it's fabulous. So anyhow what should jump right in and seeing how OK we'll see how good is meant glory. Hiring John the first question is. When her current show compared. Well hit the first perfect 30 well I'm shopping spree. You open credit card account at several of your favorite storage. Just snapped up the count of ten or 15%. You're hitting a bundle but you may be chipping away your credit score true martial law. Trailed. And torch company. Yuriko option for one hell ain't Margaret is yen from multiple inquiry should wonders. For your credit report and a short period contributor score. Especially if you don't have many credit account or you have a short credit history. And Tyco said the people with extra more credit or inquiry on their reports in a short period. Our. Eight times more likely to declare bankruptcy. While. OK when do the right question number two. You are about to get married and your fiance. Or is 200 points lower than your. Once she wed. Your score will be combined and your mate low scorer loophole Europe found true or false. Well I don't know that that automatically combined event could be a trick question I don't know abandoned you keep separate credit. Then why would it be combined. However if you do combine the two than the amateur Libya. OK so you're right that the answer really installed. Because you're bound to score alone won't affect cured and my current up but if you take out a loan to open credit card together. Or if you put your name and and they they're out of the count you're both responsible for the death and want you make payment. Shore. Any joint account unkind and don't load up too much at your credit score free credit score should say hi. I had an actual. When you Conte the credit card account that you had belonged there. It will lower the average age of your credit account and drag down your score. True reform act I don't see it blow but most people play to not close credit. But because of the Majlis course so I'm assuming it trail. Upshaw actually might bump and well I'll play the interest through the age of your account is including your score. And that day because until colder cal had deposited a check. But even after you close and account and continue to be included in the age calculation. Your school work when I dropped. However is closing the account boot your credit utilization. Ratio. An open and you credit card. The average age of your camp could drop. I want them that make sense but again these there's sort of ambiguous there anyway so I there's kind of loophole and all of the answers but go ahead. A number of foreign. What you racked up a hefty bill and overdue book fines that the local library and forgot to pay an orange. The company deadbolt your bank account and your credit score. Sure I'll. Well I don't know why your local library would be on your credit shall I would say cops. The current. Because any number it says libraries find parking and speeding tickets and other obligations should the government left unpaid. Won't go directly to your credit record but it's. If they are eventually look forward to a collection nascent week they could damage score. And that goes for anything they could go to collections such as unpaid rent medical bill shoot the good news. The later version bush like old score ignored the collection account if they had Rivera ballot. Just hanging up I can score the bad news many lenders are still using old scoring models that make no such distinction. Arm so against the trick question. Okay the next one. You're shopping for a market and several lenders to make inquiries for your credit report within a month of each other. That's what your score at ring true or false. Throw. And thank all. We'll hear that why contrary to what you just did. I know if you're buying credit card inquire into the Babylon honor the same. And getting your score but if you have a thirty day to shop for mortgages student loans and auto loan. With no effect but you have. Thirty day could shop for mortgages stood quote good loans and auto loan with no factor years I coached OK well maybe because you're not applying for it not actual. You that you are so credit OK so there's a bit of the loop hole earlier question thirty Tokai. There are new that you get thirty days to do that I get that good I'd millionaire could have no because I wouldn't film that would automatically back or score. Yeah kind of because of the country an inquiry. Frank thank god. When you check your own credit score. Inquiry could shave a two point shroud that true or false well again. You get your ears ears the public do I think being able to get go won the credit card or two years once every month there's something without it though again that the trick question so I would say. It doesn't give people file into that category that would be true but if that isn't it fun I don't know could be good. Tricky. Although it has been that the even trickier because there is a good thing that I never knew coach kind of saw inquiry. Several requests to check your own or is classified as a soft inquiry cash and you have no bearing a new couple good. Good credit check the count from businesses and the U promotional offers and drove one period. What do you already have accounts are also coughed inquiries. I did that so that could help. OK okay number have been in charge thousands of dollars worth of appliances. Or store credit cards that don't require payment your six month as long as you make the payment for the six months. Your credit score will not be attracted to Herschel. We know that this is kind of funny that you are asking that because I came my credit card thought. Every month that I use him except for one that I eight. Had six months to pay so instead of waiting for the six months get KN IG pay. I just divided by sex and paid the paint could end up being charged any interest. And then now what the heck I don't have to pay about the punt it six months I'm not killing at I didn't need my it payment the other day. And I thought my stuff I wonder if they think I'm carrying a balance that the affecting my credit and when I got my reach and credit card. That would count on my discover that. Give me my credit it went down in Ghana cute chicks and the thinking why wouldn't do that I taping every month and paying on time. And then I kinda think I wonder if I had been carrying a balance it's not a big down but nonetheless the balance them on my card only because I got the promotion. So I don't bait and then I would say I guess it does but it shouldn't because the promotion I don't I'll be there. All. It again at the end he just said it depends on what the situation was that at the end to the question according to whoever wrote it is far. You're so poorly ankle lowered. You score may tick lower especially the balance is near the credit limit. And that's because your credit utilization ratio is calculated or downtrend on individual card play well and overall. And the longer the debt that they have near the impact on your score right and then that he and it. Go ahead. And then there's some gore store cards and the charge can break that may be retroactive to the Dade County opened. If you don't pay it down there for the interest free period over you'll racked up big charges. But sure who are doing that so I don't think. You know you're paying a lot at them and they do if I'm paying it going down every month so mind should be but the and a good clearance and other. Where's the cut that down cat capital and then duck. Nothing it was by much but nonetheless I can't. Beat her I checked quite make. Humans ate lunch from your job. In filling dropping your income could hurt your score. Traversal. Welcome hurt it against you don't have the money to pay what the hell do. If you look at your job. But I can blast your job how would they know that affect you get credit again trick question eight it could be yet or op. Well it is that an act in gear that your income has now checked and your cycle score. Nor does your employment status if scoring greatly damaged if you start to make late payments because we have tight. Sure but let's hurry up and they know them so they entered technically it's all OK and try number nine out of hand. And so women on your home equity line of credit and then reduce. I mean the amount of debt you have compared to lift the limit to shoot out that bad nutrient credit score and commercial. Well I would say true because that quietly changing. Why are they changing your. Your thumb amount which would mean which can neat although it could yet I would say true. What went wrong. And the reason ultimately go at it I didn't know consent I'd. Go up quite all she can't. I thought this thing. But then I realized that. Home equity line of credit which is what we're talking about here specifically are contender revolving debt. You can get and you actually borrow money and pay it off after the specified limit. But the hype both score category. Score category home equity lines of credit separately. Our credit cards which are also consider revolving debt and that's something I didn't know. 800 or might do happen to agree in spite go. Scoring no one's gonna know being beat the what why are you could pull the trip to Cuba what duplicates in. Do you know what you eat it if you don't know about the high and it. I'll. Play that one left. Chat at a camp in an effort should he let your finances to close three narrow balance credit card account. Lightening your wallet feel good now with the potential hit you score could weigh you down later sureshot troll troll. You're right. A content you can. What about me yeah baby great great yeah it's. Got. Hopefully we'll breath and up to the day. Her birthday. Well I don't feed. They get up and they did that eat up then they say OK well we love you did listen to that known that I really do now think that. Yeah I hit right that would make it any head finally shut it again. Michael board how this market. I mean travel anyway. We thank you currently. Have a wonderful. And we will be back next week. Yeah it's still the queen if they can be good night my.