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Saturday November 25, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weight gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on don't lie okay. Good morning good morning how are you today and just she Emmitt DNC. How could that served in my life as I am. Don't even Pataki I feel lucky dusty but lucky duck it's whatever. I'm doing well thank you. Life is good for him. And what your plans we have to talk about that. My well I know first of all the we're recording this and Thanksgiving EDS. Who wins so. We will probably you'll all be stuffed to the gills military thing. As you're listening to us but I'm Melissa Sara do what our expectations are. So I'm I'm planning on. I'm actually cooking. And it can make some Turkey breasts so powerful Turkey. Oh my step son and daughter in law coming in and possibly by next door neighbor and Blake so there could be four or five best. The guy who lives next door yeah he's around I'm. He's here from Florida should we had an absolutely wonderful. Time with him a couple weeks ago I invited him to come over for dinner. Are you living happier now he says here reminiscent you know now we can go back to. Asheville South Carolina North Carolina and then he'll go back to Florida for the winter. OK but he told us where. He's finance spending much more times escalate as celebs now. Good so I suggest crave food so I issue invited him since he's been merit and it's amazing how everything got cleaned up and how good doing some things on the outside of the house some good. This creek. So I'm happy he's there. We'll Goodell be nice if he comes out of the great. I wound this Shelley. Oh well we aren't. A gun to my sisters as we do every year. And didn't I'm in charge of the goodies which I AM every year. Of course I don't make them I buy the. Why. Highs and cookies. I feel old Irish dessert yeah. And and of course we have to be very picky because shy and and I have Sealy acts so it's O Mary. You know we got to get we have to get and everyone else for Steve no gluten free now they're not. I'll have enough to this end we get are so good now is this and you would never even know our stuff that we by the people who bear us where do you get that. Vine restaurant may yes I'm wonderful. Usually Mercado Brooke caught however you say I'm saying we're kind of a code a chip Markota chip chicken I was gonna say she cookies. With cream cheese icing gluten free delicious. And this year I'm so we're getting those and they're making pumpkin. Drop cookies with icing and Mansour is market day here is making it had an I in order form they're also doing it for Christmas. So we'll have all dealt highs in different kind of cookies and cakes and stuff like that. A test so. That they're doing that come at these markets so I ordered some cookies and some I ate eaten some gluten free. It looks at pumpkin from high. And it my sister ordered an apple pie from such a friend of hers and stuff like epithet so I have to run around today after this and pick up a few things and and then I am making the mashed potatoes because I'm shy his request is that they'd be made. The way I he wants them so when I am taking wealth Tommy gave attorney we use brighter and the cream cheese and a little heavy cream and salt and pepper and daughter did I say butter and warm butter so as panic. Yeah well you know nothing as he does get a little potatoes thrown India. Johnny makes them at Christmas when he's and then he'll be in for this Christmas and I if they are delicious I got the recipe salt Ayman. Going to attempted this year and then everybody will bring in do a little bit. Because you know and had an RN is staying an ally and she's not coming to I am Barbara's for Thanksgiving she's nervous about her she could leave she wanted to tell. But she's very nervous about the end in the hour and you know using. The restaurant and all those things below differ caught so she's not going to join us this year are you taking food to her yeah yeah at some point as well okay. We will get an up there with the brush. It. So there's about fourteen months and it'll be nice and it's always it's always a good time south. That'll be a barbarous but I bought a chicken breast. And stuff to make stuffing not stuffed in the dressing because you know dressing doesn't going to the birds stuffing does sense a difference just say enough to do not acting as her that I'm glad I'm kitchen the other day at shell. So mine will be outside because I had a chicken breast. And now make it home so I have some meat Tina Turkey and then I'll do. It's. Dressing. Which I used I use white and raisin bread. He had risen pretty apt and I do celery onions apples and cranberries in the bottom. And and a little bit chicken products and then add those both of those breads and it is. Really really good. Now she's serious sin is on talent it's a sweet savory things on I Kathy reference in the house and she knows she did I am and all Lexus. Sounds great. Do you. Still none of my least favorite pieces of being menu what does stuffing yet it's never been my favorite and growing up but now that I make its raisin bread it's good. Asked me out and it's very good. And that's what we're doing and so Sean came home last night thank god and safe and sound. He'll be here for a few days so he's out running around for me which got love for me always does. China's one kid who I can ask to help me. With my crazy crazy life I'm running an eye every time that child is home and I need him to run. To the store to get so he never ages he does it without. Even if under his breath he sink yourself. Definitely doesn't let me know what he really is he's very helpfully figgins strong suite can carry in a lot of different things day. And eat it runs he's not someone who complains at all when I ask them to help me with something when playing your club you know lots of other people we now can you clone and plays yeah I think autonomy in nineteen whenever. I know he say he'd really as I mean some kids. I hear kids complain he just doesn't do it he says hey David just timing if I ask can we run to the story they don't care about going to the grocery so naturally only place I really need content. And that reason why what take take he is why you think they don't complain. I don't know because they get something for themselves a thing right it's spending a lot of money and they gets couple of their own things thrown in. Can't isn't denoting and you saw how well yeah yeah yeah I'm not badly and you know. But yet so so you say he's just too good chip. And I end. He's in the middle of all of his son. Law school he is one more law school applications percent to and he is is now she's on both Tommy you're sure I'll shot I don't. Timings and no remorse goma so hence the but time isn't great with his jab really likes it and very happy and free to hang the guy who's as good. And then you'll be in this 21 of June of December for about a week. So I have both of them I I was thinking last night when I fell asleep okay and one of my little ones there have been bad the other one is to some sort of half. Feeling that's full hearted. Other both under your rules tennis and fast which can you don't know yet because your kids' stuff here. I'm starting to drive now PM on and that's one thing that you don't see if you don't have to worry about you know when your when they leave and go to college and they're not common and they come in its best feeling good. It really is something. That's. My news talk. I'm couple Shannon Sharon wanted to say hi all my pelvis and nova care. So which is where I've been going for some physical therapy for my back. That would be Dan robbed and Mike and Denny. You wanna say hi all men say thanks part of it really is yes part of the reason why you're you list those people that you're thankful for your life. Those people have made a big. I guess. And then when I was at wake men's the other night I ran into pet Tony. Code is woman that I've known for a long time she's a tennis player. And we played when I didn't have these three herniated discs in my back I his. I used to play tennis every week in a league. And she was one of the people that was in the league and I had no I have seen are probably twenty years. As soon as I walked in he's like domain she said Lynn and I said yeah and he said. Pat to any ice that. I distance but it together. So anyway she told me that she listens to us every week on the radio that Jesus things we ever fabulous. Dynamic between the two of us. And I guess I left the impression. With the people who religious thing at least with pet. That's when I announced that I sold my business. And and I had a new business. She heard that I wasn't accepting any new clients and then I was is taking a few from the old. Company's former company and going off and the the sons and doing all my podcast through writing an audio stuff. I says if I gave an impression I'm sorry. Because the fact is it's a very. Fine line and they're finally draw a line of the women that I am interested in working west which is. Women that are over the age of 55. Have a half a million dollars or more and festival assets. And are going through some kind of transition which could be widow hood and I'm retirement. Divorce. And print job loss so I says it's let me say that out to everybody because that's you know found error. And you can find me under I'm women of substance LLC dot com. Or power of the purse podcasts dot com. So if they're the space that they can raise pay by all means please let me know if you need some help any council thanks to pack Tony. For explaining I didn't I didn't think mentally I know with so that's probably trail. Yeah I am I wanted to talk and money you dismiss a shout out to mr. file Fuzzy remember we I was telling him he was he's a friend of my brother Jimmie and my mother's and his name is Vince Fuzzy and he was in visiting my mother asked. Her at allied. I'm the other day when I went in and he said I'll I finally did Tim mead. Them put the face behind the boys because I listen every week and you guys are wonderful. And his wife Delores just passed and I said time and it was so nice I said to him I am so. How howry you know oh my god he's and he's an older guy he looks incredible. And I said while you're really handsome guy and you look great. And you know we talked a little bit about his wife and how much she loved guarantee. And I said how are you doing he said I'm you know I eat I have my whole life was loving my wife yeah. And she's no longer here and I thought I might come liquid puede a full sings his say and hands are lost so profound but he was there with a smile he was visiting a friend heard my mother was there went to visit my mother and he is a delightful delightful man so just a big shot Kennedy said he listens to us and down. How I just slap on some mister Fuzzy was saying hello Owen and happy Thanksgiving and thank you from being and a true gentleman and loving your wife the way. Women should be loved trend. That's right what a wonderful thing that I think. That's a good Thanksgiving Fonda's manages. To tell you guys out there and listen up boy Ian. Both women and well listen up you know no line how happy I am happy July 8 day. Oh where our accents from. A voice so. We're gonna have done what you what what did you run into an imminent OK so and a well almost yeah. Yeah so what route I just is and everything else to say just finally you know the well now I have time I'm looking my dad transparent Big Ben. Do you. And and and so hats off to the cultural center yesterday for her and today they have the family to family which they do every year opens to the public an eight you know that is open and there's no fee for that's of these organizations to put this. Pissed I'm dinner on the friends of the poor and I'm Tuesday night big dinner and then today family to family for the giveaway the band Thanksgiving food giveaway which is incredible and all of those organizations Linder wrote senator son Ryan and a sister and an all the folks I know there's another young lady and her name is escaping me now adds I'm friends of the Corbett just a big shout out and just to think about people for all the goodness that you have. Think about those who don't and if you do I'm sure they can still take donations I think it's thirty dollars. Is this is a family is to feed a family so she can do it and damn think about those. People need your help. OK and we are going to take it very quick break you're listening this morning to Larry and when show will be right back. Here Gloria inland. Good morning good morning my name is Lynn Evans I am the managing director. A new business what kind of women of substance LLC. And I am also a day. I'm hosting as is the word on the podcast called power of the purse podcast dot com. And I Larry Henrik had the honor of Larry can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And we have some guests lots that Nancy of the beauties in the house today. All things you want and getting one user and one Brunette so how I. I'm marrying and windows today and yeah. Sorry three hours to know. Please help grow kids. I get adding. And I just have to say that my aches my teen idol my favorite. Person in the world David Cassidy died I am just so the heart broken you. When I was eleven years old listening heat I had a poster of data casting amateur Akamai bleak bedroom door. And much my sister she Greinke should do now why there and I would do his birthday was April 12 and as a little girl I would like seeing the president. A I. Love him I love Tim I can't I it's I'm heartbroken that he it's 67 way to young and now I'm. I'm like I adore. Family that I was so hot. I was testing is tell me on my way and Jeanne. It was your son after his mother who is not surely sounds no no that's his stepmother you know has an article was in his designer and his grandfather also had dementia. He and so its phases and pair them. That's so then in two young but the Partridge Family in the Brady Bunch they were I once got punished on a Friday night and I couldn't watch Brady Bundchen and that was my punishment here's how to stand in and you aren't timid or the Brady Kabul was in the Hawaiian episode of the Grand Canyon. Yeah I was you know when it happened when I was in Hawaii staying with my hand for a month when I was in 1972. And I yelled at your mother got mad because I yelled at her 'cause my brother Jimmy won and more cereal and a little bulls really this big can. And my brother Jimmy won and why she said no and I said listen. If he lets our theory out of every other night I got mad and made. And she Stephanie good later on she said your punishment is no Brady Bunch in no Partridge Family. You know that it donated Mattingly in Chile maybe I still remember. Talk back to your hands anymore I don't. You tell her I did say because you know me I suddenly make no laughing at eleven I was a feisty but there's no surprise to them now now. But anyways so who's up first which one of the beauties out there. Candy how did your isn't good for her. Well yeah well first we need to do to. Could introduce or don't we yes they do miss patty dissent BL from fidelity bank patty your exact title. I neat device assistant vice president marketing communications officer. I keep thinking yes we don't have any yet caddie joined issues have been hearing why. Harrelson and my girlfriends come on yeah yeah. I'm the mob he. They're give cleaning crew told yes and are you earn his love and we laugh at this point no worse if you don't there's like friends to us so. All of this coming on that end come and I know they really aren't so this is great they're really enjoy is so good. They grant who was here today and I. Because my mother my says race maybe our program tonight. I'm so happy days are 800 no it was the Fred Flintstones and you can Google was he Graham who I forget who mr. Cunningham was summoned and he put the book could be back I I had Liz says no I'll Google what you're talking. I'm very pleased for content that's very important. So. And so I. This is small. Business Saturday which she knows a community bank that is. Fidelity bank is a community bank and we support small businesses because just like us being reinvest in the community nearly 90% above our deposits go back to. Our community as a home loans and business loans and so we really believe in supporting this small businesses. On one and then really cool things that we that we do for small business is armed. But as points which is our rewards program do you fidelity bank com. Visa check cards your debit cards if fidelity bank he can register for best points in when you shop on small business Saturday you can get double points. On that payoff can be wards and she can be used towards merchandise is credits we can even donate them to charity which is very off. So that's sign on bonus points. Because look at our web site. I just ask you does the question sir that because I've been. Subscribe to that program bonus points are probably wasn't for years so it's been going on a roll on and an ads before I came even in the bank. Marriage well I can't figure out how I go in there and get them. It's that's a maybe those other people out there can't figure out either I'll tell you why if you ever had any issues with them yeah I'm today it's a long process for me explain on okay. The best bet is we had the best customer care center in the world are our team and they're Christian is Tyrod manager there and if you had any cotton questions problems with any kind of thank issue yeah happy using any kind of not a anything. He didn't give us a call 180388438. Al country and their open on Sundays and Saturdays on the towers or on our website that that is the best the best place that she can get any Dini in the hobby figured out. They are for he says hey. I really gamma and I didn't. Even think of them for them purposes and again while it's a great say we announced here because another thing you wanted to mention is this digital tools. I mean people would we rather he's people to have the opportunity to. Think it hung in their pajamas over a holiday like Thanksgiving menu you have to stand in line to work. Wade into the bank opened and yen during this busy time of the holiday season we have great things. To offer. Is like a daily mobile banking apps you can do on your online banking online in your pajamas and slippers she can pay bills he can make deposits you can. Transfer funds. Mobile deposit you can actually take that check from grandma I'm that you get for Christmas and take a picture of it and goes right into your account says very simple thing to set up you must. And down. Another really neat thing is even your infidelity debit card or any of your other odds store or credit cards you can. Put through your phone call digital wallet. On the synapse is on everybody's phony it's and I six Serb war. Which is a graceful sea have to carry cash and due secure. A lot and information about them on our website as well. But did this is where they feature thanking us on the people there's always odd transactions and we always honesty in the bank but not everybody has that opportunity your time to. To do that so it's another way to make. Banking easier to have more time do other things. And the last thing I really wanted to mention to you gals and guy everybody out there is. We've been doing these really cool things cup fidelity community connections have had these Little League and since some of the gals continue to talk about it. Well now that it's the holiday season Santas make it a few appearances around town and are now. Oh yeah. He is Baja five C is pretty weird schedule yet is I EU and again on our website WWW. Bank act and that's the word at a bank AT. Fidelity dot com. And I on our community events page. So this Sunday it's. Home for the holidays in downtown which is in big deal if you live anywhere in the done more area we're surrounding areas and everybody comes after the a lot of things going on but town home for the holidays and attempt. And we are one of the participating. I'm sponsors and on Sunday they're gonna have making slime. I think it yet I knew I was never lose fine I'm my kids have been doing this with cornstarch and it's it's gross that they think it's the bomb if you ask. It's really caught on the scene and you mix Sonny's nontoxic ingredients to make this yucky stuff that it's crazy but they love it. That's on Sunday from one to three in the done more or branch office in the main branch com they have now. The December 15 Denham Pittston. The agreement saying slime thing that I don't know we got ANSYS common and we thousands singers so 90 yeah. So this is very cold to Wyoming area Catholic school choir and whom they apparently they really rocked the Christmas carols so I'm just saying. They are going to be there on Friday December 15 ten bank hours from its uniform Santa's gonna stop by and we had Santa something by the visit AM ES music. And then on Saturday upping your neck of the woods clinic and the Abington branch we are having the Abington community driver's brain extort where brands. They're gonna come over hang out with us and help us do story timing Carroll's. Comment and a jolly elf is common as well RA nice visit with the NRA and on the same day Santa's gonna stay gone by two west Scranton to visit with some kid as well as baby in December 16. From ten to twelve. There's a party going on Avant in west Scranton and that's what. And can't stand and the sun in downtown so lots of compliance staff we hope you'll come out and so we can see bloody loft. I love it. Now caddie I have to tell you I've pulled up the grand Kuvasz. Just so you now grant it cooled but is it time to arrive from the name Abu Hani character cool PO OH slash BAH. In Gilbert and Sullivan's the McCain now not in 1880 fives key. Even in this comic opera pool Bob holds numerous exalted offices concluded that for including the first lord of treasury. Lord Chief Justice commander in chief lord high admiral Bubba Bubba bought the name comes to be used. As a mocking title for someone's self important or low locally high ranking fifth and who need your exhibit in his. Exhibit a self an inflated self regard for him as an unlimited priorities while taking impressive to. So right and I wake up call me say luck I don't I can manage an erotic Ariane rocket. And popular culture of the grand pull Obama's also re occurring on the television showed the Flintstones I. And summarize the name of the high ranking exalted position does position in a secret society of the loyal order of water buffalo saw. The main characters are already Barney hill however the character Howard Cunningham on the TV series happy days. There was agree and pool Bob left the leopards live picture at number 462. In Milwaukee so there you know that I know they're all right. Perry's idea grand. They can but except that often not rent we don't know how does it surprise you are cold at 20 yes we do so that's I like it is Eli donate your change. When amazing meaning all good he's also refers to grand they drenching the crime drama Ashley nice. The big cheese while being grabbed by video here a half mile and a shell de is very low then I'm charged I love. He doesn't know. Everybody knows she did it. I can do by the way and he. I don't know if you heard anything about the friendly fears leagues gala bit it was beautiful that is I heard it was an everybody had a blast. Patty asked fidelity bank was is dean I'm presenting sponsor for. The friendly dieters gala which happened back kick in now while the beginning of the conduct until we the eleventh it was wonderful. Best free your hair and was nicely represented. As always let's also note. Agree and scuba. And Cinderella. And let me answer now dead tonight sorry was also. To be congratulated for the united way campaign as you. And gardening seasons go and have terrorist clearly wonderful also say this ancestor. If we are very proud of when I was able to accomplish trying to meet him it's been a wonderful a wonderful ride wake me for fidelity while he's been he's been. It's a good boy as I say he really is he knows what he's doing and she just don't know well almanac that we can say yes. Right and I agree thank you very much. Into some weather some things that those community events and authority to went on. And we coupled different Frances how we can run on only air yoga classes yoga class we had coffee tea Steen we had com. Painting and none. Cave painting pop art get popcorn and pop are ready made some things I agree and I had a canine clinic. Cool and where we we had out of some veterinarians and I don't care. On people that rumors grower is yet we're customers and friends in the bank until outsourcing in the summer we had we had done. Zuma class downtown her first Friday. Really cool and and it just wave for us to connect with arc. Actions and if someone wanted to get touches it how could they. They may get in touch with us and a 1803884380. And that's our direct Klein and her 800 number or. Com or aunt and fidelity. And bank at fidelity and thank you fidelity dot com Tina. Hi Patricia thanks for joining us we're gonna take a quick break camp and move me right back with a lovely miss Kathy rhetoric you're listening to Larry when shop. Here Gloria and win. Well welcome back everybody you're listening to Lori in lane show I'm Laurie can in the notre Laurie can enterprises which is fundraising which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And my name's Lyn Evans I am the managing director of women of substance LLC which is a financial planning firm for a baby boomer women. I'm also the host. A men's online talk show all the way zones of podcast. Now which is called the power of the purse podcast dot com. And we have with us Kathy record who is the owner and cake. Designer and Ford truly scrumptious in Kingston can Maher well not can be pioneer and Chiming in with us all morning his caddie just studio. And his caddie stayed in the house to us so she's still here so it's always good to have the Latin girl power in here isn't it absolutely and last year last week we had a a guy we had that's what was his naming an analyst Michael Michael he was a sweetheart from deep India.Arie say. And he miss Michael can mess like this isn't this time it's going to be okay we're. Because he Wii so we must have been guys on the shock. Right yeah this is never we never shied away from this so any time you know it should stand now wants to come on tell and I told him that. K here are so over here for the des Christy how we grew Leo buddy. Alan I earnestly and how it's CNN and I liquid Intel look into the I recited his family is Smart and say our schedule and over here. Are you guy so can't ask how are we doing all hungry mom. Today I know the last. So I was here we we talked about coming up with faux five myths. Regarding. Ordering Kate whether it's a wedding cake cool hand just for a special moment. So. So I don't know if we'll get through all of them I thought yeah. Are you Kathy every time they are we that they will then the next couple will be next month rate okay. I signed up attorney Barbara here. Sarah started with a ten myths about divorce spraying her she's been this third time she's been I was sent and they only had never before yeah. RF LO. Sorry if OK so number one. I can't tell you how many people calm saying oh I need one of your case for tomorrow. I contests and I used so the myth is. That either ignore her. When our case the day before I wish I wish I could accommodate everyone that calls. We do all of our our work in house and every pig is dates from scratch. So. If we do have a spot open there's there's no way that that we can put together kick in one day. You know just because I'm rather labor that's involved. And also the Cape May be too fresh in my collapse and so. I did none of us. So how does it have to sit there before you I would say I'm. At least two days really answer your day gets stale all know I don't know because we rapid and. We could couple layers of frosting on it before we decorate it. I'm not Tallahassee it's almost like what they tell you when you get your hair done. Like if your hair is dirty dirty you're aware and I should say dirty but let it didn't give it's now newly washed right. Mean it's easier to put the stick to stylish it's almost just can't I know that sounds weird but it is like they I. I heard that they have to let the cake soda. Pulled it gets and say I'm a little bit right Kathryn Wright started doing anything else so it so any kicks and. Going out on a Saturday we'd take on Thursday sometimes on Wednesday electing carrot cake. Well they come and I really doing strange hand because and it just tastes better after he had two or three days can you comment it doesn't taste as good. If it's based on Thursday sorrow over the years that's. What we've learned. And let's see. I just so many. Questions about cupcakes vs don't a cake he Mimi for around a square wedding or anything Darren Manning is that still trending. Well. It depends on where you are out around here in northeastern Pennsylvania it's tell us how can you know and and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm I think third grade for a rustic weddings. Because that's. That it echoes with the seen them around but honestly people thinks that. It's such less expensive way to go banner a wedding cake and sometimes cupcakes can cost more. Depending on depending on the show playing and sometimes people want them ER one great decorating after the helped. And that takes a long time and so I have to pay my employees is setter in Sarasota sometimes it's. The better way to go is with the with the wedding cake stands and and putting beautiful fresh flowers on. So you just have to look at the design that you want and also wind. You have cupcakes you have to pay someone to bring the men sub tomorrow because that takes time. It's not something you if you can't just place yeah he can't leave the box there and say now. Yeah I'm Sherri is going to be. The cupcake Cheri just get in January and decorate the table. What does that up the things that the the triple tiered. What every column and that you put the cup cakes on president's continent EU Renton during breaks sometimes we do sometimes the caterer does sometimes the venue does. So I was a bright yes yes sometimes the bride does. It's so hard cash is. If you have I'm flour and can just make me think of the when you said fresh flowers. Is that equally. As crazy. But to do when you are trying to I mean crazy heart or intricate is how I mean next week view replacing fresh flowers vs a fund and don't flower whatever else should be someone just once they've won it you know small and and fresh flowers elements that should speak. Ideas as well Eileen fresh flowers to the florist how smoking because that's. They know what they're we're telling them everything on test they do and that's their job. Formulas. Her legs really. I'd be afraid that so that some some of the things that they do are just amazing I'm a few weeks ago we did a floating cage. So and it looks like the kink is floating on knees flowers. Design the cat this acrylic box yeah. And they feel like I mean stuff I would always fresh flowers and then put. Kate came up top that and put fresh flowers are at the base of the kids so I really looks like it's floating on air. And it its so call uniform collar fans it's an easy day of flowers on McCain wasn't my day. And and usually everything's tied together with us. Bridal bouquet and the mountaineers in the centerpieces. Miles well as what's on the kinks so condoms be beautiful again. So Iran but after the cut case because I threw me out there. Why do you think the rustic should be instant Webb which we seem to be having. A lot of with these different venues opening up better tomorrow and light menu saying. A I'm just because why it just kind of fits less four did you think they're even though they can be. Jazz stuff formally do you think they don't have it deeper into it's did the formality is reduced slightly because of the venue. You know I think it depends on where does suck and I delivered to one barn in the area that has shared chandeliers and it. Com and you can bring a designer and and put all kinds of sheer fabric and decorate the walls and bring in this beautiful dance floor so it's. It's still looks that you want to cut I I would caution people though it's there's no air conditioning. Or heating because you have to think about your cassettes. Has Graham on Graham Paul. A lot of people can't tolerate the heat were in the cold in in those places and the older farms they don't. They're not equipped with you with the heat or the air conditioning means the newer ones are some of them are just beautiful yeah. And not arms are so well done. Well as their main go to McCain can end and the nice thing every wound then we delivered at the last possible second and I actually turned weddings down. In the middle of August if I knew it was going to be aren't nowhere yeah we need economic climate control Bryant take him there. When an air conditioning. While yes it is finished and that comes. Around. Carolyn very. That's true and here you go with did not end until winning the senate that did nine inch long before they had air conditioning. Now of course it's beautifully conditioned bus. That's what we have to be careful because now that stat is true. I don't think sometimes is that the grooms family. Over time they had more and more saying. Jose they are more inclusion writer should be right edge and I think it's a great way to start your lives in Paris to include. Both silence him and you know then president crumbs behind now because she's just as hard times even if I tell us a car and sometimes even more to us. I write a book I don't know how he. You just can't you. You know it is good to beat kids to include bow their real. It's quite angry with there a way to start your lives you find a lot of people come with both. Did you have a internally as a result. You know the mother of the Germond the mother of the bride and the groom. Common and you know they can affect if it's if I love it tastings. They're just so much fun and I asked. Well that's treated to another personality right next shrink and they go over. Do you do most people know what say what they think they mile when they come in for their first meeting with DO. You know I seem to change when they see we you. Half. I'd seen everything some people come in and they say I only want us. And then other people say well you know I'm not really sure like ground and my theme is. XYZ. And my colors are and them accomplish something normal rules cost sketch since the other design. And other people and it's usually combination. Where they kind of have an idea what they line and then. We just go through everything that's happening at the reception and and the day and now we. Bring in certain aspects of the reception on the Cape Town song because this is a combination. Her name. We'll Kathy how can anyone who's looking. Two I talk to you about getting their cake for. Their wedding or what ever birthdays holidays celebration you do all the above how does someone get in touch with your. Clay you can reach us by phone 570283. Cake. Provide appointment. I'm you can also find us on FaceBook truly scrumptious Kingston Pennsylvania were also on. I'm instead ground truly scrumptious 271. More on Twitter. And so on social media as well. That we don't need that you eat cake first thought come on time hadn't known area. Well thank you mrs. record thank you don't get to see it. You women miss her for. We're now did I say I miss my brand name to sheets and we'll see we're talking in my wedding cakes like I'm living I don't know she's never not then it's just you know. We'll miss Smith Nichols is married to but I think I still like to miss its. Reminds me in the line and and none. There's this movie I have to tell you afterwards that's happened. Anyway thank you for listening everybody we'll see you next week and be safe and please be nice.