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The following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Just don't you only gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning how are you so now I'm just Jim dandy how are you I'm just the same feeling good. Good that yes indeed. Mean deviated. So what's gone on your world. Well last Saturday. We had. CNN some Broadway theaters gala. At the beautiful Scranton cultural center and it was lovely. Creative and I am seated so Coors you know. It's great. No I'm teasing but it was zero MCD and yes I did and what I love about this event is it's all the talk is up front. And the partying afterwards that works out well Sean we do is mark from BC TV I do a red carpet kind of thing and I interview people while during cocktail hour and asked them to talk a little bit about. The honorees. And then mark has about twenty minutes worth of technical stuff fiesta doing now we re air all of the interviews that I did beat it during before the truck like during that as part of the program before dinner and everything dancing starts and it's kind in because it's a good way to see what people say about you and maybe they wouldn't say it otherwise but I am I kind of pull it out of them she and it's fun and it's just it was a lot of it was just it was just a good lead in the honorees were Joseph and Andrea I'm not now. And we had. They're lovely people and we had a great time sounded. Bernie Ross Martin leans in and out of the co chairs and they did a fabulous job. Yeah. Some burn so. Ernie Ross his daughter. My now yeah Asean's. I just wondered if she had her baby I don't think so yet now she may as of the time you're listening to those Vanessa VOK now. Our own don't. So I am. But anyway so that's you know that's happening and then. You know and can RN is still condolence saying con blessing and I'm. Allies so running out there. And I'm just. Regular stuff keep an up what they keep enough. And of course Thanksgiving next week's in my book my one boy will be home and just trying to. Color altogether so parents of her life not only in the dream baby yeah. Well I headache momentous. Week since we spoke last. Because I finalized. Then paperwork. To sell my business turn northeastern financial consultants. To one of my associates. Christopher Harrison. Who is now. The president so I won't be saying anymore. My name is whenever I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultant I'm retiring now turn. But I am not retired. I'm a panic company has started two years ago called women of substance LLC. And it was designed to be more of a media. Marketing type business. Appealing to the financial needs so specifically baby boomer women. So I have they've kind tests which now has about 55 episodes complete and I in the library. And I continue to do that about once a week and I recorded and it just edited and produced and then it's on social media. So it's sun. FaceBook Linkedin and Twitter. And the announcement of all that stuff the links sent tanks into iTunes. Kind Google play and stitcher. So if you are a person who is. Listening in any of those podcasts you can find us there power of the purse. Podcast. Named after the book and congratulations. Because that thing here. Long time and even then he'd be doing what you have been doing and now you're doing a move that same work but on a different level to an end in a different focus could say that's the best way to sat sun yup that's it. If you nasty I am I think that Chris is a great logical. Successor. He has really strong good relationships with the clients. I am taking about twenty clients from northeastern financial consultants. And bringing them into women of substance. So. That's good I mean and I'm really happy about that because so many of those people are women. They have been clients of mine or anomaly and the draining very want to. I'm an ad that's very important that I would say would you win money so. You know important and it's such an issue that when they feel secure with yields even though Chris is a great guy in and they all nominee have worked with them it's kinda nice to do that. Well yeah the idea is that once you develop that level of trust with the clients it's really hard to walk away from it. And I said something to several of them about. This was in process as the what I know I don't care where you're gone wherever you're going and I would always get via a couple putts early citadel and the OK. So that's ten how to develop high though it's it's that censor. That's where the relationship really was and so I continue to do it. And I'm not sure where it's on gonna end up at this point but. Them because physically. Doing the podcast and doing what we're doing here. I don't really need to be confined to an office. Five days a week nine to five right so I'm I'm not sure where all this is gonna end up physically but. I know event. It that's where the freedom this and not having to be there and Manning's payroll and pay the bills in Moline yeah so. That's a big difference of tomatoes are a great sense of relief and com I'm looking forward to being able to have a little bit more control over my time. And I figured out the numbers. The other day. I started in the insurance business in 1917. Fine. So. That was. 3040. Years that I have been doing this. That's enough entity in after a long time it is. And so I am and I feel very very comfortable. That. That is Chris stepping in at this point is not a good thing. So. I'm happy with the that is a big event and somebody said to me in a day or what are you doing to celebrate. And I said. May be kind of hasn't content I don't I don't feel this sense of I want to celebrate. And not that there's nothing to celebrate but this sense of that and I do understand it's a passage it's a major passage in life. I'm not retired but I am moving into something very different right and I suppose I should do something. To celebrate the fact that I'm past the time so to speak. But I don't know what that is so maybe I'll take my cellphone cruise somewhere and say yeah. And I work. So that's my story from my week. Yeah pretty wonderful. It is it's terrific intend to be able to do with land to be have focused and done what you've done and help so many people and to be able to tell their stories. In conjunction with the book and everything else they've been doing is the book is still available here is. So where would be available at Amazon dot kind of gets stuck. We got and then. And I I would how about last week we talked a little bit about it I think we did my but I am. Are the awards celebration last Thursday night at the University of Scranton for Tony say no women if Atlanta fear philanthropy with. I'm not a Gil Martin winning the mile an award and and fonts at winning the rose Ian Smith Dow for an award right so that was such a nice night was an event it was I. Grabbed a sandwich worth time my friend Nancy Tressel who was. There at the I mean he's sincere and and it's an infant and she's a former. Honoree audio or the beeline beeline towards. And when the things that she says when they were talking about the Slater was. I'm sees things it would have been nice because there were many. Previous winners via both of those awards that were in the audience. Just to have acknowledged them and to have to stand I Larry and nice. But I thought that it was. Good to. But the LD. But the thing is that there really wasn't. That wasn't part of the program. That a there was so much going on with each of the two winners having a speech. Large chassis from. The discretionary foundation. Happening. Another. Presentation. And might just think that there was a lot. Two mile Singtel. So. At and probably would've dragged on for ever if we. Added that peace yeah well deaf people stand but I just think it would then be nice to at least acknowledge some they were listed in the program. And there are many of them who weren't they are. So would have been nice. The other thing is. And Rosie and sister Trish was there in her contrition diner and there was no although it. I'm Kathleen grass was able to speak about her mum. And will. There was no line I mean it's Sheehan and Roche is the president of the junior league spoke about the rose Ian Smith award by having a family member talk about why she is significant for this award to begin an in the first place thanks. It's kind of nice when you have the family EPS item that I think again. You know. Already endured recognize 'cause her ex husband are now under Rex has about her husband. Was in the Jimmy Alfred who was married to Roseanne at the time she passed they were there they have two children I don't think they were either one of them but there were family members sat in the audience yes so I thought then but and the thing is you know may be do or asked if they want it to my name it's now that I didn't know they didn't. 'cause I talk to Trish about it. Yes that's a bit but the thing about this one is it's no so these things can be tweaked again this separate last the last couple years they've been doing it in conjunction with the Scranton area Foundation's annual dinner our annual meeting and now it's separate it's it's pulled out inside Johnson this was the first time it was actually on its arch so you can tweak -- spent hours I thought it was a lovely lovely event. And that's a neat place in Ethiopia. And lasts and you building that was bone cell. I'm Ty said cool again. But anyway so it we did we had a really good night so. And I was you know I was there on time. No I wasn't that's why don't you guys angry I was and say yeah you will both for you that was on time no one yeah a plus for me food. Boy oh boy am glad it was a nasty and I guess it was yeah I had a million things and I you know he tried it. It'd be in one spot and stay it's like you know you went to also was listening and candy ass and then I had to do something before and get it yet it was it just got a little. My hand but I'm happy to have been there and there weren't that is a nice crowd in their rooms and less money good people south. Meg so congratulations again thank you not tell Lynn well. You know you till I mean do you are going to be on my last list size is Ari and without but cannot and T and and two Lyn Evans for the selling of her officially use the sale of your business this the beginning. Two. Nurture her and no one. I know you've been doing much work on anyway and so cheers TO Len thank you hip hip hooray thanks Craig Janney Luke is just the clapping classic until. Eight. Area okay so we're going to sue us and thanks very take a break and we have. Our friend coming up next from DR EC. How Michael PM Michael Schuman easy inventory manager he's gonna talk about and wonderful new saying that that too many people know about going on it. Veterinary referral emergency center and has left to tease him and only goal line about being in a guy because he knows a thing about man so well they've efforts are smooth and that's very nice feeling like get. So anyway we're going to take a quick break you're listening this morning to the Larry in my shall we'll be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. Lori inland. Good morning good morning. But my name is whenever. I am the managing director. Women of substance LLC. Which isn't a financial planning firm devoted to the needs financial needs of baby boomer women. I'm also the host. I don't podcast called power of the purse and that airs. Once a week on iTunes. Available on Amazon doesn't know what else available on the attitude I think he's doing. Okay well hello to and I'm Larry kept the honor of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And we have. I guess to the somewhat nervous when you hear a voice that says this is there's no age male voice. It's a rarity we love having men on the shop I love it I love we love men. Barely anyway can't look nice now at least say that because they have all these people who think we don't do you hear that do you think. You know they know I love now OK and finally realize I'm that was a distinction here. Nice so I guess this morning representing veterinary referral and emergency center is Michael Schuman who is the inventory manager. At VR EC. And he's gonna talk about something I'm very excited about because I'm my cat can honor from an owner. I just a couple of parents had pan that's not nice to say own it. Yeah so is so a program they started Fiore C. Called the feline blood bank so welcome Michael it's good to have you here good morning good morning we have one question I nervous. Up and maybe a little men could not and yeah. He's so calm number they're not done a lot of these cute too is any of these you like your Q. Can I guess you and me and him okay. Anyway and now it back on track Mike. So. Michael's here and talk to us about this. Feline blood bank which I did not even know why is it cool but is really cool gas so how is it what happens Mike what what what goes on with. Well firstly they have to meet their criteria and now they have to be an indoor cat only. We share or one year old two years minimum in the program. I have to weigh at least ten pounds no medical conditions. And then on physical exam no unremarkable health concerns. Didn't you could calm town it's no fractious counts. Current honor vaccinations. Also their monthly topical prevent and as first please. Many can donate every sixty days. It's an and is now a cord blood Asman says that they were not acorn or what I'm not join us and has the only about sixty mills I think that and I think that is. I so neat I. I don't know it is so this is I'm a volunteer basis regulate people volunteered to give blood and do you have like and maybe should start if you don't you have like awards that you give this tents if they get some any kind search so many leaders dusty. He does it I'm just OK Polk and my god. I have felt sorry about the wall. So it weaves its this year we actually did we had some donors have been in the program for at least eight years or somewhere around eight years. I'm and we are on a wall of honorary blood donors. Com and so now they have our our recognition correctness in transition and desktop plaque. Put the owner's name and the pats team. The number of years of service in the number of donations and they've done. I'm only have three on the wall currently in one and Fannie just ski crushed you know then bug Lashinsky. I a lot of not key to earn you above that they do you are now. Is there an age on the backside like can they did it and you yet to be at least a year but how about a simple as. I think in the Dunkin' Donuts is our eight years old plus days is all the medical condition in between. How can my house and I also asked my cam earlier I said you know what happens if this is say the blood banks set up so bad that when. There is a reason for someone to and then whose pet needs the blood. Then this cow like your I'm 24/7 call. Because they don't at this point you're not storing it anywhere known so so you have to bring the animal skin. And again draw a blind and then it's fine but Spezza and it's a big commitment in the sense that. You have to be available if you or on the list so you don't screening and that's the story but I so what happens if it's another. I'm operation and a mean man like literally thank. Another business tie or better word so let's say your gambling you know in the event. Decides to do some basic surgery and they need a blood transfusion. Canyon called Ceres city. And ask for the transfusion to be done with one ear donors absolutely. So it's not just people who bring their pets to be. Theories range it's at southern the southern veterinarians time. And how come it's. It's only good for 56 days one strong and so there's there's an expiration turn timeframe that needs to be used with ten. Comment it's better to just actually trial when you need in al-Qaeda. Can't we do have there is on damn blood banks available. Throughout the states. And there's I was horrified. But are not always take don't always house money available when you need to see now that this might be a weird question I was two cats have blood types. They do he had yeah okay there's three different types perfect time for cats and there's type a type B and then type AB. I'm. Almost a type bay can only receive Taipei applied a tag B can only receive type B blood. And then type a meek is a primary earner of the universal and arm under our. So they can differ Aly you want and a tasks could. Not be found. Ahmanson PM well how do you screen for good disposition. And generally when and their first initial. She has said they're tagged up into so exam you kinda have a feeling of how they're gonna react. I mean I said they do gets and he did so that it non. Star cameo little better about. French accent and her from now that the although you do you can't cancel another shined my every night. Now when I actually just a moment I don't know that. Hobbs would be. Not ask fractious ha ha but county national his she's just a big mush. I'm. But when you. When you do dad. You know would you do you screen for that characteristic. I wonder if it's similar to the way that humans are when they get them what they call that quite content syndrome. Where when you show but I doctor's office has gone are used earlier than any get nervous and freaking. Well maybe that reaction that you're seeing in the hospital. My car was a cap to react very differently than what their personality is stand outside isn't possible. Absolutely. Absolutely say there were. And sometimes there are afraid hint there I means that it's yeah of course they're out of their own environment and then a different place. It's not a normal tonight. Do we we talked to about this Michael did you think that they're going to get. I think it's happened for different dogs. Eventually you know we've I think we've we've done a few line blood donor program Wong announced that I think eventually. And down the road I think we will all of it and sense can donations. I'm referring now are just sticking with the feeling is there anything different in England it's true came Angela Moore available. No cash to debt problems. Yes okay so what did you sentiment that that's that I just. Wondered if there was much difference between the two of them. And he says there's some there are real ability break up the dogs so if somebody would be interested in having their cat. Donate some blood fest is just to stop in and TR EC your caller ways and it's best way to do it and stop. Or they can Collison then they can make an employment and then more of our doctors can evaluate. Time and then asked if we can go over everything within minutes they decide they wanna be a part of the program under the pre screening which is all covered by the hospital. Com and then if you do get calling for a donation you would get a that you receive a fifty dollar credit on your town. Cool stunt man keeps saying quote how calm I am sick core science the work. Don't get sick calculus until we learn everything testing NASA people keep saying no I'm doing what drives me nuts to everyone listening so I thought sort of thing. And Michael the is eaten the cats and we always talks speaking up cats. Lindh adapted. Her two cats who she got them from. Because they were founder draft off what happened with that don't add to GR EC an although you're not a shelter that sometimes happens it seems like it's cats more than. Donny's yeah. More blunt has ten times. And I just think 'cause of the population as crush our truth yet and so do you think people thinks that's the good team doing right because they drop via that's these we have. I mean for Taliban. If they were both both Calvin and hobbes are only about six weeks old when. I took them and they had been there for awhile. So I think at and cal men's case I don't know. Where this happened but his back leg was broken. So I think whoever dropped a mosh thought they really were doing the right thing by dropping on us and I don't. And just I don't know how they found him or where they found him but he. The surgeons there are probably doctors and album. Put him back together again. So the other land was just absolutely covered in fleas. She was anemic he was and that there was it was a mass. So both of them. Really we're not in the best of shape. But by the time I took them away and they were both doing much much better and they're in the best of shape now I'm sure aren't. Sure Arnold. Don't kid just. Particular time lump of when you play when he she is one of those like. My son stick you know you. Yeah so that each other. And Trent it was it was to the point where Patrick JD Napoli grabbed Eagles getting dance. Smith. Did exactly what he's sitting grab you are not enough. And I think I was thrilled you're watching games so it was to keep him he has by ADD and. Very selfish that is why I love it that you have this opportunity for people. To help and two. I'm never enjoy and also he told me. Yes see that's Anderson gone on for a while he's at eight years strength among. So bottom dollar on six years so yeah almost since they opened al-Qaeda will now. For so right now your donor tasks are all of those. Core. The pet parents are employees. Current theories say I was. So I kept it. In happier times again cells about that I think the fact that. We're talking about today is that there's an interest in opening up the painful to say come on and then. And doing your doughnut. And even still like you said depending on what they're tight as they may match just because then there's a need doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to be needed because of their blood types out. Sally gets to feeling go everytime something goes on you because that you need but Ukraine's bid to the point is that you do it is something you would have to do. Make sure you do that it's no different than if you're human donating blood and when you can do it so how many times how often can be done every sixty days every sixty days. Banco. Good thing welcome Michael could you please tell everybody how if anyone needed to get to the website address or to that your phone number. Thomas on numbers 570. I had 877777. And your website I think it's its subsidiaries see the IEA is an EPA. Dot com yes. There are and they are easy scale up and down from him and I'm gonna win and see if you want information or. In general they do wonderful job Michael thank you and we were happy it happened male voice on the other hand here yes. So listen to me I can't command Ayman Geist has answered I would like Eli and well my dad made me and I'll thank you for having you Hugh we. Fans out there. Well we will take a quick break we're would be right back with our next guest expert doctor Barbara plot that it's. 30 in the morning a little Korean live. Delivery inland. We're back. My name is whenever I am the managing director of women of substance LO they. A financial planning firm dedicated to the need to baby boomer women and long ago about 07 online talk show. Power of the purse podcast on topics relevant to baby boomer women on iTunes dot com. Mom Lori had the run up large cat enterprises which is the Andre PER and console or. Our guest today went I guess they can't experts. And doctor Barbara Tuchman who is the owner of advanced gynecology at poking it in Scranton Pennsylvania. Welcome doctor but that. Oak. He'll only talk about today. I think LA I was forced enough Hugh have come across an article that was out in US news and world report okay Hayley still could see what the new health care trend dark. And this this article actually brought us right back to the area. Those a couple of things that went talk about David the purchase agreement with the is about good genetic testing. That is becoming the newer ways to take care of people. Both from the realm of prevention of disease. But but a lot of work being done in the realm of treatment with cancer patient and and different. Diagnostic issues such as heart condition. Bowel concerned things of that sort. Until you know truly would gonna happen in the next many years is that we will have our genetic code are our DNA mapped. And it will predict. Which indeed is that we will be at risk for. In an effort that we can then later our health care prevention. Tipped to avoid the occurrence of these diseases. And so glad that I think is where we're headed. And they read the article went it was quite interesting was it brought out if they were talking about guy singer. And the like code. At I thought that this was this with the topic of their of their whole article that was just came out last week. And it says the DNA will point the way to a healthier patients. And it was talking about the eat the DNA studies being done a 150000. Volunteers of the might code with guy singer. No. You know I thought that how wonderful with all of this show you know she was talking about how these people get signed up for my code and that the things that they're looking for and soak. They him the Mike code now screened for 27 different genetic condition. Ranging from different heart condition high cholesterol. A particular life threatening condition called malignant hypothermia that doubly is the problem of the anesthetic drug. It also certainly looking it they look at different cancer codes and things of that sort. But you know their idea was welcome to personalized medicine then yeah there were heading. And the more you read about this. The more hurt that this is becoming. You know you have one of the things that you also see it's something called 23 and me comment I found it funny that I sided. They camp club. Leader Malcolm hit. That you can do at home. And they are on display at the club. Show there's no kind of the only scene advertisement for in country DNA in the back door but I was really. Thrilled. And know that the my code on it getting that much attention than it really. You know creating this. This genome sequencing the genetic sequencing. That's gonna help us. Find out what we're susceptible for. And hope that we can then prevent these things. The other thing that the personalized medicine aspect of looking at and you know me and my gut really talk about the micro buy down the gut. I'm they're starting to look at. Bit different bacteria that living your body. I know also what they may put you at risk for an NA NIH is doing studies on your gut bacteria. Is he how we can turn what that says about us. In Q living a healthier life. And it all comes down to your genetic which you know we don't have much choice about what we're given up where we do you have choice is what we do with it. And so you know there are a lot of different things that you can knowingly avoid or add to or take care of when you know you're at risk for different healthcare diseases. That may then prevent those these diseases from happening later in life. But the Barbara what. What do you do with the people who can go through that process. And discovered that they have. A proclivity of so called that. For certain who. You're being who they cannot be. Recalled they cannot be Shaq if you want to know that spoke. Sure so you know what I think that what's gonna happen if maybe they will be able to be corrected because if they find that it's the genetic defects and get a dvd add on TV all the time for the new can't therapies that are. I am personally derived against the certain gene. And though the air speed are now being derived about how to focus on these genes and that of how to pull a cancer. Had no you don't you get a patient lived lung cancer that. You know you can't you would have normally been able to get up under control. But now you have a genetically derive treatment. This specific for that particular gene and I don't I don't know that I would look at it is though. Anything can be treated because we've never really looked at ten feet this way our therapies or not. Iran I should have focused on teens are their speed we're focused on killings. Can't yourself. And we were working on you know how rapidly the filled with divide what I do this bill they weren't in our chemotherapy agents work done they are trying to kill the bad felt like people at the healthy cells. And so this really could take a a whole different way. They also mentioned that mail of course Mayo Clinic is doing I'm using genetic information and they treated 121000. Patients last year. About half of those patients they that had cancer which is exactly what we're talking about and the other half had Riordan neither is it. So I think that this is really had a good thing to consider. And of course these costs as it used to be overwhelming and that the average person could not afford these cost. But for instance the my coat systems it's free to people that are already part of good guy singers system that doesn't mean you have to have gaping Erie insurance that just means you have to have been in their computer system that they can use your data and track he'll. Until they're computer system it called epic. And coach you've ever been a patient and in any way shape or form related to go I think Eric here and there's this step. And they will offer these that testing do you prefer. Now let me just by the double that you could hear wheat we know. Of their massive amount of data breach and could have occurred from. All over the world. So when you put the kind of information into a custom white guy singer. And they are you up all my medical information. Or are you happy something that would be very attractive for. Hyper secured that cyber up security but cyber. They each. To grab it and I could make a huge difference in employment record. In a lot to thank you so if somebody found out what they print template you have some kind of let. Situation maybe you've got multiple sclerosis. And you've been able to manage your life with that for very long period of time. But it somebody I felt like an employer discovered that you have that maybe they won't hire you but they can't tell you why correct. So will this mean they're at this they're general medical. I'm computers that the that they use for the entire guy in your system. So had a security is is intent on especially medical records. You know the government make sure that we have all different you know every every hospital has security issues and measures. In place so that. Defects that they had. Don't happen. And so you know it. At all day hospitals may go you know guy here. Regional we all have a you know and I age. We all have different level of security in place so I don't know that that would stop me from doing meant. Because OK I I don't I don't fear that my information going to be stolen a daily basis. I think I I haven't that the security. Knowing that you know yes it's it's been a deep. Haq have happened. But I I don't want to live that way I wanna go out I wanna find out what is what my potential and better yet. How will I will you know speed that potential down to lack a dull roar so that I can manage things. And I would say that the advantages of doing that our way though that the band should but I I would remained. Now I have a great public plugin socket and water it will it then will help. People become better. Doctor in what what they can do for the patient just because they have so much more knowledge instead of oh we don't they'll kill it. All that you know or these people try to prevent it did then nothing ever happened to them because this open in the thirteen play Munich a lot of question what that. Yes and you know there was that one they mentioned about one of these things that wasn't that the thing that they're fine with that Connecticut you know some people. Have have a risk of having serious side effect. Do standard medication even painkillers. And has plummeted in elect the it guy you've heard of Plavix that you know it's an anti they were drug but some will have a serious side effect and that and there are genes for. And you could have serious side effects that into depressant and paying back eighty medication an anti either drugs and painkillers. And and Elam my anesthesia friend told me to David they're now looking at those people that have. A particular reaction to narcotic. And maybe this is. Part of the issue with you know the OP LA crisis and think that actually is that maybe their genetic profile. It such that there at more risk than the average person. Oh. I knew that this that this and the good thing to think about. You know certainly if you have access to Scotch. In the 23 in me is readily available. Indeed Geithner might code it is you know somewhat available here there's system but it's free. But people gonna continue to come down in cost. I'm an at some point I I think it would behoove us you know we wanna know who wanna know what we're up against and how we can take care of it. I go out get the testing done. Yeah. I can make a whole lot of my life and I love thing. I I remember when I was in my forty. I know that my father and let either your right Len yes I hear right exactly. Yeah what they did two years ago holed a L what's unfair. I remember thinking to myself and let it Lorie probably had you know the same thought. Because that thank you mentioned it to me the other day that we both know of the genetic code each of our parents and hurry up longevity. And so I always wondered if I got my father's side of the family in which case. My father died at 52 he had a massive. Part of package that they so dear and and then my mom a web plain sick of her parents died at 8890 true. Right there oh when I opened my forty's I have pain noise gee I wonder which had a Jane I took up right. And I certainly hope I make it if I would feel so good if I could say hey I made apparent that the pill. And I need I did and then found. So I'm I think having that kind of information. Would be a tremendous. Relief to a lot of people don't know what the path is and then if there were saying. That were discovered in genetically they could take steps to prevent it from happening that would be a wonderful way to lynch. I agree that it's really it's all about prevention. Whenever you and the chance to try to stop something from happening in the first place that's the way to go. Yeah yeah I'm gonna I'm loving. So tell everybody how they can get in touch with you and I would like to talk you more about their. So absolutely so we are located across the street from regional hospital in the nation building. How much our office. Phone numbers 5703. Or 4999. Haven't. And it would be glad that I haven't legally you would be you know there's concern that you haven't helped get organized or any of the kind of cat and and curry great. Well Barbara thank you for all of feeling but it didn't. Maybe that and that it made me it's. Being done now it then and what available. Bob and with the mortgage eligible but hell yeah. I don't think you know yeah and then we'll be good mood and then everybody else hey thanks for equipment have a great weekend. I'm happy that I that I.