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Saturday November 4, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. I depend so how are you doing today. I'm wonderful deep breath yeah I know I knew it shows me. Well. Nothing baking I break him allows the laws are not my place back so the god blessing and had an hour and she fell and limbs down by every step in the house. She lives it's my sister Barbara and she's coming down steps about four or the clock and went Monday night. And she literally slid she didn't fall she slid in and broke both bones in her lower. Lessons. Leg him which already has a plate and three pins from a fall twenty almost twenty years ago that she had her she broke her ankle. Now the and so they have put a ride in because she broke through against it is the tibia the biggest phone I think the bigger lunch so she broke that it was so bizarre to see that the axe right. And then she boat broke affinia Candela excuse me up up top. A real high up. So she's given us a little yes she's been in their since Monday at 5 PM. Okay and had surgery this morning which is Thursday doctor Gillick did the surgery. As she said CM guy singer Cianci and she can she did a great job. She's in recovery even as we speak because we're taping at 1230 on Thursday afternoon. So she. It is in there and I am when I'm finished running time. Going back up so I've been. At pleasing and see what I'm not living but spending hours upon hours at CMC the last couple days. Wearing a very lovely pancake and snow was conceived and yes. I know everybody loves the hour and it's I got a net not income python to. Yes I really love and thank you. So sorry I know we're giving our prayers and can now. But god love her she's like a strong Irish pride something happens she's been a lot of pain the last couple days and the people the nurses to staff. One I'm just gonna give a big shout out Peggy I'm not sure but peg his last name is Peggy had the same break. She said she's 36 she sits when she was sixteen when she was skiing should the same breaks she understood it a dog at all the sweet girl. And then Alex this wonderful I'm an aide who is the coolest my mother absolutely loved him to the point where we were sitting in the Grumman my mother minus something and she literally was yelling from her hospital beds Alex in the top. Don't you heard it I might not you do real. Two people. Handle so hear me god bless him he's right in the big smile here's a dog so I do so. So just I think it's some lady bison meat at around my name is it clean economy and I forgot to turn my phone I'm sure I'm anyway. But the people are wonderful but I will tell you. Please do your best for everybody to stay the hell out of hospitals stress that this was really. It's it's I mean god love them big wonderful care it it's not anything about it's they do wonderful job it's just. It's not fun my guy. Now it's not fun and if you and I know they have to do this but did you know the emerge from the emergency Rome to all that you know the chaos in the emergency room in the this and get next. And it's part of the dead blue it's what they have to do it in. It's just that for me and just even being in that setting it just freaks me out like from the I was crawling out of my skin. Dean is in its emergency emergency room was worse than many of the moments a little bit better 'cause you can you're not in the midst of everything but. It's it and you know I quit nursing school after seven months so I know that that's not my favorite thing in my mother's I bought my reach. Now why did you come and like all right iMac. Intricate plot much effect and I was sought an appetite media there is because it was is gonna. I don't get I mean he's not a lot. Use this is a real life phobia. Now and in the phobia is the word it's beyond file via its worst since spiders from hole. And for hospitals she guys and how pack and they didn't get a wonderful time but it sits I'm good. Like there's like they smell. Is that kids but here's some I will this is one thing I don't understand it. You have written W if people in the same room so the first day and a half my mom had known within. Yeah and she got another I'm person came in a roommate. Every kid but law is blown to smithereens smithereens. Because. You can hear everything that everybody has to sing I mean it's he can't help it. It's like there's no privacy it's it's it's it's in every pass I don't I'm not yeah just the whole environments. I'm being in the in hospitals it's are you with me on on this because it's yeah I see I don't and. What is the rationale I'm putting who's sick. Oh in this same Roma I don't know how do anyway. Says it all those census census you know that yes I am really does play they don't have them room to house the people. If they have individual comes to me I think the rooms can be made smaller. And more people or even if you had another door going into somebody else is rolling black and I'll put the blocks he had something. It's just it's. You don't hear everything you can't get rest. There is no. All right that's the point if somebody is all night TV watcher yeah they fall asleep with the TV land you can't get to their controller and turn off. They go light sun all the time it's just that I like and I know all of this isn't necessary the lighting in the hole that. But like it in there was one TV for two people now I've been in other hospitals recently where there's a each day around your vision so I don't. Know what in all of the construction that just when I'm there. I am. Probably a little more should be done is her own rooms that name but it's. It is nothing to do with the care to care is incredible and it was they what they're wonderful so I'm not being critical at all a Dem should they aren't re auction the environment which everyone has to be an is a little and it's it's not. Unusual. It's just when you're in hearing you say that you really. And all the nuns sick person you can. And Billy how they Saatchi and founder and it and they wake you up every hour in the middle of the night but NN it's this is an idea why did he do it it's just. Well mercy house former mercy regional hospital now always had single rooms. Well there are single rooms there but that's what can only sang them mom's idea and I was teasing when I went in there and I of course I sat down and and night and wouldn't you know. And new Ro c.'s was high and high alert I'm sitting there and I'm like. And and everybody's a game and I. Isn't what are we doing here click read rich should be we need to single angle to my mother don't know why. Well I don't think I can have Chris exhibit two around the time miss you man you lose you. I didn't hold I'm telling you might like mom I it's a joke coming I'm really long and. I was in the hospital I burned my leg and doctor will mean. Take care niece and he's I mean to. Moses Taylor to have it in in peace and let's stay eulogize really unhappy about and I screaming about and use dollar and told them who you are you got a good read say. You all honesty my mom was opera and you know I mean god blessing and candy she doesn't care since Jamie full rein to say because you know we have to mention her name on the timing and the and it feast and she had her hip replaced at. I'm CMC in back in march of two was still CM CNN. In march of 2016. She Enron robbed by a bossy who absolutely adore adore adore westside church who can sheet it was it's so was she was in you know had so much as she was in charge of the nursing. And she was a wonderful show yeah Tommy she checked in should people come up it was it was wonderful mother had around brunch last time and then she had gotten lover her kidney removed the let it just this past January we ran Moses for that. And she had around rom and Moses and it was great and and doctor create even you know he said that she she does have her. Iran drum and was cast. Like it's so much nicer because. It's sticky and you know and your and my mom we had deaf people with her because she's been lying there with a bone. Put two bronze bones broken since Monday night now the only reason is she wanted to specific doctor he could until it and that is so there was a delay without it wasn't didn't it was my mother who wanted when she won an N as a nurse they make the worst patients who. Now because they know more than they should. But it was. Gun and telling you it was good so we're just trying to keeper how long he shade gonna meet our. Happy adds I don't know I don't know anything she she was supposed to be operated on tonight and they switched to this morning so I was even up there it because I wasn't planning getting them to later cash was supposed to be operated EA class tonight. And that was changed. Itself. Hopefully faster than she probably will go to allied which I love. Did you she went with a hip and Chua writes in a rehab. And getting in there they hole it yeah danced a wonderful wonderful place to be. And I my my mother said at one point I think she said. I think she told me this Sunday at that she said I'm Frankie come out I guess it's once a weaker if you their French speaking fuel lobster dinner that's my mother yeah. And I well I mean looking forward yeah. But god love fest and talent and well you I'll tell you my hospital strengths I spend a lot of times he don't like the feared that there and they gave you. They have to do I'm now okay with daylight second 2000 I'm trying to tell parents and if you're really nice only you crumbs she's still. I Obey. They are they in all honesty they could not be nice every single person there. Could not be nice if they are a wonderful group of people and they did a blow a one day to day care is fabulous so I ate. You know dads that's primary and man. Is that just him when you start when you know that's a good did you start looking. Cupcake at the end zone seamless so what you're point two coli meaning your hero. Look at this don't they know you are not now. I daresay you're having high. Tiger room. But a cheese is. Trustees do an irate Celtics. Hey you know in Hamburg and it's funny because everybody knows I was just driving is. It's. Towards. Drinker street I'm likely to come to get to 81 and ran into a friend of mine. John bring Nicky and I yelled out the window come as we do on west side we yellow windows and he's screaming trainees like. You Marin he's wave and and then SN gone by that and and I'm like yeah and I screamed we've actually think how the heck. John Bernanke numbness and then I realized my cousin chair and works at the bank with them and she proudly told them he knows my mother but so many people have called. And say how Zeng Kandahar and how she don't and so PC here. Should be limping around for awhile that should be asked. Yeah and who is a woman whose picture was in this morning's papers she cousin newsdesk my cousin missed that is my cousin G Ares I daughter Michelle caddie Hayes yes. He is opening day Lorena has yet and she's that's needs the wedding bands pop up wedding so to speak but she's opening a bakery. Called I think it's feet. But Electric's. Bake house or disk forget the I think electric Citibank is your city I. And it BS site in the 310 electric city bake house and she's a phenomenal baker himself she's. I guess she solid kid when you listen in this. It will have been done because it would enthusiastically as far as Friday's first unfriendly to see how. I know that is great fun fun. Can you imagine what we've been engaged to longtime GM so we decided to what the heck. I think Q yeah I love. Nobody said anything about the dress nice yes I know I have to say no at around maybe she's been holding man I'm so long as the engagement now. Who announced. Syria are the nice idea firm's French Fries and dorm I know I love it's just so exciting and all those people getting together and the story was great. And it's right in where Michelle's place is going to be yeah that's great moment. Oh I know somebody and can marry and so we're gonna take a break this morning you're listening to Larry when show will be right back inside. 30 in the morning with the Koreans live now. I don't look great inland. Hi Penn low. How are you doing today. Scary good thank you and what is. What is your name a what do you do boot. My name is Larry can hand I'm the owner Larry can enterprises of which is a fundraising PR and special events is this and obviously got lots of fish should. Is anybody. By later the crowds both in and Ayers oh my baby. Hello hello. A little nine is a bit too much okay it's my nickname is Lyn Evans and the president. And CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on Right. So here we are. All right so I know that we should say Lin before we go one that the I do next is our guest experts. This post sorry niece she's doing a note yeah I just lasting and glass. Let's go ahead minute okay so. What we haven't talked. About that we really need to talk about. He does all of this stuff that's been going on with the great Harvey Weinstein. At all of what has come out because of that. Armed and indeed means to campaign and Obama run. I think it's fascinating though these women who have never open their mouth about anything that's been going on have decided to open their house. Well it's probably I think it's because people just fixed it was the norm or I'm sure they didn't think anything of it. I'm gonna ask you a question has never happened TOO I continue for 56 different times it's happened to me yet and needs so yeah however. In none of it was a bow. Being eaten getting a job or getting a promotion. Or anything that had to do with my performance. In the put in the position I was and I think did it just was never about that so I eight. Never it's never even faze me. Well for me alliance and some of those circumstances. And it was blatant appeal we'll see that's another story that you've got to tackle when it happens. You don't know often that is happening in one I know and I understand you see you think about it the it made you think we have but I know there's statute of limitations on as well. Well there is but I mean the statute of limitations as far as how it affects you how you know and I are noticing that she'll I mean how you can bring forth the charges now I'm. I'm sure there is but this is not to me it's not worse said. Because when you think about the times that you. The time that it would take it out of your world to have to prepare for all this for jury trials and on the other. It is so worth it just keep Reagor dictating that stuff over and over and over because it's painful. It's painful enough. I think one of the biggest ones that that I remember and I didn't put any dissent on FaceBook because I really didn't feel like type and an all out. I was with a group out of Philadelphia and we were all independent. Contractors technically. We were on the financial planning world and I came down from. Don Clark summon. Where was living of this office for what we consider to be. That I kind of learned that the regional gathering of everybody getting in the same place that wants to listen to two speakers. And so when I got there. There was a guy I knew who was part of this and he's kind of met me at the door but he said Danny Lynn command Haram land mine tell you something. So I went in his office and that and he's coming to close the door. And he said you know what's going on another room I said. Have no idea so I'm just here and listen to us the story of what they're gonna talk about today has it. Wasn't investment management company who is doing a presentation on why they're so wonderful. So did I heard is almost four. But in this case and Canada may but there's something else going on that you should nobody says scientists that's. And I said why he's so well I am and personally extremely offended about what they're planning on doing. But he said that's me but more importantly it's you then I'm concerned about. Thanks so well what do they what they do when and he said well they're gonna make some kind of announcement. That. In the afternoon after they do is present. This morning they're going to go do some special training somewhere. And he said what I discovered was that they're going to a place where they're doing lap dancing. With them with women and is in a bar and he said. I am very strict Christian and I can't even imagine myself going this place but I am more concerned about you. Because you are being. Eliminated from the fun and games that are going on end. You know maybe they should give you about your go have dinner somewhere that they're not doing it and you're not going to be invited. I says well thanks for telling me that so we both went into the larger room the conference room. Listen to the presentation. And then they talked very openly about the fact that we're going to be going to. I don't. And I wasn't invited and clearly nobody said anything about it and I knew what was going on soy insane thing. So them we all got up we thank you don't have someone show we left and as I'm driving back to clarks summit that. Was eating at me like I can't even tell you first of all and so disgusting that they would even do that. And company time with company money that really offended me because if I do business with them. And I know they're taking their peace and they're doing this kind of crap this is ridiculous. So. As it turned out that I had my chance later on because the guy who was responsible. Ford coordinating this event. Happened to be somebody that was looking to me to try to bring in more business. And I just I nailed him at this point blank. And he's just an awesome site he says I'm really sorry I'm I'm really sorry I didn't realize the you know I think regardless of whether or not I know. That's not the point. It's fundamentally. Wrong. And so on urgent. But wait a minute why worry when I hit. Because they know wouldn't go with some so that they invited all other women until Eric. I'm I'm sorry I was the only woman as I always am the only one I didn't know that I mean this is nice retirement twenty years ago is now. I'm really only a little I'm well how can see you're the only one that's true I forgot to Afghanistan especially back bench seat you're the only one not. Invited. Right. And rightfully so now ranked but like but they play next and what would they do their. I mean they they weren't they were saying it was for traditional training they were going to was stripped clean. That was always I I watch I'm real what maybe they all needed training you know anybody I know what they. We're going to do so. I'm watching them now when I'm sitting in their talking about. We're gonna do this specialized training and watching their eyes and why can't lay on laugh I'd like giggling he's actually a little giggling Don like special training and I in my home Venice special Guillen really special help. That's only one bad shot I mean I can tell you about another one I went to a house. I'm when Lee's first started in the insurance business and you go through these things where. You look at but they call. They believe so when people had babies in the newspaper you would call them go out and talk some about. There increased need for life insurance blob o'clock. Some disappointment with the guy and done more. And went out there and had my whole spiel done I sat with him and his wife. And he was okay he thinks this is something he needs to do and so he wouldn't call me tomorrow and so fine so he walked me out to the door front door. And he said to Maine I just why you know something Tyson was the only reason you're here to masks and why is C. What you look like and if you had any any trade legs and big you know what's right. I said really policies and he has I said okay good night. While in S 20 I can tell you and I are around others I know but the point is it that it just goes on all the time and it is something that it. It makes a difference in my pocket. It does have an impact on that. And I and because complements your wanna read something from selling Krajicek. Who is the woman that's involved with Al vesta hold on to other things. She says. An Amy would know from financing government let's call on mr. acts. At the time. She was the director of research at Sanford Bernstein. Springsteen's big research conference which was her responsibility mr. exposed a luncheon keynote speaker. After he had spoken and the room was mostly cleared except for some of my colleagues I went over to thank them. He invited me to his hotel room while sticking out his tongue and wiggling and had me making this weird guttural noises. I guess so it was supposed to be sexy. I get out there as quickly as they could after a face collapsed in front of my colleagues who saw the whole thing. As a means of hiding my embarrassment. We're in LES a bit confused may be gob smacked certainly thinking mr. X really you would've guessed. But not threatens infuriating way this wasn't my first time being harassed at work earlier in my career. I had daily photocopies of male genitalia left on my desk. Thankfully those days aligned behind me. Still it's unsettling in a different way when someone is too comfortable. Acting sexually inappropriate to your face in front of other people. Every once in awhile I ask those guys who who was close enough to hear and see the whole thing did mr. X world renowned financing year. Really waigel his tongue at me and make a guttural noise the answer was yes yes he did. So fast forward some years later she's working at Citibank as she finds out that mr. X is up for big deal position there. When those cushy jobs that famous they way he sees again. The large office the private jet Terry issue responsibilities except for glad handing the GNP clients. She's scheduled time of the company's CEO intolerant and I was against the higher and describe dismissed her ex is an appropriate behavior. When the CEO tried to reason with me suggesting that perhaps I misunderstood his signals. I tone that I would quit. And that quietly sister was brought down because I would feel like we were knowingly bringing out a potential predator and for sure the creep. So mr. except he doesn't know it that is inappropriate. Creepy skin crawling pass. Costs and that job and it cost some big time. So yes I did that unspent happened to me. With somebody who's getting a job and I am they were up for it and I made a cost. And said. The wrong choice for whatever their reasons where and they they may get the job either and I think to myself you know what I'm glad I you've I'm glad I did what I did because it's. It EPA knows something and you can kind of in you're not in that weren't in a year and not a past employer in honey you can just say what it is that it's it's great so far it is game. Well it because you know and you don't want is for them sit in a one. It's. It's innocent men women asked and I'm so happy that women start talking with a gap that's I think as far as training do you. It's a crazy and the thing isn't so goes obviously. Picking green to thank I especially in Iraq on I am concerned how I mean my friend Jimmy I can't believe that. What we don't Ferrero I can especially those lawyers in the bank. I mean. Any movement had and you would never be the only female and a courtroom I've been the only female on acquire them all the time again. Yeah from an informed my ears and I'm sure I am extra smile as. So that's that's because there's your choice use your voice right from the beginning now right you gotta eat you know it's the fear is is there's always people afraid and I can get the job therefore they're not giving it the money and their afraid and they do what you need to use your voice rang just a bad you don't need to be threatened by people like that going -- you don't but now I can't even easier isn't so much she's at the time you couldn't tell when you're out on their entire do you have a little we have more of you know. I think her big difference I've seen put in money off even on my yelling crying. To my car Carrie nation is my meals aren't afraid to say that this thanks am comfortable it's good because for millennial sir baby bookish. But for the most part boomer parents may need to learn some things can't. So there we go ice we're gonna take a quick. Break here listening this morning to the Larry when chill will be right back with the turning he shot a row are you Saturday morning I would Gloria weigh in now. Joseph Torre inland. Well welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry and Lynn's show and I am sorry captain I'm the owner of large cat enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And my name's Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book. Called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on And we have as they said before in Disney show Mora who is General Counsel of the council. Four ER a one source realty ERA he has about a hundred. And agents. Is in ten counties and has seven offices yeah EA and here guy. So what are we doing the talking about today nation's well I thought. Fans veterans day is coming I'm too fat Iowa and it kind of reach out to. Any veterans we have in our audience are currents are spammers since BTU I. ERA is part of a relocation campaign compiled card as well when you have to be asked to join Ameren from the principal brokers for cart it's for this area. I really do a lot of work if you FAA to bring it up referrals that way. I'm excited now if Aaron was aware of the veterans loans and ninety VA. Com structure for loans because if you are better and North Carolina State teaching had elements here percent down. Actually borrow more like under 206%. Of their value of the property your bank. Much is full of gas so. A lot of people think 0% down and I really have to bring to your money but actually Tino and a bit of money can Harrison costs associated with that but I'm. It's an am really interesting program and so it's. I don't know what the specifics are for how long you have just served in just I'm pretty short honeymoon military cemetery. Qualifies you forum is it these six additional percentage the home for closing costs purposes reality and I you know you guys out. Says yes so I'm Indians are really unique that way because see you under and 6% and there are also assume a bump. Which now that I need it comes time to sell your house you can potentially new purchaser can potentially as soon alone he had schools even in saint aren't. A veteran Fat Albert said I'm it's Catholic also subject to be done approval by the lending institution but I'm. There those are that you distinct features of anesthetic. National home buyers only comfort doesn't it up any time. I'm so it's a pretty cool. I guess it was Dino kind of help our servicemen and women. It's got five primary residences and Sara diamond active duty ma am but DS inability feature is a great marketing featured I do now. Because he and whoever's looking at your house if interest rates co op which we all thought they're going to but they haven't really. Yes I. They can. Get I don't. Paying beer on the company means market bottler and just. Especially now who do you ever heard markets things that way I don't they have never seen that yielded in Jan I don't think I've ever seen any marketing with that. You know all I'm Neal loans went through kind of quiet here and now damn good. More I think like people are more knowledgeable of what I'm options are available times so we've been doing more and more of them now. The show shall we haven't really had everything else I guess who Marquette. You durability feature and then it's also subject to some means for a vote write your credit score has to become compromised everything to us with the person you. Got a loan that your assuming. Don't you think cell in the pit and many years ago the F consumer I have my licensed almost. And thank should be thirty years. I am so I knew I was three when I data that is really now. But it but. The fear of FHA and VA it was so yeah no one wanted to do one because they like what because you tell me who. Yeah she'll have to jump through with enough it was like all of these things in SAJ is up unbelievable. And then the VA there was so many so if you would just. And that he didn't want it wasn't more work per say but it was these more and more could go wrong that alone wouldn't go thrill White House to sell because it didn't qualify for action like specially FHA stuff and so the requirements. Pat then loosened up. Which they should've been because a lot of them were wacky. And I'm not some whacked there Daryn yes I for a network a and less than what they know are you intervene any endeavor rail laying you re at it like yes step that is never gonna change which is okay because. But I guess but VA loans were. You know so and and people just a lot of people just did not even get them so they didn't take advantage of bullying ideal to have great an aging rather dumb. Conventional I think what happened is I am he mortgage providers you know I mean like the banks and lending institutions. Had actually sadly we have this product that we haven't marketed very well this whole time I mean sort of meaning more. Aaron trendy in hand silicon you know so it it's easier for the consumer than anything what are my options you all summer educate consumers because an Internet. Does he does a parent or iPad and read about on these are the difference as and then realtors also. Are getting more savvy with what the requirements are fresh and Jamie lending and they are telling their clients and angered Alyssa house hey you know laps that paint is peeling let's take care that Iranian railing flare. You know let's just price it all out so we know. We know that this is an option because you got cut a Fulbright offer but they wanted to do FHA in Pakistan mapping their mailing him. I mean it's going down cellar steps you have to have two railings fresh face today where most people have won my. Ordered some people are non none. So you have to hand they've acquired those kind of things and they're easy fixes but there's things that you need to do so when the house is inspected. And then you make sure they've done that they are things that. Are required or into loan uncle throw Xeon and there's a double inspection and there's I think Jane right action right and you have another whole Lotta yes and sit. But they're good because their rates are good and the perks are great good for the person who needs Stallone. Yes so the best part is the lower down payment. I'm Matt Salmon and other costs that are still associated with aviators retailer owned. Our fears don't have to pay fair credit report out this please don't have to put deposit money down. I mean deposit money in this area has apparently a thousand bucks you had any really hasn't had much the norm for. Unless it's a really really really expelling him really got me tell you an apple and yeah yeah or if he gives a pretty of the buyers says hey let's make it look at whoa yeah. Yeah and if you're competing offers or if I resign my husband pylon and thank you know 3% this time. That's kind that's. Appraisals you have to view that BA minimum property your retirement and there's you know different things that pop five how. House for VA loans. Yes based upon inspection and a pocket. And then all the rest of your costs are pretty much she had at closing its at that's fine. In 6% is important because he can help pay for your chance to attack your title insurance. And your loan origination fees because even below attached charge of 1% for origination fees cover their underwriting costs. And niece I don't know this question but I think I jokes. I'm it can if you're a vet and you're at you can use the VA any time you buy you know how strange sound one and done value can refinance into. Until I go and you can do are they all I can you if you're refinancing can you include all your costs with that too like he can with the conventional and I Charlotte spend it. Thanks very. Guys aren't I now USA does but we got our referrals through USA and the cat is something. A few quick DDB backed by. DB ETA an attack Spanish and or something by using them well I'll tell you Lynn you know in the US I mean the commercials are wonderful that they don't. But use specifically deal with USAA don't you Fred car insurance there was times yeah I mean it they do with their way to do wonderful job. How well I mean we're really proud. Out to be part of the story -- organization because there. We hit eighteen and then they give us. Us and out like out of control sometimes and you had a 100%. Consumer satisfaction anti USA and we frowns on the past six months so we're really happy about how is. Hard. I was like really aren't because there's all these surveys yes you do and here's service can tell your client services task he really I'm tired get. I thought I realized I have been that's I'm kind of maintenance and entrant a shout out to him he takes care of our current engineering units and. I was also says I think one of the things from a marketing perspective that they do which is brilliant. Is that whenever they refer to the person who was in the service yes they refer to them by there. Ranked. Yellow Patrick is always referred to as captains and Napoli. Because I was the highest rank it's really cool idea so they always refer to him that way so. It is is USA aid available to anyone whose parent or are. Husband would have wife whatever action served in the military dizzy if they were discharged for medical purposes can use are you still. I know I know it's spouses. Even act and how I know roses fathers and mothers do because I yeah PM right. But I don't know how far and then extends OK but I do know that there are benefits are fatter I know their service is beyond anything. You call them and they want to through the whole thing you know askew. If I can make it easier can I do like this yes they offer things. Thanks to scrape. Yeah really great but that's cool nation how to how long did it take you to get that. Status. Bull we all. My inner. That's a question for him on CC five campaign co principal broke her status card ask. Much is done I think an international really Asian campaign if so. He can't it's just apply and joining have to be approved and there's Alia process and and we pay membership fee I. I am to got a referrals and everything but basically. Play it sad as is because were approved by cart as our agents have gone through specific training auriemma had a criminal background tax you know I can't some. Okay person coming into your house and six. Hopefully no sexual harassment. And it's going under the but if there is no monthly calling you know anything. Yes yes yeah. And tell that's like you know I think we're really proud of its ability to offer those services and then we can also do. Broken a broker I'm referrals throughout the whole world so I say you'll pork. Adds Toby Hanna and you are being relocated to Germany or something like I'm speaking help you find a place to intervene to help. Mania sneak. Really need like a small the world is so small let you do Neiman realized it was stunts on you can do everything. From your phone now some are you doing anything special for Christmas this year collection and anything yet or did you decide. I'm we didn't society I would normally do something every year everything he had seemingly dared collection notice now from. Trick Thanksgiving mean tool. A food the unlike a food truck farm yeah yeah. I'm stashing just and she's I think her path I just every year and then her Christmas I'm I'm likes to do. I'm adapting Angel Diaz. I Ellington I think you do things occur from comments here who think I'm half pats have to tell people to adopt an Angel for the pats tell. Can't live feeds we're always doing something you know that's an out and work on my Brothers and slide for having baby number two here. I think to me and 20 right around Thanksgiving. Some are not at all unlike the if they end up adding I know they didn't find Aaron and that's great on my little niece yesterday with my sister and not you can't do it tapping. So I told her if daddy ask you it's easy duty army went shopping here's my credit card it it it. Learn it early and little barrel area got guys now says it. This is in good you heard there costumes. When asked zero hockey Don. You really interface but I should know. I had none lately seem like she was very scared of dogs pets until recently and so now we kept getting your stuff. I am on poppies because we have so many dogs. And so now she likes this passes to meet my old Lola copy and yeah should tell them how they can get to. I'm so I am and my office. To examine office pitches and chief thirty northern bombarded you can check out our website www. ERA the number one dot com. Then the phone numbers and 058 sun. You very much for joining us here. Lynn. Everything else out there enjoy your weekend it's going to be nice spinning things and and thank you again for listening so easy. Please be next.