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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors an. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend right and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning how are you. I'm good how are you good we were just mentioning the new bigger than life clock is this station MW IL OK Johnny how no brand no Asian island. How about it so I survey analyzed test can tell you think look at that well yeah. It's like one of those what do you call those phones that people in big letters on them you have what is it can't go into caller that I named my yeah. Colonel hitters something I know I didn't know lean on the big phone has real big numbers so low jitter bugs me I see there in an email comes early that I know there and I came up a Linda's her name. I well I'm thinking of the clock clock that no no no I'm they have names for those both the F. I don't know when now run and I way of doing now can't mess says no because this is why why are. Yes and that's good it is no more awfully. But this one that sits facing me this Seth Thomas denies the old stamps. It's a few seconds it's ticks ahead just so we now. Well what I'm okay see we live we live and die here by the clock so that's why it's important we stay at the end. And so all we have a nice dinner last night eighteen he's in indeed been good at Mansour. We rare six of us had dinner in the moonlight lovely window on ash street tree they have there I'm once a month. Dinner usually it's just start used to be on Sunday actually for the last couple mindset going into now because you know loss on Sunday night's dance forget. So I mean they moved to back to Thursday because when pat mine owned Mansour as they did it Thursday nights and and they kind of switched over Carolina might buy it. And then they decided to go back to Thursday myself anyway we were there and it was Madeleine was. Absolutely delicious yes. I'm really really good. And I love how would as nice I said to Carolyn Callahan out. Caroline ball they can Atlanta saying it's like a different place and when you're in there and I because they're not open for dinner it's just breakfast and lunch. I am and either one breakfast challenge is great there. We were saying how much of a fan everybody has been a bad place for years and years right now. Pat Goss around the time with with Arnie from clams and Myers that lives in the Helen loves going to kill places men Michael losing years ago. Has loved going there and now he's back so he's there of course you know you and I love it. So I'm. But it's wonderful and you know Caroline tells us all the time we talk about this so many people go win and they say hey I heard. Larry Lynne talking about it and sort all right you end. And where do you go in but seriously there is never anything would be a breakfast lunch and now the dinner once a month and they're not gonna do it in November December because of the holidays but come January he'll start and it's was absolutely delicious white linens on the table and they candles insistent on the dim lights it's the depth building is gorgeous and news. So anyway hats off to Ali Mansour is for a wonderful evening and let's not. Forgets they're wonderful cookies athletes is something that we talked about because I'm you known big fan code GM. But. There are very few places that have cookies on the menu for desert home and this place and fun things have loved about it I have that they cookie jars filled with it entities and their wonderful and one half last night they had chocolate chip trio everything but the kitchen sink him instead what's in that I sit everything but the kitchen sink. So Michael Boley said I can tell you what is it and it comes. Justin I guess if you are a exactly yeah and then they have their flowers lists gluten free. Campaign or matter gambit that was another Wednesday another man two types abyss Disco diva reality in my essay you say to me as though I says Tomas out. Whatever and so. It Dayton there's stuff is in its own home made everything may have varied and is wonderful sounds. And what I love about them too is they accommodate that so many people's customers that there is that are either begin. All wired. Have Sealy ask. Disease like I doses McCabe or. They're danced some tendons gluten intolerance whenever and they always have stuff available which I think speaks volumes. Two restaurants one client would customers who they know or regular. You bring in things that help them make better choices silence I forget. Fresh brewed iced tea and then I saw. I have so let's examine. Caroline out a half block with Mike Duncan Donna social suppose I'm your friend why do you have that I'll give you are substandard chip. And I think it is it's delicious. And so I am but anyway and Michael and Caroline sister and brother. It did a wonderful job they do care I mean Caroline and her might her husband Mike owned the business. But Michael sort of like manages it and he time it it does a wonderful job they're just. Wonderful raised well because they. They hear I channel 1000 there now ask friends now known. No he is trying to add Mike ons. Trout I turned to Maria hello that's right yeah yeah as Mike south. But anyway so we have a lovely lovely evening. Well I am so wonderful place I wanted to tell everybody about nothing too many people around here. What no one event but I was in the Harrisburg on Thursday. 4 AM. I must say its annual because this is the first time they've done it since 2011. Pennsylvania banking. And securities department. Held a daylong seminar and compliance issues that we need to know about your domain registered investment advisors and broker dealers and all I can make itself. So I went ninth before. Because it was one of these is start today good morning and I was gonna drive down from critical place tie in the morning. So I say down there and I met a friend a woman who I had interviewed. On my podcast power of the purse. And I've never matter and I knew that she lives in Harrisburg so I called her head time instead she can only get together for dinner she said yes sure. So we went to a place that was called pray GR AIG which. In French means the truth. And it's true. So. Everything in the air and it was organic. And it was. Just the homegrown check everything was wonderful and the food. It was fabulous and I just painting and other pieces Santana. But I just love it and it was served over then have. Real honest to god wild rice. I'm Sante grilled vegetables. They're cauliflower and I'm broccoli and all kinds of things it and tomatoes it was just delicious and I know what the sauce was. But it was great. So I hadn't spent some time but two hours but there. And it was really nice to get nowhere is that restaurant right in into hair still crow and Kenny Campo. So. That's true it and that's where was that night and then those started with his daylong thing that was about his dries you can power. And match. It was awful but I'm re holding your eyes open and toothpicks trying like Fred Flintstones and I finally left about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I thank you can't take I don't care north. And I slept outside on a break and I said you know what it's pitiful he took a right now he has kept telling. Us exactly. I just I love this. I drove home but it was. It was really interesting to see. All of that traffic jams I ended up having to go through. Harrisburg is to get out to 81. From where was and I passed the farm show. Voices of dissent going on now now building after building after building of this I never been there oh you mean you passed where Padilla on the idea of the buildings. And I had never seen that before and I said well. I know. My friend penny brown I think you know penny right. Yes I've paddy in does that every years ago. Then when he doubled putting thing hand down home and and I don't often wondered where was so I just went finance. Yeah. So I was pretty cool. So made the trip home and then we went to Mansour sir so are. I was growing nicely yesterday I have to speak a little bit about the mayor's prayer breakfast that I can. In the morning which was there early in the morning yes it starts at 8 AM. Just sent them Darian there early in the morning. When I know people you I don't do far he's telling guess I just don't I'm sorry I don't in this in the summer I it's not as bad when the sun is out there. And when it's gloomy and you have to try and light sun if it's not yeah I just don't like I don't have a but I'm putting on my makeup it's not right there's just something not right. I like natural light so anyway. Okay the breakfast itself was wonder Psycho where are the speakers at the Radisson which it is every year 55 annual auction. And Jean Peters said they ex mayor of Scranton west side there. Spoke about was his task was to speak about Joseph McDade and eat. Is he stood up. And he just commands your attention anyway he's one of those guys as you know ES and he stood up at podium where you their Gina. I I guess I see so he without notes other than I'm sure in the bullet points and making sure he covered what he did. It's just told us so many things and he said he could go on for hours and hours about John McCain when he Danish. All I have to say is Jean Peters is an amazing man. He's in now up there in age. He still looks fabulous. His mind sharp as a tack and he doesn't he just rattled off all of this information doesn't screw up doesn't make mistakes. And lived and was at living everything and it I just I'm Italian I would I was everybody in our tables like. Oh my god he's some believe the box and he really was I mean everybody did a wonderful job I thought this year with all of what they had to say. But Jeanne. It just you know still you know big extra heat no Pelosi stand just but I just given credit where credit is still the man as some believe the ball for what he. How depressed as he has and his command of attention and she is delivery. Was. Unbelievable. And of course that mayor cart right our bodies till you know on jeans west side. And mayor cartwright web site X so I am. They all. I I just thought it was not a very nice mourning and Larry very nice warnings in every night carries the Afghan and it I go every year. And I love to go. And the tissue there it was a good time good field I'm not sound. I'm always held in October yes. There's so yeah now I can write I don't know that answer is to be on Friday and they moved it to. I am Thursday which is better than the Friday morning. Yeah and really it people are rapidly moving early. And then if you Freddie says it's better for this Thursday he's been working out better so it's run by Scranton tomorrow which I'm proud board member and there are people on the committee nab me. On the board excuse me you're on the committee. And I am but I really did not I didn't have anything to do with the this year selling Josh. Mass ten and I'm dead Peterson who's not a Scranton tomorrow board member but she's been used to be done by the voluntary action center which Deb was the executive director offer of twenty years. They should so used to do. Working with an eye on it and so she's doing some work and Tony panel Leslie towns they did end. Great I think Michael go mining dame really nice job of pulling an all together. So we perhaps elicit and I think everybody was I think they felt. I think everybody was pleased let's without my and the Radisson I have to say hats off those people from time. Mike Karney and Kelly Doherty and Mary mollen and Louise my body and Carol my love these people. Can they we re did the night before because we can't had Teddy Roosevelt was down the floor so I was at the historical society annual dinner the night before. And we had truly the parts of the ballroom for that dinner and then they had the other sent an open up as we relieving and set up for 400 some people. And then outside for the kids and the Scranton right Knight grand slams under the direction of Lisa Kahn is on that. Believe the ball those children every year are incredible and just the work and just everything about how that all comes together is is terrific. And hats off to Teddy Roosevelt because he gave a good speech and as they say that I ask the best question of the nineties film. Don't make wise to Teddy bear named after you when he gave me a wonderful gave us a wonderful story can kinda. So I am I said we should just I should just rented a room and Zdeno for good about rattling everlasting. I am yes so that they they really do a wonderful job in the round sent south. Ask anyway we're gonna take a quick break and down we'll be right back you're listening to the lion went shopping. Here Gloria inland. Good morning good morning. My name is Lynn Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm. In clarks summit animosity author of a book. Called power of the purse fear freeze finances. Her baby boomer women unveiled on Thank you and I'm Lori can be owner of Murray can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. So I shoot I have an article that I have I'm submitted to invest a PD FI. I don't know if anybody is familiar with that but it is an online. I newsletters site. And it's a place for people can go if you have a question. You just type in the question and people from all around the country who are. That is true and be allowed to answer the questions cancer. You know amateur hate the word bad and now I don't know why why but I can't stand them aren't but anyway I had I know everybody thought I can't stand that wired. I should win. You said it and just Kelly you are I think a note and word anyway don't have but anyway this was something I've recently submitted this week. And you have to wait for them to review it and then they get backed you and say it's been accepted that I've done this several times and the first one was accepted and then up that and that they picked it up tempo and and the NASDAQ. Their newsletter which I loved and there was another one that went someplace else I forget where. So is this the sister to Wikipedia hundred conine Koirala. And nothing. Yeah it could be a case Emilio hit I don't know but anyway and then in the name of the article was seven things widows wished they knew. One of the fastest growing groups of people in poverty is widows over the age of 65. That's a very scary statistic. Most windows confront financial illiteracy at the same time they have to deal. But the emotional upheaval of one of the most stressful human experiences. Truly a double whammy. Our culture does very little to derail this disaster since the women who are now widowed on the same ones who left everything up to their husbands. Becoming a financial or financial Lee illiterates and taking an active role in their family's finances. Was not considered a wife's role. Given the high rate of divorce and the subsequent higher rates the second and later marriages sister Norma must be abandoned and fast. And my experience with women who were never enlightened so their family's finances. And those who relied solely on their husband's financial acumen or his advisors. They had several comments to make on the subject the comments most often came under the things they wish they knew before they became widows. They are number one. How much life insurance and my husband have been where the policies. Her husband was an employee who would counted on the group policies the business Hanna and his life. And when he retired they soon discovered the life insurance I counted on was gone. It left once his retirement began. And the policies they bought one they were young family also expired today 65. And her insurance also went away preceded know that. The large insurance policies they bought my other kids where home. Or still dependent also and then after a certain number of years 220. When a college education commitments were over. She wished she had the insurance policies somewhere in a box and this isn't buys or had included her in the conversation about it. She would have known as she was not gonna receive any life insurance benefits. Number two what is the balance if any of the mortgage our home. She wanted to believe the mortgage was paid off line and go but without an updated bank's statement or even which bank it would be owed to. She knew nothing about a monthly mortgage payment or worse yet money being put aside to pay the property taxes. When a huge bills that was. If she knew about says she might have been able to put something aside and pay for. And if there was a remaining balance on the mortgage. What should she do about it should she pay and Josh are cheap paying at a mostly does she have a choice. Number three where should she live. She wished they had discussed this before in past she would love to move to the town home they bought you still ahead. But what should she do with the big house they had in New Jersey. She is so many friends and colleagues in New Jersey and her life have been built around that social circle they had so intentionally cultivated. She loves their home. And Hilton head but she knew very few people. That was supposed to be the place they would move to when he sold his business. Her children want her to move closer demand peaks of the for them. How should she handle this one. Poll are they are cool our our advisors. Golfing buddies and country club friends refined to get to know on a first name basis but for the way she should trust. Her husband had introduced her many lawyers CPA send us some guys but she didn't really feel comfortable going any one of them for advice. She felt very intimidated by their home presents the big conference tables dark foreboding rooms. Speaking in languages she didn't understand. That it was kind of finds someone she likes and trusts and she knows some of the bank names on the mailings but mostly she just put them into piles for her husband to review. Number five where can she find their paperwork. She knew her husband in most of the financial stuff online and now she realized she had no idea what is user names and passwords are. She thought she might be able to get this info she went one of the bank's site he had his favorites. But most of these investment firms were nowhere near her home. Many of them were in large cities and with things she didn't recognize. Maybe she present them with his death certificate and be enough. She also knew we had a safe deposit box at home but again no idea with the combination is to get into that many whenever suns my now. How can she get some money she needs some her name is I'm one of the bank accounts which she's used for her own personal needs. Including food shopping and doctor offices it's. But that was a debit cards she had no idea how much was in the count. She talked about it will know which firms in the last one after their son's marriage and his divorce did you use. She remembered signing the new Wilbur doesn't remember work copy is there a six how much can she get Social Security benefits as a widow. She was already receiving Social Security benefits as his wife but now he's gone is a Social Security check going as well. How will she survive without that Shaq. Can she get a larger check if she applies under his benefits. This would make a big difference there incoming either way machine could none understand. This she would lose his monthly check when he died. Where is she gonna talk to somebody about this the funeral director told her she would do the paperwork to stop this. But mostly have to pay back the section just got last week. Number seven what investments to we have she knew they had some investments with several of his friends or in the business. But she does not know who they are where you find them she thinks therapy where business cards in the top shelf of his desk in the study. Maybe if she can find those currency might be able to get a hold of someone who can help her she remembered he was talking about the investments he put in some kind of trust. Which would help where she died before him but she knew nothing about that stuff. And it would be very helpful to her now if she knows something about what the income she might guess from that trust. And maybe there were other investment accounts she could use at this time she's size he had some retirement accounts of the business but once they sold that. She didn't know where Winston. Perhaps his former secretary at the office. My has some direction for her but she wasn't sure that human resource is apartment was now out of state. Since the business sale happens so his former secretary might be able to help forget that contact information. These are actual conversations I had with women who came Simi well after the fact. Working with financial advisors source sensitive to the needs of the less financially literate spouse. Wife and husband. Would have been elites in them to have a better sense of confidence. That they would know well we'll be available to them and their family members. The end but I I do want to say. The holidays are really a wonderful time for people to sit down and think about these things one family is president maybe not. To unload all that found a family but to have a conversation about it and if anybody would like to copy. Of this article that I just read. Please send an email to win and we don't Lari and Lin show dot com. And I get a copy to you because these are great questions to start asking each other. Some of them are so silly they don't nonetheless confident trust me. I think at some of them I am just amazed. That they know nothing about a lot of them to stuff. An inkling of things but can't put it together. In a way. Now it's 65 people who have been like the I'm roadblock gloom there have been more there's still a lot of women who were told. They're brilliant women and they are really good at what they do in their careers and their presidents are this firm enough firmer but I don't but the deal was when we got married my husband was gonna take care of the finance that was his job. And I've been so busy I didn't have a chance to talk to him about it and these guys think golf swing I don't know if they're the ones and Obama black. And then the username and password thing is we're playing as. Yes that's a dozen really biggie she's a busy good idea for the U. Can give doesn't that information tear advisor. Well if you're advisor was in the with the program him or herself they had any information yeah. I'm the end and that would be but a lot of times giving out one of the things I've learned about this this is true is that there are a lot of people. Who call themselves financial advisors and they're really non interest and in the financial planning piece of it. They're disinterested in getting the money and passing it. So they don't ask all these other questions about wills and all that kind of business. It's not important reasons for them it's not the way they get paid as I'm saying so therefore why would they be interest Savannah. But do you think the client thinks that so yeah I should none I know what I what I you ask me desk. Which alliance has clearly denied any caught if you're with a client and they think should pay your I'm paying you to invest my money make money farming I'm not paying you to go into all these personal things do you think they think that which is why most people just don't engage in the conversation I guess so are you saying then as a financial employee as in a fan financial advisor that she would we you recommended do you delve into those silly I think it's the only way to do it you had to do the planning first. And then doing the planning you're discovering all this draft you have all the information. And then I've had resistance from the wives who don't wanna come in and deal with that because it's his thing. But I say the find I want you to bring her in here I want her to meet me. And I wanted to know who what I am and that when the time comes. Then her husband passes away she has a point of reference yes. Then and I don't have to be intimately involved in everything that she's still an away powers are buying my own eyes I don't need to know that. I just wanted to know that I know I am the repository. Of all that stuff. And I can be. The so I had to use those sports analogies I could be deported back. Who pulls a whole thing together and I'm kind. And yes. I'll tell you should be. And could. It's just something you want your round as soon. Nine at this time that. And I it doesn't make any sense but we will. We'll talk about 'cause I had this in my purse I was reading this I'm going organic and prepared to pay ten teams in the Scranton times October 18. And it makes sense that because I know people who will not buy anything but organic and he said oh OK however fur and it says fruits and vegetables that have inedible appeals. As one of the costliest mistakes you can make because that this that most of the times should pesticides anything will not penetrate through. This scam like cucumbers and avocados and they were saying even made appoint an an avocado. Is usually. A dollar and some people charged to 99 at peace just because it's an organic avocados so be careful with that. What are the same amount bananas. Yeah anything with a thick skin like today they say you don't have to it's speech strawberries blueberries blackberries things that they have you delegate outside the pinch you know it could be can easily bruised anything like that steamboat maple syrup people say organic and they said that they did did did you know in recent form because of the way it's processed. Coat tails and I'm. I would say they're proudly. It doesn't say potatoes into I would say based on the skin that that's probably attorney Bob Pease an egg plants and stuff like that. But I don't I had with contempt potatoes are sort of middle of the round Lanier outside if you could I think that's probably one but again. Yeah thicker skin and in and a bowl and you can eat potato skin. Whereas the other stuff and people doing cucumbers I skin and a newcomer I don't I mean. Unless there's those English and you know those small little money and those didn't get where they're not a bitter taste but IPO mine south. I'm. But just thinking those are things we should think about it fits in and a ball. The NYW and take the skin off again especially the avocados you don't need to ask down. So as it is interesting because I was a good article because I think you're really help people live because in the OJR gimmick is good in many ways. Yeah but the fact is it's more expensive. So there are ways you can cut that back for still leave well to him and do it helped end and you and it's a good thing to do but think about and I never. Really thought because Debbie was and how organic as to get up. But that made sense site and I. So we're gonna hit my quick break pew listening to Larry in May show will be right back. Here chlorine and Lynn. Good morning good morning. How are you today. Wonderful yeah my aim is. Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of the book called power of the purse carefree finances her baby boomer women available on You can learn a cat and the owner Larry K enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special event business and our guest experts this morning. Is dean Hughes from fidelity bank she is a business development specialist at fidelity. And she's and charger workplace banking program which is underneath. The business banking division. So Brent talk about something that we had a great conversation about first before you came here this morning. So we're gonna get right in doing Dana welcome Stacy thank you grabbing me hi Dina Burnett talk about the business apps. So there is such an animal PS. Yes so tell us about it. In today's world businesses need to embrace technology. There's no way around it how life businesses are reluctant to jump in. You know sometimes the owners can delegate that soon and administrative assistant aside millennial and and yes I have. They're really into it incumbent is always. All generations all titles though is his immediate difference when he George you have a business. You need to look at technology whether beach. Payroll services or you know remote deposit cap series siege things like that. Online banking but one of the newest ones to come to fidelity. Is our mobile app. Most of our personal customers have had that for quite awhile and enjoying disservice I love my. I'm good I'm glad they risk. How many now we have one for businesses. So this isn't something that's been in demand for along time and we've been hearing from our customers and they wanted this can be forced very hard to make sure that it was cent of the version that was the most efficient and best possible for their needs south. I'm more happy to say that he came rolling that immediately today on our web site. And then you tell me that go to the website and you roll and then a specialist. Gets in touch with you with the because you performed complained trainee yes so normally when you did an on the personal side if you weren't on landing can usery could just go out your apps store. Download the app and start using it immediately with the business it's a little bit different there's a form on our web sent that you do need to sellout and a specialist will contact Jean king and roll the business into the services because. Every business mean I want to every user to have authority to access everything that we can tailor the accessed through the aptitude that specific user so if you want ear Peebles person I have one ability and your admin person I have another ability we can make sure that happens. And that's for pizza business you have to create a separate. These. You username and password right yes so great to each business they're all blame being keen username is specific to their tax ID so if you have one taxi. But if you have the business at multiple attacks thank easing U then probably already have multiple username and then part by its first on the half. He'll need to log in which she's one of the appropriate. User names on it is a different act on the personal asked you have a different icon on your phone for the business side. And Tom. Junior bill payments but one of the things that you have capability of on the business side they don't have the personal is. The ability Qiyue approve exceptions. Or maybe file as any to be submitted to. And so those incoming you'll be notified via an alert and so if you're someone the owner who's out of the office in year out doing business in your remote. And easy to approve those files to go through by the end of the business day you can decelerate from your app. You don't have to worry about fine and Wi-Fi and McDonald's. And sitting down a topic getting ready on so yeah I mean you know look at the disks and the personal side I remember it I forget where I was. And I listen. Coming as that the register and I thought oh my god I have no idea what's in my checking I count my my the one that's attached to my debit card to. And I so I while I was standing there I go win until it I see that I didn't have enough in there so I moved. The money from the one encounter the other account used the card and make it happen instantly and I yelled oh my god like think about those times when you're action until I'm missing there like ear Clark Kerr won Indian Larry don't let. Yeah yeah it makes so much sense that you have so much more ability tonight. Massa moved. Yes and that's true with our app we have that one tied to balance feature from the personal. You don't have to see a lot can take that tiny can just click on and if you authorize senate on your apps and it gives you your balance of Brill he really quick break airing your main checking accounts that's helpful. I'm like yeah I mean we have alerts sent possibly tell you if your balance was running low so we can set those up to go to your cellphone or your email I dress. And now we can no headed time you know by ancient gold spend more on target. I'm not India as that's available C as well. And our card ballet. Works in conjunction with our personal act cart ballet is he in the separates app that gives you the ability to have more control over your debit card so the personally users say EUR someone a mom or someone who gives your debit card to your kids often go to the store gimme this go to get gas in the car when you're done using itch here's my debit card. The current LA what actually send you in real time every single time your card swipe to the purchase so you told them they're allowed to put twenty finalizing Ghassan and that's aging Justina and ten dollars at McDonald's decides that Helio right away I'm okay. Right OND I think there in today's world it's your debit card gets compromised unfortunately oxygen can. It happens in the best of us even the most secure Percy and just say your file not only you know companies debris and a lot of times it happens in states like not even locally each Tim Harden and he is the lowest in North Carolina. You'll get notified in real time that purchase has happened you'll be able to decline and say no that's not me. And you can immediately restrict your debit card I feel. You shut it counts let nothing else can be processed and then you call the bank and we'll continue cart that's also available to our personally and as Sundance LA hard ballet yes. And eight it would end up and down you know that your kids when you come back and you say OK would you get for ten dollars and McDonald's I think your mind Dre. Yeah I flamboyant right now and Seattle amount. The afternoon but that's only for the Chris personal idea lesson yet and that's available seat at. OK but nobody is sign up for the and that's something that is out on the App Store you could go if your personal online banking user you can go out tonight apps store or whether it's. Apple or android and search for cop car ballet you'll register your debit card on the app it'll be a separate apps but then once she registering you get it going into the notifications come through automatically to your phone contact. And it's so I'll aspirin RI LA LAU ask yes. Hillary is down. Yeah of course you have your digital wallet too which is you know ideally a load your debit card on your cellphone to me hurts this so that your thing red dirt and do. You left your personal car in your cart is in the car she just tap your phone in on the deep credit card so swipe birch and it will process a car just like it was their present in person so guys available you show me what I want. No Natalie because the last ten inch in the league Ali and I'm just guide my phone has lit thinks it's Lyn Evans I don't know. OK we can't undo it does not as Lynn and that's not my country don't I think Hariri Syria and watch this lady had a statement. We don't want Lin's Karzai here and I do now Syria what is my name. I think it is much. Plus like theory what is my name point. The theory what is my name. Nearly Evans. She told me. Well yeah. Hey you think it's like I'm I'm telling that. Oh she. Could not it's so we know you're and I didn't somebody's gonna show me with because I gotta get that oh my goodness what can tell you I can show you things when -- regards to Beijing but I don't know how to fix your carry on that's fine an art and I talked about the other card wallet is just on there is part of your iPhone yeah that's right you can load your cart or anti infighting mean. A part of your iPhone if you have any android phone you also have either android pay your Samsung paid once you enter your card information in the last prompted contact your financial institution will take you automatically to call the bank. And they just need to verify that you want to load your card on and you'll be sapped south. Get out and send their own. So I have to do it again lighter cars in this film the information and yes slam I'll send them all in there. And so you can go until blanket and I do from I don't mighty Mike Duncan donuts iced teas and just have arraign am I am brain damage from gas similar ask them now. Now and again that's where things are growing I mean is is what customers are demanding malady is the ability to have a bit wet. And businesses have to keep often and so with regards to. Businesses in general we offer credit card processing we offer terminals antique eat the virtual wallet kind of McCarty you know you run on your phone. And so that's something that we can provide to businesses who need those services to be able to start accepting that ability and they haven't. Old fashioned swipe breeder. Mostly sit down every switched to the EMB Chia Pets card reader do you believe this that's like I can't Tammy places I gonna say we don't went on. Donate yet but what do you think there is gonna come okay well what where their handwritten gonna be regulated and have to do cracked they have to worry it cost them more money and that's why they didn't do later in that of -- it depends depends on how old they were provided with your equipment previously if they releasing an escape how did that kind of thing they may have to then purchase new equipment but you must financial institutions are set up for that they will have that conversation to determine what's best for that business. It may not be a big expense to lay out if they business owner thinks it's going to be makes the phone call talk to an expert find out because once what's gonna happen is. One the regulations are taking effect now if you don't we shall bring your business owner and someone cart is compromise and they say it was at your location you you're not gonna have any insurance so it's a vacuum for that you're you as a business owner is gonna be responsible. For that fraudulent suppose it transaction that person had on their courage and there's times where it can be a large amount to yeah and it can. Growing your business to be home from gold. Process of resolving that dispute so it that is the stuff that your department does goes out talks to people sets them up for all of this hat shack do you but today by the equipment or lease it from you or how does that work her fidelity you would purchase the equipment out there are other institutions out your day do you least credit card equipment. Com but her fidelity would be purchasing the equipment and we do have a specialist. I fidelity Chris O'Brien he can come out he's an expert in the technology in the processing. And talk to those business owners and the our business department. Myself and Sharon millenium we handle all the inquiries about the mobile options online options the process NEC to pay year old. All that kind of behind the scenes stuff that the businesses need to pay at the question for you do where you from originally. Why did my accent flips out. All I heard clearly that's certainly personally I know from Staten Island new York and I alongside yes no on my unwind when I sings more nine lend again on gun I have. I hit a ten tick camouflage it well but it will I just. Yeah Liza well and I just turned adds that she's not I have when I was in a west side here now OK we are from the west side of the Long Island man he's ever now people now slightly north and so when I first real look I know and a baby I get that CNET again when you see certain things and you know the typical four is -- a CI I wanna be a joint plan. Yeah I know I'm not embarrassed Syria how could anyone get in touch with you. So yes so I mean you could call up our eyes at the 800 number for customer service or my direct phone number of my offices. I 705048046. And that he convenient message I'll get back to the usually within one business day. Obama I had email it's TE on the old died she used each UG ETS. Ask dean dean thanks Stephen deep into ink dot com. And so they can get in contact with us leaking into the service is at the knee or put them in touch with the right person perfect. Thank you thank you Dana you're carrying around a single bullet you're now much became very much appreciate it I say man. I appreciated your head so come back and visit us here I go right okay so we will see you next week everybody had a great weekend. And thanks for listening. Please be safe and please be nice guy.