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Yeah I don't know everybody. You're listening to Larry King Live show. And men and then just how rare today and yet here yes yeah cancer is limited engagement and nine Cape May, New Jersey I am here. Yes and I tell you the story of why am I ended up in Cape May not Nash felt like you know you it's a big lead to a BB. And until listeners because it was who. I just my health now really has not changed real guests but it kind of speaks to the chaos going hills high and the. A month and a half ago I went online and made reservations. At the omni hotel where this conference was being house. I also made reservations for the airline to get me there from Scranton Wilkes-Barre impact. And I also registered for this event which was a significant amount of money. So. I was fully prepared to say that I would be here from Wednesday. Maybe it was the third or fourth whatever it was through the weekend and coming back on Saturday night. I had everyone. In my life lined up to provide. You know listen for meals and whenever for Patrick. And on Monday morning of that week again if a text message from my friend who said. I am here in room soft and so are you in the hotel. And I just dropped the phone a fan of this campaign happening Tony I didn't I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sitting you know in my couch at home. So I found out. Going through all of this insanity. That I actually made. Hotel reservations and and and the tickets for the event. For Sunday night through Wednesday. I made the airline reservations. Or Wednesday through Saturday night. So in that moment I discovered that I was in the wrong place at the rock in and wow. So anyway my friends have already made some plans. To. And rent a house at Cape May, New Jersey for that long weekend. These are on my college buddies. And I was Surrey said that I couldn't go because I knew I would have to be in Nashville. So as it turned out I said okay in this. Since come Monday and we got room where everything is ten he had all the preparations done yes for fat cats so everything was fine so. I went I am complaining about the loss events affecting you weren't around of course. There's just again and but I went down there say much Saturday night about it and now because I think. For now too because they think Mike throw mosque a little to nothing as it was some kind of an out. Announced I don't know but he he was fine. And so the weather could not have been more perfect. When I was there at Cape May. It was a time of the year it's just a light breeze and ends in revenues MEI and how this flows success is wonderful here. But I had a chance to really where did you stay restatement and the house and his inner vacations and rental I Eleanor whenever this thing has come here and not so we did that and. It was a beautiful house just beautiful. And who went to a place that was called a non compete on farms. Which had been to before when I was there with my sister. Two months earlier. And we had a fabulous stay there it was just wonderful big girl all of vegetables. The herbs. Writing Cape May yep right there in this farm. And they also raise pigs chickens and and our thanks go to all these top five star restaurants and can't make any. So we had a beautiful day locked around it was just wonderful I just this is have a big front porch and his house. It was exceptionally wonderful and you can sit outside without mats and bugs and well you know not really dance no mosquitoes solely. I I was gone back and that's what I saw X first night I was out there. I came in the next morning and I just thought I had been bitten something like 1012 times and everywhere. Her to have I mean that's. But it okay I'll take that. You know it was just too beautiful. So got back in time for us to go to source for a replacement tallies then we went there on Saturday night one of art and restroom whenever favorite places for generations and yes so it was so they don't work out really well. And we always like to go there because pat and Tony hope you know it's a family run a little business only opened Thursday Friday Saturday and then everything's cooked to order and hundreds. Now in this wonderful and then the nicest people on that I loved the grandchildren are involved. And the daughter and lie and it's just to you know I could time. It's good stuff. Good people. You know we really to have so I have to I have to show announcer we have to do that it's one that and then I forgot about two weeks ago when I knew there was a third one we were talking about it. But I have to shout out to the Abington farmer's market because they. I Leo whence they are that Saturday morning two weeks ago. And I went through against an app. Apple's kind of notices apple time and I absolutely love the crisp wonderful Apple's the coming out. And I discovered that doctor Betsy bones are not always listened was yeah I essence of what she was dared to do. How is it is Diane and data bridge to Manning the beta bread concession. And a sleazy as she says to me. Yeah if you wanna get some really good stuff you have to go to this guy because he's a farmer and I wish I could hire another remembered his name that I can't. Proceeds as they hadn't guy who was early next to her and miss the concession. And I she said by the egg plant and then says okay so I cut the egg plant. I'm horizontally. And into strips and marinated them with sun. Olive oil salt and pepper and some other sees things and put them on the grill that night and they were absolutely one. So can't shout out to everybody there because. Dutch food is just it's so good I can't usually make it to the farmer's market in Scranton because of take the time yeah. But this one I love it's Saturday mornings and it was just wonderful so I have to say. Sent out her rate to them and also on the big news we have excellent camp. Patrick aides in Napoli. Will be 75 years old. The days this year listening to this and it we are going this celebrate diet and going to New Jersey really on Sunday. My stepson got us some tickets. To the CBS news. Luxury box at the jets schemes how cool and they're playing the patriots. Great DA and I hope they win the but anyway yay for him so Patrick a sense of how big. Big you know what's birthday to Patrick gave to NAFTA he's so yeah I hit rock now now. That is a good thing although it is 75 I like and I don't know of an Arlington now. It's good if he does it say that we've never seen a man who looks exactly as he does just an older version of his baby picture. Yeah it looks exactly so happy birthday Patrick gay handyman that. We also have a big shouting you know Melissa Suzanne this time post missed mrs. Helen Sweeney. Helen worked out with mice at barbarous for awhile and she broke her ankle recently so she's been a little lunch. Come over she's been recuperating from. And so I talked to a last week each set and I loved listening Saturday she was tell me what we were saying you weren't there or something anyway she said I listened to all the time so I just wanna say I love her to pieces she's the sweetest lady. And her name is Helen Sweeney says hello hello and thanks for listening to us yes I guess it's good for you cans and and so I was in fear of. Until now it because I'm sure you probably sense something that had the walk go what was wonderful kind wonderful wonderful thing. And and then of course last week also was the Scranton cultural senators. Paul for a day as you last year one and oh yeah. House raffle and group. That was really nice is one of the women who is a volunteer. At the Scranton cultural center on one thing it's good that nice yeah very nice. Who went the other prices. JP Sweeney and pop can alana. Good. That's great yeah so I was on I was nice time in a lot of fun. And I'm. It was in Japan in an enjoyable evening. So I don't know about you do you feel like this month is just crazy busy that stuff for initially it my imagination now is September it's almost like somebody just. Drops down the gates and everything comes flooding through. Now it's September and October and we have probably until the week of Thanksgiving. When everybody thinks they have to get everything done because once the holidays start people I just disappear on her. Well and to answer I have to say Rihanna another birthday shout out to Deb Dudley whose birthday was last two because Sunday the eighth two. But she bestow Oki whose birthday was the ninth and last weekend too I Wii U and we just have to mention. We went to see Sean Sean came in because he has a long weekend with the holiday on Monday and came into feeling and we Menem for. Dinner favorite spot in me any kind of cash so Aaron it was good to. The Kennedys and so now that was a week. On. There went Sunday night we did that. It's easy ride she knows that we can made it home from we pulled out a nanny out. At 735. And we came out of these turnpike out raid at Pittston I'm at 905. Why Powell. One hour and a half I in the money. Where you get line why wasn't hired to distract him but he does have tried fasting again I may be was that was. A good no traffic and you know there's something going on starting at 9 o'clock I'm. Thirteen yes and and close zone is going to be closed down I said the Apple's iTunes. The northeast extension of the term thing yes or is that call for 76 CF 'cause it's senate turnpike and drink yeah. Sometimes they say and sometimes they don't hand. And I never did I say I say because it's it's what and it's good to. I am so I'm. We have the lack of wanna county commission for women breakfast legislative breakfast coming up. I'm Wednesday the eighteenth. That is an annual event I'm that we do and we have a keynote speaker and we honor the tool local women and a nonprofit organization. Astro community awards. And this year our keynote speaker is judge Marie McLaughlin. Who is a common pleas judge in Philadelphia lovely woman I interviewed her eyes at Saint Patrick's Day. Ash she happens to be running for superior court but that's we've she's coming because we Matta we actually be in just to get another perspective I'm. She's a single mom raising two boys and doing all she's doing and it's kind of a good. Wait for people don't look at that kind of life and we are honoring Diane balding. Who is the CEO of hospice of the sacred heart Candace Kelly who is the evening anchor for WB RE and that the hospice of the sacred heart is being honored as. About there's thirty women on our commission about and we are now and then when people are nominated and voted on by the committee itself that board. Atlanta this event to eighteen feet. I love. October and that's a breakfast so yes it city thirtieth blossomed in an opponent beat them from. Which will be there and now because in my breakfast. Fast times there couldn't stand started sneezing can. The truth that we and if there was a that's a breakfast he really and it was so there was some an end and that place I got. I couldn't stop sneezing kind of what it was but I had only because I couldn't breeze. I can't look at it. Half but you know OK I like you might be surprised you should do you should come and we you know very nice and senate conference here. That would be very nice is and what do you think there I'll tell you about it mosque near as they. Ask any her. So anyway we take a break. Quick break and we will be right back you're listening this morning to Gloria mention. Lowering inland. Good morning we are back my name. And CEO of northeastern financial consultants. First fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and also the author of the book called power of the purse. Fear freeze finances for baby boomer women available on And I'm Lori can be a lot of our attention. To fundraising. PR and special event business. And I know one thing that I thought was pretty cool here I. I I really is enough for us at this of course came from the AARP the mega signs I just got it in reading yeah yeah. And that this is some an older one but I saw and I thought this is just such an inspiration because. You know we'd we do that I'm that stuff and our trips. He struck by at least eight big list. Of thank you have to suck it up keep eating it. We remain. Brandon. That thing about bank girl and and Marleau Thomas play bad while increasing momentum. She was the first TV's first independent working woman that was their roles when she was seen in any form Jiri at what this at nineteen. 66 so it may have been a run the same I'm not sure event happen. She's the one that that wrote that so I am I have to believe that she probably knows but. And Jewish she says I grew from girl to woman I believe that close. Can and should express who we are but these days I get so discouraged trying on outfits and don't say anything about me. Episodes as far as. Pyramid drifts are you kidding me. Slits up my inner side really. I prefer flip be skirts and Kaplan tops designed to soften the silhouettes. And never heard this said that way and I love that to soften the silhouette a look that is covered but not covered up. But it's hard for me to find clothes like that which tells me it's hard for other women too. So I made some. She says in this article in January this is their December. Issue of this magazine in January I will launch. Alliant apparel called that woman which is just perfect from that girls should. A collection unflattering clothes to make us feel vibrant and confident. My thought is we don't have to give up on style and fit because we've reached a certain age. Part of the proceeds will support the workers saint Jude's children's research hospital. They say clothes make the man been in this case that woman may get close that's it that so. Just a couple pictures of some of her stuff which is really nice fearing missing a lot of as the color block stuff that she used to do it that when they used to called mod clothing yes at the time she's allowed that back and and I think that's always very flattering I think colored black in more trust anybody and it does. It really throws your eyes it's about the arm what's the word that optical yeah. Yeah exactly. So I was really happy to hear about the and I haven't checked it out online I would like to do that and see what. What it is and especially knowing and a percentage of the sales goes the saints you. Nice way to do two things at once now. I would expect that from her since she would do them in hours but I think it's interesting that that people are recognized as she's us. It could be there mid sixties and things now 72 Indy win more than Enron thing maybe. The thing just nine. Gonna send an actor or producer Marlon Thomas 79. It's at the tears to answer Chile introduced that woman clothing and HS and in senator. And that's where it combines the have little uneasy feeling on that tends yeah well I deny it's like some other people are actually recognizing that. I'm still baby boomers have lots of money to spend and we're not gonna spend it on closed that sound like what she's talking about bush and I agree. I mean I don't think we need to kill ourselves every day at the gym or working out for two or three hours a day to have a perfect body to be able to sit in some of these clothes. That I mean why I guess to keep doing that I don't understand. But anyway. Really don't and I can't get on UN or do that now out in a no I wouldn't I would never do that I just I was stupid. Are you. But you never had a we should now well I I really didn't and I was younger. I did have a weight issue. I had a classic case I was like a little late teenage now now. We'll analyst's idea early teenager. I remember my grandfather once saying to me we lived in the house on north main avenue he watched me walk down arms straight again and when I came many say. I'm pleased to say this was really cruel when you think about offense. I am here she comes Chan an it. It's not. Yet and any ill at pleasant nice and who's now the main even worse I think it's a principle as it is time highlight it. They're horrible thing to say yeah but I mean that's that's you know I was not really. I want to let there be any means but I was just something yeah and what do you think that was fleeting because. Yeah I know I know but doesn't say it's always it's as saying that I know I can go back to that if I keep doing what I would do but usually I stopped and I reverse that go backwards so I'm fine you've never been an exercise. Disney tennis oh yeah but now but not a gym rat now I hate Sam's I can't stand them. I just did you feel the load it would be darned well enough that you know upon this say about the gem is that you have a lot of people there and I've done this before several times joins hands and then sign that when I go there you've got people who are socializing them while they're on the machines. And I wanna get in there and do what they're getting the hang out and leave but I can't because to remember sitting on the machine and having a lovely chat about what their dorms for dinner yeah. Ice machine. Yeah so I just said no so I used to have one of those who knows wrote things they used to do bow flex now it would probably machine the what's this year there's a ski as cross country skiers alike that. And there's a name for your eyes and think whenever it was I used to do that all the time. I thought it was all flights now now now now that the youth and an artist Norton are actually I actually out. I used to do it. It faithfully every day for about half an hour and it was great exercise in this new you know kind of things are well until Reese to point where I I discovered that. The the pad that is on the bottom asserting ports here in your hips so what are. I was ending up with his nerve damage because it was press and media Monica. So I can't have the stuff that's tonight I don't do a whole thing with sun. Her. Pilates that you like doing your own thing in your own our own if you're absolutely not because I just don't have. The energy you get up and go out and do something. Should I can do in home content it say in the energy it's guitar controller that you know that's. In the big difference. And I tried this thing right pack a bag and and then you try to go from layered to the office always forgot what you know. It always is he's. Mean first of I think anything that you do that animals is going to sell and and how do you do detail I'm so every happened alike just do something as for what it is because it is true but my expanding. Hours there is a little. Much. Well I am also on Monday of this week went to see ninth cousin doctor dean muscle asking MD. And northeast. Rehab associates and he did a procedure. Where he injected my spine with I think a total of eight needles so Paloma a waste. Did you feel now because thinking on. Stuff I mean I felt when he first censored as a classic. It put medicine in between the hands tied and you feel tremendous. Huge difference in the pain. Huge difference. So is the whole procedure less attendance that was the idea. But before that I mean I can't tell you how much. So now if they put in that put cortisone quarters and some some other steroid kind of thing but it is designed that over a ten days or so it will eventually get all Indy your system. And make a big difference in the paint. So I am looking forward to now we're going back to playing tennis because I couldn't with this with backhand. And also wanting as I could add on for more than ten minute. So that kind of exercise I can't wait to get back to I loved to play tennis and you can't you where you play and virtual it okay yeah. Because. That's really the only game in town but I like to be unlocked and a leak because and I know for sure about a week I will do it. And so that's that's that's what I wanna do that did some walking and just call you BJ KK. TJ king. What's pleasing thing beat Billie Jean King pol. Did you see that you'll know I did I I wanna say oh wow I really don't understand. She's been interviewed a lot through yeah last couple weeks and she's wonderful I love her own money. I'd rather extraordinary love everything she's she is. Just. And man what an athlete. Yeah. While camp so I just love that story Billie Jean King and I remember that time again on that now conduct them. With Steve Corel O what's C what's the name animals and I can't think of her office. Well because I'm asking all these questions and coming up with answers and I know people and it. What every scrimmage they radioed in asking questions here and I. Name's Jay Don here's the answer. Just a few times have done have you made at least a cause you always can remember when you guys have to. But I'm. Sorry so. That's going on but with a pool is anything else is now. Tommy's come in now Tammy starts his new Jack next week battle of the sexes I mean it just that and had. Yeah next Monday this coming Monday. And China's in the end there it in the middle of now applying to law school so he's getting out of his stuff ready to go. And we shall see he's done nothing else Nazis pentagon and in this country. We're just looking to see my niece and she's talking to my sister Myra. And talent whose daughter Tara Foley is in her first year at widener and she's doing really well. So I just was with Mario last night and she is and how as a little girl doing she said she's joining great job and she likes it hard but it's a good thing so. Good yeah. I really wish I could remember the name of the law firm but mine. My nephew. Was made an offer for the intern ship and the big law firm in Philadelphia. And he was so so excited. Program this coming this coming summer good because you what does he in his first years as a second here it's. Then he and that's for he and for any earned their second starting in Toronto. His buddy. Freeney you hanging in there and he's a good. That's the other thing too man wanna say our hearts go and our prayers go out to Jerry know Terry Annie are plenty of our electronic county commissioners he lost his mom this week I'm. And the funeral was. Tuesday morning and Dunn who was the beautiful funeral I was there and of course their daughter liar saying which is theory hard to do when Richard grandma's funeral and then I'm and Fran was there was just. Such a gentleman and he is one of shines best buddies and I tell Jerry I'll attack when I see him he and so. When a wonderful job they've done because their kids. As they say the ten a group of kids that China hangs out with and graduate with Ayers and nice is collective group of kids. And Francis is one amendment you know it was just it was a beautiful tribute to Jerry's themselves. Just wanted to know we're thinking of them so it was not easy and anyway. So we're gonna take a break because we have the lovely Barbara. So be here in which she has to say coming up and so we'll take a quick break thanks for listening and we'll be right you're listening to Larry lynch eats her. 30 in the morning with the Korean live. We'll bring you live. Welcome back everybody I'm. Ailing show. I am being. Many of my mind the owner of Marquette enterprise such as a fundraising PR and special day. Don't Duncan requests like that sledgehammer and Lynn I don't like it oh yeah. It blurred out the. And my name is Lynn Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of the book. Called power of the purse fear freeze finances for baby boomer women. Available on Amazon com. Dot com and we have the lovely. Attorney Barbara. 36 count of years. She is a partner with Hughes Nickels and now hair I'm east. Treat your street or street in Dunbar. Babs is a nice call. That's the only ones allowed to say so don't anybody start all right Barbara she is I'm. A very dear friend of us and I'm by shall we love our and she's here looking beautiful today bands amassing in. Clinton can't connect. I love it ideally that would have been Barbara. Just got them for as a birthday guests from. Very nice knowing they are barely got out. Definitely think yes. They're popular route back to see if he's saying yeah what are what's absolutely talking about to violate some might track. This is it as a concentration and found in La and now. I know Lindsey Evans likes these top ten kinda things aren't so. What airline ticket to address is because ten minutes about divorce. And come that is the first myth being. Because people learn learn from bad experiences that second marriages tend to be more successful than first marriages and historically. And it and injured glee that's incorrect actually really intend to divorce more on the secondaries in the first. I think kids 60%. Of our second marriages. End in divorce says the idea of who learned from the first really doesn't work I think it's a war. More. I loved the you know there's at with a little bit like an important Barbara I think. Yeah I practice. I see a lot of third and fourth and worst idea. I know I've seen says we're within their banners and they're really big and I and because they have because you bring a whole lot of baggage with you. On the unaffordable. That is that Saturn top and right. Think getting back to the first why he is the second marriage important why do you think it is because this same stuff is happening that they do well to the first I think now some of that but also people tend to fight over things like children from first. Rich and idea come in others. Nothing is the Brady Bunch that's exactly and as is going to say yeah that it had the Brady Bunch is a romanticized. Notion of of these blended family sure I'll be green. And quite honestly there's a lot of strain in that because you're bringing. And families that have been raved raised separately and now expect everybody to be at least part of the week under the same roof and everything's fine. And to be honest it's a hard concept. To say that they say most second marriages break up over some issue concerning. Children from the first whether or not and it's did you know it's their young children and they didn't. All mesh together so well. Or in edit expectations might be different in different counties and then with older children. Give a lot of older children remain on except there and daddy's in life and you see an awful lot of nowhere where it's it's you know then throw whatever reason or noted there's conflict between. Your adult children. And then you spent time will tell you that anonymous on my end of things quiz and not remarried but I AM in a long term relationships. And I eat it is much easier. That he has no children. Going into this like I am thrilled. That my kids hump kinda think tomb shining stars so to speak because he doesn't have children to. So my children who love him and in respect him very much so he's very very good to me like I finally dad and that's beautiful nice easier relays badly at inning guy it's because not enough I could I don't know if I can deal with some of that other stuff that does one and you can't help but feel. Tugged in one way or the other manage your flesh and blood rank and you know what you eat you. Had a lot of things that go into that not just the day in day out. You know the F the only events and where does step mom's right and ratings all of that and if you can have some residue feelings for the kids of if you're still upset that parents have broken up. And the end does this as step parent. You know unfortunately is not being accepted because there's still rescue feelings about the time. Corner you have the financial and a bit of you know did there's this woman who stands in her and what I should be an informant and not yet you know did call your own careful I got a call one time from the woman saying I'm during my husband and the kids told me not to connect to the house. You know yeah so I'm really vicious stuff happened and happens on that. And things. So once that the other spouse is gone and it's the day it's children of that paint I think that person yeah it it can be very difficult Greg Lauren and lean and mean and say hey I think spouse eight we're gonna get the house and you're an eleven year. Berries are really really harsh yeah reality forward the second wife or in a lot of cases a woman as. That has been with him for a long time they never married but doesn't ankle then back to what we talk about both view from a financial standpoint and from a legal standpoint is to have the will clearly defined. As to who gets what what happens afterwards are resigned that day answer to a lot of this are now yes it is. But the signing an exit the reality that is not Lisa is so easy to accept. So yes it's your head you can say I know he's kids will get the house. But if if you've been living in for the last twenty years and get a call from the kids saying hey don't go home. Because what will have you forcibly removed I mean that's that's really really harsh thing blood that's what I've seen. Yes it would be nice to working stick things out very amicably. Give the woman at some time to degree first green. And then find another place to live. That would be smarter way of handling yet unfortunately people beads a lot of times the conditions. Okay dad's gun she should be out and ignorance that has meant hearted big Mac is it's up it's. Unfortunately would have. In some cases in some unfortunate case. Says this second half is. Living together before marriage is a good way to reduce the chances of eventually divorcing and I hear this all the time. And they've done studies and there's no no there's no truth to that yes and actually there's no difference and it and I've seen some theories where they say. We'll have people's expectations are different. Towards marriage. And that people sometimes change in marriage so that idea of we we lived together and it was fine and once we got married things changed. And I think people have different expectations. Out of the relationships. And living together is one of those things where let's try it if it works out fine if he doesn't. Whereas the marriage is take a husband should be doing this but why should be doing this and what was free and easy way into your living together. Feeney. Yeah what do you think I agree with you because I think that what happens and a very. I'm deep sub conscious level is so when you choose to live with somebody it's a choice you've made. When you get married to somebody what do you know it or not you're bringing in all this stuff that you saw in your parents' marriage to. And all of them are very aware yeah. Exactly so all the sudden your expectations. Of without even consciously knowing you are changing. As to what you want from another person based on what you remember from what let's say your father did or how your mother and father interacted in that particular situation. I find it especially. With money. Because what their for the parents did but just because he got a piece of paper now the sister married. That's yes there's an expectation malicious. And it's really bizarre because most people don't even know that but that you know went and when I've seen is when they're living together everybody has their own ninety counts price it. So I am line set at banging and it ends. And hey we're gonna share expenses and maybe they had a joint sharing account. Let's get married that's a whole different deal everything goes into the pond he runs out buys a motorcycle and she's saying we could barely get ice. Any way and this was behind this morning and he runs ties a motorcycle and what are we doing and I mean there should be. You know really into these people need to discuss. Everything everything. It disgust and come to some kind of resolution. Of he can we afford the motorcycle now you know one party just wanted to do it and so we go out and do it. But Lynn says all the time and I just had this conversation this morning that the best way to do things just hacked his account her account and in the joint household account right. So you get to spend some in your own money. With no questions asked for his son vs it being in a joint account all the time where everybody's looking and seeing and that I don't want people time. Yeah. I've seen network and I seen it not work and why do we get malaria accounts where there's three accounts for as. Because people also have some balls salsa on expectations of I'll give you 500 bucks a week. Well it's a preview and a house and whatever and I put 500 in there that's not going far. So I'll see these same women come in and they they themselves have 20000 dollars with a credit card debt. Not as insane millionaires and I say well you know. How do you encourage this kind of debt and say well. He always gave me 500 when we were just married and now we had three kids. And he'd never increase that. And I couldn't get him to increased sense and that's the and that's just stupid. Conversation is still not honest and it's although that may be true. That's three L. Needed some people have asked her and they never really expected. Their contributions in today joint account to increase. And let's face it we don't raise children and know how expensive that is and you look at this and say oh my goodness thank you would expect. A whole lot of an increase but you don't see is some of these where it's let's contribute to the joint expense. So. He has that insect and it then ends up being a problem if you don't have realistic expectation. Dear god this third myth divorced it caused problems for many of the children who are affected by about but by and large has problems are not grass. Long lasting and the children recover quickly. I don't know this it's really true I think his idea as well that. Their response was children divorce and a higher risk of inner personal problems. Evidence from several studies showed that these problems can be long lasting and may be worse when they grow into adulthood and what I've seen on Osama bin. This studies and French is the children of divorce are more likely T to divorce themselves or. Order. Never marry. And you do see. In that could be but I would say and I keep gone back to him since I live this I can tell you that I think the most important thing to deal when you divorce if you can is for your children's lives to stay as consistent as possible where there is minimal minimal if not in any change in their lifestyle. And their upbringing in what they're used to. If they're not affected by that. It is a better thing for them to go through everything changes or at least they're consistent in what their expectations. Are then. It it seems to be a little bit easier. I group. And where you where you see kids. Continuing to thrive is where they've had so little and this is so little changed right and there's not been disruptive. I don't how. Is clearly a and reuniting this not a Yankee if you can't parts those things are so important I think because it isn't the kid's fault that you're divorcing but yet because of those financial limitations sometimes they're affected by and I mean I just think if he can try to keep it as a normal consistent and better. Am I gonna continue this next time you Iran because I really just reality and I know we can't if you could cost you. Tell us I'm hot tell the folks out there how they can get you if they need. I can be reached at 5703447171. Might. Law firm is used Nicholson O'Hara were located at 14:21. Eastern good street done more and IE do you. Divorce Kate divorce does he support cases in like along the Susquehanna. The concern loser in Wyoming in Winston so thank you thank you very much everybody thanks for listening have a great weekend we'll see you next week. I'm kind of that one please be nice and oh please safe and these nice. I don't I.