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The following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. And it's time for Laurie in live. This don't you weekend. Mario land. Until the lie okay. Good morning everybody you're listening to Lori in Maine show how I'm Lari caddie and Lynn is not here today. So I asked to dear friend of mine's come down and sit in in her absence Flynn is vacationing. Adds the key Arab I was gonna say Key West at Cape May for a couple days a third time high Saturn got college roommates. And so she's off today so missed Deb Peterson has graciously joined in men's absence talk a little bit about everything and the culture all cultural everything cultural center. So Deb thanks for joining me think you learn it's a pleasure to be here and really nobody sits in for Len that I felt I mean I didn't even put you in her seat well. Unless I noticed I. There we now fish so much done anyway dad had. What the heck is gone so much I'm on a back screen contrast we have name. So did you decide now if we started our season and where like golf and running and how. There's three in four events going on and gain during the weekend and it's so exciting we just. Finished a week ago with a fringe festival on and I think fund raiser and now we're moving into. I'm coming up real soon his seat. Return on the menu and Monday October 9 and we are gonna be featuring them the wonderful culinary talents almost. So welcome home restaurant and bar and they came on the menu last year's. The first time and people loved it so overlooking to have a good crowd for hope. Gives people should come out because it's a very inexpensive evening and it starts and town they need to door opens at six. And the program starts that's and then Indians opens a six or can't tell our. And it's really a fun time they really found and we we get these people go to learn a little bit about. The farthest thing prepare it and some of the ingredients and maybe they can you know mark Cohen trying to go home and try to duplicate some of those things themselves and it just a fun interactive audience and get the audience involved and it's just a lot of fun. It's done and it's one of those things excuse me economy it's it's. I'm. I think in game you're twisting it are you just stick I twisting metal and a veteran I twisted up but I know I'm not sure for quite ready for the first and that we are definitely going to be making some changes dressing up a little bit and can clearly our people actually making comments. Like cash they do on The Today Show when they do these and indeed people are sitting eating while it does happen and other than you do give the audience to treat as well tasting and everything SO. It's really nice so Deb how much does that cost clinic costs twelve dollars to command and you don't need a reservation you can just showing that I I it's I'm. On Sunday evening is great they're always been a Monday we do seven and the years we're going to be doing for the next seven months. And it's always a new restaurant and the restaurants are donating their time and the food items that are so grateful to them. You're grateful to them to do this but it's also good advertising for the I took on some of the newer restaurants are trend against a little bit of notoriety in and people. Trying to develop an audience for themselves are. Customers for themselves what's good about it as you're saying is that you get the people you are an average what they say it doesn't if Eliot hesitancy is seventy people we and adds a month. And it's good because some people may not want to go and say OK I wanna and order a whole meal because they're not sure if they're going to be like it's still going for a little sampling the best it's kind of worth it to bid to the people answer the restaurant because it's a way of getting them in and and to end like you said introducing the BB customer to what the restaurant has to offer that's Italy and many people walk away very satisfied that the time that was really good tasting I really feel very satisfied. But what they had to in any of that cash bar available right there and then dad a lot of good people from it can be done restaurants from and evening of fine food and wine participate in this tuned out that yes they do yes and he's really a good night is as you're saying just like find remind these people are bringing. Their own product as an in kind service and they're gonna say and it's a major to major contribution and one on their behalf but also it's great exposure for them so it's a it's a win win for both parties with him. As so what else is happening that's that's what data is switched to October 9 district as a first coming into Monday this coming Monday and it happens at the holiday but you know watch. If people off ticket entertain and have fun with the cultural center that night. We're starting something new entries is the very next day in September 10 we're going to be doing in. It's called the underground microphone. The IR Chiluba and that is that a great name. So how who came up with that name wasn't. Actually it was it was a brainstorming session we had as a staff meaning and is actually think Camille granite king who came up with the name undergo my. I'm tired that's really neat so in light of the as you can probably imagine. Underground microphone telling everybody what it is and what you expect to accomplish doing. It's going to take place done in a hundred nets are calling a gender got a hundred and the hood. Raymond I roomed with and it maybe it's in the lower level of the Scranton cultural center. And it's going to be kind of like an open Mike and it's going to be hosted by Lilly may oppose peace she goes I believe may have now. And she's been engaged and successful in getting artists to come in and play and perform it's gonna be you know comedy it could be a little bit about. And acting Treo eight could be parliamentary lemons poetry youngest could be a little bit of the Ming and singing music if they could they end. It could be larger man to something just as a duet. But it's something that we're trying new into cultural center is exposing a whole new demographic to what we have to offer. We're utilizing the Raymond hood room so it's going to be a barn we're gonna have a good a good time to step could be any any cover charge to come in but there will be a cash bar available via. And so the best and how is that once a month still about how we're going to be doing it every has got. Test the waters for a couple months and see how it goes we actually have artists lineup for the next couple months because jabbed. What artist which artist would not like the opportunity to present themselves in a venue go. Such as the cultural center in whatever capacity which ever run and have them. Since let people get to know who they are just don't tell everybody started think it's again I think it's great exposure for them it's not as helps them generally hone your skills. But the developing cultivate an audience and so what's the what are the hours spent that'll be the hours are six to eight a kind. And every Tuesday night music company Giuliani can win the first one by any chance yet known for. That is also an option is also happy I. Think we do we do have the and we know and I just I should we she know when next time we'll talk about it. The only round I should've said to I should have asked done. Who's running back Camille they're Rachel are all of them are who's in China Hungary as Maria aerial. I went enlisted in the you know what will even try and announces that would be wonderful yen on a weekly basis of request. So they get a little past and that's and I think that Lilly getting back to Lilly who we absolutely love and enjoy adorable she is the child of Wendy Wilson and Bernie may have Kosuke and if she is it so much she's like a mini me to her mother she is should carefully. Able is as beautiful as a lot of talented and she's just the sweetest kid bury them and she took this son and in. I'm with and she's doing as a volunteer and she's having a grand time and she's. She's really reaching the demographic that we would really like to bring into the cultural center. Because some day be the younger folks haven't really been there and they made an effort concept Debra downstairs and a good friend I don't really see but the building has to offer. And I think this is uncle went against starter went happiness kind of exposure Natalie for them to trust the death do you know the history of the Enron. As I know you're only there can how many years you do long mousetrap almost under while a 21 months food so I can tell you yes. And I let ES because what if CE used to be where where did it. But as was the old bowling Plano was enrolling low level of these script cultural center. And when I'm I think what else it was during your wind creamy ice time I'm Matt flimsy payment plan. That's what was finish out I had started I think to get good killings idea I don't remember coming up a whole concept started but it was. A perfect location because when they opened it up. I'm just to just got flat wall when you walk downstairs. To the restrooms on the lower level it was it was just a big the ball was actually an an opening it up and that the polled a slightly on the cockpit doors and and the bar the beautiful barn lynch it's a great places to work around an event space I love I mean we had buyers sixtieth birthday party bearish and it was fabulous outside in the lobby of the bloodiest of all ages and shoot and then we had music in your food and and then he added to the bar space it's. I I end and I love because it's convenient since it's convenient to get spirits are handicapped accessible into the elevator goes right down you going to take steps on either side. But dad is probably one of my favorite rooms because. It's only Internet guys partial and I was love I love having events I think they're per is perfect and I think it's that's what we should let people know too is all of them around stab within the cultural center for the most other than the masonic crimes which are still very sacred here this building and and unable to be used. Trainee rental space but the masons are so wonderful and generous to their cardinals aren't S. There and read a book he will have a great working relationship together and we communicate with each other. And we provide reports of them and they respond back and I'm very supportive to us again we have the need will bring it to their attention and they address it. And it is wonderful that we have that kind of relationship and it's all right there containment in the building. Because of course that's where they have as their meetings yes and very pretty meetings for big decisions are made. Among their console cholesterol it was the masonic temple for ourselves here. It is so important to note that but did the fact that you can host an event well whether it be a wedding or a business event or a private party each. In all so many of those rooms they're from shrapnel into the shop on lobby to should craftsman hall which is him. I don't I love that space so that's hard. And I love is the cork Florida there and they used to used to be the billiards earlier. And then done to the ladies' parlor to Briggs called to BGC library and then of course Chalabi on the first and a first level and need ballroom which is incredible space for about it's an eight. Well as the jazz event which just happened a couple weeks ago I got it now every time I'm at. At anything that was on there. Where I'm not running around doing something I when I can sit and be a guest. I'd never never take it it's never not take the time to look up and marvel. At what this building that building truly is in the stands selling and not. The craftsmanship. And it was okay universe is so I believe it is all it is and it could that building can never be duplicated tape suggesting like that's. So important that we preserve it and take good care of against. Certainly a treasurer for the community it's a treasure for Pennsylvania he truly is there's nothing like it. There's nothing like it in depth speaking of that what they didn't keep remembering to do that I mean you will soon be embarking on an eight you're brilliant regular annual campaign when she anybody can give of course is always sponsorship opportunities always well. All of our filing your programming speed children the menu. I didn't find anything that you won you okay and I'm looked to help the cultural center out with levels of sponsorship. And I'm an important to note is your annual campaign which is I'm using processor says that'll be kicking off zone and letting you receive something in the mail or not you can always make some kind of donation I remember one day somebody do we got. The sweetest thing and I again. I want to say when Matt was there. We got a check. From some money ozone an older woman and there was a check in the mail for four dollars and 59 cents or something strange that she actually. Want it to make a donation. But that was what she could afford and I remember when Mac guy did he say can you imagine somebody provide shall swing that much debate and she said this is all I can afford that this is what I wanna give you know and I mean those are the things they all have not seen it doesn't it and really does add up and they will take a donation from a dollar it is absolutely I don't know. It's everything America. I can't hit OK got off from November 1 and hangers on battled the outs in the act that's kind of fear of them are almost every 60000 dollars. It's clear we hope we can do that and we hope we can do more than that. And then down the road we're going to be launching a kept a campaign. Sustaining campaign that's going to really help us to major renovations of the building and that will be a multiyear campaign and we'll talk about more about ten seconds Societe. Yeah but the annual will be out to Mary Sonya and that'll be that'll be a big thanks so we are going to take a quick break. We. If not smartest talk about things you're listening to Larry Lynn show we'll be right back. Here Gloria inland. Good morning welcome back everybody and Lori Kaplan the owner Larry can't enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special event business and you're listening to Lari and may show absence is Lyn Evans. Because she's vacationing for a little weekend with her college roommates down in the beautiful town of kids may. And so joining me and Linspire is a lovely miss Debra Graham Pearce and dad is the executive director. The Scranton cultural center as we will put an hour first. I segment we talked much about the center we will be talking much more about it app but I want to also talk about. A wonderful events and that happened last Saturday Dabney hospice of the sacred. How hard remembrance walk the second annual Diane Von CEO of pastors of the sacred heart was here a couple weeks don't we were talking about the walk sure and I'm. We and then a year before I think we had maybe 350. People. And this year we were the final number was 576. That if I end. And testing I was so hold your right double who's under anyhow thanks a million years sinking air that it was beautiful. She's beautiful and it was a beautiful day of course the only day that it had any rain in days but it should. But the sun opened in the clouds opened up in the sun poured down for awhile and it was a nun did that I didn't annihilate and I is that we knew it was missing this this is gonna clear up insurance just. And I suggest Fiat it was. Very special it's it always is and what it's easy it's a beautiful one mile walk around a lake that pond. I'm very low key very thoughtful and of course Debbie you know when those balloons or release it is. So profoundly moving. Is. It right I mean we Oscars there so. Oh we all we do know symbolic and it. Yes sociology not to have and you know commissioned a critical story I don't know if I told to this but I wish I had so I had to tell two balloons close my sister went I'm gonna lock. And of course when they release they separated PS and then move much further away they kind of playing and they found HMO they did not agent that's now have a history I know that's I was so emotional well it's a very emotional day. But the balloon release is very cathartic yes it is very extreme might need it because there wasn't a dry I know on the ground and really get I. I was standing next bill corner right. And now he was just. He was and eight. We just you know the release of the line and he and I were standing next to each other new words a little bit down from my writing I was standing next you know my left and should he was so moved and we're talking to each other with tears our eyes because I told him that I remember his daddy. So well and I would want calm Hyde Park avenue to get home and he should sit out on his porch with his feet up by men Bannister and shocking and always waved to us and I I said bill I your father was the sweetest guy. Annie he said it no matter how long ago it is it never gets any easier never any easier never any and the tears in my opinion was but cats and then I'm right after that the walk starts and there's just. There's something about the way that whole thing comes together in the work that they do at. Pastors of the sacred heart in the families that they should touch and work with just it's just unbelievable and it's sold illness such humility. And kindness yes no we go now mills all of nobody conventional concert people who get past and that's and so beautiful about this in ice and I found that so many people. When their dear all what they wanna do they want to talk about their loved ones in my unit no. Love who they wire once Dayton would you know what they would like kidney trouble and displaying the names of their past love members and and that was important that and then murals and Catherine Bowman Dave from spirited Arden H everybody signed an and a lot of it was a lot of words this time and last year was a lot of more. I'm Jack spent this year there was a lot of messages written. And ads had painted on an illness it's I just was at the center before each came here and it was so neat to see as so it it was truly a wonderful day Andrew Brown was the I'm. Yellow Toyota and the agency in velocity abstract and charities and fidelity bank and the people security bank these people just. You know stepped right up and took major roles and I'm in giving for this market and it's truly. I think one of the best things we had great coverage. I'm Stacey Lang was incredible what did you inherit a coverage she Muslims like about her dad everybody I'm. So it was so it was a cutter are probably people don't realize that you're their original owner of the whole event. Well IE you know what it it it went into them you know it's and I'm Danny and I was hired two years ago and I yen wanted to do walks and really chic she wanted to walk. Button yes I mean my businesses hire in there and we knew our range but trust me when I tell you that there isn't one person and an organization. Who is not doing every ounce of work to get that's thing to where it is and it's a kind of a war legally I don't so I wanted to. However well oiled machine as many years that's Sunnis and yes but it's could well yes from my standpoint it's always good to be hired to do something and it that you coordinated and it all works out but believe me it's like oh well in two years it's like a well oiled machine with these big guys in Gaza hospice they do incredible incredible job what sets so I'm pants up and demand soars. For the work they do I mean they donate that's the food and they just do a wonderful job and we love it up there. So that's that's a good thing I'm. So anyway Deb tell me what else he has. In the children's series and you also have which I think it the most debts coming up soon too is. Thrill the world Kelly Nolan a little bit about about what it is is a worldwide. Smash a dance not smash sub slash not much else left strength I wouldn't stay right. It's an international dance to thriller should to unlikely I guess thriller from. And I'm an action we start with lessons we have lessons starting this week and we have lessons once a week if people want to join its its fifteen and twenty dollars depending on the age. And they get free lessons to learn the dance and the dance is a lot of fun and we have. Anywhere from a 150 to 200 people in front of the Scranton cultural center. On October 28 exactly at 6 o'clock A says to coordinate with everybody else during this this eastern standard time. All dancing at the same time and and must think it was I wish the world class worldwide I'd really like everybody and that last but at three mile an enormous damage done. It actually at last that the length of the song. My but it is so much and people come dressed up I know I have Eiffel Molly ages you had young kids to do to their grandma is participating in it. They canceled it looks like it's complicated but it's not. It's actually fundraisers for the cultural center and as Rachel's friend who feared may I try changing pin yard does coordinator she said yeah I'm not a dancer so if I can do it anybody can do it had received at the French. Starts in October 20 starting at five but the Danes will be at 6 PM. So it starts on the 28 and October and in the national debt is the day they do it everywhere everywhere everywhere around and if anybody's interested to. Registered bank and did that today as thrilled Scranton dot com. Today at thrills Scranton dot com and again reach a friend Eddie is a person who's really in charge of put this whole thing together over the last two years. And she's doing a great job went in and it's a lot of fun and so we hope that it will grow but it's quite the sight to see. I shoot I just wanna come in serious hit I could and you know people were so dressed and there was. A friend and I did it with her daughter I didn't even know it was her because she went and I know because she did her make up I. I ended it was a lot of bodies now registered NGOs as so that if for the first to register the did this so many out Sunni area cancer that's ever always. The ones that has been doing for the last couple of years there and and in doing it for four years now this it's it's a great events and that's how it's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun. And then you had your children series which always and that in depth I think to please talk a little bit too about the Franklin institute how. Aaron this Franklin institute series how that works and that's just crowning running round and tell you really has. Unless you we always we do to Franklin institute series and we're able to fund that and part through RE ITC far right which is very important that this is is donate back to the cultural center because. As an improved and I approved. Educational improvement program. That you Franklin is just falls under that so weaned by schools throughout the entire region to succumb to the content cultures and Lester I think we served for 15100 children yet and we have it it's usually always the first week of may will be in the first week of may this year. And it will be seven shows in total including a Freddie showing an afternoon show. So the B seven shows until and it's going to be fantastic and comes right from the Franklin institute mr. traveling science museum. It's educational it's interactive it's the kids get pulled up on stage it takes place and shop and home are beautiful shopping hall opened the fourth floor. And it's it's really magical to kids love it. And I love each content. Franklin institute in Philadelphia and the Scranton cultural center it's perfect it is it is it's a perfect time and again. I and you know what to think we were able to get the name of the artist I'm for your under. Now I redo our regular Tuesday yeah it is true for our first our first undergo a microphone with Lilly is actually could be singing and playing your guitar. Any Angela controller will be doing comedy. And Darryl looks nicer will be doing poetry and a closer look that says I hope I'm saying that frankly we'll be doing music I'm not going to happen. For different events going on and that evening within that two hour timeframe so TD and that's wonderful good that's good save against them. Lilly may oppose you'll be doing her musical ability mailers she goes by it and Julia Ventrilo comedy Gerald snipes your poetry. And low so combined as music perfect and we now that's great so the into the back to the I'm. Franklin institute data being named at his own school groups and then you had your children's series. Before we lawyer bulldozing an error as alien before. Interactive. Professional. Acting troops coming to the culture senate to perform and they also interact with the children impropriety that we do the liberals and giggles workshop. Which is under our craft that's associated to the theme of the of the program and it it's just a wonderful thing to say. And we're going to be kicking them off we're gonna be doing it throughout the season when they be doing for Intel hopes but will be kicking them off. From the mixed up files of mrs. days they'll eat Frankel act. Hey remember reading that you know I don't know if your read your kids now that's going to be on November 3 at 6 PM. At eight and it's going to be trump arts power touring company production. And these chilling series are made possible as you mentioned earlier through sponsors yes charities is a sponsor because they believed in these children's programs and believe the liberals and giggles workshop. So we're very grateful to them sponsoring this program again this year and I have to say speaking of Gary's choice Kazuo owner of Gary's supermarkets. I was an incredible woman and an end and just I around however she totally so believes and what the cultural center does and loves their children's series and loves loves loves the wiggles giggles because her grandchildren. She used to pay cash in the mornings because they started about eleven that I think and then that she immediately after is a shower and one right thanks so she absolutely loves it when you get someone who really loves and believes in it and then they also say hey I'm cabinet. I mean is sponsored this because I believe an advanced and this is what our community does and does so well. Regular participant you know she realizes and I have. Looting but even let the Wells Fargo remember when that woman because she did something with camp she turned around and edgy about her company I have to sit in a sigh yeah and in and in turn it back on their contribution from Wells Fargo was 7500 dollars that was. You're able to scholarship. So many children Schroeder campus because of that donation and that's a Nelson banks. The campus has a cost to -- so if these sponsorship money comes and you are then able to sponsor kids and give them scholarship but someone who may not be able to afford it so they can come to this wonderful I'm arts camp that you do on a yearly basis and it's here around now right dad for the most part it yes we do that just Oprah yeah we're doing how we're doing to them. And productions. Low life productions is productions are going to be doing school of rock and musical December 8 at 7 PM and December 9 at two and 7 PM. And we're starting and restarting the rehearsals for their right now I can't it's it's amazing so Lester we serve 3000 children he's been doing. You know throughout the whole season they have really well. I don't fall between can't and are after school program and our I used productions and a children's series and our. Free release we do free movies much less a month GM and there's a there's a lot and we do that family friendly and there's a lot of doesn't have a cost him like a free movies and not even just the families but what about what you do for a defends the pork. And see family to family gift gift basket give away those are coming up next month techs and that's open you give you donate the space and give to these two nonprofit so that families can have a beautiful Thanksgiving and the island good nice clean wonderful place like this and how trust and that's a wonderful partnership we have been friends of the part they're wonderful to lessen. And they're very grateful. It when they're together went two up after us but the cultural center for increased every year dad is something that's very special very very special Deb I'm on how the so after this children's series how many more are there how many must always remember doing Ford for the children to professional either arts powers are another organization. We're gonna be doing foreign total it's okay and you know it's also. Bring you talked about EITC funding very quickly. If your company out there who has the ability to give EITC funds to a nonprofit. Cultural center is a accepted position and I'm very able to do that's and it goes directly towards education. For children in this community and as you heard dad saying there is an anything. And they don't do and who they don't serve it's it's it's amazing so think about that if you have any and if you have that ability to think about the contraceptives and makes a big difference in tons and tons of children and and our community so. We are going to take a very quick break Dan Deb thanks for Sydney and from Linda I'm sorry I had a wonderful time think things are very much and so. Wouldn't support the cultural center and then next we have the lovely niece show I'm Laura who's General Counsel for ERA one source will be right back you're listening to Lori and shot. Gloria and Lynn. Good morning everybody welcome back you're listening to Larry Lynne Shaw and I am Lori Kaplan the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And as I said earlier this Lyn Evans is off today so I of the a company of I had the pleasure of the company and I often do a beautiful women in this in this act. The studio today and of course as I said our next stop was this amnesia Arora who is General Counsel for ERA one source realty. I ERA has almost about a hundred agents guess seven offices in ten county us. Or as I say nation 101000 agents fifty million counties and how many offices. But anyway I mean she's here we're talking a little real estate as we do once a monster and welcome Nissan pink Fareed I'm just Lynne I miss playing. Yeah. Here's what I think too bad about it I don't hate I'm kidding I'm kidding she's just visiting her. College. Excuse her college roommates there at the short Fred Couples I saw. But I need late summer early fall little and they get away with a good idea that was my college Jermaine spoke weeds US I. And I'm Valentine's Day. Did you eat out every well we LA prairie about the weekend and here right before or after Valentine's Day AM where you go. I'm senior CD or rolled Garnett to do like a little longer anti Valentine's Day. Because it started out only graduated from college girls sing oh. Cans we just had nothing to do I think Valentine's it was on Saturday and use immunity that's for couples and said screw William and it was again we did a spot we gangs and we bug it's a nice table for ourselves and romantic sushi restaurant. And we aren't allowed Tebow of Karl. And to Lebanon to date night at their restaurant so lush yeah three I finally do it every year are you tried doing try to do. Hi I'm caught Jimmie Lee Gant ran around that every hour we're should go. Georgetown Ali in the U. A huge uneasy I don't know an issue stitches slacker getting into George. On hand now yeah I don't know. I'm I had I love their campus that's beautiful eyes so it's like. 'cause you kind of go up that hill in the home burned you feel like you're. It does is Susan doesn't have its own now zip code does and it's a big space now. It's a DC because he has not shy glass city out of its current last unbelievable busier as airlines M. To tell us it's a grades grade school young and I thought beautiful apps like. I was only there once or twice. My both of my boys wanted to go on C itself. We went on the old you know can't campus tour and you shoot well on the road trip bingo down their true weekends and well in DC. I love DC area. Hot shots there actually my son Tommy is visiting from California he's in DC this week camp a weekend to bring down parent until Sean Marks down he works in DC yeah but Tunney works and California. No country's key ring. He's just in for a couple days he's just started in new jab he left apple. I am I he left apple I said I really you. So here's what I said Tammy. Couldn't help leaves apple did. Those mountains plenty of people I said okay. So yes because it was a in all honesty he lives in DC California. Marion San Francisco Apple's in Cupertino can easily used to do a four hour commute. It's five. Two hours each way and it was a big you know wide shot and he got a job I'm an M I'm consulting company which is what he wanted to do anyway. And he's very happy to 21 year old company. And it's called procure ability and a little consultant with them and he's starting in the middle of October. Me and he's very happy I think you will like that too because. I mean it isn't Jerry's mother I'm assuming his personality is kind of how Colin thank you well yes they both have. Way about the timing a little balloon more laid back and but a lot of his way is like Melia sarcasm yes laugh in his jokes and soak angels sing I'll be anchor and oh yeah. I asked her head yes he's very happy I'm my friends and you bring consulting. I really like get until you're married and have had kids there. It went the traveling part of that yeah. Every place is headquartered in Jacksonville Florida so he can really live where ever ever again so we'll see. When because I want him back on the eastern on my cat stories 'cause I visited Thailand is connect to the east calcium and I'm still without because my brother moved to Dallas. Yeah he's working for a really cool company called top golf homage and with. I guess he's against hyper chairman Ben sun. The fellow. Another sibling I'm the real estate industry. You didn't finance and he laughed and may continue its its really quite indoor golf strange as what are you with Goldman for a long can he was going to yeah I cleaned. Any last stand kind of just happy to take a little branch out on me you know I can't take the plunge they should just can't believe. Oh Eddie loves it there he loves you ask why if so how machine unless you are exile she does so there's so I think. Don't listen absence makes the heart grow 5 AME mandating since they iron six young right now I don't I don't think I think they'll survive. I remember. When we went to there branding nations of the one doomed wedding before the wedding though whenever that ain't I I need to know I don't know. Don't really need yet at the Radisson mining can I got one of those ten is on my own ads from unranked. That was absolutely beautiful. Yeah and to see different culture and to see how it's all put together was unbelievable we have we are just in Long Island farm my cousins I think it's comment he could Cassel he's been solid if you know her down there. It's like quite develops its largest primary residence in the United States and the entering into this hotel and events these now I'm CC it was a big fat Indian wedding anyway. Iron. Do we have fine and they feel like really Indian weddings go on for ninety days to act and is there always a horse involve a horse if it's traditional right yeah so. I hearing in north Indian wedding there's a horse announced and are now in India and came intending to Cologne that are over the top and arriving in Ferrari's and helicopters. Instead of the horse because what I look a horse is special and different here. Our enemy out because you know everybody here is some sort of commonplace hour yeah. Are praying that I can do is turning we differ and tell me my Grail and I read an article he came in on painted on the big little glider planes. Now Lisa is is it is it's still very commonplace for arranged. Marriages in the Indian it mostly Dell in India orders to sell a lot happened here in the united I didn't hear him really it's just as he's seen. Increase in online. There's a lot of Indian gaming and say it's still an. Energy is geared towards finding a husband or wife in is it to keep the bloodline to keep it 10. What is just. Well as Iowa what it means it's time said you know you on Soyuz can be culturally compatible like yeah I. So it's. And I guess you know I'm lucky my sisters and mom both embrace singing cultures I was number. Because and I'm neither of them brand new ones Italian one's idea right so I'm. It'll plug Indian food and of course they like but you know Indian codes containing some sparkly yes I love them some. So I think it's just. I can say maybe there's JD or Christian main love. Our guys finally realized afghanis is a few times have flocked to where you have things in common. I am I causing it well that is causing your primary do not having hearings readers this is her high school sweethearts and actually indeed injured four iron ten years you know. I'm not Indian genie in tough test yeah. Darrent. On two of the daylights out there anyway right to know arrangement had enough. And I think if my aunt. I had picked. Like it kind of picked a spouse for her daughter and she couldn't have you gotten better when you are right yeah she's. Among my car days to examine other cousins do where breezed in India and genius for college grads quote should be able pattern arranged marriage as. Are there any money is my age she's 36. And I want is. 32 Mamie would you do it. I guess I don't know. I don't know they're happy I mean and then I think I'm crazy yes. I mean my Ahmed an arranged marriage and she's they're still married I didn't and then and they attitude is spending. I told you Dodd denied then I said that he hasn't really look like your father but the woman does. You know I'm Raj is parents on the Big Bang did. That's your mother I everytime I see here I think I'd be your mother now he doesn't look like your father DS so they remind me. And it got so odd that I think it's not like semester nine I mean sorry he's meaning comedian he liked the idea is that. I mean I'm so that shallow he had his actual real life parents my hands in the show and thought about dating in nineteen. I meant is how immigrants are going up in America so my Brothers and I love that show because it's like our childhood. Love that idea that so speaking of open we are way up correct that's okay because it's always good to bring him back because your mother. When did she wouldn't I'm come to the United States. She came here in 1979. And then her business has been going since what like 1999 or something none 1989 it was when she opened up her own company. Because I was on my way to Georgetown game now yeah it's. Actually we just runs for the third year and aroused. It's going to hand me no choice and I know that's I think Anthony Mason does time really proud and ask that because. It means more now that I'm involved. I know. So did before yeah yeah and last year I was like cause the disease can be tough spot and I could cause never damage I don't know if I. And I know and yeah and then see where I said that you know. Thought we would we want again so three years running which is are some I was super excited. And I am. We redecorating in the clarks summit off faster how I'm doing and how it's almost twenty years that would get them pounding themselves. The old Ethan Allen don't blame them you always until you're kind of shake and then Ethan yeah yeah yeah. Wow how match. And trade it was Atlantic avenue out of bounds so I don't was it who was first them and then even now Larry Allen was first out of mankind's and I because I think it was. Barnett. I'm just perfect location because you know what I love about it. As soon as she comes from Scranton are done wherever the heck out come French you go right around the match and you're right there baby it's all conveniently it looks awesome and yeah. How do you Ben and he has an idea I was in but I did I she was still they were finishing finishing okay. No they didn't finish the bath party app I genuine shot and I'm uncommitted mean please stop end and that's where I bet only in the back so yeah I mean and then there. Many times but not to win and rip remodeled areas and so we did I'm. A side door is now the front door. And that's. A big thank kind of welcome Mary Alexy GameStop sells your coming in front of claiming you can mean your age and and kind gets no. Still ailing and just I'm we're going to look at consumer I do a contract for buying a house with underage users like colonies nice new. Coverage and he loves to set that and it's really nice streaming and a flat screen TV in this economy can't more common. You know homey homey hey I NEA coming honesty coaches everywhere but I. There aren't as Smart of. A nice place you wanna go decent martz can make people feel comfortable when it's scary we eat you know we know this and yeah. Well people it's a big in this first time more regardless of that your first or third it is always a scary assets anyone might feel comfortable yeah. Oh it's some I'm really excited and George I mean our resident in house held every. I'm Eric. Last minute many talents he did on the designs have been shattered hand. As indeed and I'm mainstay. Spent a week basically running around to getting Palestine and I was so grateful to both of them because our eyes or mouth on me. And it is high like we had everything else sprained ankle. God I interior designer and now. They are imaginary all I know we say to people if you don't know what to do please give it to someone who does right because it's so much better when yeah knows what did you. And he has just like yeah. Really kind of cool eclectic taste that's sort of got a lot of people like so I think and I'm like can I mean just like a cool atmosphere now Americans. I'm sorry you know even if you're. And I come and sit and your laptop amateurs and houses in my life I stopped and had a Scott Downey they're now aren't so tell everyone how they can get in touch with each I'm sure you can I mean they're newly renovated currents coming off as I 70 funny time in 1999. Or on our website anytime an email O'Meara and www. ERA wine dot com yeah. No I'm number one yeah actually the real thing. You play it up top and I need to thank you very much for joining us today. And everyone have a wonderful weekend to please and thank you I should say for listening as always. And I'd be safe and please be nice a guy.