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Saturday, September 23rd

Saturday September 23, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning how are you today I'm fine how are you gonna. Just two do you light off and she thanked for their kids. Yes because you're from day isn't yes and any day that I don't have to be. Because I have some things today that aren't like something like unification like nails and hair today. And miss and no one can see me so I can pull my hair back before I get to haircut a cut and not worry and half like. Semi pajamas on today as I am paying now. It's none I mean you know you sharing part two Ali Naimi and I just do clearly the US is a hint that they don't have to be. This beautification they know this is duplication there is Sosa maintenance and met a score it's funny and of course. So whatever is. You know is they're national and once told me it was sitting in the chair at the hair last many many years ago New Year's and god bless his soul and it looks over at me and I had one of those. Caps that they used to highlight your head you know they can't see analytical data and I felt like a jerk all the stuff that he's just think I'm sorry I know they can improve on perfection. I'm. I. Currently get what I sweetheart yeah he was so good many serious very serious. So anyway. Yes so best today so it's a beautiful day it's kind of nice to feel little. Like unstructured. Yellows and I I do understand it's a good feeling again. That don't work because with my job it's always phone work and doing strange the beauty is they can hide behind the phone pretty similar in the jets NH. You know when everybody can see everything okay lions lose but where I guarantee you that we're not really because not everybody does it. Now you know CNN so you can see the whole big screen in your hold everything about you yeah that's whenever face time I don't I don't K saw them. I'll let my brother just with family. So don't look like hero draft. And I don't care strength right time now they gotta love you from the arms trade baby. So I mean what else happens. Slowly I wonder. Shall time last Friday night celebrating my her birthday today as we did. How does a really wonderful gifts. And then. Saturday. I didn't do much of anything we went up to the place of the lake. And hung out there. And say man Sunday when it was this wonderfully relaxing. Because. It wasn't there was no pressure to do anything except your forgetting we go with feelings I I don't know what I do wanna say because you know. She wanted to be and I. Now I don't care spreading that we would think Gil Martin and Brussels yes and it was a lovely evening from your birthday. And relievers like scary do you have realize your gifts for gray from now on and company and serenaded by TJ singing you're. Birthday in eyebrows former whatever he says I had so that was wonderful. As easily as he gave little snippets of information to everybody throughout the band meant information that song can't through the throughout the day I love that I lost his wonderful mom. We talk to somebody who said that it was so loud I forget hello Andy was saying she was there that's for her birthday and just a few days before yours. And she said it was loud like she she says he's he's 'cause he's so powerful symbol that's. But that kind of voices again. You know I Wii and I told her she says she sang hee sang happy birthday to her to just say and a closer. China this could be only Leo right. But I am. So that was great and then Saturday it was very nice going up to come your place to watch the Penn State game hunter only to find out the blue ridge cable does not carry the big. TNT are being Big Ten network whatever it is him. BT end. Why did you ever find out because you're cheap that's all three Kelly I know it is what that's like I Colin now you know why I don't know bump. Got me into not pretend and you now play Hawkeye. Now I don't pretend I am I hear me you know lead but but I know Arianna and subscribe. You can tell you where my house than it was earlier discussing things. They're just because that was the whole point of the exercise and Kanye could say yes I used to. BM as customers an island Jenny Strasburg it's blue ridge came so I used to be so I can say I'm an ex customer who was disappointed by your. Lack of cover positions I had and I don't think it's really pretty sad and it was a terrible but it was either of the game was so ridiculously boring I'm sure because 56 to zip. I mean home. Luckily I got in lower I wouldn't have stayed to watch anyway when I found myself doing anything because it was too far I was grueling games like done. Simmons and I don't sit for packet never known to a bar. Look can have why. She slammed the front door that's it we're out of here. And look to Myers and we don't set the bar for four hours and he knows why don't care sent no match that I mean they shareware not true but there is the issue and get. She has hair why it was on television and analog IC condi and that beautiful. Over stuff oh my god or share it is the most the only problem is I in my legs and he sure did. You close so once I'm in the bad word position. I can't like literally so what has to cook as I nice my legs don't I don't cheers a giant head. So I can't put something about my legs a lot they can close it when you get up so. Some analysis to comment pushed it in there about mice and I think in my god doesn't put an idea. That's good conscious I dug obstacle course or something but it works but it's very comfortable you had a wonderful time with my my voice said the cats my god. I think that's the they of the cutest thing and Lynn has this thing that looks like a little fishing pole this like a mouse on the end of the stuffed mouse and day. I have never known that cats will play. Endless amount of time just as you're dealing. Nice to do resist and their whole lives and I kind of use I used to have another cat that meant that unfortunately died. After less advanced but now that the that I can't win going nuts to the point where. He would just do it for hours and hours and hours and finally had to quit because he panting he was. So it was so our Roby O'Neill wrote it gets so I'll tell you I I couldn't believe how much they responded to and they both were right there can't. I love it. They were so there's a cure cure his cancer I'm telling you that one cat house has. Fern like velvet. You know looks like velvet. Sweater some silverware. We're just trying to answer pretty he's beautiful so we had a neat and fun and and then dad that was Alanis funds and we get home was a bit of fun going down. Now I think I'm now. But we had a good day. Yeah it was a good day. And the next day and we hung out and then that evening Randy Williams an MD were falcon McNulty and Meyer and I went to dinner for her birthday. Phone okay so we're really can't we just women just trade house okay. Because it was easy we are mad they're after you managed to find a class mass at the cathedral and we all went down and hence the nice little. Din din and Alfredo since then. So it was a good crazy week and a good. I just. Enjoy Sunday being fair and the link I just sat outside and and it was absolutely perfect weather is gorgeous weekend and that's the way you're. Townhouse is sent out there is perfect and I love because you have bench screened in porch and then beyond that he had the open air. Which so yankees can't get the best of both worlds when it's great that places. I love the whole layout. Oh thank you I'm Byron Nelson show that next time we go Abiola the use secured machine upstairs the RA we're going to stay open but we couldn't so and Sam we welcome. The boat officially comes out of blood and hair the Italian nun and I know but I'm just saying you know I don't care about you know it's because of the sparring earners. Judy you're listening bad guy at a time we went on the boat two years ago. And a spider the size of a half dollar. Oh yes from a quarter into all out every time he gets bigger pretty so in the big enough hole as the national big green bar brawl. It flew right kinda it look like I honest to god it was above. My left. We shall we say yeah he's a bully on the any end whereas sometimes does his films. And it I was right there is look like if you had to stick to crest there at some would have thought it was a pin because it it was big enough to be one. And it was right there and I looked down and and I flew it I just like instinctively. And it's I don't know where went camera that I get to her and I'm glad that you are today my dad so I'm afraid because they'll both sit there all week. And that's where spiders hang out let's face it. Another hang out everywhere but more importantly those big national hired ruled size spiders hanging out there. True or not they have lot of babies and that's what I mean there's no way I can't and I can't can't can't creeps thinking no sudden aloha. So while I am once the players spiders. Are correct no money I don't really have a I guess I don't feel like getting. Cool argued it. Yeah god almighty yes you hard so I'm on the other day my I I last week and. Matt I might I there was a blood vessel broken in my left I can and I was done at ten I'm past the center have for education and Michelle panic time missing nurse. I'm glad she's so let's go with you I signed me I woke up this morning I said to him she seconds okay you know it may even a spider from you know being like oh my god did you happen to know all that's gone way. You. Loud and scary so no. 'cause I can't wait your big hats the bad news Betsy spiders I don't think they do yeah. So I'm still paranoid I still think I see Judy this year I had three bass in my house this summer. And I eight had I still say think I'm seeing things this something's flying by me because a couple times it was flying right and make Titus now. That. There's no messaging girly girl about those things yes you are never liked them carries but now blanket fits. But anyway so I'm. There's a way to say you know what you're listening I'll be done I'll be traveling to Lancaster Lancaster for the day. Oh really a little lamb. And my mother my sister my two cousins caffeine Sharon and they boot TA. And handily blew TA can and Barbara caddy and I and Meyer are going to Lancaster to do a little shopping. Thank mired in San meeting. Because Myers needing a friend there and they're going to leave us and we're gonna hang out. OK that's silly Renault he would go he goes with me he doesn't like to go wind chill pill take me he's theory. You know. Understanding about those things it's a beautiful. I could set country is so gorgeous. And you know you see the bodies in the horse season there's just when I'm due to leave when you look how we did believe it eight. Okay. And we stab at this place prior to getting into Lancaster and then we go in and do some shopping. That is the outlets all there's think he's wonderful mennonite anonymous stores and farmer's markets and it's it's a really neat place to go so we got done a couple times a year and the country than the they hillsides everything about the bad areas just so peaceful. So we should take your eyes and go the other way I would otherwise go into New York State for. Polls allele that's always a good one time here farm. And you also until we have one day we read I called and left a message to Scranton cultural center and Sunday. Will be having their jump jive and jazz event which starts at 6:30. In the evening it's 25 dollars and I'm putting the coolest things is happening is Bob Geraldo who lives in the Poconos and those guys think he's ninety or 939293. Years old. Oh is the originators and founder of schoolhouse rock you know conjunction junction and jump sponge all those things that used to be on channel sixteen years ago. All of those that will be until he is saying he Doug Smith a couple of people within that group there's four of them and then cap arcing goes some I think it's upper valley wins. I am mister marceca who passed last year he is come upon some will be playing so it's going to be nice he did it last year and it's a little slimmed down because there were a lot of news a lot of system acts last year and this year it's a little bits last but it's gong to be great and ask you wanna come. You can stop just go win and I am. Any time it today or tomorrow or show up tonight dove and it's it's 6:30 am with that they did 24 time. 22. 23 we have 24 attorneys for at 630 at Scranton Contras 125 dollar so if you want to go. Staff and I saw mr. Myers picture in the press yesterday yes he's so young of those other folks. Ahmanson and you GI gave them a nice I grant tray that got three. I'm damn threes music series and that this will be the first one of the season so it was really nice thank you GI for that. So I a lot of other people have contributed which I can't remember 'cause. I can't mention him often anyway. Okay so we're gonna take a quick break he will be right back you're listening to Larry in my shop. Here lowering inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry and me and show I'm Larry can be honored glory can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. My name is Linda Evans I'm president CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm and hard summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse share freeze finances for baby boomer women available on We finish each other's sentences. So we have two guests with us today wanted to. Is a lovely ms. Dunn and as we said dad Diane bald eagle is the CEO of hospice of the sacred heart study and has been a frequent guest of ours. And believe it or not die you ran between a year from now but a year in doubt the first. First ever hospice of the sacred heart remembrance flock which is at McDade park Lester on October 1. And praise be to god we're having an. I'm the thirty we. Our amber at McDade and Diane I know that you are very happy with how things went last year but to be in the position grand this year and it's incredible. It truly has you know I just and it's probably all. Think about these days is the rock which isn't September 30 and McDonald's car you just said and it begins at 10 o'clock. This event so special I was as many of the events and we do come hospices sacred heart are bad last year. I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that came out over 300 people came out. And as we tease in the office these days for drum roll today we have 450. Harry registered. For the spot. I just don't I know is I'm truly overwhelmed by the support in the. And the turnout for this incredible want because it's something different. It's not a race it's nine F five key is that it's not designed to be that. The idea of the rockets remembrance sparked. Because those family members are always with us so the idea is bad days it's people who can't get to remember them for those couple of hours. The events and it's so much so many thanks to Lori and her incredible team including has been planning this for a since last year. They condi attendees you know that we feed them you know we always need people to. And let me that there's a balloon release which is magical spiritual. Whatever it is the word you can use to describe it when you now this week an and when it happens in two weeks. We may see 500 balloons and loans grew up in the air and. And everyone with an intentional or so where sure thought a remembrance of that person that they love so much. And then we do a very leisurely. One mile walk around. On the beautiful pond that maintain it and it it is. As I said it's not an event for anything else other than for us to get together to see our families you know that we have been seeing who have lost somebody that shares Ferrari team to get together. I'm Dana we get to remember our patients and it's it's they're very very special time. Analyst Diane said what I love most about it is the fact that it is so it's it's unlike most blocks in the sense that is a walk but there's no running involved in no hurry. There's no it's one mile announced of course you can choose to walk around me. Three times if you like but it is less sure we found that I would say 90% of the people did not write a diary was just. Around the loop around the beautiful kinda think art is beautiful anyway around this time of the year is perfect show people just want to round series. We have a gift baskets and a 5050 in face painting and balloons and magic and and I and URL and cancer are welcome and it's it's just an and the food provided by Mansour is marked as bad man soars and Diane has a special interest in essence Caroline. All the Catalan Allen might Catalan are the owners of Mansour actions Mansour is weak there's no Caroline can never say no handshake and I didn't know unless they had no notion. She's wonderful blend so we can let giants and you instead. It's a it's it's big it's great teams there's now as of yesterday Randy said we had 31. Teams as of this morning we have thirty sad comment. And still is just the outpouring and I think it's because it's so unique is there's a lot of walks in their wonderful causes and I'm so wonderful advances and that this fund that's just a little bit different hand. That it's there's no race did you know all morning long as you know and it's fun yes spiritual. And it's also very much fun and it's great for everybody just to get dinner for those couple hours that special morning and I may ask my friends and Syria now and everybody out there listening for starting their own prayers for good weather now. CS. And the thing is about this walk is that. And when Sarah and I were talking about yesterday's ask Sarah cerebellum bonuses to defend everybody's right hand she got my era to an end icann's right left but everything else is right so just imagine how much just don't. And she said you know I think a lot of this is is this is a very universal walker because it's not as they cause it's not a specific illness it's not. Any of those things it's everybody knows someone who has lost you think everyone has lost so much. So whether you were patient of husbands are a family of hospice it doesn't matter it's good memory is your loved one with the big advances in Britain walking in memory of and then the balloon release that everybody gets a red balloon you know one point prior to kick off of the race we all stand on. A little bit of a slow demand in the area near the intense odds at the first pavilion. And beat everybody standing holding the Bologna and when they announced to lend them the loans to be released. Everybody just let's go and there's something about watching. This red balloon whistle little's string of rib and just kind of swivel itself I'm. Since the universe. And everybody there. I could crank and I am getting teary I just saying what it is and watching that go up and everybody looking up yeah. And at one point Diane is safe now you we just said it's pastors of the sacred heart tell everybody what happened last time. Well last year and end it if it happens again this year had to be a mayor wonderful and a miracle as we were watching as far as census the stage. Everybody was looking up for now there's 300 people standing Glenn and I Glen in the days as these beautiful red hearts formed a hard. The polls went up in the sky it eyes. Deon how hard it is and snow did you do get it. And it was so mean nothing else I mean this is so. Some people when they're obviously last year coming back where it doesn't take up your whole day race starts we pushed it back a little bit because. It can registration starts at nine from nine to ten exact. Well a little bit speaking and then bishop timlin god bless them hold a am and I just have to tea and I don't know she saw mask when they did the I guess he's signing him they had volunteers and hospice every single day he's over there. I'm in Tyler today's game. We have patients in the Stanley the inpatient unit. And he says a little prayer and passion the funniest thing he said to Jack Martin who does the DJ and you stand next to Jackie's look in a but the ball runs a world crying and he's looking in he's not doing any center jacked up. It's a good thing and a fly in my airplanes and I had. There would be no mercy Faisal was so read it like it was so because he's it clearly what we have a picture which I think. As standard and forming the heart and it and it was so moving and so we are. Very happy and excited and me I'm Sarah. What does it and I like your first sponsors. And again certainly. Cantu grounds. He's always been a wonderful friend of ours we have. The agency we have velocity. People security bank I don't know which is a division. Know some of those yet people still early days fidelity NN. Anchored down at Atlanta forget anybody know own numerous and nuts minimize any of them are just so grateful and thankful that we're able to put this. Wonderful mantown because of their very own. My generosity. Yeah it's some. It's amazing when they realized who just how special. And it's not again I can only did he have to keep freeh emphasizing it's it's good it's a very uplifting is. That is it can be in one thing I and we've talked about this show one thing I noticed from this last year and and I say this people say all the time need some people always are and in your business Diana you so commonplace. But you never know if you should bring up someone's. Deceased to Barack family member because she just never want to re engage or to make them feel sad. So people sometimes hesitate and I know that people who have lost did a really clean. Dear people me my dad died fifteen years ago. I'd want people I talk about him all the time so I want people to always remember they say is if you don't talk about them. They get aren't like they never existed so didn't cost a one thing I found that people wanted to do people who I hope my I have not seen and I saw on the matter race. I don't watch they came up to me and they wanted to tell their sailor and love they're loved one and I side. Eight and they just want you to know about them what they did Michael they will love this that's what this is all about it's a way for people universally. Who engage in conversation. About someone who was no longer a web. Up next remember whenever I was very special way and it is I am for I find it very uplifting you know of course when you see. Some of the participants in rehab there's been there at the walking in memory of some manage some of them actually brought pictures so I was even more profound. And it was in the sand to snow there really was a wonderful time for number change remember them. And that's really with the event is about and people do have a great time and it's wonderful to see little kids running around and many of these people are patients grandchildren. It's such a great event and I think that. The support they said earlier end and generosity of people just coming up that morning is truly overwhelming and we years and could not do Margaret font color. It's it's it's it's wonderful I'm so. You can still go online and registered. And if you can if you decide. That morning get up and it's you think hey you know what I wanna do this obviously and we are Bjorn more than welcome to Kelly do register day out we want everybody to be encouraging is Saturday. The thirtieth and September again registration starts at 990 Spanish. And then the walk at that will actually begin Stacy Lange from W any team will be taking an off forest. And Stacy is very happy to be helping and I went back. This is old and a great friend of ours and as a so we'll feed everybody and then again thanks another sponsor my 'cause she's listening she'd be mortified I forgot many sources as a parallel. He's generous sponsor as well and providing our meals are OR Miller breakfast or lunch that day. And don't forget to bring the children whose tiny kid and you don't. That's Energizer it and wanna last year. Very clear if they indeed happy to tap them because it it is it's very special I think to die in a monitoring it too if any of our families. Dad because we just wrapped up last month. It's been a crazy summer and I'm a wonderful arms can't be healing hearts which was a wonderful I'm. Good. Camp he held at the center a montage we had about seventeen children and young children made by the age and pretty much from the ages of eight to fourteen inch. Cole have lost a loved one is so let's agree it's a camp for someone who young children to come and through the arts. They've learned to deal with their grief and it was a weeklong camp and then the culmination was. Does Nancy Scranton cultural center in chaplain Holley and what the children learned and they performed. And it was that I was just talking to actually brother and my managers yesterday who said his wife and Harman could now believe from my. She said he said she called you just tell me was so moved. They was very powerful I think not only the artist but even our own staff. Was overwhelmed and what not in just for the GO playing a Roy emotion can sometimes kids are gonna give you raw and fresh yeah. And they certainly do but it was also healing town and. And it was so wonderful then again thanks to all our sponsors. That event as well as he artists who really brought it home I don't think you are just realized at that time either how own. How emotional it could be in place. They were also sincere and they think everyone learned a lot towards that I'm from that event as well. Yeah and they work every single one of them Calista talk to me afterwards the artist that they were so moved as worthy sponsors who. The lead stations you know and mean it was Toyota at fidelity bank and it was to teach frozen and it was peg nanny enterprises and ERA one source. And they believed in what this but how was brought to me and Gary's also wary of vasser also are awesome we have very. I am because they've been wonderful so to watch them while the busy times and has just of the sacred heart as always. And damned if you again if you wanna come to the camp tell anyone tell them the website information each. Herb he's visit for any information that at hospice sacred heart dot org. And you'll find all sorts of information about the hospice itself on the history any events that are coming up and you can also register for the walk on their kids like. And then again if not show up day apple are happy to have you end. Again until anybody listening holt has been part of this and who continues to supported thank you for all of at all. Please I'm enjoying this will be doing this walk and a yearly basis so he can't come this year. Look for us next year and I'm happy walking. Thank you there we go thank you very much Diane for joining us today as I mean. We're going to take it very quick break you're listening this morning to Lari and when show up next Judy Thomas heard. Here Gloria and Lynn. Good morning good morning how are you today wonderful. What's your name calling I. Mind then is. Larry can I am the owner of large and enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm and Clark so I am also the author of the book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women available on And our other guest expert today my guess what I guess how. Expert. It's shooting dolls come referred who is the customer experience manager. At fidelity bank she joined the bank in 2012. And has been responsible for the oversight of bank training initiatives. By delivering quality education to fidelity bankers to create an exemplary client experience. She's been active as a volunteer for the united way. Neighborhood works northeastern Pennsylvania. Junior achievement as well as numerous other community organizations. She was distinguished for her dedication and service with fidelity banks community volunteer award in 2015. Ms. come referred holds a bachelor's degree from Mary Morgan university. And currently resides in clarks summit with her family. Welcome Suzy. Well thank you for having me tied to high doing or did you know before busy mom minus Lynn NASA. Question Diane when you add that my left a little bit. And she said who the artist so since studious with fidelity and they where she doesn't mind that would take in two minutes to talk about who the artist RB had. JoAnne aren't we know sort of led the pack okay she was it organizing and doing on JoAnne is the owner director of artistic director of the ballet theater Scranton Soviet dance we had Aaron Malloy who is a wonderful stars and northeastern Pennsylvania songbird as a college she taught them. We had Jackman Quaid and who's a retired teacher an incredible poet. I love them to pieces he did all of our creative writing in journal in with the children. We had Kathryn Weldon who I station where uses the right to left cyber prank she's an artist and a lawyer. And she owns a spirited art she came in helps with the artistic part of putting up a collage of the children and what's how they want it to an end incorporated we were gonna do painting but she ended up with some type of collage that she directed. Julie Jordan of course the photographer to stars in northeastern Pennsylvania yeah. You get all my photography and we also had the culinary arts and no I would rare form we had a friend just joking and Mary Joseph Greene out making I'm pizzas and salads and stuff for the kids it was. Doll and white and there's nothing more picking individual. About being happy about how you like your pizza so all the kids got to do that. And then my sister Barbara although she couldn't be there so the substitute was made him believe me and did I know Gardner my sister came in and we did some. Work with I'm she brought some African violent city kids and how you should take care of them. I'm at the end is so she ended up with the snag a time there but we she brought the south and we did that and then Jack round. Read a book too damn them Barbara has found that she thought it was. Really appropriate to read it to kids about I'm in a situation that may be the same way they were feeling so Jack was great read and I scores show them what to do to take command of the patent and it was easy but anyway next you'll be a little more in depth with that but it was some it was a great it was a great time and down. And I can see I can't say anymore listen how to network and I said because of the way they performance have raised their right eating and everything else lay in a. It would be artists pride there at adult level of expertise and our team there are breathing counts as far their level of expertise. So each activity which lead to something that the Britain and counselors who it is very scripted way would help to children she now if you are. Take your picture how how does it remind you that love joy whenever he's been he's okay all the experts from the room but the kids didn't realize experienced so much fun you know great yeah. So that was excellent thank you fidelity bank fan. Anyway Jill so what's happening over there and identity we now must learn a lot of the activities are happening infidelity actually sell them. Are very busy online in the training to permit and I had a training so. We are always trying to anchor bankers and I'm more knowledgeable. What the customer experience manager what does that mean and well I get asked that question a lot can. Is there really means a couple of different things at fidelity we really tried to. Differentiate ourselves by providing superior customer service. And that the court alleges that means maybe it means going above and beyond. Helping some went the transaction. But what I think it means is that when our customers coming into our bank we have a warm welcome mean environments. We have now eligible bankers. Senator customers can sit down and talk to. Our bankers and feel comfortable. Discuss seen some of their financial means so that we can be that. Trusted financial advisor and so. We also I think the customer experience manager Russell looks and service standards and how we can work with our business partners within the bank. To make sure that it's kind of transparent that home. Customer experience happens and inflows and begin to work for allowing customers to let go one dimensional event and so you don't actually. Function in your role in isolation. You know you're not you're not the one that's trying to handle every customer experience now so we are trying to win is a customer experience manager. The manager role is that you're managing their customer experience with the all the other people on the bank absolutely. Okay how proud. How do you respond CU. The bankers when you say hey did you do this trader did you do the how you interact with them and to make sure they know what's gonna with customers. Well I pro many primarily interact with them from a training perspective so I'm. I look at it as an average Sheen to learn you know I I am not a Montana being humble home BT two bone. And always wondering. And so I take it from that perspective with everybody in the organization and sound. What can only here early to strengthen the customer experience how can I trained you. An area that you need more knowledge so you really can be entrusted financial advisor for his role playing like. We and a lot of different ways role playing as one of them I have several methods of training and classroom training mean computer based train mean webinars webex says we do a whole series of lunch and learn now only provide. Pitts of the week. So we also sends a lot of our bankers out for external training we do a lot of training internally. Bubbles senator bankers out to. Conferences seminars. Trip for a lifetime and went what are they go. What are the extra things you're you're exposing them throughout sides. Well outside of the anger I think they have to be exposed to a lot of things some specialties for his parents and for example changes in the compliance world we are riddled with changes in the complaints round. Fraud is a huge topic in the banking industry right now and security of scrap and I'm Susan very very important. I'm between my having need to send someone in our trust department Allen to become. More. An expert in. The trustee area so we would send them I'll only do a lot of training internally. Were about two people strong and contained environments so. And so where did they would be and design her own training from transactional training tomorrow and training to know. Understanding basic systems training so we're constantly moving and entertained so is there a common. Fidelity experience that everybody. Must adhere to and then beyond that you did specialized training yes there is a common fidelity experience I think if you've ever come into any of our branches it's really warm and inviting and so. We have he's smelling it and that's kind of. I didn't think your hand yeah. I'm just a dollar and I can guarantee and they're really. Also ahead. On the air and then it was good and and explicit. Instructions and very nonsense you know using that she needed to know that anyone they come. Your first fidelity bank and plus you're doing okay how I look belief early and I don't know yeah only for me because she can't happen. Including so I don't see that as some random last month to earn. Ho did you know I would just say she's just suck up now because I do my teacher's pet tricks. Early from John Denver's early and is wondering Vinci and live another do you Tricia and well my first here. Nationality intensity every Cokie this out there you know there's a freshman ten I had the talent. Relay guy and they sure those cookies stays in OK glad that in a way so I don't really is so we. I'm not Ben Ali and there's something so soothing announced smelling. Hokies it brings back to what. You know this week into it does memories those good memories of living in a house when your mom or grandma or whomever may June cookies slowly really wanna customers and feel comfortable coming into the banks have. Sometimes people have told me that coming in started tear bankers theory scary or he like you've really would rather go on the dentists and now I'm just. A so coming into title and here banker about your financial needs antenna they get warm and welcome Nieminen by eighteen and we. Tell began to understand our customers when I'm here in tomb. You know push a certain checking product or a certain type alone we really want to understand what is that you're trying to accomplish financially. And how coming kind of happen helped fuel. So he can't help our customers and they can come back to assume you know couple months when they can we can help them because that happens so often Judy I know is being an ex banker myself. Now then a lot of and a retail banker at bat and a lot of times that is that is what happens is that there's. I remember years and years ago I. I took care of guy he and he wanted to do and this is when the banks actually did their own. Processing of credit cards I should now most of them are processed out he had the name of the bank but it's the processing and and it hasn't done within that institution. And this guy was so he would he had K he just could not qualify for credit we have at the time. So week weak we gave them a small credit he gave a sort of like a cash on cash alone he gave us money towards the card we put it on hold as a deposit collateral for a credit card that he and got. When I tell you that this man by the time my lefty and build discredit up a little bit we ran there was this month Lingus 500 Dallas wasn't a lot of debt and you wouldn't think. You you would have thought. You gave him a million dollars because he was so grateful that there were ways to do what but there's sometimes if you didn't have that money to do it either you have to win a little bit credit is so important whether it's good or bad she managed it is bad you can't really work with them then and there are ways to help them and then. Possibly bring them back it's not always gonna happen did you walk in the door right and everybody has and other. Story where really their 219 cuts self. Problems right now and really help people plan for their financial future I think that's another key component. And so you have to understand what is at they're trying to achieve. Common ones get to know customer allot more. You can create a planned for them and I eighteen tier point they becoming eternally grateful for. What is beneath bulletin Dylan. I live in the banking round now sending Kenya's second nature to me but if I didn't do banking every day I in my eight. Be inserting ads to you how can I could have financial planner what type alone as. Important or what tantamount to a need how to write street efficiencies CN. My banking world of wind just bouncing my checking account. We have so many online services today for our customers. And so many things available to make your life easier I mean I remember a couple weeks ago. Months ago I was standing in line somewhere and tell me he's my death I thought I don't fight. Check it for so I checked in well I had I don't know lessons I had to move money train trips I'm doing it right there urged to hand licking split and it was like should I. Just think where we've come Louise manner in China these say the Jetsons or hear about like this diet is really is cruel and mean Joanna did things happened you would never think you could he could do that any time nineteen. Indiana today you can check your balance any time you can transfer of fun. One person to another aid bill isn't a year ago. And there are so many conveniences. That's something networks familiar Weston and thank you morons and and it's our responsibility to communicate that to the customers so I don't think it creates inefficiencies I mean I can pay my bills sit anywhere in the park and I and I know in my car library children's how am I know that. Transfer funds get a call from my town I need some money so transfer funds into their account has. What happens sons there's great fraud protection tools today you know I can see where my debit cards being used at any tying him so. And that's fraud not fraud. Actually tell everybody how they can reach anyone at fidelity bank please. Anyone of our brand is so we have and thank infidelity web site need to go out there in half on the list of bonds are branches are locations. Brilliant at 181. Under the EL I always down the evil us 570504. 8001 always in a day answer many usually get Rebecca so works on the. Thank you Judy for being here thank you sir Anthony carries you thought. Oh yeah. Ego and how they. Loves to win the little I didn't know what to expect that experience out now. Oh thanks for being here hope to have you back hey thank you Diane good luck with a walk and when you. I'll see you next week.