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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weight gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Hello everybody. How are you I'm wonderful how are you know I am just fine bush before we go one further. We have to make the big announcement. I'll be happy. Did its missile haven't. Aim if you're listening we're taping Thursday the fourteenth you're listening and a sixteen thunderbird they just didn't you. I see nothing but do you anymore. So Linda Evans is. How are you listing. Since 66. Baby EU. I love that show so happy happy birth thank you very months it's always a good thing birthdays are good they are wonderful thing. And will be out doing a little celebration Yahoo!'s current. Would you like to mention where. Well this points Russell's yeah. And I think the resume OK I could shoot to Gil margins are joining us and it may be the Peterson's. All are right we don't know yet I. So we're making this as fun as possible but right now it's the three of us the three couples okay. Hello I'm so happy happy my friends I can hear you don't fire drill day over to money. Think is good so well okay it's okay and so any other plans for the weekend trio. Yes unfortunately I. Will be attending. A funeral service son discarding you as you're listening. One of my dearest friends shown glimmers of mother passed no. And Florence clobber was. I think 920 wow I. Has always been. Like my second mom mom. Because Al west sider demand. And your sister was over there. To visit with them yesterday while this would be Wednesday. And and just yeah that's it's it's telling the end of an era because for all of us who were the same. Age. I'm Jones mother was the last one of their generation can't. So anyway Jones is obviously here and her sister Janis who lives in Nashville Tennessee is here. Her brother lives in Scranton in the house. Where. They were braves and right just somewhere nice isn't it yeah. And so. That's and that's the sad chapter. That's what I'll be doing in the wake and then we're probably going to go until late because it's supposed to be a wonderful weekend. Temperature wise and this could be may be the last weekend of good weather. With a vote she can shift given out by the end of the month I guess. So we'll look forward event and the it's about knowledge and say oh when I'm doing for the weekend I also wanna say then another very dear friend of my mother's a woman who was in. That card club they had. They say started when they were in I think their twenties. And they used to meet. Once a month. They would they would plague and NASA never honey. And it was it was really an excuse for all these women who were. Mothers in 08. From the kids in the husband's aunt sent Bowen and do something fun so. One of the women marries Alameda. Is a BC also passed away I think it was Monday or Tuesday of this week. So I. Condolences to her family. Can that. That he sees other west side there. They're recount that day. So let's say until I have sandy. I'm stand side and saying things. Well another happy sad you know that miss Evelyn Murphy out on the penalties birthdays a few days just a few days before you always do thank him for his son unfazed by it and when you know something is happening where it's not alerting me on my FaceBook to FaceBook birthdays I don't know what's going on. Hi I just want to. Income groups say happy birthday to Evelyn as well she and I was talking to this morning. And again birthdays are good but also one is saying. Thanks or tell everybody who actually made it through arm off. And all of our families than we ever worry about last week I'm I'm assuming your brother did. Fair okay this time they had literally no damaged other than a power being out and some leaves and that's. Pool nothing and yet 'cause he's I have far East Coast so it. And low enough that it wasn't one that would kind of went back and signed an hour over so now he didn't thank us just power and that's bad enough but power. Yeah especially in Florida via. They have had been and I. And muggy and here are my brother got back from. How Orlando where he thought he would be safer. But it appeared that Orlando took a worst hit and where he was near Fort Lauderdale. So he was very happy to get out of there and get back so I did have a chance to speak tongue because their power came on I think I wanna say Tuesday. Brutal. But he's he was so delighted that he can go to bed that night and sleep. With the air conditioning I. Now because it's been tacit spent and I think the power in and my brother's place would cause my nieces and my sister and I was leaving today. To go back to. Florida. And then I'm from friends of Myers had I'm he had two and his buddies when they wrap here for the whole month of lack of August against. Well into September and then they just stayed and they said their power just came back gun on. That's Thursday or Wednesday morning. South. Think about it. Complete mess and devastation from so many areas it's disgusting. When there isn't sliding or flooding and damage its under league when you see the footage it's. Looks like a war zone. Terrible. And why everybody kept saying. Happy to be living in northeast and actually I said that too is to you know what I'll take people are saved outtakes snowstorm any day yeah. Weeds so really I mean I hate the snow. But it's winter it's what it is but we are as we remember we said that would cap the other night how fortunate. I mean we are to live in this in this area and yeah so Soledad come. Yeah and I am I just wanted to tell the other show announcer and now that I just wanna tell you bowed. Webinar on hospice for remembrance walk is coming up on the thirtieth of I'm in September and McDade park. And you can register. On mine and has been WWW hospices hospice sacred heart. Dot org. Or show up to date other Antony de registration begins at nine at the walk begins at ten it's in wonderful. It's our second annual lump and I was a great time last year and right now at the number of pre registered walkers which is almost. 400 we are at what we did the day of last year while and it's two weeks out and Scranton everybody's play tons of teams we have I think there is a 25 for 26 teams. The if you have a team of five or more you get a fight to find out discount off the perm walker charge. I'm T shirts and Brett a light breakfast and luncheon an ice cream truck and a balloon release and DJ and photos and this is going to be faced paying and a mural it's it's going to be great so work. We're looking for and what it is is bids in the people walk in memory of their loved one and it is very thoughtful day did you know brining it is just a mile around the condoning gay. And I'm back up to the pavilion and it's a very thoughtful peaceful kind of remembrance of your loved ones yeah. The sound. Anyway that's happening on the thirtieth. On September to declare for the 12 November 9 it'll be two years so my uncle passed from. He was about us as a sacred heart again so I'm. And pitino was somebody came in yesterday we were having our walk meaning down at the center for education and a woman came and strap something off. And she's someone I don't know who she was there where she works but she's someone that works with hospice and she came over to it to say hello to someone who was sitting at the end and and enjoy sharing non neck and she can moment tour. And she said excuse me for interrupting but I just have to say and you this organization does incredible. Work so thank you. And you know she said don't mean to interrupt but who's not gonna wanna hear that now I mean that's just it is they truly don't every one of them. So. Came along way in thirteen fourteen years Diane Maldini leave net charge is so it's just unbelievable. There so I am. But yeah that's. The work they do is tough land that is it is very difficult. But thankfully okay they asses home after a moment. An uncle time did he was that his decision. Was mine you yourself Patton. And cuts yeah I mean he has it hidden and told. Then there was nothing more they could do in the hospital. And so we had a choice of a couple different hospice places. And I asked him if he had. Any preference and he said no and I said then in or maybe you want and I chose correctly yes well. Yes here's how it does and it's fine and I and I was very happy with the with the entire process. I thought that the people there were incredibly compassionate Hong Kong. And that's when out of their way to do things to make people feel comfortable. Really out of their way. Not what I would expect. So many my standards are too low I don't tumbled as I just think that they do an extraordinary show. Well it's it's it's a day that it is taught and it is expected. To end. People stay people they are and it's the work. Ethic there and it's what they believe and I mean it is it as they say they holds every moment sacred and that that is stroke. Soft. I'm. Also. If you believe it would give a shout out to the cultural centers having their 10400. Party coming up their reveal parred eight drawing party I guess I should say. I'm where they will. I'm auction off with a hundred dollar ticket they won't auction off of 101000 dollar prize a 5000 dollar prize and a 2500. Dollar price. Along with almost a hundred. Other baskets. Or gifts that you can win it when they pull on your ticket based on the ticket that you purchased. And the most they're selling is a thousand tickets. So your chances are really good. Confirm it's for really good guess. Correctly and I got the biggest hits the ball Sean kid that's. And I are talking about that last night because my my mom said it. Food food deep into the well dead have to take because my mom and my mother buying a ticket and it ice again the next time you would think she'll have her tickets and and now I'm my niece is where with Preston that we Brad now afraid outside shots Alfredo and down shoot eight we. Could they were saying what is is so we explained it they said 101000 dollars and Sudan we and I sit and my one of my dearest friends and my radio partner won the 101000 thousands was RH. And Meyerson was so funny because we were sitting with Eric Kelly may announce your name she stood company mimic Jim he stood up and she went Sox. And it was exactly what you did he goes it's exactly what I simply isn't the most demonstrative person so. That what Mayer just did was a lot for land. And this might I think I was so what do you are six Japanese debt. Yeah yeah and good current good error. And so I mean it really. Happens I mean it really happens Tinny majority won the five an era Malloy won the 2500. I mean real people that walk around Scranton iron in winning this money so easy it's if it's a fun time and it's. A good time so that'll happen on the fast six of October Lan cast Friday night and my brother Jenny. I can manage beer distributor and senior health care solutions are the sponsors again this year I'm great post. I'm dubbed the I'm drying party at the conference in October fest party yes that's October there's an compositing end and you know the decorations are great yeah all kinds of German ask food and it was it's a lot of fun yes we just had a good day and games like fun games and stuff so it's gonna be good one so anyway. I'm so happy birthday to miss whenever a school. The and so we are going to. Be back with our dear friend meg and from DR EC. As are one of our guest experts followed then by doctor Byron talk that's selfish. Stay toned. You're listening to Larry and show will be right back. It's Saturday morning with the Korean Lin now. Delivery inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening do. Hello are you make. I now believe it or not I'm Lori candy owner Larry Chad mentioned I. If fundraising PRI special events business in my name is live them. Enzyme president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women available on And one of our guest experts today the first one of the day right yes first try as we ask you this week would do is from the veterinary referral emergency center and her name is Megan is am I pronouncing this right to teach panic panic ten. Megan Catholic. OK so Macon panic is certified veterinary technician. Who has worked at the veterinary referral and emergency centers since September of 2011. She worked with doctor don't know but as is surgery technician in Philadelphia. Prior to moving to northeastern Pennsylvania to rejoin her as an emergency vet tech. She moved to the internal medicine department in February 2016. As the lead technician. Her responsibilities include day to day oversight and scheduling and staff. Within the department as well as continuing to provide outstanding patient care. And support for clients. Welcome. Hey Megan Kyra I'm I nervous no good here. It's completely hit narrowing the field and with the way you scare people she's right. You've just got to bank in Phoenix series he. We're gonna talk today about. Some inappropriate animal behavior our own kind and what that means and meg is gonna talk to us about it. These oil look for and how you can help to diagnose some of the issues that may be behind what appears to be. Simple inappropriate elimination. So does their right. It's sort of thing okay I will go ahead straight lire downtown are gonna talk about inappropriate or nations in the home whether it's a cat or dog. Sometimes they can mimic other things. They can start out as possibly a behavioral issue can. Maybe your cat wants to go and litter box. Usually uses a litter box then maybe all of a sudden he does little that little litter box and owners and maybe he uses your mantra around. I happen yes Patrick kind of finicky. But is sure Urquhart and what Sabrina mega social intra kiddies they you're litter box could be thirtieth and it only gets. He may not have enough litter boxes freer kitty she's on number litter boxes is one many have litter box per catch your household. Yeah I moved my company owner or snuck no. Another reason could be your she could be having eight a urinary issue. Whether he UT a horror some things so you know bothering his your referral area. We think of any other reasons to keep you can go outside of the box. A kidding way but. What about if it's a Catholic I ate like a dumb thing Katie meaning can OK good because I'm making sure because I say that I cannot cast CK yes it's a tank so big you know I'm Megan what I'm. I know the people and I saw a friend of mine I'm thinking grants to tap in my hand had the issue with the cat it was an all their cash and when she got mad so to speak. Chad skin that cat yeah she would go on them. Curb in her room on her bed and she would she would tinker a hundred and and and I'm like it's almost like it was. I am if she wasn't there enough for bush it was just easier oh yes so so it is that defiance like. Yes really behavioral could be a little bit of separation Anglia. IBM. But something really do you see who wins pets did have frequent yearning tract infections that could be one of there. I wanna I don't when he used the term loosely some go. Something that they have regularly if it would trigger their owners who knows its they have they're having insurance episode. The cat would nearly usual litter box but when they seem to have an irritation and good into a flare up of the UTI. They used in appropriate areas and the home and it's just because they can't how bad right they can't get yeah fast enough made her feel leak they have but each guy uncomfortable so it's a kind of feeling that I have to go PM to go pinata peace somewhere. Tilly. Which would kinda ventured to the owner that. Come and gone on to cat it's not quite OK so they are doing unintentionally because they want you to notice yes I had you know and so you pay attention there's something wrong yeah. What about dogs. Good folks can do that to come soma things factor into that are hell does a dog. Isn't it geriatric dog it'll open it up there and it needs just to teen teen that. You know is a dog you are so let's say you're just not really paying attention to it. You can bet my dog my little one and I hear this from everyone when I asked god bless and neither of them are with me anymore but. Because they both have done. The rainbow man who ran. Estranged. She and but the little one who was alas I'm so she was a little bold take. So I think it was almost like again behavior because I think she would just do. He's doing it to do it I mean she was stand there look at me and just stand there and thank auction. And I would see it it would treat me out and she would just do that is not a all the time but occasionally she would do it was almost like if I'm wasn't home the day before as much or. Whatever was it seemed like she was. Dean Pioline and I don't see. She looked right at me and I did you little moon. Yeah I I personally have a I think she's 12 o'clock. Rode English Bulldog. I think she's Japanese viewers you're shooting until he's drinking a lot and urinating on home hot. She probably went outside about four times today since my mom's retired and can do that. The issue though she urinating overnight so it was kind of a cause for concern for me she's a bit of you know he's not here entry category. So I brought ensured we did some Lundberg I just wanted to make sure that she wasn't a diabetic. Amar doctor Ferguson for internal medicine didn't ultrasound. She founded. Heard you know planned handle it and since then mom was a little bit larger than any other Clinton is an indication that she'd could have. Beastly. And and an issue with that to them we had to test her to really do need to teach stimulation test to see what is going almost her adrenal glands. Essentially wrote about the fact that she's not a diabetic. Could diabetics do year Ernie and years and a stranger to drink so I realized in the home inappropriately brain. So based upon that he's another she was now an Estonian. We play are you happy it's. Complain Hughes said that I think he wants to hand me. It's it's a disease process when. I can we get the trunk and then there's not enough of but it's an illness is saying it's an illness. It's an illness that they need medication. To and balance remember making you're not the doctors so. Thank you remember it is okay did you don't know it all I'm running out was it isn't it is in now is his music Dmitri and mess that was the medication he. Am a pretty much has happened is we got her that medication. And her urinating and and drinking on house kind of Pinochet seized and she got better well yeah. OK melody are very treatable well this is a truly good limelight for a bullseye hit any American did you similarity in the English English balls yeah. He's a CNN her her mother appreciated her to fourteen. And wow yeah com that's create. What other animals do they all have I mean I guess they all do everybody can act. Sort of weird or bizarre for the day or having emotional or like you said behavioral issues but to while hiking like to say you bird. Like them do you know anything did you guys treat burns there and now associated no peace kitty ES secede but I did the auction I am assuming that everybody accede disease and then animals out my yards gross and rabbits and all those things they act weird sometimes timber CMX Scott and now I can ever say that I you can learn a squirrel don't weird things. It's it's a squirrel thing it's not only are having even if your door or yeah I mean what thing but she's okay. The mileage as a connection to antagonize him and just say nightly on a daily daily things above the weird PM a big difference unless free and feeding referrals on a daily basis of those people who don't I don't older I know I go again announcing. But so what do what it's what happens in a situation like that. When you have animals that say it is in the medical and it's behavioral what happens what's the best way to do it it takes a little bit of restructuring. I am a matter of getting them outside more often is there and retention and there environments. From a cap perspective it is there more than one catch. Can household. Do you have enough litter boxes for that cat is like cash stressed out. Don't need to. Not a happy Katie nice and a litter box. Well. So you imagine what would make a cat stressed out. Cats at a bar only animals can now lay around look at bird's eye because they couldn't get the birds through the window percent. Me and he had asked are you crazy to think can't get to the yes and yes it's some of the rare and things I mean there could be a stray cat outside there really upsets us. And I do we have sleeping you don't know they contend they end it smelled bad because that might be a male OK okay. Raise your adoring I can't smell butcher inside cat smelled and it really upsets yes one out. Yeah I noticed that that there and I have to yeah. One of them may be over at the door and see one of these outside cats go by eight. So he would just flip out and run over to the top of the couch to follows the cat outside. Then run over to the next window and it's the cat comes up on the porch even though the door shut. She goes nuts dizzy trying to get out the screen or something yes so then if he can't then he turns and takes out his brother. And that's what they don't that they usually doesn't that would be hot gray one yes. Contrary directed anger yes well now and so that he does so funny I know what you do you see that you understand and you know what's going on ends temporary so that. The literally the other day I came home and they were to run an after each other like crazy and the and I could hear Calvin. Just crying because how this was biting your her doing so they're playing I guess I'm glad. I said OK enough trio who have picked him up and put him upstairs. And behind the door in the bathroom and bedroom and said you need time out here I'm I'm nice guy. Did you scratch at the door put the earth let this Calvin went up and sat the other that I know. I and wait for me to come up and let him go. But the thing is he just was going crazy runner up all went down the furniture just go like a mad man so that's a NASA does a Strasser just yes yes I'm yes. No way that's a timeout NBA girl. Third part was kiddies to any stress they can you know get other issues. To the point where they're having problems urinating because they're stressing at all yet it's continuous stuff like that from. So he's an alliance and do do you think Megan and cats. Seem to stress more and then dogs or is renowned it's it just doesn't matter or certain breed is more. Freaked out and the others. Would say probably proudly casts. Cats are murders and yeah. And why is it tuna and this is just a weird question but what isn't that little dogs think they're 9000 pound big dogs and a less toxic approach. Did you notice that they want to be good they're like they're big and burly and little ones that's going after the month with a vengeance and there's just so calm you mean 94 pound your chair terror injured oh yes. I have curly hair right. Goes after who not only did anybody and everybody. He's napoleon's. More pounds very squirrel. I really where else yeah yeah she's the first year old. She doesn't know she's a little bushy thing she can think everyone's assuming I mean they think there's so and then you have these big dogs that are just so passive and guess what skewered terrorists are showing yeah. Oh my god mangan and tell everybody how. They can get in touch with you guys that's the GRE say we can you reach any time of day in 93 and 65 days a year. At 5705877777. I'm more than happy to help you out with anything even Snead I. Web site. I think the RE EC. PGA dot com right but they don't say thank you thank you very much and again. Don't tell me dogs and cats and scare with a dilemma IMAX stuff they do don't love them. Anyway mega banks did a great job thank you we will be right back you're listening this morning to go Lorena when shown doctor Barbara talk that will be up next thanks you. Saturday morning a little Korean DeLeon and look great inland. Welcome back everybody in the Larry him in so I'm fine and he'll look like ten enterprise. Fund raiser PR sexual offense doesn't. My name and whenever and I'm the president and CEO of north. Eastern financials and homes. Where she only financial planning firm and cars unless I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Care free find answers your baby boomer women available on And one of our guest expert today is doctor Barbara punt that. Who is the owner of a chance gynecology at Tokyo and Scranton Pennsylvania. Welcome doctor punt snap. Good morning. Good morning no. Here we are. Gonna we have today. Of the new product on the market that I thought we would chat about very actually and we talked. And other than discussions about bowl bar vaginal actress beat. Changes that we he would meant to cause. People would say you know drainage and I'm difficulty in that area over the world. I'm so when we start talking about the Janet Kelly urinary symptoms of mental it. That animal trying to send one of those symptoms and atrophy. Or that inning of the tissues. Is the likely cause of those problems. So we talked about it many times we used estrogen cream can lead to a different nephew products. And more specifically we've talked about it would be of the new later the army the touch which had been a fabulous addition. For this problem and it is a non hormone all methods of correcting the dry net cash and the atrophied by eight. I'm using the CO2 laser you come read by July HD. Shoot them put them back into in a normal healthy way. We actually had great success using the Mona Lisa paction and I still feel that that I mean the great offering and then I'll tell you about why I still got has had a mole. But there's new product that has come out. It actually the FDA approved it last year in 2016. I'm but it is just coming to market now and this product is called in the trunk road that. Intro broad dusk is EH EA. Now we talked a little bit about PH CA only talk about adrenal hormones. Adrenal stress adrenal that he was the word coined by very many people in years past. But bta is its own hormone is made by the inch Reno grand Richard tiny little plants that live on top of kidney. And it hit Scott NBA hormone. The good about DH TA is. It's thought they they've. Creed hormone for the production of other hormone Kiley say that if you wanna make sure you have enough DH yet available because DH GA turned into other things. Current and it turned into testosterone. Or estrogen. And I think that's where. The role of this new vaginal VH DA is coming into play. Is that it is somehow converting into an estrogen like substance if not actually in itself. And it is used as a vaginal depository. It has been a little applicator so it's not typical TU. It is meant to be used on a daily basis. Make comments creeks filled to little Catholic eaters. And it has shown QB increasing the helping a code of vaginal tissues and preventing. The driving factor they did study you compared Q our usual things like the vaginal tablets in the vaginal estrogen cream. And they founded QB I'm similar in it to be in could act connect efficacy. And they actually study did over a 52 week period of time so holy church. And they didn't have any concerns. Other than a greater than 2% chance that the vaginal discharge which you could imagine might be an issue using about Joseph depository. So I do think that mean having an yet another means of controlling vaginal atrophy and the symptoms associated with that. Is the great thing to have. Me a couple of questions that came to my mind that I was looking at this new product was. Well what about blood levels and we measure of the level is this a problem. And this study that has to have been done so far. Did not show any measurable levels in the system now they also say that it hasn't been on the market long enough to guarantee that that's not the case. I'm but just as we talked about using vaginal estrogen cream they're really aren't measurable level that we worry about. Causing uterine cancer and breast cancers and things the bachelor that I think the thinking is going to be similar for using this vaginal DH GA. They are not recommending that we use it in breast cancer patient and that is where I still think the Mona Lisa touched. Guess inevitably out rank any other option because Mona Lisa being not meant non hormone all. It's a answer to people that have breast cancer. And knee had a vaginal dryness and had not absolutely use any of the other therapies on the market especially when they've been newly diagnosed. But outside of that population of the people on breast cancer. And they also say you wishing you the the people with undiagnosed. You know abnormal bleeding which would make sense also. But outside of the population. You know vaginal PH GA unknown and in true road dashed could be an option for up with a spot dryness. Barbara when you play you talked about C Marlee says the laser treatment that it none. Hormone all which is what makes that such a great idea because then you'd have to worry about. Methanol the hormone. But if she defended the case and there are. I'm other conditions that would probably. Respond well to non hormone treatment. Aren't there other. Opportunity is a possibility. With this kind of technology down the road that you couldn't see that a rather than. Having take it rather taking something that have to go through your entire system and speed something that would potentially wreck. Wreak Havoc with gear hormone levels. If this is so effective that Marley the program is so effective and getting to the source of the problem. Wouldn't there be other applications for that. I. Yes then you know I and it truly the putt on the Malik is it's not yet covered by insurance whether it will be or won't be and it remains to be seen so while it work. Wonderfully well I've actually we've also been using it for skin condition of Lichen sclerosis which is also way. A man upon the Laura hormone only shifting change in the end. We've had great success with people that haven't done well with you know prescription creams and things about torch. So while this great application of the later and it does work. It is not a covered entity spell this inter Rosa. PH CA. In the FDA approved. It is now getting into some of the insurance plan and of course there's a coupon code that you commute so they have your co pays that no higher than twenty dollars. But he medication so it becomes in the realm of reasonable. From a cost perspective. I would also add that I huge DH EA. In general Kerr patient. That I want systemic levels I measure blood level tricky GA because I know that DH PA levels decline with age. I know that DH PA levels will go down with excessive stress. And I know the DH EA support all of your brother hormone. Still I actually don't mind having systemic level the DH and I don't feel that it puts you at a risk. And I am very comfortable monitoring those leveled and keeping them within reach we heard oral tablet. Four other folks who do have hormone Rowland found that trying to achieve normal levels. So I don't feel that there is risking losing vaginal PH TA. I think that we may see that it it it's another. Option for women who struggled terribly without symptoms. On the one of the largest complaint thanks in my practiced factional trying to bag you actually teach painful intercourse. It it's really a huge issue and Oprah Meade can find yet something else to be able to offer patients is just a great. Our opportunity. I really surprised that you're actually getting women to a man. That they have that issue. Because the Atlanta. I think that you know and dweller so much of man upon her colleague and something we never talk about we give in Zurich. I think it'll go one I think that's not talked about they actually did the same company did this the F study. And you know they they look at the percentage of responders that talk to their physicians about this. And almost 50% put upon the women in the United States never discussed their mobile vaginal atrophy symptoms with their health care provider. You've got one right on the head do you really proprietary with that show. Yes so wired and that I hold. America at trauma and death do you think had they done the study merchant done women who have. Female gynecologist vs women who have male gynecologist. At I don't think that they looked at that they didn't car about that aspect and that of. Course could make a big difference for me only yeah only in any that my patients they that can meet that they fine yeah easier to have that conversation. Or I'd bring it up at the time of the encampment they oh by the way this is what I noticed. Do you have. But I and then I see that the patient color has changed or that the integrity of the issues into less than it might have been five years prior. I contain them very you know easily you know do you he would pick and ABC your geek and I think we had something for yo. Yes because it's so much easier there's safety in numbers you know so when you know how to understand that. It and you know you're not embarrassed about it you know they mean it and you shouldn't be but we are because it's such a personal thing how. I think it's easier with the woman but that's just my opinion. Yeah an up and of course they didn't look at that would this study Melbourne and that's the you know provider and patient relationship dependent that. You know it really difficult subject it is yeah people have a hard time bringing it up and that's why I try to talk a whole lot about these things. Because they think that you know we have them we we have the Mona Lisa we had these creams we have. I'm repositories we have all these other things. And I I just want women to know that they have options. Oh yeah. And then you also think that women find it more difficult. To admit to. I'm well I think part of the pace maybe this is just me. So proposing health and on this but I think the fact that. That what you're talking about refers to. Any kind of sexual activity. And of itself is something they don't wanna talk about because Greg you know I Erica hill we've got the issue of vaginal dryness. And we can't not think that you can clinically. Diagnosed and the got. But the fact that you may be having any kind of problem. Went. It's painful intercourse is not something that most women would we wouldn't go there we might talk about the clinical issue. But nobody would talk about the other piece of it. And I. And I don't think I other world. My vaginal Blatter world. You know vaginal activity contributes to overactive bladder. So people have heard in theme frequently and I can I can also talk about that side of things as well so. It it'd a hard subject and we you know we we do wanna be able to make sure that we make people feel comfortable that they can bring this up. And then we have an a multitude of options for people to try I. Yeah yeah thank god. And a great open I thought that for the good new product on the market. And barbecue that people may now wanna talk about it but that's why we like this show could do that. That we go where most people won't catch in the end that discussion in a very polite way it and a very polite way what. You know cure lip and killed and it had to cut it to send a bank. And we if they can what let me show the Big Apple actually. Why plucked her gynecologist and you can make I think can't get back. That's where you learned the most. Well you know okay now wait. Out for a little bit if they don't really like the topic come in no no they don't don't know. Is the topic a big impact on the loved London and in a sister and what I really wanted to talk about you know. Well the bottom line is people listen now that's a good thing well good and Barbara tell everybody where they confined him. I'm far opposite located across from regional hospital I at 743. Jefferson avenue in Scranton too her phone number is 5703449997. But I would love to CN have a conversation and talk about options if it is something that. Might help you out. A kind of underground will thank you thank you. Fired and thank you live and then again and make sure everybody wish there. I lent the happy part thank. So we will be back next week thanks for listening everybody have a great weekend. Be safe and please be nice I. By that I.