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Saturday September 2, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. This don't you only gain ranks and now Gloria weigh in on don't lie okay. Good morning good morning how or why did give me. Wonderful. I'm just so you send him standing when it as very listening today as you are listening and is now officially September. And he meteorological. Summer is over and now. The other one when they can't match chronological line announced an actual but yeah from the one that some knees solstice so though whenever. It's. Some summer solstice. Tomb. Leaves falling out but we call something that the Vernal equinox the autumnal equinox. Good. Stay close and there. September something 121 they had so that this still technically. Summer. But from the mean your own live out your outlook meteorological. They consider. I guess we're done I don't know maybe Enron and finally and in deed to get element shows that occurred in answer our question on the all from the guy and sixteen. Snedeker who don't know the other let. We just say good health care is because we know school starts to take this summer's here. Yeah labor day's gone. And we're looking forward to Halloween. Thanksgiving and Christmas this year or we go all that's all that. Hey there we go. Now so if you look for wood to those kind of things somehow if things don't seem as long I think I agree. Think as you think about I was I was singing at this today. Thanksgiving will be MGN in November watch funny for its Honey Fitz something like mad this year I don't know the exact date. And that is just in little lake under three months so if you look back to where we wire. Mean to be here now. And you think oh my god it's I had the whole summer I was going to be forever. And I was caused by so quickly but so does every other month well I think even winter months even January and February they did he do it goes life just goes by Nicole oldie get the quicker Gaza thank casinos. Yes there really I don't I don't understand. This is like I remember being kids and being. So excited about it being summer vacation the only time that does come in time does not go by quickly. Yes she is when nick EU are on a spinning bike. A bit angry at just like info I. Despite many classic and spinning peddling. At the and it's only ten minutes so actually I miss so if you wanna live life more much more at a slow pace even though you're spending your rear off the spinning class do it because it goes by very cloak slowly. How am what I will be starting again Glenn how are you there now this is yes because I've been very. Very guilty about none spinning but I thought because your knee was fine. Now let me ask Pitney thing as. A light years old and I didn't speak a heck if I can spinning I would say about eighteen months I have not been. But I have a little I'm a bike get home that I don't want occasionally but not as it's not spinning so I need to get I'm going back and made my. Commitment to go back after. In September so that I must start again. How many times a week to do well I'd like to go did this is why used to set myself up to two. Not tit to fail so to speak because I would not necessarily have a good trying to fit everything and so I'm thinking if I even good three. Three spinning classes in a week that will be a story that will be good. That's my goal on both ways star do you start at 45 Mel yeah. And the best thing is this like it's it's just you know they cease like Greg no I think it's so you don't forget I mean he do ST you still again because you sort of have to build up there. Turned back a better term nobody callous of near the rear their injured sit on the bike for so long in your nights do it I'm in any year muscles but they do come they do kind of remembered quickly. I mean I've done this before it was taken what. What when I've taken some time off and then go back. But I'm going somewhere else I used to belong to the wire when the kids were little and I am but that's all I was doing was that so sort of wasn't who I didn't I thought you know what. I so there's a a place of several my friend including JoAnne Cummings. Yeah spins at I think it's called studio LA down to write off of green ridge street it's right down the street from my house so yes yes. So it's. Perfect and I'm. That's one month ago and may slow down yeah yeah I don't know her but yes that's that's. And everybody talks about it and they love it and JoAnne is a big fan as you know and nine. We do we debts from many joint south. That's good and I was over there to see her and I love places. It's cool 'cause it's like an old garage or something Rabe. But the one thing I and why am I doubt in his garage door was open Mike running the bank area and which is cool because unlike. That is really neat thing to be. Outside doing stuff method they were outside but the world is so open about to feed so you see them spinning end. There's a core of my neck I was gonna say is that the that particular. The biggest area of the garage is where they do is as rumba class CEO knows about harming Holloway knows zoom box and highlights the bike. Yeah makes. I wish I could do what. So much now I have no interest for their money is a closer great thanks for what it is they say they have fun but I. Like spin room. So. Anyway starts spinning time go by a slump and so but anyway that's. My so that's one of my new. As they say even though this is an official new year Scott office to file its time after you have that can be done. Summary I always feel like you need you make some new changes yeah. The main more than one would say for our new you I don't do New Year's resolution so so I use this as a fall time to do things like that's. And it's not even a resolution as much as it's. I am I wanna get back into and I'm supposed to go south okay. And by the way I just have to tell you that I was at this is just done a good plug but. I couple months back was ad and I'm crackdown over the moan. Okay and in the fog that's used on it now Kathy Davis owns going to milk I know that. ES and she I met Harry never hadn't had never met her and I met her when I was in action and I'm she's so lovely woman and so and it's still it's there and like doing things as they transition everything. Since I was in the story of the Monday and I do a lot of things there but I was in there and there was. This pillow and it was sort of like a Muslim material and the colors beyond natural Muslim and just like an off whitish creamy color. And it had big blue letters Scranton and I thought I love that like. I said I and I mean again that it was very black style and and I said yeah I said he and who would you other. Can I get one that says west screams. Did you get anything you want I'm oh good. Just today the reason I'm saying is and just reading in a text. She draft my pillow my fan my house finally and it's it's a white ish you know creamy Pella and it has. West Scranton on and so that was made from my outdoor power I'd got it from my out my from right I'm front porch. But I think Eminem I have to proudly displayed inside somewhere now. Well you know west side of the best side. This is something the wintertime yeah. So anyway just a little shy they're wearing over the moon. You're an obsessed Scranton yeah I was watching last weekend's fighting and I remember going. Without actually adding deal I didn't watch it but when I is that really well did he can't play the whole game no he didn't they didn't put him in for the whole game they're there. And I are buddies I don't think so I didn't see exactly from the beginning but I know one point somebody said my groin was in. So I was watching him and he deserved what really good job for us first shot out there where he's old. And they did a good job he really did good and he's got some good receivers so was trying to make these some dynamic there and I hope I helped out works I'm causing. Closer to home yeah. And just got married him he announced so yeah. And I told you I had and I never really officially met him but I told a couple weeks back. Right after he got married he was at scam lens with his new bride and Paul his dad yeah and we talked and I say you know congratulations. And good luck this year and he he's getting real nice kid. Some and the fact that he's a west and it makes it even better person westside this in the house and Philly and veteran stadium so what is called still. Know what to call. Outside of outside of the show and it is. Sherry from Comcast doesn't know how I have no idea how will have to go the way I'll tell you who menace but anyway I'm. And everybody was listening on the guy's and saint. Stadium. That I can hear them like they're saying out loud did you ever talk to the radio is so people are gonna hear what you're saying when you're out west I'll. At any time I listen to talk and they sang I can't I'm not and I know the answer I like yelling at me as though they can hear me. This plan. The stunning yet since it's just I can't so what else going on end in the neighborhood can't think because. Friday coming up I'm well authority passed by the time realist thing Lincoln Financial Field okay that there we yeah yeah. It's and the weekend of the you know look fastest time yeah. So I was first Friday bright 'cause his first read it was all right last night has reached yet you're listening. I go where it's the first Friday now of course instead. I don't know I have Nat it's I don't know I'm gonna do yet I have not gone the last couple years mostly because. Clinton correct path. Everything I love it there you can meat has gluten and it and the things I don't love plan. Isn't that nice eleventh believe mates there were times when shy and when he was younger enact gun away and he missed around for the weekend. He would say amount to really get some pizza free do so could you drive me off. I called G and because it wasn't like he we each had gone before so. Like on a Sunday nine hits and so he'd I'd drag him laugh he'd go right near the stand he gets them bring them back we cabinet. Owned it was like hey where is just so good at everything there is good business. That's really good I don't know me Uighur places who have gluten free stuff that we'll have some I'm sure although who knows maybe they don't because event because they're outside the facility hone house. But I only thing I don't like me and the and this is something that this is a personal. Feeling about saying it's personal preference. It usually. In the garage area of the courthouse you know there's some good idea yeah yep. There's always been a stand there may be they know they're not there anymore. But they were from Brooklyn and they had pastries yes. And there's just something about those pastries I don't know what it was there no matter what I tried I didn't like you've known there was something that they use and maybe it's they use something that in mind is to make sound good instead of being insulting is that the people from this region make just as good if not better than people coming in from Brooklyn to sell you trying to say now how that's a good look did you say they. It the law Helena and saying is that I just however they made some good I just. Don't care for our you'll pastry personal really and I am really a well that's the reason really. That is the the reason I. In all honesty Italian desserts and am I I could. Never in the have it in I won't because I can't but I would never I don't care about them but I think really from having been around my husband's family. Yeah they don't since the normally. Eat pastries for dessert that they always have fruit. But it always does. But there's truth at the table for dessert. Yeah so I don't know if this pastries thing is an americanized. Version of an Italian dinner whenever. But it's just I don't think so they're maybe not deserted maybe it's like they grants that I think are okay distant some I don't know 'cause I don't know anything really anything about that. But I'm not a big fan of that stuff I like. I give me a pot in their anything else they make I love but. Suites are now ninth and with them. Found it just doesn't like Irish sweet you know I wish just make holiday makes such great sweet. Do want. Here you go well it's true I'm saying women or Irish should be well and we make good highs should Irishmen known a little bit more because there's Foley. You can get traffic remained grateful. So button cookies and pastry and stuff that they will make at home but I wish women tend to make them well like especially price. You know I and yes I tell us on yeah. Yeah anyway so I'm since mr. I'm sick until we'll be right back you're listening this morning so Larry when Shia. It's Saturday morning with the Koreans live now. Hillary and let him. Good morning. Good morning. When he was whenever you sign the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of the book called power of the purse. Chair freeze finances your baby boomer women. Available on So I want you know time. Hello and with Larry can and the honor of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business to. And just so we know Kathy record is half Irish. How are let's just go back to that Perry's final catch and Kathy down only agreed when she came in during the break that yes. Irish women can make pie is not all. But sun and the problem is that you get lumped in the Irish get lumped in with the English who really don't have. Food isn't the greatest post some of the Welsh I'm how often how counter status if there are wells cookies they are the best that I don't agree that they are the best friend and is this Gillen and of itself says the what kind of do you have the skill to do that yes this really sound byte generation yes indeed hamper your mother yes. My mother learned from my grandmother. Migrate your father's the Welsh side don't so that's twice and how about your mom I know I'm not seen you learn to okay. Okay. It was just like boy do we know us on the heritage of the children both sides so I have to tell you my my best friends in high schools one to two GO and her mum was Welsh. And her dad was a 100% Italian oh this day her mother sauce is the absolute best. Deaths QGO is the best sauce maker in the world for me. And I apps as she did it was delicious as they used to invite me they had seven kids that they invited me to him. And she learned from her mother in law and I learned that as a young kid is how do you know how to do that so well. She learned from her Paramount airline a lot of people who aren't a bad nationality or some who Arnold can't cook necessarily as well. I love it when they said my mother. Timing baton I think that's Sony camp. That is good. I actually make a great salad dressing. Because my ex fiance is mother. Taught me how to may get to sleep and I and really within a big what. Addressing this it's in the Italian dressing it's absolutely fabulous and PL MS. Yes yes and people say to me when you make this out we you dress and I say capsule because it's really good what I could bodily can't tell you a bad. Oh. I can't tell you they are I'd have to kill you know my time. Let me know I use. Garlic and lemon juice and they're used girl yeah well sorry shin and I'll boil because I I don't I know a lot of people like vegetable oil amount that I like the olive oil and nobody sugar. Hand salt and pepper and my mouse and a little shot but I'm red wine vinegar. Terry had. Trust me you never got never made it frost delay you'll need to lie he did. Anyway I am in Flint sit and tell you about that a new app now. It's called joy. Either way did you get your absolute straighten out there and Sam's last week. When we had now tell me I had to leave remember I was until I shared JoAnne doesn't know I have to figure now. My distant Cohen our LL nutritious trying to help me but I had to go on this was. Come on joy and what's our well you wouldn't remember me talking played. A lot of times about. A company called learn fast to me at my face yet our right well if there's. This guy named Scott Saunders is the CEO of an online lending company called payoffs. Did not set out to build a personalized financial coaching app for women. In 2014 he began assembling a team that eventually included a cognitive neuroscientist. A marketer. And advertising executive and the data scientists behind the the goal to build an apt to use psychological testing. To match users of both genders with artificially intelligent financial coaches. By focusing on the intersection of money and psychology. They hope to minimize financial stress and maximize the pleasure. Users get from spending. And saving. App called joy. Launched earlier this month is free although users are occasionally prompt and to consider loans from the parent company pay gosh they apps. Artificial intelligence enhanced coaches. Ultimately took the form. Of animated and vice dispensing robots. According enjoys creators focus group participants. Preferred robust human looking coaches because robots seem less judgmental. Early testing yielded another important discovery women like joy more than men. So much so that choice all male team dividend and redesign their product. They brought in Alison broad. SP ROD. A PR firm that slices and beauty and fashion. To help create joys look and feel including its bright color scheme and balloon logo. Men are more than welcome to use choice Saunders says but the app is unmistakably marketed to women. Who remain in underserved market and financial services. Bill loved. Really. Although they more earning power than ever before and are more likely to control their own finances women are still less likely than men to use financial services. The problem according to Alexandra tossing. A senior vice president of fidelity is that the language of financial services as male oriented. Saunders goes a step further so the psychology of the existing financial system. Is that it's incredibly male oriented it's transactional. Power focused ruthlessly competitive. And based on literal conversation. Women tend to think more about their financial lives in terms of life milestones. Such as marriage divorce and taking care of children and parents. Men will get him more as competition. How my doing what's my performance and my being the index. And according to another person an accent Serbs that they say women are focused on long term outcomes so much more interest in the big picture. And how they can advance themselves. Most of what we provide as an industry hasn't focused on that. Which is not saying known in the industry tried. Learn fast was one of the first ones that came around in the Northwestern Mutual acquired learn best. And they have 101000 paying clients well that's pretty good. And just came out that no the suspend since 2014. Pounds so it's been. And then another one selling Krajicek cool lines to Allen best. And they do a lot of the wonderful things for women. So enjoy spending on it it's personalized delivery determined by a user's psychological profile and financial data. That was set it apart from the competition. The athlete asks first time users to take a five question quiz. Designed to identify the personality traits you know in modern psychology as the big fashion. Openness. Conscientious us extra version. Agreeable innocent and eroticism. Do you consider yourself tied Ian prepared to quit says they're disorganized and carefree. She created her conventional. Dramatic or com. Based on their answers uses is assigned to one of ten financed personalities. And then Brett enjoys robust coach is combine those results with bank and credit account information. To tailor their tone and feedback. The coaching becomes more individualized as stories robust gathered data on an income spending and consumer satisfaction. They're asked to rate every purchase they make according now I'm happy percentage made them. Every purchase and everything they paid for everything that users are asked to rate every purchase they make. According to us happy or sad it made them allowing the robots to track patterns and make recommendations. I think I think this is that this is fascinating it's it's an extremely interesting ways to approach. Getting women involved in financial services in a wave is so unconventional. And really is tailored to how we think the well and those five questions which are you what is the first two questions are you this well that how you eat column. You just said it yes I know but there. Sorry okay. Do you consider yourself tidy and prepared. Or disorganized and carefree. Now I'm one. I'm tiny compared mates who I mean I'm not always I mean I have paperwork as far as prepared but I'm prepared to do it to do anything. For most creative or conventional. Creative. Think I'm more conventional I'm not dramatic for comics what would you say I think dramatically. Affect. They get a ten and that's what it took a I didn't want me OK so those are some of the questions that they ask I think that's pretty cool yeah. So I really wanna go on in the NC this joy. And see this free did you say yeah how does that break. Well we'll have to check it out and CC we asked suddenly they like robots except for row LH. I would like I don't know Rosie the robot around my house where in a little exciting thing robot cameras are like what you might call avatars. I know I really cared enough. Mouth I guess at some point is that they're not intentional or not they don't really does occur I must be a reaction. Think those program as cola commercial you know on the guy in the one understand and the fund during in the bonus let's husband's first name. And did like keep doing it from the beginning and they're all on the ballot there would think that's. Why you've humans first and they got on combating. Foot. Might better than good month. Hello guys really look. Very humid it is amazing they didn't announce that still come on these things do we always get in these questions are you will grow back. And some some because they want to make sure robots can't. Process the information. I know boat while keeping the robot is sound there because of all of this has absolutely because robots go around they call them web. Whether web web broaden crimes or something. They go around and they just think they can go around animation you think that day's search the web is the web for anybody who's on and they try to grab. Oh I well OK in that regard and what I understand you now can't. I don't I didn't Dan I know but I just didn't know what's the correlation is why they're asking me like and you think Debra let's gonna say yeah I'm a robot. Now it doesn't say that it's it's that it's in what I have to choose those those particular. There's a grids and they might be nine different little squares and they asked you to choose the one that has street signs. Thank you know I. And once you sometimes it says this I am not a robot. Yeah you know sometimes it's like to check are you a robot is weird I'll tell tell you about them at times of great thing. The innings he continues. Today and you. Right you're not a robot we certainly know and so what else is going on in the world. In my mouth eyes and I was doing and vacations as well I know that those so I'm not and and you know. That's good when you don't go you know I should have done she just said I was gone away. Jesus is gone and didn't know I didn't Chile college I just wanted to be around he announced. And whenever so here we go. It's nice because I went to New York she. To visit Tammy Hayes was in for a couple days some iron I would took a ride out and we had dinner in he says the AC is that they ace hotel. And Tony ninth and Broadway which is adorable and then we went to his blocks down to that Smith which has five locations. In I'm. I New York City alone like I said I wonder why it's a bus Smith's very American restaurant really cool. And I so what is it Connie looked up and it says that everybody is a Smith it's something a school uncle. A Goldsmith a locksmith to dismiss the happy Smith enjoy Smith and so Smith isn't isn't now I think. Is what you are an expert at so that's that's called bus Smith's I think it's that was caught. And then I am. Not an issue here is I'm going to see the other child in Philadelphia for dinner because he's coming in from DC. To Philly to visit his preference for the weekend. So we'll be gap itself we are going to take a quick break we have the lovely miss Misha Ferraro with us and Daschle will be right back you're listening to Larry when shock. It's Saturday morning with the Korean Lin now. Look great inland. Good morning my name is Linda actions iron the president and CEO of north eastern time. Consultants. We're the only financial planning firm clarks summit and I am also the author of the book called power of the purse. You're free finances for baby boomer women available on And I'm Lori can be honored Larry cabinet France's richest fundraising PR and special events business in my laughing because. In just took the glass a sip of water system and you open. He swallowed hard and now it. And you know and I know this he shot she. Elaine with us is nation a roar as I said the before the last break who is General Counsel for ERA one source realty she ERA he has a man hundred agents in seven. Offices in ten counties are. I don't let me I am saying. Yeah. I'm not I'm. It instead. So what's happening in it for real estate needs to be sure I'm fine. And I see me at BCI have my license to let you know I don't really practice I'm bush. Very little regular newspaper ads even on Sunday and a huge it seems that the getting bigger I can be. I'm home showcase is that true yeah. You actually end. I twice in the eyes it was two years and I can get credit for I think that's a good times coming I think increased at and then also the Lucerne count mean version of the homes showcase. Time for the times leader is also they combined diesel to an area west books there. Think one big concern Kenny wants and Allen is actually even bigger than that Scranton times on but it seems like. Yeah yeah. The consumer targeted publication and people like I can Leno comes on how Wednesday's can grab it. We average high heat edit them gifted you know I can't look at it now it's easier I. Tabloid style so I'm and I'm not they stay Sunday paper subscription separate from. A weekday paper subscription so not everyone gets both. Right and a lot of people see the paper our accountant can we. House anymore I have an online subscription because you know. Clumsily trying to target. Both markets with our advertising. And they have sent online beat those showcases at Justin in tangible I heard Josh has been birds not. Mind seeing have to get the newspaper to get don't showcase. I don't know we don't. Every time where there but yeah 'cause. So it's pretty interesting I mean it was definitely up learning curve for me to learn about all the different advertising venues and methods because I thought my background at all. I marketing your advertising sound. I sometimes I'm surprised we've done. I love Internet marketing that we do also I'm and I Don and I feel optimization press bias that it is a CEO Adam. They're different things you can do for grew a bad man and being Danielle and other things from kids you know employers to send our offense. I got a courthouse this is true blue man oh man. You're not sat chatting your child really believe. Asia and it's completely different world. I'm doing what is it now obviously in the people will look to will. List for the for the farm market so Abby cash am what's gone on with ethanol anticipate. Inventories still. I'm record close actually by buyers are at all time highs. And especially in this area of the time buyer's hands not a lot. House is to show them solid sellers are casting good. Money for. What they're putting on the market right now. Mean I wouldn't say it's like inflated market you're getting fair value but you're definitely. Camp houses are going much faster than anywhere. Even six months and I'm. I Tabasco vacation homes second homes segment second home market. We deal with Helena hide out and drink some beer money mainly carry on and. There's a big second home market in Stratford and I Strasburg office deals left and they're doing they're going TO. If you're looking for is economic content to byline if you my salad I can comment either time to sell I'm Matthau market pretty much stays kind of fluid. Because it is my iron disposable income they're looking at second home. Japan says it. Gusting Guidant it's picking up. Until I was little bit sly guy gone too far vacation time. Aaron back to school and kind of backing and crew event. Back through their beach vacations then can I get a piece Haitians here. Now the well I got Banesha I had I was too busy work day. China India one need to know kind and a himself where exciting. Every lines and I spoke about that splashed out here to Annan to see cap sellers security programs coming eerie quite frank. So that's a really really cool program and it's not a gimmick they ever I think it's a gimmick I'm. But ERA is the only company offering the only realistic companies worldwide are for this program where. Do you submit. Well there's two parts to that one is called express fell and then. Other amazing seller security programs so basically if ER I can tell your house here you'll buy your house. And sad to say that I'm buying your house he's not really in the market to conduct its properties like. EU we as a company can apply it to consumers to the program through corn bread he ends at my house it's accepted. Errors. An offer that's me right at the beginning Nancy expressed some portion of it so. There's a pretty get an appraiser I. I and corporate earnings conference as well by this property from around I mean immediately for this price. I obviously it's not you know a full market price to the percentage using different formulas of a listing price. So then. Seller can man thank wait I already have this baseline offer I'm gonna keep his house on the market for three months uneasy if I get any offers over and above my baseline offer if not I'm Italian I'm moving into something else. And so they're obligated to sell after a certain period of time now now do it it's just got offer remains on the table okay I'm sure. I don't know how long not turn means on the table but you can get the offer right when their house is twisted so thank. I was at my house with your name and I'm islands to for a 100000 dollars they expressed a program I. My military ties and I property to the program my property it's accepted so obviously have to meet certain criteria. As we priced within a certain range of the appraisal value you have to get a home inspection and honored. 400. You know I think I'm certain rural move freely world properties probably are not. I'm except into the program and if there. I'd like to be a ligament mixed use property I don't think does except taking easily residential. But then. They express fell parliament and say you get an offer from our pressure 80000 dollars for the property. So I know I had an offer for 80000 on the table for my hundred my property Netflix and a 100000. I can thank you know. Money in my hand now is my valuable than money in my hand a year from now brain. And stay I wanna wait a year to dig at this property on urinary now in it's it's time. Content for the you have to buy another house through ER and. I'm Patrick and I caveats but it's a really cool different program incorporated is doing. I'm nationwide. Free lunch and it so we're looking forward to. She's getting in that white tiny Dudley. Gun. Sales. UCLA detail wasn't always so many years ago when I start to believe I'm here now ten years now. He asked and I am. I in was it was a big thing and then it was just like nobody talked to unknown when NASA I mean literally never had anyone ask me about it. So I always say or needed to take advantage of it so I. I think it and it's a good idea because it's something that nobody else does so that's that's a good thanks and even though they own or other companies ER raising. Only franchise drained mentally I growing franchise I. Seller security program and express. So I got it easy and I'm afraid to the rest of the franchise's. I guess it's sort of goes with how each company has its own niche TO. And Marmara that techie companies show. In the line of you know disrupt hairs and everything into every launching it adds. An intense to reconfigure the market on the pillow and all these other things. Where people are taking. I'm admire their responsibility for listing their house. On themselves rather than using a profession on and it provides another avenue for. There are reasons he's a real time or use a company like our company because. Although we are locally based we do have to the national backing so we are able to provide things to get to our clients that you know maybe. A small town company can provide or on a scale that at another company can't provide. Because we have a multimillion dollar corporate. We have giant behind us so. The way that things get put onto the Internet when he enlisted through our company are different than the way would be useless to your house by yourself and and until out. Thank all the back. Until our stop slash. Web spots and I mean mainland and so their reason realized a friend. So that's the stuff I've enjoyed learning about this summer. Corporate. I think. It went the programmers never shelved it was always there he had a lot of Maradona and tomorrow night and yeah I think can be looked out at. As they used to the wind advertising used to deemed too. And loved and just who never was then yeah I think now is. I mean I'm I'm advertised a lot ten years ago. Oh no thanks I mean it was really out there yeah but you know I call things just it is cyclical like on announcement until he used if there's no use reason Ford and Alan skilling has been. Why and it you know maybe that was just last piano now but I think I am. People sort of sign as a gimmick. I don't kind it's not really gaming Greg it's actually act that in program and I didn't tested and basically. Obviously corporate name you know in them the market of acquiring a residential assets are on the country but they did the thought process is if you apply. These criteria into your property it we'll sell regardless of play so it kind of gives you hanging. You bet and it tests aren't enough motivation to do the things he should do view I get your household quickly. And all those things they're saying how can within that you know the game realm of what's is accepted to be part of the problem is what you should be doing anyway. As you just said as an agent induce some of those things are nice I told you I always tell people pay for an appraisal. Hate like we can do a CMA but I would. And you know it's certified it's you know you're in deep you're getting any information do it I mean it's a couple hundred bucks to know exactly where you thought and then where you should pricing. The best thing ever happened when we did and the first house I listened with care when I beat Clinton came with your mount. I'm was and the lose our history and we we did an appraisal and we priced at end the week the day it the date. That I the first time of the day it went on the market I had nine. Agents in the door in two days and eight of them made an offer and four of them are already asking price poses a glory days events. I can't tell wasn't it Dell wasn't we weren't taught him I mean it was 2007. So wasn't yeah. That was an hour mark at the time really. Never really. I go far and that's before everything went down but I'm not so I'm saying should it wasn't exactly the but a boom time town's tiny we never really had a boom well Gary in Lincoln did in Philadelphia when I have got my license yeah I was really by nine. Well I never hear that wasn't here then that's why. Very Greg Monroe County had the loomed what. When you NASA picture baby wasn't here because I love Sydney I mean I don't mean it that way I mean I was yeah. Living here then. And Daniel struggled mainly into the younger not when I men are all. Here now why yes you're not. Oh and daisy boom. That's good I like to hear how. I don't miss in the show I am anything I'm going on in the world then. Sunshine and animals or anything there that we should know ERA is participating in wish any of your fat mothers don't traffic but. My favorite things no exit right now he's into combat. They're quiet ballad kind shelled out some iron leading teaching any and then skis my mom loves to go anything. I know that's when I get are on the way down and I'm sure I don't. Science and we've had very early morning conversations lately we have now yeah son that he's just cannot. Got back into our charity second round of bond. I'm a new member of the board and then chamber of commerce I'll see what we can hello I don't know ten yeah yeah. Hey I I. Sign and can't text and comes Tamara my eyes are tough for some rounds but I rice so Indonesia. And I'm. Tell everybody quickly how they can get bored and I am I website www. Hear anyone not comment inhumane to me in the cracks and office by 705 days and then 1999. If we don't thank you for joining us lynching Tokyo. We may have a wonderful. Long nice holiday weekend so we'll see you next week thanks for listening to beat please yeah. Be safe and she's been nice my I.