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Saturday August 26, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Does don't your weekend. And now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning and all of the cookies yeah sorry I missed them. Her mouth was promoted otherwise I'm I think otherwise I. Yeah. And leave them alone we I have nearly may have set allow I have to come around. So it's Thursday. Yeah. Well early Sadr really you're listening to us Saturday but I always have to make sure people understand this is Thursday that we take. Yeah since people once and sums it Q you were a little lean on them are what do I have my. I know because we tape on Thursday. Me are great bench and EST shout out some article in the other day. And a half French friend ES friendship IDS friendship house. Golf tournament at. Monday the 21 acts. Glen oak of course that course is fabulous it's not that I'm a golfer. Because my line is I sleep faster than people golf saw. Never thought I couldn't. I I was telling everybody. I can't even I am too wouldn't fidgety and I would be saying under my breath of course it did the S and subliminally with nineteen think there's. I say. Get grew up in all. Its. Salon for me is let's just I didn't think I would that there is a Communist too which I do like and I think you won't need that everybody needs him. You can get I drive turnaround and go rhinos and al-Qaeda or Texas I have none and you're good. But anyway the tornado was beautiful Elaine shepherd him Brenda this joke you shared it which is very nice to both board members of friendship house. And so of course our good buddy Jeffs bag man and Glen oak he was. He was great as always the staff they did a great job the golfers it was the most common golfers ever. And of course it's a wonderful thing friendship house of course your nose near and dear to my house. Hard I love them algebra under chairman of the board whose child is also had has autism and Al spoke beautifully and helped with the option and he did a bang up job. Really really good job. And so a few of us directors sat we decided to give it a shot sent. The one table together so I was dying embodied. And Brenda still key and Randy Williams and Andy were falcon McNulty and dead Peterson. And John tomko was in the house but Joseph was sitting with fidelity folks. As Tricia saying yes yes. And Elaine was sitting with Carol because they had golf together since Carroll has done so anyway sitting next to me after that long story was Marc Lynch. And he said I still listen even I can't Colin. Because you know how we always called him with his daughter when they ran out. And more English when he says god is doing great so big shout out to mark and then the day before that I happen to be I was just. How nodding with all of the armed country club folk because. On Saturday Sunday night Evian nine were invited by my eaten the mother of London tube to peace is John and John Foley. Coal iron my aunts and uncles through marriage step but I'm no longer married to distill my aunt and uncle. I love them they're my favorites so I. Stallone Eddie and I went up and had dinner with them at the Scranton country club land by the way which you and I have one it's a deal and I have to say. We had filet. And it was. Fabulous we went out on the porch when I was so we know we talked about data and I even called PJ and the balance talon. The next day how great everything must I had a wonderful salad and a filet and it was it was. The atmosphere there is just beautiful. And the food was delicious that's good to hear so just so you know because you know we had those folks on talking about the changes they're making their so that's always good so but I love to both of my country club nights I had so much fun I'm glad yes that's ends so I met Jim Barrett from Rhodes scholar and I was cousin a gem. McNulty who Andy what what is so I met him for the first time what a wonderful guy and he's not a fiery cab and I just isn't she won the radio the other day just for a couple minutes but. I and now I'm meeting accent never had the pleasure medium wonderful man so I'm. Nice to keep up the good work as he does all those wraps around the track to promote so let's just say that yeah dairy community and yes it's mine yet and I said keep up that didn't good works it's a wonderful that you do that. What a nice nice man so he lives he lists as bleak as what he was listening last weekend myself. That was my AM until a couple of days that was. Packed with plenty of good people. I was yesterday and fortunately that they need not the viewing because it was the viewing. Sometimes could tone her bill passed and I wanted to tell you then as I was going into the church. Coming across the street right at me. For two people that we know and one of whom has been a very good friend of the show can show Peters PS and his father Jean yes. And the first thing he said to me Joey genes show. First thing he said to me I still listen to me even though I can't call you and a volatile and that I should say the exact same thing. So he's just wanted to make sure I said hi DO I loved. And that was great so I'm I think every lawyer and like going out and then some showed up at that yesterday. And the lines of oh my goodness the lions went on forever it was. When you go in you are seated in a row I know that's how they do it now because it's the only way I. I couldn't believe it or just hundreds of T fun and it. Everybody in Alaska where five more coming now it was huge I don't know how long it lasted. Thanks how long reeling there. I was there about only fifteen or twenty minutes why. Because I knew that I had to get back for something and so I signed and then waited nine just thought I can't wait and you know I am not trying to push it and I longtime business. They had did you sneak into that I know I did not go. I I did not get there and I'm I have to say the judge to town he lives he and his wife John lives a block behind me she and I'm heat was. Truly. One of the most gentlemanly kind. I mean the stories that we're in the paper and he's he was unbelievable his his wife is equally now here's the deal with his wife his wife's sister and cat in the is married till she was Dan Quinn cat and she's married to. My dad's first cousin Jean cat in from Pittston trash cans from William street and instead. And they had seven children thinks that's underage and gene's wife and is judge could buzzed is the judge to Tom's wife sister and that would be his sister and she I just saw in. I don't care and family reunion in July and she's as beautiful as ever. And so we love the cat as we spent a lot of time with them from as when my father used to say the Pittston cabins. So unless I absolutely judge was he's an impact he's done just an amazing man an amazing that was really interesting to see a lot of people meant. I had seen in years and years and years and it's. I think every lawyer was theory is they just look at Somalia can have their assignments but if you look but the it was like this stick out don't they hadn't yet. You know let's say this in anyway I'm against this Biotech analyst tennis family hopes fears are so high end. This friend of our show he's been on the show service as well he used to do a show with me. And I'm Bob can Dario and can narrow and I am one other guy can't think of his name. And wanna save cost do blurbs and I think they can remember anyway he was a WNEP guy years ago. And we used to do one show on Sundays from twelve to two until. How long time ago and Joseph and I to capitalize on time he would be on mine and I would be and his show so we were here twice a a month which is always good so we yeah aren't satisfied but also I ended up going last night to Toyota had their Camry. I'm launch party at the Toyota this dealership there Camry their new Camry and along the launch of the new Camry. A party and a model yeah yeah I'll just say that can new Camry and how beautiful it is and anyway I Toyoda who is does so many. Sponsor shakes ships Greg and I'm Maggie and good gore can end once and I didn't know how they believe in this community they had that this big launch party so Mary Joseph had the innocent taking all come. So bunch of people from Broadway because they are that I. Season sponsor and the cultural center one of their season sponsors so it was very nicely attended by board members from both condemned Peterson and frank -- were both there and so. We went up and I'm Mary Joe's on the board of Broadway so we had that was very very nicely done dance to I said to Greg we need to have more things and here. This place is a great event space. So well Lynn was a beautiful night anyway and it just stay. It would it's just it's Buena funniest so many things that are Scranton based charity you know it actually reminds me of when you go wind fidelity branches you know I have to crystals and scenes of different parts of town on the walk. Well he has seen big electric city. Sign and it's I'm. Really need a Nextel anyway dad that's where I was last night. Okay it's crazy week for fun well time before. We just sort of. First break I just wanted to make sure I get this story can. Jessica's a fifty year old neurologist with the big secret. She has no desire to continue in medicine but she cannot see your way out. Her financial security is based on her continuing employment and or stress level is crying for some relief. She has supported and ex husband who was no ambition except to say for the alimony checks she must send him every month. Her three children are reasonably sane and have been graduating from college for the last three years thankfully that big bill is ending. She was able to keep all the balls in the air and hasn't graduated loan free. She believes now her desire to do that has significantly impeded her ability to retire. And have any financial security it was a choice she made willingly at the time but wonders if that was the wise this choice. She feels like she's working for everyone else has a pleasure in her life. No time for dating or hobbies it would be fair to any man to be involved with the woman who works sixty plus hours a week. And what free time she has she loves to spend with their children. Now they're moving on on their own a life for her might be possible. She's very cautious about spending money because she learned to scrimp and save while she pays alimony and college tuitions. Her plate is much empty your bladder habits are hard to break. She does wonder what your financial situation is like that she realizes she may in LAD assessment she cares. So she continues to stick her head in the sand. Just let's listen until webinar report from the AMA. About the vast difference between what women and medicine never earned as opposed to the man in the same field. She was startled by how that difference showed up and their respect their retirement accounts. That was the impetus to make her decide to put her big girl pants on and find out. Enough of ignoring it. When she came to see me she brought what she thought she needed me to see her tax returns her 401K statements. Her mortgage statement from the bank and her outside investment statements. Suffice for a meaningful conversation. I started by asking her. What are goals were for retirement. She and I thought about it and dollars and sense. I suggest we start by assuming she'd need what she was currently living on that appealed to her. I said parenthetically I always wonder why planners like to assume you would need less when you're retired. What does she want to ensure retirement and now live with less than you have now she hung really great. We did it quick assessment of where she was financially in what she want and where she wanted to go and so her amazement. She discovered her financial situation was not that rocky. I showed her how some additional years in the hospital perhaps without call might strengthen her financial situation and give her some security. As she explained to me she could easily put in a few more years if she knew why she was doing it. Having this information gave her a great deal of confidence to begin to actively create the next phase of her life not calling your retirement and you start. She began to think about where she wanted to live. Have you in my -- include your life medicine are not and actually consider signing up but I dating site for people over the age of fifty. Taking your head out of the sand proved to be the beginning of the creative process with freedom she hadn't felt in over fifteen years. She wholeheartedly agreed it was such early to know where she stood. The end. And we will be right back we have one of our guest experience joining us next miss Kathy record who is the owner. Cake designer Ford truly scrumptious will be right back. It's Saturday morning with the Korean live now. Don't really and. Welcome back everybody I'm Laurie can no I'm the owner of Murray can enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Lyn Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of the book. Ko power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women available on Thank you. And we are here as they said before with Kathy record Cathy is the owner and cape designer help truly and truly scrumptious which is in Kingston. Kathy welcome. Learning how are you doing great let's also talk about we have lots to talk about Kathy because you're talking to last about we were talking about. Keep saying talking. While we were going to be discussing today and you said he wants to. Let everybody know a little bit of what some plans that people getting married might wanna do all right. And and you see a lot of this and you see a lot of overlap be lost so I'm easy because of the caped. World you see that these you know what people are looking for and around times it's. Do I should have done managed to rank this way so few tips there and tell everybody to I'm about your big decision in life. Why didn't I. Decision is that as of may 26 Tony eighteen. I will be embarking on a new beginning yeah I'm retiring from the kick business I'm in the process. Putting the building up for sale and business is ferrets are. And and just winding down so. I'm looking forward to the next phase. No but until then you are I'm definitely still taking orders SL may 26 Tony eighteen. So viable business still going strong. So. So tell everybody what it is juicy Kathy and some of the tips. That you might. Why. I CC so many brides and I'm just gonna go over some are the common mistakes that they make it especially early. Early on and that any out planning stages of a wedding. Ice and I'm not an event planner this is just mind I'm observations. So. Anyway so disclaimer I got into an yeah nor does he want to you know. It's. Yeah well a lot of people expect me to be and I and I do not have the expertise or the experience so. I'm Kent as far as saying that right off the bat I'm speaking of planners they are luxuries. But if you can afford it when you're sitting down and you're doing your budget. I would strongly recommend that because they make your life so much easier and there's some really great event planners in northeastern Pennsylvania. So I the first thing you really need to do this this is to establish a budget that hands down that's the most important step. Comcast give. Called the church or of the synagogue or what wherever you're getting married and you have a date and you secure the Danube. You really need to establish that our budget I can't tell you how many burns command and they have no idea. What they want to spend on and on a cake. The other thing that happens is that when they meet where if summon that some of the vendors. A lot of vendors will opt to sell them. You know seeing this weakness numbness and this vulnerability and before you know and by the time they get to mean decay person there's nothing left. So be very cognizant of where you spend your money so if you really want. Shown us is our kids. He can make that a rarity in your budget or if you want. I choose conscious cake with Ken sculpted flowers and expect your priority so third different ways to approach should. And and one of the things that I do see which is unfortunate is in magazines. There are lists of do number 11 number 21 number 31 and you kind of have to play with catalyst a little bit depending upon what your priorities are. So she's going to set a few. Really want to sound processor work. And that's something you have to address right off the top because there they're expensive and I have to be ordered well in advance. So you have to secure. That florist way ahead of everybody else out of all the other vendors so. So budget is so so critical come organize your process. Don't be all over the place. Come up with a plan and just go with us. I I would say you need at least a year there's so many vendors the better vendors in the area RD booking here. More than a year yeah. Oh you EEE if your if you don't wanna be disappointed you may have to wait two years. To get married that at least you will have all the vendors that you really want and you wanted to at the venue that you want. Do your homework. The homer don't know where you're talking about it's it's just he'll get much better results with. And you get would you want if you do your homework ahead of time calling anybody do your homework where which if I'm Brian obviously. We're hoping this is the first marriage so yeah I think that's a I don't ever named any experience with us right so what homework your mind going to be doing is they're either some sources some guidance that you would recommend. Some some people use. Magazines some people there are some online. The web sites is the not to his opponent I think than not is that standing I think it's on they had just kind of for Charlie asking us. And it kind of debt if you're the pride it takes you right through everything you need to do well. And then it also has. You can plug in what area you live in and then vendor names will pop pop. Some I'm not a fan interest a lot of prize command with pictures from pressing interest. Com and there are some great ideas on but be aware that the pictures on interest are. Professional. Photographers. Our rendition of what they think should happen in a wedding. Most of them are staged. Piazza to keep in mind. You may bring in Aaron picture of a kick from ten tourist. And your budget is five dollars a slice in this cake is twenty dollars minus. And so you really could goes back to the budget you have your expectations. Have to be in line with their budgets. So don't bring me a picture and saying make this happen. Well I guess for something I didn't know because out now I don't have that. Measurement but is that how you generally. Decide how much money do you spend 98 by bicycle I see in assets minus ten days so it's not about the number of people you expect. What you thought I think you have 200 people in an event. Then yeah you know what do you do you figure out continued eating. 95 dollars a slice or owning who is that's the price that's it she is saying there that's what you're thinking I mean he beat. It takes can because of the work and Bob and you want them to taste good right right not just the Hispanic write it down sell. BA yeah. So go what what she's saying is the homework could be if someone's trying to plan a budget they could call Cathy and say hey I would love to know what is it. What can I reasonably assume if I want something like nest Paris slice that I can add into my budgets and then when they go to hard they can say here's the money I have to spend on what it is. And get it done crying because it's it's it's all Kathy can do do you find people. From one to. More about fancier inside the cake itself or is it more people are more people focused. On what it looks like outside. I think it's both answer coming to me it's boast I mean I know yours are great so I don't but I mean I like let's just say. Two more people want something that's like a Vanilla a Vanilla and I use that term not necessarily denote can be just a basic inside and then they want the outside more flamboyant I recommend. Two people that they have at least one tear of a non with a van Allen dean moves. Com because. Similar gas diesel via a lot of people don't don't like terror kicker they don't like chocolate. My hand down her what he. Whatever it is and denies basic and it's safe terrain. So and I always try to steer brides away from anything that's nuts. Because they're just so many not allergy. And it's kind of scary. You would kill me he's got. I can't was cheery and I don't. What they did with pit crew event with a concert Phillies can't understand why they're as well that was my favorite K all it can't about what is. Why doesn't want to and I wish you and by the way that was 31 years ago yesterday. Yes I have thought nine Intel RC gun anniversary. The only other time and I tell Bryant I don't is it is luring today. And hopefully it's going to happen wants. But make it's a way that you want it not now what can't be ones are. It's always Sally and it's what you wiley. There's always some multi core true because playing anymore. I'll make you would you want to end to that. Actually Kathy do you then you know I need the big thing is the grooms cake in deaths due to do the day I know it's called that but do you feel sometimes that that's where you can get more of what you want to on the grooms cake if it's something like or is that really just about the girl. Again it depends on your situation coming back a few budget I grooms can't you can go crazy and I was. I can flavor not not as much I know you ice seems some here think they're unbelievable. But I'm talking flavor would that be something you could experiment because it's not going to the edge to the crowd book you can usually. Plus summer is coming to me they want. More than an all Acadia and we usually do one tear may now I'll cash so we'll have let it I would say the average size of a wedding cake for someone who comes to me is. A minimum of four tears of sorrow. You can do each tier different plane and then if you're also going with the grooms kinky can go crazy. So I don't know if this grooms cake and entitlement as if it. Leach they stayed and they say it's a good run hoax bald. They might have a bowling ball in a bowling pin made the cake gets smaller and it's. One tears usually are not just usually does nasty once your but it's much more it's not as grand as the big primary cake. But it's something that the groom likes are sure what what have you what are some of the ones you you've done are computer I don't know I have. We can't appease the cake on her own home theater the whole thing. They didn't really am so it's not all about the frilly cake it's always usually done at the rehearsal dinner baby yeah oh yeah ASU I much smaller gas. I can't catch fire and and who's you know they don't wanna pay for 200 slices for grooms can now they do cyan end. Funky good time here on current. Anything goes with the grooms kicks OK I got motorcycle into a motorcycle I have done one yeah see that tennis. Offensive vintage car again I'll tell us and again it comes back to the budget yes so yes our Brady's. I learn something Harris. It's a number that's good juvenile and Amanda your holding that gun you mean players as if I had my and I can tell you lost so I don't wanna make sure. So that the bottom line is this seat prepared to turn. Can do it do issues in the home market had a time to call and ask him. Now but what can I refi a month something spectacular Kathy and I wanna come to you before I do that I come in with a budget. What what am I looking at her slice moraine. And if I get a lot of last. And enterprise and I can't do it do it am I right on and what I tell you you need to adjust your expectations. Arm and and you need to lower them conserve. The last and in Indiana and let someone hasn't gotten cancellation. You're gonna have a tough time mining vendors so. So unfortunate and so unnecessary and I know what they're really just well tell everybody how they can reach you if they're planning a well find out when H. I'd go ahead yeah. The oh boy. I'm he resigned and know how do you know first time that I would let me raise. 570283. Cage. I'm on I have my website is eat cake first dot com I'm on FaceBook instead Graham. Social media so reach out to me there you go. How can ensure we will thank you very much this record we will be back we have fidelity bank well represented coming up we have to love leash. Trish Curley. I know I'm just making sure again it out to be right we'll be right back you're listening to Larry mentioned it Saturday morning I would Gloria Lin now. I don't worry you'll end. Good morning. Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book. Called power of the purse. You're free finances for baby boomer women available on And I Lari cat and the owner of lard can enterprises such as a fundraising appearance special event business. And by the way Kathy just done now well I don't ever do a wedding. Prep but I. I'll let you know on the right. So it's surely dad is another and to re kind of first sentence. Yeah it is more I don't know how any money. Does that. The only prices analysts are right my sister talks about around the time I mean she's an excuse me doesn't talk when she's in the throes of it as a florist and I cigarette I don't know how you do it I love my corporate all my fund. My special event nonprofits that it's so it's great I could never would've nor what I want to only because of my experience working at the cultural center doing now and and even though that wasn't the role we were the renter. It's it's and my garrison by should they're just a phenomenal job she eat it's. EE I don't have that talent he was saying Trish that. Here we see you said one and we've won nothing no more weddings one else on news of why you don't exceed the tolerance that your husband had a tough my husband has a great deal of Torrance trio and I can never find anyone who are out there. And nice yeah. I left or down well let me introduce so yeah. And we're speaking out her name is Trisha curly she's the retail branch manager at fidelity deposit and discount bank the new piston branch. Yeah CA. OK she's been a banker with fidelity since January of 2006. She's actively involved as a board member at the greater Pittston YMCA. And sits on the finance committee and fundraising committees of the why. She's also a member of the marketing committee member of west Pittston tomorrow. And it was a member of that Kingston lions club for three years she added the pistons Saint Patrick's Day very intimate to her list. Fast community organizations and coaches several local girls. Youth basketball. As well as serves as the treasurer secretary of the athletics association. And good shepherd academy in Kingston. Welcome trash thank you for having the shaped one I'm. 34 things to say. While I am seeing and I know you can hide a sand and as athletes like when someone says Google or around. Yahoo! in their email address like there are more I know what do you train on there and say Yahoo! and I had that Xian. In my new. And I remember we hey you yeah yeah absolutely and talk about well I'm here talk about a lot of things I'm one of the primary. Inside I think we're all trained to focus on bolts. Our customers as well as all of us in this room how can we do things a little bit faster more efficiency and make my life more convenient. Don and everyone has a busy life you know the banks are open typically the same hours sad we all work. So what are the challenges that come with that and how could be helped us. Get our customers to be able to have the educational tools devices and means to do their thinking when the branches are an open. And our big philosophy is getting our customers to be online vs waiting in line when they come into the brand of sand. So we are focused on the especially our Pittston office where the hub of technology really to classify herself says for the spotlight branched. We're piloting. A technology are so it's kind of similar to what you mean seeing an Apple Store when they're genius bar. We now has implemented. Multiple tools to be able to enhance the digital experience across the board to streamlined our digital channels. And in saying that we have in the branch for customers to come in she news. And as Samsung galaxy tablet. Being an iPod Touch we have to ipads a laptop. And two. Believe that's how it. Com and keep the intention of these tools is everyone does your banking on a bit different so most people do their banking right from their fine we wanna be able to engage in it and enhance the customer experience by a shelling them. You can do your banking from any digital tools that you may have at home mother feel laptop on their beef from your phone. Whether it be on yours you know we Europe Catholics. I'm indeed intention of doing that again is to create efficiencies for the customers they're great deal of customers so love to come into the bank for our awesome cookies and she. She brought Finland today absolutely we. Take every day to do is well hand in hand at fidelity I have to say though I was in the west Scranton branch about a month ago. And when I walked in there. They had their little place for they had the coffee and then Andrea cookies and whenever. And I. I was very distraught by of course it was 330 in the afternoon never know cookies left. But there was a man who came men who look like she was probably well into his eighties. Who came in and and a woman went right up to one of the tellers I think I don't know who she was. She welcomed them by name. And he said as she says can I help you he said. Oh well I just came in because compliant code. How and I. You know I had I am see but I don't know what she did her how she found them but she dished out there are evident ever hand raise sat there and is ten both from those things and I only left and that was hit the highlight of the day from what I'm. Does that mean sure we so yeah. That happens I know because in either branches idea bill they know. And that's what it is people. I feel good it's creating not how warm welcoming a narrow and you know you want continues Tony Romo out. So some people think it's like a glade plugin that we haven't. I want to know honestly I was eight years I truly do we have played a little kids are all started back in so we all vacant and it really does set us apart from you know I don't armed to the community comp. Tuition as well as overall folks because we were very committed to our customers and in the campaign and is an added nice feature who we have some customers are common but there's a lock bags and oh they're ready to go out. Guess we'll sit by and you know in a way I feel good thing in the coming hour coffee and again we like to say but our local business partners to us so we certainly electric city really kind of just hurry up. So I'm. And again cool for our jobs you create efficiencies for our customers and to the digital tools I mean think about yourself semi how often do you have a need to go into a bridge to do your thinking today was ATM so I. I'm Dan rivers I say yeah checks come. All of these things now. It's it's really to create deep experience in the convenience for the customer calm and we've recognized and it's not just based upon certain generations anymore that. Know my parents who Geneva not own a cell phone ten years ago now have a foreign and taxed and although they're texting skills may not be happy. 100% fluids. They are trying and they realize that they have to adapt to the means of what's happening today you can do so in doing so we've created these electronic channels com. We had that the business firms are the personal online banking we've had you know our web say personally for years. Com and her business website we've enhanced state business mobility that's very exciting as a last Monday. We have created a 100% efficiency on our business online channels and we now offer business apathy. Can't Kamal the last. Mobile deposit where you can snap a picture of your chat when you're sitting in your break grooming your office or hey putting get out of the office to make a deposit Lee could certainly take a picture of that. So we've recognized that you know customers need the bank on a 24 hour basis that we are able to be there in person 24 hours a day but were certainly able to. I'm daft and given the experience that they need an enhancing his digital channels so that's a very exciting we also offer. New security features. With using your debit cards so we now are kind of percent of west. I'm apple pays Samsung paid an android pay for those retailers that do except those seen going into your app. Did you take a picture your debit card stores your debit card so if you don't have your card on you leisure apple pay and it uses your doesn't hurt for ill. You know I was sunset I was in line the anti tank. I went through that tell a drag show instead of forgetting that I could take pictures I had that the gunman I forgot but I like to season finishing tied lucky guy what's his name in the green ridge for MI and how. Checking some Germany feel his love asking his voice so icy and actually I'm gone. I am pop up so I went in and I think what in the world is that I didn't pay attention I just shot so what happens. With these apple day yes. So are you storing your debit card I mean you know it's for than listeners it's hard to see it EMI you store your debit card you take a picture to your card stores a card number they happen and when you get to the terminal to swipe your card you don't need a harsh physically. It should you waited over like a little monitor on determine off. And it captures your entire card and it comes up with a message telling you where you used your card. And your transactions complete. See you don't physically need to have Democrats on you know and can you do it only with your debit kind. You could do with your debit card and other credit cards jerseys representing your iPhone that. Have to check thinking we also how easily your. You search and you start again you have to put your debit card in there and a message will prompt every Tammy your card so pierce sitting here and you're doing your shelves. And all the sudden you get an alert beg your pardon is being used to target and your fiercely fear there again you know something is not right right so that's when you're alert you when you can go into the card ballet. Smog and and you can freeze your debit card says canceling it out completely right you could freeze says and then once you find your Carter went to satisfy everything that this is not a transaction determine made by me. You could turn your card back on my moment. So there are so many ways how she and her so much just because we all know fraud is just it's it's in our phase one way shape or else every single day and it's how can we be a staff and front of that. And how we can mitigate that our exposure to the fraud so that's why so important to you take these proactive steps and you know sometimes it's just being comfortable it says that we see certain demographics look at all never use a debit card because. Didn't she hear about this breach of security but there's a means of action that you have to personally take but it's our job in the branches. Two educator customers on all the ways that you can protecting your card if you lose a twenty dollar bill outside what are your chances of getting that money back. Not too good you don't have very honest people anywhere though give you some money back with your debit card you do have a means of securities so I. There's certainly a lot of things to help protect GO so that's a big forefront that we're all looking at and all the French us. I'm very exciting to our second play house was just felt so we have our first Playhouse those folks back in 2013 am McDade park it was a log cabin. I'm a very exciting future that we offer because were very invested into the communities that we live work and play end. So I we have children vote and we had three different houses that they could have voted on it Victorian Cape Cod cans. Trying to plan a plan Thursday. The log cabin we had a that was it I forget what the menu card with the children voted and today voted on a Victorian so that the train was still had to. It's Ellsworth park and German class and the big celebration for the grand opening of the plane house. Is going to be on September 9 it's from twelve to two there's going to be a lot of fun surrounding that event show ribbon cutting customs cider don't add six I'm. Apple cider so a lot of signs features there. And it because as schooling had mentioned I am on these kids in saint Patrick's parade committee I it's an awesome opportunity for the city we just celebrated our. I did stints tomato festival so there aren't there and I was always a good time tomato by it's. Let me ask little and they get an 80 and send because it that I am sad about it. So I'm so that was a big event for this city in it was a very. You know well received donated they did a great job so I'm afraid to many I'm were having a few different fundraisers coming up in September. There is seen fundraiser on September 9 that's class a 53 not ever been there done as a phenomenal job. 'cause they're donating back a portion of the proceeds of the injuries none event in fact she's agreed to act many for the parade common march. On September that's September 12. Cost of 221. Shot she amber October fest is quite the mouthful but that event is being held a seventeen is bottle shop in onto. It's an overt 21 and over event's obviously. And on September 24 they're having their inaugural corn hole tournament. We're celebrating that and as BC they're partnering with how many PA corn hole. Yes I don't have a corn hole tournament to raise funds for this impact your screen so that's September Tony force a lot of. Things going on within city that we love to work and live in poor me I'm lost Pittston and fidelity has a great job on enhancing the community experience and extend. Right. Well how can make it. All listeners could get to meet your actually acts the synopsis which is on June 25 candy boulevard and extend my. I'll contact phone number is 5709080104. Or you can visit us at their website which is www. Banking act fidelity dot com. And you can reach us on any social media outlet. Thank you Patricia thank you can't keep thinking Linux thank you everybody for listening we'll see here real soon as manifest to be next week thank you please. Be safe and please be nice I.